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Collection Dates: 1931 -- 1983
10 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: November 1997
Addendum: 1988

Acquisition Note: This collection is on deposit by Stewart Stern.

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Photographs: Boxes 4, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19,Oversized

Ephemera: Poster Oversized box

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Table of Contents

Biographical note

Scope and contents

I. Series One -- Personal Papers

Boxes 1 -- 6

II. Series Two -- Professional Papers

Boxes 7 -- Oversized Box

1998 Addendum

Box 21

III. Series Three -- Material Under Seal

Biographical Note

Stewart Henry Stern was born in New York City in 1922. As the son of a physician and former film actress, he was introduced to the inner circle of the motion picture industry as a child. His uncle was the movie mogul Adolph Zukor and Stern spent summers on the Zukor estate with the likes of Charles Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks. In 1941, Stern left New York for Iowa. He came to the University of Iowa as an art major, later switching to speech and dramatic arts. He graduated in three years, magna cum laude. Serving in the 106th Infantry Division during WWII, Stern saw combat during the Battle of the Bulge. Listed as missing in action, he was hospitalized with frostbite. After the war, Stern worked briefly as an actor on Broadway before making his way west. His first job in Hollywood was that of dialogue director at the Eagle Lion Studios. Through his cousin, Arthur Loew, Jr., Stern met film director Fred Zinnemann. Zinnemann was to give Stern his first job as a screenwriter. Their first film together, Teresa, won an Academy Award nomination for Stern and co-writer Alfred Hayes. Another Zinnemann collaboration led to the writing of Benjy which won an Oscar as best short. These early successes led to such films as: Rebel Without a Cause; The Ugly American; Rachel, Rachel, and; Summer, Wishes, Winter Dreams and such television dramas as: And Crown Thy Good; Thunder of Silence, and; Sybil. Stern has repeatedly been nominated by the Motion Picture Academy, has won many awards issued by the Writers Guild of America, and in 1977 won an Emmy for his screenplay, Sybil.

 Scope and Contents

 The papers of Stewart Stern consist of approximately ten linear feet and date from 1931 -- 1983. The material is arranged chronologically within two major alphabetical groupings. The first division is related primarily to Stern’s youth and private life. Included here are his academic records, memorabilia and correspondence from his military service during WWII, appointment calendars, photographs, interviews, articles he has written and correspondence from many important people in the film industry. The second category contains Stern’s work as a screenwriter. Arranged by title, this section includes workbooks, various holograph and typescript drafts, photographs, publicity, reviews and correspondence relating to each film project. This collection is partially under seal.


 Box 1

Academic Records, 1935 -- 1942. High school through university.

Appointment Calendars, 1964 -- 1974. (6 folders)

 Box 2

Appointment Calendars, 1975 -- 1977. (2 folders)

Biographical Material, 1963 -- 1983.

Camp Kennebec, 1936. Annual.

Compositions, 1935 -- 1947.

Contracts and Legal Papers, 1962 -- 1965.


1931 -- 1965. Including letters from: Joan Crawford, Fred Zinnemann, Robert Alan Aurthur, Hank Ketcham, Dickie Moore, Paul Newman, George Cukor, Allan Nevins, Adolph Zukor, Margaret Sanger, George Englund, Johnny Green, Herbert Berghof, T. Edward Hambleton, Leslie Bricusse, Frank A. Corsaro, Howard W. Koch, Arthur M. Loew, Jr. and J.R. Vogel.

1967 -- 1970. Including letters from: Allen Rivkin, Arthur M. Loew, Jr., Kenneth Hyman, Jerome Moross, Stephen Fleischman, Guy Green, Pandro S. Berman, Frank McCarthy, Margaret Laurence, Ernest Lehman, Mel Ferrer, Dennis Hopper, Franklin F. Schaffner, Richard Zanuck, Ralph David Abernathy and Adolph Zukor.

1971 -- 1982. Including letters from: Ned Tanen, Alan Jay Pakula, Fred Zinnemann, Robert Alan Aurthur, Ray Stark, Daniel Petrie, Paul Newman, Merv Adelson, Lee Rich, Mark Rydell, Horst Buchholz, Lawrence Turman, Martin Manulis, and Anthony Page.

