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Inventory for Box 3

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Box Contents List (Items are listed chronologically by their accesion numbers)

Box 3


Name: Heino Otte

Address: JŠgerstrase 13, 2900 Oldenburg, Germany

Date: March 22, 1992

Items: Statement and Correspondence to Crackerjack Kid. Statement reads in part, "That there is a new great resonance to CONGRESS 92 can be the answer of many networkers to the question 'How to continue Mail-Art?' After this movement - new or old- who cares? I suggest to follow the ('song') lines of NOMAD and of No-Mad-Art and knit a net of art and song-lines crossing frontiers as often as possible."


(295 continued)

Mailed poster. Correspondence reads: "I join in your decentralized congress on 22 March 1992 with FLAPS †stel, also from Oldenburg, I'll do FachgesprŠch Ÿber im schuppen. We want to talk and perform on networking and my idea to proclaim with you all iMAgiNATION in 93 without borders only existing in ways and walks and -- the knots where our individual lives meet. With PLG we will do a snd Congress on 22 March 1992 in Hannover "



Name: Epistolary Stud Farm, a.k.a. John Pyros

Address: 429 Hope St., Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689

Date: March 30, 1992

Items: A record of mail art shows, reviews, and past mail art essays; "The Whys and Wherefores of Mail Art or Some saThem, At Least," "Of Course I'm an Outlaw," and "Someone Enters the World of Mail Art."



Name: Willie Marlowe

Address: 7 Euclid Ave., Albany, New York 12203

Date: March 4, 1992

Items: Two projects for the NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence, I. NC92 Telepathic Meta-Congress World Peace Project, and 2. NC92 Triangle Meta-Congress World Peace Project.



Name: Hans BraumŸller

Address: Los Almendros 3898, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile

Date: March 23, 1992

Items: Stamps, Netcongress signature sheet, A NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence painting, and "Spirit Netlink Performance which was a felt-tip, pen & ink landscape drawing with following quote by BraumŸller, 'I meta-networker in action.'" Also invites all metanetworkers to think over 500 years of genocide and colonialism during 12 Oct. 1992, and make a metanet-congress all over the earth.



Name: Shmuel

Address: Bennington, Vermont

Date: April 8, 1992

Item: postcard, "I am lost in the semantic differential, and am afraid I am like that fellow who discovered he had been speaking prose all his life without knowing it. Can one be alive without being part of the Network. Can one be part of the network without knowing that one is? Am I dancing on the head of a PIN? Is this postcard part of the Network?"



Name: Guy Bleus

Address: PO Box 43, 3830 Wellen, Belgium

Date: March 22, 1992

Item: "Networker Spirit Performance." Duration: two hours. Location: The Administration Centre. Context: Netspirit to netspirit. Description: "Scents and perfumes of netspirits were spread and smelled in the spaces of the administration centre."



Name: The Armory Center for the Arts

Address: 145 North Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, California 91103

No Date

Item: Invitation: Freedom International Mail Art Exhibition: Homage to Christo's Umbrellas, curated by Judith Hoffberg. Location: The Armory Center for the Arts. Date Held: March 22 - May 10, 1992.



Name: Peter Kaufmann

Address: Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: April 1992

Items: Variation of Crackerjack Kid's NC92 "Networker Congress Stamp" and a listing of 149 networker congress contacts.



Name: Seiei Nishimura

Address: 1079 Kuroda, Kamisato-Machi, Shimoina-Gun, Nagano 395, Japan

Date: April 1992

Item: "Limited Physical World 1992" Project. Correspondence about this project reads, "We wish to bring about new net human spirit. We wish our project will collaborate your net project. We present your net congress to networker, and our project."



Name: Mike Dyar

Address: 1913 Ellis St., San Francisco, California 94115

Date: April 2, 1992

Item: Networker Congress Proposal Sheet for a "Seance Congress for Joseph Beuys," 13 August 1992, 8:30 PM at Eat Art Gallery, San Francisco. Theme: Eat Art/Full Moon; Lodging Facilities: only in the astral world; Additional: send images/artifacts/relics of Joseph Beuys; Remarks: Think about Joseph Beuys at the above time and send a portrait of yourself for FaGaGaGa Documentation.



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: 108 Blueberry Hill Dr., Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

Date: July 24, 1992

Item: Mailed a four page account of his "Plagiarized Seance with Joseph Beuys"



Name: Andrej Tisma

Address: Modene 1/IV, 21000 Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

Date: March 22, 1992

Item: Document of participation in the NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence, "I have spent one hour thinking about the mail art network, noting the names that first came into my mind. They are in order of their appearance. I was not using a catalogue or list, only mind concentrating on the network. Maybe some of these people were thinking in the same time of me. That's metanet."



