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MsC 461

This document describes a Manuscript Collection held by the

Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

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Box Contents List

Format: Author, Title, number of folders

Box 107

Ahl, Lindsay

Desire, 8 folders


Complexities of Intimacy. 1

Chernoff, Maxine

Some of Her Friends That Year. 5

Box 108

Codrescu, Andre

It Was Today. 2

Cooney, Ellen

The White Palazzo. 3

Coulas, Brenda

A Handmade Museum. 1

Memory Jar.1

Dumas, Henry

Echo Tree. 3

Foos, Laurie

Before Elvis There Was Nothing. 4

Bingo Under the Crucifix. 2

Gialand, M. Evelina.

Screaming Monkey. 4

Folders 1-2

Box 109

Gialand, M. Evelina

Screaming Monley

Folders 2-3

Guy, Rosa

My Love, My Love. 2

Healey, Steve.

Earthling. 5

Hedge Coke, Allison Adelle.

Off City Season Pipe . 2

Hernandez, Lolita

Autopsy of an Engine. 8

Hewett, Greg

Red Suburb. 8

Box 110

Hunt, Laird

Indiana, Indiana.4

Labinor, Norah

Miniatures. 5

McDaniel, Raymond

Murder. 6

Box 111

Nowak, Maire

Shut Up, Shut Down.7

Padgett, Ron

You Never Know. 7


Box 112

Padgett, Ron

Joe. 3

Peckham, Susan Atefat

That Kind of Sleep. 1

Ping, Wang

The Magic Whip.1

Saterstrom, Selah.

The Pink Institution. 7

Sikelianos, Eleni

The California Poem. 8

Sima, Carol Ann

The Mermaid That Came Between Them. 6

Folder 1

Box 113

Sima, Carol Ann

The Mermaid That Came Between Them. 6

Folders 2 -- 6

Sorrentino, Gilbert

Litle Casino. 1

Taniguchi, Yuko

Foreign Wife Elegy. 4

Thomas, Lorenzo

Dancing Man Street. 6

Wellish, Marjorie

Word Group. 6

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