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Photographs: Boxes 37 and 38

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Box List

Only folder title is given.

Box 1

A -- Misc

AAF (American Advertising Federation)


ACT (Action for Children's Television) Correspondence

AFL-CIO. including a letter from George Meany


Hoving / Stanton Correspondence

Release Hoving / Stanton Correspondence

AWRT (American Women in Radio and TV N.Y. Chapter)

Abortion Referral Ads

Absent Opinion

Action for Children's Television

Action Groups

Action Groups Citizens Communications Center

Action Political Pressures

Ad Agency Standards

Advertising - AT&T

Articles News


Network Reruns

OEO Testimony, Nov. 1971

Race Tracks

Self Regulation: News clips and articles

Truth in advertising

Warren Braren Statements truth in advertising

Agnew, Spiro

Aileen Adams' Correspondence


Alexander, Shana, 1968 1970

American Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) PR

American Cancer Society

American Civil Liberties Union

American Council for Better Broadcasts

American Educational Theatre Association

American Jewish Committee

American Jewish Congress

American Mothers Committee

American Nurses' Association

Annual Board Meeting, June 3, 1971, file copy

Box 2

Annual Meeting, 1968, New Orleans

Annual Meeting, 6 /3/71

April Organization support luncheon

Apter, David, 1972

Ascertainment clips and articles, 1971

Aspen Institute

Associated Council of the Arts

Association of American Colleges

Association of the Junior Leagues

B Letters

B Misc.

B.E.S.T. (Black Efforts for Soul in Television)

Background Information, 1969-1971. (2 folders)

Background and Purpose (various statements)

Banker's Trust Payroll, 1969-1970

Banker's Trust Payroll Service.

BAR (Broadcast Advertiser's Reports)

Bass, Hilton, 1967-1970

Belafonte, Harry, 1968-1970

Benton, William, 1968-1971

Better Business Bureau

Box 3

Biographies/Photos/Members A K


Black Congressional Caucus

B'nai B'rith Women

Black Press

Board – Warren Braren

Ralph Ellison

James Farmer

Philip Gainsley, 1967 -- 1971

Hoving Bios and clippings

Hoving correspondence

Correspondence, 1967, 1969, 1971. (3 folders)

Box 4

Board - Warren Braren (cont.)

Invitations for membership


meetings, 1967 -- 1973. (10 folders)

Charles Benton

Box 5

Board - Warren Braren (cont.)

Nominating Committee, 1973

prospects, 1969, 1971, 1972. (2 folders)

resignations. including a letter from John Kenneth Galbraith

Walter Sandbach

Boston, Mass. WGBH.

Branch, William, 1968-1970

Braren Discretionary Fund

Braren, Warren. 1971 Income Tax

Broadcast Licensing (Squier Report)

Bunce, Richard, 1972

Burelle's, 1969

By laws and Amendments (1967 -- 1972)

CATA (Community Antenna Television Association)

(2 folders)


FCC Releases

Box 6

CATA (Community Antenna Television Association)

Filings Misc. Organ

Correspondence. (2 folders)

Sloan Commission

Studies (misc.)

Study, N.Y. State

CBS (2 folders)

CBS Selling of the Pentagon

CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) an address by John Macy, Jr., "Channeling Education's

Challenge" 1971

CPB clips and articles, 1967 -- 1968, 1971. (2 folders)

Box 7

CPB Correspondence, 1967 -- 1969

CPB Statements, speeches, articles

CPR Report on FCC

Cable Book Distributions, 1972

Cable general information

Cable Information National Council Churches of Christ

Cable Methodists TRAFCA

Cable – Public Cable

Cable Reconsideration and Opinions

Cable Report to board

Cable rules

Cable TV. (2 folders)

Cable TV Panelists. including a letter from Thomas P. F. Hoving


Center for Policy Research Study


Current attention

pole attachment

Box 8

Cable Television

Cable Television Information from NCTA (National Cable Television Association)


Cantril, Albert, 1972

Capital Cities Broadcasting

Cater, Douglass, 1972 -- 1973

Center for Law and Social Change

Center for the Study of Responsive Law

Charren, Peggy

Child Study Association of America

Children news clips and articles

Children - S. 683 Senator Pell Emergency School Aid Act of 1971, including material from Claiborne Pell and Thomas P. F. Hoving

Children's Council

Children's Educational Workshop

Children's Petition - College President

Correspondence, miscellaneous special

Organization added to file

Requests for more copies

Special comments.

