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District Court Cases

Circuit Court Cases

Biographical Note

Roy L. Stephenson was born in Spirit Lake, Iowa, on March 14, 1917. He graduated from Spencer High School in 1934, after which he earned a BA in 1938 and a Law degree in 1940, both from the University of Iowa. He won a bronze and a silver star in World War II. In 1944, he set up a law practice in Des Moines. In 1953, he was named U. S. attorney for the Southern District of Iowa by President Eisenhower. In 1960, he became a district judge for the Southern District of Iowa, and became Chief Judge in 1961. He was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in 1971 where he served until his death in 1982.

Stephenson tried the first daft card burning case in the United States. He sentenced the young man to ten days probation and ordered him to get another draft card. The youth complied. One of his most controversial cases was Tinker vs the Des Moines schools in 1966. In this case, three students in the Des Moines school system wore black arm bands as a sign of mourning for the dead in Viet Nam. They were suspended by the school. They sued the school district, and Judge Stephenson ruled on the side of the school. The Tinkers eventually took the case to the Supreme Court, which overturned Judge Stephenson's ruling.

Apparently distraught over the terminal illness of his wife,Stephenson took his own life on November 5, 1982.

Scope and Contents

Case number follows case name.

Note: En Banc means "by the full court" "in the bench" or "full bench." When the members of an appellate court hear an argument, they are sitting en banc. Refers to court sessions with the entire membership of a court participating rather than the usual quorum. U. S. Courts of appeals usually sit in panels of three judges, but may expand to a larger number in certain cases. They are then said to be sitting en banc.

The following information about screening panels and administrative panels is from the internal operating procedures of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, available at the court's website: . Click on "Rules and Publications," then "Internal Operating Procedures." The file is available in .pdf and WordPefect formats. The material on Panels appears on pages 6 and 7. Boldface type does not appear in the original. Highlights have been used to emphasize the basic information about screening and administrative panels.


        Panels of three judges decide most matters before the court.  There are three types of panels: argument (hearing) panels, nonargument (screening) panels, and administrative panels.

        1.  Argument (Hearing) Panels

        Three-judge panels, referred to as hearing panels, hear argued appeals.  The members of these panels are assigned before court sessions.  In addition to active circuit judges, senior judges, district judges, and visiting judges also serve on the hearing panels.  The active circuit judge from this circuit with the most seniority presides on the hearing panel.  The chief judge always presides.

        The clerk’s office prepares and publishes an oral argument calendar approximately one month before the court session.  The judges do not participate in the case-assignment process.  The judges receive the briefs before the session.  After reading the briefs, the panel, by unanimous agreement, may direct that a case on the argument calendar be decided on the briefs and the record.  See 8
th Cir. R. 34A(c).

        The composition of the argument panel changes each month and often during each court session, making rescheduling of cases within a given court session difficult.  The clerk’s office should be notified of potential conflicts before the briefing cycle is completed.  Conflicts with trial settings in state and federal courts ordinarily are not recognized.  The court of appeals normally sits only the second full week of each month from September through June.  However, this practice is subject to change.  Counsel should check with the clerk’s office.

        2.  Nonargument (Screening) Panels

        All active judges regularly sit on nonargument panels, which are referred to as screening panels (the chief judge sits whenever necessary to fill the third panel).  Senior judges occasionally serve on screening panels.  At least three screening panels are in operation at all times.   The composition of the panels changes periodically.

        The major function of the screening panels is to decide pro se cases and attorney-handled cases submitted without oral argument. A case originally screened for submission without argument will be placed on the argument calendar if one judge on the screening panel wants oral argument.  The clerk’s office notifies the parties if the case is reclassified for argument. 

        3.  Administrative Panels; Emergency Matters

        Administrative panels decide presubmission motions and other preliminary issues the clerk is not authorized to handle. The administrative panels consider and decide: (1) motions for leave to appeal under 28 U.S.C. § 1292(b); (2) motions for leave to proceed in forma pauperis; (3) applications for certificates of appealability under 28 U.S.C. § 2253; (4) motions for appointment of counsel; (5) motions for production of the transcript at government expense; (6) motions for bond pending appeal; (7) applications for stay pending appeal and applications for peremptory writs of mandamus and prohibition; (8) motions to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, see 8
th Cir. R. 47A(b); (9) procedural issues; and (10) emergency and special matters.  The administrative panels consist of three judges.  One judge or the clerk, however, may take certain actions.  See 8th Cir. R. 27B(a), (b).

        All stay and writ applications should be coordinated through the clerk’s office in St. Louis.  Emergencies are best handled by telephoning the clerk for instructions.  Panels may be convened for emergency situations.  At the court’s initiative, conference telephone calls are used for the initial presentation of an emergency stay request or writ application.  If necessary, application for temporary emergency relief may be made to a single circuit judge, but counsel should consult with the clerk’s office whenever possible.

Roy L. Stephenson Papers

District Court Cases

Box 1

Biographical data and newspaper clippings about Stephenson

Alba v. Bergland, 6-1764-C-1

Allison v. Bennett, 2-447-E

Allard v. Board of Dentistry, 10-239-C-1

Ankeny -- Des Moines Plumbing Inc. v. American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corp., 8-2363-C-1

Antitrust Conference -- New York -- November 18, 1963, Electrical Equipment cases (2 folders)

Box 2

Antitrust papers -- Electrical Equipment cases

Antitrust cases -- Correspondence

Box 3

Antitrust Litigation (2 folders)

Box 4

Antitrust Conference -- San Antonio, Texas -- Febuary, 1963. Electrical Equipment Meeting

Antitrust Conference -- Baltimore, Maryland -- May, 1963. Electrical Equipment Meeting

Archer v. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, 3-844-D

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway v. Consolidated Packaging Corp., 3-383-D

Axtell v. Holiday Life Insurance Company 4-932-D

Axtell v. National Fidelity Life Insurance Company, 4-933-D

Babcock v. McKemy, civ. 8-2361-C-1

Barnett v. United States Court of Appeals, no. 17179

Box 5

Barngrover v. Aspelmeier, 4-958-D

Berenger v. Brewer, 3-836-D h.c.

Bertrand v. Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, 8-2181-C-1

Bettis, Raymond Alton, 10-121-C-1 h.c.

Birdsall v. American Community Stores, 9-2420-C-1

Birks v. W.T. Grant Co., 9-2450-C-1

Blacktop v. United States of America, 8-2282-C-1

Box 6

Blanchard, Herbert, 8-2394-C-1, 3-857-D h.c.

Bliss v. Struthers-Dunn Inc. Vols. I & II, 3-764-D

Box 7

Bliss v. Struthers-Dunn Inc., Vols. III &. IV, 3-764-D

Box 8

Bliss v. Struthers-Dunn Inc., Vol. V & loose papers, 3-764-D

Box 9

Bliss v. Struthers-Dunn Inc., loose papers, 3-764-D

Box 10

Buesel v. Streeval, 10-91-C-1

Booher v. Lee and O'Brien Counties, 3-897-D

Bradley, George M. (2 folders), 3-842-D

Brinegar v. Finch, 8-2358-C-1

Bryant v. Rankin, 3-795-D

Carey v. Commanding Officer, U.S.A.F., 10-199-C-1

Carolson v. Grumdahl, 10-191-C-1

Carroll v. United States of America, 10-68-C-1

Box 11

Chafa, Michael G., civ. no. 2255

Chambers v. Anderson, 10-250-C-1

Char-Len, Inc. In the matter of Bankruptcy

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad v. Southern Industrial Railroad, 10-14-C-1

Chicago & Northwestern Railway v. Acri Wholesale, 10-19-C-1

Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railway v. Sears, 8-2330-C-1

Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railway v. United Transportation Union, 10-165-C-1

Chicago & Northwestern Railway v. Ashton Wholesale, 10-234-C-1

Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. v. Bull, 4-938-D

Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. v. Cousins, 4-920-D

Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. v. General Management, 11-327-C-1

Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. v. Hillis Co., 10-94-C-1

Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. v. Thorpe Well Co., 10-138-C-1

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Co. v. Kissel, 8-2290-C-1

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Co. v. Rock Island System, et. al., 10-163-C-1

Christensen v. Cebulski, 9-2414-C

Christensen v. Moffitt, 10-98-C-1

Christopher v. Bennett, civ. 3-778-D

City of West Des Moines v. Penn-Dixie, 8-2297-C-1

Clark, Sherrill v. McHugh, 9-2463-C-1

Clark, William v. McHugh, 9-2462-C-1

Box 12

Computer Services Corporation Bankruptcy, C-84-70

Cooperman v. Milley Trailer Co., 10-17-C-1

Coppola v. Braniff, 8-2392-C-1

Crane Co. v. Muscatine Plumbing, 4-940-D

Craig v. Davis, 10-173-C-1

Criminal Justice Act

Box 13

Criminal Justice Act 1964 District Plans (2 folders)

Cummings v. Bennett, 3-805-D

Custom Color Lab. Inc. v. Eastman Kodak Co., 3-850-D

Davidson Rubber v. Hulsenbusch, 3-619-D

Box 14

Davidson Rubber v. Sheller Manufacturing (2 folders), 3-648-D

Box 15

Davidson Rubber v. Sheller Manufacturing, Vol. II and loose papers

Box 16

Davis, Ardith Alvin, cr. 4-1231-C

Davis v. Synhorst (2 folders), civ. 5-1289

Box 17

Davis v. Synhorst, civ. 5-1289

DeJon Industries v. Winegard Co., 3-870-D

Des Moines County Farm Service Company v. United States of America, 8-2355-C-2

Des Moines Mailers' v. Meredith Publishing, 8-2299-C-1

Des Moines Union Railway v. United Transportation Union, 10-164-C-1

Dial Finance v. Hanlon, Director, 10-213-C-1

Disbrow v. Hildreth, 10-203-C-1 h.c.

Eakins v. United States of America, 10-3-C-1

Box 18

Eastern Iowa Light, Local Pretrial

Eastern Iowa Light v. Westinghouse (3 folders), 2-522 (dav. )

Box 19

Eastern Iowa Light v. Allis-Chalmers, et al., 2-523

Eastern Iowa Light v. Westinghouse, et al., 2-524 (dav.)

Eastern Iowa Light v. Westinghouse, et al., 2-525 (dav.

Edwards v. Midwest Emery, Inc., 3-793-D

Egan v. Naylor (2 folders), 3-873-D

Ellis v. Kubby, 10-271-C-1

Employer's Mutual v. United States of America, 9-2416-C-1

Entsminger v. Brewer, 10-75-C-1

Evans, Monroe Harold, 10-25-C-1

Fields v. Brewer, 9-2497-C-1 h.c.

First Trust and Savings v. United States of America, 4-939-D

Federal Trade Commission v. Stroiman, 8-2310-C-1

Box 20

Ferguson v. Couplamatic, 8-2325-C-1

Fransdal v. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Co., 10-39-C-1

Frye, Sherrill Brown v. United States of America, 8-2387-C-1

GAF Corporation v. Rheinschmidt, 4-916-D

Gant v. Chicago & Northwestern Railway, 8-2317-C-1

Gant v. Chicago & Northwestern Railway, 9-2443-C-1

GMC Contractors v. United Brotherhood, 9-2454-C-1

Gilmore v. Kave, 9-2446-C-1

Givens v. State of Iowa, 10-122-C-1

Godwin v. Benner Tea, 3-843-D

Box 21

Goldsmith v. Strout, cr. 3-872-D

Grand Jury Investigation v. Donielson, misc. 1-39

Grant v. Brewer, 9-2433-C-1

Grindstaff v. United States of America, 6-1706-C

Guenthner v. Coleman, 3-789-D

Guilford, Phillip Dean, cr. 5-1473-C

Guisinger v. Sun Oil, 10-117-C-1

Box 22

Gulf & Western v. Struthers-Dunn, 3-764-D

Box 23

Gulf & Western v. Struthers-Dunn, 3-764-D

Box 24

Habeas Corpus cases (2 folders)

Habeas Corpus Show Cause Orders

Habeas Corpus Orders

Hamilton v. Brewer, 9-2496-C-1 h.c.

Harris v. Brewer, 3-888-D h.c.

Harrison v. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Co., 3-880-D

Haw Hardware v. Haw, 9-2451-C-1

Box 25

Haw Hardware, Chapter X Bankruptcy

Hawkins, Robert, 3-799-D h.c.

Heath v. City of Davenport, 4-950-D

Herrington v. Brewer, 10-54-C-1

Hodgeson v. Farmers Mutual Coop., 1-323-D

Box 26

Interstate Power Company v. Great American, Vols. I & II, 3-832-D

Iowa State Bar Association, May 1963

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers, April 1964

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers and Iowa Defense Council Association, October 1966

Box 27

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers, April 1968

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers and Iowa Defense Council Association, September 1968

Arraignments, Pre-trial, Juries, Attorneys for Indigents and Naturalization Notebook

Box 28

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers, November 1968

Iowa State Bar Association, May 1969

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers, May 1969

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers, November 1970

Box 29

Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers (miscellaneous papers)

Jacobs v. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, 3-874-D

Jacobsen v. International Transport Inc., 3-719-D

Jacobson v. IBEW, 4-913-D

Box 30

Jenkens Truck Line, Inc. v. United States of America and Interstate Commerce Commission, 3-851-D

Johnson, Clifford Eugene, 10-10-C-1

Johnson v. Park, 10-160-0-1

Kelley, John Morris, misc. 143, no.70-5

Kennedy, James A., 8-2303-C

King v. Johnson, 10-170-C-1

Lage v. Downing, 7-2089-C-2

Box 31

Leazor v. Mason & Hanger, 3-848-D

Lincoln National v. Zingler, 9-2478-C-1

McGrew v. United Van, 8-2280-C-1

McGuire v. State of Iowa, 10-106-C-1

McWilliams v. Cooper, 3-774-D

Maher v. United States of America, 8-2287-C-1

Maher, Ex'rx v. United States of America, 8-2288-C-1

Box 32

Massachusetts State Pharmaceutical Association v. Federal Prescription Service, Inc., 8-2271-C

Masters, John Paul (general)

Masters v. United States of America, several no.'s

Mast Development v. A-V Electronics, 4-956-D

Mee v. United States of America, no. 17,041

Meeker v. Martin, 3-891-D

Meter v. United Brotherhood, 10-194-C-1

Minear v. Davis, 9-2424-C-1

Miscellaneous Cases

Box 33

Monson v. Hospitalization Commission, 8-2188-C-2 (3 Judge)

Moore, Joseph, M 1-43 no. 69-5

Moore, Joseph, 10-66-C-1 h.c.

Morrissey, John J. v. Brewer, 3-869-D h.c.

Mulgrew Blacktop v. United States of America , 8-2282-C-1

Mulligan v. United States of America, no. 18,000 (circuit court)

Myers v. Howard Steel Erecting Co., 3-823-D

Box 34

Myers v. Howard Steel Erecting Co., 3-823-D

Nepple v. Brewer, 3-894-D h.c.

Nolan v. Nash, Warden, United States Court of Appeals

Norfolk & Western Railway v. Blue Spur, 10-198-C-1

Nye, Frederick, h.c.

O'Shea v. Brewer, 10-78-C-1

Papa Joe's Music House v. Schmidt, 4-994-D

Papakee v. Klande, 10-8-C-1

Patrick v. I. D. Packaging Co., Inc., 9-2409-C

Box 35

Paxston v. McCalment, 8-2383-C

Quad-City v. Tri-City, 3-772-D

Rawhouser v. United States of America, 8-2189-C-1

Rawls, William T., 10-96-C-1 h.c.

Red Jacket v. Local No. 1442, 4-955-D

Perry v. Chevron Chemical, 4-962-D

Rhatigan v. Brewer, 9-2475-C-1

Ricehill, Elliott Charles, 10-247-C-1 h.c.

Box 36

Ricehill, Elliott C., 10-261-C-1 h.c.

Roudybush v. Green Co., 9-2471-C-1

Rounsavall v. United States of America, 10-221-C-1 h.c.

Ruderer v. Harper, 69c 360 (1) E.D. Mo.

Ryan v. Bos, 4-905-D

Ryan v. Engle, 4-906-D

Sage v. Linn, 8-2385-C-1

Saint John, Paul

Saint Paul National Bank v. United States of America, 8-2294-C-1

Sapp, Gordon Lee (2 folders), 10-263-C-1 h. c .

Schmidt v. Proehl, 8-2354-C-1

Schueller v. Monahan, 3-854-D

Sefcheck v. Bennett, 2-442-E h.c.

Box 37

Seltzer v. Summerland, 4-914-D

Serviss v. United States of America, 8-2388-C-1

Sholar v. United States of America, 7-2057-C-1

Smith, Robert Gean, cr. 5-1456

Smith v. United States of America, civ. 10-215-C-1 h.c.

Sotak, George v. State of Iowa, 3-830-D h.c.

Steinberg v. Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, 8-2370-C-1

Sterling v. Sorenson, 10-70-C-1

Stiles v. United States of America, 8-2193-C-1

Stockdale v. United States of America, 8-2292-C-1

Strause v. General Electric Co., 4-969-D

Suer v. Stilson, 3-737-D

Box 38

Sullivan v. United States of America, no. 18,147 (circuit court)

Swift, William E., 9-2490-C-1

Switzer v. Streeval, 10-92-C-1

Taylor v. Fritz, 10-172-C-1 h.c.

Taylor v. United States Marshal, 9-2500-C-1

Teamsters, Local Union 90 v. Kwik-Kafe, 9-2467-C-1

Texamo Music Corporation, et al. v. Irene Robertson, 4-922-D

Trip Corporation v. United States of America and Interstate Commerce Commission, 3-649-W (3 judge)

Triplett, Ernest J.

United Forest v. Baxter, 7-2014-C

Box 39

United Forest v. Baxter, (4 folders), 7-2041-C

Box 40

United Forest v. Baxter (2 folders)

United States of America v. Alter, 8-2341-C-1

United States of America v. Benway, 10-242-C-1

United States of America v. Renee Bins (Miami case)

United States of America v. Faircloth, 8-2376-C-1

Box 41

United States of America v. Jacobs, et al. (Harris), 4-1067-C

United States of America v. Kirkpatrick, 4-946-D

United States of America v. Lamoni Livestock Sales Co., 8-2380-C-1

United States of America v. Lessman, 6-1545-C

United States of America v. Love, 10-257-C-1

United States of America v. Sandlin, 4-1274-C

United States of America v. Sterling Manufacturing Co., 8-2269-C

United States of America v. Wadsworth, 4-942-D

United States of America v. West, 9-2439-C-1

United States of America v. Whisenand, 10-223-C-1

Box 42

United States Court of Appeals --1963

United States Court of Appeals --1966

United States Court of Appeals -- March term, 1966

United States Court of Appeals -- March term, 1966 -- opinions

University of Illinois Foundation v. Winegard Co. (2 folders)

Wages v. United States of America, 9-2410-C-1

Walker, Kenneth F., no. 30825, 10-32-C-1

Wallace v. Mason & Hanger -- Silas Mason, 3-847-D

Walston v. United States of America, 8-2120-C-1

Weisser v. Otter Tail, United States Court of Appeals

Box 43

Wesson v. Bennett, 2-418-E h.c.

Wetzel v. Brewer, 9-2493-C-1

Wheeler v. United States of America (United States Circuit Court) no. 17111

White Consolidated v. Maytag Co., 9-2473-C-1

White, J.C. v. United States of America, 8-2356

Wilhelm v. Turner, 8-2335-C-2

Williams v. Brewer, 10-40-C-1

Winborn v. Whistler, 4-928-D

Witter v. Sheller Manufacturing, 3-711-D

Box 44

Wohlers v. United States of America, 10-229-C-1

Woodson, Lloyd v. Brewer, Warden, 3-855-D h.c.

Yeargin v. National Dairy Products Corporation (United States Circuit Court), no. 17064

Youngstrom v. Hansen, 4-903-D

Younkers v. United States of America (2 folders), 8-2174-C-1

1983 Addition District Court

Box 45

Americans United For Separation of Church & State v. Robert D. Benton, etc., et al. (3-Judge Court), Civ. 75-213-2

Americans United v. Benton (2 folders), Civ. 73-131-2

Butts v. Nichols (3-Judge Court), 72-77-2

Box 46

Cahill, Francis J. v. Cedar County, Iowa, et al. Three Judge, 72-C-40-CR

Cedar Rapids Steel Transp., Inc., et al. v. I.C.C. and U.S.A. Three Judges (2 folders), C 74-31

Century-21 Shows v. State of Iowa (2 folders), Civil No. 72-179-2

Box 47

City of Davenport v. United States (2 folders) 10-178-C-2

Dimery v. Dept. of Social Services (3 folders) 8-2386-C-1

Box 48

J.W. Errett v. Frank W. Leonhardt, etc., et al. (Three Judge Court), Civ. 75-130-2

Fox v. Benton, Civ. 74-5-D

Hames' Mobile Homes v. Fulton, No. 72-C-8-CR

Hames' Mobile Homes, et al. v. Commissioner of Public Safety, et al. Judge Stephenson's File 72-C-8-CR

Box 49

Hatfield, Gregory W. v. Catherine Williams, et al. (2 folders), 73-C-3081-W

Hilt Truck v. U.S. and ICC, 3-836-w

Iowa City-Montezuma RH Shippers v. U.S.A. and ICC, Civil No. 72-150-2

Box 50

Kelly v. Bumpers (3 folders), No. LR-71-C-159

Kimberly v. Gerhart, 74-91-1


Box 51

Koelfgen v. Jackson (3 folders), No. 4-71-Civil-314

LaPlant, Ronald v. Ray A. Fenton, et al., 75-24-1

Lendall v. Kelly Bryant, etc. LR-74-C-305

Monson v. Hops. Comm. of Polk Co., et al., Civ.No. 8-2188-C-2

N.D.D. Inc. v. William G. Faches & William R. Eads, 73-C-42-CR

Box 52

Patton, Freda R., et al. v. Weinberger, et al., 75-58-1

Reynolds v. Synhorst, 72-240-1

Ruan Transport v. U.S., 11-432-C-2

Box 53

Sellers v. Iowa Power & Light (2 folders), Civil No. 73-78-1

Sioux City Professional Educators Local 828 v. U.S., 71-C-3039-W

Sosna, Carol Maureen v. State of Iowa, and A.L. Keck, 73-C-1002-ED

Box 54

Smith, Chester v. State of Arkansas, et al., LR-74-C-255

Stamus v. Hospitalization Comm. (3 folders), 73-126-2

Box 55

Weston, Joseph Harry v. Dale L. Bumpers, etc., et al., B-74-C-42

Weston, Joseph Harry v. Dale L. Bumpers, etc., et al. EXHIBIT FILE, B-74-C-42

White v. Gilman, 72-197-2

Roy L. Stephenson Circuit Court Cases

Box 56

Achtenberg, Joel, 71-1392

Acme Precision v. American Alloys, 72-1560, 1585, 1595

Agrashell v. Hammons Products Co., 71-1538

Agri-Tech v. Richardson, 72-1252

Ahern v. Board of Education of School District of Grand Island, 71-1272

Air Terminal Cab v. United States Airway Taxi Co., 72-1348

Albrecht v. Matthes, et al.

Alexander v. Warren Arkansas School District, 72-1060

Alger v. Hayes, 71-1320

Almond v. Countryside Casualty Co., 71-1605

American National Stores v. NLRB, 72-1090

United States of America v. Ammons, 71-1447

Box 57

Anderson v. Properties, 71-1498

Anderson v. Wolff, 72-1378, 1379

Anheuser-Busch v. Brewers and Malsters Local Union No. 6, 72-1408

Archer, Ronald Earl & Byrnes, James John, 71-1040, 1315

Arkansas Poultry v. Red Barn System, 72-1068

Armour and Co. v. Nard, 71-1433, 1444

United States of America v. Arneson

United States of America v. An Article of Hood (Hunt), 72-1626

Association of Packers v. NLRB, 71-1148

Associated Milk Producers v. Judge Oliver, 72-1763

Augustion Brothers, 71-1506

United States of America v. Azzone, 72-1091

Baker v. Rapport, 71-1056

Bartlett v. United States of America, 72-1668

Bass, Harry C., Selb Manufacturing, 71-1733, 1734

Baughman v. United States of America, 71-1005

Baxter v. Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway, 71-1253

Bazinet, Michael & Knox, George, 71-1411, 1412

Beeson v. Kassos & United States of America, 72-1153

Benson, Earl B., 72-1483

Barnard v. Omaha Hotel, 72-1457

Berry v. Kubes, 72-1691

Box 58

Bishop v. Colaw (see Torvic file), no. 20,588

Bituminous Casualty Corp. v. Aetna Insurance, 71-1599, 1612, 1618

Blackwell v. Baldwin, 72-1223

Blackwell v. Sigler, 71-1133

Bledsoe v. State of Missouri, 72-1277

Brady v. Bristol-Myers, 71-1589

Brenden v. Minnesota State High School League, 72-1287

Briest v. Bureau of Prisons, 71-1674

Brown, Raymond & Liley, Steven Paul, 71-1105

Brown v. Reynolds Aluminum & Kenron Aluminum, 72-1304, 1437

Brown v. Scott, 71-1388

Brown v. United States of America, 71-1441

Brown v. United States of America, 72-1328

United States of America v. Brown, Ronald Eugene, 72-1538

Brune v. Morse, 72-1122

Bryant v. United States of America, 72-1364

Burke v. United States of America, 71-1613

Byrne v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 71-1096

Caldwell v. American National Insurance Co., 71-1457

Cannon v. Sigler, 71-1627

Carbonaro v. United States of America, 72-1179

Box 59

Carter v. Gallagher, 71-1181

Castellano Ceja, 71-1077

Cecil, Robert Elmer, 71-1407

Central Bank & Trust v. First Northwest Bank, 71-1604

Central Merchandise v. NLRB, 72-1069

Cervantes v. Time, 71-1555

Cheslak v. United States of America, 71-1544

Chicago & Northwestern Railroad v. Tyler, 72-1576

Christian v. General Motors, 72-1286

City of Bellevue, Nebraska, 72-1003

City of Owatonna v. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, no. 20,528

Clark v. Board of Education of the Little Rock School District, 72-1406, 1407, 1438

United States of America v. Cohen, 72-1755

Cole, Henry Lee, 72-1218

Collins v. Wolff, 72-1158

Colonial Services, Weber v. Mickelson, 72-1734

Box 60

Conklin v. Gasaway, 71-1693

Continental Grain v. Fegles, 72-1572

Cooley v. Board of Education of the Forest City School District, 71-1312

United States of America v. Cotton Plant School District no. 1 (Woodard), 72-1583, 1615

Crow, Arnold Kills, 71-1127

Cypress Farms v. Employer's Life, 72-1667

Davis v. United States of America, no. 20,502

United States of America v. Davis, Richard Lee, no. 20,619

United States of America v. Dawson, 71-1711

De Aragon v. Chase Manhattan, 71-1129

De Font, Guzman v. United States of America, 71-1124

United States of America v. Demtre, 71-1738

Denny Concrete v. Missouri Portland Cement, 72-1743

Derengowski v. United States Attorney General, 71-1445

Dodson v. Haugh, 72-1314

Doss, Jonnie C., 71-1300

Drake v. Local Board no. 50

Box 61

Dunnuck v. Auto-Owners, 72-1284

United States of America v. Echols, 72-1577

United States of America v. Edwards, no. 20,327

Employees v. Department of Public Health, State of Missouri, no. 20,204

Entrekin, Walter, 71-1288

Esarbe Industries v. Emerson, 72-1323

Essling v. Brubacher, 72-1034

Evans v. Swenson, Warden, 71-1527

Fireman's Fund v. AALCO Wrecking, no. 20,552

Fields v. Swenson, 72-1166

First National Bank v. Dunham, 72-1310, 1311

Fisher v. First National Bank (Burno 72-1135), 72-1507

Fleischhacker v. Selective Service System, 72-1367

Flour City v. Alpana, 71-1161

United States of America v. Folsom, Lloyd, Singer, 72-1607, 1618

United States of America v. Forte, 71-1721

Frazier, 71-1520

Box 62

Fulton v. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, 72-1344, 1376

United States of America v. Marie Fultz, 72-1687

Fussner v. Fruehauf, 72-1435

Gallo v. United States of America, 72-1018

Garrett v. Richardson, 72-1141

Garrett v. Swenson, 71-1559

Gebhard v. United States of America, 72-1436

General Dynamics v. Selb Manufacturing, 72-1318

General Electric v. Overmyer, 71-1215

General Merchantile v. NLRB, 71-1448

Gilliam v. City of Omaha, 71-1697

Glover Livestock v. Harden, Secretary of Agriculture, 71-1092

Glover, Tommy, 72-1224

Goldenstein, & Ray, 71-1294, 1342

United States of America v. Gordon, 71-1584

United States of America v. Gray, 72-1030

Box 63

Green v. McDonnell Douglas, no. 20,596

Greene Co. Medical v. United States of America, 72-1571

Gustafson v. General Motors, 72-1178

Haley, Dale Ray, 72-1766

Hall, Harold V., 72-1575

United States of America v. Halley, George Daniel, 72-1608

United States of America v. Harden, 72-1741

Harnett v. Dr. Ulett, 71-1488

Hartmann v. Scott, 72-1692

United States of America v. Hastings Motor Truck Co., 71-1646

Hazelo v. Mesenbrink, 72-1139

Henderson, John Ingram, 72-1239

Henson, Otis, 71-1084

United States of America v. Herrington, no. 20,269

Higginbotham, Larry, 71-1256

United States of America v. Hill, 72-1118

Hoff, Jay Robert, 72-1085

Hood, Robert Martin, 72-1134

United States of America v. Hornbeck, Jerry Lyman, 72-1547

Howard v. Executive Leasing, 72-1371

Box 64

United States of America v. Huckensteine, 72-1350

Hunter v. Swenson, no. 20,601

Ihrke v. Northern States Power, 71-1504

Iowa State University Research Foundation v. Honeywell, 71-1531

Irons, George Robert, 72-1309

Iverson, Craig Luther, 71-1262

Jackson v. Wheatley School District no. 28, 71-1686

United States of America v. Elbert Jarrett, 72-1639

Jenkins v. United States of America, 72-1279

Jennings v. Davis, 72-1590

Johnson Chemical v. Condado, 71-1237

Johnson v. Grim-Smith Hospital, 71-1311

Johnson, Lynell A., 72-1445

Johnson v. United States of America, 71-1582

United States of America v. Johnson, 72-1057

Jordan, Parker & Parker, 72-1587

Jorgenson v. United States of America, 72-1739

Joseph v. Judge Wangelin, 72-1661

Keeble, Francis, 71-1529

Keeny v. Swenson, 71-1578

Kelley, Paul E., 72-1582

Kemp v. Bradley, 71-1649

Box 65

Kiblay v. United States of America, 72-1346

Stewart, Charles A., 72-1377

Kiliyan, Arman, 71-1355

KLPR-TV v. Visual Electronics Corp., 71-1514

Krall v. Crouch Brothers, 72-1196

Ludvicek v. Crouch Brothers, 72-1211

Kreis v. Mates Investment Fund, 72-1050

Kromarek v. United States of America, 71-1454

Kroncke, Therriault, 71-1176, 1177

Kugler v. AAMCO, 71-1639

United States of America v. Lamont Gatewood Freeman, 72-1486

United States of America v. 124.21 Acres of Land, etc. 71-1466, 1546

Langford v. City of Texarkana, 72-1187

Larive v. United States of America, no. 20,731

In Re Las Colinas, Inc., 71-1266

Las Conlinas, Inc. (In matter of) 71-1047, 1048

Latona, George Vincent, 71-1503

Laundry, Dry Cleaning v. Mahoney, 72-1731

Leasing Association v. Slaughter, 71-1076

Lewis v. Chrysler Motors, 71-1597

Liggins, Bobie Gene, 71-1137

United States of America v. One 1971 Lincoln, 71-1692

Linden v. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy v. Hooldrege Coop., 72-1772

