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Ms C787

Collection Dates: 1977-- 1983
(Bulk Dates: 1977-- 1978)
1.5 linear ft.
and 1 Oversize Box

Collection Guide

This document describes a Manuscript Collection held by the

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Administrative Information

Biographical and Historical Information

Scope and Contents of the Collection

Related Materials

Acquisition and Processing Information

Box Contents List

Administrative Information

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

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Biographical Note

Stephen Durland has long served as the editor of High Performance magazine. Although well known throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, and England as a writer, sculptor, and performance artist, he has also been highly active as an initiator of international correspondence art events and publications.

Scope and Contents

The Papers of Steven Durland consists of 1.5 linear feet plus 1 oversize box of Durland's personal correspondence and documentation as well as artworks and other documentation from the Not Clay International Mail Art Show, co-curated by Durland and Melvin Tearle in 1977, and The Cover, co-curated by Durland and Robert Harris in 1978. In boxes 1-3, the names of artists, who contributed to these shows, are listed in alphabetical order followed by a brief description of their work and the date of their work when known. The same information is provided in box 4; however, because the works in this box are mounted for exhibition, the names of the artists are arranged according to the order of their works as they appear in the box. (Note: This collection does not contain all of the works exhibited in either the Not Clay Show or The Cover. Several works from The Cover can also be found in Artifacts of the Eternal Network.)

Photographs: Boxes 1 and 4

Related Materials

This is an Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art collection.

Acquisition and Processing Information

The majority of these papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Steven Durland. Small donations were also made by Fred Truck and Buster Cleveland.

Guide posted to Internet: April 2005

Prepared by D. Crites, J. Roethler

Box Contents List

Box 1

Miscellaneuos Correspondence and Documentation

Postcard for "MASS DADA & The OR group present The Dance of the Iagined Booger Search - The OR Workshop (Idle Hands) at the Herter Art Gallery, UMass, Amherst, July 17, 1977.

Postcard from P.O.T.V., postmarked February 15, 1978.

Note to Diane and Durland on the back of the Helix Inter-departmental Newsletter/Scandal Sheet, signature illegible, May, 20, 1978.

2 letters from Barbara Moore and Jon Hendricks concering works damaged in the Fluxus show, May 13, 1978 and July 10, 1978.

2 letters from Judith A. Hoffberg and Joan Hugo concerning Durland's submission to Artwords and Bookworks," March 15, 1978 and September 20, 1978.

Letter from Mike Crane concerning his book on Mail Art and inviting Durland to participate in a Mail Art show at the Micro Gallery-Sacramento, October 4, 1978.

Postcard to Buster Cleveland commenting on Cleveland's move to New York with "Landscape in Pink and Polychrome for Buster Cleveland" on front of card, postmarked October 16, 1978.

Letter from Matteo D'Ambrosio requesting documentation of Durland's "oclinity," postmarked March, 12, 1979.

Letter from Hugh Shaw requesting information on Durland's book Art and Life: a Novel about the Perfect Couple, March 16, 1979.

Postcard from Joan Davidson thanking Durland for his submission to "Artists' Postcards,"` postmarked March 20, 1979.

Letter from Walker "Bud" Rumble concerning the aquisition of books on homeopathy by the Northampton Museum of Modern Art, June 13, 1979.

Postcard to Diane and Durland, signature illegible, postmarked July 21, 1979.

Postcard from "N." concerning vacation out West, September 1, 1979.

Postcard from Linda Burnham concerning Durland's submission to High Performance, November 11, 1979.

Postcard requesting submissions for "Duchamp '80" show, May 1-4, Hampshire College. Patrons: S. Durland, R. Superior, L. Fiso III, Ted Craft, Sir C.H.B-H.

Personal letter from friend, signature illegible, July 2, 1980.

2 letters to Fred Truck explaining Durland's current projects. Letters accompanied by two stamp works by Durland and a NOMOMA stamp catalog, postmarked August 2, 1980.

Letter from Walter Zanini concerning Durland's submission for "Nucleus I - Mail Art," June 16, 1981.

Postcard to Larry Walczak, postmarked Jan 27, 1982.

Letter from South Dakota Student Loan Assistance Corporation, March 16, 1982.

Postcard of HYPE by J.P. Jacob, commenting on Durland's performance where he "ascended to heaven," 1982.

Postcard from INEX concerning his search for a new place to live, postmarked March 10, 1983.

Letter from B. C. Keech requesting proposals from "Sight Specifci Graphics" porject, no date.

Postcard to Buster Cleveland thanking him for the issue of "instant media dispatch", no date.

Postcard to Buster Cleveland "Dada is intellectual violence", no date.

Stamped envelope from Durland, addressed to DaDaLaNd, no date.