Children's Programming

Children's TV

Box 9

Children's TV international comparison

Jennings Report 1970

NCCB Filings to FCC

Children's Television Panelists, including material from Ramsey Clark and Thomas P. F. Hoving

Children's Television Workshop

Chicago Convention., 1968

Christian Science Monitor,

Chronological files

June -- September (1970). (4 folders)

Box 10

October, 1970

8/18/71 -- 2/4/72

Citizens Communications Center (Kramer) including a letter from Nicholas Johnson

Citizens Groups contacts

Citizens Network


Citizen Participation

Clergy and Laymen Concerned

Clippings: 1960, 1967, 1968. (3 folders)

Box 11

Clippings (cont.)

1968 -- 1969. (6 folders)

Box 12

Clippings (cont.)

  March -- September, 1969. (7 folders)

Box 13

October, 1969 -- August, 1970. (11 folders)

Box 14

Clippings (cont.)

September -- November, 1970 and misc. (4 folders)

Coe, Robert L

Commercia1 Broadcasters' Generosity to ETV

Committee Members

Common Carrier FCC Release

Concentration of Control Panelists

Conference - Bills misc., 1970. (3 folders)

Hotel Arrangements, 1970

Invitation Mailing Work Folder, 1970

October 1970

Dinner Response, 1970, including material from Thomas P. F. Having

Participant Bios., 1970, includes photos

Panel Participants and Speakers March Schedule, 1970. including material fkom Elie Abel, Dean Burch, Warren E. Burger, Julian Bond, William F. Buckley, Jr., Ramsey Clark, Milton S. Eisenhower, Katharine Graham, Nancy Hanks, Mark O. Hatfield, Hubert H. Humphrey, Coretta Scott King, Newton N. Minow, John O. Pastore, Frank Stanton, Robert Taft, Jr., Thomas P. F. Hoving, Philip A. Hart, John Kenneth Galbraith, and Nicholas Johnson

Panels, 1970, 1971

Pictures Photographer Mac Brewer, 1970

Planning Subcommittee, 1970

Schedules, 1970

Box 15

Working Folder, 1969

Congressional Record

Consensus Agreement, 1972

Constituency Theory and Practice

Constitutionality of Recess Appointment

Consumers Union

Contacts Supporting Council

Convocation, 1970 BillsCorrespondence, 1970, 1972 and with members. (4 folders) First folder including material from Harry S. Ashmore

Co-sponsoring Organizations

Council for Better Business Bureaus

Council of Supporting Organizations (master list)

Negative Responses

Council on Children, Media, and Merchandising

Counter Ads

Counter Advertising

D misc.

"A Day in the Life" mailing lists

Deception articles

Box 16

Deception (legal scientific)

Degnan, June Oppen (Cal. Citizens Committee for Broadcasting) 1969-1970

Deposit slips, bank by mail envelops

Deutsch, Howard, 1972 -- 1973

Diamond, Ted. Director of Development

District of Columbia

Dr. Henry Lennard

Drinan, Rev. Robert, 1967 -- 1971

Drug Abuse Plan for Volunteer Org

Drug Lyrics (FCC statement)

Drug Study. (4 folders)


Analgesics. (2 folders)

Food and Drug Administration

Antacids. Drugs Articles. (2 folders)

Calmatives, sleeping pills, stimulants

Box 17

Drugs (cont.)

