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Series VI - Contextual Material

MsC 817

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Box Contents List

Series VI - Contextual Material

Box 34

Material on Art, Artists and Writers


A. Circa 430 pieces, including:

Roy Adzak. Circa 70 pieces, including: 9 photographs of Adzak (1 from 1966 with holograph note by LP) [Other photographs of Adzak are in Box 7.]; 17 photographs and 14 negatives of art works; Iris Time, numbers 19 (2 copies) and 34, Paris, Mai 1965 and De’cembre 1968

Shuzaku Arakawa. 5 pieces, including 2 posters

Architectural League of New York. Catalogue of the exhibition, “Your Worst Work”, October 30 -- December 5, 1969, organized by Les Levine. [folded, with tears at folds.]

Arman. 3 pieces

Artists Space, NYC. 19 pieces

“Art Strike/Against/Racism/Sexism/Repression/War”: white paint stenciled on black fabric. circa 1970

Art Workers Coalition, NYC. 8 pieces, including: “Q. And babies?/A. And babies” poster (2 copies); envelope marked “MOMA dust”

Avant Garde Festival of New York. 20 pieces

Ay-O. “Rainbow Event No. 1-6/Rainbow Environment No. 1-3,” Smolin Gallery, NYC, September 22 -- October 10, 1964: set of 4 announcements on paper of different colors

B. Circa 550 pieces

(continues in Box 35)

Box 35 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

B. Circa 550 pieces, cont., including:

Backworks, NYC. 14 pieces, including 3 catalogues (1 duplicate)

Lynda Benglis. 2 pieces

Joseph Beuys. 21 pieces, including 6 small black and white photographs of sand drawings and new School for Social Research, NYC, January 11, 1974 poster

Biennale Internationale D’Arte DiI Venezia. 9 tracts (1 duplicate) calling for the boycott of the 1968 Biennale

Edition Rene Block/Galerie Rene Block, Berlin. 15 pieces

Bloomsday, Galerie loeh, Frankfurtam-Main, 26.Juni 1964: poster, and cut and stapled poster

George Brecht/Robert Watts. Yam Festival Newspaper, NYC, 1963

Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, New York

Marcel Broodthaers. “Dear Beuys…,” 3-page facsimile, 1972

Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY. 8 pieces

Brooklyn College/Museum of the Borough of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY. 11 pieces

The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York. 48 pieces

Robert Delford Brown. 9 pieces

Buecker/Bucker & White Cembalo Company, NYC/Buecker and Harpsichords, NYC. 11 pieces

The Brooklyn Museum


C. Circa 420 pieces, including

Christo. 9 pieces, including “Christo Wraps the Museum,” Museum of Modern Art, NYC, June 5 -- 25, 1968 poster

Committee for Artistic Freedom, NYC. 1 piece

(continues in Box 36)

Box 36 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

C. Circa 420 pieces, cont., including

Jackie Curtis. 9 pieces

D. Circa 185 pieces, including

Hanne Darboven. 4 pieces

Marcel Duchamp. 5 pieces, including Sidney Janis Gallery, NYC, April 6 -- May 2, 1959 folding exhibition announcement

Annick Du Charme. 3 pieces

E. Circa 95 pieces, including

Earthworks, Duan Gallery, NYC, 5 October 1968 exhibition announcement

East Village Other, NYC. 8 pieces (6 duplicates)

Eccentric Abstraction, Fischbach Gallery, NYC, September 20 -- October 8, 1966 exhibition announcement

Ronnie Elliott. 1 piece

F. Circa 245 pieces, including

Hubert Fichte. 10 pieces (2 duplicates)

Charles Henri Ford. 4 pieces

G. Circa 430 pieces

(continues in Box 37)

Box 37 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

G. Circa 430 pieces, including

John Giorno/Giorno Poetry Systems, NYC. 13 pieces

Goethe House, NYC. 40 pieces

Sam Goodman. Gallery Gertrude Stein, NYC, May 12 -- 30, 1964 exhibition poster

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC. Circa 90 pieces

H. Circa 210 pieces, including

Hans Haacke. 6 pieces (2 duplicates)

Al Hansen. 3 pieces

Jon Hendricks. See Committee for Artistic Freedom, NYC, and National Committee for John and Yoko, NYC

Dick Higgins. 3 pieces

Patricia Highsmith. 3 pieces

Hans Hofmann. 5 pieces

Box 38 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

I. Circa 50 pieces

J. Circa 240 pieces, including

Alfred Jensen. Circa 90 pieces

Jasper Johns. 6 pieces (1 duplicate)

Ray Johnson. 10 pieces (2 duplicates)

Judson Memorial Church, NYC. 22 pieces

K. Circa 240 pieces, including

Allan Kaprow. 8 pieces

“Kolner Kunstmarkt, 1969/Bildende Künstler filmend und gefilmt, 14.-19. Oktober 1969”: carbon copy of 5-page list of artists and films

Arthur Koestler. 6 pieces

L. Circa 250 pieces

(continues in Box 39)

Box 39 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

L. Circa 250 pieces, cont., including

Les Levine. 10 pieces. [See also Architectural League of New York]

Roy Lichtenstein. 10 pieces

Boris Lurie. 3 pieces

M. Circa 480 pieces, including

Gerard Malanga. 5 pieces

March Gallery, NYC. 16 April 1961 “Involvement Show” poster. [Tears in lower edge with insignificant loss of text.]

