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Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art
Artists' Works and Correspondence
Series II - Gallery Announcements

MsC 764
Collection Dates: 1968-1993

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Acquisition and Processing Information: Original organization by D. Crites and R. Sailor. Processed to date by Anne Covell. Posted to the internet 19 May 2009.


Announcement for Campaign '84 show

Scope and Contents

Gallery announcements are listed alphabetically by name. Some initial work was done to list individual materials for each gallery, but this practice has since been discontinued.  An * by those individual gallery announcements that are listed indicates more than 10 artists are included in the announcement. Oversize materials have been boxed separately, however, they have been included within the alpha description and are indicated in bold lettering. Please contact us directly ( if you would like more information on the contents of any gallery folder.


Table of Contents

Box 1  3 Mercer Str. -- Art Metropole (Toronto)

Box 2  Arton's -- Bruce Museum Associates, Inc.

Box 3  Bruce Velick Gallery -- Concrete Productions

Box 4  Condeso/Lawler Report -- Evergreen Antiques

Box 5  Everson Museum of Art -- Galerie Reckermann

Box 6  Galerie Rudolf Zwirner -- Hockney, David

Box 7  Hofstra University -- Kulturhaus Palazzo

Box 8  Kung Fu Gallery -- McAlpine Gallery

Box 9  McAuley Gallery -- No Se No

Box 10  Nobe Gallery -- Project Arts Centre

Box 11  Project Studios One (P.S.1) -- Segue Foundation

Box 12  Semaphore Gallery -- Tyler School of Art

Box 13  UAH Gallery -- Western Electric Corporate Education Center Gallery

Box 14  Western Front Society -- Zweig, Ellen


Related Materials

ATCA Artists' Works and Correspondence (MsC 764) - Series I of this collection contains 2-D artists' works and correspondence; Series III contains 3-D works; each series is listed in alpha order.

Series I -- A-E   F-M   N-Z

Series III -- 3-D Works

ATCA homepage - Overview of the ATCA collection with links to finding aids.


Box Contents List

Box 1

3 Mercer Str.

The 5 and Dime NYC

7th Street Bistro L.A., CA

8 B.C.

10 Leonard Street

18th Street Gallery

22 Raw/22 Wooster Gallery New York City, NY

49th Parallel NY

50 West Gallery

55 Mercer

"Lifesigns." Sydney Blum, Tom Butter, Jonathan Ellis, Danita Geltner, Harmony Hammond, Scott Richter, Ioanna Sardelis, TODT, 

Jerilea Zempel.

Alice Adams and Julius Tobias.

"55 Mercer Invitational." 1982-83. Beckerman Balken, Denise Corley, Douglas Hilson, Eliot Lable, Dennis Leder, Susan Morningstar, Gerald Nichols, Drew Shiflett, Charles Searles, Richard Snyder, Mary Ann Unger, Gerald Wolfe.

79 Walker Street

80 Langton Street

"Diagrams" by Bob Griffin. "Fence" by Glen Moriwaki. "Shift: a projection" by Peggy Simon.

80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York University

Woong Kim, David March, Evelyne Pieper, Nancy Samstein, Tobi Zausner. 1982.

"Ten Downtown." 1983. Elisa D'Arrigo, Julie Gross, (Edith) Gunn, David Hales, Julian Jackson, Hisako Kobayashi, Hope Martin, Gelah

Penn, Elizabeth Riley, Bruce Spector.

David Catlett, Marlaina Deppe, Alexander Kwiat, Harvey Shulman and Chief Willey Retrospective. 1982.

Barbara Cahn, Catherine De Luze, William Georgas, Stacy Mandell, Christopher Moorez. 1983.

85 Mercer Street NYC

110 Greene St.

"New Clothes." Kari Amdahl, Amy Downs

112 Greene St.

"Video Performance." 1974. Schedule including Beuys, Wegman, Rosenbach, Burden, Oppenheim, Sharp, Acconci, Sonnier, Serra.

"Anarchy Tecture Group."

168 Mercer Street

"Two Painters." 1982. Jim Massena and Sally Mogelberg.

309 E. 9th St.

"Saturday Puppet Shows featuring 'The Nose Family Saga' and 'The Same-Nose Show'"

327 Avenue of the Americas

500X Gallery

509 Cultural Center Annex

537 Artworks

544 Natoma Performance Gallery

575 Fifth

620 Toronto, Canada


871 Fine Arts

The 999 Bookshop

1708 East Main

A-Z Framing

A Space


AAA/Michael Salerno

Abbeville Press

ABC No Rio

"Erotic Psyche." Installation, performance, music.

"Beauty." 1982.*


A.I.R. Gallery

"Ten Gallery Artists at A.I.R." 1973. Dottie Attie, Rachel Bas-Cohain, Agnes Denes, Mary Grigoriadis, Laurace James, Nancy Kitchel, Louise Kramer, Patsy Norvell, Nancy Spero, Susan Williams.

Wrappings by Maude Boltz, Watercolors by Daria Dorosh.

Donna Byars and Diane Farrell. 1983.




A & M Artworks

A. Montgomery Ward Gallery

Aaron Berman Gallery

"Beyond the Wall: 3 Dimensional Work." 1983

Aaron Hastings Gallery

Abbeville Press

Abdell, Douglas

Acquavella Contemporary Art, Inc.

Actors Institute, The

Actors Playhouse

Actual Art Foundation

Adam L. Gimbel Gallery

"Works on Paper." 1982.*

Adler Gallery

Ado Gallery

Adrian Piper

Adrienne Simard Gallery

Africano, Nicholas

AfterImage Photography Gallery, The

Agora Studio Boschstraat

Aguirre, George

Aida Hernandez Gallery

A.J. Allan Gallery

Akron Art Museum

Alain Bilhaud Gallery

Albin Zeglen Gallery

Albright Knox Art Gallery


Albuquerque Museum, The

"Valley Curtain: A Documentation Exhibition, Rifle, Colorado 1970-72." 1981.

Aldrich Museum, The

Alex Rosenberg Gallery

Alexander Brest Museum

Alexander Carlson Gallery

Alexandre Hogue Gallery

Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. School of Art The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Alfred Kren Gallery

Allan Frumkin Gallery

Allen Memorial Art Museum

Alliance for Survival

ALTA Galleries

Alternative Museum (Alternative Center for International Arts Inc.)

"Singer Songs." 1981. Sculpture Installation by Bill and Mary Buchen.

"Showdown: Perspectives on the Southwest." 1983.*

"Dream Feast." An installation by Hera. "Ambiance/Stimuli." 1982.*

"Showdown." 1983. A regional exhibition by artists from the Southwest.*

Am Sachs

Amarillo Art Center

Amelie A. Wallace Gallery

American Center (Paris)

American Cinematheque, The

American Council for the Arts

American Craft Museum

American Craft Museum II

"Meet the Artist, Wood Turning Presentations." With Palmer Sharpless, Ed Moulthrop, David Ellsworth, Bob Stocksdale.

American Federation of Arts, The

"Christmas Party." 1982.

American Film Institutue LA

American Gallery, The

American Museum of the Moving Image

American Museum of Natural History

American State of the Arts Gallery Exchange, Inc.

American Women Artists

Amerika Haus Berlin

Amos Eno Gallery

"Tensense: A Group Ehxibition." Jeanne DeBroy, Cindy Ferenci, Ulises Fernandez, Tracy Gordon, Rosemary Grzesik,

Kim Kreckmann, Dorothy Kreckmann, Michael Sui, Paul Stempen, Chrys Wyluda.''

Amsterdam Summer University, The


Anderson Gallery

Andre Emmerich Gallery

Andre Zarre Gallery

Andrew Crispo Gallery

Angels Gate Gallery San Pedro, CA

Anichini Gallery

Ankrum Gallery

Annemarie Verna Galerie

Anne Reid Art Gallery

Anne Van Horenbeeck Art Actuel

Annely Juda Fine Art

Annex Galleries, The

Annina Nosei Gallery

Anthology Film Archives

"Abstract and Processed Video." Program 1 with Richard Bloes, Jon Burris, Sara Hornbacher, Rii Kanzaki, Henry Linhart.

Anthony D'Offay

Anthony Reynolds Gallery

Anti-Nuclear Movement

Antibes, Arman A.

Antin, Eleanor

Apogee Airway

"Trucking Through the Turks, A Sky Art Event." 1982. Dianne Ackerman, Jeanne Mackin, Steve Poleskie, Paul West.

Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery

Architectural Leagues Young Architects Slide Presentation

Archivio Francesco Conz Associazione Culturale, Italy

ARCO Center for Visual Art

Arizona Commission on the Arts

Arizona State University

Arlington Art Center

Armageddeon, 113 Jane

"Ban the Bomb: Artists for Nuclear Disarmament Benefit."*

Armand Bartos, Jr.

Armand Hammer Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Armstrong Gallery Cornell College Mount Vernon, IA

Arnold Herstand & Company

Arras Gallery


Art Across the Park

Art and Artists Video/Archive Palomar College

Art Cafe

Art Center College of Design Pasadena, CA

Art Com

Art Committee of the Federal Bar Council

Art Dealers Association of America, Inc.

Art Department of the City College Univeristy of New York

Art Dock 113

Art Dump

Artestudio, Bergamo, Italy

Art et Industrie

"Third Stream." 1982. Main and Main.

Art Expo, New York (1982)


Art for City Spaces, Inc.

Art Forum

Art Galaxy

Art Gallery, The University of Maryland

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Art Gallery State University of New York at Stony Brook

Art in America

Art in Form

Art In General

Barbara Andrus, Steven Donagan, Randy Hardy, Susan Strauss, Gerald Weinstein, Debra Weisberg. 1983.

Art Institute of Chicago, The

"An evening with The Kitchen," "An evening with John Baldessari." 1981.

Art Intermedia

Art Lobby, The

Art Mall Gallery

Art Metropole (Toronto)

Box 2


Art Now

Art Options Inc.

Art Pac

Art Pool P60, Budapest

Art Programs, Inc.

Art Rental Gallery

Art Students League of New York

Art X

Art Xpress

Art Works

Artemisia Gallery

Arthur K. Snyder

Arthur Roger Gallery

Artisan Space, Fashion Institute of Technology

"An Interior Exchanged." 1982. Cynthia Carlson and Betty Woodman.

Artistes Quai de la Seine

Artists and the Quilt, The

Artist and Television Network, The

Artists Book Works Chicago, IL

Artists Call

Artists for Nuclear Disarmament Exhibit (AND)

Artists Representing Environmental Arts

Artists Space

"Group Exhibition." 1983. Victor Alzamora, Jennifer Bolande, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Steve Pollack. 

"Individual Installations." Jurgen Partenheimer, Peter Shelton, Stewart Wilson.

"Dark Rooms: Five Individual Slide Installations." 1983. Richard Baim, Dorit Cypis, Perry Hoberman, Antonio Muntadas, Michel Sauer.

"Group Exhibition." 1983. Victor Alzamora, Jennifer Bolande, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Steve Pollack.

Artists Talk on Art

Artists Windwos @ Chicago Books

Artmusic Brooklyn, NY


Art Reach

Arts Alaska, Inc.

Art Scene

Arts Extension Service

Arts Sciences and Technology Center

Art Space Long Island City, NY

Art Space Los Angeles, CA

Art Stop

Art Store Gallery, The

Artspace Ontario, Canada

ARTwork Gallery

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, The



Asia Society, The

Asian American Arts Centre

Asian Cine-Vision

Asociacion Internacional de Cuticos de arte (AICA)

Assessorato alla Cultura

Associated American Artists Gallery

Association of Artist-Run Galleries (AARG)

Association Francaise d'Action Artistique

Association of Hispanic Arts, Inc.

Association of International Photography Art Dealers, Inc., The

Astro Artz

Asyl Art



Ateliers en Liberte

Athenaeum, The

Atlanta Art Workers Coalition, Ltd.

Atlantic Gallery

Atrium of Intermetrics, Inc., The

Attack Gallery

Audio Arts

Austellung Raum Kaserne

Avant Garde
Avelles Gallery
Avenue B Gallery
Avery Hall, Columbia University

"Spectacular Vernacular: Traditional Desert Architecture from West Africa and Southwest Asia." 1981. Jean-Louis Bourgeois and Carollee Pelos.

Aycock, Alice

Baby Doll Lounge, The




Baltyk Restaurant

"Dinner with the cast of 'Do You Think Nixon Knows People Were Happier Before He Was President.'" Stephen Paul Miller, Donna Pitetti, Philip Suraci.

BAM Opera House

Barbara Braathen Gallery

Barbara Gladstone Gallery

Barbicon Arts Centre Oversize Box 1


Barking Dog Musem

Baruch College Gallery

Basement Workshop, Inc.

Basinski, Elaine

Baskerville + Watson

Basquiat, Jean Michel

Bass Museum of Art

Bath House Cultural Center

Baudoin Lebon

BC Space

Becher, Bernd and Hilla

Bedford Gallery

Bedikian, Krikor

Beep Electronic Music Studio

"The Thirty-Seventh BEEP Electronic Music Workshop." 1982.

Begijnhof - Centrum voor Kunsten

Belanthi Gallery


Bellas Artes

Bellwether Records

Ben Shahn Gallery

Benjamin Mangel Gallery

Bennington College

Berkshire Museum, The

"Mediated Narratives." Schedule August 28 - September 4.