United States of America v. Donald Louis Lines, 71-1439

Box 66

Little Rock and North Little Rock School Cases

Local Union no. 9 v. Radio Thirteen-Eighty, 71-1706, 1677

Local 179 v. Federal Paper Stock, 71-1637

Lowery v. Whitaker Cable Corp., 72-1316

Ludwig v. Marion Laboratories Inc., 71-1689

Luke v. American Family Mutual Insurance, 71-1348

Luke v. American Family Mutual Insurance En Banc, 71-1348, 1374

United States of America v. Lupino, 72-1669, 73-1096

Lykken v. Vavrek, 72-1561, 1652

McAnulty v. United States of America, 72-1275

McBride, Eugene Peter, 72-1188

McConnell v. Anderson, no. 20,583

McDonnell, Robert, 71-1171

Box 67

McDonnell, Robert, 71-1458

McDonnell, Robert Owen, 72-1434

McRae v. Col. Olivier, 71-1638

United States of America v. Sam Frank Mandina, 72-1474

Marshall v. Humble, 71-1467

Marshall v. United States of America, 72-1767

Matha v. Swenson, 71-1095

Martinez, Solomon Steve, 71-1077

Medina, 71-1014

Merchants National Bank v. Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co., 72-1666

Midrose Foods v. Roman, 71-1033

Minnesota Bearing v. White, 72-1070, 1071

Missouri Portland Cement Co. v. Universal Towing, 72-1433, 1462

Mixen v. United States of America, 72-1243

Monsanto v. Port of Saint Louis Investment, 72-1689

Montana-Dakota Utilities v. NLRB, 71-1224

Moody v. United States of America, 72-1235

Moore v. Dr. Ciccone, misc. no. 888

Morales v. United States of America, 71-1013

Morris, James Franklin, 71-1259

Mosley v. Commanding Officer, 72-1720

Moulded Products v. Barry, Trustee, 72-7201

United States of America v. Murphy, 72-1679

Box 68

Murray, Bruce Edward, 71-1179

United States of America v. Myles, 72-1690

Nanfito v. Teaseed Hybrid Co., 72-1241

National Heater v. Corrigan, 72-1705

NLRB v. Griffith Oldsmobile, 71-1100

NLRB v. International Union of Operating Engineers, 73-1098

NLRB v. Imperial Order, 72-1140

NLRB v. International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Ironworkers, Local 10, 72-1636

NLRB v. L.H.C. Inc., 72-1290

NLRB v. Local Union no. 908, 71-1295

NLRB v. Payless Cashways, 72-1401

NLRB v. Penzel, 71-1102

NLRB v. Piggly Wiggly Red River Co., 71-1658

NLRB v. Polytech Inc., 71-1645

NLRB v. Sioux City & New Orleans Barge, 72-1059

NLRB v. Sitton tank, 72-1065

NLRB v. Spotlight, 71-1473

NLRB v. Transport Inc. of South Dakota, no. 20,702

Box 69

United States of America v. National Lead Industries, Inc., 72-1143

Niccum v. Farmers Cooperative Elevator, 71-1391

Norfolk v. Permaneer, 71-1018

Northern Natural Gas v. United States of America, 72-1292, 1293

Oklahoma Morris Plan v. Security Mutual Cas., 71-1097

Omaha Tribe v. Village, 72-1002

OMR Pipe Line v. Gurley Oil Co., 71-1576

Orricer v. Erickson, 71-1516

Otter Tail v. Federal Power, 72-1088

Pan-Am. Match v. Sears, 71-1152

Papish v. Board of Curators, 71-1338

Parish v. Howard, 71-1384

Parks, Ralph, 71-1316

Passwaters v. General Motors Corp., no. 20,072

Patrick v. United States of America, 72-1295

Payne v. Ford Motor, 71-1695

Pauls v. Secretary of Air Force, 71-1044

Penn Central v. General Mills, no. 20,459

Box 70

Peplinski, Clayton Edward, 72-1477

Percy Kills Plenty v. United States of America, 71-1661

Perkins v. State of Iowa, 71-1675

Perry, Joseph Weldon, no. 20,639

Philomene One Feather v. Melvin White Eagle, 72-1706

United States of America v. Pickett, 71-1560

Haghoosh Pirzadian v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, 72-1080

United States of America v. David Conley Poole, 72-1665

Potlatch Forests v. Hays, etc. 71-1456

Potter v. Meier, 72-1168

Prairie v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 72-1606

Prashar v. Volkswagen, 72-1625, 1670

Provancial v. United States of America, 72-1221

Provident Life, etc. v. C.F. Knight Drug Co., 71-1607

Quinn v. United States of America, et al., no. 20,492

United States of America v. Rawlins, no. 20,455

Red Line Trasfer v. NLRB, 71-1743

Redns v. Swenson, 72-1215

Box 71

Reed v. Arlington, 71-1726

Reed v. Board of Education of Parkway School District, 71-1640

Reynolds v. Lockhart, 72-1504

Rhodes v. Sigler, 71-1199

Rice, Tony v. United States of America, 72-1738

United States of America v. Ring Ring, 72-1262

Rizzuto v. Ciccone, 72-1056

Robertson v. Haynes, 71-1713

Robins, Bob, 71-1197

Rogers v. Thomsen, 71-1305

Rotermund v. United States Steel, 72-1405

Rulo, Bankruptcy, v. Rubin, 72-1114

United States of America v. Saint Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, 71-1247

Saint Louis Car v. NLRB, no. 20,450

Santiago v. Urban Renovation, 71-1079

Sappington v. United States of America, 72-1274

United States of America v. Sargis, 72-1107

Savage v. United States of America, 71-1188

Box 72

United States of America v. Savage, 72-1429

Adams Dougherty Livestock Commission Co., 72-1430

Olsen-Frankman Commission Co., 72-1431

Schafer v. United States of America, 72-1249

Schuler Chocolates v. Chicago Northwestern, 72-1236

Schuster, Paul Gardner, 72-1191

United States of America v. Scogin, 71-1687

Scoville v. Missouri Pacific, 71-1129

King v. Missouri Pacific, 71-1130

Scruggs, Carlos Lamont, 71-1116

Chambers, Reginald, 71-1121

Sears v. Solien, no. 20,462, 20,472

Seven-up v. Goodhope, 72-1680

Shelton, Bankruptcy, v. Gasaway, 72-1363

United States of America v. Sheridan, Gerald Robert, 72-1725

United States of America v. Sidles Enterprises, 72-1130

Sieh v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 72-1325

United States of America v. Beverly Sigsworth, 72-1598

S.S. Silberblatt v. Carter Electric, 71-1078

Simon, Wilson, 71-1286

Smith & Co. v. Aetna Casualty Insurance, 72-1422, 1468

United States of America v. Smith, Donald Lee, 71-1592, 71-1642

United States of America v. Smith, Larry, 71-1623

United States of America v. Carter, Marshall, 71-1622

Box 73

United States of America v. Smith, Lawrence E., 72-1728

United States of America v. Smith, Lawrence P., 72-1657

United States of America v. Smith, 71-1600

United States of America v. Sockel, 72-1716

United States of America v. Speakman, 72-1671

Spinks v. General Motors Corp., 71-1336

Collins v. General Motors Corp., 71-1337

United States of America v. Spradlin, 72-1478

State of Nebraska v. Richardson, 72-1247, 1248

Stix, Friedman & Co. v. Coyle, Jr., IRS, 72-1212

Stradley v. Andersen, 72-1698

Straughan, Lester, 71-1189

United States of America v. Sullivan, 71-1543

Taylor v. Swenson, 71-1365

Taylor, Calvin J. v. United States of America, 71-1454

United States of America v. Taylor, no. 20,602

Thomas v. Board of Education of Plum Bayou Tucker School, 71-1436

Taylor v. United States of America, no. 20,529

Thompson v. Midwest Business Forms, 72-1455

Thompson-Hayward, no. 20, 572

Thompson-Hayward Chemical Co., 71-1114

Thunder Horse v. State of South Dakota, 71-1449

Thuring v. Erickson, 72-1489

Toberman Grain v. Coyle, Jr., 71-1250

Torvik v. Decorah Community Schools, 71-1350

Box 74

Trailer Ferry v. Local 901, 71-1043

Trans-American Investments, 71-1203, 1236

Transport Manufacturing v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 72-1508

Travis v. Anthes Imperial Ltd., 71-1587

Tucker v. United States of America, 72-1357

Turley v. Swenson, no. 20,509

TV Signal Co, v. AT&T, 71-1426

Vanderboom v. Sexton, 71-1357, 1376, 1377

Venen v. Swenson, 71-1477

Via v. Seabaugh, 72-1540

Vincent v. R.I. Mosely, Warden, 71-1494

Volkswagen v. Puerto Rico Labor Relations Board, 71-1059

Walle v. Sigler, 71-1427

United States of America v. Walker, Walter James, 72-1296

Watson, Robert Lee, 72-1351

Ward v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 71-1089

Waters v. United States of America, 71-1460

United States of America v. Adrian D. Watson, 72-1713

Webbe Agency v. Commercial Standard Ins. Co., 71-1659

Weigenant v. Weigenant, 72-1737

United States of America v. Welander, James Orville, 72-1645

Wetteroff, Bankruptcy, v. Grand Trustee, 71-1152

Wharton v. United States of America, 72-1642

Wheeler v. United States of America, 71-1155

White v. United States of America, 72-1724

Whitlock v. United States of America, 72-1372

Whitted, Richard D., 71-1200

Box 75

Wicka v. Bush, M.D., et. al., 71-1573

United States of America v. Wiley, Earthia B., 72-1516

Wilkinson v. NLRB, 71-1021

United Steelworkers, 71-1030

Williams v. Farmers & Merchants Inc. Co., 71-1369, 1371

Williams v. Missouri Department of Corrections, 72-1233

Williams v. Rodgers, 71-1249

Williams v. Wolff Jr., 72-1126

United States of America v. Wolk, 71-1678

United States of America v. Woosley, 71-1691

United States of America v. Woosley, no. 20,496

United States of America v. Wright, 71-1628

United States of America v. Young, Berra, 72-1517

Young, Russell, 71-1484

Box 76

Ackerman, Tonia v. Hon. Andrew W. Bogue, 74-1093

Agee, Virgil Dale v. Hickman, Kenneth, 73-1496

Ak-Sar-Ben Pizza Hut V. Nebraska, 73-1028

Alabama Great Southern RR Co. v. Chicago &. Northwestern Ry. Co., 73-1569

United States of America v. Allsup, Walter Louis, 73-1081, 1232

United States of America v. Albrecht, Robert, 73-1814

Alexander, Aleck v. United States of America, 73-1850, 1816

American Beef Packers, Inc. v. United States Department of Agriculture, 73-1275

United States of America v. Amos, Lucien, 73-1819

Bagby, Anna v. Merril Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, 72-1511, 73-1191

Bailey, Howard v. Joe Crain, 73-1684

Becker v. Black &. Veatch Consulting Engineers, 73-1912, 1918

Bell v. Wolff, 73-1898

Bellecourt, Clyde v. Hon. Fred J. Nichol, 73-1585

Bichel Optical v. Marquette Nat'l Bank of Minneapolis, 73-1330

Bilotta, Frank v. Virginia Bilotta, 74-1719, 1443

United States of America v. Bishop, Clifford, 73-1287, 1288, 1300, 1310, 1358, 1705

Bissonette, Pedro v. Hon. Andrew Bogue, 73-1356

Block Industries v. DHJ Industries, 73-1764

Blunt, Paul v. Warden Wolff, 74-1002

Box 77

United States of America v. Boe, Paul, 73-1917

Boll, Herman v. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 73-1860

Bonebrake, Frances v. Cox, 73-1730

Bonner, Horace v. Murry Marks, 74-1080

Booth, William v. Home Insurance Co., 74-1571

Boulware, Billy v. United States of America, 73-1400

United States of America v. Bozada, Joseph, 71-1727

Brennan, Peter v. Engineered Products, Inc., 74-1212

Brennan, Peter v. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, 73-1029

United States of America v. Briddle, Russell, 74-1063

United States of America v. Brierly, Burton & William Burgess, 73-1804, 1805

Bristol-Myers Co. v. Hon. Miles Lord, 73-1284, 1285

Brown, Guy v. Donald Hartness, 73-1392

Brown, Guy v. Harold Swenson, 73-1530

Brown, Ellsworth v. United States of America, 73-1011, 1111

Brown, Roman v. United States of America, 73-1785

Burton, John v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone, 73-1385

Caesar's World v. Spencer Foods, 73-1771

Calhoun, Evan v. D. Ray Hall, 73-1069

Camp, Carter v. Hon. Andrew Rogue, 73-1478 to 1483

Box 78

Campbell, Jerry v. State of Minnesota, 73-1373

Caniff, Judith v. James Groves, 73-1377

Carlson Companies, In.c, v. Sperry & Hutchinson Co., 74-1540

Carrillo, Manuel v. United States of America, 73-1889

United States of America v. Carter, George, 73-1133

United States of America v. Carwell, Robert, 73-1733

CB&Q RR v. Ready Mix Concrete Co., 73-1228

Chase Bag Co. v. Textile Workers of America, 74-1168

United States of America v. City National Bank, 73-1015

United States of America v. Click, Eligh, 73-1651

Coatney, Dorothy v. Robert Berkshire, 73-1741

Colbert, Victor v. Harold Swenson, 73-1632

United States of America v. Collins, Joseph, 73-1712

Committee to save North Dakota v. Rogers Morton, 73-1198

United States of America ex rel. Condon, Tilden v. Don Erickson, 72-1529

United States of America v. Conley, John, 74-1251

Continental Vitamin Corp. v. Hon. Miles Lord, 73-1322

United States of America v. Cooper, Allan and Stanley Holder, 73-1314, 1315

Cooper, Larry v. United States of America, 73-1902

Crenshaw, Willie v. Charles Wolff, 74-1260

Crowe, Percy v. State of South Dakota, 73-1273

Cyrogenic Equipment v. Southern Nitrogen, 73-1436

United States of America v. Dace, Edward and Vernon Schneider, 73-1689, 1763

Davis, Elmer v. United States of America, 73-1038

United States of America v. Davis, Frank, 74-1240

Box 79

Debron Corp. v. National Homes Construction Corp., 73-1504

Diversified Brokers, Bankrupt. United States of America v. John A. Nooney, 73-1264

Doe, Jane and Sally Roe v. Richard Turner, Attorney General, 73-1610

Dove, William v. Dale Bumpers, 73-1756

Duba, Edwin v. Don McIntyre, 73-1724

United States of America v. Edwards, Homer 73-1564

EEOC(Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) v. Western Publishing Co., 73-1894

Egan, Earl v. Ken Sandwick, 73-1376

Ellingburg, James v. Terrell Don Hutto, 74-1202

Ellingburg, James v. Johnny King, 73-1357

Endres, Robert v. Harold Swenson, 73-1043

Entrekin, Walter, Jr. v. United States of America, 74-1574, 1575, 1576

Environmental Defense Fund v. Arkansas Game & Fish Comm. 72-1427

Essex, Syntha v. Richard, Vinal, 73-1709, 1710, 1711

Evens, Johnson v. Theodore Janing, 73-1156

Fairway Center Corp, v. U.I.P. Corp., 73-1773

Feather, John Lee v. Don Erickson, 73-1453-9, 1541, 2, 3

Box 80

Fehrs Finance Co. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue , 72-1638, 73-1068

United States of America v. Finnigan, Fred, 74-1465

Fitzgerald, Edward v. Robert DiGrazia, 73-1118

Fort Smith Outerwear v. NLRB, 73-1587

United States of America v. Fowler, Pruitt, 73-1303

Frazier, Francis v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1422

United States of America v. Friedman, Melvin, 74-1224, 1225, 1226,1227

United States of America v. Gallington, Roy and Wilbur Streeter, 73-1351

United States of America v. Gant, Ransom, 74-1453

Gardner, Dorothy v. Richard Meyers and Bill Anderson, 73-1323

United States of America v. Garneaux, Hobart, 74-1444

Garton, Charles v. Harold Swenson, 74-1041

Gilbertson, Edwin v. Tryco Manufacturing Co., 73-1615

Glasspoole, David v. Howard Albertson, 73-1881

Graves, Ferinand v. George Romney, 73-1897, 74-1145

United States of America v. Green, Paul, 74-1036

Guillard, Gary v. Niagara Machine & Tool Works v. Gage Tool, 73-1294

Hadley Adhesive v. NLRB, 73-1387

United States of America v. Haley, Samuel, 73-1870

United States of America v. Hall, Henry, 74-1393

Halvorsen, Arvid v. Dennis Dunlap and Frank Parker, 73-1123

Box 81

Hernon, Frederick v. Revere Copper & Brass, Inc., 73-1603

Hill, David v. Hon. Andrew Bogue, 74-1010

Hoppe, John v. Midwest Conveyor, 73-1105

United States of America v. Horton, Frank, 73-1629

Houser, Frank v. United States of America, 74-1359

United States of America v. Howard, Mike, 74-1185

Hampton, Anna v. Edward Karfeld, 74-1398

Harkins, Gary v. Gary Eldredge, 74-1561

Harris, Richard v. United States of America, 73-1852

Hartford Accident and Indemnity v. Krekeler, Norbert, 73-1523

Hedges, Edward v. State Farm Fire and Casualty, 73-1149

Heisman, Daniel v. United States cf America, 74-1253

Hektner, Norman v. James Becker, 74-1136

United States of America v. Hutchinson, Suzanne and Gordon Ennis, 73-1159, 1179

Indian Lookout Alliance v. John Volpe, 72-1620

International Industries v. Robert Helfenbein, 73-1574

International Union v. White Motor Corp., 74-1379

Box 82

Investor's Thrift Corp. v. Sam Sexton, Jr., 73-1117, 1141, 1165

United States of America v. Irby, Kenneth, 72-1711

Irby, Sammy v. State of Missouri, 73-4195

Izaak Walton League v. George St. Clair, 73-1407, 1408, 1409

United States of America v. Jackson, Henry, 74-1045

Jaynes, Mary v. First Federal Savings & Loan, 73-1465

United States of America v. Johnson, John, 74-1077

United States of America v. Johnson, Kenneth and Derrick Goodman, 74-1488, 1489

United States of America v. Jones, Chauncey, 73-1194

United States of America v. Jones, Clifford, 73-1174

Jones, Lewis v. Tarry Flewelling, 73-1229

Jorden, Ethel v. Metropolitan Utilities District, 74-1035

United States of America v. June, Glenn, 74-1470

Kiliyan, Arman, Jr., v. United States of America, 74-1426

United States of America v. Kirk, JoAnn, 73-1529

Knecht, Cary v. James Gillman, 73-1374

Kolls, James v. Aetna Casualty, 74-1195

Box 83

Kramer, J.B. Grocery v. Glens Falls Insurance Co., 73-1853

United States of America v. Krumwiede, John, 73-1909

Kuehn, Merrill v. Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance, 73-1735

La Maur, Inc. v. Alberto-Culver, 73-1713

Lee, H. Clifford v. Herschel Arrowood, 73-1378

United States of America v. Lee, John, 74-1029

Leisure Dynamics v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 73-1437

Lewis, Albert v. Charles Wolff, 73-1899

Lewis, Raymond v. United States of America, 73-1828

Little Audrey's Transportation Co. v. United States of America, 74-1296

United States of America v. Lupino, Rocco S., 74-1339, 1340

McClure, Marvin v. United States of America, 73-1341

United States of America v. McDaniel, Gary, 73-1051, 1052, 1053

McDonald, Dennis v. State of Arkansas, 74-1038

McDonnell, Robert v. Charles Wolff, 72-1331, 1332

McFadden, Joseph v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone, 74-1245

United States of America v. McGrady, Dale, 74-1133

United States of America v. McGraw, Harold, 74-1346

McIndoo, Wesley v. Harold Burnett, 73-1875

McQueen, Roger v. Harold Swenson, 73-1278

Marigold Foods v. Earl Butz, 73-1311

United States of America v. Marihart, James, 72-1258

United States of America V. Marihart, Guerra, and Kinsley, 73-1326, 1327, 1370

Box 84

United States of America v. Mirabile, Jasper, 74-1367

Missouri Portland Cement v. Hon. Elmo Hunter, 73-1218

Moore, Bernie v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1360

Moore, Edwin Charles Wolff, 73-1774

Moore, James v. Harold Swenson, 73-1597

Morning Pioneer v. Bismarck Tribune Co., 73-1036, 1049, 1067

United States of America v. Moseley, John, 73-1903

Mosley, Nathaniel v. General Motors Corp., 73-1884

Moss, Raymond v. Charles Wolff, Jr., 74-1517

United States of America v. Mostad, Howard, 73-1208

Naraine, Marnick v. Western Electric Co., 74-1498

National Chiropractic Ins. Co. v. United States of America, 73-1781 (includes tape cassette of Judge Stephenson dictating the opinion)

Mastrian, Norman v. Hon. Edward Devitt, 74-8162

Mattice, Wallie v. Lewis Messer, 73-1772

Mattingly, James v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1477

United States of America v. Hon. James Meredith, 72-1544

Milliman, Lawrence v. John B. Friedrich, 73-1114

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group v. Consolidated Papers, 73-1242, 1280, 1281

Box 85

National Railroad Passenger Corp. v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co., 74-1203

Newland, Carl v. United States of America, 72-1685, 1759, 1024

NLRB v. Farmers LP Gas, 74-1061

NLRB v. Northwest Drayage Co., 73-1205

NLRB v. Quick Shop Markets, 73-1699

NLRB v. Vega Industries, 74-1150

Noorlander, Walter v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 73-1411

North Hills Bank, v. Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System, 74-1267

Novak, Andrew, Jr., v. Harold Swenson, Warden, 73-1335

Nyberg, George v. City of Virginia, 73-1686

O'Bryan, W.H. Pat v. Stephen Chandler, 73-1466

United States of America v. Oliver, Joseph, 73-1283

United States of America v. Olsen, Jeffrey, 73-1193

Ozark Air Lines v. Air Line Pilots Association, 73-1417

United States of America v. Ozark Air Lines, 74-1317

Ozark Milling v. Allied Mills, 72-1751, 73-1048

Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co. v. Federal Power Commission, no. 12,466

Box 86

United States of America v. Pollard, Joseph, 73-1006

United States of America v. Post, William, 73-1887

Powell & Satterfield v. Seaboard Surety Co., 73-1082

Presta, Alex v. United States of America, 73-1040

Profitt, Wilbert v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1161, 1249

Prostrollo, Gail v. University cf South Dakota, 74-1184

Radford, Michael v. United States of America, 74-1204

Rapp, Harold v. Charles Wolff, Jr., 73-1708

United States of America v. Parker, William, 73-1138

Parrott, Charles v. State of Arkansas, 73-1836

United States of America v. Pederson, Duane, 73-1701

United States of America v. Peep, Dana, 73-1293

Peterson, Gerald v. State of Missouri, 74-1454, 1473, 1474

Peterson, Gerald v. United States of America, 73-1905

United States of America v. Pitts, Eugene, 74-1142

Poitra, Mary v. Donald de Marrias, 74-1025

Ratnayake, Angela v. Anita Mack, 73-1865

Red Line Transfer v. NLRB, 73-1451

Box 87

United States of America v. Regan, John, etc. 74-1559

Remmers, Michael v. Lou Brewer, Warden, 73-1518, 1599

Reynolds, Roy v. A.L. Lockhart, 74-1157

Richard, Mary v. McDonnell-Douglas Corp., 72-1164

United States of America v. Richardson, Jake, 74-1159

United States of America v. Ringland, George, D.O., 73-1924

River Valley Inc. v. United States of America; United States of America v. Hon. Edward J. McManus, 74-1500, 1588

Roach, J.T. v. Bob Sears, etc. 74-1602

United States of America v. Roberts, John, 74-1485

United States of America v. Roell, Steven, 73-1331

United States of America v. Rosebear, Robert, 73-1616

Rucker, Guy v. La-Co., Inc., 73-1793, 1794, 1832, 1891

Saal, George v. Clarence Mielke, 73-1620

Sanden, Lorraine v. Mayo Clinic, 73-1575

United States of America v. Schaefer, Eugene, et al., 73-1506, 1526, 1538, 1577, 1578, 1611, 1617

Schantz, James v. Ada White Lightning, 74-1026

Schumacher, John v. Lowell Schmidt, 73-1206

United States of America v. Scott, DeLancy, 74-1338

Shamburger, Frank v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 74-1413, 1414, 1415

Shrout, Clayton v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 73-1517

Box 88

United States of America v. Sierbinski, Randazza, Bohn, and Kleve, 73-1182, 1183, 1271, 1299

Sikes, James V. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 73-1633

United States of America v. Simone, Thomas, 73-1839

Smallwood, Donald P. v. United States of America, 74-1371

Smith, Forrest v. Hon. Elmo B. Hunter, Misc. 74-8158

Smith, Wardell v. Charles Wolff, Warden, 74-1030

Snodgrass, Constance v. Wayne Nelson, 74-1138

United States of America v. Stabler, Raymond, 73-1261

State Highway Commission v. John Volpe, 72-1512

Stone, Theodore, James Miller, Milo Miller v. United States of America, 74-1383, 1384, 1385

United States of America v. Strada, Ross, 74-1323

Strickland, Peggy v. S.L. Inlow, 72-1774

United States of America v. Sturgeon, Dr. Thomas, 73-1719

Tapley, Margie v. Lockwood Green Engineers, Inc., 74-1514

United States of America v. Taylor, Donald, 74-1495

Taylor, Ora Lee v. United States of America, 74-1624

Telex Corp. v. Hon. Philip Neville, 73-1263

Terry, Virgil v. Jerry Campbell, 74-1126

Box 89

Thomas, Joseph v. United States of America, 73-1883

United States of America v. Thompson, Alfred, 73-1412

Thunder, Arthur Guy Eagle v. United States of America, 73-1087

Tollett, Ray v. United States of America, 72-1498

Triplett, Leahmon v. Al Lark, Warden, 73-1452

Tri-State Motor Transit Co. v. National City Lines, 73-1867

Tri-State Motor Transit Co. v. United States of America, 73-1308

United Steelworkers v. General Steel Industries, 73-1675

United States of America v. Untiedt, Leslie, 73-1742

Van Wie, Perry v. Earl Butz, 73-1355

United States of America v. Vaughn, Willie, 73-1255

Vestal, Jack v. United States of America; John Daniel v. United States of America, 73-1588, 1589

Vincent, Nathaniel v. Hon. James Meredith, 73-1467

United States of America v. Walker, Joseph, 73-1491

United States of America v. Walker, Leroy, 73-1563

Wallace, Blanche and Paul v. Dorothy Dixon, 73-1762

Wallace, Blanche and Paul v. Secretary of HEW Casper Weinberger, 73-1055, 1319

Wallace, Paul v. Secretary of HEW Casper Weinberger, 73-1055

Wallace, Blanche and Paul v. Schulimson, Bert, 73-1319

Wal-Lite Division of U.S. Gypsum Co. v. NLRB, 72-1773

United States of America v. Weber, Lawrence, 73-1089

Wellman, Roberta v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., 73-1778

Wellner, Gary v. Minnesota State Junior College Board, 73-1131

Whited, Robert v. Charles Wolff, Jr., 74-1318

United States of America v. Whiteley, Louis, 73-1134

Whitlock, Lee v. Judge Hunter, Misc. 74-8154

Whitney, Charles and Edward Watson v. United States of America, 74-1239

Wieman Slechta Co. v. Pascoe Steel Corp., 73-1204

Wilwording, Alan v. Harold Swenson, Warden, 74-1071

Box 90

Wilkins, Gordon v. Don Erickson, Warden, 73-1260

Williams, D.C. v. The Matthews Co., 73-1765

United States of America v. Williams, Evan, 74-1372

United States of America v. Williams, Harry, 73-1076

Williams, Horace v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1320

Willis, Leslie v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 71-1294

United States of America v. Wilson, Billy and Larry Mead, 73-1716, 1748

Wilson, Robert v. Milk Drivers and Dairy Employees Union, 73-1690

Winston, Harry v. Traveler's Indemnity Co., 73-1895

Word, Parker M.C. v. John Poelker, Mayor, 73-1739

Wyatt, Donald v. Norman Carlson, etc. 73-1462

United States of America v. York, Thomas, 73-1854

United States of America v. Agrusa, Salvatore, 75-1196

Allen Homes, Inc. v. Jack Weersing, 74-1325, 1353

United States of America v. American Theater, 75-1143

Anderson, Gary v. Sixth Judicial District Court, etc. 75-1178

Astleford, M.G. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 74-1798

Austin, Wesley v. Harold Swenson, Warden, 75-1362

United States of America v. Baker, Jim, 75-1552

Barrera, Anna v. Hubert Wheeler, 72-1440

Augustin, Orville v. Rafig Ahmed Mughal, 75-1300

United States of America v. Baumgarten, Martin, Gould & Stanley, 74-1493, 1494, 1507

