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Series I - Biographic Material

MsC 817

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Lil Picard on a boat in the Adriatic off Italy, 1940s. From “The Belated Honeymoon: A Picture Book for Lil from Dell.”

Lil Picard on a boat in the Adriatic off Italy, 1940s. From “The Belated Honeymoon: A Picture Book for Lil from Dell.”


Box Contents List

Series I - Biographic Material

Box 1

Official and Other Documents

Copies of LP’s birth and marriage certificates

Material relating to LP’s mother Rosalie (“Friedl”) Benedick (née Avellis): 2 cards to LP, death notice, legal notice, testament, 2 b&w photographs of her tombstone

Birth announcement for Roland Benedick, Lugano-Suvaghana, 8 October 1946

LP’s restitution case: 1961 correspondence with Öffent. Anwalt für Wiedergutmachung

LP’s widows pension: correspondence with Entschädigungsamt, Berlin, 1976 -- 1983

LP’s living will, December 21, 1975

LP’s last will, August 19, 1976

“Lebensbescheinigung,” October 27, 1988

Statements of accreditation as a journalist from various publications

Grants and awards

CAPS (Creative Artists Public Service): 1975 correspondence; lists of panelists and recipients; April 18, 1976 LP application with supporting documents

International Women’s Year Award, February 26, 1976 award celebration announcement and catalog

NEA (National Endowment for the Arts): NEA literature; copy of October 12, 1979 LP application, notification of grant award; September 8, 1980 award acceptance agreement

Listings in biographic directories

Social Security card, passports, press passes, membership cards, calling cards, stationery, return address labels

“Compugraph” analysis of LP’s handwriting, 1973

LP’s astrological chart

Slip of paper with München return address

LP’s restitution case: documents and correspondence, 1938 -- 1973

45 rpm record in envelope addressed to Henry Odell, with cardboard backing marked by LP “[K.R.H.] Sonderborg/Sybille/& Lil/in Paris/at the Champs/Elysee [sic] having/fun-Pop/Greetings for/Dellchen/Paris Aug/1964” (also copied on to DVD -- also in Box 1)

February 12, 1973 deed of gift to the Archives of American Art, Washington, D.C.

Unidentified document, 1986 [legal claim ?]

Audio DVD of various LP recordings

Engagement Books

24 engagement books, 1959 -- 1971

Box 2 Engagement Books, cont.

35 engagement books and a fragment, 1972 -- 1991

Box 3

Address Books: 16 address books and a fragment

Mailing Lists (an expanding folder)

Unsorted Names and Addresses: 3 expanding folders with 15 envelopes containing over 1100 unsorted personal and business cards and slips of paper with names and addresses

33 pieces

Documents Relating to Specific Events (arranged chronologically)

X-rays, 1960-1985 (Oversized – Box 59)

“A breath of fresh air.” Invitation to May 17, 1970 gathering

“Art is a party, the new party is set.” René Block Gallery, NYC, November 9, 1974 invitation to 75th birthday party. Offset print [LP 302a]

Billy [McTighe?]: happy birthday wishes on Western Sweethearts poster, October 4, 1975 (Oversized – Box 59)

Documents relating to LP’s accident at the Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, November 12, 1975

Material relating to the terminal illness of LP’s husband, Henry F. Odell (“Dell”)

Seven audio cassettes: recorded telephone calls or conversations with physician, nurse, Henry, and Jon Hendricks, April-June 1976. In English and German. Audio quality fair to good. (also copied on to DVD -- see Box 1)

Fifty-two 35mm color slides of Henry Odell in St. Vincent Hospital, NYC, May 1976

Carbon copies of June 12 and 14/19, 1976 t.l.s. from LP to medical doctor Birnbaum

Xerox of June 17, 1976 holograph announcement for June 24 memorial service, Judson Memorial Church, NYC (3 copies)

Xerox of June 18, 1976 LP letter announcing Henry Odell’s death

June [illegible] 1976 note in LP’s hand re: Henry Odell’s ashes

List, in Henry Odell’s hand, of persons to be informed of his death

Drafts, in Henry Odell’s hand, of letters to be sent after his death to Entschädegungsamt, Berlin, Social Security and Dresdner Bank

Henry Odell’s passport

Death certificate, post-mortem examination record, funeral chapel expenses

3 printed obituaries of Henry Odell

6 press clippings re: Right to die, 1977 -- 1978

2 black and white photographs of Henry Odell in hospital bed (Oversized – Box 59)

“Der Process [sic] der Zerstörung der Schrift”: 7 examples of Henry Odell deteriorating handwriting mounted on cardboard and titled by Lil Picard (Oversized – Box 59)

Box 4 Documents Relating to Specific Events, cont.

Material relating to the terminal illness of LP’s husband, Henry F. Odell (“Dell”), cont.

