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Addenda: September 1987



Acquisition Note: The Harold J. Gallagher papers were a gift of Alicia E. Gallagher in 1987.


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Photographs: Boxes 9, 24, 26


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Series Table of Contents

Series l: American Bar Association

Series II: Personal Papers

Biographical Note

Harold John Gallagher was born in Clinton, Iowa, on December 28 , 1894, to James A. Gallagher and Ella Walsh Gallagher. When he was two years old, his parents died, and he was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Walsh, his maternal grandparents. Gallagher graduated from Clinton High School in 1913 and received his Law degree from the University of Iowa in 1916. He attended Harvard Law School for one year. In the fall of 1917, Gallagher entered as an associate in the law firm of Hornblower Miller & Garrison and in 1925 became a member of that firm.

In 1940 he was actively engaged in the Wendell L. Willkie campaign and, subsequently, Willkie accepted an invitation to become the senior member of the firm, which changed its name to Willkie Owen Farr Gallagher and Walton.

Mr. Gallagher was very involved with the American Bar Association, serving on many committees and as president during the association year 1949-1950. He helped to organize the American Bar Endowment and was active in the creation of the American Bar Foundation, the research branch of the American Bar Association. He was also a member of the New York State Bar Association and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

In 1959 Mr. Gallagher was appointed a member of the Permanent Administrative Committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association to review and make recommendations with respect to personnel policies. In 1968 the University of Iowa awarded him a Distinguished Service Award, with a citation.

On September 26, 1917, he married the former Alicia Schnoebelen. They had four children: Alicia E., a lawyer; Harold John died in infancy; Katherine E. (Mrs. William Voelker) died in 1950; and Mary L. (Mrs. James Cremins) died in 1981. Harold Gallagher died in 1981.

Scope and Contents


The collection is arranged in two series: the American Bar Association and Personal Papers. Items within each series are arranged alphabetically and contain material on various subjects including the American Bar Association, American Bar Endowment, American Bar Foundation, Permanent Administrative Council of the Greater New York Hospital Association, the University of Iowa Alumni Association, the Harvard Centurions, the Walsh family of Dubuque and Clinton, Iowa, and the Wendell Willkie campaign. Major correspondents include Howard P. Bowen, Willard L. Boyd, Warren E. Burger, Virgil M. Hancher, Alf Landon, Alfred E. Smith, Francis Cardinal Spellman, and Wendell L. Willkie.


Box List


SERIES l: American Bar Association

Box 1

General, 1936-1978 (3 folders)

Administrative Procedure Act, 1951-1953

Advisory Committee to Special Judicial Committee on Selection, 1944-1952

Alameda, CA., County Bar Association, 1950

American Law Students Association, 1949-1955

Annual Meetings

72nd, St. Louis, MO, 1949

73rd, Washington, DC

Correspondence, 1949-1953 (3 folders)
Newspaper Clippings, 1950
Speeches, 1950

75th, San Francisco, CA, 1952

76th, Boston, MA, 1954

77th, Chicago, IL, 1956

80th, New York, NY, 1957. London, England, 1957

81st, Los Angeles, CA, 1958.

Box 2

Annual Meetings, continued

85th, San Francisco, CA, 1962

86th, Chicago, IL, 1963

87th, New York, NY, 1964

89th, Montreal, Canada, 1966

90th, Honolulu, HI, 1967

91st, Philadelphia, PA, 1968

92nd, Dallas, TX, 1968-1969

93rd, St. Louis, MO, 1969-1970

95th, San Francisco, CA, 1971-1972

96th, Washington, D.C., 1973

97th, Honolulu, HI, 1974

98th, Montreal, CAN., 1974-1975

99th, Atlanta, GA, 1976

100th, Chicago, IL, 1976-1977

101st, New York, NY, 1977-1978

Antitrust Symposium, 1950

Antitrust Law Section, 1951-1968

Arizona State Bar Association, 1949-1950

Bill of Rights Committee

General, 1949 -1961

Bill of Grievances, Sons of the American Revolution, 1950

Bill of Rights Memorial, Special Committee

Correspondence, 1960-1963 (3 folders)

