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Note: Most of the manuscripts are typescript drafts with corrections and revisions.

Box List

Box 1

Articles about Dubie

Fenza, David. "Nobility and the Mask: The Lyrical Storytelling of Norman Dubie," Telescope, Spring 1981

Goldensohn, Lorrie. "Not in the Browing Shade," Parnassus. Various drafts

Simon, Greg. "We Live for Cries: On Norman Dubie," Sonoran Review

Stitt, Peter. "The Sincere, the Mythic, the Playful -- Forms of Voice in Current Poetry," Georgia Review

White, Mary Jane. "Characteristic Practices and Larger Structures," September 5, 1978

Audio tapes. Poetry readings -- Dubie and Stewart

Bell, Marvin. Poetry

Biographical material

Book manuscripts

Alehouse Sonnets, 1971

"Address to the Populous Winter Youths"


"Noli Me Tangere"

"A Self-Portrait"

Typescript, with corrections, revisions, and copies

Typescript, final draft with corrections and revisions

First proof (copy)

Publication agreement, 1970


Miscellaneous materials

In the Dead of the Night, 1975

"About Infinity, and the Lenesdorf Pools"

"Anima Poeta. A Christmas Entry for the Suicide, Mayakovsky"


"El Greco." Early draft

"Elegy Asking That It Be the Last"

"For David St. John Who's Written a Poem." Early draft

"For My Brother and Sister"

"In the Dead of the Night"

"Indian Summer"

"Monologue of Two Moons, Nudes with Crests." Typescripts and galley proofs

"New England, 1868"

"The New Year: First Heart: Old Rope"

"The Obscure"


"Pastoral." Holograph draft with corrections and revisions

"Paul Klee. The New Yea."

"The Pennacesse Leper Colony for Women. Cape Cod. 1922"

"Popham of the New Song"

"The Renunciation of Poetry: Duino 1912. Muzot 1922"


"The Suicide of Hedda Gabler"

"Thomas Traherne's Meditation for Love"

"Trakl." Two drafts with corrections and revisions

"Wales." Various drafts

"Wartime Letters. Paul Eluard"

Typescript, incomplete with corrections and revisions

Typescript, incomplete (photocopy)

Notes and back cover material

Page proof (photocopy)

The Prayers of the North American Martyrs, 1975

Credit page, revised

Box 2

The Illustrations, 1977

"The Czar's Last Christmas Letter. A Barn in the Urals"

"Elegies for the Ochre Deer on the Walls at Lascaux"

"February: The Boy Breugel"

"The First Sentence Is for the Dead Eider Duck." Holograph draft with corrections and revisions

"The Great American Novel: Winter, 1927."


"Jacob Boehme's Triptych of Winter Hours: 1620."

"The Moths." Various drafts

"The Negress: Her Monologue of Dark Crepe with Edges of Light."

"Nineteen Forty."

"The Piano."

"The Red Padrona for Joseé Cuevas." Various drafts

"Sun and Moon Flowers: Paul Klee, 1879 -- 1940." Various drafts

"These Untitled, Little Verses in Which, at Dawn, Two Dutch Peasants Struggled with an Auburn Horse."

"The Tub. 1934. Halifax, Mississippi."

"The Ugly Poem that Reluctantly Accepts Itself as its Only Title."

Original draft, with corrections and revisions

Second draft typescript, with corrections and revisions. Final typescript (photocopy)

Typescript, carbon

The Illustrations and Elegies for the Ochre Deer on the Walls of Lascaux. Typescript (including letter explaining the combination)

Elegies for the Ochre Deer on the Walls of Lascaux: Typescript, with corrections and revisions. Typescript (photocopy)

Credit page, revised.

Publisher's agreement, 1975


Odalisque in White, 1978

"After the Murals and Bottles of Dina Yellen."

"The Duchess After the Burial."

"The Duchess' Red Shoes."

"For My Grandfather Who Loved Paintings." Incomplete typescript with revisions

"For Weingarten."

"Little Foxes, Little Foxes."

"A Painting by Odilon Redon."

Typescript, with corrections and revisions

Publication announcement

A Thousand Little Things, 1978

"Abigail Adams" Pepper-Dulse Seaweed and Fever-Talk: 1786."

"The Black Cloth of the Birdcage Covers the Mirrors of Avignon."