June 17, 1976 holograph ms and 25 copies of printed folder with reproduction of a Malcolm Morley drawing announcing the June 24 memorial service for Henry Odell, Judson Memorial Church, NYC (The original Malcolm Morley drawing is in Box 0A2)

Holograph ms and 5 xeroxes of June 18, 1976, LP letter announcing the death of Henry Odell

Two audio cassettes: memorial service for Henry Odell, Judson Memorial Church, NYC, June 24, 1976

Printed invitation to June 17, 1978, buffet-dinner on the occasion of LP’s departure for Berlin

Sketch for invitation and guest list for October 5, 1979, 80th birthday party

Two guest books

Guest book for October 4, 1984, 85th birthday party

Guest book for October 4, 1989, 90th birthday party

Anonymous “Happy Birthday” collage, n.d. (Oversized – Box 60)

Autobiographical Writings

The following material, arranged chronologically, consists of writings concerning LP’s life, including notebooks containing personal reminiscences, diaristic notes, recorded dreams, travel notes, sketches, notes taken at panels and during interviews, drafts of articles, and names and addresses.

One notebook, 1936, with later additions. Includes travel sketches

One notebook, 1954 -- 1968

One notebook [1959?]

One diary, August 8, 1959 -- May 6, 1961, with loose pages dated November 6, 1977, laid-in

Travel notes, San Francisco, July 1960: 8 holograph pages

Untitled text, November 1960: 7-page ms.

One notebook, 1962

One notebook, “Positano 1963”

One small yellow spiral notebook, 1963

One brown spiral notebook [1964?]

One notebook, “Diary 1965”, with two unsent letters to Alfred Jensen

Untitled autobiographic text [1970?]: one-page carbon copy of typescript

“Lecture NYU Class of Elinor [sic, i.e. Elenore] Lester on ‘New Art’” [November 23, 1971]: 3-page typescript. [Lacks 1 page. Compare with the following carbon copy]

“Lecture NYU Class of Elinor [sic, i.e. Elenore] Lester on ‘New Art’” [November 23, 1971]: four-page carbon copy of typescript

Holograph draft on yellow pad paper of (undelivered?) speech on the occasion of the “American Woman Artist Show”, Kunsthans Hamburg, 14 April -- 14 May 1972

“Statement,” 1975: 2-page typescript with holograph corrections

“Lil Picard Remembers”: Art-Rite, number 9, NYC, Spring 1975

Four-page carbon copy of November 1975 typescript written for and delivered at “Panel on Women in the Fine Arts, Brooklyn Museum, 1975, ‘Women Artists-70 Plus’”, with holograph notes, and carbon copy of typed draft

“Voyage from Art to Art” [1975?]: eight-page typescript with holograph corrections, plus carbon copy

“Lil Looks Back”: Women Artists News, volume 1/#7, NYC, December 1975

“Being exposed to many changing trends in art today…”: carbon copy of one-page typescript with holograph corrections, and one-page Xerox of February 1976 final version. (Another copy of the latter is in Box 29)

One notebook, 1976

“Memories: The Judson Church, 1959-1976”: carbon copy of seven-page typescript with holograph corrections, and two typed pages from an earlier version

Untitled and undated autobiographic outline: carbon copy of one-page typescript

Two holograph pages from a 1977 autobiographic text

“Lil Picard…from Berlin, with love”: Women Artists News, volume 4/#6, NYC, December 1978

“ Strasbourg”: Xerox with holograph corrections of eighteen-page typescript, November 5, 1978. (Seemingly transcribed from audio cassette)

“For ‘A Biography’ of Lil Picard” [1981?]: one folder containing four brown envelopes:

Catalogue for “American Woman Artist Show”, Kunsthans Hamburg, 14 April -14 May 1972; “Self-portrait”, May 15, 1968: one page, off-set [LP 380. Other copies are in Box AW12.] Destruction in Art Symposium, Judson Gallery, NYC, March 22, 1968 schedule of events (other copies are in Box 29), plus seven documents (one duplicate)

Fifteen photographs, 1910s and 1920s, mounted on fifteen photo album pages. (The album is in Box 8)

“12 Fotos ans der Berliner Zeit”

Ten black and white photographs, including “construction-Destruction-Construction” (Judson Gallery, NYC, October 1967, by Julie Abeles), “Destruction Art” (Finch College Museum of Art, NYC, 1968) and three photographs of LP, with Alfred Jensen (1973), Joseph Beuys (1979), and Andy Warhol (1981), respectively

“Poems/Ron-Lil/1983 Sept. Oct.”: one red folder with inside pockets containing approximately fifteen holograph pages re: Ronald Baatz

“Diary”, 1984

One envelope containing 9 holograph pages [c.1985]

“Notes for Book/Private writings/L.P.” (1960-mid-1980s): one folder including “to Alfred Jensen”, April 23, 1960 and two 1966 letters to Roy Adzat

