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Biographical Note

Guy Mark Gillette was born in Cherokee, Iowa, February 3, 1879. After attending public schools, Gillette served as a sergeant in the Fifty-second Iowa Regiment of the US Army during the Spanish-American War, from May 25 until October 30, 1898. He returned to school and graduated from Drake University in Des Moines in 1900. After being admitted to the bar, he established practice in Cherokee. Gillette was City Attorney of Cherokee in 1906 and 1907, prosecuting attorney of Cherokee County from 1907 until 1909, and a member of the Iowa State Senate from 1912 until 1916. He married Rose Freeman in June of 1907.

During the First World War, Gillette served as a captain in the Army's Forty-ninth Regulars, from November of 1917 until March of 1919. After the war, Gillette returned to Cherokee, left law and became involved in dairy farming. In 1932, Gillette was elected to Congress, and re-elected in 1934. In 1936, he was elected to the U. S. Senate and served there until 1944. In 1945, Gillette served as the chairman of the Surplus Property Board and then became president of the American League for a Free Palestine, where he served until 1948. In 1949, Gillette was again elected to the United States Senate, and served until 1955. Gillette then worked as counsel with the Senate Post Office and Civil Service committee until 1956, and with the Judiciary Committee until 1961. Guy M. Gillette died on March 3, 1973.

Just after World War II, William "Del" Stelck began his teaching career in Southern California. In 1956, he and 31 other instructors became the founding faculty members of San Fernando Valley State College, where he served as the first dean of social sciences and helped to organize many of the school's academic departments. He was recognized with the school's "Outstanding Teacher Award" and its "Creativity Award." The school later became known as California State University at Northridge. Stelck retired from the History faculty in 1987, and was presented with the Emeriti Merit Award in 2002. He died in 2004.

Scope and Contents

The Del Stelck Collection of the papers of Guy M. Gillette consist of papers from Gillette's files, as well as research materials from Professor Stelck's files on Gillette. Professor Stelck was working on a biography of Gillette that was never published.

Photographs: Box 12

Audio Material: Box 12 Reel-to-reel and audiocassettes

Related Materials

Guy M. Gillette's correspondence is scattered in numerous manuscript collections, including:

Papers of Raymond W. Baxter (MsC348)

Papers of Edward J. Breen (MsC334)

Papers of Frederick Elliott Biermann (MsC128)

Papers of Albert A. Couch (MsC65)

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Papers of Jake More (MsC187)

Papers of John C. Pryor (MsC377)

Papers of William F. Riley (MsC192)

Papers of B. H. Shearer (MsC242)

Acquisition and Processing Information

These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Professor Del Stelck.

Guide posted to Internet: March 2005

Box Contents List

Box 1

Biographical and Personal

Chronological Files














Late 1950's


Miscellaneous (4 folders)

Atlantic Parliamentarians, 1951 (2 folders)

Atlantic Union

Campaign Correspondence, 1952

Farr, Cy

Farr, Cy, Stuart McClure and Gillette

1949 -- 1950

1951 -- 1952

Miscellaneous re: Gillette Study

S2269 (2 folders)


Box 2

Miscellaneous Clippings (9 folders)

Clippings, 1954 (1 folder)

Miscellaneous Publications (3 folders)

Box 3


"Agricultural Background"

"Antecedents and Early Years" (2 folders)

"Guy Gillette, Company M, and the Spanish American War" (2 folders)

"Guy Gillette: County Attorney"

Miscellaneous Untitled and Fragments

Political Speeches and Addresses

"World War One"

Box 4

Student Papers (12 folders)

Subject Files



Agriculture -- Loans for Conservation, Reforestation, and Water-Control Works

Agriculture Problems -- 20 Questions

Agriculture Subcommittee

Ames -- National Student Association, August 25, 1954

America and the World, December 1953

American Business, Foreign Interests, 1950

American Christian Palestine Comm Speech, February 16, 1954

American Council on NATO

American Jewish Congress, New York City, April 18, 1950

American League for Free Palestine

America's Security Frontiers, February 17, 1951

Announcement of Candidacy, January 21, 1954

Anti-Enslavement Res.


Arab-Moslem Federation


Arms Aid

Article for Annals

Asian Federation

Box 5 Subject Files, cont.

Atlantic Assembly Speech, Ottawa, April 30, 1952

Atlantic Commission (3 folders)

Atlantic Force

Atlantic Pact (3 folders)

Atlantic Procurement and Production

Atlantic Union

Charlotte Speech




June 1, 1950

March 13, 1951

May 18, 1951

Various years


Atomic Energy Bill -- Johnson Amendment, August 4, 1954

Atomic Energy Bill -- Preference Clause REA Coops & Publicity -- Owned

Utilities, July 17, 1954

Atomic Power August 4, 1954


"Basic Problem" / Situation

Belgian Colonies



Boston -- Park Street Church, April 22, 1954


Bricker Amendment (2 folders)

Britain, 1950

Britain and European Union

British Colonies


Campaign materials, 1954

Campaign Speeches Iowa, October 1952


Canada - US Meeting

Canadian Club Speech, March 21, 1954


Box 6 Subject Files, cont.
Capricorn Africa Union

Carver, George Washington, Speech, January 8, 1950

Cherokee Times

China, 1949 -- 1950

China Lobby, 1951 -- 1952


Churchill's Visit

Code of Investigating Procedure, May, 27, 1954

Coffee (2 folders)

Coffee Prices (2 folders, speeches)

Coffee Regulation on Trading in Coffee, August 14, 1954

Coffee Senate Speeches (2 folders)

Cold War (class notes, Stelck)

College Deferments

Columbia, 1950

Committee on Consumers Interest (2 folders)

Commodity Exchange Regulation, 1954


Communist China and the United Nations, July 8, 1954

Conference at Strasbourg

Congressional Report

Consultative Subcommittee on NATO Affairs

Consumer Interests

Consumers / Commodity Exchange

Contemporary World Economic Problems (class notes, A. Balbach)

Crisis of Christianity in the 20th Century (class notes, Camp and Keller)


Democratic Rally, Chicago, September 1953

Dictionaries, Intellectual Mobilization

Disarmament, July 29, 1953

Domestic Issues

Box 7 Subject Files, cont.