"Descent into the Hours of the Peregrine."

"The Dream of the Islanders of Thomas Mann."

"In Last Year's Nests There Are No Birds." Typescript

"A Village Priest."


Credit page, revised

Box 3

The City of the Olesha Fruit, 1979

"After Three Photographs of Brassai."

"The Ambassador Diaries of Jean de Bosschère and Edgar Poe." Various drafts

"The Ars Poetica of Søren Kierkegaard."

"Aubade of the Singer and Saboteur, Marie Triste: 1941."

"The City of the Olesha Fruit." Various drafts

"The Dun Cow and the Hag."

"Elegy to the Pulley of Superior Oblique."

"Elegy to the Sioux." Various drafts

"Elizabeth's War with the Christmas Bear: 1601."

"A Grandfather's Last Letter."

"The Great Wall of China."

"The Hours."

"The Infant."

"A Lamb, a Woolen Lamb."


"The Old Asylum of the Narragansetts."

"The Red Fiddle in the Moon Parlor."

"Sacrifice of a Virgin in the Mayan Ball Court."

"The Seagull."

"The Siblings' Woodcut: Dementia Praecox."

"Thomas Hardy."

"The Towpath." Various drafts

"The Widow Speaks to the Auroras of a December Night."

"Winter Mangers."

Typescript, with corrections and revisions

Typescript (photocopy)

Printer's typescript, with corrections

Galley proofs

Credit page, revised

Publisher's agreement and production schedule, 1978

Winter Diary -- Became: The City of the Olesha Fruit


"Cooper's Photograph of Civil War Dead."

"Destruction of Madame Wehyer's Chant Royal."

"An Infinity of Landscape. Popham Beach, Maine, 1953."

"A Poem Written at Dawn for Frank Paluka."

"To Lou Andreas-Salome."

"Winter Landscape."

Typescript, with corrections and revisions (includes photocopy and carbon pages)

Box 4 The City of the Olesha Fruit, cont.

Winter Diary--Became: The City of the Olesha Fruit: Typescript of additions and revisions, with corrections

The Everlastings , 1980

"After the Spring Snow, What They Saw." Various drafts

"Against the Wishbone."

"The Circus Ringmaster's Apology to God."

"Coleridge Crossing the Plain of Jars: 1833."

"The Composer's Winter Dream." Various drafts

"Empiricists of Crimson."

"The Fox Who Watched for the Midnight Sun."

"Grand Illusion."

"The Land of Cockaigne."

"Lord Myth."

"The Night Before Thanksgiving." Various drafts

"Not the Cuckold's Dream."

"Ode to The Spectral Thief, Alpha." Various drafts

"The Parallax Monograph for Rodin."

"Principia Mathematica: Einstein's Exile in an Old Dutch Winter." Various drafts

"The Scrivener's Rose"

"The Sketchbook Ashes of Jehoshaphat."

"Telemachos who Believes Ulysses is the Night."

"There is a Dream Dreaming Us."

"The World Isn't a Wedding of the Artists of Yesterday."

Typescript, with corrections and revisions

Printer's typescript, with corrections

Galley proofs

Proposed table of contents, revised

Publisher's agreement, 1978


Comes Winter, the Sea Hunting, (unpublished)

"Audubon: From the Depression in Autumn." Various drafts

"Chemin de Fer." Typescript

"The Cottage." Various drafts

"The Dusty Purple Flower, Nostalgia."

"French Pilgrims and a Motorcycle with Sidecar: 1953.

"Gold Detail in a 19th Century Silhouette of the Old French Hospital for Sailors."


"An Idyll of Government."

"Peninsula Light."

"These Obituaries of Caryatids."

"The Three-Cornered Hat." Typescript

"Upon a Romantic and Broken Theme."

"The Verb, to Kill."

Early typescript, with corrections and revisions

Proposed table of contents

Box 5

Halcyon Days, (unpublished)


"The Corpse of Rainer Marie Rilke."

"The Everlastings." Various drafts

"The Late Halcyon Days Between Wars: 1932."

"Nebraska: '39."

"Penelope, the Ghosts."

"Wolf's Point."

Proposed table of contents

Selected and New Poems

"Randall Jarrell. 1914 -- 1965"

Proposed table of contents


Selected Poems 1973 -- 1983, (unpublished)


"The Sacred Heart, 1812."

