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Box Contents List (Items are listed chronologically by their accesion numbers)

Box 5


Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: PO Box 978, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

Date: December 7, 1992

Item: Letter to H.R. Fricker outlining successful aspects of the 1992 networker year. Also alludes to "networker congress" as an oxymoron: "Networks are inherently decentralized while congress, in a definitive context, are patriarchal, centralized, governing bodies with political agendas. I used a new word, 'Meta-net' as an inclusive way to describe the importance of 'meeting networks' in objective and subjective realms of human creativity. When I suggested that networkers meet in spirit, I was thinking of Robert Filliou's designation of an 'eternal network,' an all-inclusive, ecumenical phrase acknowledged by many correspondence and mail art networkers. I wanted to discover how much this spirit energizes the role of the networker."



Name: Andrej Tisma

Address: 2100 Novi Sad, Modene 1, Yugoslavia

Date: May 6, 1992

Item: Correspondence; note, postcard, and "Networker Statement #3: Networking as Humanism.": "During many years of my networking activity I have learned that this specific art form, originating from the need for communication, is not so much about all those hundreds and thousands of papers that we are mailing, faxing or whatever . . . each day to our fellow mail artists all over the world, distributing our visual creations or messages, but that it is mainly working with human psyche, shaping it and sculpting. More simply, it is our CLOSENESS and fulfillment of need for LOVE. So, it is an invisible art form whose products are SPIRITUALITY, COMPASSION, ALTRUISM, JOY OF LIVING."



Project: Telenetlink Congress

Participant: Reid Altemus

Address: 16 Blanchard Road, Cumberland Center, Maine 04021-9738 (e-mail: or

Date: July 16, 1992

Item: A document which traces the electronic address and access code for finding information about the Networker Databank and Telenetlink Project: "Netlink '92 Document (9162 bytes) General information, reading list, contacts, and dates for the Netlink 92 Congress. "which extends the objectives of NC92 in an effort to link the mail art and telematic communities." To retrieve this file, send the message "get netlink netlink92" to: listserv@intacc.uucp.



Project: Telenetlink Congress

Participant: Reid Altemus

Address: 16 Blanchard Road, Cumberland Center, Maine 04021-9738 (e-mail: or

Date: July 16, 1992

Item: Electronic mail correspondence between Telenetlink participant Reed Altemus and Canadian telematic artist Jeff Mann. Discussion involves Mann's posting/archiving of the NC92 Telenetlink Congress on his Matrix System Art Archive. Also included is the complete Telenetlink Congress list of participants and their e-mail addresses.



Project: Telenetlink Congress

Participant: Reid Altemus

Address: 16 Blanchard Road, Cumberland Center, Maine 04021-9738 (e-mail: or

Date: September 6, 1992

Item: E-mail correspondence between Reed Altemus and Crackerjack Kid. Altemus compiles a complete on-line Telenetlink Congress Contact List from numerous BBS' E-mail journals, etc.



Project: Telenetlink Congress

Participant: Reid Altemus

Address: 16 Blanchard Road, Cumberland Center, Maine 04021-9738 (e-mail: or

Date: September 28, 1992

Item: Electronic mail to Crackerjack Kid concerning Carlo Pittore's networker congress in Bowdoingham, Maine : "Managed to get to Carlo's on Saturday for Kustermann's performance. About 25 people in attendence. Carlo said there should have been more. The food was great. Robert Saunders was there. Bern (Porter) was there carrying a piece of mail he had received from you earlier in the day. He read some very depressing poetry, but was otherwise very humourous as usual. Meeting Peter (Kustermann) was good -- he gave me Manfred Stirnmann's address and referred me to some European mail artists who are doing email, mostly people you have mentioned -- I'd rather network with new people who are into cyberarts."



Project: Telenetlink Congress

Participant: Jeff Mann

E-mail Address: inyacc!mann@Darmouth.EDU

Date: July 10, 1992

Item: Request by Crackerjack Kid for information on how to access networker databank information on Man's automated file-retrieval system.



Project: NC92 Telenetlink Project

Participant: John Watrous

Address: Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California (e-mail:

No Date

Item: Inquiry about connecting the Telenetlink with an interactive multi-media exhibition.



