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Box Contents List

SERIES III -- Instructional Materials

Continuing in Box 2

Alexander, S.A. Broke Down: What Should I Do. Ready Reference and Key for Locomotive Engineers and Firemen, Round House Machinists, Conductors, Train Hands, and Inspectors. York, PA: York Daily Print, 1890.


Call book for train crew, 1890

Daily rates of pay for locomotive engineers on all locomotives except Mallets, March 1, 1961

Daily rate of pay for locomotive firemen and helps on other than steam power, on all locomotives except Mallets, March 1, 1961

Late Time Reports to CMStP&P

Numbers used to designate stations

Rates for engineers and firemen, 1946

Schedule for conductors (form 986), 1924

Schedule for engineers, Form 2685. 1929, 1936

Schedule for firemen, 1915 (form 1251A), 1924

Schedule of rates

Firemen, helpers, hostlers, and hostler helpers, 1927

For locomotive engineers, locomotive firemen, helpers, hostlers, and hostler helpers, 1941, 1946, 1952

Schedule of rules

Air brake and train air signals (form 2697), 1927, 1936

Consolidated Code of Transportation Rules and General Instructions for Employers in the Maintenance of Way and Structures and the Telegraph and Signal Departments (form 3597), 1939

Firemen, helpers, hostler, hostler helpers (form 2786), 1945

Tables for converting freight miles to the equivalent in passenger miles

Telegraphers, telephone operators, agents, towermen, tower and train directors, block operators, and staffmen (form 2725), 1927

Train dispatchers (form 3484), 1935

Yard masters (form 3766), 1947

Schedule for trainmen (form 1328), 1923

Consolidated Code of Operating Rules

1959 Edition

1980 Edition

Dalby, H.A. Train Rules and Train Dispatching. New York: Norman W. Hanley Publishing Co., 1909

Emergency book on the Baker locomotive valve gear. Volume 4, July 1942

Fairbanks -- Morse

Trouble Shooters Manual

Enginemen’s Manual for Operating Fairbanks-Morse Diesel-Electric Locomotives

Bulletin 1407, September 1947

Bulletin 1705, April 1951

General Electric

Education Manual for Model U25 Diesel Electric Locomotive

Manual for Enginemen – Alco/GE 660-HP Switcher, 1000-HP Switcher, 1000-HP Road Switcher

General Motors EMD (Electro-Motive Division)

Instruction Manual for the Operation of Railway Equipment Manual 234 – Revision B, 1945

Instructor’s Guide on the Operation of Diesel Freight Locomotives, November 1, 1945

On the Road Trouble Shooting, July 1, 1948

Box 3

Operating Manuals

Model F3 – No. 2308A

Model GP7 – No. 2312, August 1951

Model GP35 – January 1965

Model GP40 – October 1966

Passenger Locomotive – No. 2300, April 15, 1945

International Library. Scranton, PA: International Textbook Company

No. 501: Locomotive Boilers

No. 502-B: The Steam Locomotive

No. 503-B: Locomotive Valve and Valve Gears

No. 504-C: Walschaert and Baker Valve Gears

No. 505-C: Locomotive Valve Setting

No. 506: Firing of Locomotives

No. 507-C: Locomotive Stokers

No. 508-D: Locomotive Boiler-Feeding Devices

No. 509-B: Lubricators and Headlights

No. 511-C: Locomotive Breakdowns and Appliances

No. 512-B: Train Rules

No. 514-B: Compressors and Brake Equipment

No. 516-B: Air Brake Troubles Brake Rigging

No. 517-C: Passenger Brake Equipment

No. 518: Brake Equipment for High-Speed Trains

No. 519: Automatic Control Equipment

No .530: Automatic Train Control

No. 598-C: Freight-Car Brake Equipment

No. 623: No. 6 Locomotive Brake Equipment

No. 624: No. 8 Locomotive Brake Equipment

Interstate Commerce Commission

Power Brake Law of 1958 -- 3 copies

Kansas City Terminal Railway Company

Greater Kansas City Area Operating Rules, 1980 Edition

Operating Rules,
July 4, 1982 (Kansas City Southern Lines)