Proposed table of contents

Ten Poems, (unpublished)

"At Midsummer." Typescript

"Elsinore in the Late Ancient Autumn."


"Nine Black Poppies for Chac."

"Parish." Various drafts

"Pictures at an Exhibition."

"Several Measures for the Little Lost." Various drafts

"To a Young Woman Dying at Weir."

photocopy copies of poems


Proposed table of contents

The Window in the Field, (unpublished)

"Duchamp' s Nuptial Milkweed in the West, November Woods."

"The Penninsula."

"The School of Night."

Proposed table of contents


Short Stories by Dubie

"The Red Skirt of Taces." Various drafts

"Red Sky at Morning."

"The Three-Legged Donkey of Kassel Mountain."

General subject files

Cervantes, James V. Poetry

Cooper Union Forum. Poetry Reading Schedules, 1977 -- 1978


1970 -- 1974



January -- June 1977

Box 6

Correspondence, cont.

July -- September 1977

October -- December 1977

January -- April 1978

May -- June 1978

July 1978

August -- October 1978

Box 7

Correspondence, cont.

November -- December 1978

January -- May 1979

June -- December 1979

1980 -- 1983


Cut Bank, no. 7 (Fall 1976). Includes "Poem written at Dawn for Frank Paluka" and "My Triptych of Lyrebirds and Great Auks"

Fenza, David. "Nobility and the Mask: The Lyrical Storytelling of Norman Dubie." Telescope, Spring 1981, pp. 27 -- 41

Gordon, Kirpal Singh. Poetry


Miscellaneous material related to Dubie's teaching

Miscellaneous poetry and poetry fragments by Dubie

Miscellaneous poetry sent to Dubie (authors unknown)

Nayer, Louise. Poetry

Nemet-Nejat, Murat. Poetry


Poetry, vol. 129, no. 2 (November 1976). Notice of Bess Hokin Prize won by Dubie

Poetry by Norman Dubie not found in his published collections

"Allegory in the New York Times." Typescript (photocopy)

"Autumn." Typescripts

"The Bones of Quail."

"Burial at Sebasio Estates Lodge." Holograph draft

"The Burnt Vision of an Ornate Peruvian Woman." Various drafts


"Charlie Chaplin: 1889 -- 1977." Various drafts

"The Cloud of Unknowing."

"The Cuban Shrew."

"Dark Markings: 1974."

"Dark Song to an Icefisher." Typescript (photocopy)

"The Death of an Epoch." Typescripts with corrections

"A Decastich."

Box 8

Poetry by Norman Dubie not found in his published collections, cont.

"Dejection: an Ode."

"The Desert Wax Museum in July."

"The Dragons of Chinese Fire and Rain."


"Elegy." Various drafts

"Elegy for Wright and Hugo." Various drafts


"Etchings in Plaster." Typescript (photocopy)

"The False Inspiration." Typescript (photocopy)

"February 13, 1821." Typescript (photocopy)

"The Fen Country."

"The Foliated Mayan Cross."

"For Henri Gaudier-Breszka's Bird Swallowing Fish."

"For the Mummer's New Year."

"Franz Marc's Lithuanian Gypsy Nude."

"A Gallery of Burnt Masks." Typescript (photocopy)

"The Ghost of a Flea." (later retitled: "The Widow of the Beast of Ingolstadt")

"The Ghosts of Czeslaw Miloz."

"The Gold Watch."

"Guidwife, Dover, Kallinge." Various drafts

"Heart Attack."

"Hotel Sierra." Typescript (photocopy)


"I Do..." Holograph draft

"I Was Out..." Holograph draft

"I Was Not Your Mother, I Was Not a Fool."

"Ibant Obscuri."

"In a Ghetto by the Sea. Wartime Letter: 1942."

"Instructions, Again, at Blossom."

"Intolerance." Typescripts (photocopy)

"Inverse Chinese Characters Above Cleator, Arizona."

"Lamentations, La Pampa." Various drafts

"Leda and the Swan." Various drafts

"The Little Apocalypse of Millet's Autumn." Various drafts


"Ludwig Wittgenstein Motoring with a Companion."

"A Lyric of Winter Light."

"The Magi." Holograph with corrections and revisions

"Meister Eckhart." Various drafts

"Musée des Beaux Arts."

