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The Papers of Lloyd Dunn
MsC 520
Collection Dates: @1980s

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: This collection was donated by Lloyd Dunn in May 2000.

Photographs: None

PhotoSTATIC number 1

Scope and Contents

At the time of the gift, Dunn wrote, "I . . .amassed [during the 1980s] a significant collection of audio cassettes from the 'Home Taper' underground movement. These are tapes made by committed amateur musicians and sound artists that were self-published and self-distributed in editions numbering anywhere from 1 to perhaps a few hundred copies." The collection includes videotapes and a number of small art works which incorporate audio cassettes. Dunn donated additional material in the Spring of 2010. Like the first tape collection these are items that Lloyd collected through correspondence with other artists and musicians.

The collection is arranged by format, since housing the different formats made this desirable. Series I, the largest series, contains audio cassettes. Tape supplements to PhotoStatic entitled Phonostatic are also available in the collection. A tape series entitled Radiostatic is also in the collection. These are radio shows that Dunn produced that contain works from artists whose tapes are included in the collection. A collection of CDs makes up Series II. Series III is comprised of Mixed Media, including paper and 45 vinyl recordings. Miscellaneous items make up Series IV. Dunn's PhotoStatic magazine is also available in this collection and makes up Series V. Series VII contains periodicals and zines that relate to the cassette culture, including independent music magazines. This is a series that also explores the photocopier as a means of expression and includes the work of other artists that Dunn worked with. Artists that are strongly represented include Jean-Francoise Robic, a photocopier artist from France whose series C'est la Faute aux Copies is included in the collection. Several of John Oswald's Mystery Tapes Laboratory are also included in the collection.


Biographical Note

Lloyd John Dunn was born in Harlan, Iowa on November 10, 1957. He received a B.A. in Linguistics in 1981 and an M.F.A. in Film, Photography, and Intermedia in 1987, both from the University of Iowa. He began publishing Photo Static Magazine in Iowa City in 1983. Other publications that Dunn was involved with include Retrofuturist, YAWN, The Bulletin of the Copyright Violation Squad, The Expatriot, PSRF, and The Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive. In 1986 he began making audio art and, with Ralph Johnson and John Heck, he formed the group the Tape-beatles.

As of May 2001 Dunn had moved to Prague, Czech Republic, and maintains a website at

Related Material

Public Works Productions

There are several interviews with Dunn at this site.

Box Contents List


Audio Cassettes Box 1

Ordure~Fresh A In the Hour of Chaos
360 Degrees Bulbnoid Strainer
61 Z
65 N
68 V
Achim Wollscheid
Acid Reign Music Presents Rosemary's Car and Other Works
agog~magnetic phenomena of all kinds
Agriculture USA/Consumer Time; Agri-Tape-Farm Report/News Feature Five
Alan Bakev
Allegory Chapel Ltd.
AND ALL of a sudden (THERE Was) Dead AiR
The Ann Arbor Edge
Anomaly 2
Anomaly 3
Anywhere But Now
AO~Turns the Table On
Aqua Velveeta
Aquatics Ever Tarnish~Worn
Art Radio Internacional 1
Art Radio Internacional 2
art STRIKE/buy Lbd
Artstrike discuss w/Mickel, Malok and "YO" (?) frm Swampfest
Arte Brazelgica~Another Midnight Temple Music
Artifact~Collective Audio
Assortment of Julia sets~from "Chaos" by James Gleick
At Home with Milton Burial
The Attic
Audio Anthology
Auriform~Festival of Something

Audio Cassettes Box 2

backyard mechanics
Bang Zoom
Barry Edgar Pilcher
Barry Edgar Pilcher
Batang Frisco
battery operated
Ben Allen~Negativland/Plagiarism
Bern Porter~Williamson Street Blues
Big City Orchestra
Big City Orchestra~Animal Religion
Big City Orchestra~Beatles Hell
Big City Orchestra~Headache
Big City Orchestra~Laydreams of Night
Big City Orchestra~Muth Makers
Big City Orchestra~Parade of Idiots
Big City Orchestra~Phonostatic Submissions0
Big City Orchestra~Trinite
"Bikini Hour"
Bill Jones Show~Real life submission Family Album
The Bill Jones Show~Where's Ghoulardi?
Billy Dim~Songs for the Tribulation
Bits for Radio
Bob Black~Live at Club Lower Links
Bob Drake~Luigi
Bob Gregory
Brain rot radio
Brain Rot Radio
Brazen '90
Bruce Andrews~Every All Which is Not Us!
Bruxist~Temorage- Document Box 1
Burning Topplers~Play Loud
Busyditch~Bigger Noise #7
The Call of MADONNA Luisa Ciccone
Camerata~Vol 1
Car vs. Human Deathmasks
Cephalic Index

