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Records of the Collins Radio Company

MsC 814
Collection Dates: 1924-1980

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Acquisition and Processing Information: The records of the Collins Companies were received in 1997 from Ben Stearns on behalf of Arthur A. Collins' widow Mary. The records were processed in the spring of 2009.

Photographs: See Series VIII

Collins Signal (January 1934)

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of corporate records from Collins Radio Company, a communications and aerospace company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Records include correspondence, company memoranda, publications, research files, product information and advertising, customer information, subject files, photographs and blueprints.

The collection is divided into several series. Some topics and activities may be documented across multiple series (for example, both Administrative Files and Subject Files may have records relating to the same topic).

1. Administrative Files: Files relating to the administration and operations of the Collins Radio Company. Includes correspondence, memoranda, administrative documentation, and other organizational materials.

2. C-System Files:  Files relating to the development of the Collins C-System. The C-System was a major concept developed by CRC starting in the mid-1960s, designed to integrate computers and communications techniques into a single system capable of accomplishing all the major activities of a particular organization or enterprise. Includes background research documentation, component and system manuals and descriptions, and working papers.

3. Customer Files: Files relating to specific customers of CRC. Includes correspondence.

4. Product Files: Files relating to various products created by CRC during its corporate existence. Includes advertisements, instruction manuals, and product descriptions.

5. Publications: Various publications of CRC.

6. Research Files: Files relating to various research endeavors carried out by CRC on a number of different subjects relating to communications and aerospace technology. Includes data, notes and research papers.

7. Subject Files: Files relating to various subjects involving CRC. Includes correspondence, corporate documentation, and documentation from Arthur A. Collins and his father Merle H. Collins.

8. Visual Materials: Includes photographs of various subjects, and blueprints and schematics of some CRC products and components.

Biographical/Historical Note

Arthur Andrews Collins was born on September 9, 1909 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, the only child of businessman Merle H. Collins and his wife Faith. In 1916 Merle moved his family to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he became involved in the ever-expanding world of agribusiness. He founded the Collins Mortgage Company in the year of his arrival in Iowa, a firm specializing in providing farm loans. In 1928 he formed the Collins Farms Company, a new venture involving the purchase and combination of farm lands as sites for new agricultural techniques. Both companies went under in 1934.

Young Arthur Collins developed an early interest in radio and associated technologies. He built his own transmitters and crystal sets, was an enthusiastic ham operator, and attained a radio license from the Federal Radio Commission in 1923 at the age of 14. Collins first achieved a measure of fame in the summer of 1925, when, using a ham radio that he built himself, he achieved continued communication with the U.S. Navy scientific expedition to Greenland, led by Captain Donald MacMillan. Because of atmospheric problems, the U.S. Naval radio station in Washington, D.C. had been unable to consistently receive messages from the expedition. However, Collins utilized shorter wavelengths to maintain constant contact with the expedition's radio operator and fellow amateur radio enthusiast John Reinartz. For a period of 22 days Collins was the only person in the world to be in regular communication with the expedition and for that period Cedar Rapids became therefore the exclusive center of information from the explorers. Each day Collins would take down the messages emitting from the Arctic, and then ride his bicycle down to the local Western Union office and send those messages on to Washington.

In 1926 Collins enrolled at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, and the next year he transferred to Amherst College in Massachusetts. After a year there he returned to Iowa, more interested in pursuing his own scientific studies than in continuing with formal education. (Nonetheless, he did take several courses in electrical engineering at the University of Iowa.) Although Collins did do some work for his father's companies, he preferred for the most part to work and develop his talents independently, and in 1931 he formed his own company devoted to radio production, Arthur Collins, Radio Laboratories, Inc. (Collins Radio Company, by December 1932).

Originally the small company, which produced 4 basic models of radio transmitters, was headquartered and run out of the basement of Collins' family home. In 1933 the company moved to more official quarters on First Avenue in Cedar Rapids, and on September 22, 1933 CRC was officially charted as a corporation under the laws of the state of Delaware (re-incorporated as an Iowa company on May 13, 1937).

The company first achieved nationwide fame and recognition due to another scientific expedition, this time that of Admiral Richard Byrd's 1933-1934 trip to the Antarctic. Byrd, a member of the 1925 MacMillan expedition, was impressed with Collins' technological wizardry and employed him to produce and supply the entirety of the Antarctic expedition's radio equipment. The equipment enjoyed great success; it was using CRC radios that Byrd made the first formal radio broadcast from Antarctica on February 3, 1934. Word of Collins' success spread rapidly and the young company quickly increased the sales of its transmitters and receivers.

The company grew through the 1930s, and gradually broadened its product line. One of CRC's more significant products included the "Autotune", a device allowing for quick and easy switching between radio frequencies by airplane pilots. The Autotune not only introduced a easy method of cockpit radio control but also launched CRC into the world of avonics equipment production. Although CRC continued to produce new generations of radio equipment (including, starting in 1958, the S Line of equipment that was designed to function as an integrated system rather than as individual products), it became a major leader in aerospace technology. Collins communications technology was used for civilian and defense operations, as well as the American Gemini, Mercury, Apollo and Skylab space programs.

CRC quickly outgrew its original headquarters in Cedar Rapids, and expanded operations. By 1943 defense contracts obliged the company to lease space in over 20 buildings across the city. (After the war CRC consolidated its operations into a smaller number of Cedar Rapids locations.) In 1946 CRC opened a sales office in Los Angeles - this office was moved to Burbank in 1949 and became the center of the company's growing Western Division. In 1951 CRC established a new plant near Dallas, Texas, and an Information Science Center designed for research into new data communcations equipment was built in Newport Beach, CA in 1961. (CRC West Coast operations ere moved here from Burbank that same year.) International subsidiaries were founded in Mexico, England and Canada.