Audio Scripts, proposed, 1963-1964


General, 1963 -1964 (2 folders)

Correspondence, May-July 1963. Including letters from Thomas Dewey and Leon Jaworski (3 folders)

Box 3

Bill of Rights Memorial; Special Committee, continued

Contributions, continued

Correspondence, 1963-1965. Including letters from: Dwight D. Eisenhower (2 folders)

Sections, 1963

Board of Governors

General, 1956 -1964

Dinner, 1960

Meetings, 1949 -1951 (6 folders)

Brooklyn Bar Association, 1949-1952

Budget Committee, 1949-1951

California State Bar Association, 1949-1951

Canadian Bar Association

Correspondence, 1949-1950


Awards and Speeches, 1950

Presidents of Canadian Bar Association, 1950

Caravan Report, 1974-1975

Centennial Commission, 1968

Civil Service Committee, 1949-1950

Cleveland Bar Association, 1940-1950

Code of Professional Responsibility, 1968-1969

Committee For Effective Use of International Court, 1960-1962

Committee on Commerce, 1935-1947 (4 folders)

Box 4

Committee on Commerce, 1948-1953 (3 folders)

Committee on Judicial Selection, Tenure, and Compensation, 1969

Committee on Jurisprudence and Law Reform, 1949-1954

Committee on Legislation Prohibiting Picketing of Courts, 1949

Committee on Peace and Law through the United Nations (UN), 1953-1961

Committee on the Propriety of Judges Testifying, 1949-1950

Committee to Consider Participation in the 1964 World's Fair, 1961-1962

Communications Standing Committee, 1949-1950

Conference of Chief Justices, 1949-1950

Congress Law Library Committee, 1949

Connecticut State Bar Association, 1949-1953

Constitution and Bylaws, 1950-1970

Continuing Legal Education Programs, 1972-1973

Coordination Committee

General, 1949 -1950

Correspondence, 1949-1950 (2 folders)

Correspondence, 1966-1977 (2 folders)

Court of Claims, 1949-1950

Criminal Law Section

General, 1963 -1969

Newspaper Clippings, 1950

Customs Law Committee, 1949-1950

Delaware Bar Association, 1949

Director of Activities, 1950-1953

Family life Special Committee, 1949-1950

Federal Judiciary, 1950

Federation of Bar Associations of Western New York, 1949

First National Bank of New Rochelle Seminar. Address, 1949

Box 5

Florida State Bar Association, 1949-1950

Food Law Institute Meeting, 1949

Fort Wayne (Indiana) Bar Association, 1950

Fowler, Cody, 1949 -1955

Fund for Legal Education, 1964-1968 (2 folders)

Fund for Public Education

Correspondence, 1973-1975

Fiscal Year 1978 Report, 1979

Future of Law Practice in America, 1970-1973

Gold Medal Award

General, 1967 -1972

Congratulatory Correspondence, 1972-1973. Including letters from Leon Jaworski, Willard L. Boyd, and Wiley Mayne

Group Insurance Plan. Correspondence, 1954-1958

Harvard Law School. 1917 Class Reunion, 1949-1952

Harvard Law School Forum. Speech, 1949

House of Delegates

General, 1950 -1953

Assembly Delegate Candidacies, 1956-1977 (2 folders)

Chairman Candidacy of Sylvester Smith, 1957

Correspondence, 1956-1976 (2 folders)

Mid-Winter Meeting, 1956

State Delegate Candidacies, 1959-1975 (2 folders)

Illinois State Bar Association, 1950-1953

Indiana State Bar Association, 1949-1953

International and Comparative Law Section

General, 1954 -1955

Committee on International Trade Regulation, 1943-1944

International Trade Organization, 1950

Iowa Alumni Association of Southern California, 1950

Iowa State Bar Association, 1949-1950

Iowa State University. Speech, 1950

Jackson and Hinds Counties (MS) Bar Association Meeting. Address, 1949

Jacksonville, FL, Bar Association, 1952-1953

Journal, 1949- 1958 (2 folders)

Box 6

Judiciary Committee

General, 1949 -1961 (2 folders)

Newspaper Clippings, 1950

Kansas City, MO, Bar Association, 1949-1950

Kentucky State Bar Association, 1950

Law Club of Chicago Meeting. Speech, 1950

Lawyer Placement Service, 1968-1969

Lawyers Club of Atlanta, GA, 1949-1950

Legal Aid Committee, 1949-1950

Linn County, IA, Bar Association, 1950

Local Advisory Committee, 1977

Local Bar Association Presidents, 1950-1951

Los Angeles, CA, Bar Association, 1949-1950

Louisiana State Bar Association Meeting, 1950.