Box 91

Bennett, Odell v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1256, 1328

United States of America v. Berkeley School District, Kinloch School District, Ferguson Reorganized School District, 75-1051, 1064, 1073, 1434

United States of America v. Big Crow, Seth Henry, 75-1164

Bird Bear, Iris v. McLean County, 74-1641

Blackwell, Seth Sr. v. Robert Parratt, Warden, 75-1502, 1514

Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska v. A. Neil Dawes, etc. 75-1126

Bonner, Horace, Jr., v. Circuit Court of City of St. Louis, 75-1056

Bostwick, In Matter of Harry Stanley, Bankrupts v. United States of America, 74-1970, 1971

Brager, Roger v. United States of America, 75-1053

Brennan, Peter, etc., v. Occupaticnal Safety and Health Review Commission, 74-1643

Brennan, Peter, etc., v. Pratzel Bakery Co., 74-1504

Binker, Vernon v. Casper Weinberger, 75-1130

United States of America v. Brinkley, Sherrill, 73-1444, 1445

Brock, Bonnie v. Bunton, Jack, 74-1644

Brown, Donald v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 74-1989

Bruce, Dr. Helen v. R. Elliott Scearce, 75-1225

United States of America v. Burnett, Joseph, 75-1325

Burns, Dr. Robert v. Dr. Robert Decker, 75-1150

Box 92

Cage, William v. Calvin Auger, Warden, 74-1885

Callegari, Adalberto v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1503

United States of America v. Calvert, Ronald, 74-1716

United States of America v. Campbell, Betty, 75-1280, 1321

Cargill, Inc. v. Frank Weston, 74-1995

United States of America v. Carter, Edgar, 75-1273

Carter, Joe Bill v. State Farm Insurance Co., 74-1748

United States of America v. Carter, Lee, 75-1211

Cessna Aircraft, In Re Distributorship Antitrust; Cessna v. White, 74-1563

United States of America v. Chappell Livestock Auction, Inc. 74-1618

City of Omaha, Nebraska v. Carver-Greenfield Corp., 74-1951

Clark, Floyd v. A.L. Lockhart, Superintendent, 74-1692

Clem, Leonard v. A.L. Lockhart, Superintendent, 75-1610

Cline, Joan v. Sheriff Hoogland, 74-1864

Connor, John v. Terrell Hutto 74-1570

Crismon, James v. United States of America, 74-1332

Cunha, Louis V. Lou Brewer, Warden, 74-1521

Un ted States of America v. Decoteau, Stanley 74-1825

United States of America v. DiGirlmo, Dominick 75-1286

Diversified Brokerage Services v. Greater Des Moines Board of Realtors, 74-1632

Box 93

Dodge Motor Trucks, Inc. v. First National Bank of Omaha, 74-1858, 1859

Donaldson, Charles v. Donald Wyrick, 74-1820

Douglas, Ada v. Robert Cronin & Steak and Shake, Inc., 74-1809, 1810

Dunlop, John v. Haybuster Mfg. Co. & OSHRC, 75-1086

Eaton, Ellis, Jr., v. Leslie Dyer, 75-8112

Economic Development Corp. v. Model Cites Agency, 74-1976

Eimer, Kenneth v. Texaco, Inc., 74-1654

Ellingburg, James v. A.L. Lockhart, 75-1559

Evans, Huber, Jr., v. Household Finance Corp., 75-1084

Evans, Minnie v. Elbert Page, Jr., 74-1509

First National Bank v. Board of. Governors of Federal Reserve System; Mark Twain Bancshares, Inc., Intervenors, 74-1312

United States of America v. Flum, Thomas, 74-1288

Ford Motor Credit Co. v. Miles Klosterman, 74-1697

Forester, Eugene v. California Adult Authority, 74-1802

Gelderman & Co. v. Lane Processing, Inc., 75-1145

General Drivers and Helpers Union v. NLRB. Young and Hay Transportation Co., Intervenor, 75-1101

General Drivers and Helpers Union v. Young and Hay Transportation Co., 74-1910

Gerrard, James v. William Larsen, 74-1623

Gilliam, Gwynn v. City of Omaha, 75-1179

Glup, Dale v. United States of America, 75-1215

United States of America v. Goings, 75-1057

Goodin, Georgia v. Secretary of HEW, 74-1712

Goodrich, John v. Supreme Court of South Dakota, 74-1182

Grand Jury Proceedings, Universal Manufacturing Co. v. Norman Wilner, 74-1844, 1853

United States of America v. Green, Julian, 75-1390

Greenhill, Bernard v. Ray Bailey, 74-1630

Guzman, Richard and Mary Ann v. Western State Bank, 74-1740

Box 94

Harley, Bulah (Oliver) v. Thomas Oliver, 75-1194

United States of America v. Harris, Major Ellis and Henry, 75-1368, 1369

Harris, Myron v. American Investment Co., 74-1573

Hanson, Frances v. University of Arkansas, 74-1943

Hildebrand, Ronnell v. Firemen's Retirement System, 75-1296

Hill, Leslie v. A.L. Lockhart, Superintendent, 74-1649

Hinson, John v. United States of America, 74-1471

Hodgson, Jane, M.D. v. William Randall, 74-1569

Home Indemnity Co. v. Carboline Co., 75-1054

Hulstine, Howard v. Judge Moss, 74-1438, 1523

Independent Meat Packers Assoc. v. Earl Butz, 75-1244

Independent Meat Packers Assoc. v. Earl. Butz, Sec. of Ag., 75-1486, 1541

International House of Pancakes Franchise Litigation (Grunin v. International House of
Pancakes), 74-1066, 1194, 1271, 1282

Investors Thrift Corp. v. Joe Hunt, 74-1544

United States of America v. Ivers, Jon, 74-1916

Jackson, Samuel v. Roger McLemore, 75-1228

Box 95

United States of America v. Jarboe, William, 74-1557

Jarvis, James and Johanna v. Montgomery Ward & Co., 75-1558

Johnson, Artis v. U.S. District Court, Misc. 75-8090

Jordan, Robert. v. United States of America, 75-1010

United States of America v. Justus, Richard, 74-1726

Karlen, Merrill v. Butler Manufacturing Co., 74-1941

Kelley, Robert v. Harold Swenson, Warden, 74-1394

United States of America v. Kelly, Robert, 75-1121

Kelly, Warner and Samuel Parras v. Warden Brewer, 75-1523

Kennedy, Edward v. Robert Parratt, Warden, 75-1651

United States of America v. Kills Crow, Whitney Paul, 75-1567

Kleinheider, William v. Phillips Pipe Line Co., 75-1206

Kloewer, Mary Ann v. Burlington Northern, 74-1399

Knott, William and Marvin Wamsganz v. Missouri Pacific RR, 75-1285, 1317

Koppinger, Lynette v. Cullen-Schlitz, 73-1873, 1031, 1146

Levitt, Ellis v. United States of America, 74-1572, 1582

Loken, Gerald v. U.S. Board of Parole, 75-1371

Lowry, Robert v. Black Hills Agency, Inc., 74-1299

United States of America v. Ludwig, Ronald & Thomas Colonna, 75-1335, 1358

Lyons, Martha v. Board of Education of Charleston, 75-1025

MacDonald Construction Co., In Matter of Hydromechaniki v. MacDonald Construction Co., 74-1722

Magna Visual v. NLRB, 74-1705

United States of America v. Martin, James, 74-1674, 1675

Martin, Ronald. v. William Saxbee, 75-1311

Mason, Dennis v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1814

Mears, John v. Olin, A Corporation, 74-1565

Meyer, Wilbert v. Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific RR Co., 74-1667

Box 96

Middlewest Motor Freight Bureau v. United States of America, 75-1701

Miller, Clyde v. United States of America, 75-1329

Miller, Lila v. Pulaski County Special School District, 74-1526, 1586

United States of America v. Missouri, State of, 75-1434

United States of America v. Moody, Jonas, 74-1923

Moses, Betty v. Falstaff Brewing Corp., 75-1407

Motor Carriers Council of St. Louis v. Local Union No. 600, 74-1869

Mumbower, Loraine v. H.R. Callicott, 75-1378

United States of America v. Murray, Herbert, 75-1169

National Renderers Assoc. v. Environmental Protection Agency, 74-1182

Nebraska, State of v. John Salanitro, 75-1755

United States of America v. Neff, Herbert, 75-1451

United States of America v. Neighbors, James, 74-1616

Nevilles, Maudra v. Equal Employment Opportunity Comm., 74-1733

NLRB v. Broyhill Co., 74-1519

NLRB v. Graneto-Datsun, 75-1268

Ogden, Gary v. Charles Wolff, Warden; Atkinson, Danny v. Wolff, 75-1042, 1083

United States of America v. Oliver, Joseph, 75-1170

Olson, Melba v. Rembrandt Printing Co., 74-1407

Otten, Daniel v. Stonewall Insurance Co., 74-1497

Box 97

Parkview-Gem, Inc., In the Matter of. Columbus Community Guild v. Parkview-Gem, 74-1368

Peterson, Gerald v. Larry Fink, 74-1480

United States of America v. Phillips, Carl, 75-1044

Pierson, Melvin v. Orval Turner, 75-1212

Pitts, Charles v. Captain L.T. Griffin, 75-1115

United States of America v. Pohlman, C.M., 74-1759

United States of America v. Powell, Jack, 74-1922

Preferred Risk Mutual Ins. Co. v. M. Sidney Hedeen & Farmers Insurance Exchange, 74-1479

Proffitt, Wilbert v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, 74-1732

United States of America v. PS Hotel Corp., 75-1342

United States of America v. Pugh, Cecil, 74-1615

Ragar, Thurman v. J.T. Raney & Sons, 75-1175

Reed, Ronald v. Charles Wolff, Jr., Warden, 74-1768

Renaudin, Daniel v. Immigration & Naturalization Service, 75-1245

Retail Enterprises, Inc., In Matter of Jantzen, Inc. v. Retail Enterprises, Inc., 74-1926

Rice, David v. Charles Wolff, Jr., Warden, 74-1682

United States of America v. Riddick, William, 75-1060

Robinson, Loniel v. Terrell Hutto, 75-1323

Roswil, Inc. v. Retail Store Employees Union, 74-1895, 1896

United States of America v. Rowell, Howard, 74-1731

Sappington, Daniel v. United States of America, 75-1149

Sappington, Daniel v. United States of America, 75-1195

United States of America v. Sappington, Daniel, 75-1678

Box 98

Scott, Delancy v. United States of America, 75-1099

Scott, Vincent v. Chief of Police Choat, 74-1800

Sherrill, North Platte v. Royal Industries, Inc., 75-1038

Sherwood Medical Industries Inc. v. Deknatel, Inc., 74-1693

Smith, Charles v. Arthur Link, 74-1767

United States of America v. Smith, Lee, 74-1978

Smith, Richard v. Warden Putnam, 75-1399

Smith, Russell v. David Petersen, 75-1340

Spencer, James v. State of Arkansas, 74-1662

United States of America v. Stanley, Rollen, 74-1880

State of Minnesota v. U.S. Environmental Protection, 73-1446

Summers, Sara v. United States of America, 74-1672

Swanson, W. Clarke, Jr., v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 74-1594, 1595, 1596, 1777, 1778, 1779

Tesar, Frank v. Town of Crete, Nebraska, 75-1527

Thompson, T. Eugene v. Warden McManus, 74-1568

Thompson, James v. Director, Bureau of Prisons, 74-1905

Tiedeman, Alvina v. Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific R.R., 74-1538

Timmerman, Emil & Kenneth Marks v. Caspar Weinberger, 74-1434, 1435

Tollett, Ray v. Jim Harrison, 75-1078

Trans World Airlines v. International Assoc. of Machinists & Aero Space Workers, 74-1663

United States Steel Corp. v. Hon. Miles Lord, 75-1609

Box 99

United States of America v. Valenzuela, Manuel, 74-1668

Van Meter, Fay Monroe v. Riley, Roland, 75-1509

Vincent, Willie v. United States of America, 74-1738

United States of America v. Washington, Eddie, 71-1566

United States of America v. Webster, Carl, 75-1341

United States of America and Western Electric Co. v. Byron Dorgan, 75-1090

Western Land Corp. v. Crawford-Merz Co., 75-1161

White, Hubert v. Terrell Don Hutto, 75-1463

United States of America v. White, William, 75-1436

Wilbron, Tommy Lee v. Terrell Don Hutto 74-1866

Wilburn, Joan Evans v. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., 74-1771

Wiley, Earthia v. L. Daggett, Warden, 74-1656, 1657, 1658

Williams, George v. Warden L.R. Putnam, 74-1991

Williams, Preston v. United States of America, 75-1319

United States of America v. Williams, Rick, 74-1579

United States of America v. Wilson, Jerry Lee, 75-1247

United States of America v. Wilson, Thomas, 75-1166

United States of America v. Winer, Billy Joe, 75-1210

Wounded Head, Garrett v. Tribal Council, Oglala Sioux, 74-1472

United States of America v. Wrigley, William, 75-1235

Wulff, George, Jr., M.D. v. Thomas Singleton, 74-1484

Reserve Mining Case, 1976 Opinion-Final Draft (3/10/75), 73-1239

Box 100

Reserve Mining Case, 1976, Briefs

Reserve Mining Co. v. United States of America (En Banc) January -- December 1974, 73-1239, 1291, 1466, 1816

Box 101

Reserve Mining Case, 1976 Supplemental File, February 1974 -- April 1975, 73-1239, 1291, 1466, 1816

Box 102

Reserve Mining Case, 1976 Supplemental File, May 1975 -- January 1977, 73-1239, 1291, 1466, 1816

1981 Addition Circuit Court Cases (1976 -- 1978)

Box 103

U.S. v. Abrahamson, Charles B., 77-1643

U.S. v. Abramson, Maxie; U. S. v. Bonfiglio; U.S. v. Cappellano, 76-1583, 1588, 1589

U.S. v. Adcock, Homer R., 76-2056

Admiral Theatre Corp., et al. v. The Douglas Theatre Co., et al., 77-1839

U.S. v. Ahrens, Edward J., 75-1411

Ahrens, Fred, et al. v. Sheriff Thomas J. Thomas, et al., 77-1539, 1541

Alcala, Linda, etc., v. Kevin J. Burns, etc. 76-1357, 1479

U.S. v. Allen, Earl, Jr., 76-1806

U.S. v. Allen, Thomas Bruce, etc. 77-1891

Alsobrook, W.R., et al. v. U.S. 77-1388

Amalgamated Transit Union, Div. 1287 v. Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, 78-1255

Amana Society, et al. v. Gemeinde Brau, Inc. et al., 76-1874, 1902, 1993

In the Matter of American Beef Packers - Northwestern Nat'l. Bank v. American Beef Packers, 76-1312

Ames Crane & Rental Service v. John T. Dunlop, etc. 75-1591

Andrews, Weston B. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 77-1079

Appelwick, James E., M.D. v. Martin R. Hoffman, etc., et al. 76-1564

Box 104

Aristo Foods, Inc. v. Internal Revenue Service, 77-1931

Arkansas Community Org. for Reform Now, et al. v. William T. Coleman, Jr., etc., Maurice Smith, et al. 75-1681, 1777

Arkoosh, Fred G., Sr. v. Dean Witter & Co., etc. 77-1743

U. S. v. Arnold, John Wesley, 76-1522

Ashley, James G., Jr., et al. v. Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, 75-1743

U.S. et al. Associated Reserve Standby Pool Cooperative, 75-1452

Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railway Co. v. M. E. Belt, et al., 76-1527

Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Ry. Co., et al. v. U.S., 76-1198

U.S. v . Atkins, Sylyester, 76-1719

U.S. v. Bad Cob, Rede Thomas, 76-1887

State ex rel. Bailey v. Shepard, et al., 78-1392

Baker, George C., Master Sergeant v. Maj. Gen. John G. Waggener, et al., 75-1883

Baker, Lawrence D. v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, 76-1696

Balcor Realty Investors, Ltd. v. H.-H. Hotels, Inc., et al., 77-1422

Baldwin, Roosevelt v. Donald Wyrick, et al., 78-1340

U.S. v. Ballard, Jack, 75-1682

U.S. v. Ballard, Jack, 77-1617

Bangert, Rosemary, et al. v. Boise Cascade Corp., 75-1348

Bankers Life v. U.S., 76-1787, 1840

Bankers Trust Co. v. Dean Witter & Co., Inc., 76-1223, 1244

Box 105

Banks, Susan H. v. Heun-Norwood Div. of Mogul Corp., 77-1278

U.S. v. Barbour, Tom, 76-2102

U. S. v. Barket, Alexander J.; Barket v. Judge Oliver, et al., 75-1568, 1569

Barnwell & Hays, Inc. Glen T. Sloan, 77-1016

Barrera, Anna, etc. et al. v. Hubert Wheeler, et al., 75-1667

U. S. v. Baykowski, Paul, Jr., 78-1274

U. S. v. Bear Killer, Ralph Charles, 75-1814

U. S. v. Bebee, Jesse Lee, 75-1801

Bednar, Carolyn, etc., v. Nebraska School Activities Ass'n, et al., 75-1773

Belle, Raymond Leon v. U. S., 76-1232

Benning, Earl D., aka Kareem Dawud Farrakhan v. Taulborg Brothers Builders, 78-1363

Bernhardt, Bobby J. v. Donald C. Alexander, etc. 76-1983

U.S. v. Berzinski, Richard Edward, 75-1480

U.S. v. Bierey, Robert, 78-1271

Billings, Larry K. v. Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Co., 77-1711

U.S. v. Black Elk, Luke, 78-1234

Blankenship, Gary L. v. Robert Parratt, Warden, 76-2067

Boyd, Herod Louis v. James Mabry, etc. et al., 78-1050

Boyle, Mamie E. v. Melvin Simon, et al., 76-2084

U. S. v. Bracey, Larry Gene, 75-1803

Brent, David v. American Basketball Ass'n., 75-1954

Brewer, David Lee v. Warden Charles Wolff, Jr., 75-1294

U. S. v. Brinkley, Sherrill Gary, 78-1224

Brom Machine & Foundry Co. v. N.L.R.B., 77-1506

Brouwer, Peter W., et al. v. Dale M. Brink, et al., 77-1922

Brown, Barbara Jean v. Robert Bathke, et al., 78-1186

Box 106

U. S. v. Brown, Carl E., 76-2017

U. S. v. Brown, Hubert W., 75-1863

Brown, Melvin George v. Robert F. Parratt, Warden, 75-1810

Brown, Monroe v. Robert Parratt, Warden, 76-1861

Brown, Theodore v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone, etc. 77-1897

U. S. v. Brunk, Pat, etc. 78-1459

Bruno, Frank Angelo v. U. S., 76-1420

Buckeye Cellulose Corp. v. Braggs Electric Const. Co., 77-1555

Buffalo Bituminous, Inc. v. N.L.R.B., 77-1001

U. S. v. Bullock, Billy Paul, et al., 78-1250

U. S. v. Bunn, Michael Louis, 76-1087

Burlington Northern, Inc. v. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, 75-1943, 76-1098

Burlington Northern, Inc., et al. v. U.S., et al., 76-1871

Burlington Northern, Inc., et al. v. U.S., et al. (2 folders)., 76-1899

Box 107

Burrus, C. D., et al., etc., v. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, et al., 77-1883

U. S. v. Cady, George W., 77-1460

Caldwell, Donald v. State of Minnesota, 76-1082

Caleshu, George v. U. S., 77-1508

U. S. v. Campbell, Stanley C., 78-1150

Capitol City Telephone Co. v. Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, et al., 77-1990

Caplaco One, Inc., et al. v. Amerex Corp., 77-1792

U. S. v. Cardarella, Anthony, 77-1551, 78-1465

Cariddi, James G. v. Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, et al., 77-1546

U. S. v. Carlson, Donald Laverne & Gary Clarend Hofstad, 76-1363

Carpenter v. State of South Dakota, 75-1939

Carr Central Neighborhood Corp., et al. v. U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, 77-1003

Carroll, John v. Texaco, Inc., et al., 76-1159

U.S. v. Cartano, John Guy, 75-1834

U.S. v. Casper, Land, White Bear, Red Feather, Bill, 76-1031, 1032, 1181, 1182, 1203

Box 108

Cass County and Hubbard County, etc., v U.S., 77-1523

Catches, Dale Francis v. U.S., 78-1174

Cedeck, Virginia v. Hamiltonian Fed. Savings & Loan, 76-1541

Central Arkansas Sale, Inc. v. Bob Bergland, et al. (2 folders), 77-1452

Central Bank of Clayton v. Clayton Bank, et al., 76-1425

Central Milk Producers Coop., et al. v. Sentry Food Stores, Inc., 77-1633

Central States, Southeast & Southwest Areas Pension Fund v. Cole-Dixie Highway Co., 77-1566

U. S. v. Chaffen, Barry, 78-1230

Chambers, Freddy v. Donald Wyrich, Warden 76-1654

Chambers, Larry v. Doris Lee, et al., 78-1451

Chermack, Wayne R. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 77-1581

Chrisco, Delmar E. v. Warden Wilkinson, 78-1015

Churchill Truck Lines, et al., etc. 75-1510

Cialkowski, Edward M. v. Darrell Franzen, etc. 76-1457

Citizen's Bank of Jonesboro v. Federal Crop Ins. Corp., 76-1188

U. S. v. Clark, James E., 75-1887

Clayton Brokerage Co. v. Teleswitcher Corp., et al., 76-1622, 1650

U. S. v. Clemons, Walter, 75-1914

U. S. v. Cline, Roger J., 77-1815

U. S. v. Clinkenbeard, Glen Hamilton, 76-1311

Clock, Gerald v. Stanley L. Crawford, etc. 76-1351

U. S. v. Cluck, Alvin Odell, 76-1469

U. S. v. Cobb, Dewey Lawrence, 78-1563

Box 109

Cody, Norbert L., et al. v. Union Electric Co., et al., 76-1222

Coffelt, Kenneth v. Hon. Terry L. Shell, 77-1957

Cognato, Joseph A. v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone, 77-1007

U. S. v. Cohen, Howard K. & Angelo M. Guidice, 77-1831, 1853

U. S. v. Collins, Jesse & Leon Hammonds, 76-1741, 1766

U. S. v. Collins, John H., 76-1231

Collins, Richard J., Jr. & Lewis C. Murtaugh, Trustee, et al. v. Securities and Exchange Commission (2 folders), 75-1100, 1262, 1263

Community Television Services, Inc. v. Dresser Industries, 77-1750

Condor Corp. v. Arlen Realty & Development Corp., 75-1512

In re: Grand Jury Proceedings -- In Matter of Martha Copleman, 76-2099, 77-1013

Construction Industry Combined Committee, et al. v. Internat'l Union of Operating Engineers, etc. 75-1607

Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Inc., et al. v. State of Minnesota, et al., 78-1010

Cote, R.F.B. v. Diana D. Chesley, etc. 77-1914

Cotton Belt Insurance Co. v. Linda Hauck, et al., 76-1485

Seymour F. X. (Cotton, Jr.) v. Terrell Don Hutto, etc. 76-1270

Courtney, Robert v. Dr. Carl Adams, 75-1616

Courtney, Robert v. Mary Smith, 75-1601

U. S. v. Cowin, Lloyd D., 77-1636

Box 110

Cox, Eddie David v. Dept. of Treasury, et al., 77-1543

Cox, Eddie David v. Edward H. Levi, et al., 77-1213

U. S. v. Cox, Jarrell, et al., 77-1832, 1838, 1945

U. S. v. Cross, Clifford Allan, 77-1594

U. S. v. Crow Dog, Leonard, 75-1617, 75-1934

Culp, David v. U. S., 76-2106

Curtner v. Joseph A. Califano, Jr., etc. 78-1408

U. S. v. Cutts, Stanley Zane, 76-1129

Dairyland Power Coop, etc. et al. v. Federal Barge Lines, etc. et al., 76-1489

Dakota Livestock Co., et al. v. Gary Keim, et al., 76-1823

Dakota Wholesale Liquor, Inc. v. State of Minnesota, et al., 78-1457

U. S. v. Daly, Anthony, 75-1837

Daniels, Catherine v. David Matthews, 77-1341

Dart Transit Co. v. U. S., et al., 77-1173

Davis, Gloria v. Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc., 76-1587

Davis, Keith B. v. Susanne Sedgwick, et al., 78-1624

U. S. v. Davis, Larry C., 76-1440, 76-1904

Davis, Orie W. v. Burlington Northern, Inc., 76-1124

Day, Mary Alice, Deceased, et al. v. Mayo Clinic, et al., 78-1443

De Gidio, Anthony G., Jr., v. Frank Wood, Warden, et al., 77-1436

U. S. v. DiGirlomo, Nicholas, 76-1417

Box 111

U. S. v. DiGirlomo, Constanza, Becchina, Circo, Sciortino, Simone, & Tousa, 76-1528, 1627, 1658, 1668 -- 1671

DiSalvo, Cynthia v. Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, 77-1321

Diversified Industries, Inc. v. Judge Meredith, etc., 77-1043

U. S. v. Dodge, Charles A; U.S. v. Gordon S. Buttdorf, 77-1639, 1667

Dolan, William T., etc., v. First Nat'l. Bank of Minneapolis, 78-1058

Dorgan, Bryon L. v. I.B.M. & International Harvester Co., 78-1011, 1012

U.S. v. Dossey, Debra Lynn, 77-1181

U. S. v. Dresser, Amos, 76-1321

Dresser Industries Inc. v. Insurance Co. of North America, et al., 76-1817

U. S. v. Drury, Charles Kemp, 78-1131

U. S. v. Duckett, Leroy, III, 76-1075

Duisen, Theodore A. v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, etc. 77-1399

U.S. v. Durbin, Chester Lee, 76-1201

Durham, John Hilary v. Donald Wyrick, etc., 76-1462

U.S. v. Durns, Donald E., 77-1163

U.S. v. Easter, Joseph Ward, 76-1854

Box 112

Eaton, Dallas D., Sr., v. David Mathews, etc., 77-1360

Edens, Doug v. James Mabry, Comm'r., Arkansas Dept. of Corrections, 78-1672

Edwards, Homer Gene v. U.S., 77-1531

Eisen, Donna v. Minnesota Gas Co., 77-1717

U. S. v. Elk, Anthony, 77-1263

Emmanuel, Alfred V. v. Omaha Carpenters Dist. Council, etc. 75-1539, 76-2116, 2126

Ennis, Tex W. v. Joseph A. Califano, etc., 77-1167

Environmental Defense Fund, et al. v. Martin R. Hoffman, etc., et al., 76-1366, 1431

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) v. Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co., 78-1170

Esler, June v. Safeway Stores, Inc., et al. 78-1173

Espinoza, Karen M. v. Fred Thoma, etc. et al., 77-1954

U. S. v. Estus, Ronald L., 76-1455

Falcon Equipment Corp. v. Courtesy Lincoln Mercury, et al., 75-1790

In re: Grand Jury Subpoena-Patrick Faltico; Amer. Meat Processors Assoc. v. U. S., 76-2055

Farber, Michael O. v. Steve Tyrell, et al., 77-1019

Fargo Partners, etc., v. Dain Corp., 76-1053

U. S. v. Farm Bureau Insurance Co., 75-1303

Box 113

Farmers & Merchants Bank of Stuttgart, Ark. v. Jimmy C. Harris, 76-1143

Farner, Jean, etc., v. Paccar, Inc., 76-1992

Federal Prescription Service v. NLRB, Amalgamated Meat Cutters, 73-1362, 1420

Fennell, Dianne, Rev. v. Rosalie Butler, et al., 78-1067

U.S. v. Ferrara, Robert Lee, et al., 77-1620

Firefighters Institute for Racial Equality, et al. v. City of St. Louis, Missosuri, et al., 76-1507, 1663, 78-1294

First Nat' l Bank of Eden v. Office of Comptroller, etc. 77-1160

First Nat'l Bank of Milaca v. James E. Smith, etc., 77-1628

Florey, Loren L. v. Air Line Pilots Ass'n Int'l, et al., 77-1904

Franklin, William L. v. El Dorado Police Dept., 78-1307

U. S. v. Frazier, Charles Francis, 76-1476

U. S. v. Frazier, John D., 76-1297

U. S. v. Frederickson, Thomas, 78-1331

Freeman, Samuel T. v. A. L. Lockhart, etc. 76-2124

Box 114

Freeman, Michael, M.D. v. John D. Ashcroft, et al., 78-1144

U. S. v. French, David Keith, 78-1018

U. S. v. Harland W., 77-1666

Frye, Gerald Lemarr v. U.S., 77-1495

U. S. v. Fuel, Carolyn Porter; U. S. v. Merle O. Greene, Jr., et al., 77-1876, 1896

Fuhrman v. Dow, etc. 76-1084

Gamble, Charles C. v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone, etc. 76-1185

U. S. v. Gardner, Craig Leslie, 77-1979

Garaatz, Milton W. v. Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc., et al., 77-1048