Rules and Regulations
, 1971

Special Instructions
No. 1, January 1, 1971

Special Instructions
No. 2, April 1, 1974

Milwaukee Road

Bulletin No.7 of Preventable Accidents and Personal Injuries

Iowa Division

Special Rules No .4, April 1, 1943

Manual of Instructions on Air Brake and Train Air Signals for Enginemen and Firemen. Form 2697, April 1934

Official Freight Shippers Guide and Directory, 1940

Missouri Pacific Railroad. The Texas and Pacific American Refrigerator Transit Company and subsidiaries. Summary of equipment, 1965

National Railway Training Association

Air Brake Instructions for Firemen and Brakemen, Pt. No. 3, 1907

Instructions for Locomotive Firemen,
Pt. No. 4, 1907. Containing Full Particulars on Combustion, Firing and Duties of Firemen

Picture Scripts train portfolio -1- Engines (for classroom teachers)

Railway Fuel and Operating Officers Association

Questions & Answers on Machinery, Air-Brake and Operation

The Modern Locomotive Handbook

Rock Island-Missouri-Kansas and Southern Division

Speed Restrictions and Special Instructions, No.S-3, July 30, 1967

Rules and Instructions for Train Handling and Operation of Air Brakes
, July 1974

Sheneman, J.F. Sheneman’s Pointers on Diesel Troubles: Handbook for Trouble Shooting on Diesel Locomotives for Engine Crews and Shop Forces. 2nd Ed. August 1954

Standard basic daily wage rates for locomotive engineers on railroads in the United States, December 16, 1953

Teachers Kit – Railroad Transportation. Association of American Railroads

Railroad at work , 1952

Teacher’s Manual , Vol.1, 1954

Stories behind the pictures , Vol.2

Lesson guides: references and uses

Black & white Photos

Test code - locomotive standing tests, March 1929

Uniform Code of Operating Rules

Modified or Revised -- Effective May 1, 1950, January 1, 1963

June 2, 1968 Edition

Union Pacific Railroad Comapny

Memorandum of what constitutes proper observiance of signal tests, 1942, 1946

Operating and Signal Rules, Supplement No. 1, 1952

United States Armed Forces Institute

J422: Steam Locomotive Repair Work (ICS)

No. 2354: Laying Off Shoes and Wedges

No. 2357: Laying Off Locomotive Frames

No. 2359: Machining Frame Cross-Ties

No. 2500: Locomotive-Cylinder and Erecting Work

No. 2502: Cylinder, Guide, and Crosshead Repair Work

No. 2503: Locomotive Steam-Pipe and Spring Work

No. 2507: Locomotive Rod, Wheel, and Pin Work

No. 2516-A: The Steam Locomotive (Part 1)

No. 2516-B2: The Steam Locomotive (Part 2)

No. 4001: Locomotive Valve Setting
J423: Locomotive Firing & Accessories -- Steam (ICS)
No. 1299: Oil Burning Locomotives

No. 1960: Hand Firing of Locomotives

No. 1967-A: Locomotive Boilers (Part 1)

No. 1967-B: Locomotive Boilers (Part 2)

No. 2504: Heat and Superheaters

No. 2517: Locomotive Feedwater and Heating Equipments

No. 4000: Type D Duplex Stoker

No. 5236: Locomotive Injectors

No. 5547: Locomotive Stokers

No. 5604: Locomotive Lubricators

No. 5620-A: Locomotive Appliances (Part1 – Not here but on list)

No. 5620-B: Locomotive Appliances (Part 2 – Not here but on list)

Box 4

United States Department of Transportation

Preliminary Standards, Classification, and Designation of Lines of Class I Railroads in the United States.

Volume I: August 3, 1976

Volume II: August 3, 1976

Additions and Corrections: August 3, 1976

Weight on drivers -- diesel locomotives, September 1954

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