Chicago, IL, 1964

London, ENG., 1957

New Orleans, LA, 1963

Washington, DC, 1950. Including Letters from Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Dean C. Acheson, Richard E. Byrd, Louis Johnson, J. Howard McGrath, Robert H. Jackson, and Harold H. Burton

Memorial. Allan H.W. Higgins, 1959-1960

Michigan State Bar Association, 1949-1953

Miscellaneous, 1949-1951

Montana Bar Association, 1950

National Association of State Attorneys General Meeting, 1949

National Conference of Bar Examiners, 1971-1973

Nebraska State Bar Association

General, 1949 -1952

Attendance at Meeting, 1949

New Jersey State Bar Association, 1949-1951

New Orleans, LA, Bar Association, 1950

New York State Bar Association. Committee to Cooperate, 1949

New York University Dinner, 1950

North Carolina Bar Association, 1950

North Dakota Bar Association. Speech, 1950

Notre Dame School of Law. Address, 1949-1951

Box 7

Pennsylvania Bar Association, 1950-1958

Pension Plan, 1972

Philadelphia, PA, Bar Association, 1949-1950

Pittsburgh University Law School. Speech, 1950



General, 1932 -1976

Correspondence, 1955-1977

Gallagher, Harold J.

Candidacy, 1949

Congratulatory Correspondence, August 1949-1950. Including letters from Virgil M. Hancher and Warren E. Burger (3 folders)

Correspondence, 1949-1952 (3 folders)

Itinerary, 1949-1950

Newspaper Clippings, 1950

Hogan, Frank, 1937-1938

Lashly, John, 1972

Marsden, Orison, 1963-1965 (2 folders)

Ransom, William A., 1935. Including a letter from Eugene A. Gilmore

Seymour, Whitney North, Jr., 1956-1959 (2 folders)

Shepherd, James L., Jr., 1956-1958

Box 8

Presidency, continued

Smith, Sylvester C., 1959-1960

Wickser, Philip J., 1948-1949 (2 folders)

Willy, Roy E., 1954-1955

Pre-Trial Committee, 1950-1951

Public Relations Committee, 1949-1952 (4 folders)

Public Utilities, 1938-1939

Public Utility Law Section, 1938-1939, 1977 (2 folders)

Queens County, NY, Bar Association, 1950

Regional Meetings, 1950-1964. (2 folders)

Resolutions Committee, 1949-1950

Retirement Benefits for Lawyers Committee, 1950-1959

Rhode Island State Bar Association, 1949-1953

Rochelle, NY, Bar Association, 1949

Sacramento County, CA, Bar Association, 1950

Saint Louis, MO, Bar Association, 1949-1950

San Bernadino County, CA, Bar Association, 1950

San Francisco, CA, Bar Association, 1950

Santa Clara County, CA, Bar Association, 1950

South Dakota Bar Association, 1949-1950

Special Committee on Availability of Legal Services, 1968-1969

Box 9

Special Committee on Continuing Legal Education, 1973-1977

Special Committee on Environmental Law, 1972

Special Committee on Evaluation of Ethical Standards, 1968-1969

Special Committee on Improving the Administration of Justice, 1945-1947

Special Committee on Revision of Constitution and Bylaws, 1960-1963 (2 folders)

Special Committee on Specialization, 1968-1970

Special Committee on the Non-Partisan Selection of the Federal Judiciary, 1950-1969

