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Acquisition Note: Charles O'Neal donated his papers to the University of Iowa Libraries in several installments, beginning in 1949.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Photographs: Box 12

Ephemera: Poster, box 7

Film/Audio/Video: One reel of 35 mm film outtakes from "Peyton Place," with Ryan O'Neal. Box 4; one 1/4 inch reel-to-reel of music for "Pieter Bruegel." Box 12

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Biographical Note

Charles O'Neal, 92, a Writer for 40s and 50s Films and TV by William Grimes (New York Times, 5 September 1996)

Charles O'Neal, a film and television writer and the father of the actor Ryan O'Neal, died on Sunday at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was 92. Mr. O'Neal, known as Blackie, was born in Raeford, N.C., and grew up in Atlanta. He briefly attended Georgia Tech before transferring to the University of Iowa, where he studied literature and played on the football team.

Mr. O'Neal went to New York City intent on becoming an actor. Supporting himself as a horse groom, a telephone repairman, and a bank clerk, he acted in the theater in New York, Southern California, and Chicago. He was a leading member of the Old Globe Shakespearean Repertory in San Diego and, with his wife, staged several productions at the Old Globe Theater, including Robinson Jeffers's verse drama "Tower Beyond Tragedy," with Judith Anderson.

After publishing a short story in Esquire in 1940, he turned to screen-writing. He is credited as a co-writer of "The Seventh Victim" (1943), "Cry of the Werewolf" (I 944) , "Montana" (1950), "Lassie's Great Adventure'9 (1963) and other films. He was the sole screenwriter of "The Missing Juror" (1944), "I Love a Mystery" (1945) and "Return of the Badmen" (1948). He later wrote numerous episodes for television series including "The Untouchables," "Lassie" and "The Californians." Collaborating with Abe Burrows and Ralph Blane, he turned his novel "The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin" (1949) into a Broadway musical, "Three Wishes for Jamie." Starring John Raitt and Anne Jeffreys, it ran for 75 performances in 1952. With Victor Trivas, he wrote the novel "The Thirty-Second Day."

In addition to his son Ryan, he is survived by his wife, Patricia, another son, Kevin, a screenwriter, also of Beverly Hills, and five grandchildren, including the actors Tatum, Griffin and Patrick O'Neal.

Box 1

1) "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," screenplay, from an original outline by Harry Jackson and Sam Weston, 20p, nd.

2) "African Heartbeat," Opera, libretto by Charles O'Neal and music by Josef Marais (ASCAP), 60l, 1953

"AMGO - '47": see "Mention My Name"

3) "And Forever Free," by Charles O'Neal, 23p, nd.

4) "Angels Welcome," 11p, nd.

5) "The Awakening of Jan, the Polack," 16p, nd.

6) "The Baby Sitter" ("Lassie"), screenplay, 28p, nd.

7) "Bank Teller's Tale," 14p, nd.

8) "Black Beauty," (first draft) Part I, screenplay with outline, 42p, nd.

9) "Bride of the Vampire," second revised final draft, screen play, 109p, 1944

10) "The Brink," by Victor Trivas and Charles O'Neal, 77p, nd.

11-12) "Cabrini," screenplay, 145p, with another version entitled "The Eyes of Peter Smith," 165p, 1956

13) "Cafe Nachzugler," 19p, and another draft, 8p, nd.

14) "Captain Cook," notes on the project and screenplay, by Charles Edmund, 50p, nd.

15) "Captain is Courageous," by Charles O'Neal, 38p, nd.

"Cavalcade TV": see "Nathaniel Hawthorne"

16) "City in the Dark," 16p, nd.

17) "Clay Pigeon" ("The Untouchables"), screenplay, 73p, and miscellaneous pages, 26p, 1960

Box 2

1) "The Coffin" "(When the Dead Walk!"), third draft, 53p, 1945

2) "Dark Cypress," 14p, with cover from copy for second agent, nd.

3) "The Dark Gate," by Charles O'Neal and Franz Spencer, 44p, nd.

4) Del Monte Summer Theatre Programs, 1941

5) "The Demon Barber," play, 35p, nd.

"The Deputy": see "The Two Faces of Bob Claxton"

"The Eyes of Peter Smith": see "Cabrini"

6) "The Falcon's Alibi," screenplay, by Edward Dein and Charles O'Neal, 104p, 1945

7) "Father Christmas," 10p, (1963)

8) "Fever," 10p, (1963), and an identical copy entitled River-Fever, 10p.

9) "Five Pins for Five Sins," screenplay, by Victor A. Trivas and Charles O'Neal, 38p, nd.

10) "The Flight of the Dancing Bear," 75p, nd.

11) "The Fortune Hunters," by Charles and Ryan O'Neal, 14p, nd.

