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Posted to Internet: February 1998
Addendum: June 2003
, September 2011

Acquisition Note:The papers of the Sokol - Shuttleworth family were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by W.R. Shuttleworth and Howard N. Sokol over a period of years.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Photographs: Boxes 4, 5, 6, 8, 10

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Table of Contents

Biographical note.

Scope and contents.

Box 1 Account ledger -- Correspondence, 1910.

Box 2 Correspondence, 1911 -- Diaries of Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth, 1940.

Box 3 Diaries of Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth, 1940 -- 1957.

Box 4 Farm and business records -- Photographs.

Box 5 Photographs -- School themes.

1981 Addendum

Box 6 Biographical material and obituary for George Sokol -- Shell Lumber Company.

Box 7 Shell Lumber Company -- Sibley Cement Company.

Box 8 Sibley Cement Company -- Howard N. Sokol, Campaign advertising.

Box 9 Howard N. Sokol, Campaign calendar - Correspondence, 1965.

Box 10 Howard N. Sokol, Correspondence, 1967 -- Photographs.

Box 11 Howard N. Sokol, Proposed legislation -- Spancrete.

Biographical Note

Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth (1869 -- 1957) was the daughter of Frank J. (1841 -- 1921) and Anna Polveka Bezdichek Sokol (1851 -- 1910). F.J. Sokol spent most of his life in Jones County, Iowa. He was a member of the County Board of Supervisors and served in the State Legislature for two terms, the 28th and 29th General Assemblies. Besides Blanche, there were three other children in the family: Emma Shimerda of Oxford Junction, Dr. J.M. Sokol of Spencer, and George F. Sokol of Sibley. There are letters from all of these individuals in the collection.

Blanche Sokol married W.D. Shuttleworth in 1896. Shuttleworth (1869 -- 1941) was born at Fennimore, Grant County, Wisconsin. In 1890 he moved to Osceola County, Iowa, and later became the president of Shell Lumber Company and the vice-president of the Sibley Cement Company. Mr. and Mrs. Shuttleworth were the parents of two sons, Frank Kayley Shuttleworth (1899 -- 1958) and Vivian Craven Shuttleworth (1900 -- 1965). There are many letters and photographs of these two sons in the papers.

George F. Sokol (1880 -- 1947) was married to Agnes Nisbet Sokol (daughter of James Nisbet and sister of Elizabeth Hawley), their son was Howard Nisbet Sokol. Father and son were also involved in the lumber and cement businesses in Sibley, Iowa.

Scope and Contents

The papers of the Sokol-Shuttleworth family consist of the personal papers of Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth (such as diaries and correspondence), and the papers and business records of her brother George F. and his son Howard N. Sokol. The first five boxes of this collection are primarily the personal papers of Blanche (Sokol) Shuttleworth and consist of correspondence, diaries, photographs and other papers. The family correspondents include Blanche's husband W. D. Shuttleworth; and their children Frank Kayley Shuttleworth and Vivian Craven Shuttleworth There are also letters to her father, F.J. Sokol from a number of prominent Iowa political figures including A.B. Cummins, J.P. Dolliver, W.B. Allison, and G.W. Clarke. The next boxes were added to the collection in 1981 and are primarily comprised of the papers of George Frank Sokol, 1880 -- 1947, and his son Howard Nisbet Sokol, 1912 -- . These include such items as lumber company records, diaries, and political correspondence with: Gerald Bogan, Norman Erbe, David M. Stanley, Wiley Mayne, Terry E. Branstad, Robert D. Ray, and James Leach.

A scrapbook with the inscription "Given to me by Uncle George and Aunt Agnes Xmas 1916. Frank K. Shuttlewrth. July 27, 1919" was added to the collection in 2011.

Box 1

Account ledger, 1952 -- 1957. Blanche Shuttleworth (Mrs. W.D.)

Autobiographical material. W.D. and Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth.

Bank book, 1934. W.D. Shuttleworth.

Certificates and diplomas, 1919 -- 1924, of Vivian Craven Shuttleworth.

Coat of Arms. Shuttleworth.


1884 -- 1896.

1897 -- 1899. Including a letter from A. B. Cummins.

1900 -- 1902. Including letters from: J.P. Dolliver, A.B. Cummins, W.B. Allison, and G.W. Clarke.

1903 -- 1910.

Box 2

Correspondence (cont.)

1911 -- 1957.


Diaries of Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth

1920 -- 1928.

1931 -- 1937.

1938 -- 1940.

