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Collection Dates: 1961 -- 2003
18.75 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: February 2004


Alice Hutchins with some of her creations

Acquisition Note: The Alice Hutchins Collection was donated to the University of Iowa by the artist from 1992-2009.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Photographs: Boxes 6 10 and 11

Ephemera: Boxes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Film/Video: Box 1

Audio Material: Box 1

Electronic Media: CD, Box 1

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Biographical Note

Alice Hutchins was born in 1916, in Van Nuys, California. After studying history and economics at the University of California, Berkeley, she spent the late nineteen-thirties through the forties living in California, Virginia, Michigan, Washington, D.C. and Cairo, Egypt, with her husband and two children. Hutchins and her family settled in France in 1950, two years prior to the appearance in print of Harold Rosenberg's unabashedly anti-formalist celebration of the liberation of American art from the hegemony of School of Paris modernism. She returned to the United States and spent her last years, very active, in Southern California, and died there October 25, 2009.

Hutchins' interactive magnetic assemblages re-describe the spectator's role in the artistic process by inviting the receiver to alter her sculptural elements of ball bearings, screws, nuts, bolts, coils, cubes and cylinders at will. The artist's works and papers are housed under the auspices of Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary arts and provide important evidence about the inter-relationship among participants in the Paris avant-garde of the late 1960s and the New York Fluxus collective. A web site at which a number a number of Hutchins' art works can be viewed is maintained at (note that the site requires Macromedia Flash Player to view it).

Scope and Contents

In addition to a significant number of works by Hutchins, the Alice Hutchins Collection consists 13 linear feet plus 4 oversize boxes of audio tapes, videotapes, exhibition catalogues, photographs, articles, poster and show announcements, and various documents and correspondence concerning the artist and her work, dating from 1962-2003. Original works by Henri Chopin and Bernard Heidsieck are also included in this collection. This is an Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art collection.

Prepared by D. Crites, J. Roethler

Box List

Complete Inventory of Gifts

Box 1

Audio Tapes

1. "Hutchins circa 1985. Talk given at the California Summer School for the Arts. Slide show and week end work shop."

2. "1982- a tape of James McManus speaking about the work of Alice Hutchins and planning the essay he will write for "Form in Flux" exhibition. Also an interview with Hutchins previous to his soliloquy on her work."

3. " Alice Hutchins-- Redding Museum."Magnetic Assemblage," 3/18/1988 . Explanation of how I started to paint then work in magnets, friends, materials etc ... talk given opening night Redding ."


1. Label Text: "Paris -circa 1970." This is a video made from a film done by Jane Nes in the studio of Alice Hutchins titled a "Magnet & Metal."

CD of this tape

2. Label Text: "Master: 'Improvisations."' Show at Redding Ca."

Box 2

One Person Exhibition Catalogues

1968 Something Else Gallery. Feb. 14, New York City (not found March 2004)

1968 Galerie Riquelme. Play-Things, Nov. 6 - 30 (not found March 2004)

1970 Galerie Lacloche. Attractions, Nov. 4 - 28

1982 The University Art Gallery. Form in Flux: 1967-1982, March 22 - 22 April, California State University, Chico, CA

1988 The Redding Museum of Art Center. Improvisation, March 18 - 20 April, Redding, CA

1990 New Old Used: Objects and Collages. Nov. 17 - 29 Dec

1998 University of Iowa Museum of Art. Alice Hutchins, Arenas for Happenings. March 14-10 May, Iowa City, IA

2005 -- 2006 Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum. Magnetic Encounters. December 10, 2005 -- Jaunary 22, 2006. Santa Barbara, CA

Photographs and clippings related to this installation

2012 Jane Deering Gallery, Santa Barbara, California. Magnetic Force, April 3-29, 2012

Group Exhibition Catalogues

1969 The Jewish Museum. Superlimited : Books, Boxes and Things, April 16 - 29 June, 1969, New York .

La Maison de la Culture."Untitled." 1969, Havre, France (not found March 2004)

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art. Affect-Effect. May 9 - 8 June, La Jolla, CA

La Maison de la Culture."Untitled." 1969.

Salles de'Exposition Wilson. Comparaisons. March 18 - 13 April, Paris, France

XXI Salon de la Jeune Sculpture. Paris, France

1972 Bluecoat Gallery. A Concept of Multiples. April 26 - 20 May, Liverpool, England

The Katonah Gallery. Multiples and Graphics. July 27 - 17 Sept., New York

Micro-Salon. Grandes Femmes Petits Formats. Paris .