"The Music Box." Holograph with corrections and revisions

"The Mystery of Six Empty Places: Confucious and the Raven Haired Daughter." Various drafts

"The Nacreous Celebrants of March."

"New England, Springtime."

"The New Year Prophecy of Emmanuel Inca de la Vega: 4 Olin." Various drafts

"A Night-Porter's Vignette..."


"A North American Anecdote."

"An Old Woman's Vision."

"On My Father's Steamships the Young of Badgers."

"The Outcast and Freakish Form of a Dog."

"Painted Desert."

"The Parable of the Spire." Typescript (photocopy)

"The Passion of Charles Ives."

"Pont des Invalides." Holograph draft

"Pontius Pilate, the Morning." Typescript (carbon)

"Popham Beach."

"The Prologue of a Picture..." Holograph draft with corrections and revisions

"Rebel Harp." Typescript (photocopy)

"A Red Locust Tree, in Springtime."


"A Solitary Window."

"Songs on the Death of Childhood." Holograph draft with corrections and revisions

"Spectacle Bear."

"The Spicebush."

"Spirit Pond." Various drafts

"The Stone Curlew."

"Storied is the World, Plotted is the Ground." Various drafts

"Sunday Afternoon." Typescript (photocopy)

"Tantrum!" Page proof with notes

"These Sketches of Secret, Hanging Gardens."

"A Thirst for the Hemlock." Holograph draft (photocopy)

"Three Short Poems."

"To and Fro." Typescript (photocopy)

"To Sun Islands." Holograph draft

"The Tower." Typescript (photocopy)

"Until the Sea Is Dead." Typescript (photocopy)

"The Water Spider."

"White and Black Intaglio of March."

"A Winter Trailer in Vermont."

"The Wish."

"Woman Combing Her Hair - by Edgar Degas." Typescript (photocopy)

"The World Means Only Itself."

"You Can't..."

Poetry written by Dubie's students in English 411

Reviews by Dubie

Rickel, Boyer. Poetry

Santos, Bienvenido. Poetry

Smith, Dave. Poetry

Vogelsang, Arthur. Poetry

Weingarten, ?. Poetry

Box 9

Selected and New Poems

Typescript. Printer's copy with notations

Galley proof. With corrections

Page proofs. With corrections

Printer's page proofs

Box 10

May 1985 Additions

Correspondence.1982 -- 1985

Engman, John. Poetry ms, . Keeping Still, Mountain (with cover letter)

Fedullo, Mick. Poetry ms, . 1985. The Maze, The Maze

Halperin, Mark. Poetry ms, . 1982 (with cover letter)

Poetry by Norman Dubie (not found in his published collections)

"The Book of Job."

"Currier and Ives." 3 drafts, with corrections

"Field Music.". 1984

"French and Indian Wars."

"How Faunus Found a Young Wife."2 drafts, handwritten and typed

"In the Weather of an Aging Sylph." . 1984

"Lamentations." , with revisions and note

"Legend of the Golden Fleece."

"Marc Chagall, 1887 -- 1985." 3 Drafts, handwritten and with notes

"A Painting by Odilon Redon."

"Plymouth." Drafts

"Sea Change." 2 holograph drafts

"Some Notes: Into the Sere and Yellow." essay on Pound's Canto XLIX

"Watercolor." 3 drafts. Handwritten, photocopied, and typed

"With my wife in Lake Country." 3 drafts. Handwritten, and typed -- 1984

"The Williamstown Gulf."

Reviews -- 1983 -- 1984

A Valentine for our World.

The Springhouse -- 1985

"An Annual of the Dark Physics."1984. 3 drafts. Handwritten, photocopy, typed

"Archangelsk." 3 drafts

"The Assassins of Joe Christmas."

"Danse Macabre." 2 drafts. Handwritten and typed

"Diamond Persona."1983. 2 drafts. Handwritten and typed

"The Duchess' Red Shoes." Typed with notes

"Elegy for Integral Domains." 2 drafts

"The Funeral." 3 drafts

"Homage to Jean Follain." Typed with note

"The Huts at Esquimaux." 2 drafts, typed with revisions and notes

"Lamentations." 3 drafts. Handwritten and typed with revisions

"Letter to Rue Robert de Flers." 3 drafts

"The Lion Grotto."