Despite the company's success throughout the World War II and postwar decades, it faced major problems starting in the 1960s. The de-escalation of the Vietnam War meant the end of many defense contracts for the company, and the gradual slowdown of the American space program created a reduced market for many types of space and avionics technologies. Furthermore, Collins had invested a significant portion of his company's time and resources in the C-System, a completely integrated "communication, computation and control system" that would combine all major functions of an enterprise into a single workable system. However, despite the massive investment in the C-System, sales of components and equipment were tepid, and by the end of the 1960s CRC was rapidly losing money.

In 1971 North American Rockwell began investing heavily in CRC, enough to achieve a controlling interest. Increased financial losses in fiscal years 1971-1972 convinced Rockwell to shake up existing CRC management. In November 1971, the Rockwell-controlled board of directors removed Collins as president and board chairman of his own company. On December 7, Collins officially resigned from the company he had founded 40 years before, and created a new firm, Arthur A. Collins, Inc. The new company was designed to "develop systems, concepts, design strategies, basic design plans, and innovative ideas in the field of large scale systems", including telecommunications, navigation, and control. However, though the new company patented a few products, sales were virtually nonexistent and the company rapidly lost money. A.A. Collins, Inc. had shrunk to almost nothing when Collins died on February 25, 1987 following hospitalization for a stroke.

Collins married Margaret (Peg) Van Dyke, also of Cedar Rapids, on January 4, 1930. They had two children, Susan and Michael. Peg died of a cerebral hemorrhage in December 1955. On June 10, 1957 Collins married again, to Mary Margaret Meis. The couple produced two sons, Alan and David.

Following Collins' ouster from CRC, the company made a major recovery effort, turning away from its immense committment to the C-System, introducing strict fiscal controls, restructuring the company's management and divisional organization, and continuing the development of overseas markets. By the first half of 1973 the company was making noticeable financial improvements (from a $17 million loss in 1972 to a $3 million profit in 1973). In the midst of this newfound success, North American Rockwell (renamed Rockwell International in Feburary 1973) moved to formally merge itself with CRC. The merger was approved on November 2, 1973, which meant the effective end of Collins Radio Company as an independent enterprise. However, Collins' name on the company he founded still survives with the existence of Rockwell Collins, Inc., the former Rockwell avionics division which was spun off its parent company in 2001. Rockwell Collins continues to be headquarted  in Cedar Rapids, and is a leading producer of avionics technologies.


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Box Contents List


Series I: Administrative Files

Box 1

Accounting Procedures, 1944

Address Book (AAC), n.d.

Administrative Communications System, 1965

ADS Master Archive Update Specification, 1964

Advertising: Correspondence, 1933

Advertising: Correspondence, 1934-1935

Allen Motor Company, 1934

Alpha Corporation (CRC Subsidiary), 1959-1960

Alpha Corporation (CRC Subsidiary), 1961-1963

American Bank Note Company (re: engravings and letterheads), 1932-1935

American Express Company, 1932-1934

American Radio Relay League (QST), January-June 1933

American Radio Relay League (QST), July 1933-1934

American Radio Relay League (QST): AAC's Membership Certificates, 1932-1933

American Radio Relay League (QST): Invoices, 1932

Arthur Andersen and Co., 1936

Assorted Materials, 1946-1973, n.d.

Barkley, W.J. (CRC Vice-President), 1936-1944

Barkley, W.J. (CRC Vice-President), 1947-1958

Blue System Directory (Private voice-data-radio service), 1966

Board of Directors, 1944-1954

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1966

Boegle, Charles, 1932-1933

Brady, John B. (CRC Attorney), 1932-1934, 1939 (3 folders)

Buildings: Additions and Alterations to CRC, 1941-1942

C Avenue Property (Broderick Property), 1958-1959

Calder's Van and Storage Co., 1934

Carson, George S., 1931-1932

Cash Drawer Slips, 1933

Cash Sales, 1939-1941 (3 folders)

Cash Sale Receipts, 1932-1934

Centralized Communications and Data Processing Cost Study, 1960

Collins Radio Company of Canada, 1957-1962

Collins Radio Company of England, 1954-1966

Collins Standard for Writers and Editors, 1969

Communications and Data Systems Division: Correspondence and Memos, 1960-September 1963

Box 2

Communications and Data Systems Division: Correspondence and Memos, October 1963-1964

Communications and Data Systems Division: Correspondence and Memos, 1965, 1970

Company Correspondence, 1934-1937

Company Correspondence, 1958- 1963 (9 folders)

Company Correspondence, 1972-1973

Company Sponsored Program: Descriptions for FY 1972, 1971

Computer Usage Graphs for CRC, February-May 1963

Doelz, M.L. (Director of Engineering, Western Division), 1954

Employment Applications and Correspondence, 1933-1963 (5 folders)

Employee Records, 1940-1941 A-H

Employee Records, 1940-1941 S-Z

Equipment Memos and Reports, 1959-1963 (2 folders)

Box 3

Equipment Memos and Reports, 1964-1965

Explosives Licenses, 1942-1944

Female Employees, Earning of, 1941

Financial Review, 1970

Financial Statements, 1971

Financing and Pricing Decision Tables, 1971

First Aid Reports, 1943-1946

First Avenue Property Rental (Schoonover Property), 1933-1942 (2 folders)

Fuel Refunds, 1937-1939

Graphics Identification Guidebook, 1962

Harkness, Roy P. (Sales), 1932-August 1933 (2 folders)

Insurance Claims, 1944

Iowa Electric Power and Light Co.: Bills and Documentation, 1933-1934

Kahn, Morton B.: Correspondence, 1933-1934

Kahn, Morton B.: Documentation, 1933

Laboratory Expenses, 1932

Letters to Stockholders, 1945-1955

Mailing List File, 1939?