Audio Cassettes Box 3

Chainmail Cassette
Chris Burke~Oil War
Close Enough~30.6.93
CLPS=Enough/"The Soft Sell"
CM James Audio
CNF~Your Sins Killed Him
Concentration/Combination~David Prescott
Concrete~Vol 3
Concrete~Vol 4
Consummation of Empire
Cooper's Health Food Shop Kitchen
Copy Write Kills~MUSIC
Crackerjack Kid~Art Strike Mantra~Mai Ling Monk Mix
Crackerjack Kid~Art Strike Mantra~Project Invitation~Mail Art Martra Chants
Crash Worship~This
Crawling with Tarts
Crawling with Tarts~Candy Tooth Ceylon
Croiners~midi ditties
A Crutch or Reel or Water-Plant
A Cry for Broken Power
Dad's New Slacks~fur collectors only
Dad's New Slacks/Peace on Drugs
Dan Ashwander~Old Friend and Me
Dan Fioretti~Losing Your Mind? Don't Worry! Girl Is Not Only Her Alone
dan fioretti~muzick for huge cow fans
Dan Goldstein~radio earphonics
Danse Industrial 2~(experi)Mental Improv Mix RSVP Tapecrew
Dave Prescott
David Wright~from "The Play Accidentally Threw Me In" (1975)
Dead Air~You May Not Want to Listen
Death of Vinyl

Audio Cassettes Box 4

Deathranch~No risk brain tape?
defears II~The Secon Coming
Diaspora: Jake Berry
Didier Mouliner~Sic
Didier Moulinier~Appelez-Moi Un Docteur!
Dirty Crows
Doug Roberson
Dougzig~Screaming Yellow!
Doze Were Da Daze
Dr. Ama~Kool Ages
Duane Isaacson~Impressions
Due Process~RRRadio
Dumpster Times-#7~Audio Anarchy
Dust that Collects~Black Water Delirium
Dust that Collects~dust never sleeps
Ear Nerve Ear Ache
Ears Under Siege~Signal to Noise
Ea$t-Coa$t Underground~le Foie, la Rate et le Gesier
Ego~Wakest Solos
Electro Convulvsive Therapy
Emil Beaulieau~Anti-Performance- Document Box 1
Ensemble Vide~le Mercredi et Vagh
Eric Dinyer~All Evil Must be Judged by God
Erik Belgum~Dick Tracy/Small Room
Eulipian #3~Heetseekers
EUY~Semantics Could Vanish
Excerpt: Houston Talk Show/BG and JA etc.
Face in the Crowd~the family that blows up buildings
Fantome Audio #1~Not for Sale

Audio Cassettes Box 5

Fergus Kelly~Extracts for "Retrofuturists Real Life"
Festival of the Swamps~Epic Cuts from Deep Swamps
Fetic Porn
Fire Wall of Flesh
floating concrete octopus~polynoise
floating concrete orchestra
Flower Chakra
Foist Compilation
Foist Sampler
Folk Songs of Middle America
Fragment~Zan Hoffman/Agog- Document Box 1
Fragmented~Ek Passion Drone.
Fragments from the End of Time
francisco lopez~uaiscm 1
francisco lopez~uaiscm 3
Free Association
free sound
Front 242~05:22:09:12 OFF
Frutt Bat Savvy
Fusebox~Life in the Circus
Gaga #4~Frankenstein unbound
Gen Ken~Beatmusik
GEN KEN~Drilling Holes in the Wall
Gen Ken~Montgomery
genKen~Symphony for New York City and a Cheap Life
Gibbs/Gregory~Most Swampfest Stuff
God's Feedback Choir~All our Wurst/Loop Deville and Gieger Family Singers~"What Time is It?"/Mechanical Chicken Experiment
Going Gaga~the Poison is in the Dosage- Document Box 1
Golden Cage of Radio #1 Sickness
Gramma Called
Gregorian Chance
Gretchen, Britt and Kristen Ban Tepper
GRUDGEFUCK~real life contribution

Audio Cassettes Box 6

The Haints
Happy Tape Compilation- Document Box 1
Harry Polkinhorn
The Haters
Hear the ROAR of Mountains Volume 2
Hernia Retraction Accordion~Choking on the Fumes
Hernia Retraction Accordion~infectious damage
Hernia Retraction Accordion~into the lodge
Hidden Places
The History of the Jams AKA Timelords/The KLF~The White Room
Horny Genius
Hour of Slack #159
Hour of Slack #161
Hovancsek~eyeless women
Hybryds~Mythical Music from the 21th Century- Document Box 1
A Hypercritical Duophony
I. M. I.
I Need a Weenie Break/Viewpoint of a Different Vindictive Turn
If You Can't Sin, Let's Make a Deal
Improvisations~Volume 1
Inch Eggs
Infant Mortality Rate~big secrets
Interference, a radio landscape by MIKE EWANUS
Interview with Charles Manson & Manson Cut Up by Chris P.
Inverse Guitar
Iowa Hardcore~You Can't Get There from Here
Ithaca Music
J. Kozel~Savage Inequalities Pt I/Pt II/ JW~Stand/Channel Open
J.M. Bonn and H. Shakahuch~"Flowers" and "the Only(?) Question?"
J.P. Bobillot~Sound Works
Jack Bosarge~The Wear Down
Jack Foley/Mike Miskowski/Jake Berry~3 Talkers
Jacksonian March~An Anthology of Invisible Local(e)s
Jake Berry~Chants