Project: NC92 Telenetlink Project

Participant: Suzanna Sefl (University of Michigan 's School of Art )

E-mail Address:

Date: July 9, 1992

Item: Message in entirety: "Please tell me more about this network. I work at the University of Michaigan 's School of Art and I organize an electronic conference for the school called LINK:ART." Sefl was emailed an updated NC92 contact list, reading list, and extensive info about Telenetlink Congress.



Project: NC92 Telenetlink Project

Participant: PMC-Talk

E-mail Address: PMC-Talk@NCSUVM.BINET

Date: Juy 9, 1992

Item: NC92 Telenetlink Posting in the electronic journal PMC-Talk. Listing included NC92 reading materials, congress facilitator names/addresses, and key contacts for planned open congress sessions.



Project: Telenetlink Congress

Participant: PMC-Talk

E-mail Address: PMC-Talk@NCSUVM.BINET

Date: June 17, 1992

Item: "Proposed Questions for Mail Artists to Discuss" by Mark Bloch as it appeared in PMC-TALK, an on-line electronic journal. Bloch's email address: echo!; PMC-TALK email address: <>.



Project: Telenetlink Congress

Participant: Crackerjack Kid

E-mail Address:

Date: April 1992

Item: Correspondence by Crackerjack Kid to "The Stranger" in which a proposal is made to interconnect Telenetlink Congress with "The Stranger's" multimedia performance event in Oxford, England. Note: A reply from this artist was never forthcoming.



Name: Graciela G. Marx

Address: Casilla de Correo 266, C.P. 1900, La Plata, Argentina

Date: April 1992

Item: Issue of Hoje-Hoja-Hoy, publication of the Association Latinamercan and Caribbean mail artists.



Name: Ruggero Maggi

Address: C. So. Sempione 67, 20149 Milano, Italy

Date: March 22, 1992

Item: Spirit Netlink Performance Document: "At the morning of 22 March, some networkers from all over Italy came to my avant-garde gallery the 'Milan Art Center,' to meta-net-perform in a room of the space . All the networkers were sitting and I began to draw their silhouettes on a great paper put on the floor. After this we began to rubberstamp on the hand's of eath other this sign: 'In hommage to the great Joseph Beuys!' These were the present networkers: Giovanni & Renata Strada, Raimondo Dal Prete, Franco Santini, Alberto 121221, Sandro Ceccotto, Giorgia Malossi, Matteo Gagnola, Gianni Broi, Rosetta Berardi, Luigi Giurdanella, Silvana Costa, Massimo Pattaro, Annamaria Girardi and me, Ruggero Maggi."



Name: From the Ashes

Address: P.O. Box 1347, Phoenix, Arizona 85001

Date: May 1992 (date of magazine)

Item: From the Ashes: Art, Community, and Culture Exposed, Vol 14 (May 1992) Phoenix, Arizona ; Contents: "Erotic Mail Art Exhibit and Networkers Congress at Metrophphobobia," page 9. "Phoenix 's first full-fledged introduction to 'The Network' came on March 22nd at Metropophobobia, as part of a de-centralized Worldwide Networker's Congress. An erotic mail art show, sponsored by Metropophobobia in conjuntion with Amy Bowling and The Journal of Sister Moon, fax and vid-phone communications to other cities, and a gathering of local networkers comprised the Phoenix link of the Congress, whose only requirement was two or more people gathered on the day. The art came from across the globe, exploring myriad forms of the erotic and the perverse, the subtly sexual and the blatantly pornographic."



Name: Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design

Address: Ohio Sate University, 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212

Date: May 28, 1992 (postmarked)

Item: Interface, Vol 4, Issue 1 (April 1992). "Art That Networks" article by Chuck Welch, pp. 16-17. Article introduces readers to the NC92 year objectives and lists netlink contacts with facilitators. Interface is published two times a year by graduate students at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, The Ohio State University.



