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Collection Dates: 1969 -- 1972
26 items - 9 linear inches

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Posted to Internet: March 2003

Acquisition Note: This collection was donated to the University of Iowa Libraries in 1972 by Reverend Dennis Nicholson.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Audio Material: Audio cassette tapes, box 2

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Scope and Contents

Minutes and agendas of meetings, speeches, open letters, and study materials.

Box List

Box 1

Mimeographed Materials

T.L., Dennis D. Nicholson, Chairman, concerning mailings of the Register Citizen Opinion Letter Writing Alert

Minutes of October 11, 1969 meeting of Task Force on Environmental Stewardship

Minutes of meeting on December 13, 1969 of Task Force on Environmental Stewardship

Minutes of January 24, 1970 meeting of Environmental Stewardship Committee, Board of Christian Social Concerns, Iowa Conference, the United Methodist Church

Memorandum, March 18, 1970, concerning Environmental Stewardship Workshop, May 16, 1970

Minutes of March 21, 1970 meeting of Committee on Environmental Stewardship

News release, April 16, 1970, concerning Environmental Stewardship Workshop

News release, May 4, 1970, concerning the booklet Environmental Stewardship: A Christian's Guide to Action

Environmental Stewardship Workshop, May 16, 1970, Agenda

"At Last -- A Revolution That Unites," speech by George E. LaMore, Jr., Keynote Address at the Pilot Environmental Stewardship Workshop, May 16, 1970, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Minutes of the meeting on September 12, 1970 of the Committee on Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship Committee Minutes for December 5, 1970

Report of the Environmental Stewardship Committee for the Year 1970. Dennis D. Nicholson, 25 January 1971

Minutes of Environmental Stewardship Committee, July 16, 1971

Minutes of October 16, 1971 meeting of Environmental Stewardship Committee

Minutes of Meeting, December 10 and 11, 1971

Report of the Environmental Stewardship Committee for calendar year 1971

List of members of Environmental Stewardship Committee, February 1972

Petitions to the Members of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church to be convened April 16, 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia; [signed] by Dennis D. Nicholson, February 19, 1972

Minutes of meeting, February 19, 1972

1973 Proposed Environmental Stewardship Program

Printed Materials

Baer, Richard A. "Conservation: An Arena for the Church's Action." A Christian Century Reprint

Dubos, Rene. "A Theology of the Earth," 1969

Smith, Dan Throop. "Improvement in the Quality of the Environment: Cost and Benefits," 1970, 2 copies

Environmental Stewardship Study-Action Materials

Two information folders with mimeographed and printed information on local and national environmental organizations, publications and educational materials

Box 2

Environmental Stewardship Letters (Incoming), 1969 -- 1971

Outgoing letters, 1969 -- 1970

Outgoing letters, 1971

1973 packet of resource materials

Miscellaneous materials, including minutes, agendas, action alerts, 1972 -- 1973

Tape recordings (5 cassettes) from conference on land use problems in Iowa

1) Land use in Iowa: a pictorial overview, Tim Shuck

2) Recreational use, John Creswell and Residential industrial, P. Murray Work

3) Agricultural, Lawrence Everett and transportation, Gerhard Anderson

4) Conservation, William Greiner

5) Legislative view of land use, Andrew Varley



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