 Cold and Cough Remedies

Drugs FDA Risk List

Feminine Hygiene

Illicit Drug Abuse

Incoming Correspondence


Miscellaneous: Skin Products


Outgoing Correspondence

Radio Scripts

Study of Teen age Drug Behavior


"Why Now" Aspen, Colo. Dynamic Strategy Research Foundation


ETV, Honolulu, Hawaii

ETV Stations. Eastern Educational Network

Educational Broadcasting

Educational Broadcasting Corp

Educational TV H.R. 6736, 1967

Eells, Richard, 1967 -- 1971

Eisenhower, Milton S. including one TLS

Employee Ledger Sheets, 1971



Entenza, John D., 1968 -- 1970

Equal Employment, Donna Kanter Report

Essential Background Material

Executive Committee Meeting, July 21, 1971

Expenses NCCB Staff


Box 18

FCC. (4. folders)

Articles and misc. Speeches

Bartley, Robert T

Broadcast Assess

Budget. FCC CATV: Rev. Everett Parker Statement on Proposed CATV Rules of FCC

CBS Selling of the Pentagon. (2 folders)

CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) Statement (John Macy)

Children: Ecumedia Filing

Children's Hearings, Jan., 1973

Box 19

Children: FCC Notice of Inquiry and Proposed Rule Making

Children's Petition. (5 folders)

Children's Petitions

Children's Programs and Advertising

Children's TV. (3 folders)



Dean Burch, Chairman

Box 20

Burch/Wells Nominations

Thomas J. Houser

Nicholas Johnson. (3 folders)

FCC Community Ascertainment.

FCC Domestic Satellites, 1970 1971, January thru May, 1972. (4 folders)

Box 21

FCC Domestic Satellites (cont.)

April thru December, 1972. (5 folders)

Box 22

FCC Fairness Doctrine

Personal Attack

Red Lion Decision

Fairness Inquiry, March, 1972

Financial Disclosure, 1972

A.C.T. Petition

Financial Record articles and news clips

CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) Financial/Statistics, 1971

Filing Dates

Correspondence. (2 folders)

Replies to letters registering support

Sally Fly article for NY Times

General NCCB Petition to maintain records of news broadcasts

Government Pressure. (5 folders) Second folder includes material from Robert F. Drinan

Lee, Robert E

Letters of Complaint

License Renewals



Network Control

Network Programming Inquiry


Program Logs

Public Broadcasting

Public Reference Requirement

Publications on Fairness

Renewal Policies and Rules (New Feb., 1971)


Speech aril Article

Staff Personnel

Wells, Robert, including material from Thorns P. F. Hoving

Box 23

FCC Fairness Doctrine (cont.)

Commissioner Mary Jones

Fair Campaign Practices Committee Materials and Spot

Fairness. (2 folders)

Fairness Doctrine. (2 folders)

General. (2 folders)

Product Advertising (Thornton)

Fairness Social Issue Advertising

Federal Tax Returns 1990 A&T, 1967-1973

Federal Trade Commission. (2 folders)

Federation of Rocky Mt. States

File National Citizen's Committee for Educational Television

Financial Record, NCCB Comments

First Amendment Government and Press - Denial to NCCB's Petition.

First Year Report

Foreign TV.

Foreign TV Regulations

Form for Satellite Applications

Box 24

Form Letter: Original NCCET (National Citizen's Committee for Educational Television) Organizations

Form 1023 (Tax exemption) 1967

Former Board members (miscellaneous) 1968 -- 1971

Forum Communications, Inc. (2 folders)

The French Chef with Julia Child

Friends of the Earth

Freyd, Bill

Fund Raising Firms

Fund Raising Letter, 1972. (2 folders)

Fund Raising Letters, 1979 and 1980

Fund Raising Mailing List

Gailbraith, John Kenneth, 1967 -- 1970

General Counsel (Morton I. Hamburg)

General - Nixon/Humphrey Letters

Georgia Educational Television Network

Box 25

Germany Material

Gill, Brendan, 1967 -- 1970.