Parc Flora de Paris. Realities Nouvelles (26th Salon). April 27 - 11 June, Paris, France

XXIV Salon de la Jeune Sculpture. Paris, France

1975 Salles de'exposition. 16 av. de New York, Union des Femmes Peintures et Sculptors (91st Salon), Feb. 14 - 3 March, Paris, France

Box 3

1977 Centre Georges Pompidou, Les Mains Regardent. December, Paris, France

1978 Martha Jackson Gallery. 90 by 30. Nov. 4 - 2 Dec., New York .

Parc Floral de Paris. Realities Nouvelles (32nd Salon). May 10 - 28, Paris, France

1979 Maison de L'UNESCO. Feminie 79. Dec. 4 - 2 Jan. 1980, Paris, France

1980 Maison de l'UNESCOB. Feminie 79 - Les Artistes S'expliquent (catalogue of photocopies artists' statements). Dec. 4 - 2 Jan., Paris, France

Maison de la Culture d'Amiens. Bijoux Cailloux Fous. Dec. 18 - 25 Jan., 1981, France

1988 The Museum of Modern Art. Fluxus. Nov. 17, 1988 - March 10, 1989, New York

1989 Galerie 1900 - 2000. Happening & Fluxus. June 7 - 29 July, Paris, France

1991 Galerie 1900 - 2000. After Duchamp. April 24 - 1 June, Paris, France

1992 Centre Georges Pompidous. Acquisitions de la Societe des Amis National D'Art Moderne. 29 January - 12 April, Paris, France

American Craft Museum. Treasures: Jewelry & Other Metalwork from the Permanent Collection of the American Craft Museum. Jan. 30 - 2 Aug., New York .

Text, Checklist, etc. for CSUC Catalogue

1994 Tate Gallery. Fluxbritannica. March 29 - 19 June, London .

1995 -- 1996 Basel and Santa Barbara. Women Beyond Borders (2 catalogues). 1995 & 1996.

2003 Manchester. Editions Alecto. A Fury for Prints. Artists' Prints and Multiples, 1960-81. The Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester. Admission card for the preview reception, along with correspondence with Tessa Sidey, Curator.

Box 4

Inventory of Folders and Envelopes of Materials

[This list transcribes Hutchin's hand-written descriptions from folders and envelopes]

1. Artists (Misc.) Letters, cards, mailings, correspondence.

2. Misc. Galleries and Editors: Conz, Hundertmark, Goodman

3. Harry Ruhe, David Mayor ( Fluxshoe )

4. Elaine Benson: 2 shows 1976 & 1981

5. Info on my children and some other family--and other misc information, resume material etc...

6. Correspondence--Barbara Moore

Box 5

7. Robles Gallery

i ) Yvonne Hagen: introduced me to Alecto, Elaine Benson as well as private collectors. Also Eva Marie Wellmen, she saw a piece of mine at Barbara Butler's in NYC, searched me out in Paris . For some years was my agent.

ii) Lipschultz correspondence: Mr. Lacloche introduced me to this man

iii) Galerie Lacloche

8. Modeles de Bagues (patent search)

9. Sculpture Magnetique (patent search)

10. Bague Bracelet (patent search)

11. Miscellaneous--materials (unable to read word?) that are out of place.

12. [White Envelope]

i) Pertaining to CSUC 4 weeks graduate seminar incorporated into James W. Mc Manus' Art History Class (1986-Spring Semester) art 361.

ii) Weekend at Cal Arts. Text for 361 art class in brown padded envelope in this same box.

iii) A Lynette Kreke event (a student at this time now director of 1078 Gallery in Chico), plus first draft lesson plans (I didn't make any others), plus student comments during first 2 sessions. Plus first draft letter to Alison and Art Letter (a Dolores Mitchell review, pub. of CSUS).

13. Xerox copies of project for Electra 1983 and other unrealized projects.

14. Pertaining to participation in group show and projects including contributions to catalogue for John Cage and Henri Chopin.

15. [2 folders in this transparent case]

i) Misc. critics, collectors, people interested in my work other than professionals.

ii) Misc. letters etc... from poets & (can't read this work); Heidseick, Chopin, Zurbruag, Mildren Finck, Larry Wendt, Renee Belson etc...

