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Box Contents List

Series III: Box 1

Subject files

African trip, 1961

Book reviews 1928 -- 1938, 1959, with correspondence. In oversized Box 1

Buddhism/Christianity. Includes correspondence, booklet, and program. 1982 -- 1983

Balliett, Whitney. "Night Clubs." New Yorker article mentioning Ferner Nuhn

Biographical material

Contracts and copyrights


1967 -- 1989

Friends Journal, 1981

Letters of sympathy at the time of Ruth's death

January 1960

February to August 1960

Kidder, Mabel, 1957 -- 1971

Kiesel, Margaret, 1979 -- 1988

Kissane, Leedice


Suckow, Ruth

Series III: Box 2

Correspondence, cont.

University of Iowa Libraries

Wallace, Henry Agard

Creative writing course

Earlville Reminder. 1964 -- 1971. Mainly dealing with the establishment of Ruth Suckow Memorial Park and the Ruth Suckow Memorial Library. In oversized Box #1

European trip scrapbook

"Figure of the Thirties"

Exhibit labels

Color photocopies of Nuhn's paintings. In oversized Box #1

Oil paintings. In oversized Box #3. Some have photographic negatives

Grade reports from Northwestern College and Columbia University, 1920 -- 1926

Kern, Jean. "Art Centers in Iowa." Palimpsest, Vo.XXX:No.1 (January 1949). Mentions the Nuhns

Last will and testament, codicils and changes. In oversized Box #1

Nuhn-Washburn Marriage service, 1965

Will, Ferner Nuhn

Series III: Box 3

Writings. All are typescripts unless otherwise noted.

"The Art of Ruth Suckow"

"Abraham Lincoln's Toughest Decision"

"America's Most Extraordinary Book"

"The Bandit and the Baby"

"Builder of the "Better Mousetrap'"

Central Figures in American Culture -- Emerson, Lincoln, Whitman: A Study of Greatness

Typescript draft (2 folders)

Printer's typescript (2 folders)

Title page, table of contents, and forward

The Cold War Showdown

Outlines and correspondence

Research material and early typescript draft

Drafts of various chapters, some incomplete

Series III: Box 4

Writings, cont.

The Cold War Showdown, cont.

Miscellaneous pages of typescript with numerous revisions (named, in this iteration, The Coming Cold War Showdown)

Typescript date with revisions (5 folders)

Discipline. Pacific Yearly Meeting. Religious Society of Friends, 1965

"Earlville and the Orchard Apiary." With Georgeanna Nuhn

"The Early Western Humorists"

Series III: Box 5

Writings, cont.

"Ecumenism and the World Dialogue." Holograph draft

"Emerson's 'Dismission.'" The Christian Century, March 5, 1952

Festival of Faith: An Adventure in Peace Making. The Pomona Valley Festival of Faith Committee, 1957

"For Discussion at a Regional Conference of the Fellowship of Reconciliation." With correspondence

"A Friendly Word for the Times." Includes holograph drafts

Friends and the Ecumenical Movement

Friends General Conference, 1970

Review. The Iliff Review, Vol. 27:No. 3 (Fall 1970), pp. 43 -- 44

Review. Worship, Vol.45:No.4 (Apr. 1971), p. 243

"He Wanted to Build a House in Hiroshima"

"Hundred Horsepower Chivalry"

"The Ice Wagon and Other Vanished Wonders"

Booklet text of an enlargement of a speech prepared for the annual banquet of the Cedar Falls Historical Society, May 8, 1981

Audio cassette tape

"Impressions of the 'New South.'" With research materials, 1950 -- 1954

"The Interpretations of Buddhism and Christianity." Review of A Zen Christian Pilgrimage: The Frutis of Ten Annual Colloquia in Japan, 1967 -- 1976

"Leaves of Grass Viewed as an Epic." Arizona Quarterly, Vol.7:no.4 (Winter, 1951), pp. 324 -- 338

"Liberty Methodist Church." Holograph notes by Nuhn

"Lincoln's Unknown Grandfather"

Typescript. Includes research, 1965, 1980 -- 1981

Typescript draft with correspondence, 1968 - 1977

Series III: Box 6

Writings, cont.