Glazer, Nathan, 1968 -- 1969

Goldberg, Arthur J

Goodman, Robert, 1968 -- 1969

Government Pressure. (3 folders)

Grants by NCCB, 1969 -- 1970

Grassroots Action Inc

Group "W"

Guides Audience Buying to Cough & Cold

H - Misc

Hanisch, Stuart

Head, Barry


Hearings - Moss

History clippings

History statement

Hofheimer, Henry Clay II, 1968 -- 1970

Holleb, Marshall

Box 26

Hotel Pierre Dinner, Oct. 25, 1970

Hoving, Thomas P. F. (5 folders)

Howard, Jack, 1972 -- 1973

Humane Society



Illinois Telecommunications Commission. (2 folders)


Information Sheets - NCCET (National Citizen's Committee for Educational Television) Member


Inner Core University of Wisconsin, 1968

Insurance, 1969 -- 1971.

Insurance: Liberty Mutual, 1972

Insurance Policies

Box 27

International Children's Study, 1977 including Material from Robert F. Drinan

An International Comparison of Children's Television Programming. (2 folders)

Inventory, 1972

Invitations to dias guests including material from Thomas P. F. Hoving


Job Applicants. (3 folders)

Box 28

Johnson, Lyndon

Johnson, Nicholas. including 10 TLS

Johnson Proposal

KBYU-TV Provo, Utah

KCET Los Angeles, Calif

KCTS-TV Seattle, Wash

KEBS San Diego, Calif

KETC St. Louis, Mo

KETS Conway, Ark

KIRN Southwest Texas Educational Television Council

KOAC Corvallis, Or

KOAP-TV Portland, Or

KNME-TV Albuquerque, N.M

KQED San Francisco, Calif

KRON-TV. (2 folders)

KSPS-TV Spokane, Wash

KTCA, Charnel 2 St. Paul, Minn

KUED Salt Lake City, Utah

Box 29

Kanter Report

Kubasik, Ben

Ledger; check stubs; bank statements, 1972 -- 1973

Legal - Activities Summary (January April, 1972)

Commercial Statements RM (Rule Making) 2326

Cross ownership of CATV Newspaper Docket. 18891

Public Inspection of Cable Files Docket 19948


Cross Ownership of Broadcast Newspaper Docket 18110

Legislation - Appropriation for CPB Correspondence 1969 including material from Brock Adams, Thomas H. Kuchel, Donald Rumsfeld, Robert McClory, and Fred R. Harris

CATV: Tiernan Bill

Children Mondale Amendment, 1970 including one Mondale TLS, December 21, 1970

misc.: letters from Congress and Senate. including material from Edward M. Kennedy and John O. Pastore

Mondale Amendment Ed. TV for Minority Children, 1970. Legislation Moss-McGovern S. 1461, 1971

Nelson Committee

Box 30

Pastore Bill. (2 folders)

S. 12112 Appropriation for CPB

Self Regulation of Advertising, 1971

Sen. Spong’s Bill Adv. and the environment, 1971

Voting Record Public Broadcasting Legislation, 1968

Letters - from Negative Co Sponsoring Org

in Answer to Inquiries, 1971

of Acceptance to Membership Invitations including material from Thomas P. F. Roving, Conrad Aiken, Saul Bellow, Robert McAfee Brown, John Cogley, Jules Feiffer, Arthur J. Goldberg, Joseph Wood Krutch, Archibald MacLeish, and A. Philip Randolph

re Agnew Statement

Letters sent to Co Sponsoring

License Renewals, Expiration Periods

Tower Bill S. 2664

B.E.S.T. Critique

Box 31

License Renweals, Expiration Periods

Citizen Action


Contests Strike applications

FCC General Rulings

FCC Public Service Responsibility Report

FCC Response to Oliver R. Grace

Forms. License Renewals General disclosure of financial data

NABB (Orme) Statement

NCCB Correspondence

S. 2004 articles news clips

S. 2004 Braren's Testimony

S. 2004 NCCB filing

Specific Renewals

U.S. Court of Appeals Decision

Licensing - Sally Fly Article

Long Range Financing of Public Broadcasting. (2 folders) Second folder including material from Thomas P. F. Hoving and McGeorge Bundy

Logs of Program Records (NCCB pet.)