Box 6

16. One folder containing 6 b/w photos

17. Ken Friedman, Heine Onstad, Ira Blom 19. Misc. correspondence, galleries, prices, sales.

During my earliest years my work sold well-I sold a great deal from my studio-I was helped by the Galerie LaCloche and the Galerie Germain, who gave me a great deal of support­introductions -invitations to shows etc ... Their help continued for as long as they were in business. Also Galerie Riquelme until she closed in 1970?

18. Guest book for exhibition "La Lieu Dit ." Magnetic assemblage, reaction sculpture, Oct/Nov. 1977.

19. Materials costs

Magnets (permanent industrial)

Metal suppliers (plumbing houses etc ..) Metal finishers

Metal workers (tooling) Hardware stores

Finished products such as bead chain and ball bearings Related correspondence

Inventory of Folders and Envelopes of Materials, cont.

20. Redding show "Improvisation"

21. Text I compiled for seminars at California State University, Chico. Each student had a copy of this.

22. Invitations: Group shows-invitations-participation-some correspondence with galleries

23. Work plan draw up and executed by Isabelle Muller, my studio aide for about 3 years in the late 70s. The base first appeared in Salon de Mai with other parts. This base has been used for a variety of parts-most recently it appears as the base for "State of the Union " in New Museum show.

Box 7

24. Misc. non profit groups. Correspondence with: museums, critics, acknowledgement of gifts, organizers of exhibitions, Foundations, Collections.

25. An event proposed by Lipettle Kreke student in class for experimental art described in Vloris Mitchels art newsletter-work to be performed in the aeroplane -A.H. was taking to return to NYC. [Roll of paper with event instructions written on it by different students in the class.]

26. Manilla envelope containing the following items. On front is handwritten "Important documentation for Estera Milman, Director ATCA."

1. Visitors book for her one woman show at Something Else Gallery (1968) in New York . Includes handwritten listing of pieces included in the show.

2. 7 xeroxed sheets of sketches of her assemblages detailing constituent parts. Assemblages included: Group 1: Models, C, E, H( ?), J, K, R, S, T, U: Group 2, Models, E; Group 3, Models, A, D, Z: Group 4, Models, A, D, MN, Ball Bearing, P. Includes 9 others 'untitled.'

3. Listing of works previously donated to ATCA, and list of currently donated works.

4. 'Form in Flux' catalogue with notations regarding when works made and re-male.

27. Alice Hutchins pertaining to paintings: Announcement card for show at Galerie Blome Jan. 31 - 24 Feb. 1966 . Statements about Hutchins by Chopin and Heidsieck . Also list of paintings and dimensions.

28. Letters from museums, galleries etc... probably some duplicates.

Envelopes with assorted papers. (1988 donation only.) (Text in bold is Hutchins' label on envelope)

1. Alice Hutchins pertaining to paintings

Announcement card for show at Galerie Blome Jan. 31 - 24 Feb. 1966 . Statements about Hutchins by Chopin and Heidsieck . Also list of paintings and dimensions.

2. Letters from museums, galleries etc... probably some duplicates.

3. More business

Records of sales, and agreement with Alecto International 1971.

4. Untitled by Hutchins. Assorted letters from Fluxus artists and associates.

5. Work of Claudi Williamson Steel - sister of Alice Hutchins

Claudia Hutchins- Puechavy - daughter of Alice Hutchins Shirley Joffee (sp?) - close friend of Alice Hutchins from 1975? to present day

Also includes other correspondence from assorted people

6. Clippings (perhaps you already have these) Assorted reviews of shows

Box 8

Assorted Exhibition Catalogues (with Alice Hutchins items described)

45 Tours. (Folio of original works). 19-30 May, 1967, 60 rue Mazarine, Paris, France.

Henri Chopin, ed. by Nicholas Zurbrugg & Marlene Hall. Queensland College of Art Gallery, Aug. 24-11 Sept. 1992, Australia.

Miscellaneous Printed Matter

Brief biography of Hutchins. Includes a list of her exhibitions and collections and a selected bibliography.

Original and revised explanations of her Magnetic Assemblage. Her revised explanation is accompanied by a letter describing her use of the term "Playthings."

Invitation to an External Network presentation of Rufi Uion at the Galerie Bama, Paris, April1-May 15, 1976

New York Press, June 22-28, Vol. 7, No. 25, 1994, New York . [Includes article about Barbara Moore and her activities]

Poster (1st version) for Hutchin's exhibition at Something Else Gallery, Feb. 1968.