“1919” = NYB, number 2, NYC/Berlin, 1986, plus Xerox of the magazine’s page 27

Two untitled and undated holograph pages

One untitled and undated ms. page in a hand other than LP’s

Biographic chronologies, 1962-1976: ten folders. Each chronology has one to four typed pages with holograph corrections

One manila envelope: material and layout for unrealized publication on LP [c.1978]. Includes four color photographs

Autobiographic Aural Tapes and Audio Cassettes

Four seven-inch reel-to-reel aural tapes. Undated (also copied to DVD -- see Box 1)

“Beginning”/”Jealously-Fear relating to Painting”

“Borgenicht opening: Death of Mrs. May” [i.e. Saidie Adler May, art collector and Alfred Jensen’s patron. Died in 1951]/”Visit Sutton Place”

“Jensen Story-Prison I on II/& Collage Talk I on II”

“Collage Talk I”

Box 5 Autobiographic Aural Tapes and Audio Cassettes, cont.

Six Audio Cassettes (also copied on to DVD -- see Box 1)

Conversation between LP and Henry Odell, 1971. In German. Audio quality good

“Finale”: LP and Henry Odell, 1974. In German and English. Audio quality good

“I June 7th 1978/Memoirs 1980.” In English. Audio quality good

“Lil Picard Strasbourg”. Dated 11/5/80. [compare with transcript, dated November 5, 1978, on page 5.] In English. Audio quality good

“Talk with Kiki” [i.e. Kiki Kogelnick?] [March or April 1983.] In German. Audio quality good.

Alfred Jensen, Shingles?; undated [c1980]

Statements by and Interviews with Lil Picard

“I always wanted to be a painter.” 1955-two mimeographed pages

Untitled statement, February 1962 (“La intuición es el lema que me está quiando…”): Nivel; Gazeta De Cultura, number 42, Mexico, DF, Junio 25 de 1962. (2 copies) – (Another copy is in Box 5 under “writings about or mentioning LP”)

“Statement 1962”. Carbon copy of two-page typescript

Radio interviews:

“Ruth K. Hill interviews Lil Picard (…) on ‘Trends in American Art’”, WEVD, March 4, 1965: radio listing, The New York Times, March 4, 1965

“Maureen Gallagher interviews Lil Picard on Art Workers Coalition,” WLIR, May 9, 1970: 1-page typescript of script with holograph notes, and listing, Newsday, May 9, 1970

Ruth K. Hill interview of Lil Picard, March 4, 1965 = 33 1/3 rpm record, 9 13/16” in diameter (Oversized – Box 59)

Untitled statement in Art voices, volume 4/#1, NYC, winter 1965

Untitled statement, n.d. [1967?] re: Destruction art (“Since the American Art Market…”): 2-page typescript

“Statement by Lil Picard/The second revolution in art,” n.d. [May 1968?]-2 versions

2-page typescript, plus 1 Xerox

Final version: carbon copy of 2-page typescript

Untitled text, n.d. [1968?] (“Art is not only the reflection, the transformation of reality…”): carbon copy of 8-page typescript


“Information – Art,” n.d. [1970?]: 2-page typescript

Untitled and undated statement [c.1970] (“I represent the 10 points of Far Art Tart…”) One-age typescript with holograph corrections

“’Messages’ about women and museums” [Clipping from Feminist Art Journal, volume 1/#1, Brooklyn, NY, April 1972, page 18. Published version of LP 404.]

One audio cassette: interview with LP by John Perreault, November 24, 1974. Audio quality good (also copied on to DVD -- see Box 1)

“What will happen? A look forward” [1975]: typescript/collage plus Xerox, and carbon copy of typed text

“Lil Picard”: Die Lowin; Eine Kulturphilosophische Zeischrift, number 6, Bern, Dezember 1975, pages 47-48

“Life is Art…a Happening, a Performance, a Collage, a Dematerialization”: WIA [i.e. Women in the Arts] Newsletter, volume 3/#3, NYC, March 1976. Introduction by Adrée Golbin (2 copies)

“Gespräch zwischen Lil Picard, Ulrike Oltinger und Tabea blumenschein am 3. Oktober 1976 abends in Berlin”: fifteen-page Xerox of typescript

“Lil Picard: ‘So frei wie hier kann man niergendwo intergehen’”. Introduction by Hubert Fichte. [Konkret, 1976?]

