MsC 659


Manuscript Register 



Collection Dates: 1951 -- 1983
(Bulk Dates: 1960s to 1970s)
9.25 linear ft.


This document describes a collection of materials held by the
Special Collections Department

University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1420  

Posted to Internet: November 2004


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Nearly half of the cartoons in this collection have an established publication date. The list that follows arranges the titles of those that have been fully dated in chronological order, followed by a title lists of those that have not been dated by year; those that have not been dated at all; and by the untitled (and undated) cartoons. Dates are given in YYMMDD format.


Faster Dear, or We'll Miss the Spectacular on Television DATE: 551000

The spectacular on television DATE: 551000

Only about 300 shopping days left DATE: 551126

Two Versions DATE: 551203

"I just might not wait til the snow flies" DATE: 551210

But Adlai, Who Ever Heard of a Moderate Christmas Tree DATE: 551215

This year's sleigh has more power DATE: 551215

Daily Double Why Give Lives? DATE: 551220

Change in the Weather DATE: 551222

Getting closer and closer to milking time DATE: 551228

Going to be hard to keep DATE: 551229


The Wrong Foot DATE: 560104

Hope He Leaves That Bull Outside DATE: 560105

Might be a good way to break through DATE: 560111

The 4 R's DATE: 560112

Keep the Foreign Fires Burning DATE: 560114

Report on the "Cold War" DATE: 560115

But it took him several years to get that sick! DATE: 560119

The Fabulous Star DATE: 560121

Keeping their Promises DATE: 560124

"Hmm...Now He'd Be Easier to Satisfy" DATE: 560128

Well, there goes that snowball fight! DATE: 560202

The old cow puncher DATE: 560207

Big Man on the Campus DATE: 560209

King of Hearts DATE: 560214

Almost Lost in the Wilderness DATE: 560216

There's the Culprit DATE: 560223

Hello Sam! Haven't Seen You on Any T.V. Shows Lately...Where You Been? DATE: 560225

Let's not sing the old songs DATE: 560229

His Flag Is Still There DATE: 560301

This Week in Iowa...Girl's Basketball DATE: 560303

The Noonday Sun DATE: 560308

Speaking of segregation DATE: 560310

Can't Hit the Side of a Barn! DATE: 560315

This Week in Iowa: A Space Balloon was Launched at Iowa City DATE: 560317

Sure would have made a nice trophy for the lodge DATE: 560322

"If I'd only had a summit like that." DATE: 560328

Extra! DATE: 560329

Easter Vacation Forecast: High Winds and Farmers Up in the Air DATE: 560331

Another Fire in the White House! DATE: 560405

It was windy in Iowa this week DATE: 560407

Wonder Drugs...If the patients will use them. DATE: 560412

The First Ball...Just What He Wanted DATE: 560417

Strange formation DATE: 560419

Russian home decorating program DATE: 560421

Getting off the beam DATE: 560428

Lion in the streets DATE: 560501

All Dressed Up and Someplace to Go, But... DATE: 560505

As long as there's a man around the house... DATE: 560508

An interested spectator DATE: 560510

Well, it was fun tinkering around with it DATE: 560512

Why There Aren't More Mother Masterpieces DATE: 560512

Between Two Curtains DATE: 560515

Still using that old weapon DATE: 560522

High as an elephant's eye DATE: 560524

Along Ike's Route DATE: 560526

Draught Area DATE: 560605

Time to Retire DATE: 560607

Ike's heart unaffected by his illness and operation, but....! DATE: 560612

Mutiny on the bounty DATE: 560616

Another Rain Dance DATE: 560621

The Artist Critics DATE: 560623

"Your air force have any trouble with your army?" DATE: 560626

A low opinion DATE: 560628

The old corner sure has changed! DATE: 560701

The Tune of Hickory Sticks DATE: 560707

Plane carrying Governor Hoegh runs out of gas DATE: 560728

Among the Most Amazing Sights You'll See On Your Vacation Trip Will Be... DATE: 560729

Canal Block? DATE: 560731

Not according to his script! DATE: 560803

End of the Long Blue Line DATE: 560804

Uncomfortable Passage DATE: 560807

That Lion is Still in the Streets DATE: 560811

The Democratic Convention, Crowded and Divided DATE: 560815

Convention Caricatures DATE: 560816

In Chicago no one pays attention to the elevator starter DATE: 560817

The Dull Den DATE: 560821

Convention Caricatures DATE: 560825

Behind the A Ball DATE: 560828

Back in his old seat DATE: 560901

"Nothing says we have to eat here!" DATE: 560903

Another Case of Segregation DATE: 560906

Leading us to a mirage? DATE: 560908

What book critic do you listen to? DATE: 560913

Unusually tough game ahead DATE: 560918

Hazards of a Suez Canal Pilot DATE: 560919

Hard Days at the Shipyard Ahead DATE: 560925

Campaign Portrait DATE: 560928

The Dispute...Which is Real Communism DATE: 561002

Knocked Off the Mound for a Spell DATE: 561003

The Accused Accuses DATE: 561009

Joe Smith vs. General Motors DATE: 561010

Both Teams Looking Good DATE: 561011

Be Careful...the Woods are Full of City Slickers DATE: 561018

Meanwhile, back at the ranch DATE: 561020

Harvest Moon - '56 DATE: 561021

Retreat to Moscow DATE: 561023

A good strong fence. Keep it strong, keep it mended. DATE: 561024

"Strange, he should be scared out of his wits by now!" DATE: 561030

Trail Blazer DATE: 561101

Presidential advisors DATE: 561103

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day DATE: 561110

Cops and Robbers DATE: 561113

Still trying to decide who won DATE: 561115

"Looks like the same old float to me!" DATE: 561124

Look out! Here comes another one! DATE: 561201

A little higher, a little brighter DATE: 561205

With Hope that Sam Soon will be There DATE: 561211

Having the Hardest Time Beating That Rug DATE: 561212

And Officially Winter Hasnt' Even Started Yet! DATE: 561215

Interested bystander DATE: 561218

Some rough spots to iron out DATE: 561219

Don't Kill Santa Claus DATE: 561222


[Ah Yes! Man is a clever animal....] DATE: 570000

[He Looks Terrible! All Pale and Sickly!] DATE: 570000

Masterpiece or a pile of rocks DATE: 570101

The usual reception committee is on hand DATE: 570106

No time for wild goose chases DATE: 570113

Want to Trade Places, Fella? DATE: 570127

News events we expectt to happen any day now DATE: 570210

Look out. That old girlfriend is still around DATE: 570217

Tough New Sergeant DATE: 570300

Never underestimate the power of a woman DATE: 570303

Foundation Trouble DATE: 570404

New hope for man, new hope for the world DATE: 570421

Speechless filibuster DATE: 570500

"Maybe we'd better slow down. Mine is making strange noises too!" DATE: 570522

[Filibuster] DATE: 570800

Some day every home will have an electronic brain DATE: 570908

[Reminds me of an old hound dog we used to have around home] DATE: 571010

The indians said this would be a hard winter! DATE: 572001


Progress never has been unanimous DATE: 580300

We might as well, we put them everwhere else DATE: 580300

Algerian revolt DATE: 580513

Why loafing has become a lost art DATE: 580525

Moral: If you ride tall in the saddle never get off for a short bill. DATE: 580614

[Everybody Get Back In! We're Heading for the South Atlantic to Hunt for Pirates!] DATE: 580803

Walk Carefully--Many Kids are Driving to School DATE: 580907

[School days, school days, dear old Faubus rule days] DATE: 581002


[Campaign Politics] DATE: 590000

[Pioneer V] DATE: 590000

Problems of the Space Age DATE: 590200

Into each life some Stontium-90 must fall? DATE: 590507

Nearsighted prospector DATE: 590508

[Hope we can find a nice shady place near a creek!] DATE: 590600

He Has the Moon But We Have the Harvest DATE: 590920

[Marshall] DATE: 591016


[Always is heard a discouraging word] DATE: 600000

[And that's about as Democratic as a clan can get!] DATE: 600000

[High Level Presidential Campaign] DATE: 600000

[Iowa Democrats] DATE: 600000

[Ooooh! How frightening!! Goblins and witches and bats! What terrible trickery and damage they do!] DATE: 600000

[Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain] DATE: 600000

[Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain] DATE: 600000

[Reapportionment? Come on! I might get off the ground this time!] DATE: 600000

Short order cook DATE: 600000

[U.S. Prestige] DATE: 600000

[Water, Water Everwhere and Not a Drop to Drink!] DATE: 600000

[Youngest Man Ever Elected President] DATE: 600000

[It better not snow any more! There's no place left to pile it!] DATE: 600225

Get plenty of rest and sleep because all heck is going to bust loose anytime now DATE: 600320

[Well, Back to the Ol' Drawing Board] DATE: 600510

Nothing like getting away from it all is there? DATE: 600626

The Spirit of '60 DATE: 600704

`Like most every place, space will probably become crowded, congested and untidy someday.' DATE: 600911

Poor Nikita looks like he won't make it to Disneyland on this trip either DATE: 600920

The next arms race? DATE: 600925

[The pollsters] DATE: 601008

[The Farm Problem] DATE: 601100

[For this is one more free election by free people...] DATE: 601100

Neck and neck into the home stretch DATE: 601101

Toughest job in the world DATE: 601201

[Well, Guess I'll Go to Bed] DATE: 601218


After days and days of hard ridin', whoopin', and shootin', the cavalry arrives to save the fort! DATE: 610000

[Berlin Crisis] DATE: 610000

Keep your eye on him, Jack DATE: 610000

[Kennedy's First News Conference] DATE: 610000

[Another Citizen Retires] DATE: 610120

But we're still having trouble blasting off from driveways DATE: 610125

[Riciculous! Why they'llfall right off the edge of the earth!] DATE: 610430

[The John Birch Society Is Watching Over Us] DATE: 610821

[We're Ahead of the Americans and catching up to the Russians] DATE: 611130

[Good heavens! Look who's coming out of the liquor store] DATE: 611219


End of the Trail DATE: 620000

"I said--we sure settled that dispute didn't we?" DATE: 620115

Won't it be great getting back to digging dandelions and fighting crabgrass! DATE: 620200

Russian targets DATE: 620800

An American Goes to College. He Has Much to Learn...We All Have Much to Learn DATE: 621000

[Well, Comrade, It's Back to Snow, Ice, Overcoats, Boots, Frozen Plumbing....] DATE: 621104

Victory Dinner DATE: 621108


[Careful What You Set Down. He Tried to Latch Onto My Thermos Bottle a While Ago] DATE: 630000

