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MsC 791

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Fanzine bibliographies, lists, bookseller's catalogs, and similar materials have been separated from the zines and are listed on this page.

Box Contents List

Box 1

Cockcroft, T.G.L. Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines. Index by Title. Lower Hutt: New Zealand, 1962. Indexes Weird Tales, Strange Stories, Strange Tales, The Thrill Book, Oriental Stories & The Magic Carpet Magazine, Strange Tales (English), and Golden Fleece.

----. Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines. Index by Author. Lower Hutt: New Zealand, 1967. Second edition.

Cook, Frederick S., comp. Fred Cook’s Index to the Wonder Group. Grand Haven, MI: Fred Cook, 1966. (Later photocopy, inscribed).

Day, Bradford M.  A Checklist of Fantastic Magazines. Np: Np, nd [circa 1952?].

Eney, Richard. Fancyclopedia II. Manchester, MD: Mirage Press, nd. “A facsimile of the 1959 edition.”

Hopkins, Harry A. Fandom Directory. Langley AFB, VA: WSA Program, 1979. 

Joquel, Arthur Louis, II. Some Suggestions for a Decimal Classification of Scientific, Weird, and Fantastic Literature. Np, np, July 1946. “Preliminary Edition.”

Moffet, Leonard, ed. 1950 Fan Directory. Garden Grove, CA: Lilliputin Press, 1950.  Sponsored by The Fantasy Foundation and The National Fantasy Fan Federation.

Pavlat, Bob. Fanzine Index. Hyattsville, MD: Bob Pavlat, 1952-1959. (Original ditto and mimeograph numbers; this copy extensively annotated up to 1961 by Edward Wood). 

Pavlat, Bob & Bill Evans, eds. Fanzine Index, listing most fanzines from the beginning through 1952, including titles, editors’ names and data on each issue. Flushing: Harold Palmer Fisher, 1965. (Original mimeograph sheets with tabbed index pages inserted)

----. (Bound photocopy).

Ritz, Paul S. Fantasy Directory II.  Beachwood, OH: Paul Ritz, [circa 1978].

Science Fiction Syndicate. Science Fiction Bibliography. 1:1 (1935). Austin, TX. Photocopy of 12 page pamphlet.

Box 2

Stone, Graham, comp. Australian Science Fiction Index 1925-1967. Canberra City: Australian Science Fiction Association, [1968?].

Viggiano, Michael & Donald Franson. Science Fiction Title Changes, a guide to the changing titles of science fiction and fantasy stories in magazines and books. [Seattle]: National Fantasy Fan Federation, 1965. Two copies.

Watts, Eric L., ed. The 1989 New Moon Directory. Atlanta: Eric L. Watts, 1989. Number Two. List of APA groups and zines.

----. The 1990 New Moon Directory. Number Three.

----. The 1991 New Moon Directory. Number Four.

Booksellers Catalogs:

Crabapple Bookshop. Science Fiction Pulps. #6 (July 1972). Tangent, OR.

Dorn Island Books. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Detective, and Other Oddments as Strike My Fancy. Nd.  Seattle, WA.

Dunn & Powell Books. Catalogue Forty-two. Nd.  Bar Harbor, ME.

----. Catalogue Forty-three

F& FS Book Co. List #105. [1973]. Staten Island, NY.

Gore Creatures Fanzine Lending Library. Np: np, April 1971.

Midnight Book Co. nd.  Phoenix, AZ

Paul Maita, Bookseller. Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror.  #3 (1991). Elk Grove Village, IL.

Ralph Spurrier Post Mortem Books. #63. Hassocks, England.

Ted Fraser’s Book bin Limited. 1972-1973 Catalogue. (April 1973). Vancouver, BC.

Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore. Mail-order Catalog. July 1975. Minneapolis, MN.


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