Audio Cassettes Box 7

Jake Berry~Deep Nature
Janet Janet~3 min. of silence
Jason Gibbs and Bob Gregory
Jason Gibbs/Robert Gregory~Go, Song of Mine.
Jim Steele~Deerheaded Facts
Joe Shmoe~I Gotta Go
John Bartles~Orange Album
John Held Jr~Soundrack from the
John M. Bennett~Versions
A Joyful Noise (2 cop)
K7F: The Second Meeting of the Cobbley World Fellowship
K7J: The Official
K7N: Norman Yeh
K7Z~the Official August 23rd, 1991 E.V. Bughouse Apex Roto-Zither
Kenneth Patchen Festival
Klaus Maecke from the film "Decoder"
KLF Presents the Jams~1987 What the Fuck is Going On!
The Kopyright Liberation Front AKA Justified Ancients of MuMu
Kurt Schwitters~Ursonata
Kwashiorkor~We are Numberless
L'arv Tran Cette
L. Cain~Couple of Various Work
La Lune~Et L'Autre
Lapse from Virtue
Laurie, Crag and Abbie
Le Foie, la Rate et le Gesier~Special
Lemon Kittens
Level 10~Comp
Level 11~Dead Things (2 Copies)
Level 13~The Devil
Little City in Space

Audio Cassettes Box 8

Little City in Space
Little Sparky's Last Mistake
LL Estimate~Malok
A' Loving Oven~Whoa Baby, Stop!
M. Jankowski~The Retrofuturists Real Life Audio Comp#15
The Magic Shop
Mail/Audio Compilation
MaLLife 10
MaLLife 15
MaLLife#18 audio
MaLLife 20/21- Document Box 1
Malok & Aquatics Ever Tarnish
Malok~Dec. 1988
Manifest Ecstasy
Mannschaft Posse~Clad in Gleaming Skin
Mark S. Bloch~TenZenMen
Materia Con...Creta
Matthew Burnett~Title of Tape
Mechanical Sterility~Living with "That" Sound
Michael Shores~Hellsapoppin'!!
Michael Winkler
Mike Dyer interviews~the tape-Beatles
Mike Tetrault~Warm Blade
The Mind Plays Strange Tricks
Minoy Music
The Miracle~Dingsters at the Break of Dong/Jammus Interuptus
Miriam Sagan~Spilling Marmalade
Mittens: Senility having firmly taken hold
Mix by Ben Allen
Mix from National World Information Order
Momentumless identity
Mormonite Talk Show
Mr. Suburbia 2~Life is a Slow Sax Solo

Audio Cassettes Box 9

Music for a Small World
Musicworks 42
Musicworks 43
Musk of Kites
my first REAL LIFE
Mystery Hearsay
Mystery Iguana
ND Fragment #1
NEE~Real Life
Nick Goodman~Rainforest Piece
nick~Magick Television
nick~Uninvited Guests
No Idea
Nomuzic & McGee~Goonz
nonlocal variable~not from around here
NSHR (PAK) Radio (4 cassettes)- Document Box 1
Ojo Con La Radio
Organic Mortality Intensified
Our Television World
PAIN CLINIC~my dog's name is spot
Palocsay~de Dance
Palocsay~Hyper Thrust
Palocsay~Yankee Doodle had a bomb!
Pandora's Lunchbox
Paragate by Tim Risher
Patio Amnesty- Document Box 2
Patrick McKinnon~reads from his book Cherry Ferris Wheels
Patrick T

Audio Cassettes Box 10

Paul Dickinson~Let's Talk Sleep, February 1987
Paul Harvey Oswald
Penny Peepshow Meets Nick
Pete and Ray
Pete Best's Revenge
Peter on Melbourne Radio
Peter Stenshoel~Codex from the Trickster
Peter Stenshoel~Meant for Mentors
Peter Stenshoel~Strangely Colored Map (2 Cassettes)- Document Box 2
Phillipe Bill‚
Phinney Jackson McGee~Ditch
Planet of Love
Plastic Eye Miracle
Plastic Eye Miracle~Robot Beatnick
Platzangst and Negativland
PlatzAngst~How to Write Songs
Platzangst~moreevul pleez
Platzangst~Nowhere to Go
PMS: How to Cope
Polkinhorn~Blues for Cecilia
Polkinhorn~Ergo Sonex Sum
Power in the House
Pregnant with Boyd Rice's Baby
Propagation disturbace prop
Propagation dusturbance propa
Proper Yearning
Prose in Cannes~a bold calm embalming
Qwa Digs Never parish~Discratch-Temporary Itch