Name: Peter W. Kaufmann

Address: Bergwisenstrasse 11, CH-8123, Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: April 4, 1992

Items: Crackerjack Kid's Networker Logo with add-on and variations by Peter w. Kaufmann, also correspondence, and fax sheet.



Name: Silvina Mart'nez

Address: Roger Balet 468 Sur, 5.400 - San Juan, Argentina

Date March 30, 1992

Item: NC92 Spirit Netlink Performance, "pensor en un Mosquito." Feather in packet accompanied letter.



Name: FaGaGaGa

Address: Box 1382, Youngstown, Ohio 44501

Date: April 1, 1992

Item: postcard entitled "Congress Monster, Do Not Be Afraid."



Name: Daniel Daligand

Address: 33, Rue Louise Michel, 92300 Levaulois, France

Date: August 12, 1992

Item: postcard and two copies of Le Timbre Special Congress 1992 issue.



Name: Clemente Padin

Address: Casilla C. Central 1211, Montevideo, Uruguay

Date: August 12, 1992

Item: Photograph of participants in the Network Congress in Montevideo, Uruguay . Also a summary which reads: "Stop the blockade to Cuba, End the war in Yugoslavia, preserve the peoples and ethnics menaced of extinction, save the environment."



Name: Rachel Kopel

Address: PO Box 371375, San Diego, California 92137

Date: August 13, 1992

Item: An informal postcard document signed by seven participants in a San Diego Networker Congress: "We shared decentralized networker and Yugoslavia stamps and will get them out into the mail."



Name: Mary Ann Crowe

Address: PO Box 20840, Baltimor, Maryland 21209-0840

Date: August 20, 1992

Items: Invitation to "Collateral Damage: The Unseen Cost of Gun Violence." This document includes info about the September 26 NC92 Congress with "Rev." Paul Summers and also concerning the Community Mail Art Workshop and "Collateral Damage Mail Art Exhibition/Publication.



Name: Planet of Love

Address: PO Box 271162, Dallas, Texas 75227

Date: August 1992

Item: Audio Cassette by various audio artists



Name: Alex Cheek

Address: 650-G Rugby Road, Winston

Salem, NC 27106

Date: September 1, 1992

Items: "Edelweiss Royal Mail Stamps," assorted colors, Netcong 92 circular emblem featured on stamps; Sheet of perforated "Art Cover Exchange" stamps.



Name: FaGaGaGa

Address: Box 1382 Youngstown, Ohio 44501-1382

Date: September 1, 1992

Item: Face of the Congress: A Portrait Zine of the 1992 Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress, Issues #3 and #4.



Name: Volker Hamann

Address: In Der Lehmkaul 2, D-5064 Ršsrath, Germany

Date: September 1, 1992

Items: Documentation of French performance artist/painter NATO and audio cassette of the Liege/Maastricht Networker Congress.



Name: Gilbertto Prado

Address: 4, Rue Merlin, 75011 Paris, France

Date: September 2, 1992

Item: Color copier print of Liege/Maastricht Networker Congress. Mat signed by all participants.



Name: Invisible Congress

Address: PO Box 10355, Portland, Maine 04104

Date: September 2, 1992

Items: Two plastic Eternal Network ID cards; "Dear New Cardholder, These cards authorize you to withdraw and circulate ideas from our collective Memory Bank. Simply insert card #1 into any of over 5 billion temporary site-specific installations worldwide. Punch access code, -- It's just that simple! The Eternal Network, at your service."



Name: Daniel Daligand

Address: 33, Rue Louise Michel, 92300 Levallois, France

Date: September 2, 1992

Item: Le Timbre edition of Liege/Maastricht Networker Congress



Name: Dogfish

Address: 32351 Fairview Ave.E. Seattle, Washington 98102

Date: September 2, 1992

Item: Postcard documents Networker Congress in Seattle ; "The Congress greeted the network mail carriers Peter KŸstermann and Angela PŠhler on their yearlong world around personal congress mail delivery performance."



Name: Ashley Parker Owens

Address: PO Box 597996, Chicago, Illinois 60659

Date: September 3, 1992

Items: "Deface Govt. Issue" photocopy; poem entitled, "The Role of the Networker" by Puter; June 3rd "I Am Anti-Congress - A Feminist Perspective" statement, "You cannot escape class issues in a congress. Who can afford it? Who can take off work to go somewhere else? Who's going to watch the kids?"; Congress update (Aug 25) reads, " I am still anti-congress."