Today he delivers headlines--tomorrow he will be making them. DATE: 630000

["Now there's a courageous fellow"] DATE: 630114

[Two Maps] DATE: 630220

[Looks like a noisy fourth of July] DATE: 630508


[Results of the government report on cigarette smoking] DATE: 640114

[Nobody likes us anymore] DATE: 640211

[A record crop for Iowa] DATE: 640416

[Inspection] DATE: 640527

Caught him trespassin' on private property DATE: 640710

We can be glad that only conventional nuclear weapons were used DATE: 640910

Carefful what you say, Fellas. TThere may be some undercover sneaks among us DATE: 640915

The great Blast Forward DATE: 641001

Herbert Hoover DATE: 641021

[Record popular vote majority] DATE: 641105

[Tallest in the Saddle] DATE: 641105

Record number of ears per acre DATE: 641108

One Thing is Certain--It is No Shangri-La Fact and Fiction DATE: 641125

Me Tarzan, You Aggressor DATE: 641129

Where regularly is heard a discouraging word DATE: 641201

Nikita probably has a cozy little room with a wonderful view DATE: 641202

This Should Be an Exciting Operation DATE: 641204

The cold, cruel world of jammed zippers, broken buckles, and loose buttons DATE: 641206


Never have so many owed so much to one man DATE: 650125

Temperrature is normal and cough is gone but there is still a nagging irritating congestion in his head about Medicare DATE: 650126

On top of this we have the girl's basketball tournament blizzard coming up this week DATE: 650307

Foul Barnyard Fowl DATE: 650309

Hope when all those northerners find they cna get things done in Alabama they'll try it here in the north, too DATE: 650321

You hear that! Gus Grissom is havving trouble with the secondary left yaw thrust control! DATE: 650324

King of the Mountain DATE: 650325

Big Sea Battle in Iowa DATE: 650409

Checking for a beard and a cigar under that hat DATE: 650430

Good News From Overseas for a Change DATE: 650506

[Star Falls in Alabama] DATE: 650613

Let's Hope the First 20 Years are the Toughest DATE: 650624

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go DATE: 650625

A Nice Big Heavy Piece of Paper DATE: 650702

[Better get in here Chief! Marinerr has finally sent a picture of a canal!] DATE: 650721

Heavy Ack Ack Over North Viet Nam DATE: 650804

Among the Seriously Injured DATE: 650817

[Among the Seriously Injured] DATE: 650817

The atmosphere is swarming with these loud little motorcycles DATE: 650820

September, 1965 DATE: 650900

I suppose we should be thankful for our army...It is all we have DATE: 650912

"Decadent Beatnik Pacifist Demonstrators" DATE: 650917

The Good Earth DATE: 650919

The Chinese Volunteer Fire Department is on the Scene DATE: 650921

Iowa's September in the Rain DATE: 650922

The Fulbright Scholar DATE: 650928

Demonstration Victim DATE: 651031

I knew it would happen sooner or later. A burning draft card got out of control. DATE: 651103

Christmas Comes Early to the GOP DATE: 651104

How dare you lay a hand on that nice old fella! DATE: 651116

Independence in Rhodesia DATE: 651118

The Bird Watchers DATE: 651123

We've seen bigger traffic jams but this one is about the noisiest DATE: 651128

["Some of us are, Fella, some of us are."] DATE: 651130

The Bird of Paradise DATE: 651202

Yes Siree! This is the way to travel DATE: 651208

[The French Trend In Hats] DATE: 651221


[One of our alert guards reports a dangerous situation] DATE: 660422

This Extra Hour of Sunshine is Ruining My Flowers DATE: 660428

[Big Storm Blows Down Many Trees in Central Iowa] DATE: 660707

[Where do they get crazy ideas like that?] DATE: 660720

[Very Few Passengers This Trip] DATE: 660923


February 1968 DATE: 670000

Think any of your stuff will ever be stolen? DATE: 670105

`I'm getting writer's cramp' DATE: 670202

[...50 ft...55 ft...60 ft...65 ft...75 ft...8...] DATE: 670315

[Remember when we used to go millions of miles and never see another object?] DATE: 670402

"Say, did you notice how the sun came up an hour late this morning?" DATE: 670430

[Dad's for Escalation, Mom's Knitting Me a Sweater, My Kid Brother's Marching in Peace Demonstrations, and My Girlfriend
Thinks General Westmorland is Cute] DATE: 670511

"Now there's a compleat angler" DATE: 670611

"Not this one. I don't like the color of their drapes" DATE: 670709

One of the horses is beginning to grumble and mumble DATE: 670808

[Lyndon Birds] DATE: 670929

The Trouble with Violin Lessons DATE: 671015

Some beard suggestions for Governor Hughes DATE: 671027

January 1969 DATE: 680000

November 1968 DATE: 680000

October 1969 DATE: 680000

February 1968 DATE: 680200

[The Tragic Cost of Free Speech in the United States] DATE: 680616

["Good morning, Comrade! We have returned to talk some more."] DATE: 680822

[Hubert's taking a terrible chance wandering around town dressed like that] DATE: 681003


This Should Be an Interesting Operation DATE: 690124

[Ship wrecked] DATE: 690730

September 1969 DATE: 690900

Anybody Else, Boss? DATE: 691118


Anybody Know What Happened to Limbs Q, R, S, and V? DATE: 700000

[Yes, Mrs. Wilson, I have that all won't club at one....] DATE: 700120

People wwe detest DATE: 700208

...I am for those means which will give the greatest good to the greatest number DATE: 700212

[They Say Don't Worry. They'll Be Gone by the End of June] DATE: 700513

["I'm for a rock festival! Anything to liven things up around here."] DATE: 700707

What the $2-Billion Skylab will look like from Earth DATE: 700708

["I've got a traffic jam out by the fairgrounds that you guys aren't going to beelieve"] DATE: 700825

Two Bloodstained Flags DATE: 701020

Another Thing. If We Win this Game Presidetn Nixon Might Call Us! DATE: 701206

It's time to assemble the Christmas tree DATE: 701220


News item: Since 1965 over 26 million craters have been created by U.S. bombing of Indochina DATE: 710000

We've Just Been Blitzed DATE: 710105

It's just one darned thing after another DATE: 710112

`Our defoliation program has saved this land from communists and everybody else!' DATE: 710114

TV Repairman DATE: 710115

Scooping the loop in downtown Des Moines DATE: 710118

[Steel price increases] DATE: 710119

Big Attacks on Cambodia, Laos, North Vietnam and Washington DATE: 710120

And he hasn't got the place cleaned up from the last party yet DATE: 710122

Another Big War? DATE: 710126

Flood control DATE: 710127

`So that's what they're going to do with this place!'` DATE: 710209

Our feet aren't touching the ground so we aren't actually in Laos' DATE: 710210

We'd better check with the astronauts and see if this is one of their little gags. DATE: 710218

`Sorry about the delay, folks. A little civil defense goof...and now back to the top ten of the week!' DATE: 710223

What a great team! DATE: 710224

That's Not a Crash. It is a complicated and sophisticated machine you wouldn't understand. DATE: 710226

["They Cancelled Our Car Insurance Because I'm Odd and You're Sloppy."] DATE: 710323

April 1971 DATE: 710400

[We're looking for gas for you] DATE: 710404

Be Careful, the Old Goat is Still Around DATE: 710406

All those beautiful people could at least say something nice about us DATE: 710407

The Commander-in-Chief arrives at the scene DATE: 710407

Just Standing There Minding His Own Business When All of a Sudden...! DATE: 710415

When they get me fixed up they might get around to taking care of you DATE: 710420

[We've got the troublemakers all locked up. They're in there somewhere] DATE: 710507

[Our delicate automobiles] DATE: 710514

The Wild Blue Yonder DATE: 710604

Think anyone will eveer fake your work? DATE: 710606

[Charlie said he was going to get his old wheel out of the barn and join the bicycling crowd] DATE: 710620

[After the Amanas We Can Build Super Highways Many Other Places....] DATE: 710630

People are never ready for the first snow DATE: 711114

The soap box doesn't work anymore DATE: 711205

[Merry Xmas] DATE: 711212

[Santa Claus] DATE: 711219

'Tis the Day After Christmas DATE: 711226


You're lucky. You missed Phase I. DATE: 720102

"Now I suppose you want an instant replay of the whole season." DATE: 720116

[Iowa Supreme Court] DATE: 720123

U98: Highway Planning DATE: 720130

[Charlie was such a nice old constable until he got that federal anti-crime fund and went hog-wild DATE: 720206

["Quick, Henry. Before we land, show me again how to use these things."] DATE: 720219

This is the biggest crowd we've had downtown at night since the big fire of 1906 DATE: 720305

[A high pressure area is building up over central Iowa that may give us some trouble] DATE: 720307

If you are afraid of high prices stay away from grocery stores DATE: 720309

[A Cartoon About the High Price of Food Brings a Lot of Free Groceries From Farmers] DATE: 720321

"Mark my words. Super highways will be next!" DATE: 720423

This year I planted crab grass seed so maybe the blue grass will take over DATE: 720507

Campaign U.S.A. DATE: 720521

The 1972 Olympic Games DATE: 720907

[Elephant Stampede] DATE: 721109


[Job Interview Nov. 2, 1973] DATE: 730000

A gathering of dilettantes at one of their many country clubs DATE: 730202

[Hard Thing to Get Rid Of][Truckers want trucks longer and lon...] DATE: 730223

Don't worry, folks, we've got those Indians surrounded and they aren't going to get away with anything DATE: 730303

April 1973 DATE: 730400

[The Answer is Simple, Lady, Think of Parking Lots as Historical Landmarks] DATE: 730617

[Here's Our Hero, Fellas] DATE: 730922

[Horsepower vs. Camel Power DATE: 731111


[That's Got to Be a Mirage] DATE: 740111

[High Prices] DATE: 740510

["Good morning, fellas, all I need is some bread and the toaster."] DATE: 740816

["Now if you needed guns, we could help you right away"] DATE: 741117


"On your toes. The word is that the CIA has infiltrated the CIA." DATE: 750000

["Oh, no"] DATE: 750112

President Ford isn't the only one who stumbles into things DATE: 750114

[Little house on the prairie] DATE: 750319

Which foreign policy do we want? DATE: 750416

That Henry! Alwways on the Move! DATE: 750417

"If they would have let us blow the whole area to smithereans we could have saved it!" DATE: 750513