 Box 3


Undated. Including letters from: Ross Hunter, Arthur Penn, Tony Bill, Leslie Caron, Gladys Cooper, Brian Aherne, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Richard Chamberlain, Don Murray, Merv Griffin, Dickie Moore, Robert Wagner, Robert Alan Aurthur, and Frank A. Cosaro.

Design. Volume 46, number 1 (September 1944)

"Dialogue on Film: Stewart Stern," American Film, volume 9, number 1 (October 1983) pp. 20-22.

Godfather Certificates and Correspondence, 1959 -- 1965. Including letters from Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

Health Insurance, 1952.

High School Annuals, 1935 -- 1941. Fieldston School, New York City. (4 folders)

 Box 4

The New Inklings, 1938 -- 1940.

1/3 of 40. Form I-A, 1935.

Paris Blues, 1960. Story notes, one scene. (Written at Paul Newman's request.)


Refocus, University of Iowa, 1971. Schedule and program.

Scrapbook, 1941 -- 1943. Early theatre roles.

Sketch Book, 1938 -- 1940.

Sketches. High school and university.

The Student Looks at War, 1934.

University of Iowa. Class notes, 1942 -- 1943

Modern Drama.

Oriental Drama.

University of Iowa and Broadway Theatres. Photographs.

 Box 5

University of Iowa and Broadway Theatres. Photographs.

World War II

Scrapbook. Includes memorabilia, clippings, correspondence, sketches, photographs, etc., relating to Stewart Stern's military service and the Battle of the Bulge. (3 folders)


War on West Harrison Street. Typescript with corrections and revisions.

The Notes and Impressions of an Infantryman. Typescript, 1951.

Bulge! Typescript.

Zaleski, John, Jr., "In the Shadows of the Past," North Dakota Horizons, volume 8, number 2 (Spring 1978) pp. 6 -- 8.

Zinnemann, Fred. Directors Guild of America, 1966 -- 1967.

 Box 6

World War II Scrapbook, 1943 -- 1946. Includes memorabilia, clippings, correspondence, photographs, etc., relating to Stewart Stern's military service.


 Box 7

And Crown Thy Good

Original holograph draft, with research material, 1951 -- 1953.

Typescript of screenplay, May 16, 1954. (2 copies)



Typescript of screenplay, May 31, 1951.



A Christmas to Remember


Original holograph draft, with corrections and revisions. (The Melodeon)

Typescript of teleplay, June 30, 1978.

Typescript of teleplay, September 28, 1978. (Revised)

Writers Guild of America, Annual Awards, 1979. Program.

 Box 8

Hanks Kid

Outline, typescript of play, and questionaire, 1946.

Heart of Darkness

Playhouse 90, photographs

The James Dean Story

Typescript of screenplay

John Brown's Body

Workbook, 1968. Including outline and producer's notes.

First draft typescript of screenplay.

The Last Frontier

Research and discussion notebook.

The Outsider

First draft. Holograph with corrections and revisions.

First rewrite. Holograph with corrections and revisions.

 Box 9

The Outsider (cont.)

Second draft typescript of screenplay. (Revised)


Rachel, Rachel

Workbook. Breakdown and notes.
 Box 10

Rachel, Rachel (cont.)

Workbook, part one. Breakdown and notes. (photocopy)

Original holograph draft, 1967. (A Jest of God)

First draft of screenplay. (photocopy) (A Jest of God)

Typescript of screenplay, June 28, 1967. (A Jest of God)


Box 11

Rachel, Rachel (cont.)


Reviews, 1967.

Academy Awards, 1969. Program, correspondence, clippings, etc.

The Rack

Workbook, 1955 -- 1956. Including correspondence from Dory Schary and Paul Newman.

Holograph draft with corrections and revisions.

Typescript of screenplay, September 28, 1955.

Typescript of screenplay, October 25, 1955.


Rebel Without a Cause

Workbook, 1955. Including material concerning James Dean. (photocopy)

Box 12

Rebel Without a Cause(cont.)

Screenplay, March 25, 1955.



Contracts, correspondence and outline, 1948 -- 1949.

