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Inventory for Box 1

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Box Contents List (Items are listed chronologically by their accesion numbers)

Box 1


Name: Tommy Mew

Address: Art Dept., Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia 30149

Date: August 5, 1991

Item: letter to C.J.Kid, (10) postcards of show announcements, (1) show poster, envelope show announcement



Name: Arte Ala Carte

Address: 25 Lakeview Blvd., Avon, Connecticut 06001

Date: July 22, 1991

Item: Networking statement; "My role as a networker is exactly like a twenty-five choice question test with every abcde answers circled!"



Name: Reed Altemus

Address: 216 Small Rd., Syracuse, New York 13210

Date: August 7, 1991

Item: NC92 statement and letter;

"After networking ask Crackerjack Kid.

After Fluxus ask Steve Random.

After mail art ask Carlo Pittore

Ray Johnson answers letters too

The insincerity and semantics become tiresome, the real game is correspondence."



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire

Date: August 8, 1991

Item: 2 letters to H.R. Fricker concerning Reflux/ Sao Paulo Bienale, 1992 and Metanet. Also info sheet from Artcom as it appeared in Usenet network news



Name: H.R. Fricker

Address: 9043 Trogen, Switzerland

Date: July 30, 1991

Item: Letter from H.R. Fricker to Crackerjack Kid regarding Metanet as a congress in the NC92. Crackerjack's response.



Name: Bern Porter

Address: 22 Salmond, Belfast, Maine 04915

Date: July 1991

Item: 2 postcards proposing an NC92 Congress at Bern Porter's " Institute of Advanced Thinking ." Porter declares that IAT "opens its grounds, facilities for a congress meeting, network show or whatever."



Name: Joe Berni

Address: 99-31 64th Ave B5, Regio Park, New York 11374

Date: July 6, 1991

Item: Postcard stating Berni's philosophy: "Maybe order is not the crown but willingly fogged, is better found."



Name: Bill Whorrall

Address: RR 3, Shoals, Indiana

Date: July 1991

Item: Networking statement for NC92: "Actually, I think sane statements and honesty are now marketing gimmicks. So whose net are you in, CBS, NBC, ABC?"



Name: David Cole

Address: 19 Grace Court, Brooklyn, New York

Date: July 1, 1991

Item: Networking statement: (in part) "It is clear to me that I prefer networking at a distance rather than networking as personal contact or tourism."



Name: Andrej Tisma

Address: 21000 Novi Sad, Modene 1, Yugoslavia

Date: June 16, 1991

Item: Networking statement (in part): ". . . the most clear example for networking in my experience is the case with my NO ISM! rubber-stamp."



Name: Elliot Cantsin

Address: 1961 Cedar St., N. Merrick, New York 11566-1614

Date: June 1991

Item: Networking statement (in part): "And so I insist that the social texture of today's underground network is not dadaist, or futurist, or any kind of neo-nihilist chaos, but rather ANARCHY."



Name: Robert C. Morgan

Address: 145 Fourth Ave. -15 M, New York, New York 10003

Date: June 26, 1991

Item: Net statement: "Networking is the basis of communication without pretension. The direct line of communication. The open sensibility that projects itself through the stamping of letters."

Crackerjack Kid's Networking Databank Congress



Name: Ayah Okwabi

Address: Accra North, Ghana

Date: July 8, 1991

Item: NC92 proposal for an "African Metanet Congress" to be held Sunday, March 22, 1992, at the Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana (VOLU)



Name: Rev. Paul Summers

Address: 3444 Cliftmont Ave., Baltimore, Maryland, 21213

Date: August 4, 1992

Item: NC92 Metanet ideas suggested in a letter to Crackerjack Kid. Rev. Paul is interested in doing a NC92 meta-net performance and a time capsule burial. Also trying to arrange Maryland, Institute/College of Art to network on the NC92 meta-net. Response in letter to Rev. Paul from Crackerjack Kid.



Name: Russell Butler, a.k.a. Buz Blurr

Address: 908 Main Street, Gurdon, Arkansas 71743

Date: July 8, 1991

Item: 2 CMC train reporting computer cards with message indicating he'll come up with something for the NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence for the Vernal Equinox.



Name: Willie Marlowe

Address: 7 Euclid Avenue, Albany, New York, 12203

Date: July 3, 1991

Item: Postcard proposing a telepathy telegram for the NC92 Metanet Congress: "Netshaker Harmonic Convergence" Sunday, March 22, 1992.



Name: Keith Bates

Address: 2 Ferngate Drive, Manchester, M20 9AX, England

Date: August 10, 1991

Item: A net. statement for NC92 (read in part) "I still find the interplay between distant networkers the most fascinating aspect of Mail Art -

Mail Art has become the letter of introduction and the passport to something else. I don't like the something else -also letter to CJKid about metanet.



Name: Jo Klaffki

Address: Kunst-Bahn Hausen Academy, P.O. Box 26 31, D-4950 Minden, West German

Date: August 8, 1991

Item: Letter to Crackerjack Kid expressing interest in NC92 and organizing a metanet harmonic divergence.



Name: Fucci

Address: HC 68, BOX 2150, Prineville, Oregon, 97754

Date: August 12, 1991

Item: 2 B/W xeroxes of his drawings



Name: Joseph Berni

Address: 99-31 64th Ave. B5, Rego Park, New York, 11374

Date: August 14, 1991

Item: letter to Crackerjack Kid explaining a "Trust book" proposal for the NC92 Metanet Congress



Name: Marie Snell

Address: 14201 Hart, Oak Park, Michigan, 48237-1121

Date: August 14, 1991

Item: NC92 Net statement (read in part): "As a professional artist, working seriously in many mediums, I don't see myself as having a single role as a networker. M/A and networking are one fact of my work/life, and I interact differently with different contacts."



