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Posted to Internet: 1998

Acquisition Note: Mr. Spence donated his manuscripts to the University of Iowa Libraires over the course of the years 1946 -- 1965.

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Biographical Note

Born in Clarion, Iowa, the son of a minister, Hartzell Spence graduated magna cum laude from the University of Iowa in 1930. From 1930 to 1941 he was the United Press bureau manager in Des Moines, and saw service during WW II in the Army Air Forces where he was the founder and first editor of Yank, the Army weekly newspaper. He was removed as editor after fifteen months because of creative differences. After the war, he worked as a free-lance writer, particularly noted for his reporting on religion. He published several novels and wrote a comic strip (David Crane). His first published novel was One Foot in Heaven, which became a best-seller and went through three printings It was made into a motion picture starring Frederic March and Martha Scott in 1941. He wrote a sequel, Get Thee Behind Me, which was also very popular. He wrote the scripts for the weekly radio program, "One Foot in Heaven", broadcast on the ABC network, 1944 -- 1945.

By 1947, Spence was a gentleman farmer at his home, Gaston Hall, a thirty-room, 700 acre estate in Virginia. Spence turned his experiences with the old showplace into a book titled Happily Ever After.

Hartzell Spence died in May 2001.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of correspondence, drafts and manuscripts of articles, essays, and novels, as well as tear sheets for some of the articles.

Note: The inventory which follows is incomplete and does not accurately represent the location of materials within the collection. Consequently, while the collection is open for research, it may be necessary to use it on-site, or to hire an on-site researcher, until we are able to organize and describe it more accurately.

Box List


Viola Irene Cooper, 5 letters to HS; 1 letter HS to Cooper.
Miscellaneous, 9 letters.
Mrs. W.H. Spence, mother, 9 letters to HS, 2 letters HS to mother. Misc. Box 1.
Note that there is also correspondence in many of the individual article folders.

Miscellaneous Box 2: clippings, deed, negatives, contracts.


Writings (alphabetical by title)

"America's Bluest Blue Law Town." (Published in Colliers, August 26, 1950). 1st revised draft. 2nd revised draft. Final draft (carbon). Original notes in longhand. Transcribed notes from originals - typewritten. Correspondence between author and publisher. Miscellaneous background material. 5 letters of criticism writtlen. to author after article was published. Published article included.

"The Bent and Blunted Free Lance." (Published in Saturday Review, 1962 November 10, included.).Correspondence-one letter. Source material-one item. Notes-six items. First Typescript-corrected, 7 pages. Second Typescript-carbon, corrected, 5 pp.

"The Best in the House." (Published in Esquire, 1958 November, included.) Correspondence-9 letters. Source-1 folder. Notes -50+ items. First Typescript -labeled "1st rev.", corrected, incomplete, 5 pp. Second Typescript-corrected, 12 pp. Third Typescript-corrected, 13 pp. Fourth Typescript-corrected, 11 pp. Fifth Typescript-carbon, 12 pp.

The Big Top (Simon and Schuster, 1953. With Fred Bradna). Typescript (339 pp). Photos and miscellaneous papers. Clippings. Related correspondence (l. folder). Two corrected carbon typescripts - 338 and 275 pp (plus inserts). Synopsis. Corrected page proofs. Fourth revision (carbon, pp1-34, separate). Five chapters of typescript draft (labeled first draft) with typescript (labeled third revision) heavily corrected, chaps. 6-22. Work materials and pages discarded between 1st and 2nd draft (1 folder). Research notes. Synopsis. Miscellaneous pages with revisions (1 folder).

"Boxing - Legalized Murder." (With Dr. Arthur H. Steinhaus; published in Look, 1950 January 3, reprinted in Reader's Digest, 1950 June, both included.) 3 drafts, letters, notes.

"Brainstorm in the Clergy." 14 letters. Souce (folder). Notes. First typescript, 8 p. Second typescript, 12 p. Third typescript, 12 p. Fourht typescipt, 12 p. Fifth typescript, 18 p.

Bride of the Conqueror. Author's proposal for novel The Nail. Outline. Related correspondence, 11 items. Source materials, notes on Spain & Peru (3 folders). Also small loose package of notes. First fifth of first draft of The Nail. Second revision entitled The Hawk and the Lark. Typescript entitled The Lady Warrior (367 pages). Original and first revision entitled The Hawk and the Lark. Plate proofs. Printer's typescript copy 367 pages.

"British Methodism is Different." (Published in Together, 1959, July, included.) 7 letters. Source. Notes. First, 6 p, and Second, 7 p, typescripts.