Reflux Editions, catalogue #3, Fall 1988, New York . [In folder with letter from Barbara Moore, July 17, 1979 ]

16 assorted exhibition announcements for Hutchin's shows.

Featured or mentioned in articles in magazines

Applegate, Judith. " Paris Letter." Art International, Vol. XV, #1 (Jan. 1971), p. 34.

Ashbery, John. " School of Paris Dropouts." Art News, Vol. 65(7) (Nov. 1966), p. 56 -- 57, 71 -- 72.

Bernadac, Marie-Laure. "Review," La Galerie, #99 (Dec. 1970), p. 50.

Butler, Barbara."Alice Hutchins: Magnetic Assemblages." Craft Horizons, Vol. XXXVI, #4 (Aug. 1976), p. 44-45, 67.

Cutler, Carol."Do-It- Youself -Sculpture." Art in America, Vol. 57(5) (Sept/Oct., 1969), p. 100.

Darcacq, Dominique."Expressions Plastiques de L'art a Revendre." Connaisance Des Arts, #213 (Nov 1969), p. 101.

Debray, Edourd. "Les Objets qui creent une atmoshere" Realities, #308 (Sept. 1971), p.40

Dumoulin, Marie-Claude, and Mireille Lenoa."Des Cadeaux D'Esprit et de Coeur." Elle, #130 (Dec 1970), p. 90 (Photograph only).

Gassiot-Talabot, Gerald.(Review) "Paris-II." Opus, #10.11 (April 1969), p. 118.

Goldberg, Beverly. "Shopping Guide." 75001, #5 (June/Aug 1979), p. 26.

Goldberg, Beverly. "Defining the public." Studio International, Vol. 183:#936, (Sept 1971), p. 93.

Hutchins, Alice and Guy Metraux. "Sculpture: Transformables with permanent magnets." Leonardo, Vol. 4, 1971, p. 279 -- 282.

Lipsi, Jeanine. (Review) "La Sculpture a Paris," La Galerie des Arts, #59 (Nov 1968), p. 7.

Morgan, Conway Lloyd. "Paris," Art and Artists, Vol. 6:#11, issue 71 (Feb 1972), p. 51.

Orenstein, Gloria. "Paris Salon is Manget for Artists & Writers" Women Artists News, Vol. 5:#5 (Nov 1979), p. 12.

Singh, Saunthy. "Sisters 'at play'" Chico News & Review, Vol. 28, No 35. March 17, 2005.

Exhibition review/articles in newspapers

One photocopied page with assorted short articles/reviews: "Les Lettres Francaises" (see below): Le Figaro, Nov 11, 1970 : L'Express : Galerie

Bonilla, Luis."Alice Hutchins o un Cambio Hacia el Experimento" El Nacional, Caracas, Dec 15, 1968 .

C., C."'Playthings' by Alice Hutchins" International Herald Tribune, Nov 12, 1968 .

Chevalier, Denys."Les Arts: La Sculpture." Les Lettres Francaises, Nov 13 -- 19, 1968 .

Hare, Natalie."She Has a Magnetic Power." The News, Van Nuys, 1969.

Glueck, Grace." Fluxury Items." New York Times, June 16, 1968 .

Lease, Betty."Art exhibit draws on magnetic appeal." Record Searchlight, March 17, 1988 .

Schneider, Pierre. " Paris : Clarifying Society Attitudes." New York Times, Dec. 14, 1970 .

Publications in Artists' Periodicals, Misc. Magazines, Catalogues, Publications

Kontexts. #6/7 1975, Exeter, England

Domus. #522. Maggio, 1973, Milan, Italy

Rolf Bendgens. Galerie Wellmann, April 14 -- 20 May, 1972, Dusseldorf, Germany

L'officiel des Galeries. #136, March 1976. Guide to principally Parisian galleries and their stable of artists.

Reeves & Sons Ltd, n.d.. Catalogue of artists works available, including Hutchins' Nebula, see Nebula in listing of assemblages. (Not found March 2004)

Santa Barbara Magazine, Vol. 21, #4, Fall 1995.

Seven Arts Society, 1973. Brochure of this arts society with items available for purchase. Includes Hutchins' Nebula: A Magnetic Sculpture ($30). See Nebula in listing. (Not Found March 2004)

Photocopied selection mentioning Hutchins from Sidey, Tessa. Original graphics, multiple originals 1960-1981. (Editions Alecto) Hampshire:Lund Humpheries, 2003.