"The Suspended Object." 1983. Beck Balken, Mattie Berhang, Morgan Bulkeley, The Gerlovins, Steve Keister, Joe Neill, Alan Saret, Alan Shields, Richard Smith, Taro Suzuki.

Bernal Gallery

Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

Bertha Urdang Gallery

"New." 1983. New artists.*

Bessie Schonberg Theatre, Dance Theater Workshop

"Postwar." 1982. A new dance/performance work by Tim Miller with Barry Davidson, Beth Lapides, Jeff McMahon, Yvonne Meier, music by Big Game, projections by Kirk Winslow.

Betty Parsons Gallery

Beyond Baroque Foundation Venice, CA

BFM Gallery

Big Island Gallery

Binion, Sandra

Bird House Annex Gallery

Birksted Gallery

Birmingham Musem of Art

Black Forest

Blank, Irma

Blue Mountatin

BlumHelman Gallery Inc.

Blumka II Gallery

Bluxome Gallery

Board of Trustees of the Museum of Contemporary Art, The

Bob, Paul

Bodley II

Bodnar, Peter III

Body, Gabor

Bonlow Gallery

1982. Michael Tetherow, Sonia Delaunay.

Bonnier Gallery

BookNews/ Avant-Garde Art, UMI Research Press Oversize Box 1

Books & Co.


Boone Gallery

Boston Athenaeum Gallery

Boston Center for the Arts

"Artist's Ball 7." 1983.

"June Performance." 1982. A series of new works by members Boston Performance Artists, Inc. Joanne Guertin and Victor Young.

The Performance Club with Bill Codington, Alex Grey, Jan Johnson, Manuel San Gabriel and Ron Wallace.

Boston Film and Video Foundation

Boston University

Boston University Art Gallery

Bound and Unbound

Announcement for opening of "Bound and Unbound," "Barbara Moore's new shop for primary and secondary source material on avant-garde art since mid-century." 1989.

"Cover Story: Wraps and Dust Jackets by Artists."*

Bowery Gallery


Brava! For Women in the Arts

Breaking the Bindings

Brecht Auditorium

Bridge Gallery

Briseno, Rolando

Broadway Galleries

Bromfield Gallery

Bronx Museum of the Arts, The

"Video Classics." 1981. Vito Acconci, Dan Graham, Shigeko Kubota, Rita Myers, Bruce Nauman, Dennis Oppenheim, Nam June Paik.

"Photo Start." 1982.

Bronx River Restoration Center

Broodthaers, Marcel

Brooke Alexander, Inc.

Brookfield Craft Center, Inc.

"Color/Clay." 1983.

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Schedule 1984.


"Next Wave Festival." 1984.

Brooklyn Bridge Archs, The

Brooklyn Museum, The

Brooklyn US Army Terminal

Brooks Jackson Gallery

Broome Street Workshop

Bruce Museum Associates, Inc., The
          "Energy in Sculpture." 1983.*

Box 3

Bruce Velick Gallery San Francisco, CA

Bry Art Gallery Northeast Louisiana University

Brzezinski, Emilie Benes

Bucks County Community College

Burlington County Gallery

Burnaby Art Gallery

Burnett Miller Gallery L.A., CA

Burning Books

Bury, Claus

Busyhaus Associates

Butterfield, Deborah

Buxtehude Museum

Byron Weber Gallery


Caffe Voltaire Italy


Cage, John

Calck Hook Dance Theatre

Calder, Alexander

California Institute of Technology/Baxter Art Gallery Pasadena, CA

California Museum of Art

California Museum of Photography

California State College-Bakersfield CA

California State College-San Bernadino

California State University-Fullerton

California State University Long Beach

California State University-Los Angeles

California State University-Northridge

California State University Northridge Sculpture Park (C.S.U.N.)

California State University Union Gallery


Camera Work Gallery

Cammer, Les

Canon Photo Gallery

Capital Children's Museum

Capp Street Project

Capsouto Freres Restaurant

CARECEN (Central American Refugee Center)

Casa del Mantegna

Esibizione Internazionale di Mail Art Mantua Mail 78. Call for submissions

"Assessorato Cultura Comune di Mantova Esibizione Internazionale di Mail Art: Mantua Mail 78." 1978.*

C.A.S.E. Museum of Russian Contemporary Art in Exile

"Russian Still-Life & Portrait." 1983.*


Cash Performance Space

Cat Fund, The

Cat's Paw Palace

Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

Carlson Gallery

Carlyle Art Gallery

Carmen Lamanna Gallery

"LUXON V.B. prototype." 1973-1974.

Carnegie Hall Cinema

"Channels/Inserts." 1982. Merce Cunningham, coreography. Charles Atlas, direction & editing. David Tudor, music. 

Cast Theatre

Castelli Feigen Corcoran

Castelli Graphics/Gallery Downtown

Castelli/Sonnabend Tapes and Films, Inc.

Caterina Gualco-Unimedia

Catherine Gallery, The

Catherine Street Artists Project

Catskill Center for Photography, The

Cazalet Gallery


Arto Lindsay, David Moss, John Zorn, Craig Burk, Kimberly Delgaizo, Jack Fetterman, Dan Rosen, Hahn Rowe.

Cedar Street Gallery


Center for Arts Information

Center for Book Arts

Center for Creative Studies

"10 Years of Art, Poetry and Melodrama from The Alternative Press." 1979.

Center for Inter-American Relations

Center for Music Experiment

Center for New Art Activities

Center for Occupational Hazards

Center for Photography University of Arizona

Center for Research in Contemporary Art UT at Arlington

Center for the Art

Center of Art and Communication CAYC

Center Gallery

Center on Contemporary Art

Center Square, The Galleria

"UM/LM: Upper Mezzanine, Lower Mezzanine, Market Place." Presented by The Bird and the Dirt, Inc.

Central Falls

"Illuminations." Dudley Gray and Joe Strand. Invitation to private opening.

"First Annual Employee Art Exhibition." 

Central Hall Artists

Central Hall Gallery

Centre Culturel Suedois

Centre de Documentacio D'Art Actual (C.D.A.A.)

Centre Georges Pompidore

Centro Culturale Francese (Italy)

"Omaggio a Joseph Beuys." 1990.

Centro de Arte Moderno

Centro de Arte y Comunicacion (cayc)

Centro Documentzione Artein

Centro Documentazione / Arti Visive / Archivio /Rosamilia (Italy)

"Ipotesi Per Un Linguaggio Artistico Universale" or "Show on Universal Artistic Language." Invitation to participate, 1982. 

"Fantastic Art: Ipotesi Per Un Linguaggio Artistico Universale." Poster with participants.* Oversize Box 1

"World Exhibition: poesia & realtá." 1980.

Centro Documentazione Organizzazione (CDO)

Centro Lavoro Arte

Centro Studi E Ricerche Delle Nazioni (CSRN)

Century City Playhouse

Ceramic Directions

Ceres Gallery NYC

Chaiwalla Tea Room

La Chambre Blanche (Canada)

"Versus Rococo." An installation by Jacques Pettigrew and Helene Rochette.

"Le Voyage A Thunder Bay." 1983. Serge Murphy and Michele Waquant.

"leLieu l'Actuel leCorps" by Elizabeth Willing. "ETA CARINAE" by Francine Saillant. "La petite Suzanne et le petit veillard" by Isabelle Bernier. "Video Show" by Pierre Trudel. "Danse de Marie-Helene Houde." "Installation Video."


Chan Elliot Gallery

Chao, Bruce

Chapel Arts Center Saint Anselm's College

Chappaqua Library Gallery, The


"The School of Hard Knocks." Yoshiko Chuma. "Sitting Ducks: Movement." Suzan Braham, Brian Moran, Nelson Zayas, Lucy Hemmendinger. "Splish Splash." Edwin Denby, Yvonne Jaquette, Bob Holman. "Pikka Don." Jefferey Isaac, Christian Marclay.

Charles Cowles Gallery

Chautauqua Art Association Galleries

Cheltenham Art Centre

Chemeche, George

Cherry Street Studios and Gallery

Cheryl Pelavin Printmaker Workshop and Gallery


Chevron Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Chew, C.T.

Chicago Art Dealers Association

Chicago Art Move

Chicago Books

Chicago Center for Contemporary Photography

Chicago Council on Fine Arts, The

Chicago Public Library Cultural Center, The

Children's Art Carnival, The

China Club

Chinese Chance

"The Live Taylor Mead Show." Lucius Pazzi, Eileen Myles.

CHOKE Publications Los Angeles, CA

Christian Cheneau Galerie

Christie's Contemporary Art

Chuck Stake Enterprizes and Clouds n Water Gallery

"Hot Town! summer in the city..." Invitation to participate, 1979.

Church in Ocean Park, The

Christianberry, William

Cincinnati Art Museum

Cincinnati Artists Group Effect C.A.G.E OH

Cinque Gallery

Cirrus Gallery L.A., CA

City Art Gallery

City Center

City Center Theater

City Gallery

City Hall Annex Gallery, The

"Art on the Town." Poster with schedule. With Peter Kramer, Susan Strauss, Marci Gintis, Brian Stevens, Robert Murrell, Abby Zonies, Joyce Bezdek, Jod Lourie, E. Rickert, M. Llanko-Roberts.

City of Lafayette Centennial Commemoration

City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department

Cityscape Foto Gallery

City Spirit

City University Graduate Center Mall

City University of New York The Graduate School and University Center

City w/o Walls

Civic Arts Center Walnut Creek, CA

Civilian Warfare

Claire Dunphy Studios

Clara Diament Sujo Gallery

Claremont Colleges CA

Clarence Kennedy Gallery

Clark Humanities Museum

Classic Toys

Claude Bernard Gallery

Clay and Fiber Gallery

A Clear Space

"Spinning Hearts." Carmen Beuchat, Wendy Yuni Hoffman.

Clemente, Francesco

Cleveland Institute of Art

Clifton Hill

Climate Theatre

Clocktower, The

"Icebreakers: Contemporary Swedish Expressionists." 1982. Erland Cullberg, Enno Hallek, Birgitta Liljebladh, Evert Lundquist, Tonie Roos, Knut Swane, Bo Trankell, Hans Wigert, Petter Zennstrom.

Coates, George

Cocktail Lounge


Collective, The

Collective for Living Cinema

Schedule Fall 1984.

College Art Association of America

College of Creative Studies University of California Santa Barbara

Collumb, Francisque

Columbia College Art Gallery Columbia College Chicago

Columbia Museum of Art

Columbus Museum of Art

Committee for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Communication de Saint-Etienne

Community Gallery, The Brooklyn Museum

"Joint Forces: Artist, Community, & Museum." 1982.

Composers Forum, Inc.

Comune di Monza Galleria Civica

Concord Gallery

Concrete Productions

Box 4

Condeso/Lawler Report NYC

Conimicut Foundation

Connecticut College

"The Figure in Architectural Space: Two Solo Sculpture Exhibitions." 1981. Carol Parker, Alvin Sher. "Family Portraits." Joanne L. Seltzer. "A Sculpture/Dance Performance." Jeff Clark.

Consortium of New York Centers for Contemporary Art, The

Contemporary Art/Southeast

Contemporary Arts Center, The

Contemporary Arts Museum

Contemporary Arts Press

Contemporary Russian Art Center in America

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

"Women And Art In Society: 1982 National Conference of the Women's Caucus for Art." 1982.

"The Works!"

Invitation from New York City mayor Edward J. Koch to attend the inagural presentation of the Doris C. Freedman Award to Ronay Menschel. 1983.

Information card on Doris C. Freedman Award.

Copeland, Ruth

Copenhagen Museum of Modern Legislation, The

Corcoran Gallery of Art

"Second Western States Exhibition/The 38th Corcoran Biennial Exhibition of American Painting."

Schedule September 1984.

Cordier & Ekstrom

Cote, Alan

Council on Foundations, Inc.

Courthouse Gallery

Cramer, Richard

Cramer, Tim

Crawford, Ralston

Creative Artists Public Service Program (CAPS)

Creative Music Studio

Creative Time, Inc.

"Art on the Beach." 1981.

Crimson Rose

Crimson's Gallery

Crown Point Gallery


Culman Gouro

Cultural Council Foundation

Cultural Spac, The

Cummings, E.E.

Cummins Art Center, Connecticut College

"Connecticut College Print Invitational." 1983.

Cummington Community/School of the Arts

Cunningham, Merce

Cunningham Dance Studio


Cygnus Gallery


Dada Artifacts

"Exhibition & Conference, University of Iowa Program." 1978

Dada Constructivism

"Annely Juda Fine Art, Flyer." 1984

Dada Exhibition Catalogue

"Goethe-Institute, Munchen." 1977

Dallas Museum of Art

Damon Brandt Gallery

Dance Conduit

Dance Space, The

Dance Theater at the Y, The

Dance Theater Workshop


"Museum of the Night IV." Two Avant-Bands: "Ink-Ant" and "Ikue Mori's (ex-DNA) New Ensemble." "The Video Encounter of the Ultimate Kind" by Hiromu Saiki. Dance performance by Popo Shiraishi, Elded Ziv's Painted Turtles, Alone Olearksik's Turtle Music, Videos by Ko Nakajima, George Ide, Hiromu Saiki, Keiko Tsuno.