[If it isn't the corn borer it's something else"] DATE: 750523

[Memorial Day, 1975] DATE: 750526

The Wrath of President Ford DATE: 750529

[Warning: Lawn Furniture is Dangerous to Your Health] DATE: 750601

U.S. Exports DATE: 750603

"I'd rather be back out in the cold!" DATE: 750613

Heavyweight Bout DATE: 750619

["Now, why didn't I think of that?"] DATE: 750627

Democracy in India DATE: 750702

Sparklers DATE: 750702

["I know what's causing this air stagnation! It's that danged new Celcius system"] DATE: 750703

But One is Still Looking Down DATE: 750718

A mysterious silence DATE: 750815

Hard Hat Area DATE: 750821

Grand Champion 4-H Steer...Won By a Girl! Grand Champion 4-H Hog...Won By a Girl!... DATE: 750831

Stars and stripes and guns DATE: 750909

"OK. Now, what do we do if we hear something?" DATE: 751014

"A gentle breeze. 70 degrees. Clear skies. A great day to be outside, folks." DATE: 751019

Bailing Out DATE: 751104

The political analyst DATE: 751106

[Third World Countries] DATE: 751204

"It was a beautiful trip but it's always good to get back. Well, what's on the agenda?" DATE: 751210

"Make me stop chopping and I'll be out of a job" DATE: 751211

The Hoffa Case DATE: 751212

Just 20 Billion More Dollars and the System Might Have Worked DATE: 751212

Poll jungle DATE: 751217

Ebenezer Ford DATE: 751219

And Custer Won the Battle of Little Big Horn DATE: 751231


Well, if it isn't our laughing and singing Uncle Sam complete with a star spangled hangover DATE: 760101

U1: New Year DATE: 760101

You've got to trust him. He's helping preserve democracy all around the world. DATE: 760109

That's the Old Spirit of Independence DATE: 760117

Holy War Minister DATE: 760122

Keep an Eye on Him. He's Sneaky and Untrustworthy DATE: 760128

Party pooper DATE: 760205

"Suppose you finish breakfast and decide you would like to have lunch in London. Now you can do it." DATE: 760206

Big Event in the New Hampshire Olympics DATE: 760210

First of all we'd better do something to improve our image DATE: 760218

Mister Clean DATE: 760219

The High Road and the Low Road DATE: 760227

A Very Close Race DATE: 760302

Scoop Jackson DATE: 760304

"Me! I'm not running for anything." DATE: 760309

"One trouble is that not enough people are following the script I wrote." DATE: 760311

The Beachcomber DATE: 760312

Heck of a Gun Battle DATE: 760325

The swine flu DATE: 760326

Henry Tarzan DATE: 760401

Big Trouble DATE: 760402

"I don't want to upset him. This is an election year, you know" DATE: 760407

A Des Moines Basement DATE: 760428

Ford Didn't Exactly Stumble in Texas DATE: 760504

What a bloody battle! DATE: 760609

"An Easy, First Ballot Victory For Ford" DATE: 760820

With the election over, maybe things will settle back down to normal around here DATE: 761107

Iowa's treacherous mountain roads DATE: 761216


"I think it's a nude. We'd better hide it." DATE: 770000

One thing for sure: there's too much violence off television DATE: 770127

Annals of Medicine DATE: 770405

Golden harvest DATE: 770511

[Middle East Peace] DATE: 770519

The new barn DATE: 770524

A Tough Place to Ask for Help DATE: 770525

The Watchturtle DATE: 770721

Korean Bunker DATE: 770826

Do I have any volunteers DATE: 770923

[Grain wheelers and dealers] DATE: 771001

He's a Yankee fan and loves Howard Cosell DATE: 771015

`The last thing this farm needs is feminism' DATE: 771102

The nice white cloak DATE: 771103

Now there is a summit meeting DATE: 771118

Nobody can complain about this. We ain't long and we ain't double bottomed. DATE: 771208


Carter Views the Crumbling Ruins in Europe DATE: 780105

This is About the Worst Mess We've Ever Been In DATE: 780126

Bet That Falling Russian Satellite Stirred All This Up DATE: 780127

Deadly Encounters DATE: 780201

We've got to move someplace more isolated DATE: 780202

The Royal Canadian Mounties-they always get their man. DATE: 780211

We Are Loved DATE: 780214

We just about got it surrounded. DATE: 780216

A rousing welcome home DATE: 780405

"Maybe we could win a blue ribbon for potholes at the fair this year." DATE: 780423

Ready for inspection DATE: 780506

Enlightening the World DATE: 780511

This Week's Menagerie DATE: 780615

The Old Men and the Sea DATE: 780616

Stick up DATE: 780621

"I don't trust women drivers!" DATE: 780711

Cloak and Dagger and Pen DATE: 780714

We're all comrades. You are a writer and we give you something to write about. DATE: 780720

The Cavalry Still Rides DATE: 780725

Can't You Read the Signs Dummy? DATE: 780728

Wonder what building they're going to knock down next? DATE: 780729

Armored Column DATE: 780803

`Maybe that's their way of keeping cool' DATE: 780804

Early Bird DATE: 780808

[No tax increases] DATE: 780813

"Say it isn't so!" DATE: 780816

The most boring job in the world DATE: 780822

Who says the government never moves fast? DATE: 780907

Framework of Negotiations DATE: 780915

Just Trying to Save the Crops! DATE: 780926

Hard Hat Area DATE: 780930

Capitol Punishment DATE: 781003

Henry Is On the Move Again, Bag and Baggage DATE: 781006

Another glorious autumn DATE: 781010

Let us seek and strive for an end to warr, disease, poverty, and Polish jokes DATE: 781018

Brave new Plan DATE: 781025

Trouble with the Old Computer DATE: 781101

This is illegal! DATE: 781109

Well, hello there! Where have you been hiding? DATE: 781219

[Oil price increases] DATE: 781220


"Of course it will start! I just love to come out on cold mornings, raise the hood, and gaze upon this masterpiece of
automotive engineering!" DATE: 790103

Some days the office is a zoo DATE: 790111

"Man the battle stations! Pilots, man your planes! Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" DATE: 790112

The regular snow job DATE: 790120

Snow bound summit DATE: 790222

World Communism DATE: 790227

[We Have Discovered Either a Wonderful Old Building or a Brand New Restaurant] DATE: 790325

U9: Press DATE: 790423

"No interviews. They should get some dignity on their way out" Florida State Prison Superintendent David Brierton DATE: 790526

We're in trouble! It's the same bunch of kooks and nuts who ruined the Vietnam War DATE: 7905509

The good news and the bad news DATE: 790601

"The rest rooms here are lousy." DATE: 790608

"Me? Step down? I wouldn't think of it!" DATE: 790626

Summit at the bottom of a barrel DATE: 790628

"It's skylab every day" DATE: 790703

Another Poor Boat Person Arrivves in the U.S. DATE: 790718

Boat People DATE: 790724

These are exciting days to be living in Iowa! The president riding down the Mississippi.... DATE: 790824

A Flaw in U.S. Intelligence DATE: 790907

Workin' On the Railroad DATE: 790913

Rock Island DATE: 790918

[Just in time for Christmas! How to construct an H-Bomb] DATE: 790919

Tall in the Saddle DATE: 790928

Speaking of pilgrims DATE: 791009

Today is international newspaper carrier day DATE: 791013

More hostages of the ayatollah DATE: 791113

More hostages DATE: 791129

"I'll get arround to that sooner or later." DATE: 791204

"Get ready for action! Everybody is getting fed up with honest diplomacy" DATE: 791205

Landslide DATE: 791206

Proud father DATE: 791218

Yes, Chrysler, there is a Santa Claus DATE: 791220


Our statue of liberty in Florida DATE: 800000

...then Harold kicked a pipe and that seemed to straighten things out. DATE: 800000

"Pretty Please?" DATE: 800116

A cheap trick and an insult to all of our honorable Arab friends DATE: 800206

The Shot Put DATE: 800223

Jerry! Gerald! Mr. Ford! Don't You Need a Running Mate? DATE: 800304

The sacred cow DATE: 800305

Digging for Gold DATE: 800417

Some doctors still make house calls DATE: 800422

Among the Casualties DATE: 800426

Our government is full of useful information DATE: 800503

Iowa has received a lot of moisture this spring DATE: 800514

Traffic Jam DATE: 800530

Our only chance for a gold medal this year DATE: 800531

Governor Ray has a lot of trouble with big new cars DATE: 800605

How Does Everybody Feel About Gearing Up for 1984? DATE: 800617

World Hunger DATE: 800701

He's Going to Wreck the Two Party System! DATE: 800703

Don't you dare look up our relatives who live in Redham, Aredale and Tripoli. DATE: 800727

"I think our slump has bottomed out!" DATE: 800731

Babe in the Woods DATE: 800815

How Did We Ever Get Along Without It DATE: 800820

No joke DATE: 800823

Moscow Olympics, part II DATE: 800903

That's the best platform I've seen this yearr DATE: 800905

Playing it safe DATE: 800913

Back in Business DATE: 800919

Today is International Newspaper Carrier Day. DATE: 801018

Cheer up, Comrade! We won a lot of gold medals at teh Olympics DATE: 801023

"October Fool!" DATE: 801029

Early Morning Chore DATE: 801103

The new marshall DATE: 801111

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.... DATE: 801204

Double Duty Dove DATE: 801206

We've saved Afghanistan. Now I suppose we'll have to go rescue Poland. DATE: 801209

John Lennon DATE: 801211


Ah! I see the Whittakers have big screen television DATE: 810000

Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft (AWACS) DATE: 810000

Another Space Shuttle Blasts Off DATE: 810000

"Any Sign of Oil?" DATE: 810000

Anybody Know What's Happened to Limbs C, D, F, and G?! DATE: 810000

Aren't the fall colors beautiful this year! DATE: 810000

As long as you are desparate there is nothing to worry about DATE: 810000

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini DATE: 810000

The B-1 Bomber DATE: 810000

The band played well DATE: 810000

Barbara Walters - ABC News DATE: 810000

Begin's Summit Diplomacy DATE: 810000

Behind the A Ball DATE: 810000

Behind the Plate DATE: 810000

Billie Jean King DATE: 810000

Boca Grande Lighthouse, Gasparilla Island, Florida DATE: 810000

A Bright New Role for Ronald Reagan DATE: 810000

Budget Director David Stockman DATE: 810000

Camel Caravan DATE: 810000

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau DATE: 810000

Careful Consumer DATE: 810000

Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volker DATE: 810000

Colorado Governor Richard Lamm DATE: 810000

The compleat sunbather DATE: 810000

Congressman Jack Kemp of New York DATE: 810000

David Brinkley/ABC News DATE: 810000

Diplomat Philip Habib DATE: 810000

East Battery. Charlestton, South Carolina DATE: 810000

Economist Dr. John Kenneth Galbraith DATE: 810000

Ed Asner, Screen Actors Guild President DATE: 810000

F-15 DATE: 810000

F-16 DATE: 810000

Father's Day Outfit DATE: 810000

Fidel Castro DATE: 810000

First Lady Nancy Reagan DATE: 810000

Former President Richard Nixon DATE: 810000

Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale DATE: 810000

Frank Sinatra DATE: 810000

French President Francois Mitterand DATE: 810000

Golan Heights DATE: 810000

Hard Days Down at the Old Corral DATE: 810000

Hot On the Trail DATE: 810000

How Come Howard Cosell Never Goes on Strike DATE: 810000

Howard Baker DATE: 810000

Howard Cosell DATE: 810000

Hunters: Memorize these shapes and do not shoot. They are not in season DATE: 810000