Maritime Marketing Plan, 1968

Memoranda File, June 1934-December 1945 (13 folders)

Box 4

Memoranda File, 1946-1964 (3 folders)

Memos re: Objectives and Reorganization of CDS, 1962

Miller, Claire R. (Sales: Mexico and South America), 1932-1934 (4 folders)

Miscellaneous Employees, 1938-1941 (12 folders)

Eugene Munsell and Co., 1932

New Office and Factory Building: Bids and Offers, 1940

New York Life Insurance Co., 1943

News Releases and Messages, 1962, 1972-1973

Norman Baker Enterprises, 1932

Box 5

Northern Trust Company, 1933-1944 (2 folders)

Office and Factory Expenses, 1932-1934 (2 folders)

Office Salaries, 1943-1944

Organizational Changes, 1971-1972

Organizational Charts, 1942-1943

Paid Bills: Arthur A. Collins, 1945-1949 (4 folders)

Patents, 1932, 1934, 1944-1969 (4 folders)

Patent Activities Resumes, 1964-1968, 1970

Pioneer Litho. Co., 1934

Plant Survey Report, 1942

President's Annual Letters, 1962-1968, 1971-1972

Production Orders, 1939-1940

Program Managers' Handbook, 1964

Railway Express Company, 1934, 1940 (2 folders)

Rearwin Airplane Contract, 1936-1939

Reliable Transit Co.: Freight Bills, 1934

Research Division, 1960-1963

Retirement Plan Booklet, 1962

Rockwell Purchases of CRC, 1973

Sales Activity, 1971

Sales Address/Telephone Directory, 1966

Schoonover, George L./Rent on CRC Building, 1933-1934

Security Clearances/Classified Material Destruction, 1960-1964

Semiconductor Facility Phase 1A Plan/Status Report, 1967

Box 6

Shipping Schedules, March-May 1940

Solicitation Letters, 1932, 1934

Solicitation Letters (Canneries), 1934

Stock Options, 1956

Stockholders' Meetings, 1971

Telegraph and Telephone Expenses, 1934

Telephone Directories, 1968, 1971, 1974-1975

Telfer, J.G. (Sales), 1934

Texas Division, 1958-1965

Thailand Government, CRC contact with, 1962

Torch Press, 1932-1934

Translations, 1933-1934

Translation Service (Frances Lopez Morillas), 1941

Travel Expenses, 1934

Tuning In (Employee Orientation Guide), 1962

Underwood Elliot Fisher Co., 1933-1935

Venture Planning Analysis Program (VPA70), 1970-1971

Visitors Permits (Wartime), 1941-1944

Western Division (CRC), 1944-1953

Western Division: Information Service Center, 1958-1964

Series II: C-System Files

Box 7


Analysis of Time-Shared Communications Networks (Working Paper), 1970

Automatic Test Language (Reference Manual), 1971

Background Research: Books 1-7, Articles 1-84 (7 folders)

Background Research: Books 9-14, Articles 101-160 (6 folders)

Box 8

Background Research: Books 15-18, Articles 161-183 (4 folders)

Background Research: Network Reliability

Basic Multiplex Service Program (Working Paper), 1969

C-8500 System, 1970

C-8561A-2 Programming Reference Manual, 1970

C-System A and B Channels/M Channel (Instruction Book), 1971

C-System Alarms, 1971

C-System Basic FORTRAN (Programming Manual), 1971

C-System Center (Operators Manual), 1970

C-System Configurator Data Sheets, 1972

C-System Data Bank (Working Paper), 1970

C-System Disc Sort (Program Manual), 1971

C-System Disc Utilization for Assembly and Execution, 1970

C-System General Description, 1970

C-System Informational Booklet, 1969

C-System Master Design Description, volumes 1-2 (2 folders)

Box 9

C-System Master Design Description, volumes 3-6 (4 folders)

C-System Master Design Description, volumes 8-14 (7 folders)

Box 10

C-System Master Design Description, volumes 15-25 (12 folders)

Box 11

C-System Master Design Description, volumes 26-33 (9 folders)

C-System Master Design Description, volumes 35-36 (2 folders)

C-System Operating System Diagnostic (Working Paper), 1971

C-System Principles of Operation, volume 1, 1970

Box 12

C-System Principles of Operation, volume 3, 1971

C-System Process Automation, 1969

C-System Programming Languages (2 folders), 1970-1971

C-System Switching, (Working Paper), 1970

CCMX Message Switching Initializing Program (Working Paper), 1971

CCMX Switching System Recovery Program (Working Paper), 1971

Communication Application System Functional Description, 1972

Communication/Computer System Study for Office of Telecommunications Policy, 1972

Communication Networks: Internal Notes and Working Papers, 1970

Communications Operating System (Functional Specification), n.d.
Communications Service on the TDM Loop (Working Paper), 1968

Control Program Language (Programming Manual), 1970

Control Programs, 1970

Data Communications System, 1970

Data Collection Terminal, 1971

Design Specifications, 1971

Digital Switching Network Design (Working Paper), 1974

Direct Switching Network (Working Paper), 1970-1971

Equipment Configurations, 1970

Extensions to CP Service for System Logging and Recovery, n.d.