Garren, Daniel Eugene v. Lou v. Brewer, Warden, 76-1540

Gatzemeyer, Marvin, et al. v. Elmer Vogel, 78-1361

U. S. v. Gavrilovic, Kueffner, Stanton, Sherman, Sorenson, Olson, etc. 76-1219, 1220,
1242, 1379, 1381, 1382

U. S. v. Gay, Robert James, 77-1937

Geeslin, Joseph D., etc.. v. Knight Bros., Inc., et al., 76-1928

General Drivers, Helpers, & Truck Terminal Employees v. Sears, Roebuck & Co., 75-

General Dynamics Corp. v. Ray Marshall, etc. et al., 77-1192

General Electric Co. v. Construction Associates, 77-1199

General Life of Missouri Investment Co. v. John K. Shamburger, 76-1168

In the Matter of Dennis Cecil Gervich, Bankrupt, 77-1332

Box 115

U. S. v. Gibson, Samuel, 77-1630

Giordano, Robert, M.D. v. Roudebush, et al., 77-1613

Girard, John J., et al. v. Sheriff Goins, 78-1043

U. S. v. Givens, William H., 78-1722

Goham, Wayne v. Robert Parratt, Warden, etc. 77-1672

U. S. v. Good Shield, Eugenio; U. S. Cordell Good Shield, 76-1570, 1622

Goodman, Mortimer, et al. v. Dr. Parwatikar, et al., 77-1505

Gordon, Odelia v. Joseph A. Califano, Jr., etc. 77-1172

U. S. v. Gotches, Gregory, et al., 76-1681, 1682, 1683

U. S. v. Graham, Binns, Jackson, Anderson, 76-1346, 1356, 1368, 1419

Grandview Bank & Trust Co. v. Board of Governors of the Fed. Reserve System, et al., 76-1236

U. S. v. Gray, Willaim Lewis, 75-1897

Gray, Wm. Lewis v. U. S., 77-1036

Green, Buck, etc. v. Missouri Pacific R. R. Co., 76-1487

In the Matter of Clovis Carl Green, 78-1442

Green, Percy H. v. McDonnell-Douglas Corp., etc. 75-1198

U. S. v. Green, Richard L.; U. S. Lucille M. Brown, 79-1018, 1019

Grenz Super Valu v. Edward J. Fix, 77-1665

Gridley, John, Jr. & John Gridley III v. John W. Cunningham, 76-1480, 1481

Griffin, Bobby Lee v. Edward L. Haynes, etc. 75-1880

Hale, Gabriel v. Joseph A. Califano, Jr., et al., 77-1824

Hales, Dean, et al. v. Harold Monroe, et al., 76-1383

U. S. v. Haley, Samuel E., Jr. 78-1005

Hall, Charles F., et al. v. Richard L. Curl, etc., 77-1207

Box 116

U.S. v. Hall, Charles F., 78-1317

U.S. v. Hall, Clyde, 78-1531

Hanson, Don, et al. v. U.S., et al., 76-1156

Harbolt, et al. v. Carpenter, et al., 75-1937

Harlan National Co. v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 75-1898

Harmer, Grenda Ray v. U. S., et al. 77-1435

U.S. v. Harris, Donald Wayne, 76-1513

U.S. v. Harris, Marcus James, 76-1611

U.S. v. Harris, Walter B., 76-1380

U.S. v. Harris, Wardell Byron, 77-1516

Harshaw, Leroy Linell v. U. S., 76-1063

U.S. v. Harvey, Clarence A., 78-1282

U.S. v. Hastings, Zack O'Farrell, 78-1116

Hawkins, George S. v. Bill Cauthron, etc. 77-1684

Hayes, Bennie L. v. Joseph A. Califano, 78-1021

Heiman, Alana G., et al. v. Medlin Marine, Inc., et al. 75-1258, 1287, 1383, 1384

Hendrix, Thomas C., etc. v. Amalgamated Meat Cutters, etc. 77-1255

Herald Co., etc. v. Theodore D. McNeal, et al., 76-1460

U. S. v. Hergenrader, Harry, 75-1642

Herman, Christine, et al. v. Roosevelt Fed' l. Savings and Loan, 77-1512

Hevelone, Theresa J., et al. v. Patrick J. Thomas, Sheriff, etc., et al., 76-1555

Hicks, Beatrice Alexis, etc. v. U. S. Board of Paroles & Pardons, 76-1317

Box 117

Hill, James Roy v. Donald Wyrick, 77-1535

Hilyer, George Wm. v. U. S., 76-1169

U.S. v. Hinderman, Hoppenjan, Hinderman, and Storlie, 75-1394, 1427, 1469, 1470

U.S. v. Hiscott, Richard C. 78-1535

Hoehle, Irene, etc., v. Vera Likins, etc., et al., 76-1089, 1118

Hoehle, Irene, et al. v. Vera Likens, et al., 76-1952

U.S. v. Holder, Stanley Richard, 77-1299

U.S. v. Hollman, James, 76-1135

Holmberg, Gary M. v. Robert Parrott, Warden, etc. 76-1609

U.S. v. Honea, Albert L., 76-2115

U.S. v. Hopkins, Alton Henry, 75-1864

Horowitz, Charlotte M. v. Board of Curators Univ. of Missouri, et al., 75-1949

Howard, James Wayne v. Robert F. Parrott, etc., 77-1536

Huff, Gerald Wayne v. U.S., 77-1871

Hughes, Billye J. v. J. Merle Lemley, etc., 77-1051

Hulver, Isaac Newton v. U.S. 76-2010, 2011

Humphreville v. Mathews; James v. Mathews; Briney v. Mathews, 76-1875, 1884, 1920

Hunt, T. L., et al. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 76-1894-98

In Re: W. F. Hurley, Inc., Debtor. Martrac Farms v. W. K. Ingram, Trustee, 76-1234

Box 118

Hurst, William D. v. U. S. Postal Service, 78-1053

Huston, Milton E. v. Local #93, etc., 76-1248, 1293

Hutson, Woodrow, et al. v. Acciaierie Weissenfels, 77-1818

Hysell, Richard Henry, et al. v. Iowa Public Service Co., 75-1414

Ideal Plumbing Co. v. Benco, Inc., et al., 74-1891

U.S. v. Idowu, Rasheed A., 77-1971

Independent Gravel Co. v. NLRB, 77-1269

Industrial Bearing & Transmission Co. v. NLRB, 77-1635

Inland Oil & Transport Co. v. Cecil D. Andrus, et al., 77-1629

Inmates of Nebraska Penal Complex, et al. v. John B. Greenholtz, et al., 77-1031, 1098, 1284

International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Inc. v. Richard Anderson, etc., et al., 77-1574

Box 119

International Woodworkers of America, etc. v. Georgia Pacific Corp.; John M. Martin v. Georgia Pacific, 77-1308, 1309

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Chicago & North Western Transportation Co., 75-1778, 1824

J.I. Case v. NLRB, 76-1183

Jackson, Willie G. v. Joseph A. Califano, etc., 78-1680

Jaggard, Robert Shelton v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 78-1370

Jansen, Judith Kaye v. U.S., 77-1480

U.S. v. Jensen, Pamela; U.S. v. Larry A. Tignor, 76-2058, 2059

Jewish Defaese League, et al. v. City of St. Louis, et al., 78-1374

Jimerson, Robert James, etc. v. Kisco Co., Inc., 76-1030

U.S. v. Jines, Clyde A., 76-1102

Johnson, Earsel Larry v. Carl White, etc. 78-1262

Johnson, Elnora v. Joseph Califano, etc. 77-1814

U.S. v. Johnson, Gary Don, 77-1501

U.S. v. Johnson, John D., 76-1253

U.S. v. Johnson, Kenneth Michael, 78-1291

Johnson Wholesale Florist, Inc. v. Paul J. Jacobs, 76-1914

U. S. v. Johnston, William Reece, 76-1309

Jones, Doyle Anthony v. Terrell Don Hutto, etc., 76-1970

Jones, Guy H. v. U.S. & Dillahunty, et al., 75-1812, 1813

Jones, Guy H., et al. v. U. S., 76-1133

Jones, Ino v. Wyeth Labs., Inc., 78-1238

Jones, James v. Donald Wyrick, 76-1404

U.S. v. Jones, Stanley, 76-2117

Jones, Sylvester v. U. S., 77-1568, 1737; 78-1223

Jones Truck Lines, Inc. v. U.S., et al., 77-1010

Jorstad, Otis M., et al. v. IDS Realty Trust, etc. et al., 77-1864, 1865, 1866, 1961

Joyce, George J., et al. v. David Mathews, etc., 77-1537

U.S. v. Joyner, Johnnie, 76-1141

Box 120

Kack, Ronald David v. U. S., 77-1563

Kananen, Richard A. v. David Mathews, etc., 77-1118

Kane, David S. v. David B. Johnson, et al., 77-1405

Kansas City Royals Baseball Corp. v. Major League Baseball Players Ass'n, 76-1115

Kansas City Southern Railway Co. v. Judge Wangelin, 78-1603

Kartmen, Gerson Merrill v. Robert Parrott, etc., 75-1592

U.S. v. Kasto, Abraham, 78-1042

Keith, Richard K., et al. v. Newcourt, Inc., 75-1513

Keller, Walter R. v. F. David Mathews, etc., 76-1318

U.S. v. Kelley, Fred D. and Paul P. Menz, 76-1208, 1209

Kellick, Charles Ray v. J. W. Howell, etc., 76-1504

Kellick, Charles Ray v. J. W. Howell, etc. et al., 77-1465

U. S. v. Kelly, Thomas Charles, etc., 75-1686

Kelsey, Dwight W. v. State of Minnesota, et al., 77-1395

Kelsey, Dwight W. v. Patrick Fitzgerald, Judge, etc., 78-1009

Box 121

Kendrick, Robert B. v. Commission of Zoological Subdistrict, et al., 76-2120, 77-1011

Kennedy, Walter W. v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, 76-1353

Keokuk Gas Service Co. v. NLRB, 77-1953

U.S. v. Kershman, Bernard, 76-2075

Kimbrough, Mark v. Arkansas Activities Ass'n et al., 77-1715

U.S. v. King, Anthony, 77-1811

U.S. v. King, Cleora; U.S. v Milton Lewis, 77-1352, 1440

King, Mack v. Judge Stuart, 76-2007

King, Mack v. Lou V. Brewer, Warden, etc., 77-1707

Kirtz, Frank Groom, et al. v. Blanton Wiggin, et al., 77-1351

Knight, Leon W., et al. v. Hon. Donald D. Alsop, 75-1051

Knight, Richard Lee v. Warden, U. S. Penitentiary, etc., 78-1436

Koch, Harry v. Secretary of HEW, et al., 78-1320

U. S. v. Kriz, James A., 78-1281

Laclede Gas Co. v. Amoco Oil Co., 75-1963

U.S. v. Lacy, Billy Edward, 78-1113

Lacy v. Chrysler; Harris v. Sherwood Medical Industries; Whitfield v. Certain -Teed, 74-1949, 1981, 75-1077

U.S. v. 124.72 Acres of Land, et al., 76-1494

Landrum, Leslie, etc. v. John Moats, et al., 77-1656

Lane, Cheri Lea, etc. v. Burlington Northern, Inc., 78-1288

Box 122

Lang, A. D., et al., etc. v. Marshall Cone, et al., etc. 76-1096

Lankford, John D. v. Calvin Auger, Warden, et al., 76-1259

Larsen, Robert M. v. Einar C. Erickson, et al., 76-1283

U.S. v. Lasater, Donald E., 75-1935

Layne - Minnesota p. r., Inc. v. Singer Co., et al., 77-1731, 1786

Leach, Robert L. v. Hilti, Inc., 75-1820

Ledwith, Bette Bonn, et al. v. Douglas, et al., 77-1463

Lehockey, Barbara v. Curators of the Univ. of Missouri, etc. et al., 76-1820

Lewis, Barbara Jean v. General Motors Corp., 76-2005

U.S. v. Lewis, Earner Eugene, 77-1410

Lewis, Hariece, etc. v. Phyllis J. Reser, etc., 78-1219

Lewis, James Milton v. U.S., 75-1891, 77-1113

Lewis, Matthew v. A. L. Lockhart, Supt., etc., 76-1189

Lincoln Carpet Mills, Inc. v. Singer Company, 76-1336

U.S. v. Lincoln, Marvin C., 76-1217

Lindhorst, Richard Bernard v. U.S., 77-1706

U.S. v. Lindsay, Randy, 76-1474

U.S. v. Lindsay, Samuel George, 76-1836

U.S. v. Lipscomb, Robert Edward, 76-1566

Lisa-Jet v. Duncan Aviation, Inc., 77-1371

Liss, Ellen Joy v. Board of Education, etc., et al., 75-1440, 1477

Box 123

Livesay, Cecil, et al., etc. v. Punta George Isles, Inc., 76-1881, 1906

U.S. v. Londe, Michael, 78-1416

U.S. v. Lord & Pfizer, Inc., et al. (3 folders), 76-1492

U.S. v. Lowe, Gregory Dale, 77-1680

Lunsford, Agnes, etc. et al. v. U.S., 76-8206

Luster, A. D. v. Retail Credit Co., 77-1634

Luther, Rudy v. Loewi & Co., Inc., et al., 76-1464

Lyle, Robert Eugene v. Donald Wyrick, etc., 76-1996

U.S. v. Lyon, Verne Allen, 77-1348, 1349

Box 124

U.S. v. Lyon, Verne Allen, 78-1305

McAdams, B. J. v. Interstate Commerce Commission, et al., 76-1255, 1337, 1423

McCarthy v. Kirkpatrick, 76-1783

McCarty, Pat v. Maryland Casualty Co., 76-1964

U.S. v. McColgin, Junior Wayne, 75-1683

McCoy, Michael v. U. S. Board of Parole, 75-1804

U.S. v. McMains, Duane Thomas, 76-1091

U.S. v. McManus, Edward J., 75-1868

U.S. v. McMillian, Melvin; U.S. v. Donald J. Cubean, 75-1900, 1905

McMillian, Melvin v. U. S., 78-1065, 1472

U.S. v. McMillian, Melvin, 78-1528

McNail, Mary Lou v. Amalgamated Meat Cutters, etc., 76-2013

McNally, Martin v. Norman A. Carlson, Dir., et al., 75-1295

McQueen, Roger Lee v. Harold R. Swenson, Warden, etc., 76-1163, 1926

McRae, Garth v. U.S., 76-1206

U.S. v. Maestas, Mary Delores, 76-1624

Box 125

Mahlandt, Daniel Joseph, et al. v. Wild Canid Survival & Research Center, et al., 78-1077

Marshall, Ray, etc. v. Western Waterproofing Co., et al., 76-1703

Marshall, Ray, etc. v. Roberts Dairy Co., 77-1627

Martin, Frederick J. X. v. Donald Wyrick, 77-1625

Martin, Joyce H., et al. v. U.S., 78-1134

U.S. v. Martin, Louis, 77-1111

Martin, Melvin v. Robert Parratt, Warden, etc., 76-1490

Martin, Willard v. State of Arkansas, et al., 77-1249

U.S. v. Marley, Harry Don, 76-1759

Massey, Lonnie A. v. Terrell Don Hutto, et al., 76-1594, 1595, 1596

Massey v. Graves & Lockhart, 76-1620, 1782

Mattis, Robert Dean v. Richard R. Schnarr, et al., 75-1849

May Department Stores Co. v. Monroe L. Williamson, et al.; Sisters of St. Mary's, etc. v. Donald A. Lerch, et al., 76-1597, 1713

May Dept. Stores Co. v. James Edward Smith, et al., 77-1848, 1849

U.S. et al. v. Melman, Gene J., etc., et al., 75-1603

U.S. v. Merz, John G.; U. S. v. Highland Dunes Scotch Investors, etc., 78-1218, 1220

Box 126

Metzner, Russell v. Luella Dunn, etc., et al., 75-1911

Meyer, Kenneth H. v. Bell & Howell Co., etc., et al., 78-1581

Midwest Video Corp. v. F.C.C.; A.C.L.U. v. F.C.C., 76-1496, 1839

Miller, Ralph J. v. Associated Pension Trust, et al., 75-1696

Miller, Robert P., etc. v. Kenneth Reighter, etc., 78-1276

Minnesota Farm Bureau Marketing Corp. v. N. Dakota Agricultural Marketing Ass'n, Inc. v. Richard A. Larsen, 76-2045

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group v. Northern Wood Preservers, Ltd., 75-1724, 1725, 1726, 1732, 1769

U.S. v. Miranda, Jaime, 77-1162

Missouri Portland Cement Co. v. H. K. Porter Co., Inc., et al., 75-1971

U. S. v. Mitchell, Wallace, Dixon, & Fortenberry, 77-1526, 1558, 1567, 1698

U. S. v. Mitchell, Stephen Ray, 77-1171

Mobley, Jeff, ex rel. Andrew Jackson Ross v. Donald L. Meek, etc., 75-1611

Modern Controls, Inc., etc. v. Nicholas C. Andreadakis, 78-1210

U.S. v. Monteer, Martin W., 77-1209

Montgomery, Cleon v. U.S., 76-1514

Box 127

U. S. v. Moody, Charles Edward, 75-1870

U. S. v. Moore, Fred, 77-1029

Moorer, Juanita, et al. v. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, et al., 76-1830

Mopkins, Samuel v. St. Louis Die Casting Corp., 77-1157

Morris, Darrell v. Gas Service Co., 77-1439

Morris, Harley Beverly v. U. S., 77-1935

Morris, Margaret v. Stifel, Nicholaus, etc., 78-1110

Morrow, Curtis Dale v. Robert Parrott, Warden, etc., 77-1925

Mosby, Doris v. Webster College, 76-2064

U. S. v. Mosley, Brent Lloyd, Jr., 77-1109

U. S. v. Moss, Donald Lee and Frank Michael Downey, 76-1191, 1192

Moss, Raymond L. v. Parratt, Warden, etc., 77-1728

Mucie, Dr. Richard P. v. Missouri State Dept. of Corrections, et al., 76-1477

Muehlenthaler, Jake, et al. v. U. S., et al., 78-1353

Mueller, Ralph E., et al. v. Hubbard Milling Co., 77-1413

U. S. v. Muhammad, Nathaniel, 78-1762

Mullin, William O. v. U.S., 77-1804

Munar, Paulita Ordas v. U. S. Board of Immigration Appeals, etc., 76-1544

Munson, Lee A., etc. v. Ruth Gilliam, et al., 76-1657

U. S. v. Murphy, Willie B.; U. S. v. Barry J. Dixon, 78-1403, 1404

U. S. v. Myers, Johnny A., 76-1543

N. L. Industries, Inc. v. N.L.R.B., 75-1714

Box 128

National Labor Relations Board (N.L.R.B.) v. Colonial Press, Inc., 74-1304

N.L.R.B. v. Construction & General Laborers' Local Union No. 525, etc., 76-1849

N.L.R.B. v. Dust-Tex Service Inc., 75-1180

N.L.R.B. v. Hennepin Broadcasting Associates, Inc., 75-1108

N.L.R.B. v. Hospital and Nursing Home Employees Union, 77-1486

N.L.R.B. v. Independent Stave Co., 78-1146

N.L.R.B. v. Key City Machanical Contractors, Inc., 77-1305

N.L.R.B. v. Laborers Int'l Union of North America, 77-1943

N.L.R.B. v. Local 264, etc. Builders' Ass'n of Kansas City, Intervenor, 75-1259

N.L.R.B. v. Raymond C. MacCafferty, 77-1626

N.L.R.B. v. Midwest Hangar Co., et al., 76-1261

N.L.R.B. v. North American MFG. Co., 76-1987

N.L.R.B. v. Sencore, Inc., 76-1878

N.L.R.B. v. Siebler Heating & Air Conditioning, et al., Sheet Metal Workers Local #3, Intervenor, 76-2125

Box 129

N.L.R.B. v. Target Stores, Inc., 75-1871

N.L.R.B. v. Transport, Inc. of South Dakota, 76-2039

N.L.R.B. v. Unifemme, Inc., 76-2098

N.L.R.B. v. Woodline, Inc., et al., 77-1867

Naegele, Robert O., et al. v. U.S., 73-1921

Nall Motors, Inc., et al. v. City of Iowa City, 75-1618

U.S. v. Nash, Richard Lee, 76-1041

U.S. et al. v. National Farmers' Organization, 75-1473

Navato, Jose R., M.D., v. Iran W. Sletten, M.D., et al., 76-1729

Nebraska - Iowa Xpress, Inc. v. U.S., et al., 76-1917

Nebraskans for Independent Banking, v. Omaha Nat'l. Bank, 75-1109

U.S. v. Nelson, Brian Palmer, 77-1584

Newsome, Frank v. Dr. Ciccone, etc., 77-1528

U.S. v. Nichelson, John E., 77-1372

Nick, Charles v. U.S., 75-1840

Box 130

Nickens v. White, 75-1929

Nodak Oil Co. v. Mobil Oil Corp., 75-1309

Norton, Roland v. U.S., 76-1269

Nye, George F., et al. v. Blyth Eastmen Dillion & Co., et al., 78-1037, 1074, 1085

U. S. v. Ogle, George William, 78-1476

O'Hern, Joe v. School Dist., of Springfield R-12, et al., 77-1412

U.S. v. Ojala, Larry, 78-1393

U.S. v. Ojala, William R., 76-1052

U.S., et al. v. The School District of Omaha, Nebraska, et al., 76-1430, 1545

U.S. v. Ortiz-Gavilan, Ruben A., 78-1441

U.S. v. Osborne, Francis D. (2 folders) 77-1793

U.S. v. Osborne, Michael E. and Roger Lee Parker, 76-1154, 1158

Otter Tail Power Co. v. Federal Power Comm'n. et al., 75-1494, 1829

Otter Tail Power Co. v. Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n., 77-1582

Packing House & Industrial Services v. N.L.R.B., et al., 77-1691, 1726

Page, Janice Ann, etc. v. Victor Preisser, etc., et al., 78-1004

Box 131

U.S. v. Page, Kenneth Wayne, 76-1612

In re: Ronnie Palmer v. U. S., 76-1013

U.S. v. Parisien, John D., 77-1879

U.S. v. Parker, Bennie, 78-1415

Parker, Glendon, etc., et al. v. Seaboard Coastline Railroad et al., 77-1090

U.S. v. Partee, Phillip D., 76-1677

U.S. v. Pattman, 76-1126

U.S. v. Payne, Winfred Wade, 75-1906

Peebles, Walter v. Director, St. Louis Welfare Dept., et al., 76-1258

Pegram, Mary Irene v. Dr. Friedman Sisco, 76-1195

U.S. v. Peltier, Leonard, 77-1487

Perry, Lodee v. U. S., 77-1986

Peterson, Gerald D. v. Carpenter, et al., 77-1444

Petty, Steven E. v. Officer R. Dippold, et al., 76-1138

Box 132

Pfizer, Inc., et al. v. Gov't. of India, et al., 75-1064

Phares, David Lynn v. B.F. Goodrich Co., 76-1915

Pickett, Bettye B., et al. v. Newt Milam, et al., 77-1216

U.S. v. Pierce, Clarence L., Jr., 76-1523

Piercy, David v. Robert F. Parratt, Warden, 78-1241

Pilla, Daniel M., et al. v. American Bar Association, et al., 76-1104

Pilla, Daniel M. v. Donald C. Alexander, et al., 76-2101

Pinnell, Pat v. Bill Cauthron, etc., 75-1861

Piper, Jaffray & Hopwood, Inc. v. Hon. Donald Aesop, et al., 77-1775

Polk, Thomas v. Ford Motor Co.; Ethel Lee Marshal v. Ford Motor Co., 73-1255, 1256

U.S. v. Porter, Charles H., 78-1323

U.S. v. Porter, Jackie Thomas, 77-1449

Porterfield, Jim R. v. Burger King Corp., 75-1881

U.S. v. Powell, Larry, 77-1453

Professional Beauty Supply v. Nat' l. Beauty Supply v. La Maur, Inc., 78-1229

Providence State Bank v. Bohannon and Montgomery, et al., etc., 77-1168, 1236

Box 133

In re: PRS Products, Inc. Herzog v. Mandan Bank, 77-1747

Pruitt, John D. v. Terrell Don Hutto, 76-1062

U. S. v. Pryor, Ronald M., 77-1939

Quality Mercury, Inc. v. Ford Motor Co., et al. 75-1489, 1602

Estate of Max L. Raskin, Dec'd. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 76-1408

Ray v. Mabry, 76-2123

U. S., et al. v. Reserve Mining, et al., 76-1405, 1454, 1608, 1655

Resilient Floors & Decorative Covering Workers, etc. v. Welco Manufacturing Co., 76-1100

Rice, Isaac C. v. U. S. Postal Service, 77-1558

Richardson, Dale C. v. Communications Workers of America, 75-1564, 1614, 1645

Richardson, Eugene James v. U.S., 76-1367

U.S. v. Richardson, James Charles, et al., 76-1175

Riley v. Brewer, 76-1125

Rinehart, Michael T. v. Lou Brewer, Warden, etc., 76-2090

Ringwalt, Jack D. v. U.S.; Philip Liesche v. U. S., Jack D. Ringwalt v. U.S., 76-1285, 1286, 1287

Roark, Rose Mary v. Joseph A. Califano, etc., 77-1557

Robbins, et al. v. Farmers Union Terminal Ass'n., 76-1413

Roberts, Eddie v. U. S., 77-1795

Box 134

U.S. v. Robertson, Donald E.; U.S. v. Ronnie Little, 78-1432, 1462

U.S. v. Robins, Bob, 76-1071

U.S. v. Robinson, Larry, 76-1019

U.S. v. Rockon, Percy, Edward Cabell & Bonnie Marie Johnson, 77-1759, 1816, 1817

Rock, William Pennell v. Winston Bryant, etc., 78-1592

Rodeway Inns, etc., et al. v. Frank, et al., 75-1563

U.S. v. Rodgers, Herman Alexander, 78-1617

Rodrigue, Thomas A. v. U.S., 76-1868

Rohr, Charles v. Western Electric Co., Inc., et al., 76-1355

Rollins, James H. v. Donald, Wyrick, etc., 77-1521

Roth, Donald E., etc. v. U. S. Dept. of Transportation, et al., 77-1766

Rubek, Russell R. v. Robert Parratt, Warden, 75-1438

Rudolph, Joan v. Wagner Electric Corp. 78-1193

Rule, Ronald, et al. v. Int. Ass'n. of Bridge, Structural & Ornamental Iron Workers, et al., 76-1945

Russ, Mrs. Carnell v. Charles Lee Ratliff, et al., 76-1007

Russ, Mrs. Carnell, et al. v. Charles L. Ratliff, 78-1020

U. S. v. Russell, Richard, 78-1133

Russell Stover Candies, Inc. v. N.L.R.B., 76-1330

Box 135

Russon, Alfred, et al. v. Sears Roebuck & Co., et al., 76-1702

St. Louis County Nat'l. Bank et al. v. Mercantile Trust Co. Nat'l. Ass'n., etc., et al., 76-1603, 1709

U. S. v. St. Louis - San Francisco Railway Co., etc., 75-1734

St. Louis Union Trust Co., etc., et al. v. Merrill Lynch, etc., et al., 76-1447

Salomon, Sidney Jr., et al. v. Crown Life Insurance Co., etc., 75-1537, 1538, 1544

Sanchell, Joseph v. Robert Parratt, etc., 75-1600

U. S. v. Sanders, Frank III, 77-1026

Sanders, Willard R. v. U. S., 75-1272

U. S. v. Scharf, Raymond L., 77-1702

Box 136

U. S. v. Schleis, 76-1256

Schleper, Gary J. v. Ford Motor Co., etc., 78-1147

Schutterle, Melvin L., et al. v. U.S., 78-1239

Scott, Arlester v. U.S., 76-1042

Scott, Walter v. Paul Clark, et al., 77-1785

U.S. v. Scott, Willie, 77-1102

Seshachalam v. Creighton Univ. School of Medicine, 76-1949

Shanahan, Billy E. v. Richard C. Voskuil, et al., 77-1898

Shanker, Melva v. U.S., 77-1407

Shannon, Larry v. Patrolman Carl Edwards, etc., et al., 75-1661

Sheppard, Leonard D. v. Terrell Don Hutto, etc., 75-1816

U.S. v. Sherman, Stan, etc., 76-1399

U.S. v. Shoultz, Donnie Clifton, 76-1751

Estate of Harry B. Sidler, Dec'd., et al. v. C.I.R., 76-1412

Sierra Club, etc., et al. v. Robert F. Froehlke, etc., et al. (2 folders) 75-1252

U. S., et al. v. Silkman, Elton H., 76-1439

Box 137

Simpson, Michael, etc. v. Norwesco, Inc., 78-1038

Simpson, W. E., Lt. v. Gale Weeks, etc., et al., 77-1331, 1461

Skyline Aviation, Inc. v. Arnold S. Barber, et al., 77-1178, 1215

U.S. v. Slingerland, Johnnie Lee, 76-1598

Smallwood, Donald P. et al. v. U.S., 77-1012

Smith, Ann v. Rexall Drug Co., 76-1482

Smith, Bettye J. v. Merchants & Farmers Bank of West Helena, 77-1467

Smith, Brend v. Anchor Building Corp., 75-1554

Smith, Charles Edward v. Joseph H. Havener, Warden, etc., et al., 75-1910

Smith, Donald Lee v. U. S., 76-1150

Smith, Walter, Jr. v. Lou V. Brewer, Warden, etc., 78-1109

U. S. v. Smith, Wilson, 76-1661

Soft-Touch Saunas, Inc. v. A. P. Anderson, et al., 75-1675

Soo-Line Railroad Co., et al. v. Fruehauf Corp., 76-1161

Southern Capitol Corp. v. Southern Pacific Co, et al., 77-1428

In the Matter of Southtown Associates, etc. v. W. M. Grace Construction Co., et al., 76-2016

In re: Application of the U. S., etc. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., Apellant, 76-1725

In the Matter of Howard Ashley Spears, Bankrupt -- Pine Bluff Nat'l Bank, et al. v. Howard Ashley Spears, 77-1226