Name: JosŽ Oliveira

Address: Apartado 21256, 1131 Lisboa Codex, Portugal

Date: August 22, 1991

Item: letter to C.J.Kid, Curriculum Vitae, and Net Statement (in Part) "I want to help as far as I can to increase newscomers to the Network, giving them contacts, spreading news, making stamps and rubberstamps and exchanging artworks, tools, friendship, solidarity and feelings."



Name: Luce Fierens

Address: Boterstraat 43, B-2811 Hombeek, Belgium

Date: August 19, 1991

Item: Statement with letter to Crackerjack Kid on other side. Reads (in part) "The networker is the one who is situated in a flux of passion that threatens the social order. The networker traces lines of escape from the confinement of set patterns of thinking, doing, making art and living."



Name: Piermario Ciani

Address: Via Latisana, 6, 33032 Bertiolo, UD, Italy

Date: August 26, 1991

Item: Sticker examples and statement: "Stickerman is not a pseudonym of someone but only a pretext, an imaginary reference point for the networkers who collaborate to this project, ideated by me at the beginning of 1991, and is intended to produce and spread messages on an adhesive support."



Name: Kristof D'haessleer

Address: Gijzegem, Belgium

Date: August 21, 1991

Item: A hand-delivered letter from Kristof to Crackerjack Kid announcing the establishment of a Belgium NC92 Metanet Congress, "The Society for Belgo-Colombian Psyches, Netlink East-West"



Name: Vittore Baroni

Address: Via Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio (LU) Italy

Date: August 28, 1991

Item: Issue of "Real Correspondence" zine listing Networking Strategies of Trax, Stickerism, and including several stickers.



Name: Willie Marlowe

Address: 7 Euclid Avenue, Albany, New York, 12203

Date: August 23, 1991

Item: Two NC92 Project Proposals; A Telepathic Artist-to-Artist Message, and a Triangle of Communication. Also sent were reviews and postcards of exhibitions curated by Willie Marlowe



Name: Chester Kasnowski, aka Lonesome Johnson

Address: PO Box 1, Weston, VT 05161

Date: September 3, 1991

Item: Mailed NC92 Spirit Netlink Performance; reads: 2 people and a Doberman all lay flat on stomachs. The male stamped Handsome Johnson looking for an aesthetic transcendentalism. This impressed the female poet which of course was mirror like with the chant word - Liille. The female repeated this process onto the dog's fore palm...."



Name: Judith A. Hoffberg

Address: PO Box 40100, Pasadena, California, 91114

Date: September 4, 1991

Item: Announcement of a Californian Networking Congress and invitation to Christo's Umbrellas show.



Name: FaGaGaGa

Address: PO Box 1382, Youngstown, Ohio, 44501

Date: August 31, 1991

Item: NC92 Statement: (Reads in part) . . ." mail artists, performance artists, rubberstamp designers, computer hackers, scientists, and other cultural workers share a common idea, although not a common language. I propose this congress allow as many different networkers to meet and exchange ideas as possible."



Name: O. Jason

Address: 27 Whitmore St., Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4JS, England

Date: September 8, 1991

Item: Letter to Crackerjack Kid. "I reckon that the IFR will do something on the equinox (NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence). . . maybe a get together for those interested here in Stoke-on-Trent ."



Name: JosŽ VdBroucke

Address: Pikkelstraat 49, B-8540 Deerlijk, Belgium

Date: September 11, 1991

Item: Two postcard collaborations between JosŽ VdBroucke documenting NC92 metanet congresses with Romania artists, Vincze Ferenc Gyorgy, steet Hundedoara number 30/23, 4300 Tigru-Mures and Liviu Butnariu, street Castanilor number 4, 2200 Brasov, Romania.



Name: A Classic Pair

Address: PO Box 771, Royal Oak, Michigan, 48068-0771

Date: September 11, 1991

Item: Postcard



Name: Steve Perkins

Address: Iowa City, Iowa, 52246

Date: September 10, 1991

Item: Netlink Iowa City Update on Networking Statements and Material Received. Reads, "From the material that Netlink Iowa City has received its interesting to note that they all come from the correspondence network, and none of them from home tapers, hackers, bulletin board users, faxers, bands, etc...please help with this."



Name: Henning Mittendorf

Address: Postfach 50 03 65, D-6000 Frankfurt/M50

Date: September 13, 1991

Item: Statement: "Some Aspects of Meta-Networking" and collaborative drawing with Crackerjack Kid."



Name: Livia Cases

Address: Corso Marconi, 11 10125 Torino, Italy

Date: September 16, 1991

Item: Report of pre-congress action: letter reads: "I'm a meta-networker too!! I enclose the design I spray painted on 50 bottles which I then threw into the Danube. The performance title was 'Peace to Yugoslavia' and the bottles were filled with peace messages."



Name: Bruno Chiarlone

Address: Via Bertolotti 58, 17014 Cairo Montenotte, Savona, Italy

Date: September 11, 1991

Item: Networker Statement: "Local and global are dialogic extremes the responsible artist addresses and they are two place in which one can act simulataneously. We can draw again a new geography of art and a new topography that includes the territory of ecology and art - eco-art."



Name: AndrŽa Ovcinnicoff, Antientropical Man

Address: via delle primule 99-11

Date: September 18, 1991

Item: Sent "Arte Atre #26" which contained a listing of the NC92 proposal.



Name: JosŽ VdBroucke

Address: Pikkelstraat 49, B-8540 Deerlijk, Belgium

Date: August 21, 1991

Item: NC92 Meta-net Congress held in spirit between JosŽ VdBroucke, his two children, Crackerjack Kid, Mirei, and a cat named Venus. JosŽ predicted on a sticker attached to 2' x 4' strip of wallpaper that his mail and Congress would be consumated when Kristof D'Haeseleer arrived at Crackerjack Kid's address.