Generalized File Maintenance Service (Programming Manual), 1971

Intercenter Communications Description Specifications (Working Paper), 1968

Introduction to the C-System, 1973

Job Description Programming Coding Instructions, 1970

Macro Assembly System, Level 4 (Programming Manual), 1971

Macro Assembly System, Level 5 (Programming Manual), 1970, 1972

Box 13

Macro Definition Language (Programming Manual), 1970

Manual of Techniques for Traffic Analyses, n.d.

Manual of Techniques for Traffic Analyses (1st draft), 1971

Master Plan for a General Purpose Switched Communication Network, 1971

Box 14

Master Plan for a General Purpose Switched Communications Network (Working Paper), 1971

Miscellaneous, 1964, 1969, n.d.

MOS/LSI Arrays Design and Processing Services, 1970

Operating System Software, 1970-1971

Selected Communication System Design (Working Paper), 1971

A Single System for Communication Computation Control, 1965

Total Company Control System, 1965

Utility Display System, 1971

Utility Load System, 1971

Series III: Customer Files

Box 15

American Airlines, 1964

Aviation Program, various customers, n.d.

Delta Air Lines, 1962-1964

Electric Speciality Co., 1934

Ingersoll, W.P.: Correspondence, 1932-1933

Ingersoll, W.P.: Invoices, 1932-1933

Laguna Sugar Corporation, 1932-1933

Levi, Roberto (Sindicato de Farmacias y Droguerias del Ecuador): Correspondence, 1932-1933

Levi, Roberto (Sindicato de Farmacias y Droguerias del Ecuador): Invoices, 1933

London Center, 1963

McKee, W.J., 1932-1933 (2 folders)

Metropolitan Radio Company, 1933-1934

Metropolitan Radio Company: Invoices, 1933

Mexico: Secretaria de Guerra y Marina, 1934

Missouri State Highway Patrol, 1936-1938 (9 folders)

New York Central Railroad, 1963-1964

Pan American Airlines, 1964

Police Departments (Assorted), 1932

Radio Station WHO (Central Broadcasting Co.), 1938-1942

Rivas, Pablo L.: Correspondence, 1932-1933

Rivas, Pablo L.: Invoices, 1932-1933

Spokane Radio Company: Correspondence, 1933 (2 folders)

Spokane Radio Company: Invoices, 1933

Spokane Radio Company: Purchase Orders, 1933

Spokane Radio Company: Vouchers and Bills of Lading, 1933-1935

Box 16

Strategic Air Command ("Short Order" System), 1960 (2 folders)

John S. Swift Co.: Correspondence, 1932-1933

John S. Swift Co.: Invoices, 1932

Thompson, Edward L.: Correspondence, 1932-1934

Thompson, Edward L.: Invoices, 1933

Box 17

Thorne, Frank D.: Correspondence, 1932-1934

Thorne, Frank D.: Invoices, 1932-1933

United Air Lines, 1964

U.S. Air Force, 1958

U.S. Coast Guard, 1940

U.S. Department of Commerce, 1933

U.S. Department of the Interior, 1933

U.S. Department of the Navy, 1933, 1937, 1939, 1942-1943

U.S. Marine Corps: Correspondence, 1932-1933

U.S. Marine Corps: Invoices, 1932-1933

U.S. Signal Corps, 1933-1934, 1939-1943 (2 folders

Series IV: Product Files

Box 18

Adaptive Processing System

ADL (Avionics Data Link) Program

Advertisements, General

AINS-70 Navigation System

Airborne Antennas

AL-101 Radio Altimeter System

ALT-50 Radio Altimeter

All-Weather Flight System

Amateur Equipment

AN/APN-158A Airborne Weather Radar

AN/ARC-58 HF Communication System

AN/ARC-109 UHF Radion Transmitter

AN-ASM 198 Test Set

AN/URC 80[V]1/[V]2 Radio Set

ANS-31/TT1 Area Navigation System/Touch Tuning System

Antennas, 1957

Antenna 37-3602

Antenna Coupler CU-722 (XW-1/GR)

Antenna Position Programmer, Tracking Data Systems and Timing Systems

AP-104/FD-109 Flight Control System

AP-106/AP-107 Autopilot

Apollo Data Handling and Tracking Subsystem

Apollo/Range Instrumented Aircraft System - Spacecraft Comm. Subsystem

ARC-159(V)1 Radio Set

AST-101 Communications System

ATC/NAV Flight Control System

Automatic Line Flattener 180 Z-1/2

Automatic Tape Control

Automatic Test Equipment

Aviation Products

Avionics Literature

Avionics Management System

Bizmath: An Approach to the Algebraic Expression of Data Processing Problems

Broadcast Equipment

C-8046 Magnetic Tape Unit

C-8500 Computer System Configurator

C-8833 B-1 Data Terminal

C-9815/C-9816/C-9817/C-9818/ARC 159[V] Radio Set Control

Box 19

CA-101 Coaxial Transmission System

CAPS (Collins Adaptive Processing System)