Twelve audio cassettes: November 1977 interviews by unidentified interviewer. In English. Audio quality good (also copied on to DVD -- see Box 1)

“Picasso Ausstellung in New York: Besucher stehen Schlange bis zum September”: Hamburger Abendblatt, Hamburg, 4 Juni 1980. Introduction by Inge Mösch

“Lil Picard: Performances from The Bed”: Art-Speak, volume 3/#16, NYC, April 19, 1981. Introduction by Bruno Palmer Poroner. Fifteen copies

“Conversation between Lil Picard and Kristine Stiles,” February 24, 1982: one audio cassette (also copied on to DVD -- see Box 1)

Writings About or Mentioning Lil Picard

Die Rakete. 1925. Includes page with cast of “Que Vadis” listing LP as a slave. [Disbound]

“Mrs. Lil Picard Opens Studio Here”, Women's Wear Daily, May 4, 1939

“Fabric Verve in Models Designed by New Milliner,” Women's Wear Daily, November 15, 1939

Scrapbook marked “Lil Picard/555/Madison/Ave”: over 50 clippings from such publications as the Boston Herald, Detroit Free Press, Harper’s Bazaar, Mademoiselle, New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, Pittsburgh Press, and Vogue, 1939-1945. [A few pages are detached, some clippings loosely laid-in]

“Hats of a Different Stripe” [Harper's Bazaar?, 194-?]

Torn Baltimore Sun ad, 1945, re: Hat designs by LP

Unidentified writer, “Herta Pauli, Lill [sic] Picard, Guests at Society Meeting,” unidentified publication, June…1949

“Demi-Hats Enough for Poodle and Pony.” Unidentified New York newspaper, March 1952

“Für Nachmittag…und Abend”, Die Welt Der Frau, year 9/#3, Stultgart, März 1954

Ida Rodriquez, “El problema del individuo moderno en la obra de Lil Picard”, Nivel; Gazeta De Cultura, number 42, Mexico, DF, Junio 25 de 1962

Hanns Theodor Flemming, “Eröffnungsan-Sprache Lil Picard Hamburger Künstlerchib ‘die insel’ 23 April 1963”: typescript with holograph corrections

Hanns Theodor Flemming, “Lil Picard”, translated from the German, c.1963: carbon copy of typescript with holograph corrections

Jürgen Becker und Wolf Vostell, Heraug., “Happenings/Fluxus, Pop Art, Nouveau Réalisme. Eine Documentation”, Hamburg, Rowohlt, 1965. [Disbound]

Charles Giuliano, “Gallery Tour”, Avatar, number 15, Boston, 22 December [1967] – January 4 [1968]

Lorenzo Mans, “’****’-Long Night’s Journey into Day”, The Village Voice, volume 13/#12, NYC, January 4, 1968

Unidentified writer, untitled fragment [The Village Voice, NYC, April 11, 1968] re: June Hildebrand’s neckties in the exhibition, “Body Covering,” Museum of Contemporary Craft, NYC: original and 3 xeroxes

Peter Coutros, “The Strange World of Andy Warhol,” Daily News, NYC, June 5, 1968

Gerd Courts, “Happening mit? Lil Picard,” carbon copy of 8 July 1968 typescript with holograph notes by Lil Picard

Jill Johnston, “Soft in the Head,” The Village Voice, NYC, December 26, 1968

W.W. “’Das Kunstwerk’/Seit zwanzig Jahren,” unidentified publication [Die Welt], n.d. [1968?]

Die Insel [cover title], Hamburg, 1969

Gregory Battcock, “Art: my retirement message,” New York Free Press, NYC, 13 March 1969

John Perreault, “A Sort of Sacrifice,” The Village Voice, NYC, May 29, 1969 (2 copies)

[Unidentified writer, unidentified title] Das Kunstwerk, 1970.

Al Hansen, “Inaugural Ceremonies, December 31, 1969,” The East Village Other, volume 5/#6, NYC, January 14, 1970

Cindy Nemser, “Critics and Women’s Art,” Women and Art, [number 1], NYC, Winter 1971

Unidentified writer, “Scenes,” The Village Voice, NYC, April 29, 1971

Unidentified writer, “Censoring the ladies,” Newsweek, July 3, 1972

Marina Vaizey, “Szene,” [Der Spiegel, Juli 1972?]

G.A.Z., “Eine Gertrude Stein der New Yorker Kunstszene,” Die Welt, Hamburg, 4 Oktober 1974

Unidentified writer,” Picard’s Block Party,” The Soho Weekly News, NYC, November 21, 1974

Henry Marx, “Die Situation der Künsteerinnen in der New York Kunstszene,” Die Kunst Und Das Schone Heim, year 87/#7, München, Juli 1975

Judy Seigel, “Art Throat,” Women Artists Newsletter, volume 1/#4, NYC, September 1975. Stapled with: Lil PICARD, “Performances/East Hampton Summer 1975”: carbon copy of typescript

Gregory Battcock, “The gods at Play,” The Soho Weekly News, NYC, December 121, 1975

Annette Kuhn, “Why Is Performance Art Different From All Other Art,” The Village Voice, NYC, February 23, 1976

Peter Frank, “Performance Diary,” The Soho Weekly News, NYC, March 18, 1976

Peter Hans Gopfert, “Zum Monokel trägt man Butterkrem im Knopfloch,” Die Welt, Hamburg, 20 Oktober 1976

Werner Rhode, “Lil Picard alias Long Playing” [After 1976] Xerox of typescript

Renate Wolff, “Tabea Blumenschein & Uloike Oltinger,” Zeit Magazin, [number 14, 25 März 1977 (?)]