Joan Miro. 6 pieces

Meredith Monk. 18 pieces (1 duplicate)

Museum; A Project for Living Artists, NYC. 3 pieces

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago “Violence,” November 1968 (2 copies)

Museum of Modern Art, NYC. Circa 135 pieces

Box 40 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

M. Circa 480 pieces, cont.

N. Circa 165 pieces, including

National Committee for John and Yoko, NYC. 3 pieces

Louise Nevelson. 4 pieces

The New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC. 23 pieces

Hermann Nitsch. 6 pieces

O. Circa 120 pieces, including

Claes Oldenburg. 7 pieces, including Sidney Janis Gallery, NYC, April 26 -- May 27, 1967 exhibition poster designed by Oldenburg

[Oriental spirituality]. 25 pieces

P. Circa 260 pieces, including

Nam June Paik. “N.J. Paik: Fluxus Island in Décollage Ocean,” 1963. [Advertisement for De-Coll/Age number 4]

Raymond Parker. 8 pieces

Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal. 4 pieces

Francis Picabia. 4 pieces

Pablo Picasso. 11 pieces

Edward M. Plunkett. 4 pieces (1 duplicate)

4 pieces

Box 41 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

R. Circa 210 pieces, including

Robert Rauschenberg. 10 pieces (1 duplicate)

Reuben Gallery, NYC. “New Happenings at the Reuben Gallery,” November/December [1960]

S. Circa 460 pieces, including

Lucas Samaras. 6 pieces

Carolee Schneemann. 10 pieces

Ha Schult. 4 pieces

The Soundart Foundation, Inc., NYC. 15 pieces

Gertrude Stein Gallery, NYC. “No Show”, October 8 -- November 2, 1963 exhibition poster

Mike Steiner/Studio Gallery M. Steiner, Berlin. 2 pieces

Box 42 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.

Ephemera, cont.

T. Circa 150 pieces, including Jean Toche: 1 piece

U. 22 pieces

V. Circa 75 pieces

W. Circa 350 pieces, including

Andy Warhol. Circa 35 pieces

Robert Watts. See George Brecht

Whitney Museum Of American Art, NYC. Circa 125 pieces

Women in the Arts, NYC. 14 pieces

Y. 10 pieces

38 pieces

Untitled ephemera


18 buttons by Art Workers Coalition, Mark Brusse, Experiments in Art & Technology, Keith Haring, Dick Higgins, Yayoi Kusama, Les Levine, Marjorie Strider, and other (2 unidentified)


3 matchbooks: Robert Delford Brown, Marcel Duchamp [posthumous exhibition memorabilia], John Giorno

Box 43 Material on Art, Artists and Writers, cont.


There are approximately 1000 photographs, color transparencies and slides, negatives and postcards of art works and performances other than LP’s. They are arranged in a single alphabet by artist or group and event.

A. 18 pieces, including

Marina Abramovic and Ulay. 1 black and white photograph in unidentified performance, inscribed by both artists on verso

Richard Avedon: 4 pieces

B. 53 pieces, including

Joseph Beuys. 18 pieces, including a set of fifteen 4 7/8” x 3 7/16” snapshots, presumably by LP, of the performance, “Coyote,” René Block Gallery, NYC, May 1974

Barry Bryant. 2 pieces

Bernard Buffet. 4 pieces

C. 27 pieces, including Christo: 20 pieces, including 4 color postcards signed by the artist

D. 26 pieces, including Jean Dubuffet: 11 pieces

E. 5 pieces

F. 11 pieces, including Dieter Froese: 6 pieces

G. 29 pieces, including

Walter Gaudnek. 4 pieces

Guerrilla Art Action Group. 6 black and white photograph by Jan van Raay

H. 27 pieces, including

Al Hansen. 1 piece

Harlem on My Mind exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, January 18 -- April 6, 1969. 9 pieces

I. 16 pieces

Robert Indiana. 3 pieces, including two 1971 photographs by Steve Balkin inscribed to LP by Indiana

Italy: The New Domestic Landscape exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, May 26-September 11, 1972. 13 pieces

J. 230 pieces, including

Alfred Jensen. 168 black and white photographs, 34 color negatives

Jasper Johns. 17 pieces

K. 27 pieces, including E. de Kermadec: 1 piece

[Rotraut Klein. See Rotraut]

L. 38 pieces, including

Les Levine. 4 pieces

Roy Lichtenstein. 17 pieces

Carla Liss. 2 black and white photographs of works, both identified on verso, 1 inscribed to LP, n.d.