COGENT System for Programming C-8401 CD System

Collins Avionics, Airplanes Equipped with

Collins Convair N618T

Collins Data Central

Convertor/Oscillator CU-786/TRC-75

CRCU-1108/CLIS01 Collins Library Index System

Data Modems

DCPS Schedule, including Multiprogramming Applied to a System

DF-203 Automatic Direction Filter

DF-206 Automatic Direction Finder System

Display Activities

DME-40 Distance Measuring Equipment

Doppler Radar Navigation System DN-101/Doppler Radar Computer System NC-103

DPI-101D/102D Digital Product Inspection Systems

Equipment Computer System SED Language

FCS-105 Flight Control System

FD-108 Integrated Flight System

FDS-112A Flight Director System

Filters, various

General Purpose HF Receivers

General Product Catalog (1960)

General Utilities

Hybrid Microcircuit Applications

Hybrid Thin Film Circuits

INS-61B Inertial Navigation System

Kineplex Data System

KWM-1 Amateur Transceiver

KWS-1 Amateur Transmitter

LAB12 Collins Home Microwave System

Microwave Video Relay Radio System

MR-201 VHF-FM Maritime Transceiver

MS-228 2Ghz Microwave Equipment

Multilayer Circuits

Multilayer Circuit System

Multilayer Interconnect System

Box 20

MVR-() Microwave Video Radio

MW-318/MS-218 Radio Relays

MX-108 Multiplex Systems

MX-128 Low Density FDM Multiplex

NCS-31 Navigation and Control System

PN-101 Pictorial Navigation System

Preliminary Software System Specifications

Project Op-Code

RADC Stepping Receiver System Program

Radio Recieving Set AN/FRR-53 (XW-1)

Radio Set GRC-171

Remote Controlled 651S-1

Specifications and Bulletins: 17 Series, Speech Equipment

Box 21

Specifications and Bulletins: Series 18- Series 31

Specifications: Series 32-150 and Miscellaneous

Specifications and Bulletins: Transmitter Equipment

Speech Equipment

SSB Equipment

TMX-202 Data Modem

Toroids, various

Transmitters, various

U-1000 Series UHF Equipment

U-1401 UHF AM/FM/FSK Transceiver

UHF Capabilities

UHF Satellite Communication Systems

United Air Lines Electronic Message Switching System

Unified Telecommunications System

Vernier Tuning Knob

VHF-20 Communications Transceiver

WXR-80 Lightweight Weather Radar

Zero Reader

1.5 MBIT Prototype Communications Controller Version 2

8-Level Teletype System

18 Series Equipment

23 Series Equipment

Box 22

37 R-4 VHF Communications Antenna

40 S-1 Frequency Standard

51 N-3 Codon Receiver

51 RV-2B Navigation Receivers

75 A-4 Amateur Receiver

75 S-1 Receiver

231 Series Multifrequency Transmitters

310 V-1 Exciter
310 Y, 651H, 671T and 718T HF Groups

313 J-2 Dial Pulse Control

313 K-2 Allotter Preset

313 L-1 Frequency Register

329 P-1D Peripheral Command Indicator

331 H-3G Course Selector-Indicator

476 D-1 Distortion Analyzer Monitor

478 M-3 Amplitude Distribution Analyzer

490 B-4 Antenna Coupler Group

490 T-1/1A Antenna Coupler

490 T-2/2A Antenna Coupler

514 A-3/4/5 Radio Set Control

548 T-1 Linear Power Amplifier

618 M-2 Test Equipment

618 M-2B/D VHF Transceiver

618 M-2B/2D Transceiver

618 S Transceiver

618 T Airborne SSB Transceivers (2 folders)

621 A-6 ATC Transponder

628 T-1 HF Receiver-Transmitter, 999 W-1/1A Receiver-Xmtr Adapter, and 992 C-1 Mounting Base

639 G-1A Power Supply

651 S-1 HF Receiver

Box 23

651 S-1/1A General Purpose HF Receiver (5 folders)

671 U-4/4A/4B Receiver-Exciter

718 U() Lightweight HF Transceiver

718 U-1(AN/TRC-169) Lightweight HF Portable Transceiver

718 U-3/U-4 Airborne Transceiver

718 U-4/4A Lightweight HF Airborne Transceiver

718 U-4A/4AN HF Transceiver

718 U-5/U-6 Pressurized HF Airborne Transceiver

789 R-1 IF Translator

789 T-1 IF Translator

860 E-3 Distance Measuring Equipment

879 R-2 Data System: Bench Maintenance Equipment

914 J-3 Exciter Control

9200 Data File

Series V: Publications

Box 24

Aircraft Radio Instruction Book (Microfilm reel), n.d.

Annual Reports for Fiscal Years 1945, 1968-1973

Collins Carrier #2(6), August 1956

Collins Column #1 (May 1943), #3 (June 1943)

Collins Column #27 (May 1945), #33 (December 1945), #38-39 (May-June 1946)

Collins Signal (January 1934, December 1935)

Collins Signal (Summer 1952, Summer 1954-Fall 1954, Summer 1956, Winter 1957)

Collins Signal (Summer 1961- Fall 1961, Fall 1962, Fall 1965, Fall 1967, Spring 1968)

Contact #14 (February 1962), #20 (August 1963), #33-34 (March-September 1968)

Dallas Circuit #2(4) (April 1974)

Pulse #8(8) (September 1968)

Space Research as Advanced by Collins Radio Company, n.d.

"A Study of Flight Control" (AAC), 1948

Worldwide Product Support, 1968

Series VI: Research Files

Box 25

ADF Development, 1947

Aerodynamic Forces Acting on Antenna: Data, n.d.