"I don't want to do anything that would destabilize the area!" DATE: 810000

The interior decorator DATE: 810000

Interior Secretary James Watt DATE: 810000

Iran President Bani-Sadr DATE: 810000

Irate farmer DATE: 810000

The isolationist DATE: 810000

Israeli Prime Minister Begin DATE: 810000

Israeli Prime Minister Begin DATE: 810000

"It's been there a year. About time one of us went over and checked it out." DATE: 810000

It's good to know exactly where we are DATE: 810000

Itzhak Perlman DATE: 810000

Jolly Old Ronald Reagan DATE: 810000

Lady Diana and Prince Charles DATE: 810000

Leonard Bernstein DATE: 810000

Leonid Brezhnev DATE: 810000

"Let's start over!" DATE: 810000

Long distance runner DATE: 810000

Looking for a handle DATE: 810000

Luciano Pavarotti DATE: 810000

Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy DATE: 810000

Notre Dame Campus. South Bend, Indiana DATE: 810000

[OPEC] DATE: 810000

Oakland A's Manager Billy Martin DATE: 810000

Old Hotel Ouray, Colorado DATE: 810000

Our own super bowl DATE: 810000

PLO Leader Yasser Arafat DATE: 810000

Pete Rose DATE: 810000

Pig in a Poke DATE: 810000

"The place could stand new drapes" DATE: 810000

"Poison Ivy!" DATE: 810000

Polish leader, General Wojciech Jaruzelski DATE: 810000

Polish solidarity union leader Lech Walesa DATE: 810000

Preservation Hall New Orleans, Louisiana DATE: 810000

President Ronald Reagan DATE: 810000

President Ronald Reagan DATE: 810000

President Ronald Reagan DATE: 810000

President Ronald Reagan DATE: 810000

President Ronald Reagan DATE: 810000

Presidential advvisor Lyn Nofziger DATE: 810000

Presidential aide Edwin Meese DATE: 810000

Press secretary James Brady DATE: 810000

Prince Charles DATE: 810000

Record breaking performance DATE: 810000

Reggie Jackson DATE: 810000

Rep. Claude Pepper (D.), Fla. DATE: 810000

Rep. Dan Rostenkowski Democrat-Illinois DATE: 810000

Representative Millicent Fenwick Republican-New Jersey DATE: 810000

Richard Allen White house National Security Advisor DATE: 810000

San Francisco Dock DATE: 810000

Santa Claus DATE: 810000

[Santa Claus] DATE: 810000

Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger DATE: 810000

Secretary of the Interior James Watt DATE: 810000

Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan DATE: 810000

Secretary of State Alexander Haig DATE: 810000

Secretary of the Treasury Donald Regan DATE: 810000

Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker DATE: 810000

Sen. Barry Goldwater (R), Arizona DATE: 810000

Senator Charles Percy of Illinois DATE: 810000

Senator Ernest Hollings Democrat-South Carolina DATE: 810000

Senator Jesse Helms North Carolina DATE: 810000

Senator John Glenn (D) of Ohio DATE: 810000

Sen. John Tower (R) Texas DATE: 810000

Senator Mark Hatfield Republican, Oregon DATE: 810000

Sen. Paul Laxalt (R) Nevada DATE: 810000

Sen. Roger Jepsen (R) Iowa DATE: 810000

Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina DATE: 810000

Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani Saudi Arabian oil minister DATE: 810000

The Silo DATE: 810000

Space junk DATE: 810000

Supreme Court Justice nominee Sandra D. O'Connor DATE: 810000

Teamsters President Roy Lee Williams DATE: 810000

Technical Problems on the Launch pad DATE: 810000

Tennis Star John McEnroe DATE: 810000

That Takes Care of This Christmas. Now We're Working on Next Christmas DATE: 810000

There IS a Santa Claus DATE: 810000

There's Plenty of Gas Now So Let's Produce a Great Big Pwerful Car with Tailfins! DATE: 810000

Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis DATE: 810000

U.S. Capitol DATE: 810000
PUBLISHED IN :The Des Moines Register

U.S. Negotiator Paul Nitze DATE: 810000

Vice President George Bush DATE: 810000

We can get 2,491 TV stations! DATE: 810000

[We Have Simply Moved From a Slight Recession to an Average Recession] DATE: 810000

Well, it's the only Major League action we've got DATE: 810000

Window of Vulnerability DATE: 810000

U6: Computers DATE: 810000

U7: Baseball DATE: 810000

U176: [no subjects] DATE: 810000

We don't need another ayatollah right now DATE: 810129

The Condition of the State is Sharp DATE: 810130

U66: Bats DATE: 810202

President Reagan's First Summit Meeting DATE: 810303

Our bullet-riddled banner DATE: 810405

The Caisson Goes Rolling Along DATE: 810505

Japan Should Stop Exporting So Many Cars and Start Importing a Lot of These DATE: 810509

It's going to be a real slugfest DATE: 810603

[Legislature scoreboard] DATE: 810607

And It Was Going to Be Such a Beautiful Display DATE: 810630

The American Foreign Legion DATE: 810709

Al, check out Mitterand. See if he has any of his communist friends with him. DATE: 810721

Dog Fight DATE: 810804

Song of the open road DATE: 810807

Adventure on the High Seas DATE: 810820

We want to show everybody that we've got muscle! DATE: 810822

"They wouldn't cut the military budget would They? We're among the truly needy!" DATE: 810826

The New Hand DATE: 810909

Roundup time DATE: 810910

[Military spending] DATE: 810915

`I'm in perfect physical shape! I've got a gun!' DATE: 810916

Moving Eulogy DATE: 811010

[Remember--not a word to Ezra about his designer jeans.] DATE: 811025

National Emblem DATE: 811027

Things are tougher than I thought! DATE: 811124

Be patient! This problem didn't develop overnight, you know! DATE: 811201

Santa Claus DATE: 811215


Anne Gorsuch: Head of Environmental Protection Agency DATE: 820000

April Showers DATE: 820000

Argentine Economy DATE: 820000

Argentine Foreign Minister, Nicandor Costa Mendez DATE: 820000

Argentine President, General Leopoldo Galtieri DATE: 820000

Attorney F. Lee Bailey DATE: 820000

Author Studs Terkel DATE: 820000

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini DATE: 820000

Bad News DATE: 820000

Barnstormers DATE: 820000

The Beachcombers DATE: 820000

The Big Roundup DATE: 820000

Bill Moyers: CBS News DATE: 820000

Blizzard DATE: 820000

Bloody Battle DATE: 820000

A Brilliant New Idea DATE: 820000

British Defense Secreetary John Not DATE: 820000

Cautious cowboy DATE: 820000

The Cavalry still Rides DATE: 820000

Chrysler Corp. Chairman Lee Iacocca DATE: 820000

Cincinnati Bengals DATE: 820000

Civil Rights Leader Benjamin Hooks DATE: 820000

The Cloud DATE: 820000

Cloudy Weather DATE: 820000

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader DATE: 820000

Coretta Scott King DATE: 820000

Crowded Coattails DATE: 820000

Dr. Murray Weidenbaum, Chairman of Economic Advisors DATE: 820000

Douglas Fraser, United Auto Workers Union President DATE: 820000

Economist Alan Greenspan DATE: 820000

Evangelist Billy Graham DATE: 820000

Evangelist Jerry Falwell DATE: 820000

FBI Director William Webster DATE: 820000

A Few Bugs in That New 200 Dollar Putter? DATE: 820000

Fidel Castro DATE: 820000

[First Lady Nancy Reagan] DATE: 820000

Former Florid Governor Reubin Askew DATE: 820000

Former Secretary of State Edmund Muskie DATE: 820000

Four Russian Leaders DATE: 820000

George Burns DATE: 820000

George McGovern, Democrat - South Dakota DATE: 820000

Georgia state senator Julian Bond DATE: 820000

German Chancellor Helmut Kohl DATE: 820000

Gloria Steinem Women's Liberation Leader DATE: 820000

Gore Vidal DATE: 820000

Governor George Wallace DATE: 820000

Haiti's President-For-Life - Jean Claude Duvalier DATE: 820000

Here comes anotherr parade! DATE: 820000

Homemade Loophole DATE: 820000

Illinois Governor James R. Thompson DATE: 820000

Israeli Armored Column DATE: 820000

Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon DATE: 820000

Israel Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir DATE: 820000

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin DATE: 820000

It was supposed to be a neat little war DATE: 820000

Jack Valenti, President of Motion Picture Producers Association of America DATE: 820000

Jeane Kirkpatrick: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations DATE: 820000

Johnny Carson DATE: 820000

Johnny Cash DATE: 820000

Jose Napolean Duarte: President of El Salvador DATE: 820000

Josef Stalin DATE: 820000

Just in the Nick of Time DATE: 820000

Just Like the 60s and 70s! Wild-Eyed Radicals Everywhere DATE: 820000

[Katharine Hepburn] DATE: 820000

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia DATE: 820000

[Labor] DATE: 820000

Lenin's Tomb, Moscow DATE: 820000

Leonid Brezhnev DATE: 820000

Lily Tomlin DATE: 820000

The line grows longer and longer DATE: 820000

A long, hot summer in Washington DATE: 820000

Looking for a way out DATE: 820000

Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley DATE: 820000

Malcolm Baldrige. Secretary of Commerce DATE: 820000

Marvelous neighbors DATE: 820000

Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo DATE: 820000

Mickey Rooney DATE: 820000

Mideast Oasis DATE: 820000

Miguel de la Madrid. President-elect of Mexico DATE: 820000

[My accomplishments] DATE: 820000

Nags Head North Carolina DATE: 820000

National Security Advisor William Clark DATE: 820000

New York Major Edward Koch DATE: 820000

No uncertain trumpet DATE: 820000

The old budget shell game DATE: 820000

Old Faithful DATE: 820000

Opinion page DATE: 820000

Paul C. Warnke, nuclear freeze proponent DATE: 820000

Piedras Blancas Light, California DATE: 820000

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India DATE: 820000

The psychiatrist DATE: 820000

Reggie Jackson DATE: 820000

"Relax! This is a conventional weapon." DATE: 820000

Repairman DATE: 820000

Rep. Paul McCloskey, Republican-California DATE: 820000

Rep. Peter Rodino, Democrat-New Jersey DATE: 820000

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Spiritual Leader of the Unification Church DATE: 820000

