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Biographical Note

Philip David Adler was born in 1902, the only child of Emanuel P. and Lena Rothschild Adler. E.P. Adler was a newspaper publisher in Davenport, Iowa. His son followed in his footsteps from an early age, apprenticing as a printer on the Daily Times during the summers. After graduating from Davenport High School in 1922, Philip Adler attended the University of Iowa. There he served as the editor of the Daily Iowan. He received his B.A. in 1926. Adler became the publisher of the Star-Courier at age 23. When his father died in 1949, Philip Adler succeeded him as publisher of the Times in Davenport, Iowa. In 1959, he became the president of Lee Enterprises. After expanding the company's holdings to include newspapers in Montana and Wisconsin, Adler retired in 1970. A philanthropist and tireless volunteer, Adler was a trustee of Saint Luke's Hospital, and Marycrest and Saint Ambrose Colleges. He was president of the Davenport Municipal Art Gallery and was the first chairman of the Iowa Chapter of the American Red Cross. Like his father before him, Philip Adler maintained close ties to the University of Iowa's School of Religion, while remaining involved with the School of Journalism. He died in 1984 at the age of 81.

Scope and Contents

The papers of Philip D. Adler date from 1904 to 1970 and consist of 54 items. They are arranged in four basic sections. The first three sections consist of one folder each and relate to Emanuel Adler, Philip Adler, and the Adler family respectively. The Emanuel and Philip Adler folders contain speeches and clippings, while the Adler family folder is made up of correspondence.

Box List

Folder 1 Emanuel Adler

"Advertising." [speech, delivered 10 June 1913 at Muscatine Ad Club and 24 June 1920 at Moline Ad Club] 16 pp. Mimeographed typescript, with autograph corrections, signed, p. 1.

"This Believing Newspaper World." [speech] 14L. Mimeographed Typescript

"How the Press Looks at Religion." [speech, delivered at Temple Emanuel, 10 April 1931] Typescript. 5 pp.

"The Story of the Lee Newspaper Syndicate." [article] Mimeographed typescript, with autograph corrections. 4 pp.

"Observations on the Rights of Labor, Unionism, and the Open Shop." A paper read before the Contemporary Club, Davenport, Iowa. 14 November 1921. Printed copy. 13 pp.

"Disraeli." A paper read before the Contemporary Club. Davenport, Iowa. 7 October 1929. Printed copy. 20 pp.

E. P. Adler to "All Members of the Times Family." TLS. Davenport, Iowa. 19 July 1941

E. P. Adler to "Dear Employee." TLS Davenport, Iowa. 30 September 1947. Mimeograph L. S. 1p.


The Davenport Democrat, n.d. "Some Things Which the Times and Its Publisher, Mr. Adler, Did Not Say"

Davenport Centennial-Times 50th Anniversary Edition. [n.d.] "Looking Back Over Half a Century; Publisher Recalls Start as Printer," by E. P. Adler

Editor and Publisher and the Fourth Estate. 25 February 1928. "Romances of American Journalism; Stories of Success Won by Leaders of the Press"

Folder 2
Philip Adler

"The Press, A Factor in Internationalism," Davenport High School Graduation Oration, 1922. Typescript with autograph corrections. 4L.

"The Era of Secrecy Ends." A paper read before the Contemporary Club. Davenport, Iowa. 19 November 1951. Printed copy. 21 pp.

"Voices of America--Fewer but Hi-Fi." A paper read before the Contemporary Club. Davenport, Iowa. 28 March 1955. Printed copy. 14 pp.

"Gentlemen of the Press?" A paper read before the Contemporary Club. Davenport, Iowa. 29 February 1960. Mimeograph. 7 pp.

"Newspapers: Where Do They Go From Here?" A paper read before the Contemporary Club. Davenport, Iowa. January, 1964. Mimeograph

Acceptance speech for B'nai B'rith Award. [3 March 1964] Typescript, with autograph corrections. 2L.

Philip Adler to "Chris and Emil." Two letters:

(1) Washington. 13 August 1945. T. L. S. 1 p.
(2) Washington. 14 August 1945. T. L. S. 1 p.


(By Philip Adler)

Courier. Ottumwa, Iowa. 9 July 1940. "France: Decay to Debacle"

Daily Times. Davenport, Iowa. 25 June 1951. "Ike Builds Top-notch team to Save Europe"

Daily Times. 4 July 1951 "Ritual Shows France's Regard for Wines"

Daily Times. 13 July 1951 "Viking Planes Whisk Passengers Across Channel Now"

Daily Times. 16 July 1951 "Britain's Food Ample, But No Steaks!"

Daily Times. 17 July 1951 "A Happy Day With British War Orphan 'Adopted' Under the Foster Parents Plan"

Daily Times. 24 July 1951 "House of Commons Session Offers Food For Thought as Able Men Debate Issues"

Lincoln Star. Lincoln, Nebraska. 15 August 1951 "Confidence Fills Air at Ike's SHAPE Office"

(About Adler)

Daily Iowan. "Phil Adler, Former Iowa Editor, Recounts Growth of SUI at Finkbine Dinner." February 11, 1934

Daily Times. Davenport, Iowa. "Honor Adler as Man of Year: Dr. Bergendorf: Courage is U. S. Need," by Wallace Koenig. March 4, 1964

Des Moines Register. Obituaries. "Lee Enterprises Chief Adler Dies." May 31, 1984

Iowa City Press Citizen."Former Lee Enterprises Chief Dies." May 30, 1984

Quad City Times. Wednesday, "Adler Dies; Former Times Publisher. Adler Active in Community." May 30, 1984, pp.1,4.

Quad City Times. Obituaries. "Phillip Adler, 81." May 31, 1984

Quad City Times. Opinion. "A Man of Vision" by Philip Adler. "Editors Note: This article was written by Philip D. Adler, former Times publisher who died at age of 91 Tuesday, on the occasions of the Diamond Jubilee, September 26, 1961." May 31, 1984

Quad City Times. "Times' Adler Eulogized: A Humble Man Who Didn't Force His Will On Others." June 1, 1984

Quad City Times. "Adler Wills $500,000 to St. Luke's." By Diana Penner. June 12, 1984

Sunday Times - Democrat. Davenport, Iowa. "Retirement Ends Adler News Era." November 1, 1970


Folder 3 Adler Correspondence

Philip Adler to George Sheets. T. L. S. 24 July 1958

E. P. Adler to A. W. Lee:

T. L. (carbon copy) 18 September 1905

T. L. (carbon copy) 21 November 1904

A. W. Lee to E. P. Adler:

A.L. S. 15 September 1906

A. Note S. (on T.L.) 21 November 1904

T. L. S. 25 July 1905

T. L. S. 26 July 1905

T. L. S. 27 November 1905

A. L. S.14 February 1905

Mrs. A. W. Lee to E. P. Adler:

A. L. S. 8 November 1908

A. L. S. 15 January 1909

A. L. S. 31 October 1911

E. P. Adler to Mrs. Lee:

T. L. S. (carbon copy) 25 October 1911

E. P. Adler to Philip Adler

T. L. S. 6 August 1923

T. L. (carbon copy) 7 May 1945

T. L. S. 10 August 1945

Philip Adler to E. P.Adler:

T. L. S. 5 May 1945

T. L. S. 8 August 1945

E. P. Adler to "Dear Employee":

T. L. S.

Card S.


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