Air Traffic Control, 1969, 1971

Aircraft Guidance from Perturbed Radio Signal, 1949

AN/VRC-24 Research Status Report, 1954

Analysis of Time-Shared Communication Networks, 1970

Anti-Noise Measures in Radio Reception, 1946

The Application of Computer Controlled PCM Switching to Automatic Call Distribution, n.d.

Application of Special-Purpose Techniques to Real-Time Computation, n.d.

An Architectural Study of Signal Processing Systems and Switched Networks (vol. 1), 1977

Array Processor Graphics, 1978-1979

Assorted Programs: Reports

Automatic Process Division Research Status Reports, 1969-1971

Background Research: Encryption (3 folders)

Background Research: Time and Frequency Dissemination - Bibliography and Article

Catalog of Suggested Products: Engineering and Research Division, 1954

Collins HF SSB Propagation Predictions, February 1960

Collins Information Network Application Plan, 1970

Collins Marine Laboratory: Data Points #1 - 6963, February 1960 - November 1961 (6 folders)

Box 26

Collins Marine Laboratory: Data Points #6964 - 9662, November 1961 - May 1963 (2 folders)

Common Language Channel Study, n.d.

Computation Sheets and Graphs, 1962

Computation Sheets, n.d. (2 folders)

Computer Evaluation Data Points, n.d.

Confidential Status Reports on Research Programs, 1954, n.d.

Cooling Systems, 1968, 1970

CRC Yacht Peregrine: Design Calculations, 1966-1968

"Cuthbert" Data, n.d.

Data: Mark V Model Evaluation, 1958

Data: 17 H-2, n.d.

Data and Voice Channeling, 1955, n.d.

Data on 0.1 Scale Model Wind Tunnel Tests, September 1958

Data on 36-inch Open Throat Wind Tunnel Calibration, March 1959

Data Points, n.d.

Data Points #1 - 17: .4 Scale Model Test and Evaluations, 1958-1959 (2 folders)

Data Points #430 - 439: 1/10 Scale Evaluation, n.d.

Data Points #3990 - 5201, December 1960 - June 1961

Box 27

Data Requirements Study (Alpha Corporation), 1961

Data: X-99 Model Experimental Data (Notebook #1), 1960-1961

Design Drawing Records for Experimental Boats, Hulls and Tow Tanks, n.d.

Development of Acoustic Design Standards for Engineering Office Areas, n.d.

Digital Bus Design, 1967

Direct Switching, 1970

Electrical and Mechanical Interface Check (Status Report #2), 1964

Engineering Projects Listings (by AAC), 1934

Experimental Data on Aerodyne Wind Tunnel Model (1/10 scale), 1958 (2 folders)

Experimental Design and Test Data on Engines, Propellers and Delta Model, 1950, 1952

General Study of Control Theory as Applied to Collins Automatic Landing Program, 1951

Gyro and Autopilot, 1945-1950

Heterodyne Direction Finder: Theory and Preliminary Tests, 1939

HF Equipment "Process", 1964-1965

High Frequency Propagation Tests through the North Auroral Zone: Proposal, 1957

Improvements in the Rotatable Loop Direction Finder for Navigation, 1945

Improving Software Design, 1971

Industry Surveys/Visits, 1976-1978

Joukowsky Section Profiles/Experimental Data on Propellers and Airfoils, 1954

Line Driver-Line Terminator Techniques Using Simple Modulation Methods, 1965

Logarithmically Periodic Antenna Designs, 1958

LONGBRAKE Linear Predictive Voice Processing Study: Proposal, 1972

Maximum Usable Frequencies Data, 1956-1957

Miscellaneous Notes and Papers, 1964, 1970-1971, n.d.

Navigation Computer Design, 1949

A New Kind of Radio Propagation At Very High Frequencies, 1952

Notes on Experimentation on Flat Plate Models and Hydrofoils, n.d.

Optimal Control of Flow Networks, 1970s?

Osprey Roll Stability Data, n.d.

Plated Wire Memories, 1970

Radio Experiments/Flight Log?, n.d.

Box 28

Research in the Design and Testing of Planing Boats, 1962

Research Status Reports, 1954

Selective Calling System: Background Papers, 1968-1971

Selective Integration, n.d.

Separation of Dynamic and Static Forces: Notes, n.d.

Separation Theory in Air Traffic Control System Design, 1969

Signal Systems Research, 1977-1978

Stability and Performance Checks (by AAC), n.d.

Box 29

Summary of Aerodynamic Forces Acting on Antenna: 1.10 x Theoretical = Experimental , Mach 0.9, 1957

Systems, various, n.d.

Transmission Line Transient Analysis Program: Working Paper, 1974

Transversal Filters

Twelve Channel Kineplex Tests, 1956-1957

Use of Feedback to Control Network Traffic, 1971

Various, 1974-1980

Various Projects, 1963-1966

XN-10, n.d.

12x Remote Amplifier, 1936

51 N-3 Receiver with Coherent Signal Sensing, n.d.

Series VI: Subject Files

Box 30

Accounting by Computer Techniques, 1962

Advertising Proofs (from American Radio Relay League), 1932

Aerodyne, 1958

Aeronautical Radio, Inc (ARINC), 1962-1964

AFCEA Conference, 1974

Aircraft: CRC Beechcraft C-47, 1946-1949

Aircraft File, 1935-1964 (3 folders)

Airplane Data, 1941-1943

Airplane Transmitters, n.d.

