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Collection Dates: 1969 -- 1971

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Administrative Information

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Agency Note

Ray Freed waited tables in the early 1970s at Dr. Generosity's, a saloon at 73rd and 2nd on the East Side. He also helped run a Sunday afternoon reading series and was editor and publisher of the Dr. Generosity Press, which from1969 through 1972 put out a number of books and broadsides of poetry.

From "Remembering Jack Micheline" on the web site Literary Kicks, a posting by Ray Freed, 2002

Scope and Content

This collection is Ray Freed's archive and consists of three folders: one of paperbound books, one of broadsides, and one of correspondence.

Related Materials

Private Press file

Broadside in map case

Acquisition and Processing Information

These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Ray Freed in 2006.

Guide posted to the Internet: November 2006

Box Contents List


de Sales, Aymon. The Brown Moo Bird. New York: Doctor Generosity Press, 1970. Slim Volume Series.  #211 of 500 copies.

Freed, Ray. Sea Animal on Land. New York: Doctor Generosity Press, 1970. Slim Volumes Series. #392 of 500 copies.

Freed, Ray, ed. Doctor Generosity’s Almanac: 17 Poets. New York: Doctor Generosity Press, 1970. 116 pages.

Olson, Toby. Pig/s Book. New York: Doctor Generosity Press, 1970. Slim Volume Series. #16 of 500 copies, signed by the author.

Smargie, Christoper. Free +2. New York: Doctor Generosity Press, 1970. Slim Volume Seires. #8 of 500 copies.


Ayala, George. “Two Part Zoo Poem.” 1970.

Blackburn, Paul. “Baggs.” 1971.

Freed, Ray. “Tales of Tarn.” 1969. 16 sheets.

----. “Easter.” 1971. 2 copies.

Grady, Dunbar. “Three Poems: When I First Wrote; Song of the Gloucester Fisherman; Now I have Reached Thirty.” 1969. 2 sheets. 2 copies.

Hammer, Peter. “Two Poems: The Poet and the Fox; Miscarriage.” 1970.

Kimble, George. “¿Quien Es?”  

Kinzle, Robert. “Dithyramb.” N.d.

Kwint. Kenn. “And the Hungry to the Thin Air.” 1971.

Little, Bill. “I Come Under Some Accusation Resembling the Moon.” 1971.

Maurice, Dan. “In Plain English.” 1970. 2 copies.

McMann, James. “Two Poems: The Man Under the Afghan; The Daydream.” 1969. 2 sheets.

----.  “Monday.” 1971.

Olson, Toby. “Tools.” 1971.

Pavlo, S.  “Two Poems: poem for don juan; ajanta.” 1970.

Porter, Jody. “Three Poems: Song of a Sideshow Midget to His Mother, the Fat Lady; Orchard of Eden; The Frog Prince.” 1969. 2 sheets.

Seto, Elma, and Paul Blackburn, tr. “Two Chinese Poems.” 1970.

Smargie, Christopher. “The Legended House.” 1969.  2 sheets.

Van Toorn, Peter. “Love Song.” 1970.

Wyatt, A.E. “Lines for the Thirtieth Year.” 1969. 2 sheets.

Young, Alan. “Three Poems.”  1970.

Invitation to submit poems for New Poets ’69: An Anthology.

Correspondence, 1969 -- 1971, relating to Doctor Generosity’s Almanac

Doyle, Mike (Tuatara [magazine]. TLS.

Flanagan, Ray. TLS.

Harris, John. 2 TLS.

Judson, John, TLS; ANS on retuned Freed letter.

Kwint, Kenn. TLS.

Little, Bill. TLS.

Martin, John (Black Sparrow Press), TLS.

Nee, Ed. TLS.

Olson, Toby. TLS.

Phillips, Louis (Prologue [magazine]). TLS.

Pinsker, Sanford. TLS.

Reese, Ernie. Telegram and ANS on returned Freed TLS

Rioff, Suzanne Berger. ALS

Rosenberg, D. M. TLS.

Schwartz, Howard. TLS with biographical sheet

Smargie, Christopher. 5 TLS.

Van Toorn, Peter. TLS.

Wallenstein, Barry. TLS.

Weaver, Roger. ALS.

Yavorsky, Greg. TLS; ALS.


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