Box 6 Writings About or Mentioning Lil Picard, cont.

Lucy R. Lippard, “Talking Pictures, Silent Words: Yvonne Rainer’s Recent Movies,” Art in America, NYC, May/June 1977

Unidentified writer, untitled [“Instigating the Berlin-Soho axis…”], Soho Con/fidential, number 7, NYC, April 9, 1977

Jill Dunbar, “The Fifties Revisited: When Co-ops Bloomed on 10th St.,” The Villager, NYC, December 15, 1977

Mike Steiner, “Ein anderes Medium/Performance in Berlin”/Berliner Kunstblatt. No. 18. Berlin, April 1978

Unidentified writer, untitled [“Ather bon voyage party, June 17…”], Women Artists News, volume 4/#3, NYC, Summer 1978 (2 copies)

John Laupitz, “Mit Pep & Pop/Selbst ist die Frau: Lil Picards Ideen-Fabrik,” Der Abend, year 33/#162, Berlin, 15 Juli 1978

Unidentified writer, “Leute,” Der Abend, year 33/#175, Berlin 31 Juli 1978

Unidentified writer, “Leute,” Der Abend, year 33/#192, Berlin 19 August 1978

Bernd Lubowski, “Lil Picard, die Muse der amerikanischen Avantgarde, set sich malend und analysierend mit ihrer Zeit einander/Eine Legende der Kunstszene kam leibhaftig nach Berlin,” Berliner Morgenpost, 11 August 1978

Ursula von Bentheim, “Berlin Privat,” Berliner Morgenpost, 20 August 1978

Exhibition listing, Der Kiosk, Berlin, 31 August 1978

Arnim Borski, “Lil Picard, die Gro β mutter der Hippies: ‘Freier Sex-das ist doch nichts Nenes’”, B-Z, [1.September 1978?]. ( 3 copies)

Lubo, “Menschlich gesehen/Zwei Geburts-tag-kinder,” Berliner Morgenpost, year 81/#204, 2 September 1978]

Unidentified writer, “Was Lil so auf Servietten malte,” unidentified publication, [2 September 1978?]

Photograph with caption (“Lil Picard mit einen Selbstporträt”), Der Tages Spiegel, 6 September 1978

J.B.E., “Lil Picard: Zerstoren wir die Fetzen der Kultur,” Spandauer Volskblatt, Berlin, 10 September 1978.

Unidentified writer, “Lil Picard sehr live in Berlin,” Der Spiegel, year 32/#38, 18 September 1978

Photograph with caption (“Bilder aus der Neuen Welt: Lil Picard, Kunstwertz an sich, breiter in Neuer Berliner Kunstverein das ganze Panorama ihrer Existenzaus”), Die Welt, 20 September 1978

Rainer Hoynck, “Die schönen Täuschungen des fahrendes Volkes,” Handelsblatt, 22 September 1978

Unidentified writer, “Picard pikiert,” Tip Magazin, year 7/#20, 29.9-12.10.1978

Unidentified writer, “Lil Picard erzählt,” unidentified publication, 4 December 1978

Brien Coleman, “Lil Picard – The Empress,” East Village Eye, volume 1/#5, NYC, October 1979

Grace Giueck, “The Mix Is the Message,” The New York Times, February 8, 1980

Lucy R. Lippard, “The Angry Month of March,” The Village Voice, NYC, March 25-31, 1981

Gabriele von Arnim, “Happening in Himmelbett und eine ‘Orgie der Malerei’”, Art; Das Kunstmagazin, number 4, Hamburg, April 1981

Duncan Scott McLaren, “Performance, An Elegant Bag Lady,” The Villager, NYC, April 2, 1981

Jerry Talmer, “The Original Hippie of The Bed,” New York Post, NYC, April 11, 1981

Ingeborg, Luscher, “Zambereien,” Der Alltag, year 4/#3, Zürich, Sommer 1981

Penelope LUST, “Lil Picard: Ein Fest Fürs Leben,” Cult, number 3, Hamburg/NYC, [1982] (2 copies)

Unidentified writer, untitled, Xerox of dipping from unidentified publication in German, Summer 1982

Television program listing: “Zwei Emigrantinnen zu Besuch in Berlin,” unidentified German publication, December 6, 1982. With: copy of agreement with Sender Freies Berlin, January 19, 1983, signed by Lil Picard

Ronald Baatz, “Lil Picard Talks at 84,” October 1983: 1-page typescript

Brigitte Engler, “Young at art: born at the turn of the century, Lil Picard still gets her kicks out of life,” Paper, NYC, June 1985

Peter Houghwout, “Introduction,” undated: 3-page typescript

Unidentified writer, untitled and undated xerox of page 51 from unidentified book in English

The above listed material consists primarily of press clippings in original or xerox form, including numerous duplicates in both forms. There are also a few whole publications in which the listed item appeared.