Amateur Radio, 1954-1965, 1971 (2 folders)

American Ordnance Association, 1953

Arctic Flight (AAC), 1956

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AAC Speech), 1974

Armstrong, Major Edwin H., 1949, 1951

Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation, 1975

Army-Navy Electronics Production Agency, 1942-1943

Army-Navy Production Award, 1942-1945

ARPA Satellite System, 1972-1973 (3 folders)

Autotune (History of, by AAC), n.d.

Batcher, Ralph R. (Radio Consultant), 1934

Bass Camera Company, 1946-1947

Berkner, Lloyd V., 1946-1949

Bell Speakerphone Systems, 1969

Berry, Alma K., 1936-1940

Boats, 1958-1967 (3 folders)

Box 31

Boats: Sales Market, 1959-1960

Braniff Airways, 1944-1945

Broadcasting Magazine, 1932-1933

Broadcasting Stations, Solicitations of High Fidelity to, June-August 1934 (6 folders)

Butman, Carl H. (Radio Consultant), 1933-1934

Canadian Companies, 1962-1964

Cedar Hill Antenna and Red Bird Receiver Sites: Photographic Report, 1952

Cedar Rapids Airport Commission, 1960

Cedar Rapids Municipal Airport, 1944-1952

Civil Aeronautics Commission, 1944-1946

Civilian Conservation Corps Bids, 1933-1934

Collins Canadian Plant, 1954

Coe College (Cedar Rapids), 1945-1951

Collins, Arthur A.: Account Statements, 1948-1949

Collins, Arthur A.: Awards, Introductions of, etc: 1954-1970

Collins, Arthur A.: Correspondence, 1936-1973 (15 folders) - [contains letter to AAC from Admiral Richard Byrd, May 10, 1936 (copy)]

Collins, Arthur A.: Employee Information Statement (FBI), 1940

Collins, Arthur A.: Membership and ID Cards, 1930, 1945-1956

Box 32

Collins, Arthur A.: Notes on CRC Programs, n.d.

Collins, Arthur A.: Personal Finances, 1940-1943

Collins, Arthur A.: Speeches and Drafts, n.d.

Collins, Merle H.: Correspondence, 1933-1940 (multiple folders) - [contains letter to MHC from Herbert Hoover, September 3, 1934]

Collins, Merle H.: Expenses and Miscellaneous, 1934

Collins CDP System (Communications and Data Processing), 1961

Communications Awareness Co., 1955-1961

Communications: Buy or Lease?, n.d.

Communications and Data Processing Center, 1959-1960

Communications and Data Systems Equipment Memos, 1960-1965 (4 folders)

Box 32A

Communications Demonstration and Display Area Planning for Cedar Rapids, Dallas and Burbank (Engineering Proposal), 1959

"The Communications Program of Collins Radio Company" (Presentation by AAC), n.d.

Continental Oil Co./Continental Pipe Line Co., 1955-1956

Control Data Corp., 1961-1962

Craft, L.M., 1947-1953

Box 33

CRC Yacht Operations Manual, n.d. (2 folders)

Dead Letter File (Canada), 1933-1938 (2 folders)

Dead Letter File (Hawaii), 1933-1935

DeForest Audion (1906) (Memento?), n.d.

Discussion Notes, Various Topics, 1979

Emergency Marine Sets, 1936

Engineering Department: Correspondence, 1948-1950

Engineering Laboratory Building, 1952-1954

Engineering and Research Memoranda, 1948-1952

Everitt, W.L. (Electrical Engineer), 1940-1941

Experimental Licenses, 1938-1940

Exporting Information, 1939-1941

Exports: American Exporter, 1941

Facilities: Planning/Design/Construction, 1967

"Fair Stood The Met for France" (Essay by F.G. Griffiths), n.d.

Far Eastern Trip: Strategic Air Command (AAC), 1956

Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1940

Federal Commmunications Commission, 1932-1940, 1949 (6 folders)

Federal Communications Commission: Licenses, 1976-1980

Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, 1943

Finch Telecommunications, Inc., 1940

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, 1936

Foreign Markets, Changing Nature of, 1939

Frequency Modulation, 1939-1941

Froelich, Dr. J.E., 1959

"Full Details of a Short Wave Transmitter" (AAC Article): Reprint, 1926

Furniture, 1942

Globe Wireless history article, 1983

Box 34

Goddard, Dr. Robert, 1954-1969, 1973, 1975

Goddard Paper by Arvid E. Anderson: Correspondence, 1969-1983 (2 folders)

Goddard Paper by Arvid E. Anderson: Drafts, 1976-1979

Goddard Paper by Arvid E. Anderson: Other Correspondence, 1973-1979

Goddard Papers, 1979

Government Agencies, 1956-1966 (3 folders) - [contains letter to AAC from General Curtis E. LeMay, July 9, 1958]

Graybar Electric Company, 1935

Graduate Research Center of the Southwest, 1962-1964

Griswold, General Francis H. (SAC), 1954-1964 (2 folders) - [contains letters to AAC from General Curtis E. LeMay, November 17, 1954 and June 16, 1956]

Hanover Sales Corporation, 1938-1939

High Seas and Aircraft Frequencies n.d.