"New England, Autumn." 2 drafts

"Orations: Half Moon in Vermont." 3 drafts with note

"Provence." 2 drafts

"Solomon's Seal." 3 drafts

"Summer, Late Bath." 2 drafts

"Through a Glass Darkly." 2 drafts

"A Trolley from Xochimilco."

"Wintery Night, Its Reticule." 3 drafts. Handwritten, photocopy, and typed

Ms.Typed draft. December 1984

Ms. Typed final draft . January 1985

Tables of Contents .Typed. 1984 -- 1985

1986 Addition

Box 11

Correspondence, 1984 -- 1986, including letters from Charles Wright, Dave Smith

The Springhouse -- 1986

Table of contents. Typed with correction

"Old Night and Sleep" Typed draft with note to Frank Paluka

"Sanctuary" Handwritten draft; 4 typed drafts with revisions

"Train" 2 drafts

Groom Falconer (unpublished)

Table of contents

"Ars Poetica." Handwritten draft; 2 typed drafts with revisions

"Babtismal" 2 drafts

"Coyote Creek" 2 drafts

"The Death of a Race Car Driver" Handwritten draft; 3 drafts

"Groom Falconer." Handwritten draft; 3 drafts

"Jeremiad". Handwritten draft; 2 drafts

"The Peace of Lodi"Handwritten draft; 2 drafts

"Poem" 3 handwritten drafts;

"Trakl" Handwritten draft; 2 typed drafts with revisions; photocopy

"Anecdote." 3 drafts

"For the Birth of Joaquín Alvaro Jesús Rios." Photocopy

"Large Property Under Pines."

"Man and Woman." Carbon copy

"The Night Before Thanksgiving": different poem, same title in The Everlastings; retitled "Thanksgiving Eve." 5 drafts

"To a Young Woman Dying at Weir": in Selected and New Poems.

Box 11

February 1987 Addition

Correspondence, 1982 -- 1987

The Springhouse, 1986

Page proofs

Page proofs (blues)

Printer's proofs

Groom Falconer (unpublished)

"Accident." (revision of "In the Next Parish"). Two drafts

"Babtismal." Handwritten drafts; typed draft with revisions

"The Canon of Frauenburg Accepts the Confession of Sister Else Von Oberrit: March 12, 1532." Two drafts


"Elegy." Five drafts

"In the Next Parish." (draft of "Accident"). Handwritten draft; three typed drafts with revisions

Box 12

November 1987 Addition

Correspondence, August 1987

Groom Falconer (unpublished)

A clean typescript version of a work in progress; dated June 30, 1987

A clean typescript version of a work in progress; no date

Contents pages


"An American Scene." Three typescript drafts with holograph revisions, two typescript drafts

"The Apocrypha of Jacques Derrida." Three typescript drafts with holograph revisions, typescript draft

"At the Opening to the Underground Cemetery at Colchis." Two typescript drafts with holograph revisions, three typescript drafts

"Buffalo Clouds over the Maestro Hoon." Two typescript drafts with holograph revisions, typescript draft

"The Clergyman's Daughter."

"Easter Night, Paris."

"Encanto's Ferry." Three typescript drafts with holograph revisions, typescript draft


"First Wednesday at Heater Lawns."

"The Garden Asylum of Saint-Paul-De-Mousole."

"Near the Bridge of Saint-Cloud." Two typescript drafts with holograph corrections (one with note on back)

"New Age at Airport Mesa." Two typescript drafts with holograph revisions, typescript draft

"Northwind Escarpment."

"A Painting by Odilon Redon."


"Safe Conduct." Two typescript drafts with holograph revisions, typescript draft

"The Saints of Negativity." Two drafts

"Shipwreck." Two typescript drafts with holograph revisions, two typescript drafts


"Sonata, Circa 1936. " aft

"They Are the Queens of the Bird's Body." Two drafts

"Union Ushers at the Norcross Farm." Holograph draft, typescript draft with holograph revisions, typescript draft

"Victory." Holograph draft, three typescript drafts with holograph revisions

"The Wine Bowl." Typescript draft with holograph revisions, typescript draft

"Women with Children." Holograph draft, two typescript drafts with holograph revisions, three typescript drafts

Thirteen poems by Norman Dubie from the tentatively titled Groom Falconer published in The American Poetry Review, September/October, Vol. 16, no.5, including: "Ars Poetica," "Babtismal," "Chagall," "Poem," "Jeremiad," "Trakl," "The Death of a Race Car Driver," "Women with Children," "Victory," "Coyote Creek," "The Peace of Lodi," "Accident," and "The Wine Bowl"

Unpublished Miscellaneous Poems

"Elegy in a Desert Landscape." Photocopy of a holograph draft, two typescript drafts

"The Fitting."