Richard Richards Republican Party Chairman DATE: 820000

Riding off in all directions DATE: 820000

Robert Mugabe Prime Minister of Zimbabwe DATE: 820000

Ronald Reagan DATE: 820000

[Russian agriculture] DATE: 820000

[Russian European Pipeline] DATE: 820000

St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow DATE: 820000

Samuel Pierce Secretary of Housing and urban Development DATE: 820000

[San Francisco 49'ers] DATE: 820000

Santa Claus DATE: 820000

Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger DATE: 820000

Secretary of State Alexander Haig DATE: 820000

"See! There IS a Santa Claus!" DATE: 820000

"Seems to me he could have given me a nice watch!" DATE: 820000

Sen. Adlai Stevenson III Democrat-Illinois DATE: 820000

Sen. Edward Kennedy, Democrat-Massachusetts DATE: 820000

Senator Jeremiah Denton Republican-Alabama DATE: 820000

Senator Pete Domenici Republican-New Mexico DATE: 820000

Some potholes may be valuable DATE: 820000

"Sounds like normal commercial radio to me!" DATE: 820000

Spanish King Juan Carlos DATE: 820000

Sugar Ray Leonard DATE: 820000

Summer replacement DATE: 820000

Surveys show many people do not believe politicians DATE: 820000

Syrian President Hafez al-Assad DATE: 820000

Ted Koppel - Anchor Man of ABC's "Nightline" DATE: 820000

Ted Turner: President, Cable News Network DATE: 820000

That's strange. A year ago he loved my sugar DATE: 820000

There will always be an England DATE: 820000

There Were Some Losers DATE: 820000

To Make You Feel Better We've Named It "The Peacekeeper"! DATE: 820000

Tough Sledding DATE: 820000

Truchas, New Mexico DATE: 820000

Uncle Ron DATE: 820000

United Nations Secretary General Xavier Perez DeCuellar DATE: 820000

Vacation pictures being taken that we will all have to see next winter DATE: 820000

Vice President George Bush DATE: 820000

Victory in Beirut DATE: 820000

Vladimir Lenin DATE: 820000

Wall Street Economist Henry Kaufman DATE: 820000

Walter Mondale DATE: 820000

[Waste] DATE: 820000

We come here every year. We enjoy the mountain atmosphere and scenery. DATE: 820000

We hate your cars, but you'd love our beef! DATE: 820000

We're observing a moment of silence for the people of Poland DATE: 820000

Well-meaning folks, but they don't understand such big complicated problem. DATE: 820000

What's brewing DATE: 820000

While we were busy acquiring Flat Rock Mutual, Craven Trust and Bravado Continental, we were being acquired by Acme
International! DATE: 820000

White House Chief of Staff James Baker DATE: 820000

William F. Buckley Jr. DATE: 820000

Winter Scene at Winona, Minnesota DATE: 820000

Woody Allen DATE: 820000

U8: Dandelions DATE: 820000

U2: New Year DATE: 820101

Bitter Cold in Iowa DATE: 820109

Muhammad Ali DATE: 820113

This Road Looks More and More Familiar DATE: 820202

A Bitter Iowa Winter DATE: 820219

Uprising DATE: 820224

One of the most logical explanations we've heard DATE: 820305

Soviet succession process DATE: 820420

"Like I said, mate! This is going to bee one bloody fight!" DATE: 820504

We'll be OK if we avoid battles with the British and the Argentines DATE: 820513

They Will Share Similar Views DATE: 820520

Innocent bystanders DATE: 820525

Globe-trotter DATE: 820608

There! We've Solved the PLO Problem DATE: 820615

Diplomacy of the 1980s DATE: 820622

Order in the court DATE: 820624

"It's going to be impossible for them to find anyone who can fill my shoes." DATE: 820629

The new admiral DATE: 820701

A Chance to Be a Hero DATE: 820702

The Brave Astronaut DATE: 820707

Plans call for a limited mission DATE: 820708

Russian crop report DATE: 820714

"Now then, who was first?" DATE: 820716

"I'm glad we've got the know-how and technology that will keep the deer from starving to death!" DATE: 820720

We need a constitutional amendment to keep stupid accidents like this from happening again DATE: 820723

The United States is Hanging in There DATE: 820805

Heavy Damage DATE: 820810

V-Day DATE: 820817

"I'm glad there is a place for me in this modern civilized society" DATE: 820818

The Mexican Eagle DATE: 820824

"Surely there must be a way I can help you, mi amigo!" DATE: 820827

[Russian-European Pipeline] DATE: 820831

The new settler DATE: 820908

Today's meaningful dialogue concerns the University of Iowa and Iowa State University DATE: 820918

We gave him guns and ammunition but we didn't dream he would shoot people! DATE: 820924

How could a terrible thing like that happen? DATE: 821001

He misses the Tribune! DATE: 821002

There are still a few details with this merger we have to iron out! DATE: 821005

You gotta admit that the numbers look good DATE: 821009

[Jimmy Carter] DATE: 821020

Fallout DATE: 821022

We have any field manuals telling us how to handle a situation like this? DATE: 821029

"I'm OK! My name wasn't on any of the ballots!" DATE: 821105

The same old story DATE: 821110

Next in line DATE: 821112

State of the art DATE: 821123

Secretary of State George Shultz DATE: 821124

A little push DATE: 821127

U166: DATE: 821129

Serious injury DATE: 821206

We Already Have a Dense Pack DATE: 821208

How's That For Energy? DATE: 821210

Powerful missiles DATE: 821210

The ghost of Christmas past, present, and future DATE: 821217

You march right back up there and tell them they can't treat me like this. DATE: 821220

How We Clean This Up is None of Your Business DATE: 821222


B.J. Hunnicut - Mike Farrell DATE: 830000

Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne DATE: 830000

Col. Henry Blake/McLean Stevenson DATE: 830000

Col. Sherman Potter/Harry Morgan DATE: 830000

Cpl. Max Klinger/Jamie Farr DATE: 830000

Cpl. Radar O'Reilly/Gary Burgoff DATE: 830000

Donald Reagan, Secretary of the Treasury DATE: 830000

Father Francis Mulcahy. William Christopher DATE: 830000

Gary Hart DATE: 830000

The guilty one DATE: 830000

Hawkeye Pierce/Alan Alda DATE: 830000

Major Charles Emerson Winchester III. David Ogden Stiers DATE: 830000

Major Frank Burns. Larry Linville DATE: 830000

Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan. Loretta Swit DATE: 830000

Martin Luther King DATE: 830000

Network news anchorman DATE: 830000

President Reagan DATE: 830000

Trapper John Mcintyre. Wayne Rogers. DATE: 830000

Old faithful has changed DATE: 830105

The U.S.S. Sitting Duck DATE: 830106

[The recovery will be along any minute to pick you folks up!] DATE: 830107

Careful Everybody! The Ice is Thinner Than I Thought! DATE: 830108

Tough Sledding Ahead DATE: 830112

Women Drivers! DATE: 830112

Budgett Cutting is Hell DATE: 830119

Good as new DATE: 830120

The Iceman DATE: 830127

Ten Years After the War DATE: 830131

Road Hog DATE: 830208

Out on a limb DATE: 830209

The Victory Celebration Goes On and On DATE: 830210

Bitter Harvest DATE: 830211

[Ariel, Maintain a Low Profile Until All This Trouble Blows Over!] DATE: 830216

Trouble in the White House Basement DATE: 830217

Interior Secretary Watt does some pruning DATE: 831125


Day and/or Month but Not Year Known

[OPEC] 000126

"Sorry, but national security and 10 million automobiles need this." DATE: 000207

The golfers are getting ready DATE: 000224

U4: DATE: 000313

SST-Supersonic trouble DATE: 000321

The machines are winning DATE: 000322

New light, new life, new hope DATE: 000329

U3: Easter eggs, Easter DATE: 000403

The planting season DATE: 000404

"I have a dream that this nation will rise up..." DATE: 000407

Our transportation woes DATE: 000503

Let's take the bus this time DATE: 000515

Another Operation on Ike is Being Planned! DATE: 000619

Pictures being taken now that we will be seeing next winter DATE: 000723

The Future of Miss Universe DATE: 000724

"...low mileage, good tires, never driven over ten miles an hour, a real cream puff!" DATE: 000808

It was a bad summer for some people DATE: 000905

A major power in politics and world affairs DATE: 000910

This Gonna Be that Same Old Story DATE: 000915

If college football players looked and acted like college students DATE: 000919

A good fight but there seems to be something missing" DATE: 000924

I don't suppose the business slump is affecting the turkey market" DATE: 001022

The most dangeerous man in the country DATE: 001029

"I'm getting tired of turkey. I'd like a nice thick juicy steak." DATE: 001119



AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland

[Abraham Lincoln]

Abraham Lincoln

According to his calculations their names should hit the top of "the list" this week sometime

Actor Tony Randall

[Administration Reaction to Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaigns]

[Air Traffic Control]

[All clear! They missed us again!]

[The Allies (Angels of the Free World)]

Amish Brothers

And every one of them has those new-fangled hitching posts

[And Here It Comes]

And if you see one let us know

And It's Got Only Ten Miles On It

[...And Remember, the More Extra Equipment you buy, the more you help cure the recession!]

And This is Just the Exhibition Season

[And...Your doorstep is one of his most important steps]

["Anti-Racketeer" Labor Legislation]

Andy Rooney

[An annual message of hope that grows more important...more necessary every year]

Another Hat in the Hat?

Answer: Against All Rules of Mathematics, and Logic, Teacher Usually Lasts Nine Months

[Anti-Castro Revolution]

Anti-ERA Advocate Phylis Schlafly

The Antique

Anybody White and Gentile for Tennis?

[Anything the Kids Want]

[April 1st...Ah, But Now]

April Showers

Are You Sure That's Your Hat?

Are you trying to destroy the free enterprise system?

Aren't You Going to Ask Us Any Questions About Our Lifestyle?

