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MsC 706

This document describes a Manuscript Collection held by the

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Box Contents List


Series I: Box 2

General Correspondence

1887 -- 1925. Including letters from Floyd Dell, Paul Green, Alfred Harcourt, H.L. Mencken, George Jean Nathan, Cael C. Van Doren, and Thyra S. Winslow

1926 -- 1931. Including letters from Dorothea Canfield Fisher, Alfred A. Knopf, H.L. Mencken, Otha Wearin, and Grant Wood

1932 -- 1935. Including letters from Rose Wilder Lane, Anne Parrish, Phyllis Playter, Dorothy M. Richardson, and Sigrid Undset

Series I: Box 3

1936 -- 1939. Including letters from Julian Street, Jr., Meridel LeSueur, Sarah N. Cleghorn, Ferner Nuhn, Jule Brousseau, Anne Parrish, Robert Hillyer, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, and Grant Wood

1940 -- 1941. Including letters from Wilbur L. Schramm, Harvey Ingham, John T. Frederick, Luella M. Wright, Louis Adamic, and Ferner Nuhn

1941 -- 1943. Including letters from Luise Sillcox, Carl Carmer, H.L. Mencken, Joseph Wood Krutch, Sinclair Lewis, William Everson, and John Dewey

1944 -- 1945. Including letters from Guy M. Gillette, Rex Stout, Robert E. Sherwood, Christopher LaFarge, Rudolf Ganz, William Everson, and Ferner Nuhn

1946 -- 1947. Including letters from James Farrell, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, William Everson, Dorothy M. Richardson, and John Dewey

Series I: Box 4

1948 -- 1949. Including letters from Robert Downing, William Everson, John Selby, Henry A. Wallace, Dorothy M. Richardson, and John Dewey

1950. Including letters from Elizabeth Ames, John Selby, Henry A. Wallace, Dorothy M. Richardson, and John Dewey

January -- July 1951. Including letters from Dorothy M. Richardson

August -- December 1951. Including letters from James Hearst, John Selby, and Dorothy M. Richardson

January -- February 1952. Including letters from Elton Trueblood, Evelyn Scott, Harris Franklin Rall, James Hearst, John Selby, Phyllis Playter, and Van Wyck Brooks

March -- April 1952. Including letters from Elton Trueblood and Phyllis Playter

May -- December 1952. Including letters from Evelyn Scott, James Hearst, and John Selby

Series I: Box 5

1953. Including letters from Evelyn Scott, Edmund Wilson, and John Selby

1954. Including letters from John Selby, Elsie G. Jones, Ferner Nuhn, and Eric Sevareid

1955. Including letters from Clyde Kluckhohn, William J. Petersen, Marchette Chute, and John Selby

1956. Including a letter from John Selby

1957. Including letters from Hubert H. Humphrey, Jessamyn West, John Selby, George Shane, Clyde Kluckhohn, Ferner Nuhn, John Hall Wheelock, Phyllis Playter, and Howard Bowen

Series I: Box 6

1958. Including letters from James Hearst, Ferner Nuhn, and John Cowper Powys

January -- June 1959. Including letters from James Hearst and John Cowper Powys

July -- December 1959. Including a letter from Carl Sandburg

1960 -- 1966. Including letters from Ferner Nuhn, Leedice Kissane, Phyllis Player, and Abigail Ann Hamblin


Correspondence Robert Frost and his family. Includes letters to Ruth and Ferner Nuhn. 1931 --1936, 1969 -- 1986

Undated. Including letters from James Hearst and Dorothy M. Richardson

Series I: Box 7

Business Correspondence

1956 -- 1963, 1980 and undated

Civilian Public Service. Correspondence with Ruth Suckow

1943. Including a letter from William Everson

January -- April 1944. Including letters from James Hearst and William Everson

May -- December 1944. Including letters from William Everson

1945 -- 1946 and undated

Publishers' correspondence, royalties, contracts, etc., 1931 -- 1978

Typescript copies of Ruth's letters to Caroline Doxsee Woodhams, 1924 -- 1960

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