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams

Outline, 1970. (xerox) (The Snow Queen)

Original holograph draft. (The Snow Queen)

Typescript of screenplay. (The Snow Queen)

Typescript of screenplay. (The Snow Queen)

Production material, 1972 -- 1973. Including on-set notes, rewrites, production schedules, publicity, etc.

Clapper Board, 1972. (Death of a Snow Queen)

 Box 13

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams(cont.)


Reviews and clippings, 1972 -- 1973.

San Francisco International Film Festival, 1973. Program

Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber.


Volume One, 1975. (3 folders)
 Box 14

Sybil (cont.)

Volume One, 1975.

Volume Two, 1975 -- 1977.

Volume Three, 1976. Typescript of screenplay.

 Box 15

Sybil (cont.)

Volume Four.

Story treatment, typescript.

Holograph draft of manuscript with corrections and revisions.

Typescript of screenplay, August 28, 1975. First draft.

Typescript of screenplay,. October 23, 1975. Second draft.

 Box 16

 Sybil (cont.)

Reviews, 1976.

Writers Guild of America, Annual Awards, March 24, 1977. Program.

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, September 10, 1977. Program.


Synopsis. (Stern was the dialogue director.)



Original Transcript, 1949.

Casting lists, 1950.

Correspondence, 1949 -- 1950. Including letters from Arthur M. Loew and Fred Zinnemann.

Notes and comments.

First draft typescript of screenplay, 1950.

The trailer, January 13, 1951.


 Box 17

 Teresa (cont.)

Photographs. (2 folders)

Playbill, 1954. Stage Manager's Club.

Reviews, 1951.

Academy Awards, March 20, 1952. Program.

"My First Screenplay" by Stewart Stern. Typescript article for the New York Sunday Times.

Thunder of Silence


Tiger on a Kite

Study notes and partial typescript.

Photographs from location-scout.

Time and Again

Reference materials.

Card outline.

Notes. (photocopy)

 Box 18

Time and Again (cont.)

Holograph draft, 1980. With corrections and revisions. (2 folders)

First draft typescript of screenplay. (2 folders)

Second draft typescript of screenplay.

The Ugly American

Workbook. Original research for Tiger on a Kite. (2 folders)
 Box 19

The Ugly American (cont.)

Original holograph draft, with corrections and revisions.

Second holograph draft, with corrections and revisions.

First draft typescript of screenplay, May 21, 1959.

Revised final typescript of screenplay, Feb. 22, 1962.

Typescript of a scene written by Marlon Brando, March 14, 1962. With holograph notes by Brando.

Photographs. (2 folders)

Reviews, 1963 -- 1964.


Writers Guild of America, Annual Awards, March 9, 1964. Programs.

The Valdez Horses

Research notebook, A-L.
 Box 20

The Valdez Horses (cont.)

Research notebook, M-O.

First draft typescript.

Stern, Stewart. No tricks in my Pocket Paul Newman Directs.

 Oversized Box

Photographs from Rachel, Rachel.

Posters from

The James Dean Story.

Rachel, Rachel.

The Rack

Rebel Without a Cause.

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams.


The Three Faces of Eve.

The Ugly American.


Box 21

Infinity of Mirrors

Guy Green's work as Stern's collaborator.


The James Dean Story. Contracts, 1957.

Jessica. Holograph draft of screenplay with corrections and revisions. (2 folders)

Mary and Joseph A Love Story (an abandoned television project)

Photocopy of teleplay .

Conference notes.

Personal items. Including Stern's birth announcement, early correspondence, poetry, and a New York Times clipping, 1922 -- 1945.

Rachel, Rachel. Contracts, etc., 1967 -- 1974.

Rachel, Rachel Part II. Contracts, 1983.

Special Occasions. Contracts, etc., 1981 -- 1982.

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams. Contracts, 1970 -- 1976

Sybil. Contracts, 1974 -- 1979.

The Valdez Horses. Contracts, etc., 1971.

SERIES III. Material Under Seal

The Last Movie. Under seal until after the deaths of both Dennis Hopper and Stewart Stern.

Dennis Hopper died May 29, 2010. Obituary, Sunday Des Moines Register, May 30, 2010



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