Audio Cassettes Box 11

Radio Static or Phono Static~Tim Risher
Radio~Your Host
Ran of Nar
Randy Leago~reckless life at home
A Ratio of Autographs
Rea Nikonova~Locomotive; Poems for France; Poems for the world; for Japan, Italy, Russia, Germany, America
REAL LIFE~Lark Lane, Liverpool
REAL-LIFE~Michael Horwood@amusement parks
Reed Altremus
The Relic Series #1
Rik Rue~Bend an Ear
Roadkill~Guitar Vomit
Roadkill~Real Life
Rocket Roll
ROIR~Trouser Press Presents the Best of America Underground
Ron Lessard~Messages from Maggie
the rotting cadaver~Exciting Love/How to Love
RWA: No Master
RWA: Woman
Rudolv Eb.Er (C-46/C-0)- Document Box 2
Sample Malok
Scorched Ear Policy
Scott Burland~Retrofuturist's Real Life
Scrape 2
Screamin Popeyes~Ah, Squid
The Sedition Commission
Severed Heads~Saturday Night/John Cage~Cartridge Music/Son Hassell and Brian Eno~Chemistry
Shannon Frach
Shove~John Eberly
Shrinkwrap~A Test in Patience
The Siberian Tigers~Stereo Sculpture for 2 Tape players- Document Box 2

Audio Cassettes Box 12

Silent Tongues~Deep Ends
Smithin Fry~R.Real Life
Social Interiors
Son of Spam
Sonique Suisse
SOSDADA~Electric Dada
Soundimage UK
Spho58~Crawling with Tarts/New Caldonia- Document Box 2
"The Stationary Diesel and the Memory Card Writer...Together Again!"
Stephen Buchanan~Improvisations for Classical Guitar
Stuttering~First Thi Space
Submission~Jake Berry
Suzanna Mast~a misty night in northern Indiana
SWA-Suburban Wilderness Aural
Swamp Worm
Technostics~cued up to 1st piece
Teen Lesbians and Animals~Super-Infections
Tellus, The Audio Cassette Magazine #21
Tellus~The Audio Cassette Magazine #20
Tentatively a Convenience
Tentatively a Convenience
Teraco Opera 3
Text/Sound Collaborations
that chemical plant~video vic!
They Call Me Bwana~If, Bwana
Toys Makes Noise~All of a Sudden, Boom! No More Animals!
Tray Full of Lab Mice and Melissa and Matt Jasper

Audio Cassettes Box 13

trondant shaman~doppelgänger
TRYST 5- Document Box 2
UB Radid Netwerk with Dr. Welward Hazer
Uh Oh, Dad's Home
Ulterior Lux~In the Middle of Intersections
Uncle Fester's Feast of Treason
Under Current
UnReady Made
The Unseen Collection~Variant Audio Tape
Upside Down Well
Usward~Doorway of the Deep
Van Den Broucke
Vinnie and the Stardusters~The Baroque Wind Session
Violence and the Sacred~no be many maybe
The Violins
Vircomm Sampler Tape- Document Box 2
The Vivisection~Live at Nightbreak
Voices New and Old (2 cop)
Void of Course
Weather Nouveau~The Celebrated Return of Kathy Boudin
Weather Nouveau~The Celebrated Return of Kathy Boudin
Which Way to What
Who's Margaret Freeman
The Wild Ones and Fluxus
A Wifflefist Compilation- Document Box 2
Winklers Stuff
The Wisconsin Conservatory of Noise~Laughter
wondolowski/berndt/eliot~readings from nether lips
Work by Satre Stuelke
Wuwa~Little Plastic Box #1
Wuwa~Little Plastic Box #2
Wuwa~Little Plastic Box #3

Audio Cassettes Box 14

XY Zedd~Big Noise89
XY Zedd~Deaf and Dumb
XY Zedd~a loud noise is not music
XY Zedd~Nineteen-Ninety
XYZedd~Rush Job 1991
XY Zedd~Sound Studies
XYZ (Edd)~Tape Experiments
XY Zedd~Third of a Trilogy
XY Zedd~a loud noise is not music
XY Zedd~X-Men/Wallpaper Music
XY Zedd2~What is the use…
Ybrigor Moss
Yummy Yummy~From an interview with J.Oswald
Zoom Black Magic Radio-- David Perkins (?)

Jack Foley: Poems Read at Larry Blake's/Jack Foley: Poetry (n.d.)

