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7 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: November 1997

Acquisition Note: The papers of E. F. J. Payne were given to the University of Iowa Libraries in 1996 by Christophe Egret.

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Photographs: Box 3

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Table of Contents

Biographical note

Scope and contents

Box 1 Addresses -- Robert Heifler

Box 2 Max Hoppe -- Perception

Box 3 Philosophical writings -- Schopenhauer’s works

Box 4 Schopenhauer’s works

Box 5 Schopenhauer’s works

Box 6 Schopenhauer’s works

Box 7 Schopenhauer’s works -- Newspapers

Biographical Note

Eric F. J. Payne was born in February, 1895. He lived in Crow-borough, Sussex, England with his wife and daughter until his death in 1983.

Scope and Contents

The seven linear feet of manuscripts which make up the papers of E. F. J. Payne date from 1935 to 1983 and consist mainly of Payne’s own philosophy on writing, translations of the writings of others, and correspondence regarding his work. The majority of his work concerns the 19th century German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer. Other points of interest include Buddhism and the work of Payne’s contemporaries, including Hans Margolius, Arthur Hübscher, and K. J. Tarachard.

Box 1

Addresses, assorted. [Members of the Schopenhauer Society?]

An Analysis of the Pali Canon.

The Author, Society of Authors, Summer 1961. Includes correspondence regarding the Society.

Book Reviews.

British Museum - Papers for Action. Includes correspondence with Susil Gupta and Arthur Hübscher.

Buddhist Vihara Society in England.

Centenary of the Death of Arthur Schopenhauer - September 21, 1960. Includes correspondence, publications, and photographs.


A -- K.

L -- Z.

Unsigned, or illegible.

Falcon’s Wing Press, Colorado.

Emil F. Fernes.

Eugene Freeman - San Jose State College.

A. Cl. Hoffman. Includes Die Lehre von der Wiedergeburt im Pali-Buddhismus.

Maya Keller - Grimm.

Friedrich Kormann.

William Peiris.

Hugh A. Robertson.

K.J. Tarachand.

Richard Taylor - Columbia University.

Dahlke, Paul. Newspaper articles.

Deussen’s Sixty Upanishads. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.

Dust Jackets for l’Esthetique de Schopenhauer and Schopenhauer-Jahrbuch.

Ein Ostergruss - Aus der Heimat. Author unknown.

Dr. Julius Frauenstadt’s Introduction to his edition of Schopenhauer’s works. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.

Helmuth K. Glasenapp. Immortality and Salvation in Indian Religions. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.

Professor D.H. Hackman. Der Ursprung des Buddhismus und die Geschichte seiner Ausbreitung.

Dr. Hellmuth Hecker. Die Lehre Des Buddha und Karl Eugen Neumann.

Robert Heifler. Arthur Schopenhauer: A Critical Biography.

Box 2

Max Hoppe. George Grimm.

Arthur and Angelika Hübscher. (2 folders)

Arthur Hübscher:

Arthur Schopenhauer: A Biographical Sketch. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.

Various works, including The Dance in Antiquity and The Imitation of Hegel.

Indexes, unidentified.

Dr. Wolfgang Jaeger. Heilige als Nothelfer bei Augenkrankheiten.

Dr. Friedrich Kormann:

Observations on Schopenhauer’s Significance for History and Civilization. Includes a translation by E.F.J. Payne.

Schopenhauer und Mainländer.

Dr. Arnold Kowalewski. Moltke als Philossoph.

Hartwig Kuhlenbeck. Further Remarks on the Brain and Consciousness and The Meaning of “Postulational PsychoPhysical Parallelism”

Hans Margolius

Correspondence and articles.

Life and Thought - Aphorists and Aphorisms.

Motive and Action - The Good and the Right.

Nature, Man, Philosophy (The Good and the Right).

Notizen zur Geschichte der Ethik.

Wachstum der Liebe. Includes correspondence with E.F.J. Payne.

Modern Languages for the Services. No. 2. German from scratch.

The National Translation Center.

Newspaper clippings regarding Schopenhauer:



One of the Many Objections Brought Against Schopenhauer’s Philosophy. Author unknown.

E.F.J. Payne

Arthur Hübscher’s Eighty Years. Holograph and typescript drafts.

Arthur Schopenhauer. Philosopher of Pessimism and Compassion. Several drafts. Includes correspondence.

Articles, incomplete.

Concerning R.J. Hollingdale’s Introduction to Schopenhauer’s Essay and Aphorisms. Criticism of the Introduction.

Evolution of the Modes.

Excerpts from philosophical works.

The Gist of Kelly on "Kant’s Philosophy as Rectified by Schopenhauer.”

On the Essential Physical Differences Between the Structure of Animals and Human Beings.