Brown folder with flap: circa 50 press clippings from American publications relating to LP’s hat designs, 1942-1944, mounted on card stock [ A few clippings are loose] (Oversized – Box 59)




The photographs are divided in 4 groups: photographs of LP; photographs of family and friends, artists, art dealers and collectors, and writers; miscellaneous photographs; and unidentified photographs. Physical condition ranges from fair to very good.


Lil Picard behind a fisherman’s net in Italy, 1930s-40s. From “The Belated Honeymoon: A Picture Book for Lil from Dell.”

Lil Picard behind a fisherman’s net in Italy, 1940s. From “The Belated Honeymoon: A Picture Book for Lil from Dell.”


Photographs of LP

The first group consists of photographs of LP and photographs in which she is the focus of the image. There are 1,094 photographs (171 color), 35 color polaroids, 7 color transparencies, 40 color slides, 81 negatives (18 color) and 287 contact images. They are arranged chronologically as follows:

Three expanding folders: 1920s -- 1969 ( Box 6)

Four expanding folders: 1970 -- 1993 ( Box 7)

They include:

“Die verspätete Hochzeitsreise. Ein Bilderbuch für Lil von Dell,” n.d. [Title taken from title tab on spine] Photo album with 95 black and white photographs of LP and Henry Odell’s honeymoon. [Covers detached, spine torn]

Lotte Jacobi, Studio portrait of LP, undated, 7 15/16” x 5 ¼”, matted, signed by Jacobi in lower right edge and again on the mat.

Unidentified photographer. Black and white photograph, n.d. [circa 1950] (Oversized – Box 59)

John D. Schiff. Black and white photograph, inscribed by Lil Picard to Henry Odel, 1963 (Oversized – Box 59)

Brigid Polk, 4 photographs, 1969

Andy Warhol, 3 color photographs (1 dated May 21, 1969) and 1 color polaroid initialed by Warhol

Box 7 Photographs, cont.

Photographs of LP, cont.

Jan Van Raay, several photographs, 1967-1970

Jan Van Raay. Color photograph, 1970 (Oversized – Box 59)

Klaus von Bruch, 10 black and white photographs, 1972

Klaus von Bruch [?]. 4 black and white photographs, n.d. [1972?] (Oversized – Box 59)

Eeva-Inkeri, 93 black and white photographs of “Art Is a Party, the New Party Is Art,” November 9, 1974, Rene’ Block Gallery, NY

Rainer Crone, 1 color polaroid, December 19, 1974

Dieter Froese, 2 black and white photographs, 1974

Carin Drechsler-Marx, 4 black and white photographs, 1976

Les Levine, 3 black and white photographs (1 signed and dated)

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Black and white photograph mounted on museum board, November 26, 1979. Inscribed to LP and singed by Greenfield-Sanders (Oversized – Box 59)

Lothar Wollen. 4 black and white photographs, 1979 (Oversized – Box 59)

Rolf von Bergman. 4 black and white photographs, n.d. [circa 1980] (Oversized – Box 59)

Mary Harding, 15 black and white photographs, 1980

Rolf von Bergmann, 5 black and white photographs, c.1980

Manfred Leve, 6 black and white photographs, 1986

2 strips, in plastic can, of 16 unidentified negatives and contact images

5 photographs (1 color), 1927-1983; 1 black and white negative; thirty-six 35 mm color slides, Berlin, 1978; 2 Manfred Leve black and white contact sheets (30 images)

Lotte Jacobi. Black and white photograph of LP and Henry Odell, mounted on cardboard, signed by Jacobi, n.d. (Oversized – Box 59)

5 black and white photographs [late 1970s – early 1980s] (Oversized – Box 59)

Photographs of family and friends, artists, art dealers and collectors, and writers

The 457 photographs in this group are arranged alphabetically by the subject’s name. In the following inventory, the figures in parentheses indicate the number of photographs of each subject.