12)" F-0-R-W-A-R-D," 61p, 1953

"G.E. Series": see "The Money Maker"

13) "The Girls of Sin Street," 34p, nd.

14) "The Gosling," 22p, nd.

15) "The Great Locomotive Chase," first draft screenplay, 150p, 1953

16) "Harness Bull," screenplay, 135p, and another draft, 130p, 1952

17) "Hinky, Dinky, Parlez-Vous" Deluxe, screenplay, from an original story idea by Mickey Rooney, rough draft, 95p, and first draft, 93p, 1955

Box 3

1) "Homesick Angel," 29p, with another version entitled "Lovers Come Back," 27p, nd.

2) "The Hundred Million Dollar Caper" ("The Untouchables"), screenplay, 67p, 1961

3) "I Love a Mystery" (tentative title), 8p, nd.

4) "I Love a Mystery," screenplay, second draft, 135p, 1944

5) "It Strikes Me," by Charles O'Neal, 36p, 1952

6) "It's Out of this World," based on an idea by Gene Schwartz, 15p, nd.

7-8) "Johnny Trouble" screenplay, by Charles O'Neal and David Lord, from an original story be Ben Ames Williams, 104p, with another version entitled "A World of Her Own," 73p, 1956

9) "The Journey #1" ("Lassie"), screenplay, from a story by Sumner Long, 29p, and two other drafts, 50p, 1962

10) "Journey #4" ("Lassie"), screenplay, from a story by Sumner Long, 37p, 1962

11) "The Key Witness" ("The Untouchables"), two slightly varying copies, 29p each, and a final draft teleplay, 62p, 1959

"Lassie": see "The Baby Sitter"; "The Journey #1"; "Journey #4"

12) "A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing," 17p, nd.

13) "Little Pinks," by Damon Runyon, treatment by Charles O'Neal, 24p, nd.

14) "Lord of the River," and story memorandum, 30p, nd.

15) "Love Is Where You Find It," screenplay, by Charles O'Neal and Fritz Rotter, first draft, 156p, 1944, and another version, 29p, nd.

16) "Lover Come Back," by Charles O'Neal and James Burnes, 46p, nd.

"Lovers Come Back": see "Homesick Angel"

17) "Lucky, the Leprechaun" #2, screenplay, from an original story idea by Mickey Rooney, 33p, 1955

Box 4

1) "The Man in Cell 88," first draft, 50p, 1946

2) "The Martyr," 10p, (incomplete), nd.

3-5) "Mention My Name," play, based upon "Reminiscences of an American Military Governor", by Capt. Gordon F. Feehan, two copies (one with extensive corrections), 136 1. each, and another version entitled AMGO-'47, 184p, nd.

6) "The Money Maker" ("G.E. Series"), screenplay, 64p, 1956

7) "Montana," screenplay, by James R. Webb and Charles G. Booth, from an original story by Ernest Haycox, revised by Charles O'Neal, 121p, 1948

8) "My Cousin the Deacon," 7p, nd.

9) "Name, Age, Occupation," 98p, 1942

10) "Nathaniel Hawthorne" ("Cavalcade TV"), 28p, 1952

11) "On the Sound of the Horn," by Charles O'Neal, 12p, nd.

12) "Once Upon a Murder," by Fritz Rotter and Charles O'Neal, 52p, nd.

13) "Only Those Who Love," 17p, nd.

14) Outline for Musical, by Erik Charell, 12p, nd.

15) "Ozark Amber," 16p, and another -version, 17p, nd.

16) "Ozark April," by Charles O'Neal, 19p, nd.

"Panic": see "The Ring"

17) "Patrick Manogue: Padre of the Comstock," based on an idea by Sean McClory, 40p, with cover from copy for second agent, nd. See also Tales of the Hardrock Men

Box 5

1) "Pieter Bruegel," 13p, nd.

2-9) "Praise House," play, seven drafts: 1) ca. 124 1. (with corrections ), 2) 123 1. 3) ca. 126 1. (with corrections), 4) 121 1.1 53 ca. 147 1. (with corrections), 6) 119p, 7) 116p, and miscellaneous pages, ca. 45p, nd.

10) "The Private War of Walter Dilbeck," screenplay, 127p, a rough draft entitled "One Day in the Life of Walter Dilbeck," 167p, nd. , research material 6p.

Box 6

1) "The Redeemer," 3p, nd.

2) The Return of Devil Yance, by Charles O'Neal and Robert Hamner, 10p, nd.

3) "Return of the Badmen," screenplay, revised estimating script, 124p, and final script, 116p, 1947

4) "The Ring" ("Panic"), screenplay, 30p, nd.

"River-Fever": see Fever

5) "The Saga of Doctor Boothby", 13p, nd.

