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Posted to Internet: May 2001

Acquisition Note: This collections was donated by Professor Setzer to the University of Iowa Libraries.

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Scope and Contents

The H. Daniel Smith Agama Collection consists of copies of Sanskrit books and manuscripts relating to Pancaratra studies which now forms part of the the John G. White Collection of Orientalia at the Cleveland Public Library. Smith described his collection, mostly excerpts from original books and manuscripts in Indian libraries and research centers transcribed under his direction during the 1960s and 1970s, in his The Smith Agama Collection: Sanskrit Books and Manuscripts Relating to Panacarata Studies, A Descriptive Catalog (Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs: Foreign and Comparative Studies / South Asian Special Publication 2, 1978). Smith's introduction to the catalog sets forth details of the intent, extent, and creation of his collection; a copy of the book is located in the Libraries' general collections (Z7835.B8S623).

University of Iowa Professor Claude Setzer selected certain items described in section I of the Smith catalog as "primary texts of the Panacaratragama," primarily transcriptions made from printed books, and obtained photocopies of these texts from the Cleveland Public Library. These photocopies comprise the present collection.

The photocopies are arranged in the order in which they are described (in detail) in the Smith catalog. Three pieces of information have been taken from Smith's table of contents: title of the text; description of the original format; and the page number on which Smith's full description begins.



1: Table of Contents and Introduction to Smith's Catalog. Annotated (by Setzer?) photocopy

2: "Introduction." A collection of notes (Smith's?) headed "Introduction" and concerned with the practice of Pratistha (photocopy)

3: H. Daniel Smith, "Pancaratra Literature in Perspective," Journal of Ancient Indian History XII:1978-1979 (photocopy)

4: Agastya-Samhita (ms. fragments), p2

5: Aniruddha-Samhita (printed book), p5

6: Isvara-Samhita (printed book), p11

7: Kapinjala-Samhita (printed book), p18

8: Gautama-Samhita (ms. fragment), p27

9: Citrasikhandi-Samhita (ms. fragments), p28

10: Jayakhya-Samhita (printed book), p30

11: Jayottara-Samhita (ms. fragments), p33

12: Nalakubara-Samhita (ms. fragments), p38

13: Naradiya-Samhita (printed book), p40

14: Narayana-Samhita (printed book), p44

15: Pancaprasna-Samhita (ms. transcription), p50

16: Parama-Samhita (printed book), p52

17: Paramapurusa-Samhita (printed book), p54

18: Parasara-Samhita (printed book), p60

19: Padma-Samhita (printed book), p66

20: Paramesvara-Samhita (printed book), p72

21: Purusottama-Samhita (printed book), p74

22: Pauskara-Samhita (printed book), p77

23: Bharadvaja-Samhita (ms. transcription), p87

24: Bhargava-Tantra (ms. transcription), p91


1: Mayavaibhava-Samhita (ms. fragment), p96

2: Markandeya-Samhita (printed book), p96

3: Laksmi Tantra (printed book), p99

4: Varaha-Samhita (ms. fragment), p104

5: Vasistha-Samhita (ms. transcription), p106

6: Visva-Samhita (ms. transcription), p111

7: Visvamitra-Samhita (printed book), p112

8: Visnutattva-Samhita (ms. transcription), p116

9: Visnu Tantra (ms. transcription), p119

10: ----

11: Visnu-Samhita (printed book), p129

12: Visvaksena-Samhita (printed book), p133

13: Vihagendra-Samhita (ms. transcription), p135

14: Vrddha-Padma-Samhita (ms. fragments), p137

15: Sriprasna-Samhita (printed book), p148

16: Sanatkumara-Samhita (printed book), p152

17: Sattvata-Samhita (printed book), p165

18: Hayasirsa-Samhita (printed book), p165


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