Ludgin, Earle, 1971

McGraw Hill Book Do Not Throw Out, 1968 -- 1973

Mailing Lists - Coded Mailings

NCCB Filings, etc

Mannes, Marya, 1968 -- 1970

March Conference, 1970 misc

Box 32

Maine ETV Network Orono, Me

Maryland and Virginia Withholding

Maryland Public Television

Morgan, Edward

Media Commondiaire

Meat and Poultry Inspection Regulations

Member Resignations (Includes Photos). including materials from Thomas P. F. Hoving, Lee A. DuBridge,and Newton N. Minow

Members Committee Invitations - Thomas P. F. Hoving

Membership Meeting, 2/11 12/68, New Orleans. (2 folders)

Memos and letters to membership

Metropolitan Indianapolis Television Association

Box 33

Minority Inclusion and Programming Diversity


Miscellaneous Organizations

Miscellaneous TV and Radio Stations


MIT Group (Pharr)

MODE (Modern Organization for Dance Evolvement, Inc)

Modern Adv., News clips and articles

Outgoing Correspondence


Montgomery, Robert, 1967 -- 1972

Moore, Earle (2 folders)

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and Political Broadcasting

NAEB (National Association. of Educational Broadcasters) and ETS Division.including material fromThomas P. F. Hoving

NBC-CBS Press information and releases

Box 34


NCCB Considerations for CATV

NCCET (National Citizen's Committee for Educational Television). NCCPTV Journal (National Citizen's Committee for Public Television). NCTA (National Cable Television Association, Inc.), material from NCTA Convention

NET Affiliates (speeches, meetings, general affiliate information)

Correspondence including material from Thomas P. F. Hoving

Felix Green

Fritz Jauch "A Brief History of ETV in the United States."


NOW (National Organization of Women)

Nathanson, Don

National Association for Better Broadcasting

National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Educational Broadcasters

National Audience Board

National Cable Television Association

Box 35

National Citizen's Committee for Public Broadcasting

National Committee for an Effective Congress

National Conf. Budget

National Conference on Citizen's Rights - Mail tab correspondence

Political panel including material from Nicholas Johnson and Thomas P. F. Hoving

Speakers and honorarium

National Council of Jewish Women

National Council of Negro Women

National Council of Women

National Education Association

National Educational Radio and Public Radio

National Endowment for the Arts

National Friends of Public Broadcasting

National Information Bureau

National Mexican American Anti Defamation Committee, Inc

National Public Radio (includes photos)

Natrona School District, Casper, Wy (Dr. Maurice F. Griffith)

Negative Responses to Membership Invitations inc. material from Thomas P. F. Hoving

Negative Speaker Answered. including material from Thomas P. F. Hoving

Box 36

Nebraska Citizen's Committee for Public Television, Inc

Nebraska ETV Network

Network News Cutback

Network Pg. Antitrust Suit

Network Project, 1972

Network Schedules

New Jersey Commission on Public Broadcasting

New Jersey Governor's Commission on Public Broadcasting

New York Network

New York State Registration as a Tax Exempt Organ, 1972

New York Stations (and group owned)

New York Times Ad, 11/20/69


Newsletter. (5 folders)

Newspapers and magazines

Netzer Long Range Financing of P.B. Original

Nixon, Richard

Nominating Committee, 1971, 1973. (2 folders)

Northern Michigan University (Marquette)


Notes on Films on Ads (legal)

Notes on Prime Time Access

Office of Consumer Affairs

Box 37

On Being Black (includes photos)

Opening of Congressional Mail Caper

Oregon Educational Broadcasting Division of Continuing Education

Org. CATV Ad Hoc Coalition

Organizations - Boston Community Media Committee

Academy for Educational Development

Action, for Smoking and Health (ASH)

Other Broadcasting Groups

P Miscellaneous

PBL (Public Broadcast Laboratory)

PBL Clips First Season

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), Articles, 1971


Pace, Frank, Jr

Palmer, Arthur

Parenteau, Zoel J

Parker, Everett, Rev

Box 38

Pastore Bill (S. 2004)

Pauley, Robert A.