Name: Kristof d'Haeseleer

Address: Meerstraat 41, 9308 Gijzegem, Belgium

Date: September 21, 1991

Item: Announcement of a Pre-Congress Congress 1991, Youngstown, Ohio including Bern Porter, Carlo Pittore, Chuck Welch, John Held, Reed Altemus, Robert Saunders, Mark Bloch, Barbots, Lloyd Dunn, Steven Perkins, John Evans



Name: Ben Adams

Address: 9507 Santa Monica Blvd. #209, Beverly Hills, California 90210

Date: September 18, 1991

Item: Postcard declaring "Plans for Vernal Equinox to follow."



Name: Willie Marlowe

Address: 7 Euclid Ave., Albany New York, 12203

Date: August 18, 1991

Item: Submitted two proposals for NC92: 1) "I will send a telepathic message of Sunday, March 22, 1992 to the Crackerjack Kid. This is artist-to-artist/one-to-one communication: 'NC92 World Peace Through Art and Peace Through Artist-to Artist Communication.'" 2) NC92 Triangle Meta-Congress



Name: Andrej Tisma

Address: Modene 1/1V, 21000 Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

Date: September 21, 1991

Item: letter to Crackerjack Kid in which Tisma discusses his plans for current peace performance events in Peace Chapel in Sremski Karlovci. Also a "Spiritual Performance Statement."



Name: David Cole

Address: 19 Grace Connecticut., Brooklyn, New York

Date: July 6, 1991

Item: Metanet postcard collage of Statue of Liberty



Name: Edgardo Antonio Vigo

Address: Casilla de Correo 264, 1900 La Plata, Argentina

Date: July 1, 1991

Item: NC92 Congress postcard collage rubberstamp "Appointed Work."

Crackerjack Kid's Networker Databank Congress



Name: Ruggero Maggi

Address: C. So Sempione 67, 20149, Milano, Italy

Date: September 21, 1991

Item: Sent Congress statement. Announced two Congresses in letter and card; 1) Meta-Networker Congress for NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Convergence to be held March 22, 1991 at the Milan Art Center ; 2) NC92 Congress in Villorba, Italy, August 1992 (Exact date to be announced later). Promised video for "Databank Congress."



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire, 03766

Date: September 21, 1991

Item: Letter addressed to Ruggero Maggi reads (in part), "Let's celebrate the year of the Netshaker! Send me your chant, send me your wand, send me your mandala, send me your totem, send me your spirit without form, send me, receive me, let us be WE."



Name: Ron Con Coma

Address:14 Circle Dr., Mansfield Connecticut. 06250

Date: September 21, 1991

Item: Sent letter, "With the advent of the new world order I fear that egalitarian networks are a thing of the past. Yet I salute your efforts with the following proposal: To Dememorate the existence of The New World Order I will celebrate Feb. 29, 1992 as the 'New Improved World Order Day with Lemon.'"



Name: Marcel StYssi

Address: Atelierhaus Klingental, Postfach 301, CH-4021, Basel, Switzerland

Date: September 21, 1991

Item: Numerous black and white xerox collages and an NC92 statement: "Most everything within Mail-Art has been described, paraphrased, put into fixed terms, although in the Mail-Art scene everything is always in flux, changing, renewing itself, different from the formulation of those who write about it."



Name: Reid Wood

Address: 271 Elm St., Oberlin, Ohio 44074

Date: September 23, 1991

Item: Copy of letter from Reid Wood to Peter Kunsterman with note to C.J.Kid about planning stage for an Oberlin NC92 conference. Included is a letter from Crackerjack Kid to Reid Wood making suggestions to connect the Oberlin Reflux Network node with NC92 plus other suggestions for a "NC92 U.S. Networker Congress."



Name: Geoffrey Cook

Address: PO Box 4233, Berkeley, California 94704

Date: September 22, 1991

Item: Letter from Geoffrey Cook to Crackerjack Kid (reads in part): "I have talked to Crag Hill and Bill Gaglione and we would like to get a group of Bay Area artists in the Congress on March 22 (NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence) You must be on the computer networks. I called Carl Loeffler of La Mamelle to see if we could use their computers..."



Name: Art Nahpro, a.k.a. Paul Jackson

Address: 56 Crampton Rd., London SE20 7AT England

Date: September 22, 1991

Item: Sent "NC92 Netshaker Harmonica Divergence Proposal: "Draw a random circle around globe according to time zones etc. Mailers coincidentally residing on random line will simultaneously go outside at midnight g.m.t. and NOT play a note on their harmonicas. The subsequent silence will be put in envelopes."



Name: Walter Alter

Address: Studio 26, 4001 San Leandro, Oakland, California 94601

Date: September 26, 1991

Item: "Little Wally's Anathema" floppy disk with extensive text. He begins, "This book was written because contemporary western and anti-western artists, particularly those comprising the avant garde underground . . are in trouble . . This book is a repair manual for that trouble."



Name: S. Colby

Address: PO Box 794, El Prado, New Mexico 87529

Date: September 26, 1991

Item: Postcard



Name: Jay Windsor

Address: 22 South Bundren St., Oak View, California 93022

Date: September 26, 1991

Item: Networker statement reads in part: "The actual role I will play within NC92 will be as facilitator, instigator and, most fun, spy. My role will take place before, during and, I sincerely hope, after the Congress. The critical, personal challenge during the exercises and during the Congress will be to respond honestly and immediately (no hedge-hogging on bets!) to all inquiries from my group or from my Group."