Adzak, Roy (10)

Achten, Waltraut (1) photo booth portrait

Baatz, Ronald (1)

Bacon, Francis (6)

Benedick, Jakob (28)

Beuys, Joseph (23)

Beuys, Joseph and Andy Warhol (4) black and white, by Brigitte Müller-Fehn [October? 1979]

Bishop, Isabel (1)

Blum, June (1)

Blumenschein, Tabea (12)

Bourgeois, Louise (1)

Brody, Lilly (1)

Bryant, Barry (1)

Castelli, Leo (1)

Christo (9)

Curtis, Jackie (5)

Dali, Salvador (1)

Davis, Brad and Ned Smyth (1)

Deak, Edit (1)

Dienes, Sari (4)

Doyle, Tom (1)

Duchamp, Marcel (1)

Du Charme, Annick (2)

Emmerich, Andre (1)

Fabian, Ruth (6)

Fichte, Hubert (1)

Ford, Charles Henri (1)

Francis, Sam (1)

Hansen, Al (1)

Hendricks, Jon, Joanne, Aurora (13)

Highsmith, Patricia (3)

Hodicke, Karl H. (2) black and white, by Rolf von Bergmann, n.d.

Hofmann, Hans (1)

Hutchinson, Peter (1)

Jensen, Alfred (29)

Johnson, Ray (2)

Johnston, Jill (1)

Jones, Lois Malou (1)

Karp, Ivan (1)

Katzen, Lila (7)

Kunze, Werner (1)

Kokka, Astrid (3)

Levine, Les and Catherine (32)

Lewinsohn, Richard (a.k.a. Morus) (1) & a 24.April 1968 obituary in unidentified publication

Lichtenstein, Roy (4)

Lupertz, Markus (2) black and white, by Rolf von Bergmann

Lurie, Boris (1)

Lutze, Hildegard (3)

McLean, Bruce (1)

McTighe, Billy (1)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1)

Marsicano, Nicholas (1)

Middendorf, Helmut (3) black and white, by Rolf von Bergmann

Morley, Malcolm (6)

Neel, Alice (2)

Box 8 Photographs, cont.

Photographs of family and friends, artists, art dealers and collectors, and writers, cont.

Odell, Henry (59)

O’Keeffe, Georgia (1) black and white, by Gianfranco Gorgoni

Ono, Yoko (1)

Ono, Yoko (1) black and white Xerox mounted on museum board

Paeffgen, Carmen Otto (1)

Perreault, John (3)

Picard, Fritz (13)

Polk, Brigid (6)

Raffael, Joseph (1) black and white, 1968

Rainer, Yvonne (30)

Rauschenberg, Robert (1) black and white, [1964?]

Reinhardt, Ad (20)

Richter, Hans (2) black and white

Ringgold, Faith (2)

Salome (1) black and white, by Rolf von Bergmann

Savelli, Angelo (1)

Schmidt, Clarence (52)

Schroder-Sonnenstern, Friedrich (1) black and white, by Robert Lebeck, and another by Heinemann [c. 1965]

Seidel, Jochen (1)

Steiner, Mike (2)

Taylor, Simeon and Dan (1) black and white publicity photograph by Virginia Dwan, Signed by the Taylors. [A Simeon and Dan Taylor record is in Box L60.]

Toche, Jean (1)

Valeska, Gert and Werner Kunze [?]. 2 black and white Xeroxes from photographs (Oversized – Box 59)

Waitzkin, Stella (1) black and white photograph, [1970?]

Warhol, Andy (3). Also See Joseph Beuys

Wilke, Hannah (1)

Miscellaneous Photographs

The third group consists of photographs of groups of people and travels, dating from the 1910s to the early 1990s. There are 1,676 photographs (824 color), 219 color polaroids, 456 color transparencies, 1,940 slides (2 black and white), 1,346 negatives (693 color), and 105 contact images (21 color). These items are arranged chronologically as follows:

Four expanding folders: 1910s -- 1961, including a photo album with 120 photographs in a manila folder marked “Fotos & Album Strasbourg 1914 -- 1925” in LP’s hand.

Box 9

Photographs, cont.

Miscellaneous Photographs, cont.

Five expanding folders: 1962 -- 1974

Box 10 Photographs, cont.

Miscellaneous Photographs, cont.

Five expanding folders: 1975 -- 1980

Box 11 Photographs, cont.

Miscellaneous Photographs, cont.

Two expanding folders: 1981-early 1990s

One expanding folder with 470 slides in slide holders, mostly color, 1960-early 1980s: images of LP, her art works and performances, and social gatherings.