[As the Father of this Country I forbid this Revolution]

Attorney General William French Smith


[An Automatic Sign Painting Machine to Paint Signs to Hang on all the automatic machines that don't work]

The automobile

Back When Things Started Getting Complicated

Back When Things First Started Getting Complicated

Back When Things First Started Getting Noisy

[The backyard trash burner hunt]

[Balanced Budget]



The band played well


The Baseball Crystal Ball

Be careful with it, men. Let's not let is slip through our fingers

Be Tough With the West

Be very careful where you walk and drive in downtown Des Moines

The Beachcomber

["Bear" Bryant]

[Beep! Hear about the Edsel, Mac?]



[Berlin Crisis]

Bet things have been popping at the weather bureau lately

Between the Devil and Syngman Rhee

Beware of Snow and Ice Falling Off Buildings

The Big Fancy Comfortable Chair

A Big Parade This Week in New York

[Big Problems]

A Bigger Allowance! You Want the Wrath of President Nixon Coming Down on This House?

[Bigger and Bigger Government...]


[Billboards Keep You Awake!]

Bingo, Bango, Bongo, I Like Them All

The Birth Control Issue


Bob Newhart

[Boiled Soybeans]

Bountiful Harvest

The British are coming! The British are coming!

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

[Brotherhood of Critics and Fault Finders]

[The Budget]

[Bugs Around the Night Lights]

[Busiest Man in Town--Garst]

[But I Bring Home Everything Else]

[Byrd for President]

[California or Bust]

[Campaign Program]

[Camping Area]

Can't You Japanese Build Anything Right?

Canadian Cold Front

Careful What You Say! Everything is Bugged


Cartoonist Frank Miller's Tribute to Ding

[Castro Ransom Demands]

[Castro's Growing Troubles]


[Cease Fire Violations]


[CHARGE - Please]

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. David C. Jones

Charlie is Excited about Pari-mutuel betting coming to Iowa. He hopes to become involved

[Cheap Shot]

Christmas In Iowa


[Chrysler Crporation]

[City Manager]

[Clickety, Click]


Cobblestone Street-Alexandria, Virginia

[Communist Arms Shipments to Castro]


[Compromise Legislation]


[Congratulations! You won't need that old thing anymore. They'll carry you!


[Congressional Investigation into FCC Irregularities]

[Congressional Investigation into Vanguard Failure]

The Congestion and Indigestion Along Our Highways


The Conservatives

[Considerable Oratory Everywhere with Cold War Fromt Moving into the Vicinity and....]

[Constitutional Convention]

[Constitutional Convention]

[Continuous television with frequent commercials...]

[Contribute to a political campaign? Not me!]

[Convention Footnote]

The Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri


[Cut Spending/Slash Taxes]

Daddy Says We'll Camp Here Until He Figures Things Out

Dan Rather/CBS News


[David Stockman]

The Day the Airplane Buzzed Des Moines

[Defense Department Reorganization

Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger

[Democratic Bus Lines]

[Democratic Canvas]

[Democratic Caucus]

[The Democratic March]

[Democratic Party Disunity


[The Democrats]

[Democrats in Congress]

[Des Moines]

[Des Moines Police Department]

[Des Moines Transit Strike]

Did Someone Make a Terrible Mistake

[Dim View of Ike-Khrushchev Talks]

The Dinosaur

[Dis information]


[Don't blame us, Lady, We just tell it like it is and like it's going to be]

[Don't Forget Those Goosesteppers of the past, Mademoiselle!]

Don't worry. Someday this will be a nice pretty green pasture

[The Doctor was here and said Ricky has some kind of bug that has been going around town hitting a lot of kids]

Doesn't smoke or drink. Plays basketball and makes straight A's. How decadent can you get

Doing the People a Big Favor

Domestic-Policy Advisor Martin Anderson

[Down with Loopholes]

Doves get love! Doves get respect1 Doves get legislation....

[Down with this investigation]

[Drought Threat]

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-61)

Dubuque Street Corner

The Early Morning Sock Puzzle

[East Germany]


Editorial cartoonist

[Editorial writer]

Edward Meese

Egyptian Leader Hosni Mubarak

[87 Traffic Deaths Last October. Nearly 50 so far this October]

[Electric Blue]

[Enemies List]

[Energy Secretary]

Ernest Lefever, Nominee for Secretary of State for Human Rights

[Evolution hasn't gotten very far there, has it!]

`The extra hour of sunlight sure brings out the dandelions, don't it?'

[The Fabulous Super 1974's are Here]


[Falling Farm Income]

[False and Exaggerated Agriculture Production Figures]

[Fashion Note: the Sack Dress is Out of Style]

[Federal Action--Mississippi]

[A Few Hairs Out of Place Back Here]

The First '76 Crop Reports Will Be In Tomorrow

[5 Points! It's Illegal! It's Unfair! It's UnAmerican!]

The Flu Connoisseur

[Follow Me Comrade Zhukov]

[Food Costs]

The Food Here is Terrible But the Atmosphere is Fun

[Foot Powder]

[For Gosh Sakes! That Looks Awful Dangerous to Me!]

[For Pity's Sake! I Thought I Had This Field All Clear!]

[Foreign Affairs]

[Foreign Aid]

Former President Gerald Ford

Former President Jimmy Carter

Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young

[40/8 White Fun and Frolic Only!]

[$14 Million]


Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)

[Free Speech]

[Free West German Elections]

"...Freedom Cannot Be Censored Into Existence"

Friends or Foes?

[From here on the trip may become rather tiresome]

[GOP caucus/Democratic caucus]

[G.O.P. Convention]

Garage Sale

[Gee whiz! They're sure making a big thing out of picking corn this year ain't they!]

[Geneva conference progress]

A gentle bedside manner

[Genuine handmade Indian souvenirs]

Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977)

German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

[Get me down this minute! There's dishes to do, the house to clean, clothes to wash...]

Getting an ear full

[Getting to be so many of them you can never get to the hitching post]

[Gift wrapped bricks for toilet tanks]

"Girls, I have called this meeting to decide: do we want to be the Iowa State Bug."

Give My Regards to Howard Cosell

Glamorous job

[Go Hawks!]

[The Goldfine Affair]

Good Heavens! I Miss Howard Cosell!

[Good heavens! I've just launched Castro!]

[Good news comrades! The fearful threat of U.S. forces using Alvis Preski and his guitar against us has been removed!]

[Good will toward men]

[Gotta run dear! I'm late!]

`Government land grab policies are a threat to the American free enterprise system.'

[Governor Robert D. Ray]

Governor Robert D. Ray

A Great Crop of Mud This Year

Guess old Walt isn't going to retire for a while. Just bought a new tractor

[Guess we can play like he's Santa!]

Graduation present

The Great Escape

Grim Pastures

"A Gun in Every Home! Next: A Gun in Every Room! A Gun in Every Car...."

Hard Hat Area

Hard Hat Hot Seat

[The Hard Shelled, Thick Headed Lawn Mowing Borer: Travels in Vast Swarms....]

Hard to Tell What's In It

[Harold Hughes]

Harry S Truman (1945-1953)

Harry has been this way since he went to the courthouse and library to look up his roots

[Has No Confidence in Himself]

[Have you ever received payola from toy companies?...]

"Have You Lost Your Mind?"

He Gets Ugly When He Drinks

[He Just Ordered Me to Organize a Moscow Fox-Hunting Club]

[He Should Be Cutting His grass! Or Grilling Steaks! Or Managing a Little League Team!....]

[He wanted to know if the Brooklyn dodgers were in it this year]

He's not going to give up anything, the inch, the foot, the mile....

[Health Care Costs]

[Heavens to Betsy! Look Who's Coming Along With Nixon]

Helpful Holiday Hint: Never Let a Man Gift Wrap Anything

Henry Kissinger

Henry! You Aren't Planning to Grow Any More Zucchini in the Garden This Summer Are You?

Here! Everything I Want Is On This Tape

[Here's that brink we were talking about. Let's get out and walk around!]

[Hey Sam! I've Got Some More Record Crops Going For You!]

[Hey! We've Just Put a Rocket in Orbit Around the Sun!]

[High Level Politics]

[Ho, Hum!]

[Home Sweet Home]

[The Hope and Voice of Freedom in a Divided Nation... The Hope and Voice of Freedom in a Divided World]

Hope they notice that little wheel there on top

[Horoscope Hints]

An Hour in the Day of a 5-Year Old

[House Committee on Legislative Oveersight]

[How About Crop Dusting? That's a Nice Low Level, Noncontroversial Occupation]

[How about us!]

How Come No Bug or Blight Ever Attacks the Dandelion

How Things Seem to a Flu Victim

How's the Cheating Coming Along

Howard Cosell

[Howdy, Ol' Buddy! Ol'Pal! What are you doing around these here parts!]



`I always look forward to April! It's so damp and miserable'

[I am a man alone]

[I assume Washington still has a railroad station]

I can drive OK with a few drinks in me, trouble is, I can't get to the car

`I can tell right now that Living History Farms is going to have a crowd control problem'

[I can't watcch]

[I cooked it up myself so of course it must be good!]

I didn't think it was possible! Something worse than the sack!]

[I don't care if you ARE all air conditioned in there! Roll down your window!]

[I don't see how they get all that on television]

"I got the license plates cleaned off and then there was a gust of wind"

"I know all about the energy crisis. I've been married to one for 15 years."

[I like to watch 'em squirm!]

[I made no mistakes]

[I quit! I've signed a U.S. television conntract tto star in an adult Western series]

[I said no!]

[I say peaceful coexistence with capitalism is the only way]

"I suppose they'll be knocking down this old building someday soon"

[I tell you there's nothing like roughing it for a vacation!]

`I think all four of them deserve blue ribbons, don't you?'

[I was going to put some in the rumpus room but it's full of soybeans]

[`I was more at ease with your salt and pepper shaker collecting.']

["I wish we were allowed to paint with such freedom, comrade!"]

"I'd stop and tell you everything that happened but you wouldn't believe it. I don't believe it!"

[I'm all for it]

[I'm losing votes in the South]

[I'm older than you! Meaner than you! Uglier than you! Tougher than you!]

[I'm persuadinng people to eat more of them!]

[I'm running for President!]

[I'm turning you loose!]

[If only Betsy Ross could see me now!]

If the critics looked around they would see even worse

[If women are going to wear our product we want higher wages too!]

If you held a picnic on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean...

[If you think that's odd looking you should have seen the first ones!]

[Ike welcome to India]

["In this house gavel-to-gavel means gavel-to-gavel"]

[Inaugural ball tickets $5.00]


[Iowa] (4)

[Iowa All-Americans]

Iowa and its patterns of plenty

[Iowa corn crop report]

[Iowa Democrats]

[Iowa GOP] (2)

[Iowa: Good ol' Republican soil....usually]

[Iowa labor]

[Iowa pest]

[Iowa politics]

[Iowa precinct caucuses]

Iowa should keep some of its past in its future

[Iowa state taxes? Why good ness gracious sakes, I forgot all about them!]