Name: Leon Bellin

Address: 1122 Maple Ave., Evanston, Illinois 60202

Date: September 26, 1991

Item: Networker statement reads in part, "I operate as an isolate. As an artist I work alone, although I collaborate with others. -- Because I am always dependant, one way or another in (university) work, I need to operate out of the mainstream for the other satisfactions. -- I am finding the immediacy of stamp/mail activity remarkably stimulating."



Name: Journal of Sister Moon c/o Amy

Address: PO Box 40371, Phoenix, Arizona 85067-0371

Date: September 26, 1991

Item: Letter: "Hello! I'm currently organizing a Networker Congress in Phoenix . The Congress should take place sometime in early 1992, and the exact times, dates, and location will be announced. I will keep you updated if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions."



Name: Rev Paul Summers

Address: 3444 Cliftmont Ave., Baltimore, Maryland, 21213

Date: September 28, 1991

Item: NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Convergence Proposal: "For my performance in March, I wish to do a cleansing ritual before the burial of a time capsule. This ritual will include a ring of salt that will be established around the site --as I travel around the circle I will incense the four cardinal directions and chant in costume."



Name: John Held Jr.

Address: 7919 Goforth, Dallas, Texas 75238

Date: September 28, 1991

Item: Networking Congress Announcement for Friday, January 10, 1992. "As part of the (NC92) this discussion will explore the relationship between Rubber Stamp Art and Mail Art. While these two artforms grew up side-by-side in the early 70s, both have evolved to the point where they now stand alone as unique mediums."



Name: Planet of Love

Address: PO Box 271162, Dallas, Texas 271162

Date: September 29, 1991

Item: Postcard asking for more information about the "Netshaker Harmonic Divergence." Also included is a zine entitled "Federation Gazette, Vol XXII, Number 6, April 2210



Name: Kristoff D'Haeseleer

Address: Meersstraat 41, 9308 Gijzegem, Belgium

Date: September 29, 1991

Item: Networker Statement: "Isn't every meeting between 2 or more networkers a Congress? I would prefer that to be called a Congress, rather than some meeting in the holy year 1992, where 72 networkers sit around a table and try to solve all kinds of networkings issues. -- Make Tourism, Call it Congressing!"



Name: H.R. Fricker

Address: 9043 Trogen, Switzerland

Date: September 29, 1991

Item: Proposal for a "Book of Resolutions" documenting the NC92 congress sessions. "A NC92 documentation should be more than just an insider information....the 'Book of Resolution' will be a readable overview of the Networkers interests." Personal letter to Crackerjack Kid on other side. Response from Crackerjack in 3 page letter.



Name: Jim Klingbeil

Address: 1104 North Marshall #709, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Date: September 29, 1991

Item: Net statement; "...rather than self-gratulatory gatherings celebrating the simple existence of networks, forays into limited subcultures, sophomoric conspiracy theories that miss the big picture or engaging in pointless discussions of intellectual or aesthetic theories, why can't we get something really dangerous going with NC92?"



Name: Guy Bleus

Address: PO Box 43, 3830 Wellen, Belgium

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: NC92 statement: "(7) The role of the networker is to invent new roles for the networker. (8) "The" role of the networker does not exist. There is not one role. There are many. The role of the networker "is," the role of the networker doesn't "ought to be. (18) The network is the medium, the networker is the message."



Name: Guy Bleus

Address: PO Box 43, 3830 Wellen, Belgium

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: NC92 "'Peripatetic' Congress Proposal: Place: Belgium Antwerp Zoo; Date: 23 August 1992 - 13 H. at the entrance of the zoo; Contributors: Alligators, elephants, monkeys, snakes, etc.; Theme of Session: The role of the networker (in the zoo); Group photographs: O.K."



Name: John Held Jr.

Address: 7919 Goforth Road, Dallas, Texas 75238

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: NC92 statement; "I think it(NC92) will be an important step not only in introducing the members of the international alternative arts community to one another, but introducing the alternative arts to the dominant culture."



Name: Chuck Welch

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire, 03766

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: Essay entitled "Netlinks" that was printed in the electronic magazine FineArts Forum. This "e-mail zine" is made available to over 2,000 members of the telematic community via Internet newsgroup alt.artcom, and rec.arts fine. Included in the essay is an invite to telecommunication artists to link with NC92.



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire, 03766

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: NC92 Spirit Netlink Performance Congress; date to be held: At all NC92 Congresses throughout 1992. Purpose: The NC92 Spirit Netlink Perf. is a congress within a congress and proposes that participants record a phenomenological spirit experience during their respective congress gatherings. Form is included to fill in and return to Crackerjack Kid, organizer.



Name: Dan Raphael

Address: 6735 SE 78th, Portland, Oregon 97206

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: Letter to Steve Perkins mentioning possibility of a congress session February 29, 1992. "My role as networker is a void and energy booster."



Name: Joel Lipman

Address: 2720 Winsted, Toledo, Ohio 43606

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: Mailed poem to Steve Perkins entitled, "Why Louis Armstrong is Better Off Dead Than Jesse Helms Alive."



Name: Earth Spirit Circle c/o Sargent

Address: 1-34-2 808 Komagone, Toshima KU, Tokyo 170, Japan

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: Mailed "The Play Manifesto" and poem.



Name: Stefan Szczelkun

Address: 85 St. Agnes Place, London, SE11 4BB, England

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: Brief note stating he will attend a congress.



Name: Ever Arts

Address: dr. w. 28, 4217 AB Noordgouwe, The Netherlands

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: Letter stating, "I hope that the talking about mail art is not going to be the most important thing in the Network. Mail art is a thing I like to DO. Keep mailing the arts for ever. Ever Arts keeps mailing the art."



