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Box Contents List

Box 4

Baldwin Locomotives

Warner, Paul T. The Locomotives of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad

Part 1 -- October 1929

Part 2 -- January 1930: v.8 no.3

Vol. 9, No. 2. (October 1930). One article: "The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad."

October 1937

July 1938

n.d. Article: Campbell, H.A.F. and Paul T. Warner. "Modern American Passenger Locomotives."

Camerail Club. 50th Anniversary

Kansas City Southern Lines. Newsfolder. April 1953

"Locomotive Engineer." 1973 -- 1974.

Milwaukee Road Magazine (Removed, decision pending on placement)

1957 -- 1976 Incomplete

July -- August 1957: v.45 no.4

May -- June 1960: v.48 no. 2

November -- December 1960: v.48 no.5

January -- February 1964: v.51 no.4

July -- August 1964: v.52 no.3

November -- December 1964: v.52 no.5

May -- June 1973: v.61 no.2

May 1974: Annual Report to Employees

June 1974: v.62 no.4

July 1974: v.62 no.5

August 1974: v.62 no.6

September 1974: v.62 no.7

October 1974: v.62 no.8

December 1974: v.62 no.10

June 1975: v.63 no.5

July -- August 1976: v.65 no.5&6

New York Times Special Magazine Section, May 6, 1963. In oversized Box 1

Railroad Station Monograph

NA . Nebraska C.B.&Q. depots , William F Rapp , 1970

No.5.Stations along the reading company’s Philadelphia to Williamsport,

Pennsylvania line, Edward W Moul, 1974

No.6.A potpourri of Chicago and northwestern depots, William F Rapp,

Part 1 1975

Part 2 1976

No.7. Eastern Idaho railroad depots stations, Thonton Waite, 1978

No.8. An inventory of the railroad depots in the state of Michigan, John M

Uhelski, Robert M Uhelski, 1979

No.9. Rock Island stations in Kansas, HD Killam, 1982

No.10. An Inventory of the railroad depots in the state of Nebraska ( 1900-1983),

James J Reisdorff, 1983

No.11. Frisco railway stations in Kansas, Howard D Killham, 1984

No.12. The railway structure column of the railway age gazette 1911, Thornton

Waite, 1985

No.13. London – The world’s railroad station capitol, Louis K Loewenstein, 1986

No.14. Paris – The city of the world’s most beautiful railroad stations , Louis K

Loewenstein, 1987

No.15. Gateway city stations, Existing railroad stations in St.Louis and St. Louis

County, Missouri, Eric P Fogg, 1988

No.16. Moscow – A city with a necklace of busy railroad stations, Louis K

Loewenstein , 1989

No.17. Remaining California railroad depots, Larry Jennings, Henry Bender, Bill

Farmer, 1989

No.18. Some depots in Montana, Wyoming and Utah, Thornton Waite, 1991

No.19. The charter line – Centralia to Freeport, Garyl R Wyss, 1991

No.20. Some Rock Island depots in Iowa, William F Rapp, 1993.

No.21. A Virginia depot sampler, Donald R Traser, 1994

No.22. Railway station architecture in Scandinavia: a survey, Keith L Bryant,


Railway Age

Birth of the Streamliner. February 12, 1944

Three Cylinder Locomotives on American Railways. May 16, 1925

Railway History. No. 136, 1977

Railway History Monograph

Vol.1:No.1, January 1972

Vol.2:No.4, October 1973

Vol.3:No. 3, July 1974

Vol.4:No.1, January 1975

Vol.4:No.2, April 1975

Vol.4:No.4, October 1975

Vol.5:No.1, April 1976

Vol.5:No.3, July 1976

Vol.7:No.1, January 1978

Vol.9:No.1, January 1980

Vol.9:No.2, April 1980

Vol.18:No.4, October 1989

Railway Progress


November: v.5 no.9

December: v.5 no.10


January: v.5 no.11

February: v.5 no.12

March: v.6 no.1

April: v.6 no.2

May: v.6 no.3

June: v.6 no.4

July: v.6 no.5

August: v.6 no.6

September: v.6 no.7

October: v.6 no.8

November: v.6 no.9

December v.6 no.10


January: v.6 no.11

June: v.7 no.4

July: v.7 no.5

August: v.7 no.6

September: v.7 no.7

October: v.7 no.8

November: v.7 no.9

December: v.7 no.10


January: v.7 no.11

February: v.7 no.12

March: v.8 no.1

April: v.8 no.2

May: v.8 no.3

June: v.8 no.4

July: v.8 no.5

August: v.8 no.6

September: v.8 no.7

October: v.8 no.8

November: v.8 no.9 (typo on vol. number in magazine)

December v.8 no.10


January: v.8 no.11

February: v.8 no.12

March: v.9 no.1

April: v.9 no.2

May: v.9 no.3

June: v.9 no.4

July: v.9 no.5

August: v.9 no.6

September: v.9 no.7

October: v.9 no.8

November: v.9 no.9

December v.9 no.10


January: v.9 no.11

February: v.9 no.12

March: v.10 no.1

April: v.10 no.2

May: v.10 no.3

June: v.10 no.4

July: v.10 no.5

August: v.10 no.6

September: v.10 no.7

December: v.10 no.10


September: v.11 no.7

The Switch Lamp. Iowa Railway Historical Museum Society. #3, 1976.

Work and Win: An Interesting Weekly for Young America

No. 743: February 28, 1913

No. 937: November 17, 1916

No. 992: December 7, 1917

No. 1022: July 5, 1918

No. 1067: May 16, 1919

Yearbook of Railroad Facts – Association of Western Railways





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Railway Age

Railway Mechanical Engineer


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