Specialization in Law, 1960-1963. Speeches, 1949-1950

Standards. Chapter 23, "Legal Status of Prisoners," 1979

Standing Committee on American Citizenship, 1962-1973

Standing Committee on Professional Ethics, 1951-1960

State Bar of Texas, 1949-1952

State Delegates, 1948-1956. (2 folders)

Study of Legal Problems of American Business in Occupied and Economic Cooperation Administration (E.C.A) Countries, Committee, 1949-1950

Subcommittee on Economy of Operations, 1969-1970

Task Force on Lawyer Advertising, 1977

Vermont Bar Association, 1949

Ways and Means Committee, 1937-1949 (2 folders)

West Palm Beach, FL, Bar Association, 1950-1951

Western Conference of Railway Council, 1949

White Plains, NY, Bar Association, 1950

Wisconsin Bar Association, 1949-1950

World Peach Through Law, 1963-1965

Wyoming State Bar Association, 1950-1951

American Bar Association and American Law Institute 1925-1975. Including photo of Richard M. Nixon

Box 10

American Bar Endowment

General, 1959 -1980 (7 folders)

Administrative Committee, 1965-1972

Application for Funding, 1978-1980 (3 folders)

Articles of Incorporation, 1966

Audit of Financial Affairs, 1975-1977

Award, 1971

Board of Directors

Meetings, 1951 -1969 (4 folders)

American Bar Foundation Dispute, 1955-1975

Budget, 1965 -1971 (2 folders)

Correspondence, 1953-1966 (2 folders)

Box 11

American Bar Endowment, continued

Correspondence, 1967-1977 (8 folders)

Endowment Report, 1977


General, 1969 -1973 (2 folders)


General, 1968-1969

American Bar Foundation, 1968-1969

Committee on Education Against Communism, 1965-1969

Los Angeles County Bar Association, 1969

National Council of Juvenile Court Judges, 1966-1969

Committee. Correspondence, 1964-1969

History, 1970 -1971


American Bar Foundation, 1962-1967

University of New York-Buffalo, 1965

Box 12

American Bar Endowment, continued

Grants, continued


General, 1970-1971

Correspondence, 1965-1966


General, 1961 -1969

Life Insurance

General, 1955-1976

Correspondence, 1968-1971

Dividend Statements, 1964-1971

Investment Committee. Option Account Reports, 1979

Investment of Funds. Correspondence, 1963-1971

Joint Committee for Effective Administration of Justice, 1963-1968

Law in American Society Foundation. Grant Request, 1971

Meetings, 1962 -1977 (4 folders)

New York Life Insurance Company. Financial Report, 1977

Policy Committee, 1971

Public Education

Grant Requests, 1969-1971 (3 folders)

Correspondence, 1968-1971 (2 folders)

Tax Exemption Ruling, 1972-1973

Taxes, 1976

Box 13

American Bar Foundation

General, 1951 -1953, 1962 (2 folders)

Agreements with University of Chicago, 1952-1968

Application for Grants. Re: Indigent Persons, 1962-1963

Board of Directors

General, 1958 -1968

Meetings, 1963 -1970 (17 Folders)

Box 14

American Bar Foundation, continued

Budget and Finance Committee, 1955-1962

Corporate Debt Financing Project, 1964-1968

Correspondence, 1957-1978. Including letters from Dean Rusk (4 folders)

Executive Committee

General, 1962 -1968

Meetings, 1961 -1968 (9 folders)

Federal Income Tax Law Revision. Study, 1964-1968

Box 15

American Bar Foundation, continued

Federal Tax Procedure Project, 1959-1961


General, 1955 -1965 (2 folders)

Correspondence, 1972-1977

Nominating Committee, 1958-1965

Fifty Year Awards, 1974-1977

Financial Assistance, 1961-1970

Fringe Benefits, 1962-1963

Grant Applications

National College of State Trial Judges, 1965-1969

Public Education, 1957-1967

Institute on Agrarian Planning, 1962-1963

Interview, 1976

Mortgage Bond Indenture Form, 1976

Oral History Program, 1974-1975

Recruiting Negro College Students to Law School, 1965

Research Award, 1975

Research Committee, 1970-1971

Ways and Means Committee, 1961-1962

Series II: Personal Papers

American College of Trial Lawyers, 1973-1977

American Law Institute, 1958-1977

American Legion. Bill of Rights Defense Gold Medal Awards, 1965-1975

American Yacht Club, 1972-1977

Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, 1973

Appointment: Calendars, 1964, 1969-1970 (2 folders)