Speck, John Lee v. Calvin Auger, 76-1867

Box 138

Spencer, Geneva v. Southeast Missouri Hospital, et al., 78-1564

U.S. v. Spencer, Richard, 76-1249

U.S. v. Splain, Bobby Gene, 76-1323

Spontini, Louis John v. U. S., 76-1338

U.S. v. Starr, David Allen, 78-1222

U.S. v. State of Iowa; Sac & Fox Tribe v. Lacklider, et al., 77-1534, 1595

Stead, Larry E. v. Kenneth M. Link, U. S. Marshal, 75-1763

Steele John Paul v. U.S., 77-1362

Stephens Security Bank v. Eppivic Corp. 76-1342

U.S. v. Stevie, Robert Charles; U. S. v. Raymond Lee Reynolds, 77-1335, 1424

Stewart, Percy, et al. v. Terrell Don Hutto, 77-1068

Stidham v. Swenson, No. 20685

Stidham, James W. v. Donald W. Wyrick, etc., 77-1437

Stockslager, Mary, et al. v. Carroll Electric corp., et al., 75-1752

Strudl, Frank, etc. v. American Family Mutual Insurance Co., 75-1448

Stuppy, Ramoth, etc. v. U.S., 76-2004

U.S. v. Sue, Alvin Charles, 78-1321

In the Matter of Sunset Plaza, Inc., Bankrupt Parsons Corp. v.David Davies, 76-1275

Swenson & Youngdale, Inc. v. Seagrave Corp., 76-1511

Tabor, Larry v. Jerry Campbell, et al., 75-1749

Tasby, Johnnie v . U.S., 77-1009

U.S. v. Taylor, Clara Ruth, 76-1282

Box 139

Taylor, Henry Jr. v. U.S., 75-1822

U.S. v. Taylor, Victor Lee, 77-1697

U.S. v. Tercero, Ernesto; U. S. v. Juan Antonio Tercero, 78-1106, 1107

U.S. v. Thomas, Aulden Edward, 76-1190

Thompson, Charles v. U. S., 76-1574

Thompson, Douglas W. v. Carl White, Warden, etc., 76-1706

Thundershield, Bedie, etc. v. Herman Solem Warden, etc., et al., 77-1430

U.S. v. Thurmond, Raymond Glen, 76-1316

Tri-State Motor Transit Co. v. U. S.; Davis Transport & Cherokee Hauling, Intervenors, 77-1359

In the Matter of -- Grand Jury -- Anthony S. Troia, 78-1084

U.S. v. Trotter, Lewis, 75-1945

U.S. v. Truedell, John Francis, 77-1295

U.S. v. Turcotte, Andrew, 77-1147

Turnbough, Gerald v. Donald Wyrick, 76-1698

U.S. v. Turner, John D., Jr., 77-1956

U.S. v. Turner, Lonnie, J. Justin Meehan, Appellant, 78-1484

U.S. v. Turner, Willie, 77-1868

Tyler, Melvin Leroy v. Harold R. Swenson, 75-1085

Tyler, M. L. v. Swenson, 75-1453

Tyler, M. L. v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, 76-1461

Tyler, M. L. v. Richard Callahan, et al., 77-1361

Tyler, M. L. v. State of Missouri, 77-1777

Tyler, M. L. v. "Ron" Deputy Sheriff, 77-1885

Box 140

United Handicapped Federation, etc., et al. v. Camille D. Andre, etc., et al., 76-1369

United Missouri Bank v. U.S.P.S., 76-1973

United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co., et al. v. Hon. Miles W. Lord, etc., et al., 78-1127

United States National Bank of Omaha v. Aaron Ferer & Sons Co., et al., 77-1421

Vagle v. Pickands Mather & Co:, 78-1569

U.S. v. Valdez, Richard Roland, 75-1788

U.S. v. Van Buren, Henry, 77-1431

Vandeventer, Edward L., Jr. v. Local Union No. 513, etc., 77-1503, 1562

U.S. v. Van Horn, Roy R., 76-2048

U.S. v. Van Maanen, Albert Leon, 76-1450

Van Meter, Fay Monroe v. State of Iowa, 78-1097

U.S. v. Verdoorn, Maynard J.; U. S. v. David Verdoorn; U.S. v. Albert L. Van Maanen, 75-
1644, 1659, 1665

U.S. v. Vitale, Juanita K., 76-1877

Wagner, Wanda, etc. v. Califano, etc., 77-1740

Box 141

Walker, Howard T., etc. v. World Tire Corp., Corp., et al., 76-1834

Walker, Leroy, Jr. v. U. S., 76-1845

U. S. v. Wallette, John W., 78-1185

Wasie, Marie F., et al. v. Edward L. Murphy, Jr., et al., 77-1744

Wasson, George v. Securities and Exchange Commission, 76-1665

Waste Management, Inc. v. Ronald D. Deffenbaugh, et al., 75-1656

U. S. v. Watson, Robert Thomas, 77-1801

Watts, Claude M., Jr. v. Kenneth Schoen, et al., 78-1176

U. S. v. Watts, Elton, Jr., 75-1978

Watts, Hayden J. v. Lou Brewer, Warden, et al., 78-1275

Wayman, Paul LaFayette v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone, 76-1409

U. S. v. Weaver, James Darrell, 77-1357

U. S. v. Webb, Nellie Mae; U. S. v. School Dist. of Omaha, 76-1430, 1545

Weber, Fred, Inc. v. Shell Oil Co., et al., 77-1616, 1571, 1599

U. S. v. Weddell, Walter James, 77-1177

Weir, Franklin David v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, 76-1524

Weisser, Leonard Melvin v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone, 75-1770

Box 142

Werner, Edwin, et al. v. U. S. Dept. of Interior, etc., 77-1958

U. S. v. West, Frank R.; U. S. v. American Beef Packers, Inc., 76-1410, 1411

U. S. v. West, Glen Alan, 77-1180

Western Waterproofing Co. v. Ray V. Marshall, et al., 77-1324

Wharton, Ferdinand D., Jr. v. Frances N. Knefel, 76-1498

U. S. v. White, Darris, Jr., 76-2000

U. S. v. White, Edward A.; U. S. v. Julian White; U. S. v. William W. Baker, 76-1754, 1755, 1756

U. S. v. White, Herman Lee, 76-1531

U. S. v. White, Robert O., 76-1152

U. S. v. Whiting, Alfred, 76-1145

U. S. v. Wiesle, Thomas, 76-1358

U. S. v. Williams, Edward E., 76-1394

Williams, Elsie Jean v. U. S., 75-1654

U. S. v. Williams, Freddie Jerome, 77-1993

Williams, Gary B. v. U. S., 77-1596

Williams, Marion Edward v. Paul H. Crews, etc., et al., 76-1998

Williams, Ronnell Barrett v. Wyrick, 76-2025

Wilson, Gary S. v. Robert F. Parratt, Warden, 76-1271

Wilson, Gwendy, etc. v. Crouse-Hinds Co., 76-1651

Wilwording, Alan Daniel v. Warden Wyrick, 75-1948

Windom, Alice M. v. City of St. Louis, et al., 77-1242

Winfrey, Robert, et al. v. Lou Brewer, et al., 76-1939

Box 143

Winfrey, Robert, et al. v. Warden Brewer, 76-1939

U.S. v. Winnebago Tribe, et al., 75-1873, 1874, 1895, 1896, 1901, 1933

Wixom, Roswell v. U. S., 78-1419

U.S. v . Wolf, Frederick W., 75-1960

Wood, Leonard v. Sylvester Pfeifer, 76-1250

Wood, Mary Josephine v. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., 78-1076

U.S. v. Woody, Ralph, 78-1636

U.S. v. Workman, Max W., 78-1409

U.S. v. Wright, Jerry, 77-1892

U.S. v. Wright, Lloyd; U. S. v. Marcus Franklin; U.S. v. Leonard Cross, 77-1277, 1297, 1298

U.S. v. Wright, Robert, Jr., 78-1098

Wycoff, Steven v. Lou Brewer, 77-1586

U.S. v. Wynde, Theodore D., 77-1930

Yellow Freight System, Inc. v. U.S., 75-1670

U.S. v. Young, David Ernest; U.S. v. Gordon Francis Klein, 77-1484, 1497

U. S. v. Young, Edward W., 78-1235

Young, Francis E. v. U. S.; Francis E. Young v. L. R. Putnam, 77-1565, 1673

Young, Robert Jewel v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, etc., 78-1510

Zoll, Rose v. Eastern Allamakee Community School Dist., et al., 77-1946, 1982

1982 Addition

Circuit Court Cases (1976 -- 1979)

Box 144

AAA Equipment Service Co. v. NLRB, 78-1756

Adams, John B., et al. v. Comm. of Internal Revenue, 78-1570, 1571, 1572

Agee, Virgil Dale v. Donald Wyrick, 79-1513

American Cast Iron Pipe Co., v. NLRB, 78-1233

American Family Ins. Co. v. Delano Paczkowski & Vaughn M. Dewald, et al., 78-1858, 1880

American Motorists Ins. Co. v. Richard A. Samson, et al., 78-1805

U. S. v. Anders, Michael R., 78-1668

U. S. v. Anziano, George Edward Jr., 79-1484

Arnott, George v. The American Oil Co., etc., 79-1150

U. S. v. Artez: See U.S. v. Boyd, 79-1492

Atcherson, Esther v. Hon. Judge John Sievenmann, etc., 78-1819, 79-1109

Atwater, Laurence Edward v. Robert F. Parratt, Warden, 78-1527

Bank of St. Louis, etc. v. John J. Morrissey v. Henry A. Longmeyer, 78-1338, 78-1367

Barrentine, L. B., et al. v. Teamsters Local Union 878 (Screening Panel Case), 79-1097

Bates, Barbara, et al. v. City of Black Jack, et al., 78-1660

Beasley, Sidney M. v. Joseph A. Califano, Jr., etc., 79-1239

U.S. v. Belvin, Jerry Adam, 79-1364

Box 145

Berbiglia, Inc. v. NLRB, 78-1748

Bergstrom, Theodore R., et al. v. Sears, Roebuck and Co., et al., 78-1799

Bio-Medicus, Inc., et al. v. Shareholders Comm., etc., et al., 78-1422, 1433, 1511, 1583

U.S. v. Black Cloud, Elmer Peter, 78-1425

U.S. v. Bloomfield, Rick Thomas, 78-1753

U.S. v. Bowman, Paul V. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1217

U.S. v. Boyd, Paul; U. S. v. Artez, Danilo Z. etc.; U. S. v. Clark, Geo., 79-1482, 1492, 1554

Boyer, Margaret v. Joseph A. Califano, Jr., etc., 78-1785

U.S. v. Brake, Dee Orlo, 78-1859

Braun, Mary A. v. Stifel, Nicolaus & Co.; Margaret Morris v. Stifel, Nicolaus, 78-1160, 1110

Brewery Drivers & Helpers Local 133 v. Grey Eagle Distrib., Inc., et al., 78-1036

U.S. v. Brown, Ernest R. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1812

Brown, Hilton Lawrence v. U.S. Army Agency (Screening Panel Case), 78-1806

U.S. v. Brown, Levon, etc.; U.S. v. Daniel Clincy, aka Abdullah Shabazz, 79-1185

U.S. v. Bruneau, Dale David; U.S. v. Jeffery Chas. Kohner, 78-1526, 1550

Buckley, Lois M. v. City of Omaha, Neb., etc., et al., 79-1052

Butler, Francille W. v. MFA Life Ins. Co., et al., 78-1371

Box 146

U.S. v. Calicutt, Melvin, 78-1905

U.S. v. Callahan, Kenneth James & Donald Larson (3 folders), 78-1051, 1033

U.S. v. Campbell, John Stanley; U.S. v. Riley, Ray Fultz, 79-1497, 1498, 1499, 1500

Campbell "66" Express, etc. v. Quentin R. Rakestraw, et al., 79-1046

Box 147

U.S. v. Carlone, Anthony Michael, 79-1172

Carter v. Romines (Screening Panel Case), 78-1860

Cedarholm v. IRS, 79-1193

Cedar Riverside Assoc., etc., et al. v. City of Minneapolis, et al., 78-1878

Central States, SE & SW Areas Pension Fund, et al. v. Wholesale Prod. Supply Co., 79-1330

City of Carter Lake, etc. v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co., 78-1796

U.S. v. Clark, George Thurman: See U.S. v. Boyd, 79-1554

Clark, Lewis, etc. v. Catherine Payne, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1481

Continental Bank and Trust Co., etc. v. American Bonding Co., 78-1894

U.S. v. Conzemius, George, 79-1283

Cox, Eddie David v. Hon. Edward H. Levi, 77-1213

Crain, William Stephen, et al. v. City of Mountain Home, Arkansas, et al., 79-1589, 1602

U.S. v. Crawford, Johnny Junior, 79-1191

Davis, Cliff v. Robert F. Parratt, etc. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1496

Dependahl, Charles W., Jr., et al. v. Falstaff Brewing Corp., et al., 78-1332, 1467

De Shields, Calvin v. U.S. Parole Comm. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1747

Box 148

In Re: Detlefsen, Guy Robert, Bankrupt, 79-1168

Diebold, Roy F. v. Civil Serv. Comm. of St. Louis County, etc., et al., 79-1192

In the Matter of Dloogoff, Isaac, Bankrupt (Screening Panel Case), 79-1036

Downey, Frank Michael v. George Wilkinson, Warden, etc., 78-1744

Drewelow, James, et al. v. Iowa Nat'l. Ins. Co., 78-1851

In Re: Dronen, Harold A. (Administrative Panel Matter), 79-1473

Duryea, Willis M., Jr. v. Third Northwestern Nat'l. Bank, etc., 78-1740

Eastgate IGA Foodliner v. NLRB, 78-1557

E.E.O.C. v. Contour Chair Lounge Co., 78-1843, 1869

Ellis, Charles L. v. James Mabry, Comm'r., etc. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1742

Emerson Electric Co. v. The Black & Decker Mfg. Co., et al., 79-1016

Emerson Electric Co. v. James A. Schlesinger, et al.; McDonnel Douglas Corp. v. Ray Marshall, etc., et al., 79-1158, 1187

England, Wm. J. v. Frederick A. Downey, 78-1322

English, John E., et al., etc. v. 21st Phoenix Corp., etc., et al., 78-1221

Box 149

Ethier, Steven F. v. U.S. Postal Service, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1197

Firefighters Institute for Racial Equality, etc., et al. v. City of St. Louis (Administrative Panel File), 79-1435

In Re: Ford Lane Executive Center, Inc., 79-1151

Foremost Ins. Co. v. Loretta June Jones, etc., 79-1233

Frank, Valerian J. v. CIR (Screening Panel Case), 79-1220

French, Peggy S. v. Western Typesetting Co., 78-1538

Gabauer, Ernest, et al. v. Leonard Woodcock, et al. (En Banc Case), 77-1094

U.S. v. Gardner, Craig Leslie, 79-1328

Garoogian, Mike, etc. v. J. E. Medlock, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1060

General Dynamics Corp. v. Ray Marshall, etc., et al. (Rehearing File), 77-1192

U.S. v. Gentile, Kenneth W. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1710

Box 150

Getz, Bernard J. v. S.W. Bell Tele. Co., et al. & Comm. Workers of America, 79-1252, 1265

U.S. v. Ghost Bear, George (Screening Panel Case), 79-1228

U.S. v. Gitcho, Christopher, 79-1055

Glover, Merton, et al. v. National Broadcasting Co., etc., et al., 78-1835

In Re: U.S. ex rel. Goodman, Sam, Appellant, 78-1622

U.S. v. Goodman, James Alfred, 78-1304

U.S. v. Good Shield, Henry Thomas, (Screening Panel Case), 79-1162

Green, Clovis Carl, Jr. (Administrative Panel), 78-8228, 8229, 1891

In Re: Green, Clovis Carl, Jr., 79-8075; 79-8078 -- 8092

Green, Clovis Carl, Jr. v. Carl White, etc. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1714

Box 151

Green, William E. v. John W. DeCamp, et al., 79-1270

Greyhound Lines, Inc. v. Lexington State Bank, etc., 79-1085

Hamilton, David L. v. Consolidated Freightways (Screening Panel Case) 79-1042

Hall, Roy Edward v. Lt. John Ashley, etc., et al., 79-1008

U.S. v. Hammond, James Wilson, 79-1006

Harkins, Gary Wayne v. Donald W. Wyrick, Warden, 78-1533

Harvey Engineering & Mfg. Co. v. NLRB, 79-1180

Hawkins, Ellsworth L., Jr. v. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co., etc., et al. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1777

U.S. v. Hawkins, Scott Edward, 79-1223

Hendrix, Thomas C., etc. v. Int'l. Union of Operating Engineers, etc., 78-1376

U.S. v. Hill, Charles M., 78-1246

Hindman, Richard Alan v. U.S. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1445

Hoffman, Glen v. Alside, Inc., et al., 78-1802

Huff, Gerald Wayne v. U.S., 78-1825

Box 152

Hughes, Maurine v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co., 78-1626

U.S. v. Hughes, Scotty R., 79-1086

Hunt, Guy A. v. Northwest Airlines, Inc., 79-1157

Huston, Mark R. v. Thomas Shows, Inc., 78-1266

Ingham, Helen Ann Hubbel, etc. v. Roy D. Clark, etc., et al., 78-1826

In Re: Jack Green's Fashions for Men, etc., Bankrupt., 78-1791

Jackson, Calvin v. Curators of University of Missouri (Screening Panel Case), 78-1824

U.S. v. Jackson, Cleo, 79-1371

Jensen, Herbert O., et al. v. Edward Klecker, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1618,1666

U.S. v. Johnson, Olive Eugene (Screening Panel Case), 78-1022

Junior College Dist. of St. Louis, etc. v. Joseph A. Califano, etc., et al., 78-1830

Kansas City Southern Ry. Co. v. Great Lakes Carbon. Corp. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1075

In Re: Kapp, Ellis Victor, Bankrupt, 79-1163

Kerasotes Missouri Theatres, Inc. v. Conner (Screening Panel Case), 78-1795

United States v. Kilen, Joseph George, 79-1562

Box 153

King, Cletus, et al. Space Carriers, Inc. et al. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1873

Knights of Columbus, etc. v. Arthur M. Wirtz, et al., 78-1591, 1601

U.S. v. Kohner, Jeffery Charles: See U.S. v. Dale David Bruneau, 78-1550

Kropp, Robert P. v. Sylvester A. Ziebarth, etc., et al., 78-1182

Lamb, George D. v. Amalgamated Labor Life Ins. Co. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1863

Lane, Harlan v. Frank E. Chowning et al., 79-1209

Larson, Melvin v. American Wheel & Brake, Inc., 79-1149

U.S. v. LePatourel, Edward, et al., 77-1306

Levan, Ernest v. Benny Fullington (Screening Panel Case), 79-1495

U.S. v. Lewis, Milton (Screening Panel Case), 79-1247

U.S. v. Little, James E., 78-1862

U.S. v. Losing, Russel Jr. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1074

Box 154

U.S. v. Love, Jack, 78-1687

Lund American, etc. v. NLRB, 79-1378

United States v. McCalvin, Robert, etc., 79-1672

U.S. v. McCarty, George John, Jr., 79-1227

U.S. v. McCauley, John Keith, 78-1631

U.S. v. McClintic, Glenn Arthur, Jr., 79-1289

McGaughey, Donald Eugene v. U.S., 78-1229

McMahon, Dr. Frank B. v. Meredith Corp., et al., 78-1091

U.S. v. McMillan, Harold, 79-1308

McSwain, Donald v. Robert Parratt, Warden, etc., 78-1654

Martin, Favis Clay v. Lester A. Aubuchon, et al. (Administrative Panel Matter), 79-1417

Mathis,Sherwood W., et al. v. C.I.R. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1903

U.S. v. Matthews, Norman L., 79-1155

Merrill, Clifford Keith v. U.S. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1038

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, etc. v. Sam Goldman, 78-1427

Micklus, Albert L. and Sons v. Allied Chemical Corp., etc. et al. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1541

U.S. v. Midtaune, Arnold H., 78-1562

Box 155

U.S., et al. v. Miller, Lyle, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1226

U.S. v. Miller, Orland Eugene (Screening Panel Case), 78-1707

Missouri Pacific R.R. Co. v. Star City Gravel Co., 78-1556

Moore, Thomas D., etc. v. Matthews Book Co., Inc., et al., 78-1864

Morrilton School Dist. No. 32, et al. v. U.S. (En Banc Case), 79-1293

U.S. v. Moss, Alton R., etc., 78-1895

Moye, Lew, et al., etc. v. Chrysler Corp., 79-1261

Murphy, Charles, et al. v. Bd. of Ed. of City of St. Louis, et al., 78-1608

Narez, Michael v. General L. Wilson, et al., 78-1375

Nebraska Messenger Serv. Assoc., et al. v. Charles Thone, etc., et al., 79-1820

Nelson, Bill C. v. Terrell Don Hutto, etc., 78-1706

Nevels, Willie v. Robert F. Parratt, etc., 78-1874, 79-1017

Newton Sheet Metal, Inc. v. NLRB, 78-1767

Niemann, Max A. v. Robert Parratt, etc., 78-1783

NLRB v. J-B Enterprises, Inc., 79-1069

NLRB v. Potter Electric Signal Co., 78-1763

Box 156

NLRB v. Wrape Forest Inds. En Banc (No argument), 78-1252

United States v. O'Brien, Edward Patrick, 79-1635

Ohio Valley Producers Livestock Assn., Inc. v. Roy Thurow, 78-1789

Olson-Frankman Livestock Marketing Serv., Inc. v. Citizens Nat'l. Bank, etc., et al., 79-1080

Olson, Orville L., Jr. v. American Oil Co., etc., et al., 79-1047

Omaha Indian Tribe, etc. v. Roy Tibbals Wilson, et al. (Administrative Panel Case), 77-1384, 1387

Omaha Indian Tribe, etc. v. Harold Jackson, et al..; U.S. v. Roy Tibbals Wilson, et al. (Administrative Panel Case) (2 folders), 77-1384,1387

Box 157

Omaha Indians Case -- Facts -- (3 folders), 77-1384, 1387

Omaha Indian Case -- Law -- (3 folders), 77-1384, 1387

Box 158

Omaha Paper Stock Co. v. Harbor Ins. Co., 78-1342,1369

U.S. v. Palmer, Lawrence E., 79-1282

George v. Parratt, etc. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1839

Paschall, Gweldon Lee, et al. v. Kansas City Star Co., 79-1128

United States v. Phillips, Wayne; U.S. v. Kevin Eaves, 79-1446, 1555

In Re: Porter, Bernard, Jr., et al., Bankrupts, 79-1136

Ray, John Larry v. U.S. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1227

Reinke Mfg. Co. v. Sidney Mfg. Corp., etc., 78-1301,1341

U.S. v. Reserve Mining Co., et al. Exhibits A & B to M.R. Banovetz Affidavit, 76-1405, 1454, 1608, 1655

Box 150

U.S. v. Reserve Min Co., et al. Exhibits C through CC to M.R. Banovetz Affidavit, 76-1405, 1454,1608, 1655

U.S. v. Reserve Mining Co., et al. Appellant Reserve's Appendices vols. 3 -- 8 (73-1239; 74-1291,1466, 1816), 76-1405, 1454, 1608, 1655

Box 160

U.S. v. Reserve Mining Co., et al. Appellant Reserve's Appendices vols. 9 --16 (73-1239; 74-1291, 1466, 1816), 76-1405, 1454, 1608, 1655

Box 161

U.S. v. Reserve Mining Co., et al. Appellant Reserve's Appendices vols. 17 -- 26 (73-1239; 74-1291, 1466, 1816), 76-1405, 1454, 1608, 1655


U.S. v. Reserve Mining Co., et al. Appellant Reserve's Appendices vols. 28 -- 30 (73-1239, 74-1291, 1466, 1816), 76-1405, 1454, 1608, 1655

Rheuark, Jack v. Henry Wade, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1422

Rhodes, Lucile v. Corps of Engineers, etc., 78-1712

Rimmel, Gerald A. v. Maurice B. Frank, 78-1627

Rimmel, Gerald A. v. Mansion House Center North Redevelopment Co., et al., 78-1679

Roach, William Thomas & Alfred D. Russom v. Teamsters Local Union No. 688, etc., 78-1633, 1703

Robinson, Booker Leon, Jr. v. Robert Parratt (Screening Panel Case), 79-1647

Rodes, John, et al. v. W.E. Verkler, Jr., et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1701

Ronnei, Larry v. Robert Butler, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1674

Roswil, Inc., etc. v. NLRB; NLRB v. Retail Store Employees, etc., et al., 79-1750

Box 163

Sargent, Paul F. v. Roger T. Johnson, etc., et al., 79-1078, 1121

U.S. v. Scavo, Frank, 78-1574

School District of Kansas City, et al. v. State of Missouri, et al. (Administrative Panel), 78-1904

Schrempp, Warren C., Llenor v. Raymond Boren, et al., 78-1766

United States v. Scott, Linda (Screening Panel Case), 78-1594

Second National Bank of Tampa v. J. Bruce Blake, Trustee (Screening Panel Case), 78-1614

Serna, Louis v. Donald W. Wyrick, Warden (Screening Panel Case), 78-1385

U.S. v. Shepherd, Doyle L., 78-1424

Skar, William T. v. The City of Lincoln, et al., 78-1048

U.S. v. Smith, Alfred Jerome Jr., 78-1847

Southern Illinois Stone Co. v. Universal Engineering Co., et al., 78-1225

Stanley III, Jackie v. Major O.L. Henderson, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 78-1801

U.S. v. Stout, Ray Gene, 78-1804

Straub, E.J. etc. v. Parkview Homes II Operating Partnership, etc., et al. & Sec'y. HUD (Screening Panel Case), 79-1159, 8084

Sutton, Jesse v. Engineered Systems, Inc., 78-1868

Box 164

Syrovatka, Lawrence J. et al., etc. v. Eldin J. Erlich, etc, et al., 79-1269

Taenzler, Jeffrey W. v. Burlington Northern, etc., 79-1242

Taylor, Donald W., et al. v. United States, 78-1885

Thompson, Douglas W. v. Carl White (Screening Panel Case), 78-1041

Thorne, Wilma I. v. Joseph Califano, etc., 79-1195

In Re: Thurston Corp. -- Mark L. Laughlin, Trustee (Screening Panel Case), 79-1591

U.S. v. Tissi, Anthony J. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1245

Tyler, Melvin Leroy v. Claude Woodson, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1023

United Steelworkers v. Tec Tank, Inc. (Sceening Panel Case), 79-1132

U.S. v. Units, Joseph Daniel, 78-1872

Unterburger, David, et al. v. Snow Company (Screening Panel Case), 79-1869

Vagle v. Pickands Mather & Co. (Re: Pet. for Rehearing En Bane), 78-1569

U.S. v. Vanelli, Leonard J., 78-1607

Ventling, Larry, et al. v. Bob Bergland, etc., et al. 79-1704

Box 165

Villanueva, Robert v. Moreland, Edward, et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1015

Vire, Alton v. U.S. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1863

U.S. v. Voorhees, Merlin, 78-1642

U.S. v. Warrick, John Wesley, 79-1005

U.S. v. Washington, William Lawrence, 79-1324

Welch, Helen M. v. CIR (Screening Panel Case), 79-1463

Wild, John Julian, etc. v. St. Paul Companies, etc., et al. (Screening Panel Case), 79-1508

Williams, Andrew v. Evangelical Retirement Homes, etc., 78-1717

Williams, James E., et al. v. Missouri Bd. of Probation and Parole, et al., 78-1136

Williams, Lorna L. v. Town of Okoboji, Iowa, et al. (Administrative Panel Case), 79-1011

