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Box List

SERIES I Proceedings

Box 1

Proceedings of Iowa State Dental Society

84th Annual Session, 1946

85th Annual Session, 1947

Mid-winter meeting, December 7, 1947

86th Annual Session, 1948

87th Annual Session, 1949

88th Annual Session, 1950

Box 2

Proceedings of Iowa State Dental Society, cont.

89th Annual Session, 1951

Mid-winter meeting, November 18, 1951

90th Annual Session, 1952

Mid-winter meeting, November 30, 1952

91st Annual Session, 1953

Mid-year meeting, August 30, 1953

Mid-winter meeting, March 7, 1954

Box 3

Proceedings of Iowa State Dental Society, cont.

92nd Annual Session, 1954

Mid-winter meeting, December 4 and 5, 1954

2nd Mid-winter meeting, March 5 and 6, 1955

93rd Annual Session, 1955

Mid-winter meeting, December 11, 1955

Box 4

Proceedings of Iowa State Dental Society, cont.

94th Annual Session, 1956

Special called meeting. Board of Trustees, July 15, 1956. including agenda for December 2, 1956 meeting

Mid-Winter meeting, December 2, 1956

95th Annual Session, 1957

Board of Trustees meeting, March 10, 1957

Box 5

SERIES II Photographs and Glass Slides

Photographs of the following people

Abbott, J. T. (3 folders), Manchester, Iowa

American Association of Dental Schools, White House Reception, Washington, D.C., March 28, 1928 (rolled up picture)

Baudy, R. S.

Chase, Henry S., Independence, [Iowa]

Clark, Dr.

Dickinson, W. P. (2 folders). Dubuque, Iowa

Finn, William, 1923 [Cedar Rapids, Iowa]

Finn, William and an unidentified man

Fuller, George W.

Garber, S. Arthur

Hallett, Thos. A., 1930

Hardman, J. (3 folders). Muscatine, Iowa

Hauks, Dr.

[Hellsshimer?] Red Oak, Iowa

Hill, S.W. Osage, Iowa

Hobbs, Lucy B., 1865

Houfort, J.B.

Hughes, E. E.

Hunt, A. O. [McGregor, Iowa]

Ingersoll, L. C.

Iowa State Dental Society, 1891, at Sioux City, Iowa

Iowa State Dental Society -- 2 programs of Golden Anniversary

Kulp, W.O.

Mason A. B. Waterloo, Iowa

Miller, George W.

Monfort, J. B. with unidentified man

Morsman A . [Iowa City, Iowa]

Porter, Dr., Dubuque, IA

Presidents of the Iowa State Dental Society, 1892 -- 1916, negative

Presidents of the Iowa State Dental Society, 1917 -- 1936, negative (two copies)

Price, Ben

Rathbun, R. S.

Rogers, L. E., Ottumwa, Iowa

Sanborn, J. F. Tabor, Iowa (2 folders)

Sayles, A. P.

Shattuck, G. S.

Smith, Pierce T.

Smith, P.T. (sitting down [?]), R. L. Cochran (on left [?]), Culhau [?]

Tomy, John

Townsend, Jessie R., Pasadena, California

Tulloss, Nathan. Heald. Iowa City, Iowa (2 folders)

Walter, L. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Watts, C. V. see Work C.M.

Watts, Jackson

White [?], Prescott E., Davenport, Iowa

Wilson, I. P. Burlington, Iowa (2 folders)