Box 9

Posters and Show Announcements

Poster for " Fluxus & Happening." Galerie 1900-2000, June 8 -- 29 July, 1989, Paris, France. (Not found)

Ubi Fluxus ibi motus 1990 -- 1962.

Sounds Out Of Silent Space. Experiemental Intermedia Foundation, New York, n.d.

Hutchins poster (2 copies) for OU magazine #40/41, 1972 Announcement of demise of Cedille qui Sourit, Nice, France

Aki Fluxfest. 1981, Netherlands ?

Artists' Call Against Intervention in Central America. 1984. Poster by Claes Oldenburg.

Heroic Poetic: Six New York Painters. Visual Arts Museum. Feb. 1984, New York .

"Sculpture by Alice Hutchins," n.d. 50x25 cms . Offset on yellow paper with images of pieces by Hutchins.

Box 10

Art Works by Other Artists

Chopin, Henri

"J'attends L'homme !," Silkscreen, 1969 (Not found March 2004)

"Portriat de Mao Tse-Tse with 100,000 Vaginas." Silkscreen, 1966 -- 70. (Not found March 2004)

Heidsieck, Bernard

"Ooooooooooooh!" Pen and ink, 1967.

New-Art Liaison

"Eau de Ner." London, 1974. London gallery that represented Hutchins. Announcement card for gallery attached to a sealed vial of sea water

ReFlux Editions

Cover of this white plastic box reads "ReFlux Editions, Kunold Str . 34, D-35000 Kassel, July 1-31, 1984." Accompanying note by Hutchins reads, "In this little box, a give away for publicity, Barbara Moore has placed an item from each of her ReFlux editions, ex the bell represents the Flux Jewelry Kit."

Miscellaneous Other

i ) Color photocopies of three other 'altered masterpieces.'

ii) Twenty color photographs of 'altered masterpieces.'

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works)

"Two Bijoux Transformable." 1975; 6 meters plated steel bead chain, 2 ferrite magnets and case; 5 cms high.

"G-I-O." 1970. Plaged steel, bells, rivets, 1 Alnico magnet; 23 cms high.

"Grand Jeu." 1970. 2 Alnico cylinder magnets, steel ball bearings.

Box 11


A number of photographs and slides of individual pieces and exhibition installations.

Alice Hutchins and her daughter Claudia Hutchins Puechany. Paris 2003. Photo by John Houchins (color photo)

Untitled, Alice Hutchins and Francesco Conz. Verona 1992. Photo by F. Conz . (color photo)

2 color photographs of "first work with colored magnets & plastic boxes."

2 color photographs of Hutchins' artwork in the permanent display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Alice Hutchins: Art Works (2-Dimensional)

Postcard and Letraset Works

" Theodore Rousseau. 'A way out of the forest at Fontainebleau.'" Postcard and letraset, 1966

"Philippe de Champaigne. 'Portraits de la Mere Catherine Agnes Arnaud et de la Soeur Catherine de Sainte Suzanne fille de Ph. de Champaigne.'" postcard and letraset, 1966

"Nicolas Poussin. 'Portrait de 1'artiste'." postcard and letraset, 1966

"J-A Ingres. ' L'Odalisque '." postcard and letraset, 1966

Altered Masterpieces (Letraset & Magazine clippings)

"Untitled." (Altered Masterpiece), 1966

"Untitled." (Altered Masterpiece), 1966

"Untitled." (Altered Masterpiece), 1966

"Untitled." (Altered Masterpiece), 1966


"Abstract Magazine Clipping." 1966

"Hello, Mr. Vasarely." Image on card and letraset, 1966.

"Passport Retouch." Enlarged altered photograph, 1968. (Not found March 2004)

"Untitled." Magazine clipping and letraset, 1966.

Box 12

Magnetic Montages (3-Dimensional Works)

"Double Sphere." 1969. (Photograph by Peter Moore, 1969), 1990.

"It's a Tie." (Photograph by James Sanderson, 1980), 1990.

"Sound Piece." (Photo by Jean Goret, 1969), 1990.

Untitled.n.d ., Magnetic montage, 1990?

Box 13

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works)

"Group I, Model J." 1968. 3 Alnico magnets, ball bearing, rings and 1 disc. ( loaned to museum Jan. 2004)

"Group I, Model U." n.d. .2 bags with labels

i ) #8, Group I Model U

ii) "Spring" exchange of parts for #8.

"Group II, Model A." 1968. Alnico ring magnet, copper plated steel tubes; 13 cms wide.