"Un-Speak-Able Acts." Invitation to the opening night party for the world premiere.

Schedule for October.

Schedule with title, "Sleepless Nights, Rozztox."

"Benefit Concert for Klaus Nomi." 1983.*

"Late Night Reruns (And Coming Attractions)." A photography exhibition by Stephanie Chernikowski with color by Victoria Devereaux.

"Bon Voyage Cocktail Party" for Edwige and her new band Jungel Geisha featuring Ikve Nori and Tetsu Fukaya.

"Extended Sensibilities." Invitation from Rudolph and Alan Rish to a party following the opening of The New Museum's Exhibition.

Special guest appearance by Divine.

Celebration of the engagement of Francine Hunter and Patrick Hughes.

"Workspace." A party following the reception for the New Museum exhibition.

"Fresh 14 Meet Danceteria."

"Video 45 Party."

"Museum of the Night." "Group exhibition, performances by Walter Steding, Nonpareil, Commitment." 1982. 

Daniel Gouro Associates

Daniel Maher Gallery

Daniel Templon

"Falaises de Marbre, Fragments d'une utopie." 1981. Anne and Patrick Poirier.

Daniel Weinberg Gallery

Daniel Wolf, Inc.

Danna Center Gallery

Dany Keller Galerie (Germany)

"Tiefensucht." 1982. Clemens Kaletsch. Photos and designs by Anna and Bernh Blume. "Tanze ums holzerne Pferd." A percussion solo by Harald Weiss. Transcendental Fotographie by Bernh Joh Blume. "Impact Marks." Designs, photos and objects by Dagmar Rhodius.

"Der Andere Aspekt." 1981. Laurie Anderson, Nan Hoover, Jurgen Klauke, Richard Kriesche, Richard Landry, Bruce McLean, Thomas Lehnerer, Arleen Schloss, Planstudio Siepmann.

Music performance by Anne Lockwood and Ruth Anderson. Konzert neue musik by Peter van Riper. 1980.

David Bellmann Gallery

David McKee Gallery

Davidson College Art Gallery

Davies Long Gallery

Davis and Langdale Company, Inc.

Davis/McClain Galleries

D.C. Space

De Jong Gallery

Dead Space Gallery

Delahunty Dallas

Delson, Anne

Denes, Agnes

Departure Gallery

Des Moines Art Center

des Refuses

Design Center of Los Angeles

Detroit Art Works, The

Detroit Institute of Arts, The

Detroit Focus Gallery

De Zaak

Diseno Studios Gallery

Di Suvero, Mark

Dia Art Foundation

Diane Brown Gallery

Didier Moulinier


Dive, The

Divine Theater, Inc.

Dobrick Gallery


George J. Doizaki Gallery L.A., CA

Doktor Anarkos

Dolan/Maxwell Gallery

Dolly Fiterman Gallery

Donald Lipski Galleriet

Donnell Library Auditorium

Doris C. Freedman Gallery

Dorothy Zeidman

Double Rocking G Gallery

Doubleday & Company, Inc.

Dougherty Cultural Arts Center

Douglas Dean Courtnier, Inc.

Douglas Hyde Gallery

Downstairs Gallery

Downtown Cultural Center, Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association, Inc.

"Book Variety Show Opening." 1982.

Downtown Dance Studio

Downtown Gallery, The

Dramatis Personae Gallery

Drawing Center, The

Drawing Legion, The

Droll/Kolbert Gallery

Dubins Gallery

Duns Scotus Gallery

Dyansen Gallery

E. Scott Gallery

Ear Inn

East Gallery

East Ham College of Technology

East River

Eastern Kentucky University-Giles Gallery

Eastman-Wahmendorf Gallery NYC

Eaton/Shoen Gallery

"International Photographers." 1982. Kevin Bubriski, Josef Koudelka, Pier Mahaim, Max Pam, Andreas Muller-Pohle, Philippe Salaun, Ron Starr.

Ebell Society of Santa Ana Valley, The

Edge, The Fullerton, CA

Edith Barrett Gallery

Edith C. Blum Art Institute

Edition Freibord

Edition Hundertmark

Editions Jean-Michel Place (France)


Editions Lebeer Hossmann

Editions Schellmann & Kluser

Edward Claycomb Collection

Edward Thorp Gallery

Edward Totah Gallery

Edward Weston Galleries of New York

Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art

Eighth Street Gallery

Eilat Gordon Gallery W. Hollywood, CA

Elaine Benson Gallery

Elaine Horwitch Gallery

Elan Galleries

El Camino College Art Gallery Torrance, CA

Eleanor Ettinger, Inc.


Electronic Arts Intermix

Electronic Gallery

Elements, The

Elements Gallery

Elevator, The

Elise Meyer Gallery

Elizabeth Weiner Gallery, Inc.

Ellmann, Barbara

El Museo de Barrio

El Pueblo

Else Gallery

Emanuel Vigeland Museum

Emanuel Walter Gallery

Emicla Galleria D'Arte

Emily Harvey Gallery NY

Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University

"Androgyny in Art." 1982. Reception with a performance by Eleanor Antin as "The King."

Emily Wells Brown Gallery

Emory University

Empire Salon/Second Story Books

November Calendar 1981.

October Calendar 1981.

Encore Theater

Enivronetics International, Inc.

Equitable Gallery, The

Eric's Backroom

Ericson Gallery

Espace DBD

"Impressions of Africa: Variations for Raymond Roussel." 1982. Performance and new music by Ellen Zweig, Gregory Jones, Alice Prussin.

Espace Nicois D'Art et de Culture

Espace Peiresc

Esta Robinson Gallery

Paintings and drawings by Lisa Klinghoffer. Sculpture by Phoebe Adams. 1983.

Esther Rand Gallery

Ethical Culture Auditorium

"Moving Towards Home." 1982. an evening of poetry to support humanitarian relief for all the children of Lebanon through UNICEF co-sponsored by P.E.N. American Center and Moving Towards Home.* 

Ethnic Folk Arts Center

Eugenia Cucalon Gallery

Euphrat Gallery

Eva Lake's Night Gallery

Evergreen Antiques

Box 5

Everson Museum of ArtExile

Exhibition Space, The

Exit Art

"Ola De Calor: Poetry Show." 1982. Also a sculpture, "Octopus" by Papo Colo in collaboration with other artists.*

Expanded Media Editions

Experimental Intermedia Foundation

Schedule of events. March 1982.

Exploratorium UCLA


"Model Citizens Against Post-Modernism". 1982.

"Newblood New York." 1982. A series of ten lectures.

Eye and Ear Theater

"The White Snake." 1982. A play by Ed Friedman, sets and costumes by Robert Kushner, directed by Bob Holman.

Eyes and Ears Foundation

Eyris Productions

EZ-TV Video Gallery W. Hollywood, CA

Fabric Workshop, The NYC

Facchetti Gallery NYC

Factory Place Gallery

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Family Dog Productions

Farmington Valley Arts Center

Farthing Gallery

Fashion Moda

Faulk, Gary


Federal Hall National Memorial

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

"Painters' Progress." 1983. An exhibition of painters from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Feigenson Gallery

"American Folk Art." 1983. Selected work by William Dawson, Inez Nathaneil-Walker, Elijah Pierce, Mose Tolliver, Joseph Yoakum.

Felluss Fair Industries

Fendrick Gallery

Fiction Collective

Figura Editions

Film Forum 1

Calendar October 1982 - January 1983.

Filmgroup at N.A.M.E.

"3 Nights of West Coast Films" 

Film News Now Foundation

Fine, Kim

Fine Art Rafael Vostell

Fine Arts Archive/ Dada Archive and Research Center, University of Iowa School of Art and Art History Oversize Box 1

Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Mauro Staccioli, Sculpture. Jenny Holzer. Prints and Drawings of the New York School. 1984. Invitation to the opening reception for the three exhibitions.

Fine Arts Gallery Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Fine Arts Museum of Long Island

"The I of the Camera." 1982. Gottlieb, Hecht, Perr, Powers, Sperling, Sugarman, Tietz, Tortora.

Fiona Whitney Gallery

Fiorello, Sabato

First Women's Bank, The

Fischbach Gallery

Fisher Gallery

Five Hundred Exposition Gallery

Flatland Galerie

Flow Ace Gallery


"Excellent." 1992

"Under the Influence of"

"A Conceptual Country Opening Invitations"

"A Conceptual Country Flyers for Openings"

"Flyers 92/93"

Fluxus Events

Fluxus Performance Workshop, The

Fluxus Virus

Fluxus and Company

"Galeria Arsenal."

Fluxus and Friends

Folk City

"The Citizen Kafka Band plus Dr. Otto and his Patients." 

Fool's Company, Inc.

Forecast Minneapolis, MN


Fort Worth Art Museum

Forum University of Iowa Design Program

Forum Gallerie

Forum Gallery

Forum Stadtpark

Fosman, Chuck

Foster Goldstrom

Foundation for Arts Resources F.A.R. L.A., CA

Foundations Gallery

Lyn Mandelbaum and Ushio Shinohara.

"Spirit Images." Lawrence J. Beck, Douglas Coffin, Mark Swazo Hinds, Conrad House.

Fountain Gallery

Fourteen Sculptors Gallery

Esther A. Grillo, Caroline Hallas, Anne Richter, Jill Viney.

Fox West Coast Theatre, The

Fraenkel Gallery

Frank Bernaducci Gallery

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Marino Gallery
Frank McDonald Gallery

Frankfurt Book Fair

Franklin Furnace

"Object to Interpretation." 1983. David Hecht with Kiki Martins.

Anthony and The Ascetics (Paul Zelevansky and Terry Stoller).

"Avant-Garde Books from Russia 1910-1930." 1981. An invitation to a preview opening and lecture.

"Mexican Artists' Books." 1982.

"Object to Interpretation." 1983. A work by David Hecht with Kiki Martins.

A performance by Michael Meyers with Marsha Paludan.

Franz Mayer & Co. Inc.

Frauen Museum

Frederick S. Wight Art Gallery UCLA

Freedman Gallery

Freidus/Ordover Gallery, Inc.

French Institute/Alliance Francaise

Fresno Arts Center

Fresno Arts Museum

Fukuoka Cultural Center

Fuller Goldeen Gallery

Funnel, The NYC

Funnel Film Theatre, The

Futurewerks Werld HQ HumanFaktory

G. Ray Hawkins Gallery

Gabriele Schimdt-Heins

Gabrielle Bryers

Vassilis Kostoulas and Dimitri Xanthoulas. 1981.

"Group Show." 1982. Kate Augenblick, Colette, Lydia Dona, Jean-Marie Haessle, Tomoo Hoshino, Jon Howe, Tom Kenny, Mary Mulcahy, Bob Smith, Adriaan Willemse.

Gabrielle Bryers III

Chris Dermit, Serge Seckler. 1983. 

Galeria Akumulatory

Galeria Azzul

Galeria Bonino

Galeria Ciento

"Zaj: 25 anos 1964-1989." 1990. Esther Ferrer, Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti.

Galeria De Arte Do Centro Cultural

Galerie 1900-2000

Galerie 'A'

Galerie ABF

Galerie A/Harry Ruhe (Netherlands)

"Marcel Duchamp, Piero Manzoni, Joseph Kosuth." 1990. Multiples and graphics.

Galerie Ambito

Galerie Ars Viva!

Galerie Bama

Galerie Bar O Patacon

Galerie Daniel

Galerie D'Art Actuel

Galerie D'Art Contemporain de Musees de Nice

Galerie Denise Rene

Galerie Der Spiegel

Galerie Des Ponchettes

Galerie Diogenes Berlin

Galerie Eric Fabre

Galerie Farideh Cadot

Galerie Felix Haadschin

Galerie Franck

Galerie Geilsdorfer

Galerie Gmurzynska

Galerie Grita Insam Wien

Galerie Helen van der Meij

Galerie Henn

Galerie Hermanns

Galerie Im Bunker

Galerie Image

Galerie Inge Baecker (Germany)

"Partituren Sind Handlungsanweisungen." 1982.*

Galerie Internationale

"Maisterra." 1965.

Galerie J&J Donguy

Galerie Jean Claude Riedel

Galerie Jollenbeck

Galerie Jolliet

Galerie K 19

Galerie Kappa

Galerie Krinzinger (Austria)

"Fluxus Subjektiv." 1990. Performances and discussions.

Galerie Kroger

Galerie Lara Vincy

Galerie le dessin

Galerie Maeght

Galerie Maier-Hahn

Galerie Marika Malacorda (Switzerland)

Pierre Andre Ferrand, Philippe Deleglise, Patrick Weidmann.

Galerie Marina Dinkler

Galerie Michael Werner

Galerie Moulin Rouge

"j'irai revoir ma Normandie." 1982

Galerie nachst St. Stephan

Galerie Nationale du Canada

Galerie Ocaso

Galerie Permafo

Galerie Peter Pakesch

Galerie Reckermann

Galerie Rivolta

Box 6

Galerie Rudolf Zwirner

Galerie Rysunku

Galerie Schuppenhauer Koln

Galerie St. Etienne

Galerie St. Petri (Sweden)

"Words Actions & Situations." 1975. Tony Costa, Jan Costa

"Lundius: Commedia Dell'Arte." 1977. Andrzej Ploski.