Pay Television

Pennsylvania Governor's Advisory Committee

Pentagon Papers

Photos Kubasik/More/Ellison

Pictures Hoving, Johnson, Drinan, et al. (date uncertain)

Piel, Gerard

Pitney Bowes


Political Action Kit Reprints

Political Action Project Voter Viewer Opinion Form

Political Advertising.



Box 39

Political Advertising (cont.)

Correspondence Files

Foote, Cone, & Belding

Fund Raising Letter

Kit 1

Kit 2

Kit Press Release

Past History

Project Committee

Political Advertising Project Porter

Political Air Pollution

Political Broadcasting

FCC 1972

Background material

Campaign Finances Inc., 1971 legislation

Foote, Cone, & Belding

Box 40

Political Broadcasting (cont.)

General. (2 folders)

Harvey Jassem Studies

Other Groups

Project letters on kit


Project Design

Project Final Report


Racist Spots Stoner, Atlanta

Postmaster N.Y. (mailing permit)


Praeger Press Proposed book (Conference on Citizen's Rights)




Correspondence re Members




Box 41

Press (cont.)

Releases, 1968, 1972. (2 folders)

Prime Time Access Rule. (3 folders)

Printed News.

Probst, George

Probst Conference, Oct., 1970

Product Safety

Program Length Commercials

Public Broadcasting

Act of 1967

correspondence, 1971

long Range Financing, 1969

Public Finance Hearings Spring, 1969

Public Interest Law Firms

Public Responses (& Replies) to AT&T Blast, 9/29/68

Public Service

Public Television Advertising Proposal (Ben Kubasik)

and AT&T Diamond

Community Involvement, 1968

General, 1968


News and Articles, 1968

Programming, 1968


Box 42

Quarterly Meetings: Feb. 1968, Jan., 1969 (2 folders)

RKO File

Race, 1968



Radio Free Europe


Red Lion Supreme Court

Redwood Empire Educ. Television

Refunds Received, 1972

Refusals to Join Committee

Regents of the University of the State of New York

Religious Broadcasts

Requests for Conference Proceedings

Requests for "The State of Public Broadcasting."

Requests for Information


Riverton, Wyoming

Box 43

S Misc

SECA (Southern Education Communications Association)


St. Regis, 9/23/70 Reception

St. Regis Sheraton

Satellite Articles and Clippings, 1967 (4 folders)

Satellites, N. Johnson Statement, 1967

mailing list

NCCB Correspondence

NCCB Filing, 5/12/71

NCCB Reply Comments to FCC, 7/12/71

Various proposals

Scofield., Carleton F.

Seaboard Systems

Segelman, Marvin. Senator Pastore Bi11 – S. 2004

Shayon, Robert

Siepmann, Charles

Skin Products

Skinner, Mrs. David E.

Box 44

Social Problems and Change

Sorenson, Philip

Speaker Briefing

Speeches Referring to OTC Problem


Squier, Robert


Staff - Warren Braren

Staff Handbook

Staff - Ben KubasikState of Public Broadcasting Drafts

Statement Following 3/12/69 FCC Luncheon

Statement of Purpose ConferenceStationery

Stations WPIX

Stern Community Law Firm. (2 folders)

Box 45

Students, Exchange

Subcommittee for the Council of Supporting Organizations

Suggested New Members

Summer Interns

Summer Newsletter, 1470


Synagogue Council of America

Syracuse University - Newhouse School

T – Misc

TV Ad Scripts

TV International, 1968

TV Magazines TVBE, 1973

TV Movies

TV Network Showsheets

TV Sponsors

TV Statistics

TV Violence, 1969

TVB News

TVBE Magazine (Madison, Wis. Group), 1972

TV's role in Ghetto Areas

Tacoma, Washington

Talk Shows

Tax Exempt Certificate (determination letters) 1967 & 1973

Tax Exemption - Challenge to Status

Forms, 1967 -- 1973. (3 folders)