"Group II, Model B." 1968. Alnico ring magnet, bushings, 1 cylinder magnet; 13 cms diameter.

"Group II, Model E." Play-Thing, 1970. Circular magnet, steel strip; 6 cms high.

"Group III, Model D." 1968. 2 magnets, 2 steel rings, 1 circular magnet; 10 cms high.

"Jewelry Flux Kit." 1969. Fluxus Editions, New York .

"Jewelry Flux Kit." 1969. Fluxus Editions, New York .

Box 14

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

"L-I-O." 1970. Plated steel, drawer knobs, 1 Alnico magnet; 23 cms high.

"Magnetic Attraction: Replay." 1993. Hundermark Edition, Koln .

" Manchester Guardian." 1968.

"Sound Piece." 1970. Two cylinder magnets, tooled and plated steel parts; 30 cms high.

"Spring." 1970 [1968] (Loaned to UIMA January 2004)

Untitled, Multiple. 1968. 1 Alnico magnet, copper plated steel tubes; 7 cms high. [Form in Flux, p. 15 & p. 34, #8]

Untitled, Multiple. 1969. Five hexagonal magnets.

Box 15

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

"Circus." 1975. Wood, painted steel, cylinders, tubes, bearings, drawer knobs, 3 ferrite magnets; Base 34 x 34 cms . [Form in Flux, p. 25]

Box 16

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

"Hex." 1976. Plated steel, 1 ferrite magnet; 25 cms high. [Form in Flux, p. 34, #21]

Box 17

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

Untitled.Ten small stackables, containing different objects, letraset on sides.

Box 18

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

Untitled. Wall piece. 1973 (Circuit Box Series); one of five, plated steel, disc, drawer knobs, 1 ferrite magnet; 28 x 28 cms . [Form in Flux, p. 34, #16]

Box 19

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

Untitled. Magnetic assemblage, 1978/1992.

Box 20

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

"Nebula." 1971. Magnet and steel balls; 8 cms high. (This sculpture, marketed and packaged by Alecto International, London & New York) .

Box 21

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

Untitled.1972. Plated and unplated steel, chain, 1 Alnico magnet; 22 cms high. [Form in Flux, p. 34, #19]

Box 22

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

Untitled. 1975. Painted and plated steel, cotter keys, 1 ferrite magnet; 27 cms high.

Box 23

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

Untitled. Magnetic assemblage, 1987/88. Plaged steel, 1 green reflector; 32 cms high.

Box 24

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

"4 Quarters." 1970. Plated steel, 2 Alnico magnets; 17 cms high. [Form in Flux, p. 17] (Loaned to UIMA January 2004)

Box 25

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works), cont.

Untitled. Wall piece, 1973. Stainless steel, copper plated tubes, 4 Ferrite magnets, 50X50cmS. [Form in Flux, p. 34, #27]. Moved to HRA 3/2012.

Box 26

Magnetic Assemblage Parts

l. 7 10x10cms parts and 1 15xl5cmc parts. These have been replaced with parts in previously A Question of Angles (1992) and now updated to 1998

Magnetic Assemblages (3-D Works) Stored at Heinz Road Annex. (See and inventory at  L:\librarydata\special collections\Large Collections\atca\ATCA Collections by Location_files\ATCA Collections by Location.htm)

"New, Old, Used." 1994.

"State of the Union." 1992.

Untitled. 1968-1990. approximately 30" metal strip with magnets, and lexiglass strip for hanging.

Untitled. Magnetic assemblage, circa 1978/1992. Four numbered steel discs, 1 steel bearing, wooden base; 24 cms high.

Untitled, 1994. Large piece donated 11/97 that was damaged in the mail. (The work is illustrated in article on Hutchins in the Valle Verde View, Fall 1994) (Not found March 2004)

Wall Piece with Magnets, Spring and Bells. 1968/72. Flat metal rod (28 1/2" x 2") with series of springs mounted on magnets. 14 bells, 10 black, 4 silver and 1 rough magnet. (Not found March 2004)

"A Question of Angles." 1998. (Revised version of 1992 version) (Not found March 2004)

(Oversize 2-D Works) Stored at Heinz Road Annex. (See and inventory at  L:\librarydata\special collections\Large Collections\atca\ATCA Collections by Location_files\ATCA Collections by Location.htm)

Self-portrait, 1968.

Poster for sculptures by Alice Hutchins from OU , 40/41


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