Wisdom, Gerald C. v. Carla A. Hills, Sec'y. HUD, 79-1025

U.S. v. Woodruff, Sharon (Screening Panel Case), 79-1204

Word, Harry Dino v. U.S., 79-1171

In Re: Yeilding, Charles, Petitioner, 79-1093

Young, James Earl v. James Mabry, etc., 78-1892

Zwicker, Reinhold, etc. v. J.I. Case Co., 78-1599

District Court Criminal Cases

Box 166

Criminal Correspondence, 1960 -- 1971

Criminal Matters, 1961 -- 1971

Criminals in Custody, 1966 -- 1971

Indictments, 1969 -- 1971

U.S.A. v. Allard, Donald J., Cr. 5-1447-C

U.S.A. v. Allard, Donald J., Cr. 5-1463-C

Box 167

U.S.A. v. Austin, Leonard J., Cr. 4-1356-C

U.S.A. v. Bielen, Brad Burdette

U.S.A. v. Buckner, Sherl and Gaskill, Stephen, Cr. 5-1436-C

U.S.A. v. Bumpus, Claude F., Cr. 5-1531-C

U.S.A. v. Briddle, Brown, and Mourey, Cr. 5-1420-C

U.S.A. v. Chafa, Michael, Cr. 4-1252-C

U.S.A. v. Coverdell, Donald Paul, Cr. 5-1443-C

U.S.A. v. Colton, Quentin Paul, Cr. 5-1377-C

U.S.A. v. Chapman, Lyle Albert, Cr. 5-1551-C

U.S.A. v. Dossett, Charles Raymond, Cr. 5-1482-C

U.S.A. v. Deitle, Robert Earl, Cr. 5-1433-C

U.S.A. v. Evans, Clarence E., Cr. 5-1515-C

U.S.A. v. Eastman, Westen and Trieweiler, Terry, Cr. 5-1454-C

U.S.A. v. Fletcher, Ora, Cr. 5-1414-C

U.S.A. v. Fordice, Richard Louis, Cr. 5-1546-C

Box 168

U.S.A. v. Greer, Sandra, Cr. 4-1360-C

U.S.A. v. Griffin, John Shelby, Cr. 5-1474-C

U.S.A. v. Goodwin, Donald Dale, Cr. 5-1532-C

U.S.A. v. Hanson, Curtis Allen, Cr. 5-1537-C

U.S.A. v. Holms, Allan Leslie, Cr. 5-1429-C

U.S.A. v. Hoffman, Harvey Kenneth, Cr. 5-1512-C

U.S.A. v. Hamilton, Brent, Cr. 5-1376-C

U.S.A. v. Hedges, John Douglas, Cr. 4-1283-C

U.S.A. v. Johnson, Donald Eugene, Cr. 5-1521-C

U.S.A. v. Johnson, Gale F., Cr. 5-1462-C

U.S.A. v. Jones, William J., Cr. 5-1448-C

Box 169

U.S.A. v. Kimble, Smith, Pinson, Carter, Cr. 5-1496-C

U.S.A. v. Lane, Paul P., Cr. 5-1405-C

U.S.A. v. Lauderdale, George William, Cr. 5-1559-C

U.S.A. v. Lewis, Walden, Cr. 5-1440-C

U.S.A. v. Lounsberry, Frank, Cr. 5-1529-C

U.S.A. v. McGlish, John William, Cr. 5-1417-C

U.S.A. v. McElvoque, Melvin L., Cr. 5-1556-C

U.S.A. v. Manuel, Willard Frederick, Cr. 5-1468-C

U.S.A. v. May, Jerry Allen, Cr. 5-1418-C

U.S.A. v. Miller, Chris King, Cr. 5-1570-C

U.S.A. v. Miranda, Patrick Eugene, Cr. 5-1522-C

U.S.A. v. Mooney, Ralph E., Cr. 1-305-D

U.S.A. v. Noah, George Daniel, Cr. 5-1466-C

U.S.A. v. Parsons, Stephen, Cr. 5-1428-C

U.S.A. v. Poindexter, Gerald, Cr. 5-1446-C

U.S.A. v. Powers, Richard Lehman, Cr. 5-1513-C

Box 170

U.S.A. v. Reed (3 folders), Cr. 5-1455-C

U.S.A. v. Riedsel, LeRoy Allen, Cr. 5-1379-C

U.S.A. v. Roberts, Clark Allen, Cr. 5-1458-C

U.S.A. v. Ross, Edwards, Cr. 5-1384-C

U.S.A. v. Rutherford, Jerry, Cr. 4-1349-C

U.S.A. v. Ryan, LaBonte, Graham, Cr. 5-1553-C

Box 171

U.S.A. v. Schafer, Martin, Sandlin, Burteh, Cr. 4-1274-C

U.S.A. v. Sheehan, William E. et al., Cr. 4-1236-C

U.S.A. v. Sims, Welchman, Hanley, Cr. 4-1355-C

Box 172

U.S.A. v. Smith, James M., Cr. 5-1465-C

U.S.A. v. Strickel, Timothy M., Cr. 4-1353-C

U.S.A. v. Treakle, Larry James, Cr. 5-1442-C

U.S.A. v. Tzolis, Savas, Cr. 5-1479-C

U.S.A. v. Sholar, Dwain Ivor, Cr. 4-1116-C

Weichman, Fred

U.S.A. v. West, Ethel D., Cr. 4-1271-C

U.S.A. v. Whalen, Michael Joseph, Cr. 5-1539-C

U.S.A. v. White, William Earl, Cr. 5-1574-C

U.S.A. v. Williamson, Dunn, Strange, Jr., Cr. 5-1427-C

U.S.A. v. Yeager- Sullivan Inc., Cr. 5-1484-C

U.S.A. v. Zahari, John David, Cr. 5-1489-C

U.S.A. v. Zaun, William Dennis, Cr. 5-1540-C

Miscellaneous Law Notes (Criminal)

Box 173

Adams, Janice et al. v. U.S., et al. (En Banc Case) (2 folders) 79
-1468, 1470, 1471, 1477, 1486

Alafoss, h.f. v. Premium Corporation of America, Incorporated 79
-2067, 2068

In Re: Allegheny Corporation, etc. et al., Petitioners 80

AMOCO Canada Petroleum Company, etc
. v. Lakehead Pipe Line Company, etc. 79-1603

Anderson, James Vernoise v. U.S. (Screening Panel Case) 79

U.S. vs Anderson, Leslie; U.S. v. Leonard Mooney 79-1809, 1827

Andrews, Virginia M. etc. v. Patricia Harris, etc. 80-1282

Appearance Bond Surety v. U.S. (Ivers) (Screening Panel Case) 79-2037

Arkansas State Highway Employees Local 1315 v. George Kell 79-1541

Ashley, Drew & Northern Ry. v. United
Transportation Union, etc., et al. 79-1886

Associated General Contractors v. NLRB; Laborers'
Int'l. Union etc., et al., v. NLRB 79-1851; 80-1012

Box 174

Augustyniak, Raymond M. v. Investors Syndicate of America, Incorporated (Screening Panel Case) 80-1684

U.S. v. Ayd, Michael Gregory 79-1558

Barney, Kenneth D et al. v. IRS, et al. (Screening Panel Matter) 79-1488

In Re: Barrale, Carla, Petitioner 80-1051

Barry, John C. et al. v. Brotherhood of Railway, etc.; Harvey J. Podoll, Jr., et al. v. Union Pac RR Company, et al. 80-1496,1503

Bartak, Carol A., etc., et al. v. Bell-Galyardt & Wells, Incorporated, et al. 79-1517, 1518, 1536, 1716, 1717

U.S., et al. v. Bass, Warren K. et al., 79-1526

U.S. v. Basset, Edna K.; U.S. v. Paul Edward Essling, etc. 79-2075; 80-2083

Beeson, Travis N. v. Henry E. Hudson, etc., et al. 79-2015

U.S. v. Bennett, Benjamin Franklin 80-1110

United States v. Bianas, Norman (Screening Panel Case) 79-1751

Biby, James et al. v. Kansas City Life Insurance Company, et al. 79-1922

U.S. v. Big Day, Williams, LaFontaine & Renville (Screening Panel Case) 80-1292 to 1295

Bishop, Roger v. Robert C. Tice, Jr., etc., et al. 79-1607

Black Hills Jewelry Manufacturing Company v. Gold Rush, etc. 80-1426

Box 175

Blomberg, Robert E., et al. v. Daniel Schneiderheinz, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1219

U.S. v. Bodell, Dwayne Leroy 80-1739

Boyster, Don et al. v. O.R. Roden, et al. 79-1855

Brandon v. Unknown Badge No.; Brown v. Sergant Adler, etc. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1547, 1578

Brown, Albert v. Nutsch; McKinley Robinson v. Edward Vaclavik, etc., et al. 79-1753, 1952

Builders Steel Company v. Ray V Marshall, et al. 77-1589

Campbell, Ruth v. Von Hoffman Press, Incorporated 80-1137

U.S. v. Campbell, William R. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1807

Careaga, Christopher W. v. Judge Harr M. James, etc., et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1723

Cargill, Incorporated, etc. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, etc. 79-1610

In Re: Grand Jury Subpoenas -- Cargill, Incorporated (Administrative Panel Case) 80-8022, 8023

Carter, Albert H. v. United States, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1655

Caspe, Lewis W., et al. v. Aacon Auto Transport, Incorporated (Screening Panel Case) 80-1604

Box 176

Chambly, Lou Emma, et al. v. David R. Freeman, etc., et al. 79-2006

In Re: Christian, Earl (Administrative Panel Matter) 79-1542

Churchill Truck Lines, Incorporated v. U.S. & ICC (Administrative Panel Matter) 80-1274

In Matter of: Citizens Loan & Savings Company, Bankrupt Geo Aylward, Jr. v. Charlotte Weiser 79-1579

Coleman, Vickey D. v. Missouri Pacific RR Company -- 79-1866

Coley, Floyd F. et al. etc. v. Bill Clinton, etc. et al. 79-2043

Columbia Ranch Properties, Incorporated v. United Farm Agency, Incorporated, et al. (Screening) 80-1265

Columbus Community Hospital etc. v. Joseph A Califano, Jr., etc. 79-1273

Cooper, Grant v. G Robert Ross, et al. 79-1787, 1810

Corn Belt Telephone Company, et al. v. U.S. 80-1025

Cottrell, Lois P. v. CIR (En Banc) 79-1842

Cox, Billy Ray v. Terrell Don Hutto 79-1778

Crawford, Donald H. v. James P. Rielly, et al. 80-1167

Crawford, Thomas David, et al., etc. v. Martin Marietta Corporation, et al. 79-1801

Cummings, Bruce v. Fred Dunn, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-2081

Darr, James v. The Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Ry. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1624

Davis, Allan Frank v. Jerry Campbell (Screening Panel Case) 79-1207

Davis, Jesse C v. Joseph A Califano, Jr., etc. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1199

Dean Foods Products Company, etc. v. State of Arkansas 79-1350, 1357

Box 177

Diamond, Curtis v. Lt. A J Hall, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1026

Dicon, Incorporated v. Redman Industries, etc. 79-1334

U.S. v. Doby, Curtis Gale 78-1840

Dockendorf, Dale etc. v. Dakota County State Bank, etc., et al. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1205, 1324, 1325

Douthit, Troy Lee v. State of Arkansas & Four of Its Agents, etc. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1522

Drobena, Ramona A. et al. v. NLRB, et al.; NLRB v. United Steelworkers 79-1366, 1501

El Fundi, Niko et al. v. Robert Deroche, etc., et al. 80-1172

In Re: Endeco, Incorporated v. James H. Herzog (Screening Panel Case) 80-1406

Energy Transportation Systems, etc., et al. v. Union Pacific RR Company 79-1259

United States v. Euge, Harvey F. (En Banc) 78-1284

Eugene, Donald J. v. Edward J. Klecker, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1677

Evans, Alma W. v. Safeway Stores, Incorporated (Screening Panel Case) 80-1271

U.S. v. Evans, Roy Edward 79-1975

Fair Assessment, et al. v. Gene McNary, et al. 79-2031

Federal Barge Lines, Incorporated, v. Republic Marine (Screening Panel Case) 79-1609

Federal Express Corporation v. Pan American World Airways 79-1506

Finance America Credit Corporation v. John F. Bacheldor, Jr., etc. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1756

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company v. John C. Risjord (En Banc Case) 79-1781

Box 178

First National Bank of Omaha v. Marquette National Bank 80-1043

U.S. v. Foote, Cletus Charles 80-1281

Ford Motor Company v. Auto Supply Company Incorporated et al. 79-1238, 1281

Fowler, Arthur v. U.S., et al. 79-1588

Fulbright, Leo v. Brown Group, Incorporated (Screening Panel Case) 80-1234

U.S. v. Ganaway, Gisele (Administrative Panel Matter) 80-1200

Gatlin, D. M. et al. v. Missouri Pacific RR Company, et al. 79-1832

Givhan, Vornese v. Chamberlin Manufacturing Company, et al. 80-1150

Goodin, Georgia C. v. Patricia Harris, etc. 79-1933

U.S. v. Goodwin, Walter L. 79-1825

Gorman Towers, Incorporated, et al. v. Leonard Bogoslavsky, et al. 79-1760

U.S. v. Green, Clovis Carl Jr. 79-1544

Greene, Merle O. See Fuel, Carolyn 78-1876, 78-1896

U.S. v. Gunter, Louie Company 79-2039

Gunther, Cynthia v. Iowa State Men's Reformatory, et al., etc. 79-1332

U.S. v. Hach, Donald Charles 79-1750

Hannah, June v. Bill Haskins, etc., et al. 79-1326

U.S. v. Hanson, Harry S., Jr. et al. 79-1656-60

Box 179

United States v. Hayes, Cheryl Iris 80-1537

Hayward, Donald L. v. U.S. Parole Comm'n., et al. 79-1411

Henson, John Dale v. Donald Wyrick, Warden etc. 79-1808

U.S. & Donald E. Merrill, etc., v. First National Bank, Black Hills, etc., Doyle W. Hector, Intervener (Administrative Panel Case) 80-1091

Herweg, Elvina M., etc., et al. v. Robert D. Ray, etc., et al. (En Banc Case) 78-1664

Hirrill, George E. v. John T. Merriweather, et al., etc. 79-1081

Hodgson, Jane E., M.D., et al. v. Board of County Commissioners, etc., et al. (2 folders) 79-1665; 80-1220, 1221

U.S. v. Holy Bear, Charles Curtis 80-1076

Hopkins, Hazel, etc. v. Chip-In-Saw, Incorporated, et al. 79-1706

Horner, Arlene v. Mary Institute 79-1352

Box 180

Hunt Transportation, Incorporated v. I.C.G., et al. 80-1236

Hunter, Sue Ann, et al. v. U.S. 79-1870

International Travel Arrangers, Incorporated v. Western Airlines, Incorporated 79-1221

Iowa Beef Processors, Incorporated v. Patrick E. Gorman, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1889

U.S. v. Johnson, Bruce Wayne 79-1997

United States v. Johnson, Henry James 80-1509

Johnson, Kenneth Michael v. U.S. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1838

Jones, Hugh v. James Mabry, etc. 79-1865

Jones, Larry A. v. R.L. Spiegel, et al. (Screening Panel Case) Misc. 80-8128

United States v. Jones, Russel Dean 80-1600

J-R Grain Company, etc. v. Feaster Foods Company, etc., et al. 79-1614

Box 181

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation v. Illinois Central Gulf RR Company 79-1311

Kansas City Southern RY. Company v. Great Lakes Carbon Corporation (En Banc Case) 79-1075

U.S. v. Karsky, Joseph J. 79-1102

Keith, C. Hobart v. Freiberg, Louis K., et al. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1087

Kellin, Kenneth W. v. ACF Industries, et al. 78-1772; 79-1924

Kellin, Kenneth W. v. Hussmann Refrigeration Corporation (Administrative Panel Matter) 80-1256

Kelsey, Dwight W., et al. v. Jack Young, etc., et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1805

Kelsey, Dwight W., etc. v. State of Minnesota, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1062

U.S. v. King, Stanley R. 79-1689

Kinzenbaw, Jon E., etc., et al. v. Deere & Company, etc., et al. 80-1132

Kochheim, Martha Gay et al. v. George J. Meuschke 80-1278

Korgel, Albert, et al. v. United States 79-1310

United States v. Kriz, James Arthur (Screening Panel) 79-1917

Kyles, William v. Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency 80-1092

Landy Packing Company v. Amalgamated Meat Cutters, etc. 80-1030

U.S. v. Lane, Amos Sickman 80-1338

U.S. v. Lanier, Lee J. 79-1569

U.S. v. Larson, Russell L. 79-1385

Liebmann, Bernard J. et al. v. C.I.R. 80-1006

Light, Robert V. et al. v. Lawrence Blackwell, et al. 79-1626

Box 182

Little Rock School District, et al. v. Eugene F. Proctor, et al. 79-1994

Loporto, John C. v. State Supply Warehouse Company 79-1800

Lovett, Thomas G., Jr., etc. v. Joseph M. Schuster, et al. 80-1316

U.S. v. Luschen, Steven Elmer; U.S. v. Wayne Bernard King 79-1384, 1392

Madison Foods, Incorporated v. Ray Marshall, etc. 79-2062

Manchester Premium Budget Corporation v. Manchester Ins. & Indem. Company 79-1314

U.S. v. Manning, Hugh N. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1007

Est. Margrave, Robt. V. etc., et al. v. Committee of Internal Revenue 79-1267

U.S., et al. v. Middle Iowa Real Estate Corporation (Screening Panel Case) 80-1638

U.S. v. Miller, Waymon E. 79-2063

Morse, Jo Ann v. IRS 80-1283

Mosby, Roger Dean v. Mabry, James etc. 80-1116

U.S., et al. v. Nall, Thomas W. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1962

National Gerimedical Hospital, etc. v. Blue Cross of Kansas City, et al. 79-2018

Nelson, L.A. v. U.S. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1104

Nickens, Earl E. v. White, Carl, etc., et al. 78-1906

NLRB v. Custom Wood Specialties 79-1936

NLRB v. Erlich's 814 Incorporated, et al. 79-1519

NLRB v. Hitchiner Manufacturing Company 80-1109

Box 183

NLRB v. National Garment Company 79-1570

NLRB v. Vitronic Div., etc. (En Banc Case) 79-1154

Norfolk and Western Railway Company v. Continental Grain Company 79-1636

N-Ren Corporation, etc. v. American Home Assurance Company 79-1287, 1312

Oldham, Dianne, etc. v. Eldin J. Ehrlich, etc., et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1938

Overton, Ina M. v. U.S. 79-1847

Paccar Financial Corporation, etc. v. All Around Town Express, Incorporated, 80-1212

Pacheco, Candido, Jr. v. Advertisers Lithographing, Incorporated, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1930

The Paintsmiths, Incorporated v. NLRB 79-1177

Pearce, Gerry v. General American Life Insurance Company 80-1112

Parker, Lee Holden v. W.R. Vermillion (Screening Panel Case) 79-1754

Park View Heights Corporation--See Bates v. City of Black Jack 78-1660

Pinneke, Verna v. Victor Preisser, etc., et al. 79-1551

Box 184

U.S. v. Pintar, Michael A.; U.S. v. Barbara Pintar 79-2059, 2060

Pitchford, David W. v. Jimmy Hawkins (Screening Panel Case) 79-1993

Plant, Robert Harry v. Wyrick, Donald W., etc., et al. 80-1301

Pratt, Juneal Dale v. Robert F. Parratt, Warden, etc. 79-1679

Rawls, Robert Lee v. James Mabry, etc. 80-1337

Red River Transport and Development Company v. F.A.A. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1197

Red River Transport, etc. v. FAA (Administrative Panel Matter) 80-1197

Reeb, Roger M. v. Ray Marshall, etc. 79-1829

U.S. v. Reeder, Billy Wayne 79-1236

Reproductive Health Services et al. v. David R. Freeman, etc., et al. (2 folders) 79-1275,1346

Box 185

Rice, Bill, et al. v. Clenis Wilcox, et al., etc. 79-1479

Robinson, Juanita v. MFA Mutual Insurance Company, et al. 79-1845

U.S. v. Richard, Jerry C. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1342

U.S. v. Rifen, Jack C. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1927

U.S. v. Roberts, James Willis (En Banc Case) 79-1396

Rockswold, Gaylan L., et al. v. U.S. 79-1631

Rodgers, Willis L., Jr. v. Donald Wyrick, etc. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1792

Rogers, Harold Eugene v. R.G. Britton, etc., et al. 79-1862, 1896

Roseth, Jerome G., et al., v. Bob Bergland, etc., et al. 80-1156

Royal Typewriter Company, et al. v. NLRB; Allied Industrial Workers, Intervener 74-1250, 1292, 1301

Rucker, E'Thelbert v. Geo. Fickas, et al. (Screening Panel) 79-2004, 1144, 1158

U.S. v. Running Shield, Rudolph (Screening Panel) 79-1705

U.S. v. Runyon, William C. 79-2072

Box 186

U.S. v. Schmidt, Clarence Frederick 80-1257

Seery, Robert W. v. William J. Burrows, et al. 80-1106

U.S. v. Seest, Donald C. 80-1349

U.S. v. Selberg, Barlo Vernon 80-1255

Seniors United for Action, et al. v. Robert Ray, etc., et al. 80-1841

Shaw, Carole, et al. v. David Kruidenier, et al. 79-1563

Smith, Charles W., et al. v. Hussman Refrigerator Company, et al. (En Banc Case) (2 folders) 78-1034, 1092

United States v. Smith, Eddie, Jr. 80-1397

Smith, Glenn Ross v. C.I.R. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1505

Smith, Leonard E. v. United States 80-1528

Spear, Harry W. v. Peter M. Roberts (Screening Panel Case) 80-1071

Squirt Company v. The Seven Up Company, etc., et al. 79-2003, 2054

Box 187

State of Arkansas, ex rel. Arkansas State Highway Department v. Neil Goldschmidt, Sec'y. Transp. (Administrative Panel Matter) (2 folders) 80-1574

State of Missouri v. National Organization for Women, Incorporated 79-1379

State of North Dakota, etc. v. Merchants National Bank, etc.; First National Bank v. Aberdeen National Bank & Northern City National Bank (En Banc) 79-1342, 1612, 1644

Stovall, Venita v. City of St. Louis Board of Education 79-1356

Swanson, Gilbert C., Jr. et al. v. Baker Industries, Incorporated 79-1359

Tackett, Verla Lorraine v. Pearl Kidder 79-1459, 1535

Tanner, William B. Company v. Cameron Radio, Incorporated, etc. 79-1568

In Re: Terminal Moving & Storage/Putnam Realty v. Terminal Moving and Storage (En Banc) 79-1426

Box 188

U.S. v. Thompson, Frank Henry Jr. 79-1773

Thompson, Maudie L. v. School District of Omaha, etc., et al. 79-1593

Thornton, Brenda v. Equifax, Incorporated, etc. 79-1372

Tipton Electric Company v. NLRB Retail Clerks Local 655, Intervenor -- Respondent 79-1387

U.S. v. Two Eagle, Gaylord Alfred 80-1365

Udoh, Justin Pius etc. v. Michael J. Nolan, etc., et al. 80-1506

Unger, Robert Ellis v. U.S. 80-1456

Vaughn, Christine, et al. v. Westinghouse Electric Corporation 79-1561

Vette Company, et al. v. Aetna Cas. & Surety Company 79-1200

Vincent, Clark et al. v. Gary E. Widmar, et al. 80-1048

U.S. v. Voice, Thomas William 80-1057

Box 189

Wajda, Antoinette B. v. City of Minneapolis, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 80-1253

U.S. v. Walker, Fred 80-1567

Ward, James Wesley v. Arkansas State Police (Screening Panel Case) 80-1808

Warren Transport, Incorporated v. I.C.C., et al. 80-1094

Warren Transport, Incorporated v. I.C.C., et al. International Transportation & Anderson Trucking Service Int-Resp. 80-1326

Warren, Vivian v. Government National Mortage Association, et al. 79-1244

U.S. v. Watkins, James Carrol 80-1053

Watson, Beulah v. Joseph Califano, Jr., etc. 79-1543

Watson, Jackey Don v. Thomas Moss, et al. 79-1725

West, Frank R. v. Bergland, Bob, etc., et al. 79-1711

White, Gary v. Lackland Bloom, et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1858, 1893

Wilkins, Billie Wayne, et al. v. M & H Financial, Incorporated, et al. 79-1909

Williams, Andrew, Jr. v. Evangelical Retirement Homes, etc. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1817

Williams, Cathy A. v. Ford Motor Credit Company/Ford Motor Credit Company v. S & S Recovery, Incorporated 79-1911, 1947

Box 190

Wise, Irving Stewart; See Cox, Jarrell, et al. 77-1832/1838/1945 77-1945

Wixom, Roswell W. v. U.S. 79-1712

Wolff, Eugene etc. v. Whittaker Marine & Manufacturing Company, etc., et al 80-1103

Woods, Van v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, etc. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1849

U.S. v. Wrehe, Harold; U.S. v. Thomas C. Fisher; U.S. v. Mary Lou Wrehe 79-1690, 1691, 1692

Yellow Bird, Jo Ann v. Clifford Valentine, etc., et al. (Screening Panel Case) 79-1958

United States v. Young, Eisenhower 80-1407

U.S. v. Young, Harvey B., Jr. 79-1573

1983 Addition

Box 191

Administrative Panel Matters 1973

Miscellaneous Correspondence of Panel Judges

Acme Precision Products, Incorporated et al. v. American Alloys Corporation 72-1560, 1585,1595

U.S. v. Allen, Oscar Lee 73-1196

Ballard, Carl v. Commanding General 73-1008, Civil Act. 19991-3

Berryhill, Raymond v. U.S. 73-8093

U.S. v. Brick, Albert Sander (McCutcheon, Samelson, Weidlich, Weinberg) 73-1162, 1163, 1164, 1186, 1192

Briner, Georgia A. v. Gail Tilley 73-1381

U.S. v. Brinkley, Sherrill Gary 73-1444, 1445

Brown, Guy F. v. Harold R. Swenson, et al. 73-1530

U.S. v. Brown, Ronald Eugene; U.S. v. Bufford James Henderson 72-1538, 1715

Buechel, Ronald J., a minor, by Mary Buechel, v. U.S. 73-1361

Calhoun, Evan v. D. Ray Hall 73-1069

Campbell, Jerry H. v. State of Minnesota 73-1373

Canniff, Judith D. etc. v. James R. Groves 73-1377

Carson, George v. Sandy River Wild Rice Enterprises, Incorporated, et al. 72-1333

Coalition for the Environment, et al. v. Volpe, et al. 72-1769, 1770

U.S. v. Cohen 73-1755

Columbia Toy Products Company v. George V. Aylward, Jr. 73-1234

Corcoran, James R. et al. v. Allied Supermarkets, Incorporated 73-1414

Cox, Joseph W. v. Wolff 73-8007

Cruz, Rudolph Melvin v. Lyman Cardwell, etc. 73-8117

Da-Com Corporation v. R.D.I. Liquidating Corporation 73-1443

Duisen, Theodore A. v. State of Missouri 71-1389

Egan, Earl John v. Sandwick, Ken etc. 73-1376

Engel Industries, Incorporated v. The Lockformer Company 72-1465

Environmental Defense Fund, et al. v. Robert F. Froehlke, Secretary of the Army, et al. 73-1497

Fairfield Products, In the Matter of 73-1473

Farah Manufacturing Company v. N.L.R.B. 73-1318

U.S. v. Farnsworth, Warren Edgar 73-1216

Favell v. United States 73-8005

Feather, et al. v. Erickson, Warden 73-8081 to 8087

Box 192

Administrative Panel Matters 1973, cont.

Federal Prescription Service, Incorporated, & Drivex Company v. NLRB 73-1362

U.S. v. Fire Thunder, Wayne Moses 73-1312

Flavor Corporation of America v. Kemin Industries, Incorporated, et al. 73-1338; 11-409-c-l

U.S. v. Folsom, Lloyd Jr. 72-1607

U.S. v. Fowler, Ernest Frank 72-1546

Freeman, Samuel T. v. Lockhart 72-8061

U.S. v. Gaines, Cletus Wayne 72-1754

Gajewski, Loren R. & Mervin A. v. U.S. 73-1350

Gammon, Robert v. Mr. T's Rental of St. Louis, Incorporated, et al. 73-1371

Gardner, Dorothy A. etc. v. Richard L. Meyers 73-1323

General Dynamics Corporation v. Selb Manufacturing Company, et al. 72-1318

U.S. ex rel. Goings, Milo Warfield v. R.L. Aaron, Warden, etc. 72-1624

Green, Clovis Carl, Jr. v. R. L. Aaron, Warden, et al. 73-8079

U.S. v. Haley, Dale Roy 72-1766

Hammonds, Albert L. v. Bart Mantia, etc. 73-8071

Harper, Walter F. v. Dr. P.J. Cicone, Director Appeal

U.S. v. Harris, Marcus James, Jr. 73-1297

Hartmann v. Scott, et al. 72-1692

United States v. Hayes Oran Ray 72-1672

Holloway, William Ralph v. Charles L. Wolff, Jr. 72-1764

Holmgren, Neil A. v. Honorable Paul Benson 73-1607

Hormel, Geo. A. & Company v. Local Union No. P-31, et al. 72-1631

U.S. v. Ingels, Jerry Dale 72-1542

Izaak Walton League v. George W. St. Clair, et al. 73-1407, 1408, 1409

Johnson, Austin V. v. Swenson, Warden 73-8068

U.S. v. Johnson, Charles N. 72-1676

Johnson, James Burl v. State of Missouri 73-1354

U.S. v. Johnson, John Henry 72-1635

U.S. v. Jones, Clifford 73-1174

Jones, Jerry L. v. State of Missouri 72-8067

Jones, Lewis D. v. Flewelling, Harold J., et al. 73-1229

Jorgenson, Edgar Allen, Jr. v. United States 72-1739

NLRB v. Lloyd's Ornamental and Steel Fabricators, Incorporated 73-1080

Lukenbill, David Lee v. U.S. 73-8088

Lykken, David T. et al. v. Honorable Philip Neville, et al. 72-1742


Box 193

Administrative Panel Matters 1973, cont.

Makin, Phillip S. etc. v. Kristof 72-1729

Marshall, Ethel Lee v. Ford Motor Company 19787-2

Marshall, Jerry W. v. United States of America 72-1767

U.S. v. Marzelle, John 73-1302

U.S. et al. v. Matras, Edmond etc. 73-1108

McQueen v. Swenson 73-1278

Meyers, Ellen Marie v. Richard Dark Meyers, Aplnt. 72-1410

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 73-1446

Morrison, Malcom Ralph v. U.S. 73-1442

Muhammad, Daniel Samuel v. U.S. 72 c 739 (1)

U.S. v. Mullins, Robert Dale 73-1203

National Heater Company v. Corrigan Company Mechanical Contractors 72-1705

National Inspection Bureau, Incorporated v. Honorable H. Kenneth 73-1401, Wangelin, et al.; James
C. Millstone v. National Inspection Bureau, Incorporated 72 c 224 (4)

U.S. v. Newland, Carl 72-1759

Nolan, Andy v. Swenson, Warden 73-8070

Novak, Andrew, Jr. v. Harold R. Swenson 73-1335

U.S. v. Peep, Dana Rudolph 73-1293

Peterson, Gerald D. v. State of Missouri 73-1235,1237,1238

U.S. v. Poitra, Roland Francis 73-1388

Polk, Thomas v. Ford Motor Company; Ethel Lee Marshall v. Ford Motor Company 73-1255,1256

Pollack, John v. Deere & Company 73-1368

U.S. v. Pollard, Joseph, Jr. 73-1006

Porter, David 7. United States Attorney General 73-8069

Porter, Sidney E. v. U.S. 73-1333

Pruitt, John D. v. Robert Sarver, Commissioner 73-8094

Rhodes, Paul v. Vaughn Germain, et al. 72-1386

Roberts, Clark v. United States 73-1366

U.S. v. Roell & Manning 73-1331

Schaefer, John R. v. U.S. 72-1686

Schoffner, William A. v. U.S. 73-8004

Schwartz, Ben S. v. Bache & Company 73-1346

U.S. v. Scott, Arlester 73-1207

U.S. v. Sears, L.C. 73-8090

U.S. v. Sellaro, Pasquale 71-1719

Smith, Donald Lee v. U.S. 73-8006

Smith, Ulysses Curtis v. State of Missouri 72-8066

U.S. v. Stabler, Raymond Lewis 73-1261

State of South Dakota v. John A. Volpe, Secretary of Transportation 73-1432

U.S. v. Stone, Thomas Daniel 73-1390

Thacker, Tommy Edward v. A. L. Lockhart, Sup't. 73-8097

Trans-World Bank v. Honorable James H. Meredith; Edwin S. Baldwin et al. v. F.I. Dupont Glore Forgan & Company; also Brockman & Mosby v. Dupont (2 Folders) 73-1475 70 c 569 (1) 71 c 643 (1)

Box 194

Administrative Panel Matters 1973, cont.