Name: Information Sickness

Address: PO Box 4248, Berkeley, California 94704

Date: August 24, 1992

Item: "Record of Phenomenological Spirit Experience" which was held at the Stamp Art Gallery, San Francisco, "Had I not already been engaged for the last 6 years in mail art, this demonstration would certainly have converted me. Just the right balance of scholarly and playful, a lot of name-dropping among the crowd, but none of the head-up-their-ass puritans who seem to produce those impossible treatises that circulate the network."



Name: AVA Gallery

Address: 11 Bank St., Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766

Date: August 24, 1992

Item: Invitation to artist members of AVA to attend the Metanet Congress organized by Crackerjack Kid and scheduled to be held Wednesday, September 23, 7:30 PM with a public talk by Net Mailmen Peter KŸstermann and Angela PŠhler.



Name: Societe Anonyme

Address: Rue Reynier, 24, 4000 Liege, Belgium

Date: August 24, 1992

Item: NC92 Congress documentation of July 14 - 15, 1992, meeting of Richard Adam, Belgium; Cecile Charlier, Belgium; Flore Malet, France; Baudhuin Simon, Belgium; Societe Anonyme, Belgium; Michel Trani, France. Photograph of participants included. Themes discussed: Homage to the Postman F. Cheval, Mail Art in Hauterives, Why?, and creation of a postal museum.



Name: Rod Summers

Address: V.E.C., Postbus 1051, NL-6201 BB, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Date: August 24, 1992

Item: "VITI (near Krafla) & The VEC Networker Congress Pt. One)" "I waited/On Hell's rim for./You didn't show up./ I was there/For a congress/And ended up/Taking photographs and video 8/Like any other damned tourist." 2 color photographs of landscape. Also sent correspondence describing the Maastricht/Liege Networker Congress.



Name: John Held Jr.

Address: 1903 McMillan Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75206

Date: August 24, 1992

Items: 3 sheets of Networker Congress stamps; Diary of "Sustaining the HyperKulture: A Session of the Decentralized Worldwide Networker Congress," which took place August 22, Dreamtime Village, West Lima, Wisconsin . "People from Madison, Milwaukee, Waukau, and other parts of Wisconsin were joined by folks from New York City, Baltimore, Dallas, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Olympia, Detroit and Minneapolis to experience a relaxed rural retreat in a section of Wisconsin known as the Driftless Region."



Name: Steve Perkins

Address: 221 West Benton St., Iowa City, Iowa 52246

Date: August 25, 1992

Items: Correspondence and poster for the "International Zine Show."



Name: Honoria

Address: 906 Post Oak, Austin, Texas 78704

Date: August 27, 1992

Items; Describes a mail art catalogue and zine display in her office workspace at University of Texas, "I asked the acting Chair if I could throw myself a one hour portfolio opening -- I covered cluttered bulletin boards with plain brown paper and put KISS Show mail all over the office hung from red ribbons. I exhibted the STRANGER huge database list of networkers, made a bubbly punch, served baguettes and french cheese. About 450 people came."



Name: Carol Stetser

Address: PO Box 20081, Village of Oak Creek, Arizona 86341

Date: September 10, 1992

Item: Announcement of a "One Day in the Eternal Network" Networker Congress scheduled for November 10, 1992; "You can participate in this Congress by sending me a piece of paper 8 1/2 x 11 with your name and address and a description of your activities during the day and night of November 10, 1992."



Name: Calum Selkirk

Address: B.M. JED, London, WC1N 3XX, England

Date: September 12, 1992

Item: Oct 24-25, Calum Selkirk, "Seizing The Media: A Networkers' Congress," Bloomin' Arts, Princes Street, Cawley Road, Oxford, OX4, United Kingdom, contact address: BM Jed, London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom.



Name: Jamestown Community College, Forum Gallery

Address: 525 Falconer St., Jamestown, New York 14701

Date: September 12, 1992

Item: "Utopia: Envisioning A Dream" MA Show catalogue. This document contains "Art That Netlinks" article by Chuck Welch (pp. 17 - 23) Text includes NC92 contacts, projects, addresses of facilitators.