[Iowa voters]

Iowa, Where the Good Life Is

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

[Is idea Comrade Khrushchev picked up in U.S. Is called gas cold war!]

[Is that abstract art, Daddy?]

[Issues] (2)

[It always does this time of year!]

[It isn't fair! Why isn't there a Dutch dandelion disease!]

[It isn't the temperature. It's the humidity!]

[It might rain or snow or be too hot or too windy or there might be measles or...]

It must be tough being married to a golfer

[It never worked very well anyway]

[It would be un-sporting to shoot at that!]

[It's a bird! It's a plane! It's supermarket prices!]

It's a brand new ping pong game

It's a good thing every thing doesn't break down at the same time

[It's absurd! It's a shame! It's Super Nixon!]

It's going to be an exciting pennant race

"It's OK if my kids drink. Just so they stay away from them mood alterin' drugs!"

It's Sloppy and Unmilitary

"It's time for `Dallas'!"

[Jepsen] (Airplane)

[Jepsen] (with cow)

[Jepsen] (on door)

[Jepsen] (football player)

Jimmy (James Earl) Carter (1977-1981)

Jimmy Carter

[Jimmy Carter] (Boy Scout)

[Jimmy Carter]

[Jimmy Carter] (Peanuts dropping out of sack)

[Jimmy Carter] (with artist)

[Jimmy Carter] (on Poll)

The Jockey Gets Another Chance

[Joe's Barber Shop]

[John Birch Society]

John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

[Johnson County]

Jordon's King Hussein

July Nature Notes

The Jumbo Jets Have Arrived Carrying 500 Passengers and Who Knows How Much Luggage

[Junket Airlines]

Just because you talked to the President yesterday doesn't mean you can call him every day!

[Just think--One of these may be a presidential candidate in election year 2000]

Just What We Need

[Kennedy's Hopes--Civil Rights by Reason and Persuasion]

Khe San--Home of the Brave

[Kids Look for the Deepest Route to School]

Kinda Reminds You of a Turtle, Doesn't It?

[Kites are Blossoming on Telephone Lines]

Kremlin Mid-Summer's Nightmare

Khrushchev's Idea of American People]

[Lady, your kids are shooting at me!]

[Land Sakes! Look at them Democrats fightin' among themselves! What a Riot!!]



[Laos Crisis Indian border crisis]


[Legislature] (2)

Legislature's press relations

[Leonard Crawley]

[Let me pitch, boss!]

Let's deport the whole bunch to a desert island

Let's get up an office pool on when and where it will hit

[Let's have another nice big summit meeting about disarmament]


Libyan Leader Muammar Khadafy

[The life of Jimmy Carter]

[Lincoln High]

"Linda! Here comes one of your boyfriends or girlfriends!"

[Liquor debate]

Little doggie in the picture


A lot of thought must have gone into the choice of this test site

Lyndon B. Johnson

[Maine's early elections--last year of operation]

"Mammas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys!"

[Maple Grove Church...Dallas County]

"...the maple leaf forever!"


[Maybe he'll wear himself out keeping all those balls pumped up!]

[Maybe we should put a horse into orbit]

"ME"--by Frank Miller


[Me for governor]

[Men, this morning you will receive some tips and pointers that may prove of some value to you]

[Merry Christmas to all Iowans eeverywhere]

[Mesa Verdi Cliff Dwellings, Colorado]

[Middle East]

[Middle East]

[Might as well just sit here and wait. No place in society for me any more]

[Mr. President, we've just received a threat from China, an ultimatum from Russia, a tirade from Faubus, and a warning from

Modern farm machinery

[Money Money Money!! I ask you to do a little extra work and a few favors and you demand money!]

More power for unity

More thrilling than a walk on the moon

More tough missions may be in the works

[More trash to take out, Dear!]

Moscow's Splitting Headaches

"The most realistic video game on the market!"


[Mutual trust and understanding

[My good wife made them for me!]

[My opponent is a very good and honorable man...]

"My wife's for Reagan. My kids are for Udall. My mother is for Carter. My boss is for Ford. My mother-in-law is for Wallace.
I'm undecided."

Nancy Reagan


Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night can stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

[Neon Gardens Motel]

Never underestimate the power of a special interest

[New Federalism]

[New Federalism]

[New Frontier Stage Lines]

[New Frontier Turkey Shoot]

[New Moon Names]

New York Yankee Owner George Stein brenner

The newly redecorated White House

Next: 100 Foot Triple Bottom Trucks

A Nice, Big, Sofft and Comfortable Incubator

Nikita Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeyevich, 1894-1971



96th Congress

[Nixon is no good]

[No fish in there, you know]

"No more fertilizer. No more crab grass. No more dandelions. No more..."

No one has a common cold anymore

No police dogs, no fire hoses, no mass arrests! A complete breakdown of law and order in our nation's capitol!


[Nope! There may be king size crooks and hoodlums in there!]

A November Weekend in the United States of America...1963

[Now Darling, you knew my family was coming to live with us!]

Now For the Greatest Communicator of All

Now it's practically their jail

Now the guy with short hair looks odd

"Now we can buy many American guns, tanks and jets!"

[Now you'll have tto go right back to the store and get a can of spray snow, some of that cute wrapping paper and...]

"Now your kids won't be bothered by ROTC, recruiters, stupid rules..."

"Nuclear warhead? What nuclear warhead?"

An official world series looms on the horizon

"Oh oh, more long dull stories about being president!"

"Oil was discovered since you were here last year."

[Old man par]

The Old Tightwad Takes a Ride

[Once upon a time]

[One hundred dollars]

One of our most sophisticated fighters

"One of us should take the trash out pretty soon."

[One Way]

Our Latest Gunboat

[Our nation is cutting the size of its armed forces]

Our Own Super Bowl

Our vegetable garden isn't a total disaster. Harry found a big cucumber in it yesterday

[Out of order]

[The Past/The Present]

[Patriotism, citizenship, and sacrifice are not romantic words of the past...]

Paul Newman


[Peace talks]

[Peace, unity, and understanding]

[Penn Central R.R.]

Pete Rozelle National Football League Commissioner

Philadelphia: the city of brotherly love

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos

[Points after touchdown]

[Political crap games]

[Polish Government]

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II

President Anwar Sadat

President Reagan

President Reagan has things well in hand

[Primary system]

[Probably effects of a nuclear war]

Profile in courage

[Public opinion]

["Quit your griping Comrad! How would you like to live in capitalistic Iowa where you can't even get ONE?"]

[Quit watchin' football and git to work!...]


Reagan man



[Record employment and production]

[Red China]

[Red China's "Roof of the World" invasion]

"Relax! I'm just restoring sanity to goveernment spending!"

"Remember several winters ago when we ran out of salt and we thought that was a crisis?"

Rep. Morris Udall, Democrat-Arizona

A return to hard times

A review of the Watergate hearing witnesses


Richard M. Nixon (1969-1974)

[Richard Nixon]

[The right to vote]

[Rising cost of living/continuing boom and prosperity]

[Robert Ray]

[Ronald Reagan] (9)

Ronald W. Reagan (1981- )

[Ronald Reagan/Roger Jepsen]

[A rosy Iowa future]

[Roxanne Conlin]

[Roxanne Conlin]

Rubber stamp M-1

[A ruby-throated Khrushchev and a Warbling Dulles]


[Rumble seats]

[Russian plans for the U.N.]


[Santa Claus] (2)

[Scheduled conference on nuclear blast detection]

[The school board and the legislature]

[School closed Keep out]

[School starts soon]

[Scientists start listening for messages from out in space]


[Secret Congressional committee meetings]

Secretary of Agriculture John Block

Secretary of State George Shultz

`See! All that hysterical talk about gun controls is simmering down. It happens every time.'

Self-Portrait of a cartoonist who drew a September calendar with 31 days

[Senate Ethics Committee]

Senator Alan Cranston Democrat-California

Senator Henry Jackson Democrat-Washington

Senator Robert Byrd (D) of West Virginia

Senator Russell Long of Louisina [sic]

Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin

[Shall we have open season on doves in Iowa?]

[Shame on you President Eisenhower! How dare you shoot pictures of Russia!"

The shape of the ball has changed a lot in recent years

"She's inventing something she calls a wheel! Women can't invent anything!"

[Shilly-Shallying doubletalk]

Sid Ceaser

[Sing "Pennies from Heaven," Frank]

"Sir, could you tell our viewers your secret for woking outside in the cold?"

[Sir, I don't like this hat I was issued!]

Sir, those clubs are un-American

Sketches of America by Frank Miller


Slowing down




[Soapy Williams]

Some Heavy Burdens

"Someday when we have more arms we might talk about arms reduction."

[Sorry folks! The glacier pin is busted. I'll have to take it into the shop a few days!"

[Sorry I'm late gittin' here, folks...but my ol' mule died an' I had to walk the last hunerd miles]

[South African government]

Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko

[Soviet Pacific missile range]



The Spirit of 1981

A spring evening on the U of I campus

[State Central committee]

[State Control]

State legislature's social life

[State tree suggestions]

Strategy Meeting on the Mound

[Straw poll]

[Strong Civil Rights Stand]

Strong Platform

[Summit conference]

[Summit meeting house]

[Summit Peace conference]


TV Spot (6)

TV Spots

Talk about versatility! This plan can maintain peace and fight a war at the same time!

Tall Victory--Short Coattails

[Tax Cut Special]

[Tax Legislation]

[Tax Liberation Day]

[Tax System]

[Taxes] (2)

[Taxpayers' Revolt]

[Tch, Tch, Tch! That's a Very Undemocratic place to sit!]

[Tch, Tch, Tch, Too Bad! Well, It's Somebody else's Problem, not mine.]

Teamster Henhouse

Ted Koppel - ABC News

[Ten Cents]

Terrace Hill

[Terry Branstad] (2)

Thar goes Marshal Alcorn out after another ornery Democratic rastler!

That Scene Hanging on Our Living Room Wall Would Just Match Our New Drapes!

[That Thing's Un-American!]

That's No Sea Monster. That's the Democratic National Convention

That's What the White House Needs

Their roar and smoke rolled across the land...and their echo rolls across the century

[Theodore Roosevelt]

There is an earthquake warning in effect for an area 100 miles on either side of a line running....

There is some good news

There is still a balance of power. Neither off us have anything left.

[There ought to be a law]

[There She Goes]

There would probably be a lot of excess baggage on the trip

[There's a catch to it somewhere! A little guy like that can't have so much power!]

There's a time out and you are watching football's greatest wide receiver in action

[There's been a population shift to Democrat--I mean to cities!]