Turner, Orvill v. Melvin R. Pierson; and Melvin R. Pierson v. Walter H. Grant et al. 73-8089

Tyler, Melvin Leroy v. Honorable Judge McFarland & Danforth 73-8092

Tyler, Melvin Leroy v. Edward McSweeney 72-8003

U.S. v. Untiedt, Leslie G. 72-1752

Van Wie, Perry et al. v. Earl R. Butz, etc. et al. 73-1355

Wallace, Paul v. Secretary, Department of HEW 73-1055

U.S. v. Watson, Adrian D., Jr. 72-1713

U.S. v. Webster, Oliver 73-1268

Western Electric v. Burlington Truck Lines; Proctor & Gamble Company v. Idal Truck, et al.; 73-1200, 1201, 1202

U.S. v. Burlington Truck Lines, et al.

U.S. v. Wetzel, Richard Wayne & Charlotte Kramer 73-1274

White, Samuel Dean X. v. U.S. 73-8012

U.S. v. Wicker, Robert Gilbertson 72-1673

Wilkinson, Hubert D. v. Judith J. Johnson 73-1391

U.S. v. Willis, James Arthur 72-1704

Youngblood, John C. et al. v. Honorable John E. Miller; Arkansas -- Best Freight System, Incorporated v. John C. Youngblood, 73-1393, FS -- 73-c-9

Box 195

Administrative Panel Matters 1974

Miscellaneous Correspondence of Panel Judges

Adair Corp. v. FRS 74-1264

Ailshire, Eugene Bataan v. Sheriff Darnell 74-1148

Alexander, Aleck v. U.S. 73-1816, 1850

American Smelting & Refining v. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission 73-1721

Arenado, Ariel Nicholas v. Ciccone 73-1847

Arkansas Power & Light Company & Arkansas-Missouri Power Company v. Russell E. Train, Administrator, E.P.A. 74-1822

Atkinson, Paul v. Maplewood Furniture Company & Barbara Borchelt 73 -1835,1840

Automobile Transport Local 604 etc. v. Paddock Chrysler-Plymouth 73-1849

Baity, Leroy v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 74-1720

Beall Construction Company v. Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission 74-1297

U.S. v. Bengimina, Thomas Ralph 74-1060

Blackpipe State Bank v. U.S. 74-1626

Blunt, Paul v. Charles Wolff, Jr. 74-1002

Bowler, William R. v. Douglas D. Getter, et al. 74-8048

U.S. v. Bowman, Bobby Lee 74-1016, 1017

Brandt, John Paul v. Warden Brewer 74-1600

Brennan, Peter J. etc. v. Cherokee State Bank 74-1585

U.S. v. Brierly & Burgess 73-1804, 1805

Brooks, Loren Lee v. U.S. 74-1003

U.S. v. Buckhanon, Katherine 74-1213

U.S. v. Burden, Robert Darrell, Jr. 74-1170

U.S. v. Burgess, William Perry 73-1805

U.S. v. Byrd, Cleophas, Jr. 73-1460

Callegari, Adalberto v. Dr. Ciccone 74-1503

U.S. v. Calvert, Ronald F. (2 folders) 74-1716

Chapman, Daniel et al. v. Ben Meier etc. 74-1167

Chicago & North Western Railway Company v. Union Packing Company 74-1591

Clark, Floyd E. v. Lockhart 74-1692

Columbia Union National Bank & Trust v. Republic National Bank, et al 74-1857

Committee to Save North Dakota, et al., v. Rogers C. V. Morton, et al. 74-1555, 1648

Secretary of Labor v. Correa, Ricardo, Jr., etc. 74-1620

Crescent Erection Company v. H.H. Robertson Industries, Incorporated 74-8182

Crosby, Thomas Michael v. U.S. District Court 74-8157

Crow, Glene Eugene v. Missouri 74-8033, 8034, 8035

Box 196

Administrative Panel Matters 1974, cont.

Miscellaneous Correspondence of Panel Judges, cont.

Damron, Billy David v. Dr. Ciccone 74-1724

U.S. v. Daniels, Bennie, Jr. 74-1198

Denney, William Glenn v. Dr. Ciccone 74-1610, 1611, 1612

Diversified Brokerage Services Incorporated, The Greater Des Moines Board of Realtors, et al. 74-1632

Douglas, Ada v. Steak 'n Shake, et al. no number

Ellingburg, James G. v. Reggie T. Fletcher 74-8032

Ellis, Ethel, etc. v. J. K. Williams, etc., et al. 74-1116

U.S. v. Ennis, Gordon 73-1179

Evans, Edna Lee v. Warden Swenson 74-8042

Ferguson, F. M. et al. v. JHN Cattle Company, etc. 74-1052

Ford Motor Credit Company v. Miles F. Klosterman, et al. 74-1697

Forester, Eugene v. The California Adult Authority 74-1802

Fox, Anthony et al. v. Studebaker-Worthington, Incorporated, 74-1286

Frye, James Edward v. Judge Lord 75-8072

Garrett, Leonard H. v. Elliot t. Richardson, etc. 72-1141

Getter, Douglas G. et al. v. R. G. Dickinson & Company, et al. v. Audio Communications, Incorporated, et al. 74-8047

U.S. v. Glidden/Woods, Betty Lou 73-1640

U.S. v. Goings, Franklin Dale and Seth Peter Bad Cob 74-1164

Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company v. Gerot, et al. 74-1088

Graves, Ferinand et al. v. George Romney, etc., et al. 73-1897

U.S. v. Grayson, Lewis Frank 73-1288

U.S. v. Green, Lawrence 74-1084

Griffin, Cleveland, Jr., v. Bruce Nangle, et al. 74-8171

U.S. v. Haley, Samuel E., Jr. 73-1870

Hampton, James H. v. Gilmore, Thomas R., et al. 74-8169

Hardison, Larry G. v. TWA, et al. 74-1424

Harris, Nathaniel v. Dr. Ciccone 73-1820

Harris, Richard v. U.S. 73-1852

U.S. v. Hayden, Mottice 74-1524

Heard, Bobby Lee v. Cecil Boren, etc. 74-8031

Hester, William v. Dr. Ciccone 74-8041

Hill, David v. Kermit Sande, etc. et al. 74-1230

Holiday Manufacturing Co. v. BASF Systems, Inc. 74-1772

Hollins, Jesse Lee v. Lloyd DeGraffeneid 74-8050, 8051, 8052

U.S. v. Howard, Eugene Wesley 73-1856, 1857

Insurance Sales & Mgmt. Co. v. IRS; Jordan v. IRS 74-1389, 1390, 1410, 1411, 1412

Iowa, State of v. Sec'y of Transportation, et al. 74-1536

Jackson, David, Jr. v. U.S. 74-1091

Jackson Samuel S. v. U.S. District Court 74-8080

Jensen, Roger A., Trustee, etc. v. State Bank of Dumont, et al. 74-1796

U.S. v. Johnson, Charles N. 74-1122

Jones, Jerry Dean v. Swenson 74-8054

Junior Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City v. The Missouri State Junior Chamber of Commerce, etc. 74-1854

Box 197

Administrative Panel Matters 1974, cont.

Miscellaneous Correspondence of Panel Judges, cont.

Kelsey, Dwight W. v. McManus 74-8100

U.S. v. Key, James Y. 74-1545

Knox, Carl Dean v. U.S. 74-8025

U.S. v. Kobrock, Jerry Wayne 74-1698

Koppinger etc. v. Cullen-Schlitz, Merl Goerdt, Ioew Public Service 73-1873; 74-1031, 1146

Krider, Paul Henry v. Warden Wolff 74-1918

U.S. v. Land, 186.65 Acres of, etc. 73-1855

U.S. v. Lee, John Henry 74-1029

Linneman Construction v. Montana-Dakota Utilities, Ira James Gentle, Trustee (Intervenor) 73-1923

Little Thunder, Jake et al. v. Richard Kneip 74-1845

Livesay v. Punta Gorda Isles 74-1827

Lovely, Hobert v. U.S. District Court 74-8180

Lueder, Robert Mark v. George H. Mitchell, Prosecutor 74-8177

Martin, Frederick J.X. v. State of Missouri 74-8044

U.S. v. Martin, Howard C. 74-1090

U.S. v. Martin, Richard A. 74-1725

Martin, Walter, Jr. v. U.S. 74-1235

May, West P. v. U.S. 74-8174

McDonald v. Arkansas & Supt. Lockhart 74-1038

Merchant & Planters Bank of Newport v. James Smith, etc., et al. 74-1666

Merrill, Elmer A. v Dr. Ciccone, et al. 74-1631

Milgo Art(s) Systems, Inc., v. Janet R. Johnson, Trustee, et al. 74-1721, 1760

Miller, Ervin & Joseph McLaughlin v. Iowa State ASCS Committee, et al. 74-1174

Miller, Paige M. v. Marion Thomas, etc., et al. 74-1776

Minnis, William v. Int'l Union, etc., et al. 74-8210

U.S. v. Monteer, Martin William 74-1578

Montgomery, Eric Linden v. U.S. 74-8172

Morris, Hubert M. v. D. W. Wyrick, Warden 74-8148

Naegele, Robert O., et al., v. U.S. 73-1921

National Independent Meat Packers Assn., et al., v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, et al. 74-1387

NLRB v. Abco Engineering 74-1012

Natl. R.R. Passenger Corp. v. Mo Pac R.R. 74-1203

U.S. v. National Real Estate Exchange 74-1062

Nelson, Alice L. et al. v. Vera J. Likins, Comm. et al. 74-1900

U.S. v. Nemer, Everett Sam 74-1532

Newbold, Edward Lee v. Swenson 74-8045

U.S. v. Nick, Charles 74-1208

Noorlander v. Ciccone; Kirby v. Ciccone, et al. 73-1532, 1817

In the Matter of Parkview-Gem, Inc. 74-1368, 1400

Patterson, Russell v. Lockhart 74-1670

U.S. v. Pecina, Donaciano L. 74-1058, 1059

Peterman, Frank L. v. CRIP R.R. 74-1006, 1046, 1076

Putman, Warden v. Hon. Miles W. Lord (2 folders) 74-1220

Box 198

Administrative Panel Matters 1974, cont.

Miscellaneous Correspondence of Panel Judges, cont.

U.S. v. Qualls, Arthur, Jr. 74-1068

U.S. v. Rector, Jerry Wayne 74-1921

Reed Brothers, Inc. v. Monsanto Co. 74-1695

Reed, Robert L. v. Charles L. Wolff Jr. 74-1099

Rice, David L. v. Warden Wolff 74-1682

Rose, James L. v. U.S. 73-1760

Royal Typewriter, et al., v. NLRB; Allied Industrial Workers Local 469 v. NLRB; Litton Industries v. NLRB 74-1250, 1292, 1301

Russell, Walter v. State of Missouri 74-1690

U.S. v. Salvador, Elias Quesada, III 74-1417

U.S. v. Sanders, John and Toni L. Ross 74-1172

Schleicher, Albert William v. Warden Wyrick 74-1855

Shefner, Florence G. v. Sec'y of HEW 74-1789

Sherwood Medical Industries Inc. v. Deknatel, Inc. 74-1693

Shrout, Clayton H. et al. v. Comm. IRS 73-1517

Sioux Falls Stock Yards Co. v. NLRB 74-1094

Slatton, Max, Jr. v. Martin K. Eby Construction 73-1885

Smith, Alvie Melvin v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone 74-1723

Smith, Donald Lee v. U.S. 74-8166

Smith, Richard Fraxier v. U.S. Attorney General 74-1176

Starkey, Troy William v. James R. Dugan 74-8040

Sturgeon, Thomas C. v. Judges Haney, Stephenson, Talbot Smith 74-2002

U.S. v. Thomas, David Jr./Patterson 73-1883

Thompson, Dale M. v. Johnita F. Steinhilber 74-8161

Thompson, Douglas W. v. Judge Hunter 74-8183

Thompson, T. Eugene v. Bruce McManus, Warden 74-1568

U.S. v. Tibbetts, Jon Leslie 74-1917

Toolen, Thomas M. v. Judge Regan 74-1177

Travis, Glen & Claire & St. Louis Union Trust v. Hon. Kenneth Wangelin 74-1151

Triplett, Tyler & Duvall v. Warden Lark, Alderman Woodson & Rep. Clay 73-1452

Tyler, Billy Joe v. Sheriff Percich, etc. 74-1835, 1836

Tyler, Melvin L. v. Warden Swenson 74-8160

U.S. v. Valenzuela, Manuel Joseph 74-1668

Van Meter, Fay Monroe v. State of Iowa 74-8184

Veneri & Reilly v. Swenson 74-8018

Walker, Danny v. Tom Thomas 74-1112

Wallace, Everett, Jr. v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc., et al. 74-1081

U.S. v. Washington, Jerry 74-1156

U.S. v. Watson, William G. v. Daniel M. Pilla, et al. 74-1125

Whitney, David R. v. Orville Olson 74-1537

Wilburn, Joan Evans v. Pepsi-Cola Bottling of St. Louis 74-1771

Wilkerson, Jack I. v. Robert Sarver, et al. 72-1675

Willmar Poultry Co., et al., v. Morton-Norwich Products, Inc., et al. 74-1893

Wilwording, Alan Daniel v. Swenson 74-1071

Winford, Merle Ray v. Warden Swenson 74-8036

Box 199

Administrative Panel Matters 1975-1976

U.S. v. Alexander, Steven John 75-1424

Allen, Robert Fred, Jr. v. Warden Wyrick 75-8106

U.S., et al. v. Anderson, Donald V., etc. 76-1900

Anderson, Otis v. U.S. District Court 75- 8109

U.S. v. Associated Milk Producers Inc. Civil Action. 74CV80-W-1; 75-1473

Austin, Jerry Edward v. Judge Shell 76-8040

U.S. v. Austin, Johnny Earl 76-1932

Austin, Wesley v. Donald Wyrick 75-1886

U.S. v. Bad Cob, Rede Thomas 76-1887

Bailey, Billy Joe v. Dr. Ciccone 76-1843

U.S. v. Barket, Alexander J. 75-1320

U.S. v. Barr, Jackie 75-1238

Bartels & Shores Chemical Co., et al. v. EPA 76-1139

Bates, Charles v. Dr. Ciccone 75-8120

Beardslee, Clarence Earnest v. U.S.76-1214

Beeck, Jerry A. etc. v. Aquaslide 'N' Dive Corp. 75-8118

Bell, Roy O'Malley v. Warden Putman 76-1747

Bennett, Robert, Jr. v. Hon. John W. Oliver, etc.76-8112

Bettis, Raymond A., Appellant v. Warren County District Court, and Lew V. Brewer 75-1400

Birmingham, Carl M. v. U.S. District Court 76-8224

Bolder, Martsay L. v. Warden Wyrick 76-8215

U.S. v. Bonds, Marvin 75-1542

Bonner, Horace W., Jr., et al. v. Circuit Court of St. Louis, et al. 75-1125

Bonner, Horace W., Jr. v. State of Missouri 75-8110

Boxxhardt, etc., v. Central National Bank and Trust Co. of Des Moines, et al. 76-8211

Boyce, James L. v. Reynolds Metals Company 75-1488

Bozwich, Charles E. v. David Mathews 76-1869

Bradin, Johnny L. v. Judge Elmo B. Hunter 76-8051

Brewer, David Lee v. Warden Wolff 75-1294

Brinkley, S. Gary v. U.S. District Court 75-8212

Briscoe, Dr. John R. v. Edward J. Bock, et al. 76-1055

Brown, Barbara Jean v. Robert Bathke, etc., et al. 76-8234

Burlington Northern, Inc., v. U.S. & I.C.C. 76-1871

Burlington Northern, Inc. et al. v. U.S. & I.C.C. 76-1899

Butler, Darelle Dean and Robert Eugene Robideau v. Hon. Andrew Bogue 76-8028

Box 200

Administrative Panel Matters 1975 -- 1976, cont.

Carey, Ross O'Dell v. Donald Wyrick 76-1549

U.S. v. Casper, Sioux; U.S. v. Christopher Oliver Land; U.S. v. Martina Ellen White Bear; U.S. v. Geneva M. Red Feather; U.S. v. Joseph Bill 76-1031,1032,1181, 1182,1203

Cedar-Riverside Environmental Defense Fund, et al. v. Carla A. Hills, et al. 76-1452

Ceres, Inc. et al. v. Paul F. Ridgley, et al. 76-1505

Chambers, James Wilson, et al. v. Mo. Bd. of Probation and Parole 76-8232

Chicago & North Western Railway Co., et al. v. Judge Lord, et al. 75-1517

Churchill Truck Lines, Inc., et al. v. United States of America, et al. 75-1510

Clark, Ralph Barker v. Hon. Elmo B. Hunter, etc. 76-8127

Clark, Ralph Barker v. State of Missouri 76-2033, 8246

Clark, Ralph Barker v. Donald Wyrick, Warden of the Missouri State Penitentiary 74-8206

U.S. v. Cobb, James 76-1870

Condor Corp. v. Arlen Realty & Development Corp., et al. 75-1512

Coney, Ellis, Jr. v. Donald Wyrick, Warden 75-1389

U.S. ex rel Cook, Donald M. v. Warden Parkinson 75-1306

Courtney, Robert v. Terrell Don Hutto 76-8242

Courtney, Robert v. U.S. District Court 75-8097

Cox, Billy Ray v. U.S. District Court 76-8233; 75-8121

Dace, Edward E. v. U.S. 75-8114

Dady, J.A. etc., v. Olympia Brewing Co. & Theo. Hamm Brewing Co. (2 folders) 75-1437,1472

Degraffenreid, Emma, et al. v. GMC (St. Louis), et al. 76-1599

Deitle, Robert Earl v. Dr. Ciccone 76-1001

Denton, E.L., et al. v. Mr. Swiss of Missouri, et al. 76-1684,1685,1686

Derengowski, Appellant v. U.S. Board of Parole, et al. 76-1224

U.S. v. Diggs, Ronald Leroy 75-1417

Diversa-Graphics, Inc. et al. v. Management and Technical Services Company 76-8031

Douglas, Ada, etc.. v. Robert P. Cronin, et al. 74-1809,1810

U.S. v. Duardi, James S., et al. 75-1354

EEOC v. Laclede Gas Co. 75-1391

Ellifrits, Lester J. v. Hon. Elmo B. Hunter 75-8119

Ellingburg, James G. v. Sheriff Greer 75-1304

Ellington, Joe W., etc., v. United States Parole Commission, et al. 76-8248

Emery, Earl et al. v. Calvin Auger, etc., et al. 76-1061

U.S. v. Escamilla, Bernard Bravo 75-1398

Fargo Partners v. Dain Corp. 76-1053

Fields, Olive etc., v. Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific Railroad Co. 75-1243

Fisher Controls Company, Inc. v. Controls Components, Inc. et al. 76-8033

Box 201

Administrative Panel Matters 1975 -- 1976, cont.

Fitz, Andrew W., Sr. v. Hon. William C. Hanson 75-8115

Franklin, Lonnie Ray v. Donald Wyrick 76-8208

Frazier, John A. v. CIR 76-1923

Fry, Lloyd A., Roofing Company, v. Environmental Protection Agency (2 folders) 76-1731

U.S. v. Fullerton, Richard Neal 76-1791

Galloway, James Thomas v. Lou V. Brewer, Warden, et al. 75-1283, 76-8052

Garza, Vincent v. Charles L. Wolff, Jr., Warden, etc. 75-1420

Grandview Bank and Trust Co. v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 76-1236

Green, Clovis Car, Jr. v. Elmo B. Hunter 75-8125; 76-8228, 8184, 1942,1943, 8140, 8147, 8189, 8209, 1422, 8135, 8114

Hale, Calvin E. v. U.S. District Court 76-8041

Hammond, Mattie v. Judge Adkisson 75-1977

Harris, Jimmy v. U.S. District Court, etc. 76-8113

Hart, Eugene Michael v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 76-8050

Harvey, William E. v. The State of South Dakota 75-1479

U.S. v. "Hexie," Articles of Food, Zero Calorie Sweeteners 76-1121

U.S. v. Hill, Audrene, et al. 75-1429

Hilt Truck Line v. U.S. & I.C.C. 75-1269

Holland, Hershel Lee v. U.S. District Court 76-8217

Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Sioux City v. J. Allen Orr, et al. 76-1712, 1968

Homestake Mining Co. v. EPA, et al. 76-1088

Houghton, Phillip W. v. McDonnell Douglas Corp. 76-1652

Hunt, William Herbert, et al. v. Pan American Energy Inc., etc. et al. 76-1015

Hurley, W.F., Inc. v. Hon. Charles W. Baker 76-1519

Hysell, Richard Henry, et al. v. Iowa Public Service Company 76-1744,1847,1863

Independent Meat Packers Association, et al. v. Earl L. Butz, etc., et al. 75-1486

International Harvester Company v. Edward J. McManus 75-1419

Irby, Sammie Preston v. State of Missouri 75-1251

Box 202

Administrative Panel Matters 1975 -- 1976, cont.

Jackson, Samuel S. v. A.L. Lockhart, et al. 75-8129

Johnson, Ervin v. Warden Brewer 75-1338

U.S. v. Johnson, Paul Edward 75-1379

Joseph, et al. v. Norman's Health Club, et al. 75-1141,1142

U.S. v. Kelley, Tyrone J., et al. 75-1388,1408,1409,1412

Kelsey, Dwight W. v. State of Minnesota 75-8069

U.S. v. Eugene Kirk, Sr., et al. 74-333CR (3)

Knott, William J. et al. v. MoPac 75-1285,1317

Lambus, Emma v. Lawrence Graham 76-853C (2)

U.S. v. Land, 210.43 Acres of, et al. 75-1873,1874,1895, 1896, 1901, 1933; 73-1904

Lawrence, Hazel etc. v. Hon. William R. Collinson, etc. 76-1628

Lepiscopo, Ralph M. v. United States Marshal, et al. 75-1450

Levens, Dorothy v. GSA, et al. 75-1289

Lewis, Barbara Jean v. GMC 76-8227

Lewis, James Eugene v. Supt. White 76-8027

Lienemann, Arnold C. etc. v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. 75-1360, 1406

Lipscomb, Robert Edward v. W.H. Dillahunty, et al. 76-8058

Liss, Ellen Joy v. The Board of Education, etc. et al. 75-1440,1477

Livesay, Cecil et al. Punta Gorda Isles, et al. (2 folders ) 76-1881,1906

Box 203

Administrative Panel Matters 1975 -- 1976, cont.

Lloyd, Wilbert v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 76-1016

Long Manufacturing Company, etc. v. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, et al. 76-1518

Lorenz, Mrs. Gwen M. v. Jean Hammond, et al. 76-8245

Lovely, Hobert v. U.S. District Court 75-8103

Lyle, Robert Eugene v. Warden Wyrick 76-1996

McAdoo, L.M. et al. v. Union National Bank of Little Rock 76-2012

U.S. v. McAullffe, et al. 75-1352, 1355, 1394, 1427, 1430, 1469, 1470

McClain, Theophilus v. Wagner Electric Corporation 76-8044

McCurry, William M. v. U.S. District Court 76-8223

U.S. v. McKelvey, Shirley 76-1707

McNail, Mary Lou v. Amalgamated Meat Cutters & Butcher Workmen, et al. 76-2013

McNally, Martin v. Norman A. Carlson, et al. 75-1295

McQueen, Roger Lee v. Harold R. Swenson 75-1560; 76-1926

Mackay, Richard L. v. Dr. Ciccone 75-1218

Manis, Franklin D. & Joyce v. Federal Mutual Insurance Co. 75-1096, 1144

Martin, Frederick JX v. Judge Hunter 75-8116

Massey, Lonnie A. v. U.S. District Court 76-8078, 8088

Mastrian, Norman J. v. Hon. Donald D. Alsop and Hon. Edward J. Devitt 76-8023

May Co. Dept. Store v. Monroe L. Williamson, et al.; Sisters of St. Mary's v. U.S. Postal Service, et al. 76-1597,1713

Middleton, James G. v. Putman & Sigler 76-1035

Midland National Life Insurance v. CIR 76-2002

Midwest Coast Transport, Inc. v. Interstate Commerce Commission, et al. 75-1248

Mobley, Jeff ex rel Andrew Jackson Ross v. Sheriff Meek 75-1611

Monteer, U.S. ex rel Martin W. v. Hon. William H. Becker, etc. 76-8121

Morrow, Susan v. Douglas Huber, et al. 75-1703,1758

Mumbower, Loraine v. H.R. Callicott, etc., et al. 75-1378

Murphy, David Radford v. L. & J. Press Corporation 76-1092

In Re Subpoena to: Murphy, Samuel W. Jr., et al., Appellants; Merrell E. Clark, Jr., et al.,
Appellants 76-1916, 1931

U.S. ex rel Myers, Philip D. v. Hon. James H. Meredith, etc. 76-8039

National Labor Relations Board v. Southwest Missouri Foundation and Grading Company 75-1464

NLRB v. Midwest Hanger Company 72-1115

Necklace, Margorie v. The Tribal Court of the Three Affiliated Tribes, etc., et al. 76-1911

U.S. ex rel. Nelson, Steven G. v. Donald Wyrick 76-8205

Noll, William J., Appellant v. The People of the State of Nebraska, et al. 76-1079

North Dakota State Wheat Commission, et al., v. U.S. & I.C.C. 76-1990

Northern, James E. et al. v. McGraw-Edison Co. 75-1738

Northwestern Nat'l Bank of Minneapolis v. American Hoist & Derrick 76-1005, 1006

Ogles, Danny v. Terrell Don Hutto 75-1423

Olles, Bobby Joe v. U.S. District Court 76-8120

Olsen, Jeffrey Allan v. U.S. 75-1327

Ortiz, Archibaldo, Appellee v. U.S. 76-1500

U.S. v. Owen, Reginald Edmund 75-1431

Parish, John H. & Nina D., etc. v. Boetel & Co., et al. 75-1081

Pasutti & Tadlock v. U.S. 75-1535

United States v. Paulton, Gilbert 75-1916

Peabody Coal Co. v. EPA, et al. 75-1454

Peterson, Gerald D. v. Judge Collinson 76-8239

Petty, Steven E. v. Officer R. Dippold, et al. 76-1138

U.S. v. Pfizer, Inc., et al. 76-2021

Phillips, Tilmon E. v. Dr. Ciccone 76-8220

Box 204

Administrative Panel Matters 1975 -- 1976, cont.

Poindexter, Edward v. Warden Wolff 75-1919

Polizzi, Michael S. et al. v. Maurice Sigler, etc., et al. 76-1947

Presba, Steven Michael v. Dr. Ciccone 75-8126

Propotnik, Larry R., Appellant v. L. R. Putman, Warden, etc. Appellee 76-1008

U.S. v. Rapp, Harold Wellington, Appellant 75-1923, 1964, 1332, 1333

Redding, Henry A. v. W.R. Vermillion, etc., et al. 76-1856

Remmers, Michael D. etc., et al., v. Warden Brewer, et al. 75-1284

Rhevark, Jack v. Open Allen, et al. 76-1742

Richardson, Arthur v. Donald Wyrick 76-1467

Richardson, Cloyd Samuel v. Donald W. Wyrick, et al. 75-8133

U.S. v. Rigger, Donald Dean 75-1351

U.S. v. Robins, Alonzo 76-1072

U.S. v. Rude, David O. 75-1328

U.S. v. SaIer, Margaret 76-1937

Sanford, Maurice, et al. v. Terrell Don Hutto, etc. 75-1478,1484

Schneider, Joan M. v. Sheldon D. Grand 75-8105

United States v. Schriever, Craig 76-1816

Schwaig, Robert v. MFA Mutual Insurance Co., et al. 75-8104

Seasongood, Lester v. K & K Insurance Agency, et al. 76-1194

Sellers, James Vernon v. Dr. P. J. Ciccone 75-1397

U.S. ex rel. Shields, Don v. Judge Nangel 76-8038

Sierra Club, et al. v. Secy. of the Army, et al. 75-1252

United States v. Sims, Howard Houston 76-1264

U.S. v. Smallwood, Neal 76-1178

Solien, Joseph H. etc. v. Merchants Home Delivery Service, Inc. 76-1700

Soo Line Railroad Co., et al. v. Fruehauf Corp. 76-1161

South Dakota State Penitentiary, etc. v. Jaros & Barcley 76-8037

Stanley, Jackie v. U.S. District Court 76-8221

Stefanick, Michael v. Guard Officer Plante, et al. 76-1429

Stene, Richard W. v. Beresford School District, etc., et al. 76-1901

Stewart, Alphonse W. v. Marquette Tool and Die Co., et al. 75-1353

St. Louis University v. Blue Cross Hospital Service, Inc., etc., et al. 75-1274, 1293

Stocker, Johnie, Jr. v. Terrell Don Hutto 76-1971

U.S. v. Streets, Alleys and Public Ways in the Village of Stoutsville, Missouri, situate in Monroe County, Missouri, and William A. Moutray, et al. N 72 C 52

Studebaker-Worthington, et al. v. Anthony Fox, et al. 75-1385

Sturgeon, Thomas C. v. Grant; v. Detective Auchey, et al.; U.S. v. Sturgeon 75-1956, 1957, 1322

Superstar Productions, Ltd. v. Stephen C. Gold, etc., et al. 76-8008

Taylor, Bert, Jr. v. John Greenholtz, et al. 76-1975

Thibodeaux, Floyd v. State of South Dakota, et al. 76-1740

Thompoon, Lloyd A. v. U.S. 76-1777

Trevithick, Thomas W. v. U.S. District Court 75-8101

U.S. ex rel. Triplett, Leahmon v. Judge Wangelin 76-8115

U.S. v. Trotter, Richard D. 76-1021

Twillie, Cecil v. Morgan Collins, etc., et al. 75-1347

U.S. ex rel. Tyler, Melvin Leroy v. Judge Wangelin & Brendan Ryan 76-8134

Box 205

Administrative Panel Matters 1975 -- 1976, cont.