Letter from Durland to "Andrew" concerning missing his birthday, on Northampton Museum of Modern Art letterhead, no date.

Birthday card from "Debi," no date.

Postcard from "Wick" concerning money loaned to him from Durland, no date.

Letter and sheet from No!i Comix from Fred Mertz concerning his photobooth contest, no date.

Paper titled "Anomi: Socially Induced Psychological and Psychological Right of Passage," by G. A. Woddbury, 1965.

Questionaire about art with answers, no date.

Publication: " Britton High School: Class of 1969." Amherst : IM Press, 1979 (published by Durland).

Tacit. vol. 1:0- 4 (1980); 2:1-6 (1981); 3:1, 4, 5(1982) (periodical published by Durland)

Article about Durland in The Journal of the Happy Young People Enterprise (Hype), no date

Visual Novel by Durland titled Walk Time is It?, sent to Buster Cleveland, postmarked 1977.

"Calender" published by Im Press with contributions from Durland, 1978.

Mock front page of New York Times by Durland, R. W. Appler, Jr., John Kifner, and Steven Rattner, March 17, 1980.

Business card for Durland performance titled Roast Pork and Bean Curd on Rice, March 18, 1981.

Photograph titled "South Dakota" in Christmas-themed stamped envelope, 1981.

Documentation for Not Clay International Mail Art Show and The Cover

Catalog for Not Clay Show

Postcard and photocopy of postcard from Durland and Mel Tearle inviting artists to participate in Not Clay Show

Statement about Not Clay Show

Letter from Suki Diamond inquiring about Not Clay Show, May 6, 1977.

Postcard to Bill Gaglione thanking him for VILE for Not Clay Show, postmarked June 21, 1977.

Letter from Barry Bero commenting on Not Clay Show, August 4, 1977.

Notebook with comments from visitors to Not Clay Show

Catalog for The Cover

Postcard from Durland inviting artists to participate in The Cover

Pre-addressed envelopes for The Cover

Announcement for The Cover

Photographs of display boards for The Cover

Sheet of commemorative stamps for The Cover

Works from The Cover (* indicates that artist is not included in the list of exhibitors from the catalog)

Agar, Christopher. Collage envelope, postmarked 1978.

Anonymous.* Envelope with American Flag painted on it with glitter and image of a bell tower. Envelope contains magazine clippings and a baseball ticket, postmarked 1978; Envelope with text "Until Excited I never thought I'd like my art to wear a condom" and image of young man with large penis, no date; Postcard with multiple images of The Cover logo, postmarked 1978; Envelope with text "SEE THROUGH" punched in it, postmarked 1977

Ashton, Clark. Envelope with stamped images and Cavellini sticker and stamps, postmarked 1977.

Beachart.* Envelope with images of dolls and definition of doll, postmarked 1978.

Brown, Jean. X-ray Dog-postcard with an image of a dog inside a plastic cover, postmarked 1978.

Cabaret Voltaire/Steve Hitchcock. Collage envelope, postmarked 1977. (Note: for additional works by this artist in box 4)

Cicchetti, Judy.* Altered pre-addressed envelope for "The Cover," postmarked 1978.

Cleveland, Buster. Collage envelope, postmarked 1978.

Cook, Geoffrey and Guglielmo Cavellini.* Letter and photocopy of collage envelope, 1977.

Crowther, Catherine Rosl.* Envelope with text "DKUVEJ" and stamped images, postmarked 1978.

D. Albrecht (Reflection Press). Collage envelope, no date.

Degregorio, Paula.* Collage envelope, postmarked 1978; Envelope with color pencil, postmarked 1978.

Dreva, Jenny. Envelope attached to postcard with explanation of "First Day Cover," no date.

Dyar, Mike (Eat Art). Collage postcard sealed in plastic, postmarked 1977; Photograph on postcard sealed in plastic, postmarked 1977; Envelope with photogrpah of nude woman inside sealed in plastic, no date; Envelope with stamped images of chickens and elephants sealed in plastic, postmarked 1977; Postcard with fragments of a photograph, postmarked 1977. (Note: for additional works by this artist in box 4)

George in Georgia. Envelope with stamped text and images, postmarked 1978. (Note: for additional works by this artist in box 4)

Gore, A. envelope with stamped images and shoelaces, postmarked 1977.

Box 2

Works from The Cover continued (note: for oversize works from The Cover see box 4)

Indada. Mailed sponge, no date; Sealed envelope containing cigarette butt, no date; Mailed piece of styrofoam, postmarked 1978; Envelope with sections cutt out and postcard with text "Stamp IT TO DEATH" inside, postmarked 1978.

Joma. Postcard cutt from "Best Bet Peekpruf envelope" box, postmarked 1978; "Play money for a rainy day" child's toy mailed as postcard, no date.