Name: Nenad Bogdanovic

Address: S. Markovica 41, 25250 Odzaci, Yugoslavia

Date: July 31, 1992

Item: Flyer of the "Network Congress in Baranja 1992": "Congress session took place in Baranjsko Petrovo Selo ( Baranja, Yugoslavia ). Three network authors from Odzaci (YU) who occasionally, within unpleasant circumstances, found themselves on a battle field, at that very place (Baranjsko Petrovo Selo), organized this network congress."



Name: Rachel Kopel

Address: PO Box 371375, San Diego, California 92137-1375 ;

Date: May 1992

Item: Copy of LA Times Zine in which Rachel Kopel (ed.) recalls her Padadena, California, visit to the "Freedom International Mail Art Exhibition." Kopel's visit with friends became her "networker congress." Postcard note to Crackerjack Kid included.



Name: Societe Anonyme

Address: S.A., 24, rue Reynier, B-4000 Liege, Belgium

Date: June 12, 1992

Item: Invitational flyer announcing the "Petition" mail art project: "The target being the creation of a Mail Art Museum (via a lot of petitions) in Hauterives, country of the famous Postman Ferdinand Cheval."



Name: Rachel Kopel

Address: PO Box 371375, San Diego, California 92137-1375

Date: June 17, 1992

Item: Postcard announcement of an networker congress: "Hollis Dixon and Rubber Tricks and I have had an afternoon of show and tell and talk and exchange and eating and drinking and singing along. A grand time was had and promises were made."



Name: Reed Altemus

Address: 16 Blanchard Rd., Cumberland Ctr., Maine 04021 -9738

Date: May 15, 1992

Items: Copy art and correspondence from Altemus.



Name: Shauna Snow

No Address

No Date

Item: "Special Delivery: 'Mail Art' Features Works Sent Through the Postal System," LA Times, pp. F1, F10 (Date? April 1992).



Project: NC92 Netshaker Harmonic Divergence

No Address

Date: March 19 -- 22, 1992

Item: Postcard collage by Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Fernand Barbot, and Crackerjack Kid.



Name: John Held Jr.

Address: 1903 McMillan Ave., Dallas, Texas 75206

Date: May 26, 1992 (postmarked)

Items: "Decentralized Worldwide Networker Congress 1992 FaxCongress stampsheet." Correspondence from Held: "Good to talk to you on the phone. I talked to Miekal And the same day. I'll go to Dreamtime (Dreamtime Village, Wisconsin) and help him run the Congress there. Should be a real counter-culture bash."



Name: Peter KYsterman and Angela PShler

Address: PO Box 2644, 495 Minden, Germany

Date: May 19, 1992

Items: Plastic Identification Card for the Net Mail Postmen; Postcard photograph of Kusterman delivering mail by hand to Italian Antonio Tregnaghi at the publishing desktop in his hometown Lucca's Studio Giallo; Newspaper account of congress with Australian peace campaigner Mary Cassini, "Mail Art Delivers Personally to Mary," The Courier, Adelaide Hills, Australia, Wednesday, Febr. 19, 1992 issue; A page from the global networker diary of Kusterman and Pahler: "Mail Art Networking Congress Nr. 5/ 1992."



Name: FaGaGaGa

Address: PO Box 1382, Youngstown, Ohio 44501-1382

Date: December 19, 1992

Item: Face of the Congress: A Portrait Zine of the 1992 Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress, Issue 5



Name: Michael Duquette

Address: 3462A Danforth Ave., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada MIL IEI

Date: December 27, 1992

Item: Postcard with statement: "On August 26, 1992 I met with Mahmo from Sweden, a mail artist from 'Worker Today.'"



Name: Peter KYstermann and Angela PShler

Address: PO Box 2644, D495 Minden, Germany

Date: December 26, 1992

Items: "Interview with Angela PShler and Peter KYstermann by Dobrica Kamperelic about their Netmail Tour." Netmail stampsheet of KYstermann and PShler meeting mail artists from around the world.



Name: Raimondo Del Prete

Address: Via S. D'Acquisto, 2, 57026 Rosignano Solvay (LI) Italy

Date: December 28, 1992

Items: Correspondence accompanied by copy art add on of "Raimondo Del Prete as Kid as Joseph Beuys." Del Prete makes note that he created a video of his May 1992 networker congress in Vaole, Italy .