Ulmer, Harris E. v. Hon. G. Thomas Eisele, etc., et al. 76-8029

United Family Farmers, Inc., etc., et al. v. Thomas S. Kleppe, etc., et al. 76-1532

United Missouri Bank of Kansas City, et al. v. Hon. John C. Danforth 75-8132

Upton, Harold S. v. U.S. District Court 75-8220

Usery, W. J. etc. v. Western Waterproofing Company, et al. 76-1703

Van Meter, Roe etc., et al. v. Dana Chevrolet Company, et al.; Fay M. Van Meter v. Bender Furniture Store, et al. 75-1827, 1828

U.S. v. Vaughan, Leroy 75-1892

U.S. v. Village of Stoutsville, etc. 75-8096

Vincent, Nathaniel v. U.S. District Court 76-8238

U.S. ex rel. Walker, Danny R. v. United States District Court, etc. 76-8035

Walker, Leroy, Jr. v. United States 76-1845

Walker, Robert Lee v. Donald Wyrick, Warden 75-8136

Wallace, Paul v. United States Postal Service, et al. 75-1298

U.S. v. Walsh, Robert Emmet, Jr. 75-1355

Washington, Eddie v . U.S. 76-1396

U.S. v. Weatherspoon, Gabriel Tyrone 75-1456

U.S. v. Webb, Henry Eugene 76-1640

Weeks, Earl v. Judge Collinson 76-8130

Wells, Josephine v. Sherwood Medical Industries, et al. 76-1116

Western Land Corp. v. Crawford-Merz Co., et al. 75-1161

Western Motors of North Platte v. OSHRC 76-1773

White, Donald W. v. Edward Levi, etc., et al. 76-1999

Williams, Ronnell Barrett v. Donald Wyrick 76-2025

Willmar Poultry Co., et al. v. Morton-Norwich Products & Richardson-Merrell, et al. 76-8045; 74-1893

Wilson, Thomas Robert v. U.S. 76-1826

Wright, Samuel v. Stone Container Corp. 75-1094, 1120

Youngbear, Ellsworth v. Warden Brewer 76-1746

Box 206

Administrative Panel Matters June/July 1977 to May 1978

Alafoss, H. F. v. Premium Corporation of America, Inc. 78-1381

Alsobrook, W.R. et al. v. United States 77-1388

American Express Co. v. Paul Cassimatis 77-8049

Arkansas, State of v. Alan Stuart 77-1479

Banks, Susan H. v. Heun-Norwood Division of Mogule Corporation 77-1278

Barney, Kenneth D. et al. v. U.S. et al.; U.S. and Charles A. Smith, etc., v. Kenneth D. Barney, et al. 77-1458, 8116

Barvarz, Farzad v. Immigration and Naturalization Service of U.S. 77-1459

Beaird-Poulan Division, etc. v. NLRB 77-1518

Beran, Ray J. v. United States; Andrew M. Kaminski v. United States 77-1843,1872

Berkin, Shawn v. Clifford L. Alexander, Jr., etc., et al. 77-1502

Birkeland, Myron, et al. v. J.E. Feuerhelm 77-1403

Blackmar, Charles B. etc., et al. v. David B. Lichenstein, Sr. et al. 77-1855

U.S. v. Blau, William M. 77-8236

Bolton, Malcom v. Vera Likins, etc., et al. 77-1370

Boyd, Herod Louis v. James Mabry, etc., et al. 78-1050

U.S. ex rel. Britt v. Goins 77-1903

Brown, Arthur v. Donald W. Wyrick 77-8126

Brown, Robert W. v. U.S. 77-1411

Brown, Theodore v. U.S. District Court, etc. 77-8195

Buffalo, Clarence v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 77-8144

Carrollo, Charles V. v. U.S. 77-1222

Carter, Edgar X. v. Judge Oliver 77-8158

Central Arkansas Auction Sale, et al. v. Bob Bergland, Sec'y of Agriculture, et al. 77-1452

Central Milk Producers Coop., et al. v. Judge Oliver 77-1491

U.S. v. Chambers, Joe Henry 77-1601

Chilembwe, Moses J. v. Donald Wyrick, etc. 77-1963

Chrysler Corp. v. Local 110 77-1746

Clark, Floyd E. v. James Mabry, etc. 78-8121

Clemons, Walter v. U.S. 77-1802

Coffelt, Kenneth v. Hon. Terry L. Shell 77-1957

Collins, Gary James v. Calvin Auger, etc. 77-1469

Conner, Atwell Junior v. Calvin Auger, Warden 78-1350

Box 207

Administrative Panel Matters June/July 1977 to May 1978

Corby Recreation, Inc., et al. v. Western Realty Co., Inc. 77-1789

Courtney, Robert v. U.S. District Court 77-8113

Cova, Joseph E. etc., et al. v. The Coca Cola Bottling Company of St. Louis, Inc. 77-1787

Craft, Ray D. v . Magistrate Court of Platte County 77-8115

Crosby, Thomas M. v. Frank M. Wood, etc., et al. 77-8110

United States v. Dochterman, Monte T. 77-1447

Dodov, Asen et al. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue 77-1933

Drug Package, Inc. v. NLRB 77-1149

DuBois, Anderson Gene v. Hon. Terry L. Shell, etc. 77-8117

Duval, Kenneth L. et al. v. Midwest Auto City, Inc. etc. et al. 77-1910

United States v. Easom, John Franklin 77-1500

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Barnes Hospital 77-1450

U.S. v. Erickson, Douglas M., Appellant 77-1456

Ferer, Aaron & Sons Co., etc., et al. v. Aaron Berman, etc. 77-8106

Fine Truck Line, Inc. v. ICC & U.S. 77-1918

First Natl. Bank of Eden v. Dept. of the Treasury 77-1483

Fitz, Andrew W., Sr. v. James Iden, etc., et al. 77-1418

Francis, John E. v. Donald Wyrick 77-8114

Freeman, Frank James, Appellant v. James Mabry, Commissioner, etc. Appellee 77-1603

Frejlach, Marvin, etc. et al. v. Rosalie Bulter, etc., et al. 77-1845

U.S. v. French, David Keith 78-1018

GAF Corp. v. OSHRC & Secy. of Labor 77-1548

Gamache, Joseph B. v. Donald W. Wyrick 77-1987

U.S. v. Gardner, Graig Leslie 77-1979

Germann, John, et al. v. Robert Kipp, et al. 77-1445

U.S. v. Gilliam , Alonzo, Jr. 77-1920

Gorin, Eli Morton v. Dr. Eardly, etc., et al. 77-1674

Grady-Gould Watershed Improvement District, etc. v. Transamerica Insurance Co., et al. 77-1404

Grant, Freddie L. v. Carl White, Warden 77-1948

Grass, Norman Robert v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 78-8004

United States v. Gray, Boyd Griffen 77-8134

U.S. v. Gray, Percy, Jr. 77-1842

Green, Clovis Carl, Jr. v. Donald W. Wyrick, et al. 77-8145; 78-8022

Haire, Willie C. v. Howard "Bo" Calloway, etc. 77-1704

Hampton, Leroy John v. Donald Wyrick 78-1319

U.S. v. Hancock, John L. 77-1969

Hanks, Billy Muriel v. U.S. District Court, etc. 77-8146

Harmer, Grenda Ray v. U.S., et al. 77-1435

U.S. v. Harris, Herman, Jr. 77-1373

Hawkeye Bancorporation v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 78-1247

U.S. v. Headid, Mahlon M. 77-8109

U.S. v. Hedman, Daniel 78-8018

Helzberg's Diamond Shops, Inc. v. Valley West Des Moines Shopping Center, Inc. 77-1355

Hill, James Roy v. Donald Wyrick 77-8132

Hindman, William R. v. Rex Kelly, et al. 78-1057

Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. v. Insurance Dept. of Iowa, et al. 77-1330

Hopewell, Robert v. the State of Iowa 77-1462

Howard, Frank v. Donald Wyrick 78-8026

Box 208

Administrative Panel Matters June/July 1977 to May 1978

Howard, Jame Wayne etc, v. Robert F. Parrat, Warden etc. 77-1536

U.S., et al. v. Howe, Elmer J. 78-8114

Huff, Gerald Wayne v. U.S. 77-1871

Hurwitz & Wohltman v. R.B. Jones Copr., et al. 77-8223

IDS Realty, et al. v. Jorstad, et al. 77-1864, 1865, 1866

Inmates of the Nebraska Penal and Correctional Complex v. Greenholtz, etc., et al. 77-1889

Iowa Beef Processors v. NLRB 2 folders 77-1916, 78-1064

Jackson Sawmill Company, Inc., et al. v. United Company, States, et al. 77-1768

U.S. v. Johnson, Billy 78-1049

Johnson, Gregory A. v. Gilbert Kleinknecht, et al. 77-1253

Jones, Doyle A. v. U.S. District Court, etc. 77-8098

Jones, James Millard v. Judge Hodges 77-8242

Jones, Sylvester v. Honorable James H. Meredith, Chief Judge, etc., et al. 77-8155

Jorstad, Otis M. et al. v. IDS Realty Trust, etc., et al. 77-1864, 1865, 1866 1961

Kellick, Charles Ray v. J. W. Howell & Grover Dildine 77-1465

Kelsey, Dwight W. v. State of Minnesota, et al. 77-1446

U.S. v. Lankford, Charles Duane; U.S. v. Steven Allen Griffin 77-1915, 1938

Lawrence, Donald Wayne v. U.S. 77-8215

Lewis, Earner Eugene, Petitioner v. U.S. District Court 77-8096

Lipscomb, Robert Edward v. United States 77-8166

Loeschen, Terry D. v. C.E. Paris, et al. 76-2053

McClain, Patrick J. v. Thomas Brown 78-1333

U.S. v. McCracken, Leonard 77-1966

U.S. v. Malloy, Claude Ray 77-1798

Manning, Willie R. v. U.S. Magistrate Robert W. Faulkner, etc. 77-8139

Marine Credit Corporation v. The Bank of New Orleans and Trust Co., et al. 77-1732

Marcoux et al. v. Mid-States Livestock et al. 77-1146, 1271

Box 209

Administrative Panel Matters June/July 1977 to May 1978

Masters, John Paul, Jr. v. U.S. no number

May Department Stores Co. v. Veterans Administration (Garnishee) 77-1848, 1849

Meneley, Floyd v. U.S. District Court, etc. 78-8023

Mobay Chemical Corporation v. Douglas M. Costle, etc. 78-1352

Monteer, Martin W. v. Deputy Marshal Harris, et al. 77-8238, 1544

Montgomery, Cleon v . U.S., et al. 78-8124

Moreno, Miguel v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 77-8248

Morew, Miguel v. P.J. Ciccone 77-8164

Morris, Darrell v. Gas Service Company 77-1439

Morris, Robert B. v. Chicago & North Western Transportation Co. v. General Mills, Inc. v.Western Railroad Assn. & Western Weighing & Inspection Bureau 77-1366

Morrow, Curtis Dale v. Robert F. Parratt, etc. 77-1925

U.S. v. Moss, Hershey 77-1981

U.S. v. Mullin, William O. 77-1804

Murphy Oil Corp. v. FERC 77-1720

U.S., et al. v. Myslajek, June, et al. 77-1471

National Labor Relations Board v. Central Dispatch, Inc., et al. 77-1854

NLRB v. Tony DeClue, etc. 77-1319

NLRB v. Merchants Delivery and Warehouse Corp. 74-1209

NLRB v. Missouri Container, Inc. 78-1045

U.S. v. Nelson, Allen Earl 77-1291

Newberry, J.J. Co., etc. v. William Edward Mixon 77-1936

Newsome, Frank v. Dr. Ciccone 77-8254

North Dakota, State of, etc. v. Merchants National Bank & Trust Company, etc. et al. 77-1902

Northwest Community Hospital v. Secy. HEW, et al. 77-1803

Occhino, Richard Leo v. U.S. District Court, etc. 77-8131

O'Sullivan, G.S. v. Citadel Trading Co. of Chicago & Fitzgerald 77-1311

Otter Tail Power Company v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 77-1582

Palmberg Construction Company v. White Brothers Construction Company, et al. 77-1906

Pascutoi, Brigitte v. Washburn-McReavy Mortuary, Inc., etc. 77-1457

Box 210

Administrative Panel Matters June/July 1977 to May 1978

U.S. v. Peltier, Leonard 77-1487

Pension Fund of the Christian Church, etc., v. Walter A. Younge, M.D. 77-1358

Perry, Lodee v. U.S. 77-1 86

Peterson, Gerald D. V. Hon. William R. Collinson, etc. 77-8091

Plaza Bank of West Port v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 77-1730

Processed Beef Express, Inc. v. Interstate Commerce Commissioner, et al. 77-1492

Pryor, Ronald M. v. United States 77-1939

U.S. v. Pugh, Larry Wayne 77-1482

Purcell & Cline v. Judge Stuart & Coil 77-1468

U.S. v. Regan, Robert Lee 77-1754

Reynolds, Jack v. National Football League 77-1753, 1758, 1821

Robert 5X (Ross White), Muhammad v. James Mabry, etc. 78-8125

U.S. v. Roby, Eloise L.

Rollins, James H. v. Donald Wyrick, Warden, etc. 77-1521

U.S. v. Rooks, Solomon 77-1841

Russ, Mrs. Carnell etc., et al. v. Charles Lee Ratliff 78-1020

Schultz, Larry James v. Judge Alsop 77-8103

Scott, Walter F., etc. v. Paul Clark, et al. 77-1785

Sentry Food Stores, Inc., v. Associated Milk Producers, Inc., et al. 77-1633

Serna, Louis v. Donald W. Wyrick, etc. 78-1385

Shanker, Melva v. United States 77-1407

U.S. v. Shaw, Terry 77-1050

Shelton, James Michael v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, Director, etc. 77-1921

Sims, Elroy v. Lou V. Brewer, Warden, etc. 77-1415

Sims, Howard H. v. Pasquale Ciccone, et al. 77-8133

Smith, Albert et al. v. Richard Conley 77-1875

Smith, Richard Dean v. U.S. District Court 77-8213

Smith, Bettye J. v. Merchants & Farmers Bank of West Helena, Ark. 77-1467

Tatum, Elmo C. v. Charles Golden, et al. 77-1556

U.S. ex rel. Thompson, Douglas W. v. Judge Hunter Triplett, Ernest v. Dr. Azizollih Azordegan, etc. et al. 77-1176

U.S. v. Trudell, John Francis 77-1295

Tyler, Billy Joe v. Dennis Horton, et al. 77-8241

Box 211

Administrative Panel Matters June/July 1977 to May 1978

Tyler, Melvin Leroy v. Sheriff Goins 77-8240

United Parcel Service of Ohio, Inc. v. OSHRC & Secy. of Labor 77-1762

U.S. v. Van Buren, Henry 77-1431

Van Wyk, Dale et al. v. Robert Bergland, etc. 77-1303

Van Meter, Fay Monroe, etc., et al. v. Van Wifvat, etc., et al. 77-1364

Wade, Milton R. v. Hon. Terry L. Shell, etc. 77-8148

Walker, Lawrence Joseph v. Judge Harris 77-8226

U.S. v. Warmuth, George F. v. Elmer J. Howe 77-8151

Wasie, Marie F., et al. v. Edward L. Murphy, Jr., et al. 77-1744

Weber, Fred v. Shell Oil Co., et al. 77-1571

Wentz, Charles et al. v. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, etc. 77-8250

West, Ronald Udell v. United States of America 78-1358

Western Iowa Farms Co., et al. v. U.S. et al. 77-1833

Williams, James v. U.S. District Court 77-8234

U.S. v. Williams, Robert Lee 77-1478

Winfrey, Robert et al. v. Lou Brewer, etc., et al. 76-1939

U.S., Appellee v. Wise, Irving Stewart, etc. 77-1945

Witte Transportation Co. v. U.S. and I.C.C. 77-1941

U.S. v. Wofford, Rafeal 77-1383

Young, James Earl, Sr. v. U.S. District Court, etc. 77-8233

U.S. v. Youngbear, Ellsworth 78-1007

Box 212

Administrative Panel Matters, September 1978 -- May 1979

Agnew, Thomas J. v. Russell Peterson, etc. 78-1800

Amalgamated Meat Cutters, et al. v. Landy Packing Co., et al. 78-1902

Armstrong, William H., Jr. v. Continental Assurance Co., etc. 78-1473

In Re: Associated Milk Producers, Inc., Petitioner (2 folders) 78-1729

Beer Wholesalers, Inc. v. Miller Brewing Co., et al. 78-1761

Bio-Medicus, Inc., et al. v. Shareholders Comm., etc. 78-1422, 1430, 1511, 1582

Bizzet, Darrell E. v. Lou V. Brewer, Warden 78-8232

U.S. v. Blue Thunder, James David 78-1734

Brannom, Robert Lee v. Donald Wyrick, etc. 79-1099

U.S. v. Brown, Levon, etc. 79-1185

Cody, James Howard v. Aalco Wrecking Co. 79-1104

Dancy, Johnny L. v. James Mabry, etc. 79-8048

Dess, Timothy E. v. Donald Wyrick 79-8025

Diebold, Roy F. v. St. Louis County Civil Service Commission, et al. 78-8234

Downey, Frank Michael v. George Wilkerson, Warden, U.S. Federal Penitentiary 78-1744

Durham, John Hilary v. Missouri Department of Corrections 78-8239

Emerson Electric Co. v. Schlesinger, et al.; McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Marshall, etc., et al. 79-1158, 1187

Fulsom, Dennis C. v. Donald Wyrick, etc. , 78-8240

Garrett, Zebeede v. Missouri Board of Probation and Parole 78-8218

Gellner, Ken, etc. v. Department of the Army, et al. 78-1743

U.S. v. Ginsburg, Al 79-1088

Graves, Ferinand, et al. v. George Romney, etc., et al. 78-8241

In Re: Green, Clovis Carl, Jr., Petitioner 79-8039, 8225, 8040, 8017, 8216, 8018, 8236, 8217, 8219, 8220

U.S. v. Gulley, Howard Eugene 79-1123

In Re: Haire, L.V., Petitioner 79-8047

In Re: Halfacre, Kenny, Petitioner 79-8024

Hampton, James H. v. Regional Commissioner, U.S. Parole Commission 78-8233

Hawkins, Ellsworth L., Jr., v. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company etc., et al. 78-1777

U.S. v. Hayward, Nelson W. 78-8208

Hilt Truck Line, Inc. v. U.S., et al. 79-1082

Hinderman, Bernard John v. Dr. P.J.Ciccone, etc. 79-8016

Houghton, Phillip W. v. McDonnell Douglas Corporation 76-1652

U.S., Appellee v. Frank Hunkler, Appellant 79-1140

Box 213

Administrative Panel Matters, September 1978 -- May 1979, cont.

U.S. v. Janis, Curtis William 78-1661

J.B.K., Inc., et al. v. Norman Caron, et al. 79-1079

Jennings, Royal D. v. Vivan M. Jennings, et al. 78-1364

U.S., Appellee v. Jewett, William E., Appellant 79-1114

In Re: Keating, Patrick M., Petitioner 79-8028

Kelsey, Dwight W. v. Frank Wood, et al. 79-1077

Kirkpatrick v. Antonio 78-1500

U.S. v. Kriz, James Arthur 78-1163, 1281

LaGasse, Louis Joseph v. Calvin Auger, Warden, et al. 78-8212

Librach, Burton A. v. Federal Bureau of Investigation, et al. 78-1788

U.S. v. Lindenmayer, Richard Kent 78-1215

McCurry, Willie v. Marvin Allen, et al. 78-1849

In Re: McGuire, James J., Petitioner 78-8235

U.S. v. Malachesen, John Charles 79-1027

U.S., et al. v. Mathis, Rev. S. 79-8060

U.S. v. Matthews, Norman L. 79-1155

Micklus, Albert L., et al. v. Allied Chemical Corp., etc., et al. 78-1541

Midwest Milk Monopolization Litigation, et al. v. National Farmers Organization, et al. 78-8223

Mobay Chemical Corporation v. Douglas Castle, Administrator, E.P.A. 78-1140

Monarch Chemical Works, Inc. v. Governor Charles Thone, et al. 79-1181

Montgomery, Cleon v. William Olson, et al.;
U.S. v. Cleon Montgomery 79-8029; 78-1733

Morgan, William R. v. Dr. P.J Ciccone, Director, etc. 78-8224

U.S. v. Morton, David Eugene 78-1506

U.S. v. Moss, Alton R. a/k/a John L. "Snoopy" Freeman 78-1895

National Labor Relations Board v. C & H Tire Service, Inc. 79-1122

NLRB v. Fidelity Telephone Co. 78-1689

NLRB v. International Union of Elevator Constructors, Local 3, et al. 78-1156

Nickens, Earl E. v. Carl White, etc. et al. 78-1906

Nylon, Johnny v. Donald W. Wyrick, etc. 78-1787

Paschall, Gweldon Lee, et al. v. The Kansas City Star Company 79-1128

Riley, Gary v. Donald Volmer, et al. 79-1091

Rone, Arthur Daniel v. Donald Wyrick 78-8238

Ronnei, Larry D. v. Robert Butler, et al. 78-1674

Box 214

Administrative Panel Matters, September 1978 -- May 1979, cont.

Sawyer, Charles Robert, Jr. v. U.S. 78-8175

School District of Kansas City, Missouri, et al. v. State of Missouri, et al. (2 folders) 78-8210, 8211

Solien, Joseph H. Regional Director of Region 14 of NLRB v. United Steelworkers of America, etc., et al. 78-1411

U.S. ex rel. Sullivan, William L. v. State of Missouri 78-1764

U.S. v. Thurston County, Nebraska, et al. 78-1738

Tolefree v. Denney 78-1586

Tri-State Motor Transit Co. v. Interstate Commerce Commission, et al. 78-1678

U.S. v. Turner, Marion 78-1682

Tyler, Melvin Leroy, et al. v. Hon. Judge Grady, etc., et al. 78-1306

Union Electric Company, et al. v. U.S., et al. 79-1013

Van Meter, Fay Monroe v. State of Iowa 78-1097

Warden, Charles v. Donald Wyrick 78-8237

Wild, John J. v. U S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, etc., et al. 78-1774

U.S. v. Williams, Earl Lee 78-1552

Williamson, Andrew v. U.S. Board of Parole 79-8015

Wing, Herman E. v. Carl White, Warden 79-8026

Yellow Bird, Robert v. Bogue, Honorable Andrew 78-8213, 8123, 1773

Yielding, Charles v. G. Thomas Eisele, Chief Judge 79-1093

Young, Sylvester v. U.S. 79-8027

Zaun, Lois Jean et al. v. Lattman, et al. 78-1817

Box 215

Administrative Panel Matters , June -- December 1979

Abbott, John v. Bob McDonald, etc. 79-8122

Agee, Virgil Dale, Appellant v. Donald Wyrick, Appellee 79-1513

Arkansas Community Organization for Reform Now v. Claude S. Brinegar, etc., et al. 79-1419

Arkansas Power and Light Co. v. David J. Bardin, etc., et al. 79-1407

U.S., Appellee, v. Bass, Warren K., et al. Appellants v. Commercial National Bank of Little Rock, Arkansas, Appellee 79-1335

In Re: Berkley and Company, Inc., Appellant; Grand Jury Proceedings, etc. 80-1187

Berry, Walter W. v. Donald Jenkins, etc., et al. 79-8123

U.S. v. Boyd, Paul 79-1482

U.S. v. Boydston, Linda Kay 80-1081

Briscoe, Carl v. Miles W. Lord 79-8124

Champion, Dale v. Donald Wyrick 79-8130

U.S. v. City of Minneapolis, Minnesota 79-1241

Cole, Bruce v. Donald Wyrick 79-1565

In Re: Symour X (Cotton, Jr.) 79-8109

In Re: Crisler, Jesse James 79-8083

Drobena, Ramona A., et al. v. NLRB; NLRB v. United Steelworkers of America, etc. 79-1366, 1501

Duisen, Theodore A. v. Donald Wyrick 79-8118

Faircloth, Terrell L. v. Donald Wyrick 79-8127

Federal Trade Comm'n v. National Tea Co., et al. (2 folders) 79-1503

Box 216

Administrative Panel Matters , June -- December 1979

Florey, Roger R., etc. et al. v. Sioux Falls School District 49-5, et al. 79-1277

Futrell, Edgar v. Donald Wyrick, Warden 79-8105

Geiger, Robin etc. v. City of Eagan, et al. 79-1831

Grady, Wendall, et al. v. John D. Shors, et al. 79-1232

U.S. v. Green, Clovis Carl, Jr. 79-1544

In Re: United States Ex Rel. Gregg, Theodore, Petitioner 79-8128

Guy, John A. v. Swift and Company 79-1397

Harris, Mary Hellen v. Secretary of Defense Harold Brown, et al. 79-1415

Hayward, Donald L. v. U.S. Parole Commission, et al. 79-1411

Herzig, Floyd Frank, etc. v. Byron J. Langley, et al. 79-1266

U.S. v. Janis, Leon 80-8065

Jaurez, Jose Jesus Ramirez, et al. v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, etc., et al. 79-1345

Johnson, Ruth, et al. v. John Rogers 79-1441

Johnson, Tyrone Tony v. State of Minnesota, etc., et al. 79-1213

Kamara, John T. v. Immigration and Naturalization Service 79-1942

Kellin, Kenneth W. v. ACF Industries, et al. 78-1772

In Re: Knight, Leon W. et al., Petitioners 79-1910

Korgel, Albert et al. v. U.S. 79-1310

Levrie, Louis v. Dr. P.J. Ciccone, etc. 79-8117

Lewis, Stephanie v. Precision Optics, Inc. 79-1391

Littlefield, Paul William v. Fort Dodge Messenger, etc., et al. 79-1215

McGruder, Freddie L. v. Robert Parratt, etc., et al. 79-1475

Marshall, Ray etc. v. Thomas G. Boyd, et al. 79-1437

Milentz, Raymond v. Donald Wyrick 79-8129

In Re: Murphy, David Radford 79-1521

National Corn Growers Assoc., etc., et al. v. American Sugarbeet Growers Assoc., et al. 79-1585

NLRB v. ABC Specialty Foods, Inc. 79-1400

Nickens, Earl E. v. White, Carl, etc., et al. 78-1906

Ostrander, Val Dean v. The People of the County St. Louis, Missouri, etc., et al. 79-8133

Parton, Edward v. Donald Wyrick, etc., et al. 79-1348

Portis, D.F., etc., et al. v. Folk Construction Company, Inc., and United States of America 79-8119, 8120

U.S. v. Potlach Forests, Inc. (31,423.61 Acres of Land), et al. 79-8132

Propotnik, Larry Russell v. Minnesota Department of Correction, et al. 79-8121

In Re: Randall, Darrell, Petitioner 79-8131

Reeves, Rodney Dale v. Jim Mabry, etc., et al. 79-1304

U.S. v. Rooks, Solomon Leroy 79-8107, 8110, 8111, 8112

Schwartz, Beverly Ann, etc., v. Gordon Gilster, etc. 79-1443

Snow, Charles v. James Mabry, etc. 79-1156

Box 217

Administrative Panel Matters , June -- December 1979

State of Nebraska, et al. v. Rural Electricfication Administration, et al. (3 folders) 78-1775, 1778

In Re: Swindler, John Edward 79-8108

Taylor, Bert, Jr. v. Robert Parratt, etc., et al. 79-1514

Teague, Delores v. City of St. Louis, Missouri 78-1648

Three State Trucking, Inc., et al. v. Arco Leasing Corporation 79-1476

TV Signal Company of Aberdeen, etc., v. American Telephone & Telegraph, etc., et al. 79-1280

U.S. v. Twenty-Eight "Mighty Payloader" Coin Operated Gaming Devices, et al. 79-1448, 1449, 1450,1451, 1452, 1453, 1454, 1455

Union Electric Co., et al. v. U.S., et al. 79-1844

Vasquez, Lloyd v. Seven-Up Company 79-8106

Vette Company, Inc., et al. v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Company 79-1200

Wade, Earnest Lee v. James Mabry, etc. 79-8125

Willenbrink, Linda et al. v. NLRB 79-1374

U.S. v. Wray, James Dwayne 79-1386

Box 218

Screening Panel Cases 1973 -- 1979

Screening Panel -- 1973

Screening Panel -- 1974

Screening Panel -- 1975 (2 folders)

Box 219

Screening Panel Cases 1973 -- 1979, cont.

Screening Panel -- 1976

Screening Panel -- 1977 -- 1979

Box 220

En Banc Requests 1973 -- 1979

1973 -- 3 folders

1974 -- 3 folders (1,2,3)

Box 221

En Banc Requests 1973 -- 1979, cont.

1974 -- 2 folders (4,5)

1975 -- 3 folders (1,2,3)

Box 222

En Banc Requests 1973 -- 1979

1975 -- 2 folders (4,5)

1976 -- 2 folders (1,2)

Box 223

En Banc Requests 1973-1979

1976 -- 3 folders (3,4,5)

1977 -- 1 folder

Box 224

1977 -- 4 folders (2,3,4,5)

Box 225

En Banc Requests 1973 -- 1979

1978 -- 5 folders (1,2,3,4,5)

Box 226

En Banc Requests 1973 -- 1979

1978 -- 1 folder (6)

1979 -- 3 folders (1,2,3)

Box 227

1979 -- 2 folders (4,5)



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