Krieger, Andrew H. Painted envelope cut to reveal text inside, postmarked 1978.

Lisboa, Unhandeijara. Postcard with text "cuidado" and stamped hands, postmarked 1978.

Lukman, Glasgow. Envelope with brown packaging tape, postmarked 1977; Envelope with various stamps, postmarked 1977.

Manly, Doug. Envelope with chinese text and cut to reveal photographs inside, postmarked 1977.

Mardeusz, Patricia.* Envelope with images of "hummel" children, postmarked 1978.

Mertz, Fred. Cardboard strip with printed image of film for four color slides, postmarked 1978.

Mollets, Michael. Envelope cut to reveal bubble wrap and text about a library card, postmarked 1977.

Nations, Opal L. Airmail envelope with text "keep inthe air for a lifetime" and "This letter is filled with air (an air-to-air letter)," no date.

Petasz, Pawel. Postcard with text "Is it still a cover?" and covered plastic green netting, no date.

Pierce, I.L.* Envelope inhonor of Marin Luther King, Jr., 1979.

Ray, Eugene. Envelope with handcolored photocopies of artsit's postage stamps, postmarked 1978.

Richard.* Envelope with text "Ceci n'est pas une letter," postmarked 1980.

Schooley, Kitty.* Black envelope with chalked smeared over address, no date.

Sir Q/Frank Ferguson. Collage manila envelope, no date.

Smith, Pauline. Envelope with text "RUBBISH," 1978. (Note: for additional works by this artist in box 4)

Sub Waxin Haddosk and Roda Mappo. Envelope with stamped images and multiple texts, postmarked 1977. (Note: for additional works by these artists in box 4)

VanderBurgh, A. Envelope containing four ink drawings, 1977 -- 1978; Envelope with ink drawing, postmarked 1979.

Wrobel, Miroslaw. Postcard partially sealed in plastic with stamped image of mouth sticking out its tongue and text "for censor," postmarked 1978.

Works from Not Clay International Mail Art Show

Anonymous. Stapled envelope, no date.

Beachart. Crumpled brown piece of paper, no date.

Bell, Michael Steven. Text "IS NOT CLAY" repeated on cardboard, 1977.

Brett, George H. II. Plastic bag containing rope and clay attached to a postcard, 1977.

Clear Pomade Ranch. Stamp imprint and textile on postcard, 1977.

Cleveland, Buster. Envelope with multiple graffics, postmarked 1977.

Box 3

(Works from Not Clay International Mail Art Show continued)

Felter, James W. Envelope with Canadada, 1974 stampsheet and Ken Friedman article enclosed, postmarked 1977.

Fine, A.M. Two postcards, postmarked 1978.

Gardner, Shelley. Envelope covered with graffic of Mannerist crucufixion with enclosed statement, "John Baldessari claims its impossible to send a painting through the mail," no date.

Jurgenelsasser. Postcard.

Sambers, Charalin. Collage box, postmarked 1977.

Saville, Ken. Envelope with assorted graffics and texts by several artists enclosed, 1977.

Tinkerbelle. Postcard with text, "If you're not afraid to get a little dirt on your hands: Secret Restricted Data," 1977.

Warron, John. Postcard with cigarette logos, postmarked 1977.

Box 4

Oversize and mounted works from The Cover

Smith, Pauline. Envelope with text "Another Floral Tribute," 1978. (Note: for additional works by this artist in box 2)

BaronVon Geraldo. Envelope with stamped image of the anatomy of a man, postmarked 1977.

Brett, George H. II. Envelope with stamped images and text, postmarked 1978.

Hayakawa, Wynne. Envelope with the number 6 written all over it, postmarked 1977.

Doherty, Bill. Envelope with drawing of an envelope, postmarked 1978.

Sarapata, Marie. Envelope with text on back complaining about the size requirement for show submissions, postmarked 1978.

Harris, Andrea. Collage envelope, postmarked 1978.

Orridge, Genesis P. Envelope with photograph from performance action?, no date.

Pierce-Parkhurst, D. Envelope with hand-drawn lines, postmarked 1978.

Somers. Green envelope with fruit and corn images, postmarked 1978.

Kent, Eleanor. Envelope with text ""Dear Post Offices: Please open this. California poppy seeds inside. Thank you. E.K.," no date.

Zack, David. Envelope with multiple texts, postmarked 1977.

George in Georgia and Chuck Stake. Envelope with assorted stickers, no date. (Note: for additional works by George in Georgia see box 1)

Featherart/Debbi Milligan. Envelope with white feather border, postmarked 1978; Envelope with hole punches revealing pink feathers inside, postmarked 1978.