"Little Stories of Great Men and Women." Prospectus of a weekly radio spot

"The Lost Wonder Child." Typescript draft with research notes and outlines

"Make Green the Inner Blighted Zone"

"Making of an Author." Holograph and typescript (2 folders)

"Meet Your Hardest Condition." Holograph

"Minutes to High Noon." With correspondence, 1984

Typescript with correspondence, 1984 -- 1985

"A New Kind of Indian Leader: Tom Segunod of the Papago People." Incomplete


Ames, Pickering, Moore, Jefferson, Grant, Lincoln, etc.

The Beatitudes

Calvin, Edwards, Plato, Shore, etc.



1 -- 3, 1939 -- 1940

4 -- 6, 1940 -- 1941

Series III: Box 7

Writings, cont.

Diaries, cont.

7 -- 9, 1942 -- 1943

10 -- 12, 1943 -- 1944

13 -- 15, 1945 -- 1956?

Visits to Friends groups in the South, 1954

16, 1954


1966 -- 1968 and workbook

Series III: Box 8

Writings, cont.

Diaries, cont.

1973 and loose pages, 1953

1971 -- 1974

1975 -- 1978

1978 -- 1986




Emerson, Calvin, and Sewall


Frost and Emerson

Series III: Box 9

Writings, cont.

General Essays -- Critics


Jefferson and Chinard

Lecture -- Costa Rica



Lyndsay, Sandburg, and Powys




The Shape of Hope -- book outline

"Shapes of the American Mind." Notes


Series III: Box 10

Writings, cont.

"The Tragic" -- Eliot, Jeffers, and Wilson

Whitman (2)

Notes about Ruth Suckow for a Palimpsest article

Notes for articles about Ruth Suckow

"On Gandhi's Vocabulary"

"The Orchard Apiary: Ruth Suckow in Earlville."

Typescript with correspondence and notes

Published version. The Iowan, Vol. 20:No 4 (June 15, 1972), pp.21 -- 24, 54. In oversized Box #1

"Ordeal in St. Augustine: Emerson's Winter in Florida"

A Passage of Innocence (2 folders)

Series III: Box 11

Writings, cont.

A Passage of Innocence, cont. (1 folder)

Passion for Beauty: Marjorie Nuhn: Watercolor Artist. Memoir with correspondence

Poetry, with correspondence, 1972

"A Proposal for Preparedness by Peace-Minded People with Respect to a Possible Third World War"

"A Quaker Approach to Christ"

"Religious Social Concern: A Quaker View"

"Rethinking Reconciliation: The Role of Peacemaking in These Atomic Times"

Reviews and newspaper articles, 1929 -- 1959

"The Revolt of Mother." Holograph notes

"The Risk and Security of Democracy. The Theory and Practice of Democracy: The World's Problems." Notes

"Ruth Suckow"

"Ruth Suckow in Earlville"

"Ruth Suckow in Iowa: A Chronology"

"Ruth Suckow's Iowa"

Early notes and drafts. In oversized Box #1

Typescript with notes for the Palimpsest article

Typescript with revisions

Series III: Box 12

Writings, cont.

"Ruth Suckow's Iowa," cont.

Photocopy of final typescript

"Ruth Suckow's Reading"

"Ruth's Forbears in Iowa." With Georgeanna Nuhn

"Saul and David"

"The Shape of Quakerism in North America"

"Showdown and the Cold War"

"Showdown Short of War"

Holograph and typescript pages

Typescript with holograph revisions

"Some Recollections of James A. Blaisdell"

"Spiritual Journey: Some Reflections"

Three Stories Plus Two Verses. Claremont, California, 1979. Inscribed to the Earlville Ruth Suckow Memorial Library. Gift of the Earlville Ruth Suckow Memorial Library

"The Tragedy of Friend Richard"

"'USA/USSR' Outlaw Chieftains or Co-Sheriffs of the Nuclear Frontier"

Untitled fragment

Untitled typescript about Abraham Lincoln

"Violence and Deceit"

"Walt Whitman and the Divine Process." Typescript, correspondence and research, 1972 -- 1077

"Walt Whitman's Illumination"

Series III: Box 13

Writings, cont.

"William Nuhn: A Memo"

The Wind Blew From the East. Includes correspondence, contract, royalties statements, clippings, 1936 -- 1946

"Words and People"

"The Young New Englander Who Won Self-Reliance"

"Zion Israel and Zion Earth"

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