Name: Ashley Parker Owens

Address: 7358 N. Damen #2N, Chicago, Illinois 60645

Date: September 14, 1992

Item: "Dreamtime Village Clover Tea," blossoms picked in full bloom at the Decentralized Networker Congress at Dreamtime Village on August 22nd and 23rd, 1992.



Name: Ayah Okwabi

Address: Ghana

Date: September 14, 1992

Item: Photograph of NC92 congress with people of the village of Toh-Kpalime. Newspaper article explains the creation of a classroom by Okwabi and members of Operation Crossroads Africa and VOLU (Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana) Note states, "We had the mail art networking congress over the weekend at one of the VOLU camps in the Volta region. I introduced a catalogue from my 'population project' as a basis for explaining what the network is all about to fellow campers. "



Name: Raphael Nadolny

Address: ul. Krancowa 2, Mosina 62050, Poland

Date: September 14, 1992

Items: NC92 statement, "It's not really how you say what you have to say. If you write, if you dance, if you paint, if you play music, it's all the same thing. It's not merely what you show. In Networking, it reflects the ARTIST in his full capacity of sensing, of feeling, of thinking, of ordering, of sensing things which only he senses. And he can show other Networkers it as he wants."



Name: Rod Summers/VEC

Address: Postbus 1051

Date: September 14, 1992

Items: Two photographs of the Antwerp Zoo Networker Congress organized by Guy Bleus; Networker Congress Report of the VEC Congress in the volcanic crater Viti (Hell), the PTT Museum Congress in The Hague, the RAT/VEC Congress from Liege to Maastricht, and The Antwerp Zoo Congress in Antwerp. "In Maastricht the party (+40 persons) was led to Heaven 69 (tea room) where they were given free food (meat, bread, and fresh vetgetables) and drink and offered free hash cakes."



Name: John Held Jr.

Address: 1903 McMillan Ave., Dallas, Texas 75206

Date: September 16, 1992

Items: "Bibliozine," and "Networker Congress: Magic and Mystery Endless Project" stampsheet.



Name: Societe Anonyme (aka J. Spiroux)

Address: Rue Reynier, 24, 4000 Liege, Belgium

Date: September 17, 1992

Item: Collage of Guy Bleus and J. Spiroux inf ront of the squirrel's cage at the Zoo Congress in Antwerp, Belgium (congress organized by Guy Bleus, Wellen, Belgium ).



Name: Shozo Shimamoto

Address: 1-1-10 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya, Japan 663

Date: September 21, 1992

Item: Invitation extended to Crackerjack Kid by Shozo Shimamota for participation in the January 1993 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum Congress. Return letter by Crackerjack Kid for Shozo Shimamoto.



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

Date: September 22, 1992

Item: Letter to Volker Hamann about Liege/Maastricht Congress; "Your colorful description of the Liege/Maastricht Congress left me a little puzzled - especially regarding the woman who freaked out after eating a hash cake. (note: she was sent to an asylum) -- Nobody at the Liege/Maastricht congress has been clear about it.--What happened!"



Name: Michael Fox

Address: Rostockerstrasse 3, D-3200 Hildesheim, West Germany

Date: September 21, 1992

Item: note and "some thoughts about Mail-Art"; "What I can show is the WAY, what I cannot show is, how to go this way! Everybody has to find out his/her own kind of walking and there are a great number of chances to find out and to do some experiments. Let's do it!"



Name: Peat O'Neil

Address: Box 65054, Washington, DC 20035

Date: September 24, 1992

Item: Networker statement; "To be one, a networker commits to turning information or goods to the next likely or needy person. Information broker, catalyst of energy in the realm of nature. Thus, I might meditate over a patch of ground while walking, and receive involuntary information, sensory response as a human, out and at one, with nature."



Name: Joki

Address: PO Box 2631, D-495 Minden, Germany

Date: September 24, 1992

Item: Open Netmag zine #3 featuring net-news, inge-report, networker congress 92, and art strike information.



Name: Rene Joseph

Address: 719 10th St. So., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Date: September 12, 1992

Item: Spirit Netlink Performance; "I draw on my own, then send it out into the world. I don't want personal contact. I want to see what happens when I communicate arbitrally, but strictly visually."



Name: Reed Wood

Address: 271 Elm St., Oberlin, Ohio

Date: September 28, 1992

Items: Stampsheet of Networker Congress; One page list of participants in "Art in the Mail" exhibition & congress, Stocker Center Gallery, Lorain County Community College, Elyria, Ohio; Newspaper article (Plain Dealer) entitled, "The Stamp of Originality."