Name: Kaufmann, Peter

Address: 8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland

Date: December 31, 1992

Items: Current listing of all NC92 Congress sessions. (over 180 listings)



Name: Hans BraumYller

Address: StYckenstrasse 63, 2000 Hamburg 76, Germany

Date: December 31, 1992

Items: Three networker postcards.



Name: Art Unidentified (AU)

Address: 1-1-10 Koshienguchi Nishinomima, Hyogo 663 Japan

Date: 7-24-92 (date of magazine)

Item: AU Magazine Vol. 116 (July 1992), Yoshitome, Y., ed. "Mail Art Congress Video"



Name: Rainer Golchert

Address: Soderstrase 29, 6100 Darmstadt, Germany

Date 10-11-92

Items: Correspondence states, "I never before have heard of the existence and the possibilities of the global NETWORK. So after getting the informations from you I was puzzled in many ways. Now, I think, I'm beginning to get a little idea what it is all about and I enjoy it." Also sent issue of his zine titled "Dont."



Name: Carol Stetser

Address: PO Box 20081, Village of Oak Creek, Arizona 86341

Date: 10-92

Item: Invitation to "Travel to This Congress Through The Mail." Congress organized around the theme: "One Day in the Eternal Network." "You can participate in this Congress by sending me a piece of paper with your name and address and a description of your activities during the day and night of November 10, 1992. Include a photo, drawing, or description of yourself."



Name: Jennifer Huebert

Address: POB 395, Rifton, New York 12471

Date: 01-04-93

Item: Woman's Networker Congress Documentation's opening statement by Huebert, "This is a forum for women who are active in the mail and men who wish to contribute. I proposed this action because we are a dsitinct minority on the scene and in these pages we are the majority. I believe sex differences don't have to be alienating. My intention is to provide a basis for some girl-girl as well as boy-girl exchanges."



Name: Marcel StYssi

Address: Altelierhaus Klingental, Postfach 301, CH-4021, Basel, Switzerland

Date: 01-05-93

Item: "Congress 92 in Berlin," a report of the proceedings.



Name: April Wade

Address: 15345 S.E. 182nd Ave., Umatilla, Florida 32734

Date: 01-05-93

Item: Spirit Netlink Performance between Buttons of Chico, California and April Wade.



Name: Peter KYstermann, Angela PShler, & H.R. Fricker

Address: Trogen, Switzerland

Date: December 31, 1992

Item: Fax signed by KYstermann, PShler, and Fricker declaring "The End of the Networker Year."



Name: Nenad Bogdanovic

Address: S. Markovica 41, 25250 Odzaci, Yugoslavia

Date: January 7, 1993

Item: Make Art - Not Politics - Part II; catalogue: "After the second part of world networkers congress 'Make Art - Not Politics,' which took place in Odzaci on Nov. 21, 1992 . . . Jaroslav Supek and Nenad Bogdanovic made the unalterable decision, 'we announce Odzaci to be WORLD NETWORKER CENTER.'"



Name: Pedro F. Bericat

Address: Biblioteca Publica De Aragon, Doctor Cerrada, 22, 50005 Zaragoza, Spain

Date: January 7, 1993

Item: Flyer containing essay (in Spanish) by Guy Bleus.



Name: Luce Fierens

Address: Boterstraat 43, 2811 Hombeek, Belgium

Date: January 8, 1993

Item: PostfluxpostsŽrie-artists' stamps-November 1992.



Name: Guy Bleus

Address: PO Box 43, 3830 Wellen, Belgium

Date: January 9, 1993

Items: List of participants; Report states, "There's always more than one ephemeral 'dream' between past and future. It can be populated with mythological humanoid monsters such as cyclopes, centaurs, panatii, sciopods, cynocephali, or blemmyae, but in this case there were only the so called normal wild animals and domesticated netlanders during the peripatetic zoo congress."