Name: Luce Fierens

Address: Boterstraat 43, B-2811 Hombeek, Belgium

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: Statements and letter: "1)Visit those who are not allowed to visit you! 2) Visit those who need support to expand the already existing networks! Africa, Australia, South East Asia . 3) All Metanetters, Netshakers, Netrunners, Coyotes, Homeboys and Engants terrible are networkers! 4) Ray Johnson won't visit you!"



Name: Mallory

Address: 834 E. Yale, Fresno, California 93704

Date: September 30, 1991

Item: NC92 Proposal/statement by the NC92 Fresno Subcommittee. "We will hold a congressional meeting and mail art show April 3-26, 1992 at Gallery 25 in Fresno, California . In addition to the m/a show, planned activities include a panel discussion on mail art and networkers and everything else, special guests, a m/a performance piece by Mallory and dinner/party for participants."



Name: Arte Ala Carte

Address: 25 Lakeview Blvd., Avon, Connecticut 06007

Date: October 2, 1991

Item: Sent "Record of Phenomenological Spirit Experience for 'NC92 Spirit Netlink Performance'" accompanied by two bonded, blank audio cassettes from Elliott Cantsin and Ala Carte. Form reads: "1) I listened to Elliot's tape 2) read instruction how to put my tape and his together on one. 3) I decided to do my tape separately because the material that bonds the two tapes together form the MetaNet Spirit!"



Name: Pawel Petasz

Address: PO Box 68, 82300, Elblag, Poland

Date: October 5, 1991

Item: Announced formation of the 4th International Computer-aided Art Workshop, May 19-23, 1992, in Elblag Poland . The workshop will feature communication with the NC92. Anna Couey and Crackerjack Kid have collaborated to post Petasz' announcement over Usenet's alt.artcom, rec.arts fine and the Reflux (telematic) Network.



Name: Vittore Baroni

Address: Via C. Battisti 339. 55049 Viareggio -LU, Italy

Date: October 4, 1991

Item: A "Spirit Netlink Performance Proposal" for meta-concerting in spirit. "As part of the NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence, on March 22, 1992, 19:30 Hr., Italian time Le Forbici Di Manitu will perform a meta concert in spirit, playing their hymn for the worldwide decentralized networker congress.All meta-networkers everywhere are invited to sing along."



Name: FaGaGaGa

Address: Box 1382, Youngstown, Ohio 44501

Date: October 4, 1991

Item: NC92 Congress proposal; "The Face of the Congress" The 1992 Decentralized Networker Congress Portrait Project In conjunction with the 1992 DNC, this project will create a monthly zine of portraits. We ask each Congress participant to photograph, sketch sculpt, rubberstamp, collage, etc. a portrait of their fellow Networker during or after each Congress."



Name: Vittore Baroni

Address: Via C. Battisti 339. 55049 Viareggio -LU, Italy

Date: October 4, 1991

Item: Letter to Crackerjack Kid; "Regarding the CONGRESS92 I have put myself at work, I am writing a couple of new essays, I have devised a commemorative T-shirt of the Italian Chapter, already printed and ready for sale, plus issue 63 of Art Postale! will include a 7" record with the official (?) hymn of the Congress -- a variant participation to your spiritual meta-netlink.



Name: Hans BraumYller

Address: Los Almendros 3898, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile

Date: October 4, 1991

Item: Mailed NC92 statement in Spanish. Also sent documentation for "500 Years of Genocide and Colonialism," issues 1-8 of "La Preciosa Nativa," and the text "La Cerca Del V Centenario." (See Entry #118 for English translation)



Name: Peter Kustermann and Angela

Address: PO Box 2644, D495 Minden, W. Germany

Date: October 8, 1991

Item: Congress 1992: The Network Mailmen Come! "We will transport your networking mail free of charge by Transsiberian Railroad, ships and planes around the world in historic postal uniforms to any networker you want on our way. You are invited to hand us your mail, if possible, postcard-size please, before, during, or after your congress meetings."



Name: Geoffrey Cook

Address: PO Box 4233, Berkeley, California 94704

Date: October 8, 1991

Item: NC92 Statement: "...the 'network' is the canvas upon which the moral imagination of the artist can be played and through its extension into the political realm of the 'group' of like minded players who have broken through the parochialism of the provincial by means of our worldwide medium itself." Also letter updating organization of Bay Area "Netshaker Harmonic Divergence on March 22, 1992.



Name: Daniel Daligand

Address:33 Rue Louise Michel, 92300 Levallois, France

Date: October 10, 1991

Item: A French translation of English version of NC92 invitation.



Name: Buttons

Address: 679 E. 9th St. #6, Chico, California 95928

Date: October 10, 1991

Item: Spirit Netlink Performance; Date: 9-30-91, Duration: 4-5 minutes, Context, Saying the word shoe in a public place. Description: Originally I received a photocopy with the words "just aching to say the word 'shoe' right out loud in a public place. I responded that we (Reed Altemus) both should do it on Sept 30." Further account of the performance given.



Name: John Held Jr.

Address: 7919 Goforth, Dallas, Texas 75238

Date: October 16, 1991

Item: "NC92 Annotated Bibliography" and stampsheets by Held, Ciani, and Peter Kaufmann. (Stamps are in Held's envelope, NC92 Bibliography is separate)



Name: Ruggero Maggi

Address: C. So Sempione 67, 20149 Milano, Italy

Date: October 15, 1991

Item: NC92 Invitation in Italian. On other side of invite is a note from Maggi to C.J.Kid; "I have read your performance proposal for the metanet day (March 22). I'm thinking to realize it with some friends at my gallery: Milan Art Center and after it I'll send the results. The date for the Villorba (Near Treviso) Net Congress is 14-17, Aug. 1992."