"Can He Unite the Protestants?" (Published in Saturday Evening Post, December 4, 1948, included.) Drafts and notes. 3 letters from author's mother.

"Canterbury: a Shrine of Freedom." (Published in Reader's Digest, 1958, December ?, inlcuded.) Letter. Source. Notes. Synopsis. 4 typescripts.

"Christmas in the Parsonage." (Published in Ladies' Home Journal, 1952 December, included). 7 letters. Notes. 5 typescripts.

The Clergy and What They Do (Grolier, 1962) . Original typescript, with extensive corrections (entitled: Ministers and What They Do). Tentative chapter outline of the book. Two carbon typescripts - 170 pages each. General correspondence (.1 folder).

"The Colossal Mayor of Kansas City." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1956 January 28, inlcuded.) 17 letters, Notes, 6 typescripts, corrected galleys.

"Connecticut Tames Its Teen-agers." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1952 October 4, included.) 9 letters. Notes. 2 typescripts.

David Crane, a comic strip series. 41 letters, 16 source items, 15 notes, 34 story lines, carbons of comic strip dialogue, printed strips and proofs.

"The Day the Town Trembled. "(Published in Argosy, August 1951, inlcuded.) 3 drafts, letter.

"Education's New Boy Wonder." (Published in Colliers, January 13, 1951). 5 versions. Correspondence.

A Foot in the Door. (Published in Think, October 1960, included.) Notes, outline, drafts.

For Every Tear a Victory, a biography of Ferdinand E. Marcos (McGraw, 1964). 2 letters, 2 typescipts.

Get Thee Behind Me (McGraw, 1949). 2 drafts, letter, contracts.

"God's Sargeant." (Published in Redbook, 1954 October, included.). 2 letters, notes, 9 typescripts.

Happily Ever After (McGraw, 1949). 3 drafts, galleys, press and page proofs. Original illustrations by Dean Fausett.

"High Voltage on the Campus." (Published in Guideposts, 1954 May; Clear Horizons, Winter 1954-55, included.) 11 letters, notes, 4 typescripts.

"'Himself', the Inquisitive Earl." (Published in 9 foreign editions of the Reader's Digest, January-May 1954, included). Letter, notes, 6 typescripts.

"How Methodism Grew Up." (Published in Together, 1959, November ?) 4 letters, 3 typescripts.

"How to Make Money Out of Nothing." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, April 1, 1950, included). Letters, notes, 3 drafts.

"The Late Rector of Warleggan." (Published in Christian Herald, 1955 May, included.) Notes, 2 typescripts.

"Let's Be Fair to Radio." (Published in the Pacific Spectator, 1947 Summer, inlcuded) .

Live or Die, I Must Ride!" (Published in Together, 1958 August, included.) Notes, 2 typescripts.

Look at What the Church Is Doing Now! (Published in Saturday Evening Post, February 5 1949, included). Notes, background, letters, 3 drafts, galleys.

The Lutherans' Big TV Hit. (Published in Look, 1957 February 19, included.) 3 letters, notes, 2 typescripts.

"The Man of the Lutheran Hour. "(Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1948 June 19, included.) Notes, 5 letters, several drafts.

"The Man Who Tipped the Croupiers." (Published in Bluebook, 1952 November; Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 1954 October under title The Big Tipper, included.) 3 typescripts.

"The Mental Patients' Best Friends." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1954, June 19, included.) 11 letters, notes, 4 typescripts.

"Methodists on the March." (Published in Reader's Digest, 1947 December, included.)

"Minister to the Young." (Published in Christian Herald, 1955 July, included.)

"Modern Shepard of the Hills. "(Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1952 November 8, included.) 27 letters, notes, 3 typescripts.

"The Most Unforgettable Character I've Met." (Published in American and 7 foreigns editions of Reader's Digest, April-June 1955, included). 24 letters, notes, 8 typescripts.

"My Son Was Caught Using Narcotics." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1952 December 27.) 10 letters, notes, 2 typescripts.

"A New Dimension for the Classroom." (Published in Steelways, 1955 August, included). 6 letters, notes, 4 typescripts.

"New Jersey and Texas Together. "(Published in Adult Student, 1957 February, inlcuded.)

"New York Life History." Including completed copy, correspondence, notes, source material and other papprs. Plus other assorted papers including correspondence with school children, some of HS's own work in grade school and high schorl, and material on Yank magazine.