Meet Lieutenant Murnau


PhonoStatic Magazine Addendum

PhonoStatic Re-Issue #1-3 (Re-issue, June 1987)
PhonoStatic #6 (June 1984)

PhonoStatic #9 "Audio Verite" (January 1985)

PhonoStatic #12 "Glossolalia" (August 1985)

PhonoStatic #16 "The Persistence of Hearing" (March 1986)
PhonoStatic #19 "Listener's Fatigue" (September 1986)

Audio Cassettes Box 15

PhonoStatic #22 "World News Cassette" (March 1987

PhonoStatic Re-Issue #7 "Audio Anxiety" (October 1987)
PhonoStatic #8 "Concatenations" (June 1988)
PhonoStatic #9 "Concurrencies" (December 1988)
PhonoStatic #10 "Audio Collage" (July 1989)


Audio Cassettes 16

A View From Somewhere A collection of Alternative Works by Independent Toronto Area Musicians
Art Strike or UnPop Lloyd Dunn
Bericat, Pedro Musica Camara Para 100 Transistores
Bericat, Pedro Movimiento A - Dante
Cinema for the Ear Pacific Film Archive Audio Art by Film and Video Artists Sound Culture 96
Claeric Red F Nobody to Blame but Themselves
Crosby Bendix Copyright Musings
Escape Mechanism Box of Blue Paperclips
Escape Mechanism Box Elf Song
Electricity Compilation
Escupemetralla Burros de Dios Asses of God
Escupemetralla Multimierda
Escupemetralla Sublimado Corrosivo
Escupemetralla Vida Y Color
Everybody Love the Cello Collision Cassettes
Fixed Fragments Collision Cassettes
Fleeing Villagers Run from Themselves Collision Cassettes
Gaburo, Kenneth Enough! Not Enough
Hise, Steev Detritus
Hise, Steev This is an Attempt to Collect a Debt
Human Switchboard Coffee Break
Illusion of Safety Its a Dead Dog
Ieximal Jelimite Tratamientos Termicos
Ieximal Jelimite Newkage
Lonberg Holm, Fredrick
Lonberg Holm, Fredrick
Lonberg Holm, Fredrick Duets The First 12 days of 1989
Lonberg Holm, Fredrick Cello
Musicworks 44 bpNICHOL and Bulgarian Music
Oracular Editions 1 Spoken Word
People Like Us Lowest Common Dominator
Pierre Perret Gaia La Terre
Plagiarist Record Collection
Put Down your Pencil Hallwalls Audio Compilation

Audio Cassettes Box 17

Racionamiento Colecion de Cupones
Sanctions Adopted
Somewhere in Europe Dark Days
Somewhere in Europe Know Your Enemy
Somewhere in Europe Liturgy of Anguish
Warning Electronic Music
Wet Gate The All Projector Orchestra
Wobbly Media Joke
Wobbly Strain
Yearwood, Kathleen In Much Wisdom is Much Grief
Yearwood, Kathleen Dirty Little War
Yearwood, Kathleen Songs and Other Stories for the Semi Circular Canal

Series of Mystery Tape Labratory Collection by John Oswald
Alto Sax
Dubin, Larry
Kissing Jesus in the Dark
LX Version 2
Plunderphonic Plexure
Test Tape
Mystery Lab Submissions
MX Version 1.3
X1 Version 2
X5 Version 3.1
Pierre Pieret Terra

Audio Cassettes Box 18
Lloyd Dunn's Radio Static Tape Series Masters and Documents of Tape's Contents
Numbers 1-6, 8-106.

Note 1: These tapes were on the original list but could not be located when sorted and ordered:

---. Bambix~about little green dogs and big brown bears
---. Crag Hill~Poem for the Art Strike
---. Hybrids~Mythical Music from the 20th Century
---. Weather Nouveau~The Celebrated Return of Cathy Boudin
---. Zan Hoffman~Agog

Note 2: These tapes were not on the original list but were with the rest of the cassettes.

---. Dreammachine
---. Mark Dery- In Mute Nostril Agony


Compact Disc Box 1

1,000 Licks Naked Rabbit
The Apes of God Solitaire You Own the World
Belief System Possible Music for Television
Big Cetea Ork s Tra Sound Effects Library Volume 3
The Bran Flakes Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play?
The Bran Flakes I don't have a Friend
Cassiber A Face We All Know
Music from the Ivory Tower and Elsewhere
Costes Les Oxyures
Crawling with Tarts Mayen's Throw
Crawling with Tarts I am Telephoning a Star
Crawling with Tarts Operas 3 and 4
Din Fantastic PLanet
The Droplift Project
Drum Drum
Electro-Acoustic Music (Musique Concrete)
Escape Mechanism
l'espair Erre Que Err
Evolution Control Committee Double the Phat and Still Tasteless
Five Jerks with a Tape Deck Unsafe at Any Speed
Grav PGR Merzbow Asmus Tietchens
Gillis, Ann Rementact
Godess Deconstructed
Hise, Steev Original
Home, Stewart Cyber Sadism Live
Home, Stewart Dolphins Live
Incursions in Illbient
Kluster Klopfzeichen
Interferer Echanger Modifier Das Synthetische Mischgewebe
Lieutenant Caramel Et Sonner Les Coucous