Name: Keith I De Mendonca


Date: October 17, 1991

Item: NC92 Metanet Net Shaker Statement in response to Crackerjack Kid's call to "telenetlink": "Fire your mail art salvos into the heart of the beast and hear his postal mechanisms groan under the weight of PURE BEAUTY. Jam the airwaves with the sound of electric guitars. BLOCK ALL COMMUNICATION CHANNELS. ATTACK ON ALL FRONTS. THIS IS THE BIG PUSH."



Name: Grupode Grupo

Address: GYemes 4837, P.B. "A", Capital Federal (1425) Argentina

Date: October 17, 1991

Item: "Buenos Aires, August 25, 1991-Nosotros, El GRUPODEGRUPO MAIL ART, Pensamos Contribuir Al CONGRESO DECENTRALIZADO, Con este fichaje tecnico, que pondra fin de una vez for todas y a vuelta de correo, A tantas Dudas, A tantos problemas como hoy dia aquejanm a los networker."



Name: Steve Sikora

Address: Box 6218, Albany, California 94706

Date: October 19, 1991

Item: Response to a request for a "Networker Statement." "Nothing occurs to me immediately in the way of my sending a statement. I seem incapable of writing statements about most everything, in fact, in the sense of some one set of words to be addressed to lots of people. My love of one-to-one correspondence goes hand in hand with my unease with one-to-many writing. I guess that's why I'm not a novelist, poet, or essayist but a letterwriter."



Name: Judy Malloy

Address: e-mail

Date: October 24, 1991

Item: NC92 "Telenetlink Congress," Net Statement: "Although I miss sending and receiving visual, tactile mail art, I believe online environments and networks will be a more pervasive and lasting medium, particularly for artists who work with words, ideas, and information and who are interested in working together to create collaborative/interactive works and to broaden the art base."



Name: Monty Cantsin

Address: 168A Euclid Ave., Toronto, Ontario M66J-2J9, Canada

Date: October 1, 1991

Item: signed xerox "My thoughts on 1992 Congress"



Name: Scot Art, meta-designer, system X

Address: e-mail Address:

Date: October 17, 1991

Item: NC92 Telenetlink Congress; Net Statement: "A generalised message of greetings and a statement of our role as telecommunications based and/or utilising artists to all networkers participating in NC92 from members of systemX."



Name: Henry Pisciotta

Address: e-mail Address: <>

Date: October 11, 1991

Item: NC92 Telenetlink Congress; Picsiotta is Fine Arts Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University . He is an active participant in the "Reflux Network Project." Statement: "So if art is information, what does that make a librarian?"



Name: JK Post

Address: 65 Prospect St., Utica, New York 13501

Date: October 24, 1991

Item: Postcard proposal for congress: "JK Metanet Group will have Art Ball 1992, inviting all networkers to send art in on round or about ball or sphere to JK Group by June 1, 1992. There will be a one-minute dance or meditation on respective sites by participating artists at 17:00, June 1 UTC, GMT, with vibrations helping the spirit of Metanet...A congress will follow on the third Sunday in June. Documentation to all."



Name: Sue Harris - NC92 Telenetlink Congress

Address: -- part of Artsnet Electronic Network/electronic node in the "Reflux Network Project"

Date: October 22, 1991

Item: Net Statement: "We have been grappling with defining the networked environment we inhabit - How do we define the difference between the virtual and physical environments? Anecdote 1: This place is filled with black holes and Blemyaes."



Name: ScotArt -- NC92 Telenetlink Congress


Date: October 22, 1991

Item: Telenetlink dialogue: A discussion between Crackerjack Kid and Scot. Art pertaining to how SystemX telematic community might participate in the NC92 year. "I have a project - it involves telecommunications via an audio installlation with telepresent audio artists contributing works." (see #124 for response)



Name: Keith I De Mendonca

Address: <>

Date: October 25, 1991

Item: "NC92 Telenetlink Congress" statement: "Join us in the world-wide International Metanet Conference on Sunday the 22nd of March, 1992. Meet together. Transmit. Communicate. -- Down with those who would lower our status to that of hired labour, or worse, to soap-box politicians -- A decommunication from: The Illustrated Missionary News."



Name: Bob Gale


Date: October 26, 1991

Item: "NC92 Telenetlink Congress": electronic message to Crackerjack Kid suggesting that NC92 information as listed in Chuck Welch's "Communication Across Borders: Mail and Telecommunications Art" be ported over to the ArtBase BBS (Minneapolis based).



Name: Steve Perkins and Lloyd Dunn

Address: Netlink Subspace

Date: October 27, 1991

Item: "Networking" article appearing in Oct. 1991 issue of Artpaper Magazine: "Not surprisingly, a new breed of cultural worker has developed who takes these geographic and psychic disturbances as the context from which much of their work springs. We are speaking here of the concept of the networker and the network."



Name: Carl Loeffler

Address: e-mail:

Date: October 29, 1991

Item: Response to "NC92 Telenetlink Congress." Also an earlier e-mail letter dated August 8, 1991. Net Statement: "Electronic data is a virtual reality -- Connectivity is about virtuality, but it is also about empowerment."



Name: Chuck Welch


Date: October 20, 1991

Item: Fineart Forum, Vol. 5: #20. Issue lists the Networker Congress information on pages 5-6. This particular magazine went out to over 2,000 subscribers and to a larger global electronic audience via Internet newsgroups, rec. arts fine and alt. artcom. It was also posted in the Whole Earth Lectronic Link (WELL)



Name: Sakolsky

Address: RR #1, Pawnee, Illinois 62558

Date: October 30, 1991

Item: Postcard poem: "Flux in your face networker ace - justcan'ttakeitnolonger wannabe free - but freedom is emptry alone...need to connect with other connectors - budgegap junkies and potlaching giftgivers casting the global net - living for pearls of wiz dumb - stupidfree links in the ephemeral chain of youknowweknow nothingness - dying to network."