Name: Akane Yorimura

Address: Glocom Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan, 2-32, Minami Azabu 5 chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106, Japan

Date: October 5, 1992

Item: Correspondence requesting information about the networker congresses. They learned about the congresses through the telenetlink which appeared on the international PeaceNet.



Name: Peter KŸstermann

Address: Minden, Germany

Date: September 22, 1992

Item: "Hair Art and Net Mail" written by Peter KŸstermann explains his "Free Personal Net Mail Deluxe Delivery Service," a year long project which is a part of the networker congress. Also included is KŸstermann's collaborative interaction with Mayumi Handa's "Hair Art Project."



Name: Nenad Bogdanovic

Address: S. Markovica 41, 25250 Odzaci, Yugoslavia

Date: October 14, 1992

Items: The August 18, 1992 Odzaci, Yugoslavia Networker Congress catalogue: "Participants of congress were Nenad Bogdanovic, Aleksandar Jonvanovic, Dobrica Kamperelic, Ratko A. Radanovic, Jaroslav Supek and Andrej Tisma. The six artists, the participants of the congress in Odzaci accepted the suggestion of the organizer, Nenad Bogdanovic, that the content of their performances be the justification of the theme, "Make art - not politics. During this networker congress it was not the congress of any political party or league. -- the participants of this congress haven't written declarations."



Name: Buttons

Address: 984 E. 9th St., Chico, California 95928

Date: October 13, 1992

Item: Spirit Netlink Performance; "Date: Sept. 28, 1992, Duration: 13 min.; Context: In celebration of Confucious' birthday (551 BC) A transcendental link between April Wade (Florida) and Buttons (California) using numerology longitude/latitude we derived at amount of duration."



Name: Henning & Angela Mittendorf

Address: Postfach 50 03 65, D-6000 Frankfurt/M.50, West Germany

Date: October 15, 1992

Items: Photographs, postcard,drawing, and correspondence in which the Mittendorfs' describe their holiday visits to Archangelos and Rhodes, Greece; "During our holidays in Greece Angela and I did three symbolic, spiritual ceremonies aiming at honoring and strengthening the NET, three 'exercises of transcommunication.'"



Name: Andrej Tisma

Address: 21000 Novi Sad, Modene 1, Yugoslavia

Date: October 15, 1992

Item: Declaration entitled "Deblockade of Creativity" created by congress participants of the Srermski Karlovci Networker Congress, September 1-3, 1992: "We have invited more than 70 foreign networkers to our Congress. We invited them in this tragic moment when our country is totally isolated from the rest of the world, to come as ambassadors of peace and free cultural exchange. They were invited to brake the embargo and prove that the network is capable to surmount all barriers and embargos. In spite of our explicit request to networkers to come and show their solidarity, and in spite of optimal conditions that we provided for their stay and work, nobody came from abroad! We accept that as their personal and moral decision. But then it puts in doubt the Network as a true movement for collaboration and confidence between people of the world."



Name: John Held Jr.

Address: 1903 McMillan Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75206

Date: October 15, 1992

Items: Dreamtime Village Networker Congress group photograph (photocopy - stationery with Held's letter to Crackerjack Kid.) Anti Embargo Net Congress 1-3 September 1992 stampsheet.



Name: Iida B-Ken

Address: 1079 Kuroda Kamisato-Machi, Shimoina-Gun, Nagano 395, Japan

Date: October 16, 1992

Item: Documentation of the group Iida B. Ken's "1992 Autumn Sahara Networker Congress," We planned one project of a perceptible world "The Limited Physical World 1992" at the first of 1992. We announced to do 3 congresses May 17, Sept. 20, and Nov. 23. We sent the message of 'Live Message' to our friends around the world."



Name: Shozo Shimamoto

Address: 1-1-10 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya, Japan 663

Date: October 16, 1992

Item: A one hour video documentation ("Head Networking") of networking projects initiated by Shozo Shimamoto.



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

Date: October 16, 1992

Item: 2 hour video documentation entitled "Netshaker Harmonic Divergence," a Networker metanet congress held at Crackerjack Kid's home over the vernal equinox, March 19-22, 1992. Video includes performances, time capsule burial, telenetlink real-time conference with networkers in Belgium, creation of an extensive artists' book documentation, and a spirit circle discussion at end of tape.



Name: Peter W. Kaufmann

Address: 8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: October 23, 1992

Items: Sheet of Networker stamps labelled "September 1992, 3/4 of the congress year." Mailed note with request to send NC92 stories to "Xexum."

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