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Collection Dates: 1971 -- 1982
1.5 linear ft.
Addendum: 1988

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Posted to Internet: February 1998

Addendum: 2009

Acquisition Note: The records were given to the University of Iowa Libraries in 1982 by Robert R. Dykstra.

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Photographs: Box 2, box 3

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Organizational History

The building known as Old Brick is located at 26 E. Market Street in Iowa City, Iowa. Originally the home of the First Presbyterian Church, its construction was completed in 1850, making it one of the oldest surviving buildings in Iowa City. The Romanesque revival architecture was heavily damaged by fire in 1856, and the present structure is the result of the post-fire rebuilding. In 1877. The one hundred fifty three foot spire collapsed and was replaced by the present battlement. When the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church decided to build a new church building, the fate of Old Brick came into question. Whether the building would be razed or saved became a controversial issue, not just within the church but throughout the entire community. In 1973, as part of an on-going effort to save the building, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Scope and Contents

The records of Old Brick date from 1971 to 1982 (with clippings from the 19th century) and consist of 1.5 linear feet of documents. The records deal primarily with the efforts to ‘save’ Old Brick. Many related groups were formed for this purpose including the Old Brick Associates, Ltd., the Old Brick Legal Defense League, and Friends of Old Brick. Historical background material, correspondence, photographs, restoration plans, real estate and zoning material, petitions, and newspaper clippings all relate to efforts to preserve this building. These labors were eventually successful. Old Brick still stands on the corner of Market and Clinton Street near downtown Iowa City.

 Box 1

Blue prints.

Clippings, 1868 -- 1890, 1974 -- 1978, some Xerox copies.

Consultant Service Grant -- National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1976.



1977 -- 1978.


Division of Historic Preservation -- State Historical Department of Iowa, 1977 -- 1981.

Friends of Old Brick -- Minutes, 1978 -- 1979.

Legal and court related documents, 1976 -- 1979. Includes briefs, court orders, lease agreements, bills of sale, etc.

Miscellaneous, 1976 -- 1980 and undated.

Nolan, John -- Material used during court hearing, 1974 -- 1976. Includes notes taken during the proceedings.

"Notes Toward a History of Old Brick and Its Preservation," by Robert R. Dykstra, August 26, 1977. Includes the final draft and research notes.

Old Brick Associates, Ltd.

Articles and certificate of limited partnership, 1976 -- 1977.

Finances, 1976 -- 1980.

Tax material, 1977.

Old Brick Defense League

Articles of incorporation and bylaws, 1976 -- 1977.

Box 2

Old Brick Defense League (cont.)

Finances, 1976 -- 1977.

Tax material, 1976.

"Old Brick Preserved" - Brochure and rough draft written by Robert R. Dykstra.

Photographs, 1976 -- 1977.

Real estate and zoning material, 1977 -- 1978.

Research papers, 1977. Written for the HIstoric Restoration Management class taught by Dr. Margaret Keyes.

Restoration plans, 1977 -- 1980.

1988 Addendum

Box 3

Blue print.

Correspondence, 1971 -- 1982.

Friends of Old Brick

Articles of incorporation and bylaws, 1975, 1977.

Minutes, 1978.

Old Brick Limited Partnership, 1978 -- 1981.

Historical background material, 1978.

M. Willard Lampe Foundation, 1975.

Newspaper clippings, 1974 -- 1976.

Old Brick Associates

Annual meeting minutes, 1977 -- 1981.

Tax returns, 1979, 1982.

Petitions, 1975.


2009 Addendum

Clippings. Gift of the James van Allen family

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