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Inventory for Box 4

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Box Contents List (Items are listed chronologically by their accesion numbers)

Box 4


Name: Reid Wood, a.k.a. State of Being

Address: 271 Elm St., Oberlin, OH 44074

Date: October 23, 1992

Item: Networker Congress stamps.



Name: Reed Altemus

Address: Skyhall 3, Box 227, Lambreth Rd., Syracuse, New York 13210

Date: October 23, 1992

Items: Various information for the Networker Databank, copy art, flyers. Response from Crackerjack Kid.



Name: Keith Bates

Address: 2 Ferngate Dr., Manchester, New Hampshire M20 9AX

Date: November 1, 1992

Item: "1993 Networking Restoration Confirmation" tag: "Mr./Ms._________has completed an Art Strike ending on 1 Jan 1993 without significant artistic endeavor or production. This certification is awarded irrespective of Tourist incursion, it does not constitute approval of Congressional privilege." Director of Pragmatics, Karen Elliot.



Name: Xexoxial Editions

Address: Rt. 1, Box 131, Lafarge, Wisconsin 54639

Date: November 2, 1992

Item:"Molecular Juice Glue" a congress documentation created by networkers and revellers at the 1992 Dreamtime Corroboree in Dreamtime Village, Wisconsin. "The Networker Congress was but one component of the Dreamtime Corroboree (Aug 14-31), Aside from the congress session, 'Sustaining the HyperKulture' there were workshops on utopias."



Name: Miriam Sharon

Address: PO Box 910, Canal St., New York City 10013

Date: November 4, 1992

Item: "The Mail Art Conference Congress" flyer.



No Name

No Date

No Address

Daniel Plunkett, ed. ND magazine. 16 (1992): pp. 37-40, "Crossing the Cactus Curtain" by John Held Jr.; pp. 41-43; "Crackerjack Kid" interview conducted by Daniel Plunket; pp. 45-48, "Art That Networks" by Chuck Welch; All essays contain information relating to the NC92.



Name: John Held

No Address

No Date

Item: "Sustaining the HyperKulture: A Session of The Decentralized Worldwide Networker Congress 1992." Molecular Juice Glue: 1992 Dreamtime Corroboree (August 22, 1992): 6-9. Diary of the networker congress at Dreamtime Village, West Lima, Wisconsin.



Name: Ruggero Maggi

No Address

No Date

Item: Photographic Report of the Metanet Congress 1992. Milan, Italy : Milan Art Center, March 22, 1992. Databank #364: Congress document includes Gianni Broi's text about metanetworking in spirit.



Name: John Held.

Address: Dallas, Texas : Dallas Public Library

Date: May 2, 1992

Item: Fax Congress Catalogue ed. by Held.Section of this documentation contain Held's "Bibliography of International Networker Culture" and 45 networker statements.



Name: Francois, Charles. A Networking Operation.

Address: Liege, Belgium

Date: March 21-22, 1992

Item: Congress pamphlet documents telecommunication project connecting two events; La Norme Et Le Caprice, Liege, Belgium, and the Netshaker Harmonic Divergence, Hanover, New Hampshire (USA).



Names:Emilio Morandi and Giovanni Strada. Ponte Nossa Networker Congress.

Address: Artestudio, Bernardino, Italy

Date: May 1992

Item: Catalogue includes statement, stamps and lists program activities: GAC Genius Day with orginal works by Guglielmo Achille Cavellini. Program lists a discussion, meta networker spirit to spirit collective performance, installlations and international video art.



Name: Rea Nikonova

Address: Sverdlova 175, 353660 Eysk, Russia

Date: April 1992

Items: Photographs documenting the "Spirit Netlink Performance" at Eysk Museum and accompanying documentation. Sent Eysk Newspaper accounts of event in article titled: "In Eysk, America, Italy ..."



No Name

No Address

No Date

Item: Chuck Welch's "Art That Networks," Whole Earth Review (Summer 1992) 75:126-127. This article appearing in a major American magazine discusses the NC92, and, in particular how readers can join the Telenetlink Congress.



Name: Peter W. Kaufmann

Address: CH-8123, Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: July 13, 1992

Item: Updated Chronology of the World Wide Networker Congress 1992. "Ketchup and Onions" networker stampsheet.



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

Date: November 7, 1992

Items: Volume 1, Issues 1 and 2 of Netshaker. Issue #1 (March 1992) includes 245 listing in the Networker Databank. Issue #2 (August 1992) with "Yugoslavian Peace Stamps" and "A Netshaker Seance with Joseph Beuys."



Name: Daniel Daligand

Address: 33, Rue Louise Michel, 92300 Levallois, France

Date: August 22, 1992 (postmarked)

Item: Daligand's August, 1992 issue of Le TimbrŽ which documents in ten pages the 1992 Liege/Maastricht Networker Congress.



Names: Mallory Moad and E.Z. Smith

No Address

No Date

Item: 1992 Desensitized World-Wide Nutcracker Congress. Fresno, CA, April 26, 1992. Thirty minute video cassette recording features the "Netrocker Seance," mail art exhibition at Gallery 25, and "Three Minute Networker Cassette Performance."



Name: Peter W. Kaufmann

Address: Bergwisenstrasse 1, CH-8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: November 9, 1992

Item: Note and Chronology of the World-Wide Networker Congress 1992.