Box 16

Appointment Calendars, 1971-1972

Arthritis Foundation, 1977-1978

Articles, 1939, 1952-1953, undated (3 folders)

Association of the Bar of the City of New York

General, 1972 -1975

American Fund for Free Jurists, Inc., 1953

Coordination Committee, 1949-1962

Correspondence, 1963-1969

Automobile Accident Reports, 1969, 1974

Awards, 1955- 1974. Including a letter from Leon Jaworski

Biographical Material, 1917-1981

Blind Brook Club and Poningoe Land Company, 1941-1966

Book Reviews, 1954

Bradcoe Oil and Gas Company

Invoices and Revenues, 1970-1976

Participation Agreement, 1962-1963

Bricker Amendment. Speeches, 1952-1957

Carrington, Paul. Correspondence, 1974-1975. Including excerpts from book entitled The Future of the Legal Profession by Paul Carrington

Catholic Organizations, undated

Certificates, Diplomas, and other Official Papers, 1929-1969

Conference of State Bar Presidents, 1949-1954

Congressional Record. Addresses by Harold Gallagher, 1950

Constitutional Amendments, 1953


General, 1953 -1967. Including letters from William F. Halsey, Herbert Hoover, and Francis Cardinal Spellman

Campaign, 1964

Copyright Application for Positive Reinforcement, 1970

Correspondence, 1913-1933. Including letters from Eugene A. Gilmore and Louis Murphy (3 folders)

Box 17

Correspondence, 1934-1953. Including letters from Eugene A. Gilmore, Alf M. Landon, Emanuel Celler, Alfred E. Smith, Wendell L. Willkie, Virgil M. Hancher, Francis Cardinal Spellman, and Warren E. Burger (13 folders)

Box 18

Correspondence, 1954-July 1965. Including letters from Wiley Mayne, Emanuel Celler, Francis Cardinal Spellman, Thomas E. Dewey, and a telegram from John F. Kennedy

Box 19

Correspondence, August 1965-1985. Including letters from Robert F. Kennedy, Jacob Javits, Ramsay Clark, Warren E. Burger, Francis Cardinal Spellman, Richard M. Nixon, Thomas E. Dewey, Howard R. Bowen, Willard L. Boyd, John N. Mitchell, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Leon Jaworski, and Gerald R. Ford (16 folders)

Credit Card Service Bureau of America, 1978

Crusade for Freedom, 1951

Documents written by Harold J. Gallagher, undated

Duplan Materials, 1968

Eisenhower/Nixon Campaign, 1952, and Nixon/Agnew Campaign, 1972

Forum Committee on Commodities Regulation, 1975-1976

Box 20

Gallagher, Alicia

Automobile Accident, 1978-1979

Real Estate Transaction, 1957-1960

Gallagher, Harold J.

Bill Listing, 1975-1978

Genealogical Material, 1912-1981

Retirement, 1964 -1969

Will, 1960- 1965

Gallagher, James A., 1939

Harvard Law School. Centurions, 1958-1967

Hornblower Miller & Garrison (Law Firm), 1928

International Bar Association, 1967

Investments, 1924 -1967

Jackson, Robert H., Memorial Committee, 1955. Including a letter from: Simon E. Sobeloff

Judicial Appointments. Recommendations, 1954-1964

KCH Properties, 1972-1973

Ladd, Mason. Nomination for American Bar Foundation Research Fellow, 1976

Law Day. New York World's Fair, 1964

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1963-1968 (3 folders)

Lawyers for Nixon, 1960

Memoranda, 1966 -1970


Miller, Nathan L., 1953

Owen, Carl M., 1954

Smith, Willis, 1953

National Conference of Bar Presidents, 1950-1978 (3 folders)