2 black and white contact sheets (33 and 34 images): LP, Henry Odell, Roy Lichtenstein

1 black and white contact sheet (28 images): Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, Bobby Buecker, Peter Frank

Brown suede album: 159 photographs [by Henry Odell?] of Mediterranean countries, n.d. (Oversized – Box 60)

Large album with checkerboard design cover: 243 photographs [by Henry Odell?] of Italy [?], n.d. (Oversized – Box 60)

Persons appearing in this category of photographs include Roy Adzak, Joseph Beuys, Isabel Bishop, June Blum, Tabea Blummenschein, Lilly Brody, Bobby Buecker, Scott Burton, Leo Castelli, Christe, Brien Coleman, Colette, Merce Cunningham, Sari Dienes, Tom Doyle, Jon Hendricks, Patricia Highsmith, Hans Hofmann, Paul Jenkins, Alfred Jensen, Lois Malou Jones, Werner Kunze, Les Levine, Roy Lichtenstein, Hildegard Lutze, Miralda, Alice Neel, Meret Oppenheim, Ulrike Ottinger, Philip Pearlstein, John Perreault, Fritz Picard, David Rattray, Robert Rauschenberg, Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Mike Steiner, Marjorie Strider, Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, and Andy Warhol.

Unidentified Photographs

The last group contains images of unidentified persons and places. There are 243 photographs (17 color), 11 color polaroids, 2 color transparencies, 18 color slides, 40 negatives (3 black and white), 29 contact images – all in 1 expanding folder.

13 photographs

1 strip of black and white negatives of unidentified art works

1 strip, in metal can, of 10 negatives of unidentified images

1 photograph of unidentified person

Material Relating to Silva Goldsmith’s Film, “Lil Picard” (1978)

One expanding folder including

Four-page holograph script by LP

Carbon copy of contract between LP and Silvia (a.k.a. Silvianna) Goldsmith

Two 16mm film strips

Twenty-five photographs (18 color) and one color slide

1 mini DV tape

5 DVDs (3 AVIs, 1 disk containing MPEG 2s, and one DVD)

Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Four 18th and 19th century engravings (2 of animals, 1 of flower, and 1 map)

Three envelopes with locks of hair

One envelope with dried flowers and leaves

One dollar/silver certificate

Forty Swiss francs in paper currency

Personal items: hair brushes, LP name plaque, 1 key

Box 12 Miscellaneous Memorabilia, cont.

Rubber stamp with facsimile of LP’s signature

3 answering machine message tapes (also copied on to DVD -- see Box 1)

[Alberto Giacometti] Slip of paper with Alberto Giacometti’s signature and Paris address, in round wooden frame, with 3 cancelled Swiss postage stamps of the artist’s portrait taped to the back of the frame

Flat laminated “Nobody loves me” doll

3-D American flag and eagle postcard

1 antique playing card

1 commercial rubber stamp

1 small satin mask mounted on gauze

1 paintbrush shaped ball point pen

1 clay plaque etched with Lil Picard’s name

1 stone with paint marks

1 piece of plastic with the letter AIR in black marker

1 egg-shaped item on block of wood

1 silver purse with 1974 inscription and drawing by Lil Picard on inside flap

1 light gray leather shoulder bag with art and political buttons glued to outside

1 glass mug molded out of shape

1 wooden frame hand mirror singed by Lil Picard in crayon on reverse

Box 13 Miscellaneous Memorabilia, cont.

Raspberry, black and gray suede hat in cardboard hat box inscribed on lid, “To Lil Picard/with love/Louise Nevelson/1970”

Box 14 Miscellaneous Memorabilia, cont.

Empty hat box with LP’s name in paint and felt pen on lid, sides and bottom

“…Outstanding Critic of the Nineteenth Century” diploma in Alexander Gross’ hand, 1968 (Oversized – Box 60)

Hypno-crystal color chart (Oversized – Box 60)

Fish-shaped cardboard cutout (Oversized – Box 60)

Documents Relating to Lil Picard's Art Collection

“List of Art Collection Lil Picard,” February 19, 1973

Works by Alfred Jensen: Loan forms, sales records, 3 photographs (2 color), and 2 color polaroids

Works by Roy Adzak: 2 black and white photographs

Work by Yves Klein: September 30, 1968 holograph certificate of authenticity and provenance in LP’s hand, signed by Rotraut Klein, the artist’s widow

Work by Richard Pettibone: 13 November 1971 OK Harris invoice for purchase of “Joh Flage and Flowers Stella Protractor.” [This work is in Box OA3.]

Andy Warhol

22 February 1991 document from Estate of Andy Warhol re: “Marilyn” and “Elvis” prints. [The “Marilyn silkscreen is in package OA10.]

Three color polaroids

Works owned by LP of other artists

Receipts for LP art works, aural and video tapes on loan

List of works, in Henry Odell’s hand

Ernst Bischoff-Culm [“Portrait of…Jüdell”], [OA75]: 1 color transparency and 1 black and white photograph

Van Hauth, “Bidniss: Kurt Jüdell,” [OA30]: 1 photograph

Alfred Jensen, “Bipolar Sphere,” [OA41]: 2 color transparencies and 1 black and white photograph

Works by Ray Johnson: loan forms for exhibition, “Correspondence; an exhibition of the letters of Ray Johnson,” North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, 31 October-5 December 1976. [Works are in Box OA6; exhibition catalogue in Box L23]

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