"The Great Polar Expedition." Two drafts

1989 Addition

Box 13

Correspondence, April 1989 and undated

Groom Falconer - 1989

Bound manuscript (incomplete) with notes and corrections, including a letter from John Benedict, of W.W. Norton Co. referring to the publishing of Groom Falconer

Printer's galley proof

Page proof with corrections and revisions

Page proof

Book reviews, April 1989

Interview conducted by James Green. Final draft and page revisions. To be published in The American Poetry Review, November/December 1989 or January/February 1990

Radio Sky (unpublished)

Contents page

Epigraph ideas

"Anagram Born of Madness at Czernowitz, 12 November 1920." Three typescript drafts, two with revisions

"The Ghosts, Saratoga Springs." Three drafts

"Looking Up From Two Renaissance Paintings to the Massacre at Tiananmen Square."

"The Open Happens in the Midst of the Beginning."

"Philip Larkin Left `The Dance' Unfinished." Two drafts

"Radio Sky." Three drafts

"Thomas Merton and the Winter Marsh." Typescript draft with addition

"Tomb Pond."

"Synchronous Isolations: Norman Dubie's `Eligies for the Ochre Deer on the Walls of Lascaux'" by Kevin Clark. From American Poetry, Vol. 5, No. 2, Winter 1988

Unpublished Miscellaneous Poems

"Angela." Two drafts

"An Apocalypse of Monkeys With a Bear King."

"A Depth of Field."

"The Diatribe of the Kite."

"Electrical Storm."

"The Evening of the Pyramids."

"The Ferry Near Ausable Forks."

"Hieros Games."

"In the Land of Nod."


"Outlander Coming In at a Distance."

"Winter Marsh." Holograph draft, three s, two with revisions

February 1991 Addition

The American Poetry Review. Galleys with corrections. Poems from Radio Sky and an interview with Norman Dubie

The Clouds of Magellan (unpublished)

Section 1. Photocopy (earlier title: Nuages)

Section 1. Final draft. Photocopy

Sections 1 and 2. Final draft. Photocopy

Sections 1 - 6. Photocopy

Various substitute pages. Typescript drafts with corrections and revisions

Typescript, incomplete with corrections and revisions

Box 14

The Clouds of Magellan, cont.

Typescript, incomplete


Correspondence, 1991

Radio Sky

"The Aztec Lord of the Near and Close."

"Bellvue Exchange." Two drafts

"A Blue Hog."

"The Bus Stopped in Fields of Cinnabar." (Not included in final draft of Radio Sky)

"The Bus Stopped in Fields Of Misdemeanor." Typescript draft with corrections, handwritten draft with corrections and revisions
(earlier title: "For Brittany")

"The Cloud of Unknowing." Typescript draft with corrections and typescript draft (not included in final draft of Radio Sky)

"A Common Field in Winter." (Not included in final draft of Radio Sky)



"A Dream of Three Sisters."


"Homage to Philip K. Dick." (Earlier title: "In a Time Out of Joint")

"Inside the City Walls."

"Jacob Boehme Walking Outside Gorlitz." s

"November 23, 1989."

"A Physical Moon Beyond Patterson." Two drafts. (Earlier title: "The Stone to Water Spirit"). Not included in final draft of Radio Sky

"Psalm XXIII."

"A Renunciation of the Desert Primrose."

"Revelation 20:11-15."

"Simple Philo of Alexandria."

"A True Story of God."

"Two Women on the Potamac Parkway."

"The White River Road."

Final typescript draft

Audio Tape

Credit Page

Publisher's Agreement, 1990

Tables of Contents with corrections and revisions


Floppy Disk

Unpublished Miscellaneous Poems

"A Navajo Gunnery Sergeant to His Wife."

"The Parable of the Talents."

"Riddle." Two drafts

"The Siege of Leningrad."