Elections -- League of Women Voters, January 29, 1952

Employment -- Program to Restore Full Employment in Expanding Economy


European Defense Community (EDC)

European Union (2 folders)

Fair Campaign Practices pamphlet, 1966

Farm Ownership

Farm Statement, Chicago, September 14, 1953

Farm Surpluses, Article

Farm to Consumer Price Spreads, November 3, 1953

Farmer, Consumer and Food Prices, July 29, 1950

Farmer's Fair Share, February 1951

Food Plan

Foreign Aid Mutual Security Act, 1954

Foreign Policy Debate

Foreign Policy Program, June 9, 1953

Foreword to Print on Judicial Decisions in Security Cases



Freedom and Independence for Colonial Peoples, Senate Resolution, 1953

French Colonies

Geography of America's Foreign Policy, February 8, 1951

German Debt Settlement

Germany (4 folders)

Germany and Allies

Gillette Program

Grain Storage


Box 8 Subject Files, cont.
Houston Texas Speech, U.J. A. , February 14, 1954

Haan, Kilsoo (Korea)



India (2 folders)

India, Wheat

India Wheat Bill Speech, May 14, 1951



Gillette urges complete independence, April 5, 1954

Another Korea, May 6, 1954

Speech, Senate Floor, April 5, 1954


Investigating Procedure

Resolution, March 25, 1954

Testimony, June 29, 1954

Iowa Campaign Speeches, 1950

Iowa Matters

Iran (2 folders)


Israel, Economic Aid, 1951



Jewish Collection, New York Public Library

Jewish National Fund Dinner, December 2, 1953


Korea -- 38th Parallel

Korea -- Post War Program

Korean War

Labor Day, September 7, 1953

Land Policy

Land Reform (file 1 of 2)

Box 9 Subject Files, cont.

Land Reform (file 2 of 2)

Latin America

Latin Blod

Liberation (2 folders)

Liberal Caucus



MacArthur, Douglas (3 folders)

McCarthy, Joseph (2 folders)

Masons, Philadelphia, May 18, 1950

Middle East

Middle East Pact

Middle East Trip


Military Assistance Program

Military Policy

Minority Leader, 83rd Congress

Miscellaneous, 1953

Moral Rearmament

Morocco (French Protectorate)

Mutual Security Bill

June 12, 1953

June 30, 1953


NATO, Harriman and TCC

Lisbon Conference, February 1952


Ottawa Conference

Rome Conference, November 1951

Speech, May 13, 1953

Test of American Leadership, May 12, 1953

Box 10 Subject Files, cont.
Natural Gas Act (3 folders)


New York Democrat Speech, Young Democrat Rally, June 16

North Atlantic Area (State Department)

North Atlantic Assembly, 1953

Nuremberg Trials

Ohio Farm Bureau, November 28, 1950 (Not delivered)

Oil Pipeline Bill, March 5, 1954

Oxford Conference, September 7 -- 12, 1952

Pacific Pact, 1951


Pan-American Federation

Pennsylvania Democrat Speech, Erie, Pennsylvania, June 9, 1953



Point Four Letter to Stassen, November 4, 1953

Political Science, May 1953

Political Speeches, Miscellaneous, 1950

Populism (Class Notes, Prof. Prescott)


REA, LeMars, August 24, 1953

Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act -- Extension of, June 9, 1954

Red China


Campaign, 1954

Cost of Farm Program

Elections Subcommittee


Price Spreads


Rotary Club, Manning, Iowa, September 5, 1952

Rules Change, January 6, 1953

Sanford Center Dedication, Sioux City, Iowa, June 17, 1951

Schuman Plan (1 of 5 folders)
Box 11 Subject Files, cont.
Schuman Plan (4 of 5 folders)

Selective Service -- College Deferment Plan

Senate Approval of Resolutions for Investigations, January 30, 1953

Senate Democratic Publicity Bureau

Soil Conservation Bill, Senate, August 17, 1954

Southeast Asia

Soviet Cultural Offensive

Soviet Strategy of Terror

Soviet Union

Soy Beans


Spain in US Politics

Special Subcommittee on Security Affairs

Steel Scrap, December 2, 1953

Stevenson, Adlai

Stevenson Endorsement, October 14, 1952

Subversive Organizations

Sulzberger Series

Switzer Nomination

Switzer vs. Gillette, 1949 -- 1950


Tax Revision Amendment

Televising Congress (2 folders)


Tidelands -- Offshore Oil, April 23, 1953


Truman Library



Twenty Questions: Four Radio Talks, December, 1953

UN Charter, 1953 -- 1954, Des Moines

UN Charter Revision, Resolution, January 13, 1953

UN Charter Revision Speech, April 24, 1954

Union of South Africa

US Aid to NATO

US Anti-Democratic Movements


War in Korea

Water for India

Women's National Democratic Club, February 26, 1951

World Communism Release, October 30, 1953

World Peace Award, May 1, 1954

Box 12

Audio Visual

Photographs (2 folders)

Poster, Gillette for US Senate, 1948 (2 copies)

Tapes (Reel to reel and cassette)

Box 13

Research Materials

Note Cards

Research Notes (4 folders)

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