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Posted to Internet: November 2003

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Adams, John T. (Chairman, Republican National Committee). TLS. June 13, 1921; June 27, 1921; July 5, 1921; July 11, 1921

Albert, [Klauss?]. ALS. March 19, [1905?]

Aldrich, Charles (Curator, Autographs, Manuscripts, Portraits, State Historical Department of Iowa). ALS. April 3, 1893; TLS June 22, 1905

Allen, William V. (U. S. Senator). TLS. June 1, 1898

Allison, William Boyd (U. S. Senator and Representative). TLS. November 26, 1896; April 18, 1989; March 23, 1908; June 5, 1908

Bleakly, John L. ALS. December 21, 1908; December 28, 1908

Boies, Horace (Governor). January 9, 1909; June 18, 1900. ALS. Includes clipping

Butcher, [Fanny?] (Literary Editor, Chicago Tribune). TLS. November 17, 1930

Byers, S.H. M. (Poet and lyricist). November 12, 1900. ALS. Includes bio/critical sketch

Cummins, Albert B. (Governor).TLS. November 5, 1903; November 10, 1906; June 24 , 1911; October 23, 1920; November 29, 1920

Cummins, Amos (U.S. Representative). TLS. June 5, 1894

Darling, Jay Norwood ("Ding") (Cartoonist). TLS. November 8, 1932

Davis, C. K. (U. S. Senator?) TLS. January 9, 1899

D., F. ALS. October 21

Haas, Martha (Secretary, Eldora Public Library). ALS. July 9, 1928

Hammill, John (Lieutenant Governor, Governor). TLS. October 27, 1924; November 6, 1926; February 13, 1928; November 7, 1928; November 9, 1928

Harlan, Edgar R. (Curator, Historical, Memorial, and Art Department of Iowa). TLS. January 15, 1932

Henderson, D.B. (U. S. Representative). TLS. April 11, 1902; September 2, 1902

Hepburn, William P. (U. S. Representative). TLS. June 2, 1989

Herron, George (Department of Applied Christianity, Iowa College) TLS. September 2, 1899

Hill, James J. Signature only. February 22, 1912

Hitt, R. R. (U. S. Senator). ALS. June 6, 1898

Kendall, N. E. (Governor) TLS. November 2, 1920; April 27, 1921; April 30, 1921; June 10, 1921

Kenyon, William S. (Department of Justice, Office of the Assistant to the Attorney General, Washington; U. S. Senate). TLS. April 20, 1911; June 22, 1911; August 10, 1921; August 23, 1921; February 3, 1923. TL, August 26, 1921

Kern, Jonathan W. (U.S. Senator) April 7, 1921

Lacey, John F. (U. S. Representative). July 7, 1898

Larrabee, William (Governor). June 17, 1904; September 29, 1905; November 25, 1905; 2 cards with signature only, one clipping

[Leseur?, Robert Adolf?]. February 1907

Lowden, Frank (Governor of Illinois). TLS. September 30, 1916; February 28, 1919; August 22, 1919; January 15, 1921; August 1, 1921. Includes clippings and a biographical booklet

Norris, Charles A. (Iowa Association of Postmasters). ALS. January 17, 1935. July 18, 1936

Page, Carroll S. (U. S. Senate). TLS. January 29, 1910

Pickett, C.E. (U.S. Congressman). TLS. November 6, 1908. Includes picture from newspaper

Reynolds, Arthur (Vice-President, Continental and Commercial National Bank of Chicago). TLS. December 20, 1920

Robb, Ellis. TLS

Shaw, Leslie (Executive office, Des Moines). TLS. December 28, 1901

Steiner, Edward A. (Department of Applied Christianity, Iowa College). ALS. September 24, 1903; December 2, 1913

Sweet, Burton E. (U. S. Representative). TLS. April 16, 1921

Teller, H.M. (U. S. Senator). TLS. February 21, 1899

Train, George Francis (Railroad builder). 1 signature, one hand-written note on Robb's letter. December 22, 1893; April 22, 1896 (Both are signed with crayon)

Van Wyck, C. H. Signed card only

Wallace, Joseph. Signature on certificate (signed by Leslie M. Shaw) appointing Wallace delegate to a convention in St. Louis for the purpose of considering the matter of celebrating the Centennial of the Louisiana purchase; signed by Wallace appointing Ellis D. Robb to act as his proxy to this convention. Accompanied by a transcript of an article from the Wall Street Journal of February 2nd, 1922.

Young, Lafayette (State Senator). TLS. March 23, 1917; July 27, 1921

Illegible signatures. 4 letters



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