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Collection Dates: 1838 -- 1909
7 large ledger books -- 6 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: March 2003

Acquisition Note: This collection was donated to the University of Iowa Libraries by the Musser Public Library in Muscatine, Iowa, in 1968.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

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Related materials

Account book and diary [2v.] Josiah Proctor Walton from March 1848 -- 1854, Bloomington [i.e. Muscatine] Iowa. xMs W240 ad

Letterpress book, Josiah Proctor Walton, November 1863 -- December 1887, Muscatine, Iowa. xMs W240 lp

Letter, from Joseph Henry to Josiah P. Walton, 12 November 1869. MsL H522

Letter, T. S. Parvin to J. P. Walton, 6 pp. 14 November 1864. MsL P276 w


Folder of loose materials; newspaper clippings, notes of J. P. Walton, miscellaneous letters, eulogy

Letters, J. P. Walton to David R. Warfield, 1838 [7 ALS, missing]

Ledger book, “Proceedings of the Justice Court. Moscow, Iowa Territory, Muscatine County.”

Ledger book, minutes of the meetings of the Muscatine County Medical Society from 11 May 1899 -- 12 December 1940

Meteorological Observation, Muscatine, Iowa, by Theodore S. Parvin, John Ufford, and Josiah P. Walton. Fifteen volumes, 1839 -- 1909

I. December 1838 – 1849. Theodore Sutton Parvin. Bloomington [Muscatine]

II. 1850 – 1856. Theodore S. Parvin

III. 1857 – 1860 Theodore S. Parvin

IV. 1861 – August 1885. John Ufford, 1861 – April 1863. Josiah P. Walton, April 1863 – August 1885

V. September 1885 – March 1906. Josiah P. Walton

VI. April 1906 – July 1909. Josiah P. Walton

VII. 1839 – 1860. Josiah P. Walton, 1839 – September 1860. John Ufford, October 1860 – December

VIII. 1861—1870. John Ufford, March 1863. Josiah P. Walton, April 1863 – December 1870

IX. 1871 – 1877. Josiah P. Walton

X. 1878 – 1881. Josiah P. Walton

XI. 1882 -- 1886. Josiah P. Walton

XII. 1887 – 1890. Josiah P. Walton

XIII. 1891 – 1898 July. Josiah P. Walton

XIV. August 1898 – March 1906. Josiah P. Walton

XV. 1863 Only. John Ufford.

Meteorological observations of voluntary observers' reports from various locations in Iowa, 1854 -- 1899



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