Compact Disc Box 2

Lieutenant Murnau Le Forbici di Manita Play and Remix
Manifestation V
Manifestation Volume VI Compilation
Moebius Roedelius Appopos Cluster
Music Works Compilation
Muslim Lauze Narcotic
Negativland Crosley Bendix Radio Reviews Over the Edge Volume 5
Negativland These Guys are from England
Negativland Time Zones Exchange Project Over the Edge Volume 7 Two Disc Set
Producers For Bob Bob's Media Ecology 2
Part Like it's Only 19.99 Evolution Controlled Creations
People Like Us Beware the Whim Reaper
People Like Us I hate People Like You
People Like Us Meet the Jet Black Hair People in Concert
People Like Us Thermos explorer
S.A.R. 7 Tracks
SCW God Family Country
Shore, Susan Book of Days
Sonic Circuits IV
Sound Unseen An Underground Film and Music Festival
Steinski and Mass Media It's Up to You
Technological Retreat Radio Mixes Vol 2 rimes of the Ancient Mix-Master
Tereault-Lussier-Cote Des Pas et des Mois
Theory of Motion Fredrick Lonberg-Holm
Video Games of the Twelfth Century Compilation
What Balcony Radio Broadcasts 1985 1991
Wilen, Barney Moshi
Wobbly Media Joke v.6
Wobbly Greetings General Injectables and Signal, Inc.
Toy War Lullabies


Mixed Media Box 1

Emil Beaulieau~Anti-Performance
Fragment~Zan Hoffman/Agog
Going Gaga~the Poison is in the Dosage
Happy Tape Compilation
Hybryds~Mythical Music from the 21th Century
MaLLife 20/21
NSHR (PAK) Radio (4 cassettes)
The New Testament in Today's English Version of the Word (Revised) - John Heck (February 1987)

Mixed Media Box 2

Patio Amnesty
Peter Stenshoel~Strangely Colored Map (2 Cassettes)
PhotoStatic Broadsides #1, #7- 15
PhotoStatic Images, various
PhotoStatic Postcards (series of 13)
Rudolv Eb.Er (C-46/C-0)
The Siberian Tigers~Stereo Sculpture for 2 Tape players
Singing Horse Press
66I99: Iconographics by Lloyd Dunn [Bomb Shelter, Temple, AZ] (1987)
Spho58~Crawling with Tarts/New Caldonia
Tuyau (Quotidien) "Aura" [2 copies - 1 blue, 1 yellow]   (February 1987)
Vircomm Sampler Tape
A Wifflefist Compilation

 Mixed Media Box 3

Pamphlets (All in Mixed Media Box 3)

---. Artware: Kata 4, Sommer 1989
---. Jacksonian March: An Anthology of Invisible Local(e)s
---. Kwashiorkor: We are Numberless
---. Level 13: The Devil Himself
---. Official Business
---. Power in the House: A Music/Visual Arts Compilation (cassette missing)

Vinyl recordings: (All in Mixed Media Box 3)

---. (Unnamed, Untitled 45)
---. Babyland: Mask/Logan's Run/Motor.Too.Appliance./Mindfuck
---. Beequeen: Nouen
---. Crayon: matchbox/another king of the world/green stamp
---. Crayon: moominland e.p.
---. High Risk Group: Daddy Rolex
---. little one: barmaid ofearthly delights/pickup
---. Mecca Normal: Orange
---. Octahedron: Mythical Music from the 21th Century
---. P. Children: P.CH2-A45
---. Pop Smear: Angel Talk/GottaGo
---. Psyclones: Electric Tone/Like You
---. Scarlet Drops: dogma-self
---. Scarlet Drops: Sweet Happiness/I See You
---. Sudden Infant
---. The Depo-Provera EP
---. The Magnetic Fields: 100,000 Fireflies/Old Orchard Beach
---. The New Wind: Truth?
---. Vehikel & Gef„ss (&Ventilator)
---. Wimp Factor 14: Train Song/I'll Send You a Postcard

---. Evolution Control Committee the Whipped Cream Mixes
---. Sound of Lamination Egnekn

5 x 5 floppy disk

---. Evolution Control Committee. Quick Before its Banned

At the end of Mixed Media Box 3 is a stapled list of "Submissions to "Retrofuturism Real Life Cassette Compilation" Project, 9/27/91". Many of the tapes found in the collection are listed.