Work, C.M. and C. V. Watts

Box 6

Glass slides of Presidents of the Iowa State Dental Society, 1863 -- 1915

1. H.S. Chase, Independence. President in 1863 -- 1864

2. N. H. Tulloss, Iowa City. President in 1864 -- 1865

3. L. C. Ingersoll, Keokuk. President in 1865 -- 1866, 1869, 1873

4. W. O. Kulp, Muscatine. President in 1867

5. W. O. Kulp

6. J. F. Sanborn. President in 1868

7. J. Hardman, Muscatine. President in 1870

8. I. P. Wilson, Burlington. President in 1871

9. E. I. Woodbury, Council Bluffs. President in 1872

10. J. T. Abbott, Manchester. President in 1874

11. R. S. Rathbun, Lyons. President in 1875

12. C. P. Artman, Waterloo. President in 1876

13. T. A. Hallett, Des Moines. President in 1877

14. G. S. Shattuck, Belle Plaine. President in 1878

15. R. L. Cochran, Burlington. President in 1879

16. W. P. Dickinson, Dubuque. President in 1880, 1888

17. M. L. Jackson, Oskaloosa. President in 1881

18. G. W. Fuller, Des Moines. President in 1882

19. A. O. Hunt, McGregor. President in 1883

20. E. E. Hughes, Newton and Des Moines. President in 1884

21. S. A. Garber, Tipton. President in 1885

22. A. Morsman, Iowa City. President in 1886

23. L. E. Rogers, Ottumwa. President in 1887

24. J. B. Montfort, Fairfield. President in 1889

25. F. M. Shriver, Glenwood. President in 1890

26. C. J. Peterson, Dubuque. President in 1891

27. S. C. Hatch, Sioux City. President in 1892

28. L. K. Fullerton, Waterloo. President in 1893

29. T. L. James, Fairfield. President in 1894

30. J. S. Kulp, Muscatine. President in 1895

31. E. L. Brooks, Vinton. President in 1896

32. F. T. Breene, Iowa City. President in 1897

33. K. M. Fullerton, Cedar Rapids. President in 1898

34. W. H. DeFord, Cedar Rapids. President in 1899

35. C. R. Baker, Davenport. President in 1900

36. T. A. Gormley, Mount Vernon. President in 1900

37. W. S. Hosford, Iowa City. President in 1902

38. R. S. Bandy, Tipton. President in 1903

39. W. R. Clack, Clear Lake. President in 1904

40. J. V. Conzett, Dubuque. President in 1905

41. C. M. Work, Ottumwa. President in 1906

42. Wm. Finn, Cedar Rapids. President in 1907

43. C. E. Woodbury, Council Bluffs. President in 1906

44. C.W. Bruner, Waterloo. President in 1909

45. F. M. Hunt, Des Moines. President in 1910

46. R. H. Volland, Iowa City. President in 1911

47. W. G. Crandall, Spencer. President in 1912

48. G. W. Slingluff, Burlington. President in 1913

49. J. A. Hallett, Des Moines. President in 1914

50. B. F. Redman, Oskaloosa. President in 1915

Box 7

Glass slides of Presidents of the Iowa State Dental Society, 1916 -- 1936

1. J. G. Hildebrand, Waterloo. President in 1916

2. F. B. James. President in 1917

3. H. E. Latcham, Jefferson. President in 1918

4. C. M. Kennedy, Des Moines. President in 1919

5. John Marsh, Keokuk. President in 1920

6. C. N. Booth, Cedar Rapids. President in 1921

7. C. V. Watts, Des Moines. President in 1922

8. W. C. Boone, Ottumwa. President in 1923

9. F. H. Waters, Ames. President in 1924

10. J. H. Calder, Cedar Rapids. President in 1925

11. C. H. Henshaw, Des Moines. President in 1926

12. J. E. Forney, Keokuk. President in 1927

13. F. N. Ralston, Des Moines. President in 1928

14. E. S. Smith, Iowa City. President in 1929

15. C. E. Westwood, Sioux City. President in 1930

16. H. J. Altfillisch, Dubuque. President in 1931

17. L. W. Snuggins, Des Moines. President in 1932

18. H. D. Coy, Hamburg. President in 1933

19. John J. Booth. President in 1934

20. R. S. Sommers, Des Moines. President in 1935

21. E. Thoen, Iowa City. President in 1936

Miscellaneous slides

Muscatine, Iowa. Dr. Hardman's office where State Society was organized in 1863

K. M. Fullerton, Cedar Rapids. President in 1898

H. S. Chase, Independence. President in 1863 -- 1864

Pierce T. Smith

State of Iowa with pictures of 8 men super-imposed


Two large photographs

Iowa State Dental Society about 1920

Iowa State Dental Society about 1918



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