"History of Collins Broadcast", 1980

IBM, 1964-1965

Identifying Attractive Segments of the Telecommunications Industry, 1971

Information Science Center (Newport Beach, CA), 1961-1962

Box 35

Institute of Radio Engineers, 1932-1953 (2 folders)

John Reinartz Testimonial Amateur Radio Banquet, 1960

Knemeyer, Siegfried, 1961-1962, 1966

Lab 12 (Collins Display and Demonstration Area), 1959-1960

A Language for the Communication of Design, Control and Computational Descriptions, 1964

Lehigh Structural Steel Co., 1938-1941

MacMillan Arctic Expedition, 1925

Manufacturing Facilities, 1954, 1956, 1961-1962

Maritime Radio Equipment, 1959-1960

MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System), 1955-1956

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Lab, 1945

W.L. Maxson Corporation, 1939-1941

Mexico (Collins Radio Company de Mexico), 1934-1940 (3 folders)

Miscellaneous Bids, 1934-1941 (3 folders)

Miscellaneous Files, 1931-March 1938 (12 folders)

Box 36

Miscellaneous Files, April 1938-1941 (13 folders)

National Association of Broadcasters, 1941 (2 folders)

National Association of Broadcasters: Civilian Defense Week, 1941

National City Bank of New York, 1942-1943

National Defense Research Committee, 1941-1942

National Security Forum (War College, Air University), 1960

National War Labor Board (Region VII), 1943-1945

Newport Beach Facility Requirements, 1967

Ohio State University, 1937-1939

Operation T-Bird, 1964

Police Radio Stations re: TC Amplifier, 1934

Police Stations, 1935

Progress Report on Developing A Telecommunications Strategy, 1971

Project Amigo (Presidential Visit to South America), 1960

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, 1932-1934

Box 37

Radio Conventions, 1932-1941 (3 folders)

Radio Licenses and Documentation, 1927-1935

Radio Logs, 1960, n.d.

Radio Magazine, 1933-1934

Radio Manufacturing Engineers Lawsuit, 1935-1938

"Radio Reminiscences: A Half Century", by A. Hoyt Taylor, n.d. (2 folders)

Radio Tubes, 1935-1937

Radiograms, 1932, n.d

RCA/AT&T Lawsuit: Copies of Documentation, 1936, 1938, 1940

RCA/AT&T Lawsuit: E.H. Armstrong Patents, various dates

RCA/AT&T Lawsuit: L. DeForest Patents, various dates

RCA/AT&T Lawsuit: Robert Goddard Patents, various dates

RCA/AT&T Lawsuit: Other Patents, various dates

RCA Manufacturing Co.: Tubes, 1941

Research Associates, 1941-1942, 1945

Raspet, August (Aircraft Researcher), 1950, 1952

Rohde & Schwarz, 1958

Salisbury, Winfield W. (Harvard Radio Research Lab), 1943-1945

Satellites, 1970, 1973, n.d.

W.T. Saxon/Airplane Insurance, 1936-1937

Scrapbook, Clippings relating to Radio, c. 1924

"Secret of Flight" Film Series, 1956

Semiconductor Facility Plan, 1967

Ship Companies, 1937-1938

Signal Corps Survey of CRC, 1937

Single Sideband Program, 1953-1960

Box 38

Sideband Sales Study, 1959

Solar Aircraft Corporation, 1955-1956

Solicitations, Maritime Vessel Owners, 1938

Speech Equipment, Letters on, 1934

Strategic Air Command Visit (by AAC), 1954

John S. Swift and Co. (Planographers), 1934

Switched Network and Traffic Terminology, 1970-1971

Symposium on the Guidance and Control Aspects of Guided Missile Development, 1947

TCS Equipment Stock Spare Parts (U.S. Department of the Navy), 1943

Test Equipment Catalog, 1953

Thule Air Base Visit (by AAC), 1960

"A Time for Innovation" Presentation by CRC, 1974

Tobey, W.H. (Portland General Electric), 1937, 1940

Box 39

Tractors, 1939

Union Metal Manufacturing Co., 1940

United Shareowners of America Certificate of Merit, 1964

U.S. Bureau of Standards, 1933

U.S. Department of Commerce, 1933-1940 (2 folders)

U.S. Department of Defense/Defense Communications System, 1970-1971

U.S. Department of the Navy: Price Adjustment Board, 1943

U.S. Department of the Treasury: Rulings, 1944-1945

War Mobilization Production Schedules, 1938-1941

Webb, W.L. (Bendix Aviation Corp.), 1948-1949

Wincharger Corporation, 1941

World's Fair (Chicago: 1933), 1932-1933

Series VII: Visual Materials (Photographs and Blueprints)

Box 40


Airplanes, n.d.

Byrd Expedition Equipment, 1934

C-100A and 40A Exciter, n.d.

Collins, Arthur A., n.d.

Collins, Merle H., n.d.

Collins Employees at Work, n.d.

Collins Equipment - Andrews Air Force Base, n.d.

Collins Equipment, n.d.

Collins Facilities, n.d.

Collins Radio Company Executives, n.d.

Computer Equipment, Cedar Rapids, n.d.

Craft, Morgan, 35-year Luncheon for, 1970

Engineering Lab Building, n.d.

Facility Tour, n.d.

Group Photos, n.d.

Hubbard "Glacier Priest" Expedition, n.d.

Miscellaneous Office Scenes, n.d.

Box 41

Osprey Equipment, n.d.

Radio Photographs, n.d.

Radio Tubes, n.d.

Various Buildings, n.d.

Various Photographs, n.d.

Western Division (CA) Buildings, n.d.


Folder 1

"Zero Reader" blueprints and schematics, 1948

"Autotune" component blueprints, 1938

Folder 2

Various blueprints and schematics, 1935, 1938

Folder 3

"Autotune" blueprints, 1938-1939

Additional Materials

CRC Corporate Seal (stamper)