Schopenhauer and Art. (Short essay in German.)

Schopenhauer bibliography.

Schopenhauer in English. A Critical Survey of Existing Translations.

Schopenhauer’s Philosophy and Modern Problems.

Speeches and lectures.

Translations list.

World as Will and Idea. Haldane and Kemp. Errata.

World as Will and Representation

Translator’s introduction.


Francis Payne ( E.F.J. Payne’s father). Correspondence, notes, work.

Perception. Author unknown.

Box 3

Philosophical writing, General.

Photographs. Including photos of Hinrich Burghard Abegg, Caroline Louise Abegg, and Schopenhauer’s grave.


Research - Note cards.

Research - notes. Includes quotes and proverbs.

Walter Röntz. Eine noch nichte verjährte Steitfrage.

P.J. Saher. Alleged plagiarism of Payne.

Schopenhauer’s works

Handschriftlicher Nachlass in the Reclam Edition - Volume 4. NewParalipomena,. ed. by Grisebach. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.

On the Freedom of the Will, Translation by E.F.J. Payne:

Typescript draft.

Typescript draft, edited by Günter Zöller. [A published copy of this work, Prize Essay on the Freedom of the Will, is cataloged separately and located in the Special Collections Department's Rare Book Collection]

On the Basis of Morality

Translation by E.F.J. Payne.

Printer’s proof.

On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason

Translation by E.F.J. Payne. Drafts.

Proofs. (2 folders)

Typescript with Greek handwritten notes.

On the Interesting and Eristic Dialects. Translations by E.F.J. Payne.

On the Mutilation of the German Language That Has Been Carried on For Several Years. Translation by E.F.J. Payne.

On the Will in Nature. Translation by E.F.J. Payne.

Holograph draft.

Typescript draft.

Typescript of a later draft.

 Box 4

Schopenhauer’s works (cont.)

New Paralipomena. Translation by E.F.J. Payne.

Parerga and Paralipomena. Translation by E.F.J. Payne.

Holograph draft. Vol. I. (2 folders)

Holograph draft. Vol. II. (2 folders)

Typescript of an early draft. Vol. I.

Typescript of a later draft. Vol. I. (3 folders)

 Box 5

Schopenhauer’s works (cont.)

Parerga and Paralipomena (cont.):
Typescript of a later draft. Vol. I.

Typescript draft. Vol. I. (2 folders)

Typescript draft. Vol. II. (2 folders)

Typescript draft with Greek notes.

Vol. I.

Vol. II. (2 folders)

Index. Translation by E.F.J. Payne. Holograph.

Parerga and Paralipomena. Short philosophical essays. Translation by E.F.J. Payne.

Philosophical Lectures. First half. Includes correspondence from Francis Payne. (2 folders)

 Box 6

Schopenhauer’s works (cont.)

Philosophical Lectures. Second half. Includes correspondence from Francis Payne.

Schopenhauer on Kant. Translation by E.F.J. Payne. (3 folders)

Theoria Colorum Physiologica. Translated by Hugh A. Robertson.

The Two Fundamental Problems of Ethics. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.

Holograph version.

Typescript version.

Typescript with Greek notes.

The World as Will and Representation. Translated by E.F.J. Payne.

Vol. I. (2 folders)

Vol. II. (2 folders)


 Box 7

Schopenhauer’s works (cont.)

The World as Will and Representation. Translated by E.F.J. Payne. (cont.)
Proof. (2 folders)

Index, holograph.

Published version


Schopenhauer Gesellschaft. Correspondence, attendance, financial status.

Schopenhauer Lesen, 1981.

Schopenhauer Society

Arthur Schopenhauer.

Arthur Schopenhauer:

Philosopher of Pessimism and Compassion.

Commemoration of Arthur Schopenhauer.

Paul Deussen, Sage and Savant.

Schopenhauer’s visiting card.

Rolf Siebke. Arthur Schopenhauer und Matthias Claudius.

Hermann Schröder.

Bhikkhu Silacara. A Great Philosopher.

Sonderbruck aus dem 64. Schopenhauer Jahrbuch für das Jahr 1983.

Hans Stäglich. A.M. Gottesacker.

Goeffrey Stewart-Smith. The Need For a New War-Winning Nuclear Strategy.

Swadesa Mitraya.

Tano-Kalewa Road material.

K.J. Tarachand

An Iranian’s Epistles to an Englishman. Edited by E.F.J. Payne.
Holograph version.

Typescript version.

Aus dem Tagebuch eines Philosopher 1-5.

Richard Taylor-Schopenhauer.

The Vegetarian and Humanitarian World Forum, October -- December 1970.

The World of Transience and Suffering. Author unknown.


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