"International Cultureel Centrum." 1978.

Information on a microfilm catalogue comemmorating the exhibition, "Peace Please." 1978.

Galerie Stahli

Galerie Waalkens

Galerie Walter Storms

Galerie Zaterdagavond

Galerie's Contemporaines

Galerij M. Szwajcer

Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti

Galleri Bellman

Galleri Ektorp

Galleri Sct. Agnes

Galleria Bronda

Galleria by the Water

Galleria D'Arte Del Cavallino

Galleria D'Arte Moderna, Bologna (Italy)

"Esercizi Di Lettura." 1982. Agnetti, Gastini, Guttuso, Merz, Moreni, Ontani, Paladino, Vedova.

"La Sperimentazione Fotografica In Italia 1930-1980." 1983.

"Arte Svizzera '70-'80: Regionalismo/Internationalismo." 1981.

"Object Illusion Reality: mostra fotografica promossa dall'Assessorato alla Cultura in collaborazione con il Circolo Fotografico Bolognese." 1982.

Galleria del Bosco

"Petra Weiss, Merrie Houghton." 1976.

Galleria di Franca Mancini

Galleria e Libreria Dell'immagine

Galleria Giuli

Galleria Grazioni

Galleria Mikkola & Rislakki

Galleria Milano

Galleria Nazionale D'Arte Moderna Roma

Galleria San Sebastianello

Galleria Visualita

Gallery 10 Ltd.

Gallery 16

Gallery 20

"3 Generations Celebrate Life: Paintings and Ceramics." Anne, Mark, and Matthew Harris.

Gallery 76

Gallery 181 Iowa State University

Gallery 303

Gallery 345

Gallery 409

Gallery #411/12

"Three Women Painters." Press release.

"Three Women Painters." 1983. Marianne Edwards, Patricia Fleming, Judith Glantzman.

Gallery 1331

Gallery 'A'

A Gallery

A Gallery at Goods

Gallery at Ringling School of Art and Design, The

Gallery at the Plaza

Gallery Catalogue

Gallery Cinque 

Gallery East

"Pink Inc." 10 performances. "Temporary Contemporary."

Gallery Felix Vercel

Gallery Naga

Gallery Nature Morte

Gallery Nilsson

Gallery Odin Ltd

Gallery of the 21st Century

Gallery of the American Indian Community House, The

"The Four Directions." 1982. A benefit exhibit to include native and non-native artists.*

Gallery of the Austrian Institute, The

Gallery of the Ukrainian Association of Artists

Gallery One Inc.

Gallery Paule Anglim

Gallery of the Philomathean Society

Gallery Salon

Anne Boysen and Leon Graff. 

Gallery Schlesinger-Boisante

Gallery Soolip

Gallery Turnbull Lutjeans Kogan TLK

Gallery West

Gallery Yves Arman

"Women - Inside & Out." 1983. Kathleen Armstrong, Toby Buonagurio, Joan Fisher, Alexa Kleinbard, Wendy Knox-Leet, Unda Prince, Carla Scamparela, Michele Venture, Annette Weintraub, Joan Wenzel.

"The Edge of Night."*

Garden of Fuzz

"New Year's Eve." party.

Garet, Jedd

Garland, Paul

Garth Clark Gallery

Gemini G.E.L.

General Idea

George & Gerry Armstrong

George Cromartie Gallery

George Eastman House

Georgia State University Atlanta, GA

Germans Van Eck Gallery


Geuer, Juan


Gilboy, Margaretta

Gill, Andrea

Gille Mansillon Gallery

Gilot, Francoise

Gioli, Paolo

Glass Recycling

Glendale College Theatre

Global Village

"8th Video and Television Documentary Festival." 1982. Call for entries.

Globol Post Art

Gloria Luria Gallery

Goethe House

Goethe Institute

Goffman, Judy & Alan

Goldsleger, Cheryl

Golub, Leon

Golubov, Maurice

Goodman Theatre

Gorewitz, Shalom

Gorgoni, Gianfranco

Gosewitz, Ludwig

Goski Gallery

Grace Borgenicht Gallery

Gracie Mansion Gallery NYC

Graham Modern

Graphitti Comic Art Gallery

Grazer, Larry

Great Building Crack-Up, The

Greater New York Metropolitan Area Chapter, The

Green, George T.

Greenberg, Joel

Greene Street

Greenwhich House Music School

Greenwich Center

Greenwood Gallery

Gregor, Harold

Grey Art Gallery & Study Center

Griffith University

Grommet Gallery

Groover, Jan

Grossmont College Art Gallery

"Children's Video Workshop." 1977. Ralph Mann, workshop instructor. Students: Vincent Ancona, Chelle Brown, Brian Crownover, Darrin Doud, Celeste Drake, Janelle Hansen, Glenn Hensle, Melinda Hill, Keith Kinkle, Kristi Jensen, Steven Kownacki, Cathy McEvilly, Jack Moore, Selene Rawls, Tracy Towler, Laurel Waller.

Grostein, Marcia

Ground Zero Gallery

Group Material

Gruenebaum Gallery

Gruppo Alternativo Via c. de caro, 7 Oversize Box 1

Guerra, Tonio

Guggenheim, The

"Acquisition Priorities: Aspects of Postwar Painting in Europe and Recent European Painting." 1983. An announcement of a change of date for the press preview.

Guralnick, Tom

Gutzeit, Fred

G.W. Einstein Co., Inc.

Haags Gemeentemuseum

Haber Theodore Gallery

Hadler/Rodriguez Galleries

Hal Bromm

Frank Young and Keith Haring. 1981.

Terry Rosenberg and Katharine T. Carter. 1982.

Halfa, Detlef

Hallen Fur Neue Kunst Switzerland

Hallie Brown Ford Gallery


May schedule.

"Pretty Beast." Music performance by Arthur Booth. "Just Tapes," James Nares. "No Japs at My Funeral," Jill Scott, Norie Sato, Coleman/Powel and others.

"Stiletto." 1981. Screening of the film by Melvie Arslanian, starring Tina L'Hotsky.

Halsey Gallery


Loren Calaway, Michael David, Dona Nelson. 1983.

Hamm-Brickman Gallery

Hanging Loose Press

Hank Baum Gallery

Hankook Gallery

Hansen Galleries, The

"An Exhibition of Copy Machine Generated Art."

Harborside Industrial Center, The

"Terminal New York." 1983.

Harlekin Art

Harm Bouckaert Gallery

"Drawing Invitational." Richard Artschwager, Fred Escher, Sharon Gold, Denise Green, Ralph Humphrey, Alan Saret, Ted Stamm.

Harold Clurman Theatre, The

"Un-Speak-Able-Acts." 1983. By David Gibson. The world premiere presented by The Fool's Theatre Company of Oxford in association with the Harold Clurman Theatre.

Harold Rivkin

Harry & David's Art of the Month Club

Hartford Arts Center

Hartwick College

Hayden Corridor Gallery

Hayward Gallery South Bank London SEI

Hayden Planetarium


"Dancing Under the Slides." 1983.

Heath Gallery

Heaton Gallery, Rockland Center for the Arts

"Sounds and Visions." 1982. Sculpture and painting exhibition by Michael David, Don Dietrich, Donald Miller, Mary Mulcahy, Jim Sauter.

Helen Bumpus Gallery

Helen Drutt Gallery

Helen Hayes Hospital

Helen Serger, la boetie, inc.

"Accrochage: A Selection of 20th Century Works." 1983.*

Helen Shlien Gallery

Heller Gallery

Holiday greeting card.

"Tourism--A Show on Travel, International Mail Art Show." Flyer.

Hemsley Palace, The

Henes, Donna


Henry Deford III Gallery

Henry Street Settlement's New Federal Theater

Robert Nathan's "Portrait of Jennie." 1982. Woodie King Jr., producer.


Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

Herbert Palmer Gallery

Herron Gallery, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

"RSM: Selections from a Contemporary Collection." 1983.

Herzog, Werner


Hewlett Gallery, Carnegie-Mellon University

"Midwest Printmakers." 1982. Robert Burkert, Warren Colescott, David Driesbach, Martin Levine, Frances Myers.

Harold Allen and Larry McPherson. 1982.

Hickory Street Art Gallery and Waterbed Store

Hicks Art Center Gallery, Bucks County Community College

"Past and Present." 1983. Photographic images by former and current photography faculty.

Hidden Noise

Higgins, E.F. III

High Museum of Art, The

High Performance Magazine L.A.

Hillwood Art Gallery

Hirshhorn Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, The Washington, D.C.

Hirchl & Adler Galleries

Hobbs House, The

Hoboken Art Gallery

Hockney, David

Box 7

Hofstra University

Holographic Film Foundation

Holly Ross Associates

Holly Solomon Gallery

Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, major installation in North Gallery. Aldo Spoldi, new paintings. 1983.

Joe Zucker, new paintings. William Wegman, new polaroids, north gallery. 1982.

Home Plate

Honolulu Academy of Arts, The

Hoo Hoo Archvies

Hood Museum of Art

Hopkins Center and Hood Museum of Art

Hopper House Gallery

Horizon Galleries

Hoshor Gallery Alburquerque, NM

House, The

Hotel Meridien Montreal

House of Living Judaism, The

Hubaut, Joel

Hudson River Museum, The

"Sound Fountain by David Behrman and Paul DeMarinis." 1982. Concert, demonstration, and Lecture.

"ABRUPT: The Familiar Confuses." 1982. Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn. "Making Pictures/Sounds Good," a talk by the artists.

Hunter College Graduate Art Department

Hunter Gallery

Hyde & Green Gallery


Ikonengalerie Wortmann

Image Theater

Images Gallery


Improvisational Arts Ensembles, Inc.

Independent Compsers Association

Independent Curators Incorporated

Indiana Arts Commission

Indianapolis Museum of Art

"Real, Really Real, Super Real." 1981.

Ingber Gallery

Inglewood Main Library

Inner City Public Art Projects for Youth

Inroads Multimedia Art Center

"Vectors." Takeko Lepre, Robert Lepre, Rosemary Birardi, Pat Barber, Vince Belford, Trish Burgess, Jeff Medina, Elizabeth Piggen.

"Potentially Dangerous/Unnatural Acts." 1982-83.

"TERM: Oil." A performance written & directed by Fernando Doty with Richard Spore.

"The Squad." The premiere engagement of the new musical by James Wynbrandt and Thomas Wynbrandt. Featuring Martha Gehman, Tom Wynbrandt, Jimmy Wynbrandt.

"4 for 4 - Boys Music." Ned Sublette, Michael Edwards, Power Trio - Stephan Wischerth, Jules Baptiste, Jeffrey Glenn. Renting Primitives - Jean Seton Shaw, Fritz Van Orden, Steven Harvey, Jim Thomas.

"Women In Research." Cindy Carr, Lenora Champagne, Patricia Jones.

Installation San Diego, CA

Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, The

Institute for Art and Urban Resources

"The Calendar for New Music, October 1984."

Insititute for Design and Experimental Art ( I.D.E.A.) Sacramento, CA

Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA

Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

"Connections: Bridges, Ladders, Ramps, Staircases, Tunnels." 1983.*

Institute of Contemporary Arts London

Intar Latin American Gallery

Intentional Acts

Interart de St. Amand Gallery

International Arts Relations, Inc. (INTAR)

1982-1983 schedule for INTAR Hispanic American Theatre and INTAR Latin American Gallery.

International Center for Advanced Studies in Art New York University

International Center for Urban Resources

International Center of Photography

International Design Conference in Aspen

International Sculpture Center

Inter-American Art Gallery

"Drawing - 1." 1982.*

Inter Art Gallery

Inter Dada 80


Invisible Performance Workshop

Irvine Fine Arts Center

Isabelle Percy West Gallery

Islip Art Museum

Israel Museum, The

Istituto Internazionale Per L'Arte Totale

Italian-American Museum

Ithaca College

Ivory/Kimpton Gallery

J. Darraby Gallery

J. Fields Gallery

J. Paul Getty Museum, The

Jack Rasmussen Gallery

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Inc.

Jack Tilton Gallery

Jacobson/Hochman Gallery

"3 Portfolios Published by Peter Blum Edition." 1982. Martin Disler, A.R. Penck, Rolf Winnewisser.

Jacqueline Anhalt Gallery

Jamaica Arts Center

James Corcoran Gallery

James Crumley Gallery Miracosta College

James Turcotte Gallery

James Yu Gallery

Jan Baum Gallery

Jancar/Kuhlenschmidt Gallery

Jan Cicero Gallery

Jan Turner Gallery (Formerly Janus Gallery)

Jan Van Eyck Academy, The

"Videosymposium." 1984.*

Janet Lehr, Inc.

Janos Gat Gallery NY

Janvier Gallery

Japan House Gallery

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center L.A.

Jay Gallery

"Private Views." 1983. Mary Teichman, Noreen Grant.

Jayne H. Baum Gallery

"Precious Objects - Seven Artists." 1983. Kaete Britten Shaw, Diane Talan, Julie Shaw, Marcia Phillips, Cara Croninger, Linda Bastian, Debra Rapoport.

J C Riedel

Jean Klebs

Jean-Pierre Giovanelli

Jeff Kint

Jennifer Dumas Gallery

Jennifer Pauls Gallery

"Total Control." 1983. David Ewing, D.R. Wagner.