Name: Clemente Padin

Address: Casilla C. Central 121, Montevideo, Uruguay

Date: November 12, 1992

Items: NC92 Montevideo Networker Congress Session (flyer). Also, "No Blockade of Cuba" mail art show catalogue.



Name: Russ Hogan

Address: 138 Blaine St., Passaic, New Jersey 07055-1906

Date: November 17, 1992

Item: Correspondence documenting a "maverick decentralized networker conference in Sea Cliff, New York - only minutes from Ray Johnson's house." The event occurred Wed., Nov 11 at 7:300 PM. Hogan recounts, "A friend of Ray Johnson's, Regina Silvestri, was preparing a wall for sheetrocking, and the prepping included scribblings by several poets on Tuesday night. Then I was asked to rubberstamp a section. A space marked 'reserved for Ray Jonson' featured his character 'the bunny' drawn on the wall. I glued a photocopy of the cover from Netshaker which had the bunny and the 'lucky Strike' reference inside the drawing. Ray had been invited but decline to participate in the mini-event. After I rubberstamped some section of wall, we moved the congress to another location for drinks."



Name: Gerard Barbot

Address: 2939 Ave. Y, Brooklyn, New York 11235

Date: November 25, 1992

Items: Various Networker Congress flyers, statements, etc.



Name: Lancillotto Bellini

Address: Via Brigata Robilant, 14, 37139 Verona Italy

Date: November 25, 1992

Item: Networker statement; "We agree about amil art as an existential choice to get out of market's laws, nevertheless this fact is not sufficient to create 'communication.'"



Name: Peter W. Kaufmann

Address: Bergwisenstrasse 11, CH-8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: November 19, 1992

Item: Note and updated Chronology of the World-Wide Networker Congress 1992.



Name: O. Jason

Address: BM JED, London WC1N 3XX, England

Date: November 25, 1992

Items: Correspondence to Crackerjack Kid on stationery which states; "The Networker, underground or official. Baby, the network will lie to you. Your misery is their profit. If networking isn't killing us, why does it cost so much?" Also included are two flyers, "Seizing the Media: A Networkers' Congress" and "Flyposter Frenzy."



Name: H.R. Fricker

Address: Trogen, Switzerland

Date: December 7, 1992

Item: Letter to Crackerjack Kid summarizing some retrospective viewpoints concerning NC92. Fricker mentions congress sessions he attended and then remarks, "It was a good idea that we announced the NC92 because many of the personal and exciting meetings would not have been held without the NC92 frame. And I realized that the personal meetings and discussions in just small groups gave a better experience on each others thoughts and feelings as a networker than big panels can give."



Name: Clemente Padin

Address: Casilla C. Central 1211, Montevideo, Uruguay

Date: December 9, 1992

Items: Summary of the Network Congress Session in Montevideo; "Don't resign your social responsibility; Stop the war between nationalities; Save environment; Question art; Supply peoples with the necessaties of life; etc." Also received "El Network Y el Rol Del Artista" a prepared text for the October 1992 Networker Congress.



Name: Keith Bates

Address: 2 Ferngate Dr., Manchester, M2G9AX England

Date: December 10, 1992

Items: Correspondences between Bates and H.R. Fricker and Bates/Crackerjack Kid. Bates writes to Fricker; "My communication to CJK makes the point that perhaps we are trying to shift boundaries where boundaries don't exist. It's been no big conceptual jump for mail art to embrace electronic mail for instance, the implications are interesting, but it doesn't require a re-drawing of mail artist consciousness or mail art boundaries."



Name: Reed Altemus

Address: PO Box 156 Kingston, Rhode Island 02881

Date: December 11, 1992

Items: computer disk, Immediatism stickers, "Underground" flyer, UK Artnet flyer, photographs of the English Flyposter Congress organized by O. Jason and Calum Selkirk.



Name: Peter W. Kaufmann

Address: Bergwisenstr. 11, 8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: December 12, 1992

Items: Two complete NC92 "Held Sessions Updates," World's Aids Day stampsheet, correspondence to Crackerjack Kid, and postcard.



Name: Fred Truck

Address: 4225 University, Des Moines, Iowa 50311

Date: June 6, 1991 (letter dated)

Item: Correspondence to Crackerjack Kid listing possible ways to go on-line with the Telenetlinkcongress as a way to contact artists in the telematic community; "The advantage to using the WELL is that it acts as a gateway to other systems on a global basis. I use Internet primarily to connect to BITNET in Europe. And there is the UNIX NEw service, USENET. Art Com has an alternative newsgroup on USENET called alt. artcom. That is a great way to connect with artists and those interested in electronic art, because it has a potential of reaching 29,000 USENET sites globally." Crackerjack Kid used all of these strategies listed throughout the 1992 networker year.



Name: Marcel Stussi

Address: Atelierhaus Klingental, Postfach 301, CH-4021, Basel, Switzerland

Date: June 24, 1992

Items: Note from Stussi, copyart self-portrait, Eco-art teleperformance photo, WAAM Workarea/June 8, 1992. Mailing includes Stussi's a 17 1/2 minute audio cassette documentation of his June 21, 1992 "Netshaker Harmonic Divergence Congress and Telenetlink."

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