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Numbers after names are number of letters in the time span of each list.

List of correspondents 1909 -- 1920

Barnes, R.M., 1

Chamberlain, Edward B., 3

Conard, H.S. (Henry S.), 2

Conklin, George H., M.D., 1

Ditmars, Raymond L., 1

Haynes, Caroline C., 1

Kaiser, Geo B. (George B.), 2

Kay, George F., 1

Lees, James H., 1

Lid, Johs, 2

Macbride, T.H. (Thomas H.) 1

Miller, Mary F., 6

Newhall, A.G., 1

Pellet, Frank C., 2

Thomas, A.O., 1

Trowbridge, Arthur C., 1

Weller, C.H., 1

List of correspondents 1923 -- 1929

Ball, C.R., 1

Chamberlain, Edward B., 2

Conklin, George H., 1

Cratty, R.I., 4

Guthrie, J.E., 1

Kaiser, George B., 12

Weatherby, Charles A., 1

List of correspondents 1930 -- 1939

Bartram, Edwin B., 1

Bennett, W.W. (Walter W.), 2

Blagg, Elizabeth ("Betty"), 3

Conard, Henry S. (H.S.), 16

Cratty, R.I., 3

Iversen, Ida M.A., 0

Jones, George Neville (Geo. N.), 2

Kaiser, George B. (Geo. B.), 1

Roberts, F.L.R. (" Doc R. "), 2

Stenholm, Carl, 1

Welch, Winona H., 1

Williams R. S., 1

List of correspondents 1940-1969

Blagen, Wm. S., 1

Conard, Henry S., 7

Mobberley, David G., 1

Thomas, Rhoda, 1

Thorne, Robert F., 8

Correspondent Biographies

The positions listed for each of the correspondents are those which they appeared to occupy at the time of correspondence with Wolden unless otherwise noted. The number of letters in the collection from each correspondent appears after each biographical statement.

Ball, C.R.: Senior agronomist in charge, Office of Cereal Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. Department of Agriculture. A C.R. Ball who appears to be the same person as this correspondent was listed as becoming an associate member of the Iowa Academy of Science from the Iowa Agricultural College (Iowa State University now) in 1896, 1

Barnes, R.M.: ornithologist. "proprietor of the Oologist, a monthly magazine devoted to birds, nests, eggs", 1

Bartram, Edwin D.: bryologist, Buskill, Pike Co., Pennsylvania, 1

Bennett, Walter W.: ornithologist, 2

Blagen, Wm. S.: Ames, Iowa, 1

Blagg, Elizabeth (Betty): zoologist and amateur bryologist associated with Henry S. Conard (q.v.); Department of Zoology, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, 1

Chamberlain, Edward B.: bryologist. Secretary-treasurer, Sullivant Moss Society, 5

Conard, Henry S.: Conard was an important Iowa botanist who published works on higher plants and bryophytes. He is best known as a specialist in mosses. Conard's study group, the Moss Clinic, was active for a number of years at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory and involved both professional people, such as Dr. Winona Welch (q.v.) and amateurs (with respect to mosses) such as Elizabeth Blagg (q.v.). B.O. Wolden and his second wife (born Ida Elizabeth Iversen) were in some way associated with Conard's group. Conard first appears as a fellow of the Iowa Academy of Science in the year 1907. Following his retirement from Grinnell, Conard was associated for a few years with the University of Iowa Botany Department. Eventually he retired to Florida where he continued his botanical activity (he published a set of keys to plants of Central Florida in 1969.) Conard was born in 1874 and is now deceased, 25

Conklin, George H., M.D.: (amateur?) bryologist. Associated with the Sullivant Moss Society. Conklin resided in Superior, Wisconsin at the time of correspondence with Wolden, 2

Cratty, R.I.: Cratty was first listed as a Fellow of the Iowa Academy of Science in 1895 with home town of Armstrong, IA. Later he became Curator in the department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Iowa State College (Iowa State University) and was in this position at the time of his correspondence with Wolden, 7

Ditmars, Raymond L.: zoologist. New York Zoological Society.

Guthrie, J.E.: Department of Zoology and Entomology, Iowa State College (Iowa State University ), 1

Haynes, Caroline C.: bryologist . Highlands, N.J. In one of her letters, Haynes noted that she was assisting G.H. Conklin (q.v.) in providing identifications of hepatics while Conklin was on active duty with the Medical Corps, 1

Iversen, Ida, M.A.: Ida Iversen was Wolden's second wife. The letters in the Wolden collection were addressed to her. Iversen was an (amateur) bryologist associated with Conard's group, 0

Jones, Geo. Neville: department of Botany, State College of Washington, Pullman, 2

Kaiser, George B.: bryologist. University of Pennsylvania Botanical Laboratory, Philadelphia. George B. Kaiser was for many years curator of the moss herbarium of the Sullivant Moss Society but appears to have ended his service in this position around 1935.

Kay, George F.: geologist. Fellow of Iowa Academy of Science 1908, Treasurer, Iowa Academy of Science; Department of Geology and mining, University of Iowa. Later, Director, Iowa Geological Survey, Des Moines, 1

Lees, James H.: geologist; Fellow, Iowa Academy of Science 1907; Assistant State Geologist, Iowa Geological Survey, Des Moines, 1

Lid, Johs: botanist; Universitetets Botaniske Museum, Kristiania, Norway, 2

Macbride, Thomas H.: University of Iowa. The biographical details of T.H. Macbride's life are too well known to warrant repetition here. My personal prejudice is such, however, that I cannot forego mention of the fact that this great naturalist was, among many other things, the founder of the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory (in 1909) and one of the charter members of the Iowa Academy of Science, 1

Miller, Mary F.: lichenologist associated with the Sullivant Moss Society; Miller's address at time of correspondence was Lyonhurst R.7. D.4 Washington, D.C., 6. Mary F. Miller (Mary Farnham Miller, 1872-1920), appears to have been curator of the lichen collection of the Sullivant Moss Society at the time of her correspondence with Wolden. She is listed in her obituary notice as one of the early members of the Society and as a bryologist as well as lichenologist.

Mobberley David G.: Professor at Simpson College; editor, Iowa Academy of Science Proceedings, 1

Newhall, A.G.: Grinnell College (associate of Conard), 1.

Pellet, Frank C.: State Inspector of Apiaries and amateur ornithologist, 2

Roberts, F.L.R. ("Doc R.") (M.D.?) Spirit Lake Iowa, Later Iowa City. Corresponded on matters concerning birds, 2

Stenholm, Carl: address Goteborg, Sweden. Stenholm was a botanist interested in mosses and lichens., 1

Thomas, A.0.: Iowa City. Treasurer, Iowa Academy of Science., 1

Thomas, Rhoda : the one piece of correspondence was sent from the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory., 1

Thorne, Robert F.: Curator, Department of Botany, University of Iowa. (later professor and head of the department); plant taxonomist., 8.

Trowbridge, Arthur C.: at the time of correspondence, professor of geology, University of Iowa; fellow, Iowa Academy of Science 1912.

Weatherby Charles Al: Assistant (curator), Gray Herbarium, Harvard University, 1

Welch, Winona H.: bryologist, Depauw University; Secretary-Treasurer, Sullivant Moss Society, 1

Weller, C.H.: University editor (and professor), University of Iowa Williams, 1

William, R.S.: bryologist. New York Botanical Garden

The positions listed for each of the correspondents are those which they appeared to occupy at the time of correspondence with Wolden unless otherwise noted.

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