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Papers of W. Lee Garner - Records of Target
MsC 282
Collection Dates: 1959-1964

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Acquisition and Processing Information: Gift W. Lee Garner in 1972.

Photographs: None



Scope and Contents

This collection consists of layouts for Targets and manuscripts submitted by poets for inclusion in the magazine.

Historical Note

For several years in the early 1960s W. Lee Garner edited a small poetry magazine called Targets. Garner did the layout himself, as well as the typing, design, stapling, mailing, and everything else to do with getting the magazine out. He exchanged magazines with other proprietors of small magazines as a way of distributing his little magazine. As well, poets sent him books for review. These other small magazines and books have been removed from the collection and shelved in the Main Library. However, an inventory of these titles is part of the collection.

He also kept manuscripts sent to him, and these make up the bulk of the collection.

Related Materials

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Box Contents List

Box 1


---- 1959-1960

---- 1961

---- 1962

---- 1963-1964

----- n.d.

Large bundle


Included in this bundle are manuscripts. An inventory of poets whose work appear in the bundle follows.

No. 3, September 1960 -- mss., page layouts

No. 4, December 1960 -- page layouts

No. 5, April 1961 -- page layouts, photostats of artwork

No. 6, June 1961 -- page layouts

No. 7, September 1961 -- mss., page layouts

No. 8, December 1961 -- mss., page layouts

No. 9, March 1962 -- page layouts, plates, proofs

No. 10, June 1962 -- page layouts

No. 11, September 1962 -- page layouts

No. 12, December 1962 -- mss., page layouts, drawing for cover

No. 13 and No. 14 -- dummies

No. 16-18, Dummy title and contents pages


(typescript unless indicated)

Alpaugh, Lloyd, 2 poems

Anthony, Mother Mary S.H.C.J., 2 poems

Aukenbrand, Frank Jr., 2 poems

Bell, Marvin, 6 poems

Brodsky, Mimi, 1 poem

Bukowski, Charles, 25 poems 1 T.L.S.

Carver, Raymond, 1 poem

Chew, Byron, 1 poem

Chopelas, John, 2 poems

Corrington, William, 2 poems

Crews, Judson, 2 poems

Crowell, John J., 1 poem

Davis, Rik, 1 poem, 1 letter

DeJong, David Cornel, 6 poems

Delattre, Pierre-Henri, 2 poems

Dimon, Theodore, 1 poem

Drachler, Trumbull, 2 poems

Ferguson, Joseph, 1 poem

Fison, Peter, 1 poem

Fitzsimmons, Thomas, 2 poems

Frierson, Meade III, 1 poem

Frisco, G.T., 1 translation

Glen, Emilie, 2 poems

Henderson, Archibald Jr., 1 poem

Hill, Carol, 1 poem

Inman, Will, 4 poems, 2 letters

Jenkinson, James M., 1 poem

Kliewer, Warren, 1 poem

Lilly, Jeanne, 1 poem

Lloyd-Jones, Richard, l letter (A.L.S.)

Locke, Duane, 1 poem

MacEwen, Gwendolyn, 1 poem

McKee, John D., 2 poems

Mazo, Julio Stagni, 1 letter

May, James Boyer, 1 poem

Murray, George, 2 poems

Myers, Neil, 2 poems

O'Broin, Padraig, 2 poems

Oden, G. C., 1 poem

Osterland, S.A., 3 poems

Petrinella, D.M., 1 poem, 12 translations

Pinsker, Sanford, 2 poems

Remmerde, Jon, 5 poems

Rhodes, Robert E., 4 poems

Riccio, Ottone, 1 poem

Ristau, Harland, 3 poems

Schechner, Richard, 7 poems

Schultz, Dodi, 3 poems

Shaw, Charles, 4 poems

Smith, Howard Jr., 1 poem

Stefanile, Felix, 2 poems

Taylor, William E., 1 poem

Teitelbaum, John, 1 poem

Thompson, Tracy, 7 poems (1 photocopy)

Wade, John Stevens, 1 poem

Waugh, James C., 2 poems

Weeks, Robert Lewis, 1 poem

Weidman, Phil E., 5 poems (one with A.Note S.)

Wheatcroft, John, 2 poems

Whipple, William, 1 poem

Woodford, Bruce P., 1 poem

Zahn, Curtis, 1 poem