Name: Angela PShler and Peter KYstermann

Address: PO Box 2644, D-495, Minden, Germany

Date: January 10, 1993

Item: Photo of JosŽ Oliveira with hand delivered mail from Mike Dyar. Photo of The Net mailman, Peter KYstermann. Photo of Angela PShler delivering at the doorstep of British networker and painter Michael Roy. Also networker message: "In Congress Year 1992 we have carried more than 220 kilos of Mail Art over 10,000 km across fifty borders to and from over 300 networkers."



Name: Steve Perkins

Address: 221 West Benton St., Iowa City, Iowa 52246

No Date

Item: Working copy of The Drawing Legion's "Networker Congress Statements" pamphlet: "This booklet is comprised of networking statements received by the Aggressive School of Cultural Workers, Iowa Chapter (ASCW-IA) generated in response to the Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress 1992." Crackerjack Kid used sheets for distribution. See entry 165.



Names: Peter Kaufman and Crackerjack Kid

Addresses: Bergwisentrasse 11, CH-8123, Ebmatungen, Switzerland and RR1, Box 426H, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766

No Date

Item: "The Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress 1992 flyer" containing "The Networker, A New Role Perception," "Congress Documentation" info, "Congress Netlinks," "Networker Databank Congress," Congress dates, etc.



Name: Crackerjack Kid

Address: RR1, Box 426H, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766

Date: 1992

Item: Crackerjack Kid's "Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress" logo.



Names: Vittore Baroni and Piermo Ciani

No Address

No Date

Item: Baroni and Ciani's "Let's Network Together" postcard: "Le Forbici Di Manitu play you the (un)official hymn, jingle & sing-along rigmarole of the Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress 1992."



Name: Piermo Cian

No Address

No Date

Ciani's "Networker Congress" stationery which contain networker faciliators names and addresses along all margins surrounding the sheet.



Name: Vitttore Baroni

Address: Near the Edge Editions, Via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, LU, Italy

Date: summer 1992 (published)

Item: Baroni's "Meta-Concert in Spirit" cassette published in the summer of 1992 in a limited edition of 93 numbered copies by Near the Edge Editions.



Name: Vitttore Baroni

Address: Near the Edge Editions, Via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, LU, Italy

No Date

Item: Baroni's NC92 "Let's Network Together T-Shirt."



Name: Marcel StYssi

Address: Atelierhaus Klingental, Postfach 301, CH-4021, Basel, Switzerland

Date: May 5, 1992

Items: postcard of leaping postman, note, and "Spirit Netlink Performance" form.



Name: Rainer Golchert

Address: Soderstrase 29, W-6100 Darmstadt, Germany

Date: August 4, 1992

Item: Inquiry regarding NC92. Reply from Crackerjack Kid.



Name: Avant Garde Museum of Temporary Art

Address: Route 1 Box 136, La Farge, WI 54639

Date: August 22, 1992 (date of event)

Items: Flyer announcement by Miekal And & Elizabeth Was for their Dreamtime Village NC92 Congress, "Sustaining the Hyperkulture." Flyer listing activities at Dreamtime Village during the dates August 20 - 23. Presentations include "Dictionary Dowsing" with Elizabeth Was (Aug. 20), "Practical Anarchy" by Chuck Munson, "Utopian Future" with Peter Lamborn Wilson (Aug 21), Copyright and Beyond with Lloyd Dunn & Steve Perkins, and "Send Me A Life: mail artists as eternal networkers." by John Held Jr.



Name: Crackerjack Kid

E-mail Address:

No Date

Letter by Crackerjack Kid which was later published in PMC Talk Electronic Journal. "My desire is to offer the readers of PMC a working knowledge of mail art by inviting interaction in the Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress 1992."



Name: Cesar Reglero Campos

Address: Passaige del Sol, 43003 Tarragona, Spain

Date: February 24, 1992

Items: 2 photos of anonymous exhibitions, one photo of street scene with felt-tip maker inscription, "Hombre Obje To Mojado." 2 copies of CŽsar Reglero Campos' newspaper text, "Mail Art o el arte de reinventar el gŽnero epistolar." Copy of mail art show announcement.



Name: Stephen Perkins

Address: 221 W. Benton, Iowa City, Iowa 52246

No Date

Item: postcard image "Networking Before and After."



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