Items by Jean Francois Robic

Boulevard Maritimes
C'est la Faute Aux Copies Parutions 1993 (Publication Index)
C'est la Faute Aux Copies Catalogue 1986-2000
C'est la Faute Aux Copies Number 59 Dremmwelmetradur
C'est la Faute Aux Copies Number 83 Supplement au Voyage en Egypte
C'est la Faute Aux Copies Number 113 Brouilla
Des Pelles et des Seaux
Esthetique 4 Cosmetique
Esthetique 5 Mythologique
Esthetique 6 La Verite
La S(r)aloperie. (In Oversized Box 1)
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number Tas Numero Didier Guth
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 1. Konzentrationlager Natzweiler-Struthof
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 2. Crash Airbus A320 Mt. Ste-Odile
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 6. Strassburg Universistatsfeier 1942
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 5. Le Voyage de Monsiuer Xiaodong
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 7. Les Bancs de Richmond Hill
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 8. Les Rues de Londres
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 9. Grusse aus Dresden
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 10. Charleville, mais heir
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 12. Champ-de-foire-aux Boissons
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 13. Ostende: Ensor, les Oiseaux
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 14. Reliquaires en Crete
Les Guides Noirs Pour un Tourisme Radical Number 15. Rouen, aux Charbons, presqu'ile Rollet
L'une la Projection Constitue l'oeuvre
Nil et ses Chiens

Items by others

Sounding Off! Music as Subversion Resistance Revolution. Edited by Ron Sakolsky and Fred Wie-Han Ho. (With CD)


Photo Static Box 1

Folder 1 Reissues Number 1 through 9

---. More Possibilities Number 1.7
---. Dyslexic Anniversary Revisited Number 2.10
---. ReCircular Seeing Number 3.14
---. Random reIssue Number 4.17
---. Degeneration Revisted Number 5 and 6
---. The Pencil of Nature Number 7 and 8
---. Reissue of Number 9

Folder 2 Numbers 10 through 19.5

---. Experimental Texts Number 10
---. The Hum of Modern Civilization in Action Number 11
---. Psychoanalysis Issue Number 12
---. Number 13
---. Persistence of Vision Number 14
---. Persistence of Vision Number 14.5
---. Persistence of Memory Number 15
---. Persistence of the Persistence of Vision Number 16
---. Enlarged to Show Text Number 17
---. The Procedure by Bob Gregory Number 17-1
---. Compartmentalized Number 18
---. The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Number 19
---. 1913 Number 19.5

Folder 3 Numbers 20 through 26

---. Number 20
---. The Dan Rather Issue Number 21
---. The Talking Cure by Steve Harp Number 21.1
---. She had to Kill him she Wanted to Love Him! Number 21.2
---. DisEase Disease Number 22
---. Atollments by Guy R. Beining Number 22.1
---. Disinformation Number 23
---. Urbanality Number 24
---. Notice Networking Number 25 and 26

Folder 4 Numbers 27 through 38

---. Compensation Portraits Number 27
---. Test Patterns for the Human Mind Number 28
---. 10,000 Dreams by Bob Gregory Number 28.1
---. The Personality Painters Apprentice by Jesse Lee Kercheval 29.1
---. Retro Futurism Number 29
---. Unfinished Symphonies Number 30
---. Caderno Diario Disciplina A Visit to Portugal by Steve Harp Number 30.1
---. Plagiarism Number 31
---. Existentialism and the Illusion of Choice Number 32
---. Cultural Property Number 33
---. Wakest Aims? Kind Law and Zeal Floating Concrete Octopus 34.2
---. Warning Parts of this issue may be detourned Number 34
---. Repetition Breeds Number 35
---. Brief Eternities by Tom Hibbard Number 35.2
---. Add the Will to the Strength and it Equals Conviction Number 36
---. Number 37
---. Recyle it Smile Number 38


Video Box 1

6 Selections for Videostatic from Tentatively a Convenience
The Antenna Project
Aquatics Ever Tarnish: the new york wedding and museum
The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn
Bilboko Aste Nagusia 91: Beltzak
Condemek: Watch your Head
Destroy All Retinas by defective reality tube
Emaiezu Gogor: Ure Herria/Sure Herria
Emergency Broadcast Network: "Commercial Entertainment Product"
Gencon Productions: "On their Way"
Giungla D'Asfalto: Ruggero Maggi/"Urban Jungle"
London Electronic Arts: New British Video
Mail Art/Networking/Patchen
Majestic Turd Video

Video Box 2

Majestic Turd Video
Making Pharaoh's Red Flag Video, Headshot, Maxell
ND11 Video Issue
"Portfolio" with Heidi Noriko and Guest Mel Andrinea at CSPS
The Revenge of Culture Drop and Culture Drop by Joe Schwind Who's He?
Selected Shorts by David Hynds
Show N'Tell Vol.1
Slow Burn
Snard Bombast
Things Constantly Moving Against Electric Current; Endemic Battle Collage; the mist/CLEAVE
Trang Tran; Godzilla March


Zines and Periodicals Box 1

2nd Bienal Internacional Electrografia y Copy Art Octubre 1988 Valencia (Two Copies, One in Colour)