6) "The Scarlet Blade" ("El Filo Rojo"), screenplay, 109p, and an incomplete draft, 14p, nd.

7) "The Sea Eagle," by Charles O'Neal, 39p, nd.

8) "A Second Chance for Gar Morgan," by Charles O'Neal and Victor Trivas, two copies (one slightly corrected), 34p each, nd.

9) "The Senator Yields," by Charles O'Neal and Charles R. Marion, 21p, and another draft, 51p, nd.

10) "The Siege of the Alcazar," screenplay, 183p, nd.

11) "A Star in the Wind," based on the novel by Robert Nathan, 109p, nd.

12) "Sun-rise in My Pocket" ("The Last Days of Davy Crockett"), by Edwin Justus Mayer, 146p, 1938

Box 7

1) "Tales of the Hardrock Men," 11p, 1960, see also "Patrick Manogue"

2) "Tatters - The Pet of Squatters' Gulch," poster

3) "Teach Me to Live," screenplay, by Charles O'Neal and Thomas Seller, 86p, 1942

4) "That Certain Desire," by Charles O'Neal and Fritz Rotter, 71p, nd.

5-9) "The Thirty-Second Day," by Charles O'Neal and Victor Trivas, first typescript (extensively corrected), 290p, second typescript (two copies, one slightly corrected), 632p, and (continued in next box)

Box 8

1-3) "The Thirty-Second Day" (continued from previous box), miscellaneous typescripts and notes, ca. 2000p, 1964

4-6) "The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin" (some drafts entitled I Flash My Antlers in the Air), outline of a novel, 54p, miscellaneous notes, 36p, first typescript (extensively corrected), 276p, and (continued in next box)

Box 9

1-5) "The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin" (continued from previous box), second typescript (two copies, one slightly corrected), 293 1. each, third typescript (three copies, one extensively corrected and two slightly corrected), 299 1. each, and (continued in next box)

Box 10

1-5) "The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin" (continued from previous box), fourth typescript, 288p, conference notes for stage version, 16p, musical outline for stage version, 31p, typescript of stage version, by Charles O'Neal and Ralph Blane, 196p, 1950, and theater-program, nd. , original manuscript - film script, 176p, nd. , and program

6) "Tomorrow You Die," screenplay, 116p, 1944

7) "Tower Beyond Tragedy," by Robinson Jeffers, adapted by John Gassner, 92p, nd.

8) "The Two Faces of Bob Claxton" ("The Deputy"), screenplay, 70p, 1959

9) "Two for the Hanging," 11p, nd.

10) Untitled play, 27 1. (incomplete), nd.

11) Untitled synopsis, by Charles O'Neal and Fritz Rotter, 21p, 1944

12) Untitled synopsis, by Fritz Rotter and Charles O'Neal, 22p, nd.

13) Untitled western, screenplay, 114p, 1957

"The Untouchables:" see "Clay Pigeon"; "The Hundred Million Dollar Caper"; "The Key Witness"

 Box 10a

Three manuscripts of The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin

Box 11

1) "The Way Grandpa Told It," two identical copies, one "by Charles O'Neal" and one, bound, "by Patrick Ryan O'Neal," 10p each, nd.

2-5) "Wayfaring," by Charles O'Neal, San Diego Union, 1953 -- 1959

6) "What You Can Lose on the Swings," by Charles O'Neal, 18p, n.d

7) "The Wish," screenplay, 26p, nd.

8) "A World of Her Own," story by Ben Ames Williams, screenplay by Charles O'Neal, 73p, 1956

9) "Zur Zeit--Deine" ("Temporarily Yours"), by Charles O'Neal and Frank Gordon, 8p, nd.

10) Correspondence, clippings, and programs, 1937 -- 1967 and undated

1993 Addendum

Box 12


General. 1973 -- 1979 and undated.

University of Iowa. 1980.

Miscellaneous photos, clippings and articles. 1973 -- 1977.

Photographs. 1974.

The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin

Advertisements and promotions for book. 1979 -- 1981 and undated.

Correspondence: Film and TV rights. 1979 -- 1980 and undated.

Reprinting of book. 197 7-- 1982 and undated.

 2008 Addendum

Script and music (1/4 inch reel-to-reel) for "Pieter Bruegel: A Fable in Music." Also includes a letter from Charles O'Neal to "Bernie O." and an obituary of the composer of the music, Josef Marais.

Ryan O'Neal Papers

Box 1

Peyton Place, episodes 258 ---282, 1966. Scripts.

Box 2

Peyton Place, episodes 283 -- 308, 1966 -- 1967. Scripts.

Box 3

Peyton Place, episodes 309 -- 330, 1967. Scripts.

Box 4

Peyton Place, episodes 331 -- 346, 1967; film out-takes. One reel of 35 mm film. One DVD of these out-takes

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