Box 3

Diaries of Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth (cont.)

1940 -- 1957. (18 books)


Farm and business records, 1878 -- 1937.

Letters about Vivian Craven Shuttleworh

Memo books, 1903 (W.D. Shuttleworth), 1919 (Frank Shuttleworth).

Miscellaneous, 1891 -- 1950 and undated.

Newspaper clippings, 1903 -- 1965.

Photographs. (5 folders)

Box 5

Photographs. (5 folders)

Photographs -- negatives. (2 folders)

School papers, 1887 -- 1895. Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth.

School themes, 1950. Ann Shuttleworth, daughter of V. Craven Shuttleworth.

1981 Addendum

Box 6

Biographical material and obituary for George Sokol, 1901 -- 1947.

Book of quotations, 1900 -- 1903. George Sokol.

Business record, 1891 (framed).

Citizenship papers, will, etc., 1899 -- 1953. James Nisbet.

Correspondence, 1907 -- 1942.

Certificate, 1917 (Masonic). George Sokol.

Diary of George Sokol, 1901.

Financial and property account book of George and Agnes Sokol, 1916 -- 1962.

Income tax returns, 1939 -- 1951. Elizabeth Hawley.

Land development deed, 1918. George Sokol.

Lumber yard, Onslow, Iowa -- cash book, 1881 -- 1889.

Photographs, mostly of Shell Lumber Company.

Rotary Club, Sibley, Iowa, 1925 -- 1971.

The Senate Club, Sibley, Iowa, 1913.

Shell Lumber Company

Corporate records, 1954 -- 1965.

Box 7

Shell Lumber Company (cont.)

Minutes and stock transfer accounts, 1906 -- 1943.

Minutes, receipts, and agreements, 1914 -- 1954.

Newspaper clippings, 1913 -- 1954.

Stock certificates, 1906 -- 1949.

Stock certificates, 1949 -- 1953.

Sibley Cement Company, 1906 -- 1947:

Articles of incorporation and minutes, 1904 -- 1945.

Certificates of incorporation, 1924 -- 1964.

Minutes of special meetings of the board of directors, 1946 -- 1957.

Box 8

Sibley Cement Company, 1906 -- 1947 (cont.):


Price book, 1931 -- 1956.

Stock certificates, 1907 -- 1957.

Sibley Cement Co./American -- Marietta Co.:

Agreements and plans of reorganization, 1957.

Howard N. Sokol

American -- Marietta Co., 1957 -- 1961.

American Red Cross, 1940 -- 1945.

Baby book, 1912.

Bank book, 1912 -- 1931.

Biographical material.

Campaign, 1962.

Campaign advertising, 1980.

Box 9

Howard N. Sokol (cont.)

Campaign calendar, 1980.

Campaign financial disclosures, 1962, 1964, and 1980.

Campaign issue material, 1980.

Campaign organization, 1980.

Campaign posters, buttons, brochures, etc., 1964.

Campaign questionnaires, 1980.

Campaign tapes (2 folders), 1964.

Certificates, 1929 -- 1982.

Congressional apportionment, a paper for Political and Civil Rights Seminar (Mr. Bonfield), 1966.

Correspondence, 1935 -- 1965. Including letters from: Gerald Bogan, Norman Erbe, and David M. Stanley.

Box 10

Howard N. Sokol (cont.)

Correspondence, 1967 -- 1980. Including letters from: Wiley Mayne, Terry E. Branstad, Robert D. Ray, and James Leach.


1934, Iowa State University, B.S.

1967, University of Iowa Law School.

"Gibbs Phase Rule," 1933.

High School diploma, photographs, commencement program, banquet program, etc., 1928 -- 1929.

Inaugural ceremonies -- governor of Iowa, 1963 and 1971.

Mortgage, 1944.

Newspaper clippings

1962 -- 1964.

1966 -- 1980.

1998, obituary.

Photographs (2 folders). Including photos of R. Nixon, B. Goldwater, C. Hoeven, and J. Leach.

Box 11

Howard N. Sokol (cont.)

Proposed legislation, 1963.

Republican district convention, 1964. Program.

Sixtieth General Assembly - ISEA Bulletin and Iowa Legislative

Ladies' League, 1963.

Spancrete -- Midwest Company, 1960.

June 2003 addendum

Scrapbook of Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth

September 2011 addendum

Scrapbook of Frank K. Shuttleworth, compiled by Blanche Sokol Shuttleworth. Gift of Nancy Rust


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