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Collection Dates: 1936 to 1963

7.6 linear ft.


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Posted to Internet: May 2002


Acquisition Note: This collection was donated by Ralph G. Newman in 1975.


Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.


Photographs: Series I: Box 6


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Scope and Contents


Personal correspondence and biographical material, typescripts, galleys, and published versions of Eisenschiml's articles, reviews, and other major works, chiefly about Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln assassination, and the Civil War; reviews of Eisenschiml's works; correspondence, legal briefs, petitions, and other records relating to Eisenschiml's suit against Fawcett Publications, Inc . ; and research materials including 19th and 20th century newspaper clippings, Civil War related publications, illustrations and prints.


Box List


Series I: Magazine and Newspaper Clippings


Box 1


Scrapbooks 1 -- 3 (Newspaper clippings)

Box 2


Scrapbooks 4 -- 5 (Newspaper clippings)

Box 3


Scrapbooks 6 -- 8 (Newspaper clippings)

Box 4


Scrapbooks 9 -- 14 (Newspaper clippings)

Box 5


Scrapbooks 15 -- 17 (Newspaper clippings)

Box 6


Civil War newspapers, original and photostats. Photographs, mummy x-rays

Box 7


Newspaper clippings concerning the Civil War

Box 8

century newspaper clippings

Box 9

19th century newspaper clippings

Box 10

McClures and The Century: selection of issues

Box 11

20th century magazine clippings

Box 12

20th century magazine clippings

Box 13

20th century magazine clippings

Oversized Box 1

19th century newspapers

Oversized Box 2

19th century newspapers

Series II:
Eisenschiml manuscripts


Assassination ms. Notes and bibliography.

Assassination -- Superseded manuscript



Somebody Murdered Lincoln (published as Why Was Lincoln Murdered?), two copies, one incomplete. Typescript



Why Was Lincoln Murdered? Two copies. Typescript



Why Was Lincoln Murdered? Printer's copy, footnotes, illustrations



Why Was Lincoln Murdered? Proofs, unbound copy

The Hidden Face of the Civil War. Proofs



The Hidden Face of the Civil War. Manuscript



In the Shadows of April 14 . Manuscript



A Challenge to Historical Critics -- Superseded manuscript

Success Story -- Superseded manuscript -- Incomplete?

The Lincoln Room Affair -- Superseded manuscript -- Incomplete?



Newspaper clippings -- reviews, interviews, articles, etc.

Box 1


Autobiography -- Superseded manuscript

Box 1


Music; some with lyrics or translations by Otto Eisenschiml

Series III: Research material

Box 1

War pamphlets and booklets

Box 2


Box 3


Series IV: Civil War Illustrations and Broadsides

Box 1

Battle scenes and maps

Box 2

Personalities and other Civil War subjects

Oversized Box 1 (oversized flat box)

Folder 1 -- images of Civil War personalities
Folder 2 -- broadsides
Folder 3 -- miscellaneous oversized publications
Folder 4 -- illustrated 19th century journals
Folder 5 -- Lincoln assassination and funeral prints
Folder 6 -- political cartoons (Jefferson Davis)
Folder 7 -- political cartoons (Lincoln)
Folder 8 -- political cartoons (Miscellaneous)
Folder 9 -- political cartoons (Miscellaneous)

Oversized Box 2

Civil War Newspapers

Oversized Box 3

Civil War Newspapers


Folder 1 -- Oversized prints

1. Gulltown in an Uproar, published by J.L. Magee, Philadelphia, 1865. Large political cartoon concerning the Munchausen and Gull Creek Grand Consolidated Oil Compan.

2. General Robert E. Lee,
Kurz and Allison lithograph, Chicago. Full equestrian view

3. The Prayer at Valley Forge,
engraved by John C. McRae after a painting by H. Brueckner, published by John McRae,
New York, 1866. George Washington Praying in the woods

4. General Grant and Family Circle, chromolithograph published by Lyons Co., New York, 1867. Domestic interior with full seated view of Grant and family

Folder 2
-- Miscellaneous posters and broadsides

Folder 3 -- Miscellaneous oversized material

The Dearborn Independent --
February 7, 1925; bound copy. Various numbers from 1925 bound together

Lloyd's New Political Chart, 1861, published by H.H. Lloyd and Co., New York




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