National Conference of Judicial Councils, 1973

National Jeffersonian Democrats, 1936

National Lawyers Club, Inc., 1961-1965

National Lawyers Committee of American Liberty League, n.d. (2 folders)

New York Bar Foundation, 1975

New York Chamber of Commerce, 1967, 1972-1974.(2 folders)

New York County Lawyers Association

Committee on Aeronautical Law, 1936-1937

International Law Committee, 1952-1962

Box 21

New York Lawyers for Buckley Committee, 1976

New York State Bar Association

General, 1949 -1958

Committee on Federal Legislation, 1969

Committee on Ways and Means, 1954-1958

Committee to Cooperate with Other Bar Associations, 1953-1958

Correspondence, 1972-1974

Membership Campaign, 1969-1971 (3 folders)

Membership Committee

General, 1969 -1970 (2 folders)

Endorsements, 1970

New York State Coordination, 1949-1952

New York Supreme Court Disciplinary Proceedings

O'Melia. 1951 -1953

Sabbatino and Baghar, 1954-1956

Owen, Carl B. Trust, 1976-1980

Permanent Administrative Committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association (PAC)

Acknowledgments of Acceptances to 1961

Recommendations, September 1961

Agenda for Meetings, December 1956-May 1963

Annual Report, 1961

Annual Review, 1960-1962 (3 folders)

Box 22

Permanent Administrative Committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association (PAC), continued

Annual Review, 1962-1963 (3 folders)

Arbitration Awards, 1961-1963

Arbitration Cases, 1961-1963

Arbitration Hearings

Re: dismissal of Martha Robles by St. Clare's Hospital, 1962

Re: dismissal of Viola Pate by Lebanon Hospital, 1961

Arbitration Meeting, 1961

Budget, 1960 -1963 (2 folders)

Correspondence, 1951-1963 (2 folders)


Beekman-Downtown Hospital, 1960-1962

Beth El Hospital, 1962-1963

Beth Israel Hospital

General, 1960-1963

Arbitration, 1961-1962

Bronx Hospital, 1960-1961

Brooklyn Hospital, 1960-1962

Caledonian Hospital, 1961-1962

Columbus Hospital, 1960-1961

Evangelical Deaconess Hospital, 1962

Flushing Hospital and Dispensary, 1962-1963

Grand Central Hospital, 1960-1963

Hebrew Home and Hospital for Chronic Sick, 1960-1961

Hillside Hospital, 1960

Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews of New York, 1961-1963

Hospital of the Holy Family (Brooklyn Diocese), 1961-1962

House of Calvary, 1960-1963

House of Holy Comforter, 1960-1963

Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital, 1960

Box 23

Permanent Administrative Committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association, continued

Hospitals, continued

Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn, 1960-1963

Jewish Memorial Hospital, 1962

Knickerbocker Hospital, 1962-1963

Lebanon Hospital

General, 1961-1962

Arbitration, 1961-1962

Lenox Hill Hospital, 1960-1963

Long Island Jewish Hospital, 1960-1962

Lutheran Hospital, 1962

Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, 1962-1963

Mary Immaculate Hospital, 1961-1962

Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases, 1962-1963

Misericordia Hospital, 1960-1962

Mother Cabrini Memorial Hospital, 1960-1962

Mount Morris Park, 1960-1963

Mount Sinai Hospital, 1960-1963

New York Medical College Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals

General, 1961-1963

Acceptance of 1961 Recommendations, 1960-1962

New York Polyclinic Hospital, 1961-1962

Peninsula General Hospital, 1962

St. Anthony's Hospital (Brooklyn Diocese), 1961-1962

St. Catherine's Hospital (Brooklyn Diocese), 1961-1962

St. Charles Hospital (Brooklyn Diocese), 1961-1962

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 1960-1962

St. Francis Hospital, 1960-1962

St. John's Episcopal Church Charity Foundation of Long Island, 1960 --1963

St. John's Queen Hospital (Brooklyn Diocese), 1961-1962

St. Joseph's Hospital (Far Rockaway), 1961-1962

St. Joseph's Hospital for Chest Diseases, 1961

St. Luke's Hospital, 1962-1963

St. Mary's Hospital (Brooklyn Diocese), 1961-1962

St. Peter's Hospital (Brooklyn Diocese), 1961-1962

St. Vincent's Hospital (New York), 1960-1963

St. Vincent's Hospital of the Borough of Richmond (Staten Island), 1960-1963

The Staten Island Hospital, 1962

The Swedish Hospital in Brooklyn, 1962

Unity Hospital, 1960-1962

Wyckoff Heights Hospital, 1960-1962

Mediation and/or Arbitration Cases of Subscribing Hospitals, 1961

Meetings, 1960 -1961 (8 folders)