Cabaret Voltaire/Steve Hitchcock. Envelope covered with numbered edges of postage stamp sheets, postmarked 1977. (Note: for additional works by this artist see box 1)

Conch, Artaxerxes. Private mailing card with message to "Bob," postmarked 1978.

Albert, Steven. Envelope with assorted postage stamps, postmarked 1978.

Osmar, Pedro. 7 collage envelopes, one with text "Ja fui mais povo do que sou" and images of poverty, one with text "dificil mas que ainda a terei" and "alianza para el progreso," 1978.

Hompson, Davi Det. One yellow, One green, and One red envelope with the same printed imagery, postmarked 1978.

Helbock, Richard. 2 envelopes titled An Essay in Trust enclosed in plastic, postmarked 1977.

Milliken, Uncle Don. Envelope with ink drawing, postmarked 1978.

Saunders, Adrianne. Envelope with stamped images, postmarked 1978.

Westburg, Marshall. Envelope with altered frame from a comic titled 2 Ray Rodriques and "the imposter," no date.

Musicmaster. Envelope with ink drawing, postmarked 1978.

Targowski, Henry. Envelope with stamped images of plane, postmarked 1977.

Elsasser, Jurgen. Collage envelope, postmarked 1978.

Crozier, Robin. Collage envelope, no date.

Sub Waxin Haddock. Envelope with image of a woman with a superimposed head of a deer, postmarked 1977. (Note: for additional works by this artist see box 2)

Osmar, Pedro. Postcard with altered image of the backside of a woman, postmarked 1978.

Groh, Klaus. Collage envelope, 1977.

Duval, Charlotte. Envelope with ink drawing, postmarked 1977.

Mappo, Rhoda. Envelope with ink drawing, no date. (Note: for additional works by this artist see box 2)

Anonymous. Collage postcard, no date.

Whitson. Manilla envelope with stamped images and stickers, no date.

Bressi, Betty. 3 envelopes with stamped patterns, postmarked 1978; 2 envelopes with ink drawings, postmarked 1977.

Tearle, Mel. Envelope made from magazine clipping of snakes, no date.

Hosier, Tom. Envelope with stamped images and windows revealing photocopied images inside, postmarked 1977.

Parks, Sue. Envelope covered with American Lung Association stickers, no date.

Musser, Jerry. Postcard from Durland inviting artists to participate in The Cover, no date; Pink envelope with text "envelope or postcard," no date; Stuffed pink envelope with text "envelope or package," postmarked 1978; Yellow envelope with text commenting on the contents for show submissions, postmarked 1978.

Da Cunha, Prof. Renato C. 3 envelopes with ink drawings and clippings from comics, no date; One envelope with frame from comic, no date; One envelope with a drawing of a pair of pants, no date.

Pierce, Thomas. Envelope with ink and pencil drawing of 1877 Indian penny with text "A Penny for your thoughts," postmarked 1978.

Anonymous. Pinted image titled Example of a Philatelically Valuable "Cover" ca. 1840, no date.

Klivar, Miroslaw. 2 envelopes with traced hand, postmarked 1976 and 1977; Envelope with assorted stamps; postmarked 1978.

Baron Von Geraldo. Envelope with stamped images, no date.

Dyer, Mike/Eat Art. Collage envelope with jungle animals, postmarked 1977. (Note: for additional works by this artist in box 2)

Schmidt, Angelika. 2 envelopes, postmarked 1978; One envelope with an attached feather and text "Inside-Outside I," postmarked 1978.

Musser, Jerry. Pink envelope with ink drawing, postmarked 1978.

Baron Von Geraldo. Envelope with lines in various colors and stamped armadillos, no date.

Blatt, Michael. Envelope with ink drawing of fish and a cut out in the shape of a fish revealing Thomas Jefferson 1 cent stamps inside, no date.

Fine, A. M. 2 envelopes, one with text "Please forward to First-Majority Cosmic Elder Consciousuess, planet Earth and Related Solar-System (s)," postmarked 1978.

Musser, Jerry. Pink envelope with attached screw and piece of masking tape, letter with text "THIS ENVELOPE WAS NOT TO BE OPENED AND YOU DID IT ANYWAY. HOW RUDE." 1978.

Felter, James W. Red envelope with stamped text "Stamp Out Stamp Death," postmarked 1978. (Note: for additional works by this artist see box 3)

Francke, Cees. Envelope with stamped text "SPUDZ THE HIDDEN ODOUR OF ART," postmarked 1977.

Targowski, Henry. Envelope with stamped pointing hands, no date; Blue envelope with text "People choul be subsidised "SANS PREJUDICE," postmarked 1977.

Newman, Paul. Envelope with text "'the cover' anagram: honest ma, I didn't mean it! 'he covert' ly lated," postmarked 1978.

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