Jersey City Musem

Jewell/Terrell Gallery

The Jewish Museum

"The Dorothy Series" by June Wayne. "Between Holy and Profane" by Dina Dar.

JFK International Arrivals Building

J.N. Herlin, Inc.

Joanna Dean Galleries

John Anson Ford Theatre Complex

John Bernard Myers Gallery

John Davis Gallery

John Gibson

"Ten American Artists." 1982. Vito Acconci, Bill Beckley, James Carpenter, William Childress, Gordon Matta-Clark, Dan Graham, Bill Lundberg, Dennis Oppenheim, Janet Rifkin, Roger Welch.

John Nichols Printmakers

John Weber Gallery

Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture

Johnston Cty Center

Jon Henderikse

Jon Leon Gallery

Jones Theatre

Jonson Gallery

Josef Gallery

"Landscape, Cityscape." Pamela Avril, Robert Berlind, Robert Birmelin, Roger Brown, Martha Diamond, April Gornik, Christopher Jones, Deborah Kass, Tobias Mostel, Robert Yucikas.

Joseph Dee Museum of Photography

Joslyn Center of the Arts

Joy Horwich Gallery

Joyce Goldstein Gallery

Joyce Theater

Judith Christian Gallery

Judson Church

Judson Dance Theater

Judy + Alan Goffman Fine American Paintings

Judy Caden Gallery

Julian A. McPhee University Union Galerie

Junior Galerie

Jus de Pomme Gallery

Just Above Midtown/Downtown

September, October schedule.

Justine's Beautiful Dreamer Products

Jytte Lokvig's Studio

Kaber Gallery Ltd.

Kairos Institute


"La Soiree Francaise." 1984. With DJ Anita de Sarko and a "special midnight performance" by Phoebe Legere.

"Light Moving."*

Kampo Cultural Center

Kansas City Art Institute

Karen Lennox Gallery

Karl Bornstein Gallery CA

Kathleen Meyer Gallery

Kathryn Markel Gallery

"Second Annual Artists' Books Show." 1982.

Katz, Alex

Keech, John

Keeton, Dara

Kennedy Galleries

Kenkeleba Gallery

Kent State University

Kew Gallery, Inc.


Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth

Kirk deGooyer Gallery

Kit Basquin Gallery

Kitchell, Peter

Kitchen, The

"Meet the Performers: A Sunday Matinee Series and Brunch to Benefit The Kitchen." 1982. Simone Forti, David Warrilow, Robert Longo.

Elizabeth Streb in "Fall Line Ringside." With Michael Schwartz. Presented by Dancing in the Kitchen. 

Kitchen Center, The


Klein Gallery

Schedule of events. Spring 1983.

Kling Gallery, The Philadelphia, PA

Komoski, Bill

Koplin Gallery

Kraushaar Galleries

Kruger, Barbara

Kucharz, Lawrence

Kuhlenschmidt Simon Gallery

Kulturhaus Palazzo

Box 8

Kung Fu Gallery

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien

Kunstlerhaus Weidenallee

Kunstverein Roshenheim Germany

KUSF/KLAX Oversize Box 1

KWOK Gallery

Laband Art Gallery

L.A. Artcore

La Biennale di Venezia

L.A. Eyeworks Gallery

La Galleria Dell'Occhio

La Galleria Second Class NYC

La Gamelle

Laguna Beach Museum of Art CA

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art

L.A. Louver


La Mama E.T.C.

"The American Mysteries." 1983. Written and directed by Matthew Maguire.

Mamelle Gallery

La Mirage Gallery

Lance Fung Gallery

Landau Gallery

Landmark Gallery

Landsforeningen Norske Malere

Landsman Studio, The

Lanfear, Marilyn

Lang Gallery Scripps College Claremont, CA

Langston's Gallery


Lapp Princess Press Ltd.

Larcada Gallery

LaRocka Nite Club

Larry Gagosian Gallery L.A.

Latitude 53 Gallery

Laundry Loft, The

Lawrence Gallery

le Centre du Monde Nice, France

League-iscm, The American Music Center

Ledel Gallery

Lee Hoffman Gallery

Lefebre Gallery

Legion Arts, Inc.
Leighton Productions

Leila Ivy Gallery

Leila Taghinia-Milani

Le Liew Quebec, Canada

Leo Castelli Gallery

Leonard Hutton Galleries

Leonard's Artspace/Video Fest Modesto, CA

Lerner Heller

Les Editions Intervention

Levi, Corrado

Levin & Associates, Architects

Levitan I & II Gallery

"Group Show: Painting and Sculpture." Sally Edleman, Carol Mager, Joan Melnick, Ellen Rand, M. Talbot.

"Group Show."*

Lhasa Club

"Lhasa-Lace Present:" "Five Sisters." by Guy DeCointet, "Fashion Victim." by Rikky George, "Cafe Discontent." by Sandra Christensen, "and other dances."

Life Cafe


Light Factory, Inc., The

Lighthouse, The


Lily Van de Stokker Gallery

Limbo Lounge


Lincoln Center for the Arts

Linda Farris Gallery

"The Chymical Nuptials of Soma and Agni or rather The Allegory of Corny Agrippa and the Slippery Bath." 

Little Room Gallery, The

Livet Richard Company, Inc.

Living Arts Gallery

Locus L.A.,CA

Loft 303

Logica Corp.

Lolas-Jackson Gallery

Long Beach City College

Long Beach Museum of Art CA

Long Island University

Longwood Theatre Massachusetts College of Art

Los Angeles Art Association

Los Angeles Artist and Community Organizations

Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies

Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles Community Design Center

Los Angeles Conservancy, The

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) CA

Los Angeles Convention Center

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (LAICA) CA

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

Los Angeles Philharmonic

Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery

Performance art by John White, Don Knaack, Carole Caroompas, Milano Kazanjian, Rachel Rosenthal. 1982.

Los Angeles Visual Arts (LAVA)

Louis Calder Memorial Library

Louis K. Meisel Gallery

"8 British Realists." 1983. Guy Beggs, Elizabeth Butterworth, David Hepher, Ben Johnson, Michael Leonard, Lucy MacKenzie, Brendan Neiland, Norman Rowe.

Louis Stern

Louisana World Exposition

Lower Manhattan Cultural Counci, The

Loyola Law School

Lubbock Fine Arts Center

Luce, Charles

Lucky Strike

Luise Ross Gallery NY

Luna Bisonte Prods

Lynden House Galleries

Heart of Dixie: Valentine Mail Art Exhibition. 1978.*

Lyon Gallery

M. Knoedler & Co., Inc.

M. Malacorda

Macomb County Community College

Macomber Farm

Madison Art Center

Magic Lantern Film Theatre

Main Street Studio Gallery

Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance

Maison des Arts Andre Malraux

Maison Francaise of Columbia University

Malinda Wyatt Gallery

Manawatu Art Gallery

Mandeville Art Gallery

Manhattan Art

Manhattan Borough President's Chambers

Manhattan Laboratory Museum

Marbella Gallery, The

Marc II Gallery

Marcus Pfeifer Gallery

Margo Levin Gallery

Margo St. James

Marian Goodman Gallery

Marian Locks Gallery

Marianne Deson Gallery
Marie Pellicone Gallery

Marilyn Gelfman-Pereira

Marilyn Monroe Memorial Theater


Marisa del Re Gallery

"Selected Works on Paper II." 1982.*

Marlborough Gallery

Marquette University

Mars Gallery Phoenix, AZ

Martha Jackson Graphics

Martha White Gallery

Martin Sumers Graphics

Martin/Molinary Art & Design Gallery

Maximal Art Gallery

Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art

Mary Boone Gallery

Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Maryland Institute, College of Art

"The Baltimore Promenade." 1981.

"The Baltimore Promenade." 1981. Poster.

Marylhurst College

"Scott Sonniksen Paintings 1972 - 1982" in The Gym. "Mary La Porte: Carbon-Dust Drawings" in the Mayer Gallery. 1983.

Masjid Al-Farah

Mason Gross School of The Arts

"A Celebration of The 20th Anniversary of Rutgers Visual Arts M.F.A." 1982. With Allan Kaprow, Charles Simonds, Alice Aycock, Linda Nishio, don Burgy, Kate Linker, Peter Frank, Roy Lichtenstein, George Segal, Bob Watts, David Behrman.

Massachusetts College of Art

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Master Eagle Gallery

Matignan Gallery


Max Protetch

Max Hutchinson Gallery NYC

MCAD Gallery

McAlpine Gallery

Box 9

McAuley Gallery

McCoy Limited

McGowin, Ed

McGraw Hill Building

McIntosh/Drysdale Gallery

Mead, Taylor

Mechicano Gallery

Media Loft Inc.

Media Study/Buffalo

Medicine Show

Melnitz Gallery

Melrose Place Gallery

Memorial Union Gallery

Mendel Art Gallery

Mendenhall Gallery Whittier College

Mercato Del Sale (Italy)

Irma Blank, Giuseppe Scaiola, Nanda Vigo. 1982.

Mercer Gallery

Mercer Union Toronto-Ontario Canada

Meredith Long & Co.


Merkin Concert Hall

Meto Pictures

Metropolis Space

Metropolitan Container of Art, The

Metropolitan Museum of Art, The

"Te Maori: Maori Art from New Zealand Collections."

"Van Gogh in Arles." 1984. Brochure.

Mezzanine Gallery

Miami-Dade Community College South Campus Art Gallery

Michael C . Rockefeller Arts Center

Michael Dunsford Gallery

Michael Kohn Gallery L.A.,CA

Michael Solway Gallery

Michigan Council for the Arts

Micro Gallery

Mid-America Dance Network

Middle Collegiate Church

"The Resurrection Show: Work by 100 East Villliage Artists." 

Mid-Hudson Arts and Science Center

Midland Center for the Arts

"Space Sails: American Banners." 1982. A national fiber exhibition.

Midtown Y Gallery, The

Miles Playhouse

Millenium Film Worshop

"Anthology Video Program." 1983. Dan Boord, Mark Gilliland, Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn, Shigeko Kubota, Davidson Gigliotti, Frank Gillette, Steina, Woody Vasulka, Nancy Burson, Carlos Altamirano, Kirk Heflin, Anthony Luzi, Bob Zieniewiz, Michael Marton, Edin Velez, Michael Smith & Mark Fischer.

"3 Dance Films by Robyn Brentano/Andrew Horn." "Space City" w/Kenneth King, "Cloud Dance" w/Andy Degroat, "Passages of Time" w/ Carter Frank.

Milliken Gallery

Mills College

Milwaukee Art Center

Minature Gallery

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The

MISAE et Cie

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Mississippi Opera Association, Inc.

Mission Gallery

Mitchell Gallery

Mixage Capillus Epidemia

Mixografia Gallery

MM Shinno Gallery

MMC Gallery

Mo David Inc.

M.O.A. Gallery (Mokichi Okada Association)

Mobius Boston, MA

Mocha Lisa's

Mock, Richard

Modern Art Galerie

Modern Realism Gallery Dallas, Texas

Moderna Museet

MoHair Museum of Hair

Molly Barnes Gallery

Moltkerei Werkstatt

Monique Knowlton Gallery

Monrovia Arts Centre

Montclair Art Museum

"Sacred Voyage." An istallation by Chris Martens. "Performance at the Museum." Al Huang, dance. Paul Winter, music. "T'ai Chi Worshop." Al Huang.

Montclair State College

Montgomery College Pomona College

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Moody Gallery

Moon Gallery

Moondance Diner, The

Moore College of Art

"Three Consecutive One Week Exhibitions of Philadelphia Area Artists Nov 19 - Dec 15 '82."

Moosart Gallery

Morland Gallery

Morris Museum of Arts and Science

Mostly Flowers Gallery

Mott Art ( Museum of Mott Art)

Mount Holyoke College Art Museum

Mount Madonna Center

Mount St. Mary's College L.A.,CA

Movement Research, Inc.

MSAC Art Gallery

Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery

Mudd Club, The

"Comedy in the Mudd."*

"Forum for the 90's." Video, film, music, performance schedule.

"Mudd Video 5 !!" Video tapes by James Byrne, Dara Birnbaum, Shridhar Bapat, Davidson Gigliotti, Sara Hornbacher, Henry Linhart, Mary Lucier, Alex Roshuk, Tomiyo Sasaki & special newsreel footage.

Party in honor of Catherine Robbe-Grillet and Alain Robbe-Grillet.

"Brazil Night." 1982. Featuring video by Sonia Miranda. "Kleemania & Warm Up," a performance by Helio Oiticica. "Camdomble," an afro-brazilian ritual.

Muhlenberg College

"Fall 1982 Cultural Programs."

"Faculty Art Exhibition." 1983. Raymond Barnes, Joseph Elliott, Carol Parker.

Muller/Works Foundation, The

Multiples, Inc.

Municipal Art Society

Musee D'Art Contemporain (France)

"Sur Toile Et Sur Papier (Art Americain)." 1983.

"Albums et livres d'artistes." 1982.

"Des Mille Manieres: Lectures/Oeuvres D'Art." 1983. Jocelyne Alloucherie, Jack Bush, Louis Cane, Marius Dubois, Laureat Marois, Nicole Dubreuil-Blondin, Pierre Filteau, David Karel, Jean-Claude St-Hilaire. 