Name: Joki

Address: Postbox 2631, D 495, Minden, Germany

Date: October 30, 1991

Item: "On Open Netmag No. 1"; Numerous NC92 material plus editorial by Joki: "'On' it is named, for its mother is the open network, and may be it will clear ON the way, or its fooling ON and across all net-strings, for its father is OFF from all the idle arts."



Name: Reid Wood, a.k.a. State of Being

Address: 271 Elm St., Oberlin, Ohio 44074

Date: October 31, 1991

Item: Sent a project narrative stating purpose and objectives, descriptions of the "Oberlin World-Wide Decentralized Networker Conference Mail Art Exhibition." "This project will exhibit work by artists around the world --Students at LCCC and members of the community will have opportunities to view work, listen to artists, and send their own postcards."



Name: Michael J. Stotts, prison inmate

Address: #17829-034, PO Box 5000, Oakdale, Louisiana 71463

Date: October 30, 1991

Item: Net Statement: "I thought I was lost on a wave of loneliness, reaching out for life, for love, and for happiness, while chasing dreams of yesterday - I didn't really see yesterday, and I haven't even found today, yet I'm trying to catch tomorrow - I seek brothers, sisters, and friendship."



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire, 03755

Date: October 28, 1991

Item: Invitation to "Telenetlink Congress" addressed to Scot.Art's SystemX in Australia . "I would like you to initiate a NC92 Congress that would involve audiences, both live or telematic systemX community - perhaps real-time conferencing. NC92 desires to interconnect worlds throughout the discussion of what it means to be a networker. More pertinent to your situation, what it means to be a networker in Australia."



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire, 03755

Date: October 31, 1991

Item: Issue of electronic magazine, Art Com, November 1991 issue, Number 54, Vol. 11, #10. Art Com is an online magazine forum dedicated to the interface of contemporary art and new communication technologies. Crackerjack Kid, NC92 facilitator, is guest editor of this issue. His essay, "Telenetlinks" introduces the telematic community to NC92."



Name: H.R. Fricker

Address: 9043 Trogen, Switzerland

Date: November 1, 1991

Item: Commonpress rough draft of NC92 Statements; letter to Crackerjack Kid from Fricker discusses plans for NC92 resolutions: "This resolutions which I am asking for should not express that we will change our lives -- I hope they just manifest that we already changed it -- I hope these resolutions just express what we stand for."



Name: Andrej Tisma; Address: Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

Date: November 1, 1991

Item: "Networker Statement #2 for the Netcong 1992": "Because the Yugoslavian war is a result of selfishness, extreme nationalism, lack of love, understanding, readiness for dialogue, compromise, exchange - which all the networking is. So, I think, If I give up my int. dialogues, exchange, understanding, friendship and love, then I am supporting the war, or its causes." Letter to Crackerjack Kid included with description of Tisma's "Declaration of Peace."



Name: Showbim

Address: electronic mail address at Carnegie Mellon University ; a node of the Reflux Project

Date: October 1, 1991

Item: faxed visual response to "Role of the Networker." Original transmission sent to "NC92 Telenetlink Congress" as an encoded image.



Name: Jacqueline

Address: 2421 Elden Ave., #1 Costa Mesa, California 92627-5111

Date: November 1, 1991

Item: Net Statement: networking is "finding a slightly different avenue/path/vision of fortune to spark the imagination... then hanging onto that route...remembering the way... to fortify oneself. I'm so thankful I can express myself with mail art. People get the chance to see how I feel, think, am. Thank the angels for mail art!"



Name: Jacqueline

Address: 2421 Elden Ave., #1 Costa Mesa, California 92627-5111

Date: November 1, 1991

Item: Mailed contribution to the "NC92 Spirit Netlink Performance": Picked stamp and went into the moonlight. Sat Indian style on the indoor-outdoor carpet, October 19, 1991. Duration: twelve minutes; Location: My patio at 9:00 at night."



Name: Claudine, Gerard, Fernand Barbot

Address: 2939 Ave. Y, Brooklyn, New York 11235

Date: October 26, 1991

Item: "NC92 Spirit Netlink Performance": "Sitting at a round table a mother, father and son aka la famille Barbot joined hands for one minute in silent meditation then starting with Fernand who chanted 'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite' while impressing a peace rubber stamp in seven languages on the forehead of Gerard who in turn using the same rubber stamp chanted 'peace spirit' impressed Claudine with the multi-lingual." (includes photograph)



Name: Byron Grush

Address: School of Art, Northen Illinois University - email add is

Date: November 1, 1991

Item: A Reflux Project participant responding to NC92 "Telenetlink Congress": "The present role of the networker artist is to explore, learn, and adapt to the expansion of telenetworking technology. -- Unfortunately, not everyone has access to internet or bitnet communications -- so it is the role of we who have become explorers to create new ways of using existing networking processes in order to interest others."



Name: Vagner Cano

Address: School of the Future, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; email Address:

Date: November 1, 1991

Item: A Reflux Project participant from University of Sao Paulo node responding to NC92 "Telenetlink Congress": (text in Portuguese) "Um primeiro passo na construcao de uma rede internacional que visa ser um canal barato, rapido, serguro e interativo e' sem duvida romper a barreira da lingua."



Name: Pomona Anupol Valero, Carnegie Mellon University

Address: <>

Date: November 1, 1991

Item: A Reflux Project participant from Carnegie Mellon University node responding to NC92 "Telenetlink Congress": "One no longer thinks of the distances that their messages, thoughts or statements travel, or the amt. of days or weeks necessary for conventional networking (ie. USPS) rather, a networker thinks more of their participation or interaction with others on their network."