Memoranda, 1959 -1961

Minutes of Meetings, 1959-1963 (2 folders)

News Releases and Clippings, 1960-1963

Procedures and Recommendations, 1960-1961 (2 folders)

Box 24

Permanent Administrative Committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association, continued

Progress Reports, 1962-1963. Including a letter from Nelson A. Rockefeller

Public Hearing

General, 1960

Statements, 1960

Statement of Policy and Amendments, 1959-1960

Status of Subscribing Hospitals. Re: 1960 Report, 1959-1961

Testimonial Dinner, 1963

Wage Adjustments in Beth El Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, 1962

Photographs, 1934-1957 and undated

Ploscowe, Morris. Reappointment as Magistrate, 1953

Programs and Menus, 1917-1976

Ranson Estate vs. Dejay Stores, 1974-1977

Real Estate Transactions, 1963-1978. Reimbursement Memoranda, 1966-1977

Republican National Convention, 1940-1948, 1952

Rock Island Southern Corporation

General, 1906 -1954 (2 folders)

Closure, 1920 -1954

Meetings of Stockholders and Directors, 1921-1954

Seaboard Airline Railroad Company, 1964-1965

Second Circuit Judicial Conference, 1973-1977

Speeches, 1948 -1975. Including letters from Lowell B. Mason, Dean Dinwoodey, Henry J. Fuller, and Irèrèe Du Pont. (4 folders)

Supreme Court Historical Society, 1975-1979

U.S. Court of Appeals

U.S.A. vs. Kevin L. Montgomery, Appellant, 1977

University of Iowa

Alumni, 1947 -1968. Including a letter from Howard R. Bowen

Awards and Honors, 1916-1968. Including a letter from Virgil M. Hancher

College of Law

General, 1962-1966

Alumni Foundation Gift, 1968-1980. Including letters from Willard L. Boyd

Box 25

University of Iowa, continued

Distinguished Service Award, 1968

Walsh, Thomas J. and Walsh, James W., 1958-1963

Willkie, Wendell L.

General, 1939 -1960

Nomination, 1940

Willkie Farr and Gallagher, 1969-1980

Willkie Farr Occasional Tax Memoranda, 1968-1970

Willkie Owen Farr Gallagher and Walton Bar Association Memberships, 1955-1956

Young Americans for Responsible Action (YARA) 1973-1974

September 1987 Addendum

Correspondence, 1913-1967 (9 folders)

Gallagher, Harold J.

Check Stubs, 1914-1916

Obituary. Newspaper Clippings, 1981

Box 26

Maher, Elmer. Bank Statement, 1914

Partnership Congratulatory Letters, 1942


General, 1938 -1959, undated

Willkie, Wendell, 1944

Programs and Menus, 1910-1967

Railroad Passes and other Membership Cards, 1906-1942

Research Notes

General, 1913 -1917 (7 folders)

Criminal Law, undated

Interstate Commerce, 1917

Interstate Commerce Act, undated

Property, undated

Public Utility Companies, undated

Roman Law, 1916

Torts, Outlines, undated

Research Notes (Bound)

Bills and Notes, Suretyship and Mortgages, undated

Contracts, Bankruptcy and Corporations, undated

Box 27

Research Notes (Bound), continued

Corporation Partnership Agency, undated

Equity Trusts, undated

Evidence, Common Law and Code Reading, undated

Federal Jurisdiction, Constitutional Law, and Conflict of Laws, undated

Wills Future Interest, undated

Box 28

Seaboard Airline Railroad. Inspection Trip, 1946




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