Musee D'Art Contemporain Montreal (Canada)

Calendar of Events. June 1983.

Musee D'Art Contemporain Ontario (Canada)

Musee D'Art Moderne De La Ville De Paris (France)

"Aléa(s)." 1982. Sara Holt, Gyorgy Kepes, Piotr Kowalski, John Latham, Jacques Monory, Dennis Oppenheim, Daniel Pommereulle, Klaus Rinke, Tom Shannon, Todd Siler, Takis. In connection with the exhibition: "Débat." Piotr Kowalski, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Jacques Monory, Pierre Restany, Isabelle Stengers. 

Musee de Toulon

Musee des Beaux-Arts

Musee des Prelocatires

Musee du Perigord

Musee Galliera

Musee International D'Art Naif

Museo Internacionale de Neu Art

Museo Italo Americano

Museo Galego de Arte Contemporáneo

"Objexto Postal / Mostra Mail Art." Invitation to participate, 1983.

Museo Vostell Malpartida de Caceres

Museum der Stadt Solothurn

Museum of Art The Pennsylvania State University

Museum of Art of the American West

Museum of Art Carnegie Institute

Museum of the Borough of Brooklyn

Museum of Contemporary Art LA

Museum of Contemporary Art Store

Museum of Fine Arts- Kunstmuseum

Museum of Holography (additional materials in Oversize Box 1)

Museum Ludwig

Museum of Modern Art, The(New York)

"New Work on Paper 2." 1982. Jonathan Borofsky, Francesco Clemente, Mario Merz, A.R. Penck, Guiseppe, Penone.

"Big Pictures by Contemporary Photographers." invitation to press preview.

"Sentimental Fables." 1981. A performance by Robert Kushner and R. A. Robboy.

Museum Moderner Kunst

Museum of Neon Art LA

Museum of Photographic Arts

Museum of Soviet Unofficial Art, The

Museum School Gallery, School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"Photography: An exhibition of photography by students of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston." 1983.

"Exhibition and Sale." 1982. Painting, sculpture, photography, prints, drawings, ceramics, metals, glass, and textiles by faculty, alumni and students of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst

Museum Wiesbaden (Germany)

"Charlotte Moorman back to Wiesbaden." 1989. A performance by Charlotte Moorman with Takehisa Kosugi, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Joseph Beuys.

"Wiesbaden Fluxus, Festum Fluxorum '82." 1982.*

Music Gallery, The Toronto, Canada

Mythology NYC

NAB Gallery

Nabisco Brands USA Gallery

Nagle, Ron

N.A.M.E. Gallery Chicago, IL

N+N Gallery

Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Nancy Lurie Gallery

Naspa-Nassauische Sparkasse

Nassau County Museum of Fine Art

National Academy of Design

National Association of Artists Organizations, Inc., The

National Composition Association

National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Canada

National Museum of American Art

National Museums of Canada



Nechvatal, Joseph

Needleman, Phyllis

Neikrug Photographica

"Rated X." 1990.

Neill Gallery

Nelson Gallery

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Neuberger Museum

Card with directions and information about transportation to the Neuberber Museum.

Neues Institutsgebaude (Austria)

"Erzahlen Heute Statements und Beispiele." 1991.*

New Dance Alliance

New Gallery, The

New Gallery of Contemporary Art, The

New Generic San Francisco, California

New Museum, The

"Stay Tuned: Video in the Context of Other Media." 1981. Robert Cumming, Brian Eno, Charles Frazier, Donald Lipski, Howardena Pindell, Judy Rifka, Allen Ruppersberg, Irvin Tepper.

"Workspace." 1983. Eleanor Dube, E'wao Kagoshima, Jamie Summers. Work by Gary Falk in "The Window: a showcase display on 14th St. East of 5th Ave."

"Persona." 1981. Eleanor Antin, Mr. Apology, Colin Campbell, Bruce Charlesworth, Colette, Redd Ekks, Lynn Hershman, James Hill, Martial Westburg. Work by Colette also in "The Window."

"Not Just for Laughs: The Art of Subversion." 1982. The work of David Troy in "The Window."*

"Currents." 1982. The Reverend Howard Finster, Candace Hill-Montgomery. "The Window." Brad Melamed, "Daily Dilemmas/Dilemas Diarios.

New Music

New Otani, the Golden Ballroom

New Performance Gallery

Newport Harbor Art Museum Newport Beach, CA

New Reform Gallery

New School for Social Research

New School Graduate Center, The

"Carnival Knowledge." With sculpture, games, booths, films, performances, music and food for the entire family. With special performance by Morocco. 

New Space, The

New Wilderness

New Wilderness Foundation Inc., The

New York Art Theatre

New York City Technical College

New York Fantasy

New York Feminist Art Institute

New York Foundation for the Arts NYC, NY

New York Hilton Hotel

"Women's Caucus of the Arts Conference." Panelists include Nancy Angelo, Judy Baca, Joan Braderman, Elizabeth Hess, Susan McHenry.

New York Institute for the Humanities

New York Institute of Technology

New York Marxist School

New York Public Library

New York State Flower Festival

New York Talk
New York Times Company, The

New York University Grey Art Gallery & Study Center NYC, NY

New performance works by William Hellermann and members of the Medicine Show Theatre. 1983.

Newark Museum

Newfoundland Theatre

Newhouse Gallery/Snug Harbor

Newsounds Gallery

Newspace Los Angeles, CA

Nexus Foundation for Today's Art

"Performance at Nexus." Al Wong, film installations. Joyce Cutler-Shaw, "Messenger." Don Yorty, "Fucking."

Nexus Gallery Philadelphia, PA

Nexus Inc.- Contemporary Art Galleries Atlanta, GA

New Jersey State Museum

Nickle Arts Museum, The

Nigel Greenwood, Inc.

Night Gallery

N'ima's Studio

Nina Freudenheim Gallery

"Nineteen in New York." 1983.*

Nine San Francisco, CA

Nippon Club Gallery

Nitsch, Hermann

No Se No

Box 10

Nobe Gallery


Nohra Haime Gallery

Nomad Museum, The

Nonson Gallery

Noortman & Brod

Nordic Arts Centre

Norman R. Eppink Art Gallery

North Carolina School of the Arts

Northcutt Steele Gallery

Northfield Mount Hermon School

Northridge Fashion Center

North Terminal Connector Gallery

North Texas State University Art Gallery

North View Gallery, Portland Community College

C. W. Potts, linen mache figures and J. Solis Bates, photographs.

Northwood Arts Center

Northwood Experimental Art Institute

Nottingham Castle Museum

Nouveau Mixage (France)

"K-Roll Jungle." 1982.

Novo Arts

N.V. Remizov

N.Y. Experimental Glass Workshop

NYC Poetry Calendar

Oakland Museum, The

Oakwood School N. Hollywood, CA

Obelisk Gallery

Obscure France

Odd Fellows Temple Seattle, WA

Odyssia Gallery

Off Centre Centre

Ohio Arts Council

Ohio Performance Space

"The Work-In-Progress Premiere of 'H'" conceived, directed and designed by Manuel Lutgenhorst.

"Synaesthetics Poetry Series." Armand Schwerner and Michael Andre.

Ohio State University

Ohio Theater

Oil & Steel Gallery

OK Harris

Douglas Bond, John Clem Clarke, Leslie Weiner, Ted Weller. 1983.

Daniel Douke, Randy Dudley, Allen Harrison, William Nichols. 1983.

"Summer Invitational 1982." Joseph Amar, Manuel Bromberg, Vincent Falsetta, Don Garber, Steve Heilmer, Lawson Smith, Paul Von Ringelheim, Joseph Richards.

Alan Adams, Arie Galles, John Kacere, Larry Kagan. 1982.

Olbrich, Bernd

Old Detriot Gallery

Olin Fine Arts Gallery

Olsen Gallery

On Loan From Image Gallery

One Fifth

One Penn Plaza

Ontario College of Art

Onyx Gallery


Open Air Gallery 98

Open Space Gallery

Open Studio

Orange County Center for contemporary Art

"Tesseract." A performance by Irmainee Earnshaw. "Watercolor Workshop." Al Porter.

Orange Door Gallery

"Octworkz." Barry Markowitz, Linda Burnham, Dick Dunlap.

Oranges and Sardines Los Angeles, CA

Orchard Gallery Derry, N. Ireland

Organization of Independent Artists (OIA)

"OIA 82-83, Wards Island, Sculpture." 

Orlando Gallery

Orleans Gallery

Orwell Memorial Art Space Los Angeles, CA

Osborn, Kevin

Osbornbook Arlington,VA

Oscarsson Hood Gallery

Other Books and So

Other End, The


Otis Insititute of Parsons School of Design L.A., CA

Otterness, Tim

Outer Space


Overland Theatre, Massachusetts College of Art

"On the Passing of Time." Mobius Theater.

Ovsey Gallery

Pace University Art Gallery NY

Pace/Macgill Gallery

Pacific Grove Art Center

Padma Press

Painted Bride Art Center

Palais des Congres (Belgium)

"Concert Fluxus." Ben Vautier, Giuseppe Chiarri, Robert Filliou, Takako Saito, Wolf Vostell, Milan Knizak.

Palm Springs Desert Museum

Palo Alto Cultural Center

Pam Adler Gallery

"Fifteen Artists." 1982.

"Major New Work." 1982.*

Pamela Auchincloss Gallery

Pan Arts

Paolo Tonin Gallery

Papier Mache Video Institute, The

Paradise Leased

Park 65 Club

Parallel Window, The

Parsons Gallery

Parsons School of Design

Parsons/New School

"A Video Tape by Carolee Thea Documenting 'Ceremonial Conjecture' an Earthwork created in 1981 by Penny Kaplan and Carolee Thea for the Morris Museum, Morristown, N.J." 1982.

Participation Project Foundation, Inc., The Pascal de Sarthe Gallery


"Voice of America." Concert with Fred Frith, Bob Ostertag.

Pat Cummings

Pat Hearn Gallery

Paul Maenz

Paul Mellon Arts Center

Paul Villasenor Library Gallery

Paula Cooper Gallery

"Drawings and Other Work."

Payson-Weisberg Gallery

Penine Hart Gallery

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Awards ceremony. 1982.

Penny Arcade

Pepperdine University Malibu, CA

Performing Artservices, Inc.

Performing Arts Center

Performing Arts Management Institute

Performance Bank

Performance Hall Gallery

Perfomance Space 122 (P.S. 122)

"Solos." Ruth Alpert, Gabrielle Lansner.

"Stephen Paul Miller's Sunnyside." By Stephen Paul Miller and Mary Sutton. With Katherine Koch, Taylor Mead, Tinkerbelle, Philip Suraci, Frank Rubino, Peggy Cyphers, Nancy Girl, Julius Klein, Leslie Lustig.

"Jump." Four Painters: Rick Prol, Randi S. Chalfin, Dana Gordon, Peggie Lowenberg.

"More Avant-Garde-Arama?" Stan Baker, Bill Horovitz, Colleen Mulvihill, Richard Sanka, Gary Williams, Tom Mathews, Richard Epstein, John Malpede, Charles Dennis, Hal Freedman, Keith Aoki/Diane Spodarek, John Jesurun, Lissie Willoughby, Roberta Levine, Anita Feldman, White Noise Theatre.

"Powerful Muscles (Afraid to Relax)." 1983. Keith Aoki/Diane Spodarek.

"Avoiding Falls in the House: A Performance-Installation." Fred Holland/Tone Blevins.

"True Romance, Accidental Dances." By Terril I Maguire and Jim May. With dancers: Lorry May, Michael Lengsfield, Rae Ballard, Deborah Gans, Gail O'keefe, Jay Vooman, Pamela Schwartzberg.

"Facist Studies." Movement, sound and texts by Craig Bromberg. With susan Salinger, Barry Davison, Pat Ethridge. Kirk Winslow, projections. Howie Seligman, music producer. Produced by White Columns.

"Annexed Text." 1983. Sharon Gilbert, Charles Lenoir, Larry List, Nancy Spero, Richard Torchia, Larry Walczak.

"Wordworks." Johanna Drucker, Karen Eubel, Susan B. Laufer, Nick Piombino & Roland Antonelli.

Schedule January-February 1982.

Schedule September - October 1984.

Perimeter Gallery

Perls Galleries

Permanent Press

Peter Kattenberg

John Fekner, Don Leicht, Christy Rupp. 1982.

Candace Hill-Montgomery, Barbara Quandt, Martin Sjardijn. 1982.

Peter R. Meyer

Peterka, Cheryl

Phenix City Art Gallery

Phil's Shoes

Philadelphia Art Alliance

Philadelphia College of Art

Phillips Collection, The

Phoenix Gallery

Photo Center Gallery

Photo Graphics Workshop

Photographic Resource Center Boston University Boston, MA

Photographics Unlimited

Photo Metro Gallery

Phyllis Kind Gallery

"Art Hazards Project Benefit Reception." 1982.

Piezo Electric

Pindar Gallery

Pinnacle Gallery

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

"Sounds of Silence: International Mail Art Exhibition." Call for entries.

Pittsburgh Plan for Art

Pittsfield Community Arts Center Gallery

Plan B (Japan)

"1st International Alternative Music Projects '82 Japan." 1982.