Name: Hans BraumYller

Address: Los Almendros 3898, Nunoa -Santiago, Chile

Date: November 4, 1991

Item: Translation of Spanish text (See Entry #81) NC92 Net Statement: "The networker is all at one time: artist, director, producer, consumer, writer, editor, worker, entrepreneur, politician, philosopher, investigator, etc., so transcending the fragmentation of the human being imposed by the market economy."



Name: Marco Dimas Gubitoso

Address: Sao Paulo Biennial; email:

Date: November 7, 1991

Item: Net Statement sent through NC92 Telenetlink Congress; "One of the things which make this world wonderful, is the differences among the several cultures we have on it. You can compare experiences and philosophies, history and arts, and so on. When you integrate everything, you can make these special characteristics merge in a common set to every people in the world. I would not like to get to this point."



Name: Wayne Draznin, Cleveland Institute of Art

Address: e-mail:

Date: November 7, 1991

Item: Participating in NC92 Telenetlink Congress, Draznin sent a networker essay appraising the faults and virtues of the Sao Paul Bienale's "Reflux Network Project."; "Reflux began with a great deal of enthusiasm. Artur (Matuck) had gotten artists to organize nodes at 24 sites around the world, from Australia to Denmark . (continued on 121)



Name: Name: Wayne Draznin

Address: Cleveland Institute of Art

No date.

Item:"...Early discussion had a dual focus. Firstly, there were the political/social issues these new communications media were bringing to the fore. CleveNode express our concerns: How is a non-hierarchical system of free information exchange to be maintained in the face of profit and politics? Does the net challenge or reinforce first-world cultural dominance? Is an 'information elite' developing? Whose rules run the 'global village?' How do multiple media translations effect information?"



Name: Bob Gale

Address: well!

Date: November 7, 1991

Item: Electronic dialogue via email between Bob Gale and Crackerjack Kid - part of the NC92 Telenetlink Congress: "My guess is that there really is a very small and fragmented arts community here online. Very infant compared to postal nets. Lots of potential though, and link up with ART COM is probably the best bet. -- so online we have fragmentation because 1) we're not a continuation of the 'homogeneous' offline art world, and 2) the hardware/software is still at an early stage in its evolution, though mature enough to be quite usable."



Name: Bob Gale

(continued from 122) continuation of the 'homogeneous' offline art world, and 2) the hardware/software is still at an early stage in its evolution, though mature enough to be quite usable. -- there is a 'flashpoint' not too far away on the horizon where the general public will become involved. We're just waiting for the right 'format' -- not unlike the introduction of VHS tape,"



Name: ScotArt -- NC92 Telenetlink Congress


Date: October 22, 1991

Item: Telenetlink dialogue helps spawn a new NC92 telecom congress in Australia : "I propose to initiate a database titled: '1992 systemx networker symposium' which will run continuously from 00:01 01Jan 92 until 23:59 31 Dec 92. The database will consist of statements from, and dialogues between contributing network-ers dealing with how they perceive the virtuality of the network. Remote telepresent contributions may be emailed to: or may be dialed direct on +(61-2)356-4148. I'll also propose a group viewing of collective systems graphic art at a yet to be determined date in 1992."




Address: Email from Carnegie Mellon University

Date: November 6, 1991

Item: As part of the NC92 Telenetlink Congress six email letters containing info about linking with Sao Paul Bienale Reflux node, project concepts, visual poetry, networker statements, etc. were mailed for documentation and interaction.




Item: This email document was sent by Dr. Artur Matuck's wife, Maria from Carnegie Mellon University . The list was sent to encourage future interaction by mail artists and to be a part of the NC92 year.



Name: Dobrica Kamperelic

Address: 11040 Beograd, Milovana Jankovica 9B, Yugoslavia

Date: November 8, 1991

Item: letter to C.J.Kid; "We live in a hard time situation here is very bad and we are really afraid about our future. We Serbians and Montenegro people try to save Yugoslavia but it seems like Zizif's job." Also sent photograph of stone words "Networking" made on Kamenovo Beach .



Name: Peter Kaufmann

Address: 8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: November 8, 1991

Item: NC92 Congress stamps, signed, imperforated photocopied sheet



Name: Jeff Mann, Inter/Access Artists' Computer Centre, Toronto

Address: uunet!mnetor!intacc!mann

Date: November 10, 1991

Item: "NC92 Telenetlink Congress" exchange via email between Crackerjack Kid and Jeff Mann: "I'd be interested in installing a copy of this (NC92 Networker Databank Congress) archive on Matrix. Matrix is a public-access UNIX bbs that is run here at Inter/Access. I'm the network coordinator. We have ample disk space (continued 131)



Name: Jeff Mann

(130 continued) to hold the archives, and Matrix is accessible over regular phone lines to anyone with a modem. I'm also working on an e-mail based database query system, so that people can automatically retrieve information from an archive by sending an e-mail message. Inter?Access through Matrix, is planning to have a strong presence in networking projects and congresses-is prepared to commit to this end."



Name: O. Jason

Address: 27 Whitmore St., Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent England

Date: December 9, 1991

Item: postcard rubberstamped "Play Time For Ever" This is FAT(uous) Networker Congress Statement



Name: Peter Kaufmann

Address: Bergwisenstr. 11, CH-8123, Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: December 1, 1991

Item: "The Networker 1992 Chronology"



Name: Jeff Mann

Address: intacc!mann

Date: November 1991

Item: As part of the "NC92 Telenetlink Congress" director of Canada 's rec arts fine Usenet newsgroups Jeff Mann exchanged dialogue via internet email. Subject discussed was a collaboration to list the NC92 Networker Databank Congress on Matrix, a public-access UNI bulletin board service that is accessible over regular phone lines to anyone with a modem.

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