"Nonstop preacher. "(Published in Saturday Evening Post of November 29, 1947, included.) One draft, revised and without title. Four pages of one draft revised with suggested title, "Fighting Dan - the muscular Christlan". One draft revised with title "The world's most muscular Christian". Copy of another draft with title, "The world's most muscular Christian". Original notes in longhand. Transcribed notes from originals - typewritten. Miscellaneous reference material (9 pieces).

"The Ohmart Story." Script for Creative Frontiers. 4 letters, notes, 3 typescripts.

"The Omelette and I." (Published in Park East, 1952 May, included. Notes, 4 typescripts.

One Foot in Heaven (McGraw, 1941). Novel. 4 drafts, galleys, letters.

One Foot in Heaven. Radio scripts. Type- and mimeo scripts of Blue Network radio presentations February -- October 1945. Mimeographed copy of CBS "Studio One" production, 1948. 2 letters.

"The Parable of the Talents, Inc." (Published in Good Housekeeping, July 1950, included.) Original draft, revised. Carbon of final draft. Original notes in longhand. Transcribed notes from originals - typewritten. Roster of church members and various announcements in connection with Talents, Inc. Article describing Talents, Inc. from New York Post, 27 September 1949.

"Parsons-Come-Lately." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1959 August 29, included.) 28 letters, notes, galley, 5 typescripts.

Portrait in Oil (McGraw, 1962). 7 letters, notes, 5 typescripts, galleys.

"Pulpit Psychiatrist. "(Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1947 April 26, included.) 3 drafts, publisher's copy, notes.

Radio City (Dial, 1942). Novel. 3 drafts.

"She Sells Glamour Secondhand." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1956 September 29, included.) 16 letters, notes, 4 typescripts.

"Should Your Child Enter the Clergy?" (Published in Look, 1959 March 31, included.) 16 letters, notes, 4 typescripts.

"Sleep Study." Synopsis, 3 letters.

"The Sons of the Dead." (Published in Christian Herald, 1951 July). Notes, 2 letters, 2 drafts.

"The Story of Religion in America." (Series published in Look, 1957 -- 1960, as noted). Also published as Story of America's Religions (McKay 1961)

"The Baptists." 1958 October 28. 21 letters, notes, 5 typescripts.
"The Christian Scientists." 1959 December 9. 16 letters, notes, 3 typescripts.
"The Congregationalists." 1919 December 8. 4 letters, notes, 3 typescripts.
"The Disciples of Christ." 1959 October 27. 25 letters, 2 typescripts.
"The Eastern Othodox. "1960 December 6. 12 letters, notes, 5 typescripts.
"The Episcopalians." 1959 May 12. 23 letters, 3 typescripts.
"The Jews." 1958 May 13. 31 letters, 3 typescripts.
"The Lutherans." 1958 April 1. 14 letters, 4 typescripts.
"The Methodists." 1957 September 17. 50+ letters, 3 typescripts.
"The Mormons." 1958 January 21. 32 letters, 6 typescripts.
"The Presbyterians." 1959 June 9. 7 letters, 2 typescripts.
"The Quakers." 1960 March 29. 4 letters, 4 typescripts.
"The Roman Catholics." 1957 November 12. 26 letters, 3 typescripts.
"The Seventh-Day Adventists." 1958 June 24. 23 letters, 4 typescripts.
Miscellaneous source materials. Marcus Whitman novelette, typescript.

"Stubborn Taconite Turns to Iron." (Published in Nation's Business, 1954 August; Reader's Digest, 1954 September, included.) 8 letters, notes, 5 typescripts.

"The Terible-Tempered Angel of Arkansas." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1951 February 17, included.) Notes, 11 letters, 3 drafts.

"They Love to Save Your Life." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1955 September 17, included.) 17 letters, notes, 4 typescripts.

"They Put Christianity to Work." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1954 July 24, included.) 3 ketters, notes, 6 typescripts.

"They're Training a New Kind of Parson. "(Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1949 November 26, included). 6 letters, notes, 4 drafts.

"The Truth About the Bible."(Published in Look, 1952 February 26, included.) 27 letters, 3 typescripts.

"Undercover Angel of the Slums." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1955 March 12, included.)

Vain Shadow (McGraw, 1948. Novel. 3 drafts, galleys, research notes.

"Vest-Pocket Circus." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1953 January 31, included.) 16 letters, notes, 7 typescripts.

"We Don't Call Them Criminals." (Published in Saturday Evening Post, 1961 June 24, included.) 13 letters, notes, 2 typescipts.

"What Do Methodists Really Believe?" (Published in Together, 1961 July, inlcuded). 8 letters, notes. 3 typescripts.



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