Plane Notion

Pleiades Gallery


"Turtle Dreams." 1983. By Meredith Monk, with Robert Een, Andrea Goodman, Paul Langland, Steve Lockwood, Nicky Paraiso, Gail Turner.

Plug Club


Plug In Winnipeg, Canada

PM & Stein Gallery

Poesia Sonora

Poetry Center, The SFSU Campus

Schedule of events. Featuring Johanna Drucker, Fanny Howe, Russell Edson, Abigail Child, Robert Duncan, Ronald Johnson, Charles Bernstein, Ron Silliman, Nathaniel Mackey, Yuri Kageyama, Jack Mueller.

Poetry Project, The

Polish Museum of America

Political Art Documentation/Distribution New York City, NY (P.A.D/D)

Poltroon Press

Pomar, Joseph

Poole-Wills Gallery

Pori Art Museum

Port Washington Public Library

Porter-Wiener Studio

Portland Art Association, The


Stephen Spera, recent constructions, prints and stamps. Michael Tingley, mobiles. Ken Graves, black/white photographs.

Suzanne Joelson, paintings. Laurinda Stockwell, mixed media photoworks. George Platt Lynes, vintage photographs.

Pratt Institute Gallery

"Bridge, Boogie, Bingo." A 50s sock hop at Heartbreak to benefit "Bridges," an outdoor sculpture exhibition in recognition of the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial.

Pratt Graphics Center Gallery

"Offset Lithography." 1974. Invitation to preview the exhibitioin of prints by 30 artists.*

Pratt Manhattan Center Gallery

"The Destroyed Print." 1982. A collaborative artwork by Jeff and other artists.*

Premier Man

Presswerks Editions

Prince Street Gallery

"Prince Street Gallery Group Show."*

Printed Editions

Printed Matter Inc. NYC, NY

Private Eyes

Pro Arts

Project Arts Centre

Box 11

Project Studios One (P.S.1)

"Fluxus: Concert of Events, Performanced and Actions." 1981. With Ken Friedman


Provinciaal Museum (Belgium)

Madelon Hooykaas & Elsa Stansfield. 1983.

"De Stijl 1917-1931." 1982.

"Hedendaagse Edelsmeedkunst: Een orientatie tussen Maas en Rijn." 1982. 

Public Art Fund Inc. New York City, NY

Public Illumination Picture Gallery

Public Image

Public Theater, The

Puck Building, The


Purple Barge



Pyramid Coctail Lounge, The

"Apt Five Neoist Conspiracy." Monty Cantsin, Gordon W. Zealot, Napoleon Moffat, E G Head, E F Higgins, Michael Keane, Kiki Bonbon, Fred Dewey, Raymond Pilon/Diane Lassonde, Ginny Lloyd, Gary Singerman, Arleen Schloss.

"The Taylor Mead Show." 1982. Presented by Billy Bergman and Stephen Paul Miller. With John Giorno on March 16 and Richard Hell on March 23.

Q. Novelties San Francisco, CA

Queens Musem, The

Quint Gallery

Quog Music Theatre

R Street Gallery

Rabinovitch and Guerra Gallery

Race Gallery

Race Street Gallery

Naomi Dickerson, installation. Sanghi Wagner, performance.

"Four Artists from San Jose." Therese May, Bonnie Cook, Elaine Ginsberg, Chris Daubert.

Rachel Adler Gallery

"The Russian Revolution in Art."

Rachel Rosenthal

Radford University

Rainbow Connection Art Gallery NYC

Randolph Street Gallery Chicago, IL

Rathbone Gallery Albany, NY

Razor Gallery

R.C. ERPF Gallery

Real Art Ways

Red Bar

Red Eye Studio

Red Letter Days

Red Parrot, The

Red Spot Outdoors Slide Theater, The

Red Studio, The

Redding Museum and Art Center


Reece C. Nifong VFW Post Home No. 6367

"100% Polyester Party." 1984. hosted by "Chessie Dunn, Jeff Fleming, Michael Greene, Lee Hansley, Ida Shen, Marty Spry.

Reed Whipple Gallery

Reedy River Works

Re Cher Chez

Re Flux Editions (Barbara Moore) NY,NY


Reinhold-Brown Gallery


Relache, The Ensemble For Contemporary Music

"Five Concerts During the Fall, 1981 Performance Season." "Bertolt Brecht and Song."


Republic Canada

Reuben Saunders Gallery Wichita, KS

Rex W. Wignall Museum Gallery

Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art

Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Rice Museum

Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery Los Angeles, CA

Richard L. Nelson Gallery

Richard Texier

Richard Thompson

Ring House Gallery

Ringling Museum of Art

Rio Hondo College Art Gallery

Risser Gallery Pasadena, CA

River Gallery

Riverside Art Center & Museum

Rivoli, The


Robert Else Gallery

Robert Freidus Gallery

"The Horse Show: Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Prints and Photographs." 1983.

Robert Hull Fleming Museum

Robert Miller Gallery, Inc.

Robert Schoelkopf Gallery

Roberts Art Gallery

Robeson Center Gallery

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rodger La Pelle Galleries

Roger Litz Gallery

Roger Morrison Gallery

Roger Ramsay Gallery, Inc.

"Works on Paper." 1982. Baselitz, Kiefer, Penck.

Rolando Castellon Gallery

Rome Art and Community Center New York

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

"Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)." "The public is invited to listen to the 21 sound pieces from [the record]." Featuring the work of Agnetti, Antin, Applebroog, Atkinson, Beuys, Burden, Davis, Fine, Fox, Fuller, Harrisons, Harrison, Komar/Melamid Kowalski/Burroughs, Levine, Schlossberg, Shannon, Siler, Site, Smyth, Wilke.

"Sweet Art Sale benefit for Franklin Furnace."

"The Atomic Salon." 1982.

Rontegenstrasse 44

Rosa Esman Gallery

Rosamund Felsen Gallery

Rose Cafe, The

Rosenthal, Howard

Rosler, Martha

Ross-Pain Galleries

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Roth, Moria


Schedule of events. Autumn 1984.

Alvin Curran, "Canti Illuminati." Earl Howard, solo saxophone and ensamble with Shem Guibbory, violin, Armand Ambrosini, clarinet. Presented by "Composers' Forum." 1983.

"The Roulette Series." 1983. March schedule.

"Silent Films" by John Sherman. "Organ and Kloppbox Music" with Tim Spelios. 1981.

Roy Boyd

R.T. Firefly

Ruch, Gunther

Ruder Finn & Rotman, Inc.

Rüdiger Schöttle

Rue de Stassart

Rutgers University

Rutgers-Camden Art Department

Ruth Bachofner Gallery Los Angeles, CA

Saarland Musem

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

Sadler's Wells Theatre

S.A.I. C Performance Space

Saidye Bronfman Centre

Saint Louis Art Museum, The

Saks Fifth Avenue

Salathe Gallery

Salone Villa Romana, Florenz (Italy)

"Arte Fiera Bologna." 1983.*

Salvatore Ala Gallery

Saman Gallery

San Antonio Art Institute Texas

San Antonio Museum Association (SAMA)

San Diego Art Guild California

San Diego Museum of Art

San Diego Museum of National History

San Diego State University

Gray Matter Mail Art Show. 1978. *

San Francisco Art Institute California

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery CA

San Francisco Bay Area Dance Coalition

San Francisco Center for Visual Studies, The

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art CA

San Francisco State College

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Dept. of Art Galleries San Jose State University San Jose, CA

Sandor Tezler Library Gallery, The

Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum

Performance by Margaret Fisher. Paintings and drawings by Victor Cohen-Stuart. 1982.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art California

Santa Monica Arts Commission

Santa Monica College Art Gallery

Santa Rosa Junior College Art Gallery

Sarah Y. Rentschler Gallery

Satellite Feed

Scandinavia Today

Scarlett Letters, Inc

School 33 Art Center

"Installations." Littleton Alston and Mariano Del Rosario.

School of Art California Institute of the Arts

School of Art and Architecture University of Southwestern Louisana

School of the Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, IL

School of Modern Languages and European History, University of East Anglia Oversize Box 1

School of Visual Arts

"Working on the Edge: Conference on Art & Education." 

Schwarzburg, Peter

Sculpture at Allen Center Plaza

Sculpture Center, The

Sculpture Centre, The (Australia)

"Forieghn Ingredients Documentstzion." 

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Space, Inc.

Second Story Books

"Extended Faces." Sue Abramson, Nora Ligorano.

Second Story Spring Street Society

Secondary Currents

Segal Gallery, The

Segue Foundation














"Reading." 1983. Chris Mann, Erica Hunt

"An evening at white dog studio." Pooh Kaye (and Nelson Zayas) and Sally Silvers.

Box 12

Semaphore Gallery

Invitation to a party announcing the publication of issues five and six of Appearances magazine.

Senior Eye Gallery

Serra Di Felice

Inaugural exhibition featuring the sculpture, "The Discus Thrower" by Luigi Ontani. "Sgraffiti Paintings" by Bernd Naber. 1983.

Seton Hall University

Sette Publishing Company

Sewanee Alternative Space

SF Cameraworks

Sheehan Gallery

Sheffield Gallery

Shidoni Gallery

Shuttle Theatre

Sid Deutsch Gallery

Sidney Janis Gallery

Siegel, Ruth

Signature Gallery

Simard Gallery


Simon Fraser University

Skid Marks L.A.,CA

Skooters Place

Slavin Gallery, The


Slocumb Gallery, The

Small Walls

"Good Works: Art by Women Raised Working Class and Catholic." 1983.*

"The Cartoon Show." 1983.*

Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C.


"Salon Bon Ton: Le Vide en Rose." 1984.

Social and Public Arts Resources Center (SPARC) Venice, CA

Society for Photographic Education

Soghor, Leonard & Associates, Inc.


Soho 20

"Video Potpourri." 1983. Tapes by Ernest Gusella, James Byrne, Neal Zusman, Jane Veeder.

Sol de Rio

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The

Somar Gallery

Somerstown Studio + Gallery

Sonnabend Gallery

"Framework Houses." 1974. Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Hilla and Bernd Becher. 1983.


Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc.

Source Gallery

Sous Sol, Ecole Superieure D'Art Visuel.

"Hyperbate." 1990.*

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art Winston-Salem, NC

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Southern Exposure Gallery San Francisco, CA

Southwestern College Chula Vista, CA


Space 57 Gallery

Space WA

"Somnambulism (Sleep Walking)." 1983. Kei Tsuji, Akio Suzuki.

SPACED Gallery of Architecture


Spectrum Gallery

Spires-Douglas Buick Service Dept.

Spirit Square Arts Center

Spiritual America

Spring Lounge, The

Squat Theatre

Srecna Galerija/Happy Gallery

Staatliches Museum Schwerin Germany

Stadt & Koln

Stadtgalerie Saarbrucken

Stadtische Galerie

Stalin, John

Stamford Museum & Nature Center

"CP&S Connecticut Painters and Sculptors Annual 1983."

Stanley Technical College

State University of New York College of Purchase

Staten Island Ferry, The

A benifit for "The Kitchen Touring U.S.A. I: Premiere Performances on The Staten Island Ferry." Eric Bogosian, Glenn Branca, Fab Five Freddy & the Rock Steady Crew, Lisa Fox, Julia Heyward & T-Venus, Oliver Lake & Jump Up, David Van Tieghem, and "special guests to be announced."

Static Theatres

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Hof Van Busleyden Germany

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Holland

Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum (Netherlands)

"Zomeropstelling Van de Eigen Collectie." Georg Baselitz, Alighiero Boetti, Daniel Buren, Gino De Dominicis, Luciano Fabro, Gilbert & George, Rebecca Horn, Anish Kapoor, Hermann Nitsch, Sigmar Polke, Lawrence Weiner, Ian Wilson.

Stefan Eins


"Red." 1982.*

Stein Gladstone

Steinernes Haus am Romerberg

Stella Polaris Gallery


Stephen Edward Galleries

Stephen White Gallery

Stephen Wirtz Gallery

Stephan, Gary

Stephanie Cohen Photography

Stephens Chapel

"The Marcel Duchamp Memorial Players." 1982. Improvised music, new and traditional instruments. 

Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

Steve Poleskie

Steven Johnides Gallery

Stewart Neill Gallery

Stillman-Myers, Joyce

Stirner-Unangst Gallery Inc.

St. James Institute London, England

St. Mark's Church

"performances." Peter Rose, Diane Torr, Bradley Wester.

Chris Abajian, David Schanker, Bill Raymond.

"The Poetry Project." February 1982 Schedule.

St. Mark's Place

"The Re Cher Chez Mayfest." Chris Abajian, David Schanker, Bill Raymond

St. Peter's Church of Performing Arts

Storefront for Art and Architecture

"An Evening of Openhouse: Ideas and Projections About Our Future Events." With a performance by Ma Pre Alimo, Michael Sahl. Explanation of a new program called, "Show and Tell" and call for entries. 1983.

Straight-Ashbury Viewing Society


Studio G7 Italy

Studio 16/E

Studio 54

"Blue Blood." By Gina Wendkos and George Dudley. With Herbie Dade, Thomas J. Bellino, Charles Komar & Sons

"An evening of music and dancing featuring Larry Rivers and Howard Brofsky with the East 13th St. Band! Special appearances by Garland Jeffries and other guest stars!"