Foundation Status, 1970 -- 1973

Box 46

Tax Problems General, 1971 -- 1973

Tax Related: N. Y. Dept. Social Services, 1967 -- 1971

Taxes and Tax Status

D.C. 1971 -- 1973. (2 folders)

Employer Registration Report

Federal Unemployment Compensation, 1972

Form 4506, 1972

IRS Harassment, 1971

Jeopardy Assessment, 1972

N.Y. State Education Dept., 1971

990 Problems, 1971 -- 1973

Source Material/Exemptions, 1970 -- 1972

Television Academy

Television and Education

Television: General Articles of Interest

Television Information Office

Television Problems

Ticket Sales for Conference

Topeka., Kansas KTWU, Ch. 11

Toys: clips and articles

FDA Filing

Transcript Requests



Box 47

U - Misc

UHER Recorder and Mike

Unanswered Membership Invitation

United Church of Christ

United States Committee for UNICEF

U.S. Government Printing Office

United States Senate

University Groups and Individuals

Urban Law Institute

Urban Problems

Urrows, Henry Magazines

V - Misc


Vegetables, Oils, and Margarines

Violence. (4 folders)

Volunteers, 1970 -- 1973

W - Misc


WCET Cincinnati, Ohio (3 folders)

Box 48

WDSE-TV, Ch. 8, Duluth, Minn

WENH-TV Durham, N.H.

WETA Washington, D.C.

WFMT Radio. (2 folders)

WGBH Boston

WHEC-TV Rochester Metro Act of Rochester

WHRO Norfolk, Va

WHYY Philadelphia, Pa

WITF-TV Hersey, Pa

WJCT Jacksonville, Fla

WKNO-TV Memphis, Tenn

WMVS Milwaukee, Wisc


WNDT New York, N.Y.

WNED Buffalo, N.Y.



WOUB-TV Athens, Ohio

WPIX. (2 folders)

Box 49

WPSX TV University Park, Pa

WQED Pittsburgh, Pa

WQLN Erie, Pa


WTTW Chicago, Ill

WTVI Charlotte, N.C.

WVIA TV, Channel 44, Scranton, Pa

WWVU TV Morgantown, W.Va.

WXXI TV Rochester, N.Y.

WYES TV New Orleans, La

Wagner Photoprint

Walter Sign Corporation

Watson, Phil

Wayne, June

Western Union. Westinghouse

Westinghouse Broadcast Co

White House, 1967 -- 1969.

White House Telephone Taping

Wichita, Kansas (Cultural Arts Comm. and ETV)

Wilmington Coalition

"Winding Down the War" Commercials


Women Sex Discrimination

Woodstock Folk Festival (News Coverage)


World Without War



York Stationery



Box 50

ACT meeting, February April 1974

access II

Brainpicking luncheons, January July 1974

Children's special report, original, June 1974

Citizens energy conference, February 15, 1974

FCC regional meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, May 1974

Free Speech Messages manual

Gehring, Craig – study: Equal Employment Opportunity, November 6, 1975

Holcomb, Luther. Consumer Federation of America letter, April 1974. Justice Department / Media

Ownership, 1974

Letter to area colleges requesting interns, 1974 -- 1975

Logs NCCB, January May 1974. (2 folders)

National Student League conference, February 23, 1974

Oversight hearings, March 1974

PSA (Public Service Announcements) Project, Robert B. Choate, November 1973 May 1974

Quello, James H., January April 1974. 1 TLS Russell Long

statements concerning., 1973 1974

September 1973 January 1974

Questionnaire, April 1, 1974. Letters March 26 and June 24, 1974. (2 folders)

Box 51

Responses to Nicholas Johnson's letter to reporters re Tornille case, April -- May 1974. 1 TLS James J.


Responses to November 7 letter, November 1973 January 1974

Sex and violence, 1974 1975. 1 TLS Richard E. Wiley

Tornillo, Pat L., 1973 1974

Violence, 1969 -- 1975

Wells, Robert, July August 1975

Williams, M., P.O. Box 25, Oakridge, Oregon 97463, July 16, 1976


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