A is for Me
Asemic 2 1
Art Police Vol. 20 No. 3
Art Police Vol. 19 No. 3
Art Police Trading Cards
Beun Ment
The Brain of the Nail Translations of Rene Char
Black Chip A Critical Journal of New Technology Issue 1
Blazin Auralities An Irregular Review of Spoken Word Recordings
Boing Boing The Brain Mutator for Higher Primates
Brazen Auralities Issue 3
Bypass Issue 2
Cactus Network Envelope contains Cactus Brief Issue 17, other associated material
Celluloid All Number 5
Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anrchism
Comics Collages Patterns Grahphics by Ben Allen
Craphound Issue 3 A Picture Book for Discussion and Activity
Crisis of Representation Stephen-Paul Martin
Deep in Vague 22 Media SIckness More Contagious Than Aids
Der Heidenlarmer
Digital Artifact The Sound Manifesto for Knob-Rock and DJ Culture
Dreamtime Talkingmail Number Two
Dreamtime Talkingmail Number Three
Dreamtime Talkingmail Number Four
Dreamtime Talkingmail Number Five
Dreamtime Talkingmail Number Six
Dreamtime Talkingmail Number Seven
EAR Magazine of New Music Volume 16, Number 1
Electric Shock Treatment Number 3
Enchanted Streets T. Hibbard
Exploding Mummy, why don't you make films for the cinema cafe
Extraphile Quarterly Journal of the 1st Extranational Georgetown Dining Guide
Extraphile Quarterly Journal of the 1st Extranational Chiefly feasts
Factsheet 5 Number 52
Factsheet 5 Number 53
Fatuous Times Issue 2
Fatuous Times Issue 3
Flyposter Frenzy
Fragments Number 1 Disintegration
Fragments Number 2 Power
Freedom of Expression Issue Number Four Crakpots, Kooks, and Weirdos
Girl Frenzy Issue 2
Girl Frenzy Issue 3
Here and Now Issue 12 Managerialism
ICA Naploja Number 27
Iron Feather Journal
Kaspahraster Eleven
Japan Travel Diary
JQ Smalls New Clock
Kapotte Muziek
KGB November/December 1994
Luther Blisset Numero Zero
Luther Blisset Uno and Due Lire 4000
Luther Blisset Rivista Mondiale Di Guerra Pschica Numerotre Inverno 85/96
Material Issue 4 Death Rattle Issue
Mouth Snake
MSRRT Newsletter Library Alternatives Volume 9 Number 4 5
MSRRT Newsletter Library Alternatives Volume 11 Number 1
Muse 10th 10 Absolute Certainties of Form
Murder Can Be Fun Number 17
Musicworks 34 The Canadian Journal of Sound Exploration
Musicworks 60 The Journal of Sound Exploration
Negativland Fanboy Number 2
Negativland Fanboy Number 3
Negativland Fanboy Number 4
Noospapers Seizing the Media Immediast Underground
Not Bored Appendix
Not Bored Number 13 Volume 2
Not Bored Number 17
Not Bored Number 19
Not Bored Number 25
Not Bored Number 26
Not Bored Number 27
Numero 04
Numero 03
Obscure Publications Number 17
Obscure Publications Number 20
Obscure Publications Number 21
Obscure Publications Number 26
Open Magazine Pamphlet Series LA Was just the Beginning
Open Magazine Pamphlet Series Beyond Blade Runner Urban Control The Ecology of Fear
Open Magazine Pamphlet Series Culture Jamming
Open Magazine Pamphlet Series Media Control The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda
Peak Listening Period
Principa Discordia or Catterpillar's Praise to the Butterfly Fifth Edition 00027
Promotional Copy
Proper Gander Issue 10
Proper Gander Issue 11
Punchline Static Elect Trickery Issue Number Thirteen
Read Number 5
Real Life Magazine 21 22
Reign of Toads Volume 2 Number 1
Reign of Toads Volume 3 Number 1
Reign of Toads Issue 4
Revue Corrigee Number 15
Skinny Magazine
Sound Choice for the Independent Minded Number 11
Sound Choice the Music Netoworking Magazine Number 14
Sound Unseen

St. Johns Valley Times
Synergy Number 4

Zines and Periodicals Box 2

Tab to Block Bicuspid Volume 2 Number 2
Time Bomb Number 4
Theoryslut Number One
Twisted Times Magazine No. 15

UNI A4 Defile Elettrostatico 1 Trax 0785
UNI A4 13 Trax 1285
UNI A4 Daniele Sasson Trax 0786
UNI A4 Vittore Baroni Trax 0886
UNI A4 Glauco Di Sacco Trax 0986
UNI A4 Ricordando Man Ray Trax 1186
V2 Archive

Version 90 The Dub the Mix the Version
Version 90 Number 2 Death Static and Interference
Version 90 Number 3 NTangier to the Wounds of Christ

Vital Index for Issues 1 to 20
Vital US Number 3
Vital Numbers 16-32 and Supplement to Issue 25
Underground Number 1 through 3
WEVL FM90 Program Guide
X Magazine Humor and or Music Number 9
X Magazine Humor and or Music Number 12
X Magazine Junk Culture Magpies Number 13
The Zen of Henry Number 2

Oversized Box 1


Geza, Perniczky. A Halo

Mail Art Manifest. April 1987