Studio 79

Studio 666

Studio 718

Studio Arts Gallery University of Minnesota

Studio d'Arte Cannaviello

Studio Eremos at Project Artlaud Oversize Box 1

Studio for International Media, Massachusetts College of Art

"Eventworks International 1982: Music and Media, Performance."

Studio Marconi

Studio Museum in Harlem, The

Studio Oggetto (Italy)

"Disciplinatamente." Presented by Fondazione Mudima

Piero Manzoni, Giuseppe Chiari. 1988.

Studio Trisorio

Studiotre Architettura

Stux Gallery


Summer Gallery

Sun & Moon

Sundays at Prescott's


Susan Caldwell Inc.

Recent paintings and works on paper by Gayil Nalls. Sculpture by Robern N. McCauley. Selected gallery artists. 1983

Empty envelope

Susan Harder Gallery

Susan Inglett

Sushi, Inc.


Sutton Manor Arts Centre

Suzuki Gallery

Swen Parson Gallery

Swope Gallery

Symphony Space, The



Syracuse University
TAM/Theater am Marienplatz

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Taller Latinoamericano

Tanam Press

Tangente Danse Actuelle

Tap City Circus

Target L.A.

Tatistcheff & Co., Inc.

Ted Greenwald Gallery

Temple University

Ten on Eight (Ten Windows on Eighth Ave. at Fifty Third St. N.Y.C)

"The 4th Annual 100 Artists Show." 1982. Presented by TOE. 

Terrain Graphics

Terry Delapp Gallery

Terry Dintenfass Gallery

Theater for the New City

Theater of the Open Eye

Theater Place

Theatre of the Riverside Church

Theo Portnoy Gallery


Thinking Eye

Third Floor Gallery

Third Street Gallery

Third St. Music School Settlement

"Music New to New York." Schedule 1981-1982.

Thomas Segal Gallery

Thorpe Intermedia Gallery

Three Eighty Gallery

Tibor de Nagy Gallery

Tier 3

Tiffany's Windows

Time & Space Limited

Times Square Show

Timken Art Gallery

Timothy Burns Gallery

Tin Pan Alley

Todas Las Casas de Bourca Gallery

Todd's Copy Shop

Toledo Museum of Art Ohio

Tomlins, Chuck

Tony Shafrazi Gallery

Tony Zwicker

Tool & Die

Top of the Park, Loeb Student Center, NYU

"Hal Freedman Quintet."

Toronto City Hall Plaza

"Night Sea Crossing." 1982. Marina Abramovic, Ulay.

Tortoise Press

Tortue Gallery Santa Monica, CA

Touchstone Gallery

Towata Gallery


Tracey Garet

Traction Gallery

Trade Show Center

Transamerica Center Gallery Los Angeles, CA

Trans-Fers (Uptown Downtown)

Tremelett, David

Tribeca Park


Trinity Church

Trisha Brown Co.

Triton Museum of Art

Trompe L'oeil Gallery
Turkish Center

TV Works! School of Art, CalArts

Tweed Gallery

Twining Gallery, The

Two Snake Dance and Design Co.

Tyler School of Art

Box 13

UAH Gallery

UBU Gallery NY

UCEN Gallery

UCLA Extension

UCLA Film Archives


UNAM/Difusion Cultural

Ubbeboda Center
Ulrike Kantor Gallery
Undercroft Gallery


Union de Ciudades Capitales Iberoamericanas

Union Gallery

Union of Independent Colleges of Art (UICA)

Unitarian Community Church of Santa Monica

United Nations Plaza


Universiade International Student Film Festival

University Art Gallery

University Art Museum California State University

University Art Museum University of California

University City Science Center Gallery

"Drexel University Design Department Faculty Exhibition." 1983.

University Club, The

University of California, Davis

University of California Irvine

University of California Los Angeles UCLA

University of California Riverside

University of California San Diego

University of Chicago Renaissance Society

University of Cincinnati

University of Colorado Art Galleries

"Texas on Paper." 1982.

University of Dallas

University of Delaware

"Twentieth Century American Sculpture." 1983. A symposium.

University of Denver

University Extension University of California, Berkeley

University Gallery University of Massachusetts at Amherst

University of Iowa Annual Humanities Symposium Oversize Box 1

University of Iowa Program for Modern Studies Oversize Box 1

University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, The

"The Forty Sixth Annual Conference MidAmerica College Art Association"; "The Artist and Television"; "The Second Intermedia Art Festival" (large rolled poster) Oversize Box 1

Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Arts (misc. fliers) Oversize Box 1

University of Iowa Museum of Art

"Divorce American Style: European Modernism and the American Grain." Oversize Box 1

"Dada Artifacts - An Exhibition"; "Dada in Art and Literature - A Conference" Oversize Box 1

University of Lowell Lowell, MA

University of Manitoba

University of Nevada, Reno

University of Pennsylvania

"The Design of Fitting Environments." 1983. A reunion and symposium featuring exhibitions by Paul Philippe Cret and Louis I. Kahn.

University of Pittsburgh

University of Southern California L.A., CA

University of Southern Maine

University of the Streets

"This Setup/No Picnic." Frankie Mann, Terri Hanlon, Julie Lifton, Fern Friedman.

"Junk Love." by Robin Epstein and Dorothy Cantwell. With Stephanie Doba, Marianne Willtorp, Paul Walker, Jerry Turner.

"The Exorcism of Cheryl Returns!" 

University Union Gallery

Upper Level Gallery

Upstairs, The Tryon, NC

USC Atelier Gallery

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

V.A. Gallery

Vallance, Jeffrey

Vancouver Art Gallery

"Videospace." Schedule for April - September 1981. "Vancouver Student Tapes." "The Gloria Tapes" by Lisa Steele. "TVideo and Transvideo: Video Programming for Television" by Tom Sherman.

Vanderwoude Tananbaum

Vanguard Sweden/ Swedish Information Services Oversize Box 1


Vardell Gallery

Vassar Art Gallery

"Photo-collecting at Vassar: 100 years + 10." 1983.

Vehicule Art

Velda's Art & Antiques

Victoria Room

Video Cafe

Video Data Bank School/Art Institute of Chicago

Video Free America

Video Gallery

Video Graphe Montreal (Quebec) Canada


Video Theater

Viking Ship Museum, The

Village Postal Center

Vincent Price Gallery

Virginia Miller Galleries

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Viridian Gallery

Vis-A-Vis Art Foundation

Visual Aid

Visual Arts Gallery

Photography of David Carrino and Frank Zimmerman. 1982.

Visual Arts Museum

"School of Visual Arts Senior Photography Show." 1983. Newton S. Chin, Alison Glimm, Nuriel Guedalia, Mark Rubin, Albert

          Sargenti, Anita Velez.

Visual Arts Ontario

Visual Studies Workshop

Vital Arts
Vlaams Cultureel Centrum de Braake Grond


Volsey, Gordon

Von Karlsuld Galleries

Vorpal Gallery

Vox Populi NYC, NY

WAAM The Art Museum Association





W.P.A. Gallery
Waddington Galleries

Wadsworth Atheneum, The

Museum Brochure.

Wake Forest University

Walter Phillips Gallery

Walters Art Gallery

"Egypt's Golden Age: The Art of Living in the New Kingdom (1558-1085 B.C.)." 1982.

"The Codex Hammer, Leonardo Da Vinci." RSVP card.

"Fragments of Greatness Rediscovered: A Loan Exhibition from Poland." "The Life that Disappeared: Photographs by Roman Vishniac." 1983. Invitation to the Members' Opening of the exhibitions.

Walton Galleries, Inc.

Ward-Nasse Gallery

WARM Gallery

"House/Body." 1982. Sandra Menefee Taylor, Judith Johnson Roode.

Warner Bros. Records Inc.

Warner Gallery

Warren Benedek Gallery

Warren St. Performance

Washburn Gallery

Washington Art Gallery

Washington Project for the Arts

Schedule of events. May-June.

Washington Review Washington, DC

Washington State University

Washington Square Church

Washington Square East Galleries

Waterloo Art Gallery

Wave Hill

"Wave Hill 1982, New Perspectives." An outdoor sculpture exhibition. Carl Andre, Jedd Garet, Keith Haring, Justen Ladda, Sol Lewitt, Michael Luchs, John Torreano, Bernard Tschumi, Daisy Youngblood.

Wax Musee

Weatherspoon Art Gallery

Weber State College

"Visiting Artist Program." Jun Kaneko, Rachel Rosenthal, Harry Holland, Martha Rosler, Jack Ox, Ellen Land-Weber, Peter Frank.


Welton Becket Associates

"To Print: A Collection of Fourteen Artists, Defining Methods of Print." 1983. 

Werner Hartmann

West Beach Cafe

Westbeth Galleries, The

Westbeth Theatre Center, Inc., The

Invitation to the birthday celebration marking the opening of the theatre's fifth season. With performances by Celeste Miller and A Coma Dance; Steady/Strimer; More Theatrics in Revue, the Westbeth Theatre Center's continuing vaudeville presentation; the Leon Felder Dance Company. 1981.

West Broadway Gallery

West Coast International Sound Poetry Festival

"West Coast International Sound Poetry Festival." 1977. Oronzo Abbatecola, Philip Loarie, Paul William Simons, Pauline Oliveros, Geoffrey Cook, Mary G. West.

West Gallery

West End Gallery

Western Behavioral Sciences Institute

Western Electric Corporate Education Center Gallery

Box 14

Western Front Society Vancouver, B.C.

Western Michigan University

Western Washington College Western Gallery WA

Westminster Gallery

Weston Press & Gallery

Wheelock College Gallery

Whitchapel Gallery

White Columns

Susan Hiller, Barbara Ess

"Books by Barbara Ess, Glenda Hydler, Meredith Lund."

"Readings at Whtie Columns." "Dead Writers Don't Speak." Kathy Acker, Tina L'Hotsky, Aaron Noble, Mike Roddy, Lynne Tillman, Reese Williams. "The Critics' Voices." Organized by Douglas Blau. With Eric Bogosian, Michael Smith, John Torreano, William Wegman.

"Record Covers for Show."*

Patrick McCarthy, paintings. Kevin Boyle, photographs.

White Dog Studio

"Foreign correspondent and the free press" and "move with fire/a lake." Mona Sulzman with Gloria Deitcher, Catherine Mapp and Luly Santangelo.

Whitehead Studios

White Plains Public Library The Museum Gallery

Whiteley Gallery

Whitney Museum of American Art

"1983 Biennial Videotapes." 1983. Juan Downey, Bruce Charlesworth, Ken Feingold, Edin Valez, Shalom Gorewitz, Stan VanDerBeek, Bill Viola, Matthew Geller, Doug Hall, Howard Fried, Barbara Buckner, Gary Hill, Bob Snyder, Nam June Paik and Shigeko Kubota, Martha Rosler.

"Video-Music: New Correlations." 1982.

"Performance." 1982. Nam June Paik/Charlotte Moorman.

"Robert Smithson: Sculpture." 1982. Panel discussion of the exhibition with Carl Andre, Virginia Dwan, Nancy Holt, Lucy R. Lippard, Richard Serra.

Performance by Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman. 1982.

Schedule Spring - Summer 1984.

Schedule March - April 1984.

Whitson Fine Arts Gallery

Wichita Art Museum

Willamette University Salem, Oregon

Willard Gallery

William Doyle Galleries

A press walk for "the may 19th auction of important 19th and 20th century European paintings." 

Williwear Productions]

Wilson Arts Center

Windows on White

Wizard Music

Wofford College

Women's Art Registry of Minnesota

Jackie K. Kielkopf, Judy S. Nunneley, Katherine L. Ross. 1982.

Women's Building, The LA

Women's Caucus for Art NYC

Women's Interart Center

Women's Party for Survival

Women's Studio Workshop, Inc.

Wonderhorse Theatre

Wood, John

Woodland Pattern Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Wooster Group, Inc. The Performing Garage

Worchester Art Museum

Works Contemporary Art Gallery, The

Works Gallery, The

Works Edition

Works/San Jose

Workspace Gallery

World Craft Council

World Print Gallery

Wow Cafe

Writer's Center, The

Schedule of events. Fall 1982.

Schedule, list of classes, winter 1983.

Writer's Voice, The

Wynn Kramarsky

Xavier Forucade, Inc.

"Sculpture." 1982. Berlant, Crozier, De Kooning, Hague, Heizer, Tony Smith, Westermann.

"Mitchell, Morley, Rockburne: New Prints and Works on Paper." 1982.

X-Changes Gallery


XVII Bienal of Sao Paulo


Yale Art Gallery

Ydessa Gallery, The

Yellow Springs Institute

Yomoma Arts, Inc.

Young Hoffman Gallery

Yvonne Seguy Gallery


"Group Show: Paintings and Sculpture." Nancy Bowen, Peter Flaccus, Jason Hunsinger, Timothy Woodman. "City Pictures." Paintings, prints and photographs. George Ault, Harry Callahan, Ralston Crawford, Lee Friedlander, Arnold Friedman, Jan Matulka, Paul Strand, Abraham Walkowitz.

Zeger Reijers' Multiples

Zen Mountain Center of NY

Zero One Gallery

Zim-Lerner Gallery

Zippers (Art Bar)

Zoma Gallery

Zona (Italy)

"Post Card Show Zona." 1979. call for entries.


Zweig, Ellen