"Twentieth Century Detail."

Unpublished work. Tentative title: La Nativite. Section one. Photocopy

The Voice of Youth. 19.X1, 1989. Estonia

Box 15

1993 Addition

The Clouds of Magellan

Page proofs with corrections. Interview with Dubie, 1993. University Planet

Radio Sky

"Master Pages" Proof with corrections

Printer's proof with corrections

"Repro dupe" proof

Transcription of a tape containing autobiographical material, 1991

Unpublished poems

"At the Death of Peasants"

"Elegy for My Brother"

"The Mercy Seat"

"The Siege of Leningrad"

Videotape. Norman Dubie reading, April 26, [1992] and Regents' Service, April 30 [1992]

2001 Addendum


Bibliography up to Springhouse"

Books. Photocopy typescripts

The Mercy Seat.

Ordinary Mornings of a Colliseum.

The Spirit Tablets at Goa Lake.

Throat of Cygnus (The Spirit Tablets of Stele Lake)


"After Sky "

The American Poetry Review, 25th Anniversary Edition. Contains four poems by Dubie: "The Amulet." "A Skeleton for Mr. Paul in Paradise," "On the Chinese Abduction of Tibet's Child Panchen Lama," and "The Caste Wife Speaks to the Enigmatic Parabolas."

"A Genesis Text for Larry Levis Who Died Alone"

"Gently Bent to Ease Us"

"Last Poem, Snow Tree"

"The Mercy Seat"

"The Reader of the Sentences"

"The Siege of Leningrad"

2007 St. John Addendum

Box 17

Quoting from the bookseller who offered this collection:

"An archive of correspondence, typescript drafts and annotated photocopies of poems and galley proofs from Norman Dubie to David St. John; circa mid-1970s to 2002.

"Included are several drafts of typed poems on which Dubie has written short notes to St. John; he also indicates revisions, marks when the poem is in its “Final Draft,” or asks St. John’s opinion. The unbound leaves that make up “The Springhouse,” for example, feature 15 leaves with notes from Dubie to St. John; evidently, Dubie would send his friend several pages of poetry at a time, indicating a poem’s intended placement in the book or providing his own opinion of it. According to St. John, the bulk of Dubie’s draft poems included here – he estimates between 100 and 150, at least – were never published in his books.

"The bulk of the contents of the letters is purely poetry business; Dubie talks extensively about changes he made and why; discusses the poems’ arrangement and placement in his books; and asks St. John’s opinion. Dubie clearly trusted and valued St. John’s input on his poetry; this correspondence is evidence that the pair had a vibrant working relationship. Dubie talks less frequently about personal matters, but it is also obvious that he and St. John had a warm friendship.

"Most of Dubie’s correspondence was written on Arizona State University letterhead; Dubie has worked in various capacities at ASU – as the writer-in-residence (1975-1976); a lecturer (1976-1983); director of the graduate writing program (since 1976) and a professor of English (since 1983).

"Dubie was teaching at the Writer’s Workshop in Iowa in 1972 when St. John went there. This sparked a relationship – both personal and professional – that has endured to this day. Dubie and St. John sent nearly every poem they wrote to each other for encouragement and criticism; some poems in this collection include Dubie’s thoughts on St. John’s poems; for example: “Thanks for the two poems – their formal properties are their greatest secret – very enchanting” (July 18, 1983).

"In a series of five letters from the spring and summer of 1984, Dubie keeps St. John abreast of a new book he’s writing; this would become The Springhouse (1986). He begins, “Thought you would like to see how the book has advanced, formed…The third section will be love poems after a fashion. As poems come to you just place them in the 3rd section in the order of their arrival – that’s how this book grows, of time!” (May 16th); the next letter informs, “I’ve decided to slow down this book – I’m junking two poems…I’m also emptying the third section of the book this means an increase for the 2nd section – this means 10 poems in each section and a greater mood range through the 2nd section” (June 11, 1984). On the verso of this letter Dubie proposes a draft Table of Contents. The next letter further develops their arrangement, “I’ve decided to title the sections in The Springhouse. So in caps and italic after the roman numerals in the Contents page put: I. THE DIAMOND PERSONA II. SANCTUARY III. LAMENTATIONS”  (July 2);  In a letter dated August 12 his plans have changed again:

'Help. I am preparing for a purge of the third section of the book & everything stands for us save THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WARS? It doesn’t work for Jeannine and yet the little boy in me who loved that period in history thinks it does work.  WHAT DO YOU THINK. …In CURRIER & IVES it is now a sinkhole rather than the sinkhole. Also in LAMENTATIONS I brought the last word of the poem – ‘farewell’ up to the end of the previous line; fuck/the couplet!'