[There's hordes of them this year]

[They Need Men to Guard the President in His Rocking Chair. Maybe You Could Handle That!]

[They Played the National Anthem at this time about a traffic jam.]

They Say It's A Simple Machine

[They seem to have everything but a welcome mat!]

[They used to always take turns]

They've Been Slowing Us Down

They've Conquered the Moon But Ol' Mother Earth is Still Dealing Them Fits

[Things I Will Not Mention]

Things We Wish They'd Bring Back

Think it would help any to switch to diesels

This is a new mobile missile system that will drive the Rissians crazy

This is an emergency! My husband is trapped in a snuggy bag!

This is Armed Forces Week

This is kinda embarassing! I'm not used to getting a red ribbon.

This small silicon chip contains all the facts and knowledge in the world. Now, what do we do with it?

This will be a nice little morale booster for the people of Iowa

[A Thorough Investigation and Audit]

[Thought You'd Never Get Here! You Can Start on the Roof]

[Those Few Unfortuantes Who Stayed Home]

Those "Wonderful" Fourths When Mothers Cooked, Yelled, and Cried a Lot.

[Three Hundred Horses and They're All Frozen to Death!]

Three Years and Still Fighting

[Tito's Defiance of Russia]

[To Heck with Politics and Campaigns and Issues...]

[To Little Fidel From Santa Krush]

[To Prove You Aren't Old You Have to Act Like a Young Daredevil]

To those State College of Iowa students: here are some more ways of spelling `bourgeoisie'

Today is International Newspaper Carrier Day

Today is international newspaper carriers day

Today is National Newspaperboy Day

Today we honor those who died for a great cause...a way of life. There is only....

Today's Forecast: Hot Accompanied by Much Hot Talk

[Today's High Costs of Local Government]

Today's Living Room Forecast

Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day

Tony Kubek

Toy Department

[A Traffic Cop]

Trouble! Foreigners are taking over our land.

[Trouble is...there is no great demand for it]

The Trouble with Putting Mother on a Pedastal

Troubled Waters

[Try to get vack a little early, dear. We need groceries, I need some....]

[Trying to help you out a little, Sam!]

Two Chiefs

Two of our Neighbors are Feuding Today!

Two Views of Freedom


[The U.N. Red China Vote]

[U.N. Secretary General]

[U.S. Economy]

[The U.S. is an evil, emperialistic, war monger]

[U.S. Monopoly on Nuclear Subs]

[U.S. Proposals - Russian Proposals]

[U.S. Space Plans]

[U.S.S. Skate]

[Ugh! They seem to have strange religious beliefs. Should we let them land here?]

[Ugh! You will have to admit we were a pretty dull bunch]

[Uh, I used to have fun tying things into knots]

[Underdeveloped Areas of the World]

Underneath is OK

The Ungratefuls

[Union Racketeerrs]

Unnecessary Middle-Man

[The Ups and the Downs]

[Useful and Progressive Proposals]

A valentine for the weather bureau (It's probably the only one they'll get)

Vice President Bush

Vote Recount


We Almost Had an Official World Series This Year

[We Call Many of These Primaries Beauty Contests]

We Can't Have a Test Ban Until We've Attained Perfection!

We Can't Let Things Like That Stand in the Way of Progress

[We Don't Have a Chimney!]

We have missiles that can hit any place on earth with pinpoint accuracy!

[We Have Suspended Atomic Tests]

We Look Just Like Your Bowling Ball

We might as well, we put them everywhere else--

[We Want Fair Representation in the Legislature]

[We want in honorable United Nations]

We've won the war! We've Still got our oil!

We would have finished 1975 in the red but good old Christmas came along at the last minute and saved us.

[We've Been Waiting for You!]

We've got to do something about international terrorism!

[Weather Has Been Fine...]

[Well, Chiang! Let's Have a Short Little Old Conference on How to Make This Cease-Fire Permanent.]

[Well, guess I can put this old backache away!]

Well, our new 5 MPH collision-proof bumpers don't do us any good in a 10 MPH collision

Well, they sure left a mess

Well, We Asked for Reforms

What a lovely scene. I hope there isn't any marijuana in it

What do they think they can accomplish with tactics like that?

What hacks me is dinky things like those have the right of way oveer us.

[What Happened to 4,000 Free Bottles of Liquor]

What This Town Needs Right Now Is a Good Old-Fashioned Cherry Bomb Explosion

What used to be a nice quiet shady neighborhood

What will probably happen to the last tree left standing in America

What's So Unusual About A Volcano?

[What's the Matter? Ain't We Bad Enough For Them]

[What's the matter with them? Live right by a bowling alley and they don't bowl!

When Dick said he would bring us together he didn't mean like this.

When the army said they wanted to join me I didn't think they would bring all their potatoes along

[Where did you kids drag that thing in from?]

[Who is Buried in Grant's Tomb]

Who Says the Reagan Administration Has No Compassion

Why Birds Leave the Suburbs

[Why My Laosy Headache is Gone, My African Growing Pains Have Disappeared, My Cold War Tensions....]

[Wild and Reckless Charges]

Windows of Vulnerability

Winter River Traffic

[Woe...A thing of terror...a harbinger of doom....]

Women in politics! Women in sports, women in everything! Next we'll have women in this club!

Wonder what he thought all that gruntin' and groanin' was about?

Wonder what those strange small things are the astronauts see?

[World Events]

[A world of united people working for peace and against hunger, disease and illiteracy....]

[World population explosion problems]

[World Troubles]

Wow! Do you suppose hot pants will ever get to this town?

[Wrestling with Khrushchev]


[Yankees Go Home]

[Yep! Looks like a big Democratic victory.]

[Yer Standin' Too Close to Pitch!]

[Yes ma'am, we know it's spring]

You and I keep passin' these tests an' maybe someday we'll graduate and go to work

[You got my what's yours?]

You men are a disgrace to my uniform

You people have to understand something! We can't feed everybody!

[You should have started the fire 3 hours ago]

[You Watch Your Language Around My Sweet Little Boys!]

You'd better get going! You've got a long way to go and a lot of people depending on you.

You'll Have More Freedom This Way

You're all trespassing, you know!

You're Going too fast! You're making too much noise! Don't hit that little tree! You're scaring the rabbits

[You're Not Getting Me Up in a Contraption Like That]

[You're the Sixteenth Hoop Case I've Had Today]

[Your Elected Servant]

Untitled and Undated

U5: Art, Modern; Robotics
U10: Legislation
U11: Press and politics
U12: Public opinoin polls
U13: Politicians
U14: Politicians
U15: Politicians
U16: Politicians
U17: Electioneering
U18: Courtship
U19: Politicians, Electioneering
U20: Limosines
U21: Politicians
U22: Ladybugs
U23: Justice
U24: Hunting
U25: Politicians
U26: Republican Party
U27: Football
U28: Farmers
U29: Women's rights
U30: Automobiles
U31: Grinding wheels
U33: Democratic Party
U35: Politicians
U36: Republican Party
U37: Cows, dogs.
U38: Judicial process
U39: Computers
U40: Cards
U41: Bees.
U43: Conlin, Roxanne Barton, 1944-; Fitzgerald, Gerald; Democratic Party
U44: Politicians
U45: Politicians
U46: Hotels, taverns, etc.
U47: Politicians
U48: Republican Party
U49: Republican Party
U50: Republican Party
U51: Press
U53: Ray, Robert D., 1928-
u54: Republican Party
U55: Cities and towns
U56: Politicians
U58: Politicians
U59: Justice
U60: Republican Party
U61: Politicians
U63: Wrestling
U64: Voters
U67: Politicians
U69: Democratic Party, Republican Party
U70: Smoking
U71: Vacations
U72: Democratic Party; Republican Party
U73: United States. Foreign Relations--Soviet Union.
U74: Motorcycles, Canoes and canoeing.
U75: Camping.
U76: Golf.
U77: Rock music
U78: Traffic regulations
U79: Indians of North America
U80: Air - Pollution
U81: Taxation
U82: Farm Equipment
U83: Golf, Lawns--weed control
U84: Cuba, Korea, Laos, Uncle Sam (Nickname)
U85: Africa, Nuclear weapons
U86: Television, Political conventions
U87: Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeyevich, 1894-1971.
U88: Democratic Party.
U89: Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, 1917-1963, Johnson, Lyndon Baines, 1908-1973,
Stevenson, Adlai Ewing, 1900-1965. Symington, Stewart, 1901-1988.

U90: Christmas.
U91: Easter
U92: Easter
U93: Hitler, Adolph, 1889-1945.
U94: Snowmobiles.
U95: Traffic signs and symbols
U96: Football, Thanksgiving
U97: Summer
U99: Golf, Baseball, Football, Television
U100: Winter
U101: Nuclear warfare
U102: Nixon, Richard Milhous, 1913-, China
U103: Moon-Exploration
U104: Moon-Exploration
U105: Weather forecasting
U106: Physical fitness, Television
U107: Cross country skiing
U108: Television
U109: Citizens band radio
U110: Riots
U111: Snowmobiles
U112: Southeast Asia
U113: Beaches
U114: Football, Baseball
U117: Christmas
U118: United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
U119: Politicians
U120: Baseball
U121: Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, 1917-1963, New Year
U122: Politicians
U123: Castro, Fidel, 1927-, Hammarskjold, Dag Hialmar Agne Carl, 1905-1961,
Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeyevich, 1894-1971, Congo
U124: Television
U125: Television
U126: Television
U128: Democratic Party, Republican Party
U129: Architecture, Victorian
U130: Snowmobiles, Vacations
U131: Electioneering
U132: Republican Party
U133: Nuclear weapons
U134: Nuclear weapons
U135: Olympics
U136: Television
U139: Republican Party
U140: Democratic Party, Republican Party
U141: Republican Party
U143: Soviet Union
U144: Television
U145: Electioneering
U146: Computers
U147: Democratic Party
U148: Democratic Party
U149: Justice
U150: Computers
U151: Nuclear weapons
U153: Politicians
U154: Republican Party
U155: Miller, Frank, 1912-1986.
U157: Ballot-box
U158: Democratic Party
U159: Democratic Party
U160: Campaign management
U161: Electioneering
U162: Butterflies
U163: Justice
U164: United States, Soviet Union
U167: United States. Department of Defense.
U168: United States Capitol (Washington D.C.)
U170: Traffic signs and symbols
U171: Traffic signs and symbols
U172: Television
U173: Brown, Edward G., Jr. (Jerry), Kennedy, Edward Moore, 1932-
U174: Construction workers
U177: New Year
U178: Saint Valentine's Day
U179: New Year
U180: Solar energy
U181: Snowmobiles, Vacations


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