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Finding Aid

Manuscripts of Chinese Writers
MsC 771
Collection Dates: 1949-1995

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

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Use of Collections: The University of Iowa Libraries supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted by their fragile condition or by contractual agreement with donors, and it may not be possible at all times to provide appropriate machinery for reading, viewing or accessing non-paper-based materials. Please read our Use of Manuscripts Statement.

Acquisition and Processing Information: These papers were acquired by the University of Iowa Libraries over a period of years, starting in 1949. Finding aid posted to Internet in July 2004 with help of Shelley Xiaoli Zhu; revised and Chinese titles added  by Jia Xu in 2008.

Photographs: None









Scope and Contents

In 1991, The University of Iowa established a program to collect the work of prominent Chinese writers. Printed and manuscript materials were acquired, both by purchase and by gift. Records for published work can be found in the Libraries' bibliographic database, InfoHawk. Manuscript materials are described in this finding aid.

There are two series in this collection: correspondence concerning acquisition of the materials composes Series I. Series II is the manuscripts themselves. The manuscripts are all in Chinese.

For background, and a history of the early program, see Peter Xinping Zhou, "Chinese Writers in Iowa" (Books at Iowa 58 (April 1993). For an annually updated list of Chinese writers who have visited Iowa in the International Writers Program and whose work is represented in the Iowa collections, see Chinese IWP participants.

Box Contents List

Series I: Acquisition Records

Box 1, folder:        

1: Draft policy statements; draft solicitation letters. Mainly print and photocopy documents; list of writers considered or contacted.

2: Correspondence with Zhang Cuo (张错), Zhong Xiaoyang (钟晓阳), Yuan Ze’nan (袁则难). Photocopies of outgoing letters, one autograph letter, envelopes.

3: ----. Chen Xuanwen(陈绚文), Luo Men (罗门), Rongzi (蓉子). Photocopies of outgoing letters, one autograph letter, envelopes.

4: ----. Bo Yang (柏杨), Zhang Xianghua (张香华). Photocopies of outgoing letters, invoices, envelopes. Photocopies of outgoing letters, envelopes.

5: ----. Xu Chi (徐迟), Wang Meng (王蒙). 3 computer diskettes; envelopes; invoices.

6: ----. Wang Runhua (王润华), Wure’ertu (乌热尔图), Lin Huaimin (林怀民). Copies of outgoing letters, envelopes, two autograph letters.

7: ----. Shao Yanxiang (邵燕祥). Photocopies of outgoing letters, envelopes, two autograph letters.

Series II: Manuscripts by Chinese Writers

Box 1

1: Can Xue (残雪). Yi duan mei you gen ju de ji lu (一段没有根据的记录). Photocopy.

2: Chen Xuanwen (陈绚文). Bu (布). Autograph manuscript in spiral binding.

3: Ding Ling (丁玲). Zai yan dong de ri zi li (在严冬的日子里). Part 1. Photocopy.

4: ----. Part 2. Photocopy.

5: ----. Part 3. Photocopy

6: ----. Part 4. Photocopy

7: Nieh Hualing (聂华苓). Photocopies of letters to Nieh.

8: ----. Liu Binyan : wo de meng you (刘宾雁--我的朋友). Autograph article by Hualing Nieh.

9: ----. Lu yuan qing shi (鹿园情事). Photocopies from periodical and newspaper appearances.

10: Rongzi (蓉子) and Luo Men (罗门). Poems. Photocopies, periodical issue.

11: Shao Yanxiang (邵燕祥). Poems. Autograph mss.

12: Wang Meng (王蒙). Lufu gong (卢浮宫). Autograph mss.

----. Wure’ertu (乌热尔图). Woke he Milige (沃克和泌利格). Ni rang wo shun shui piao liu (你让我顺水漂流). Autograph mss.

Box 2

1: Xu Chi (徐迟). Jie jing (结晶). Mixed mss and edited photocopy; many of the photocopies are mounted on decorative paper.

2: ----. Waerdeng hu (瓦尔登湖). Autograph mss.

Box 3

1: Xu Chi (徐迟). Hong lou meng yi shu lun (红楼梦艺术论). Autograph mss.

2: Xiao Jun (肖军). Wo de ping sheng da jia de gu shi jian lun (我的平生打架的故事简论). Autograph mss, periodical issue.

3: Yuan Zenan (袁则难). Ji yi wei peng you de er san shi (记一位朋友的二三事). Mixed autograph mss and photocopy.

4: Zhang Cuo (张错). Essays. Photocopy.

5: ----. Poems. Photocopy.

6: Zhong Xiaoyang (钟晓阳). Huan Zhenzhen (唤真真). Yi liang ran (忆良人). Photocopy.

7: ----. Ai ge (哀歌). Photocopy.

8: ----. Zhenzhen de gu shi (真真的故事). Mss on loose-leaf pad sheets; photocopy.

Box 4

1: Nieh Hualing (聂华苓). Sang Qing yu Taohong (桑青与桃红). Part 1.  Autograph mss: first 12 pages on white loose-leaf sheets, remainder on yellow pad sheets. 167 sheets total.

2: ----. Part 2. Autograph mss on 125 green tinted sheets.

3: ----. Part 3. Autograph mss on 95 white looseleaf sheets.

4: ----. Part 4. Autograph mss on 118 white looseleaf sheets.

5:Nie Hualing (聂华苓). Sang Qing yu Taohong (桑青与桃红). Photocopy of manuscript. Part 1 as folder 1 above.

6: ----. Part 2. Photocopy as folder 2 above.

7: ----. Part 3. Photocopy as folder 3 above.

8: ----. Part 4. Photocopy as folder 4 above.

Box 5

1: Nieh Hualing (聂华苓). Qian shan wai, shui chang liu (千山外, 水长流).  Photocopy with a few corrections in red ink.

2: ----. Shanshan, ni zai na er? (珊珊, 你在哪儿?). Gao tai tai de zhou mo (高太太的周末).  Autograph manuscripts of draft of story; first draft of a radio play adaptation; and a later draft of the adaptation.