"He adds afterward, by hand, “I love this poem.

"This collection of correspondence – and the corresponding poems – that Dubie had with St. John provides invaluable insight into the process of poetic production; Dubie’s explanations of his work and the choices he makes reveal a poet dedicated to his craft and the effort of the editing and arranging process. They also illustrate a flourishing friendship and a nourishing professional relationship between two poets."

Clouds of Magellan

Photocopy, clean clopy, inscribed

Photocopies sent piecemeal to St. John

Comes the Winter, Sea Hunting

Photocopy, bound typescript. 58 leaves; inscribed: "David, here you go! Toots! Norman."


Drafts of poems from the mid-nineteen seventies. Marked “Dubie First Drafts/mid-70s;” ca. 60 leaves; 7 pages with handwritten annotations or notes to St. John.


First draft. Marked, “Dubie/Elegies: First Drafts,” containing ca. 40 leaves of typed photocopied poems by Dubie; 2 pp of typed Xerox poems signed, “Pamela Stewart” (Dubie’s second wife). Six leaves with Dubie’s notes to DSJ

Groom Falconer

Draft poems. 2 folders marked, “Drafts of Poems for Dubie’s ‘Groom Falconer,’” containing ca. 105 leaves of typed, Xerox poems for Groom Falconer. Dubie sent these in parts to DSJ; there are envelopes addressed to him, as well as notes on some pages indicating “Final Draft,” or “Revised.” Dubie also marks changes; for example, on bottom of page 27 – featuring the poem “The Fitting” – he writes, “Switch this with Chagall; then one move before ‘Two Sentences…’” And, for “Trakl,” Dubie has crossed out the last two lines of the typed poem and written in a 3-line stanza: “Like smoke from some lonely howitzer/Blossoming out over the bubbling bare pits of lye, over/The large sunken eyes of horticulture.” On the page containing the title poem of the book – “Groom Falconer” – Dubie has written, “a country doctor monologue. Strange beginning for a new book, title poem maybe.”). He also queries DSJ on his thoughts on the poems and updates him on his life and his family. Together with 4 Autograph Letters Signed “Norman” that he enclosed along with the copies of the poems, and updating him on his progress, asking DSJ’s opinion, or explaining changes and choices he made.

Last version before the final draft. ca. 55 leaves; photocopy typescript with seven leaves containing handwritten annotations in red ink

In the Dead of the Night

Draft poems and arrangement

The Mercy Seat

Paperbound volume marked for publication.

Ordinary Mornings of a Coliseum

Draft poems marked, “Drafts of Dubie poems for book ‘Ordinary Mornings of a Coliseum;’” 9/6/02; 3 leaves with handwritten annotations.

Bound photocopied typescript with short TLS “Norman,” bound-in; August 30, 2002. No textual annotations.

Poetry sent 1990, 1991. Marked “1991;” containing ca. 15 leaves; typescript leaves with handwritten emendations, and five handwritten introductory leaves for “The Stone at the Water Spout,” dedicated to St. John.

Prose, fiction, and miscellaneous poems

Radio Sky

Final draft. Typescript, 51 leaves; with autograph notes on the title page indicating that Norton accepted the manuscript in March of 1999; also inscribed "For David/with love/Norman."

Selected and New Poems

Draft poems

Page proofs. Two sets of galley proofs for Selected and New Poems; ca. 147; ca. 24 emendations

"Sidonie Collette"

The Spirit Tablet at Goa Lake

Bound typescript “The Spirit Tablets at Goa Lake;” 183 leaves; with two loosely inserted autograph notes.

The Springhouse

Folder marked, “Dear David:/The Springhouse/Norman Dubie/Final Draft: 12/18/84;” two Xerox typescript drafts ca. 90 leaves; with two leaves marked “Revised pages!” and “Final Draft” in Dubie’s hand.

Unbound final draft typescript for “The Springhouse;” 15 pages with notes to DSJ



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