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Acquisition Note:This collection was purchased from A.T. Phillips of Delta, Iowa, March 13, 1968.


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Scope and Contents


The Dessa Manion Music Collection is an accumulation of the lyrics of country and folk songs collected and transcribed by Dessa Manion from the early 1900's into the 1950's. These are typed on newsprint or handwritten. See the card catalog at the end of the collection for titles.


Box List


Box 1: Numbered series 1 -- 50

Box 2: Numbered series 51 -- 85

Box 3: Numbered series 86 -- 115

Box 4: Numbered series 116 -- 180

Box 5: Numbered series 181 -- 217

Box 6: Collection of songs: Folk and Country Songs, Country and Western Music Stars, Songs That Will Live Forever, Yesterdays Favorites, Hit Parader, Latest Popular Songs, Barn Dance, Jamboree

Box 7: Cowboy Songs

Box 8: Musical scores (list inside)

Box 9: Gospel songbooks, scrapbook

Box 10: Notebooks #1 -- 6 of lyrics and notes of songs

Box 11: Notebooks #7 -- 12 of song lyrics

Scrapbook of handwritten and printed lyrics
Gospel songbooks
Radio songbooks

Box 12: Lettered series: A -- AA -- AAA

Box 13: Lettered series: B -- BB -- BBB -- C

Box 14: Lettered series: CC -- CCC -- D -- DD

Box 15: Lettered series: DDD -- E -- EE -- EEE -- F

Box 16: Lettered series: FF -- FFF -- G -- GG

Box 17: Lettered series: GGG -- H -- HH -- I

Box 18: Lettered series: II -- III -- J -- JJ

Box 19: Lettered series: JJJ -- K -- KK -- KKK

Box 20: Lettered series: L -- LL -- LLL -- M

Box 21: Lettered series: MM -- N -- NN -- O

Box 22: Lettered series: OO -- P -- PP -- Q

Box 23: Lettered series: QQ -- R -- RR -- S

Box 24: Lettered series: SS -- T -- TT -- U

Box 25: Lettered series: UU -- V -- VV -- W

Box 26: Lettered series: WW -- X -- XX -- Y

Box 27: Lettered series: YY -- Z -- ZZ

Box 28: Index of titles A - I

Box 29: Index of titles I - S

Box 30: Index of titles S - Z




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