M. 37 pieces

N. 25 pieces, including

Alice Neel. 3 pieces

Hermann Nitsch. 6 pieces

O. 55 pieces, including

Claes Oldenburg. 3 pieces

Ralph Ortiz. 26 black and white photographs by John Prosser and Neil B. Greenberg; 11 black and white photographs (with their negatives) by LP

P. 42 pieces, including

Nam June Paik. 2 black and white photographs by Peter Moore

Carmen Oho Paeffgen. 7 pieces

Pablo Picasso. 22 pieces

R. 96 pieces, including

Faith Ringgold. 2 black and white photographs, fifty 35mm color slides

Rotraut [i.e. Rotraut Klein, known as]. 13 black and white photographs by Shunk-Kender

S. 59 pieces, including Friedrich Schroder-Sonnenstern: 6 black and white photographs and 9 color transparencies

T. 9 pieces

U-V. 18 pieces, including Wolf Vostell: 2 black and white photographs; 10 color transparencies by LP, April 1964

W. 118 pieces, including

Charmion von Wiegand. 6 pieces

[Women artists]. Eighty-seven 35mm color slides of works by women artists

Andrew Wyeth. 9 pieces

Photographs of miscellaneous and unidentified art works. 56 pieces

Photograph of a 1913 portrait painting by an unidentified artist of an unidentified sitter, with a poem in an unidentified hand dated 1938 glued to verso (Oversized – Box 60)

Two photographs of unidentified art works (Oversized – Box 60)

Box 44 Material on Art, Artists, and Writers, cont.

Commercial Postcards and Slides

Approximately 750 postcards and 80 color slides: art reproductions, cityscapes and monuments, landscapes

Aural Material

Judy Chicago. 1 commercial audio cassette, “The Dinner Party” [1980]

Ralph Ortiz. 1 reel-to-reel aural tape, “D.I.A.S. [i.e. Destruction In Art Symposium] 1966, Duncan Terrace, London.” Inscribed to LP by Ortiz on the bottom of the box

34 audio cassettes: classical music, cabaret, jazz, rock and roll, eastern and alternative music, spoken word

5 reel-to-reel aural tapes; Compact discs

TV and Radio News, April 4, Dr. Martin Luther King assassination

April 5, 4 a.m. WBAI, memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King

Speech of Bobby Kennedy, June 6 on TV, Ch. 4

Robert Kennedy shot, May [June?] 5, 4:30 1968, TV 5. Also on CD

News TV Foreign Rel. (something I think stands for Committee); Fulbright and Rusk; Hell’s Angles

Box 45 Material on Art, Artists, and Writer, cont.

Aural Material, cont.

15 audio cassettes: U.S. Senate Watergate hearings, impeachment and resignation of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford, Spiro Agnew

1 audio cassette: “Women Liberation/Feb 12/Germaine/Greer”

1 unidentified audio cassette (also copied on to DVD -- see Box 1)

Miscellaneous Publications

This category contains whole issues of periodicals; theater, concert and film programs; and a group of film stills.


Cosmopolitan. Volume 146/#2, NYC, February 1959

Drummer. Number 66, San Francisco, July 1983

Elegante Welt. Year 44/#10, Düsseldorf, Oktober 1955. [Front cover loose]


Volume 54/#6 [whole no. 325], NYC, December 1960

Volume 58/#1 [whole no. 344], NYC, July 1962

Volume 63/#2 [whole no. 375], NYC, February 1965

Volume 71/#5 [whole no. 426], NYC, May 1969 [Lacks front cover]

Volume 80/#1 [whole no. 476], NYC, July 1973

Heavy Metal. NYC, May 1977

Kiss. Volume 1/#1, NYC, April 28, 1969

Konkret. Year 1979/#12. Hamburg, 29. November 1979

Ms. NYC, October 1973

Newsweek. Volume 67/#19. NYC, May 9, 1966

New York. Volume 5/#7. NYC, February 14, 1972

New York Free Press. Volume 1/#15, NYC, April 4, 1968

New York Times Magazine

October 11, 1981

November 20, 1983

April 15, 1984

Paris Match. Number 998, Paris, 15-22 juin 1968

Playboy. Volume 10/#11, Chicago, November 1963

Saturday Review. Volume 46/#10. NYC, March 9, 1963

Sculptors International. Volume 2/#3, Washington, D.C., November/December 1983

Der Spiegel

Year 23/#24, Hamburg, 9.Juni 1969

Year 34/#47, Hamburg, 17.November 1980

True Police Yearbook. Volume 1/#29, NYC, n.d.


40 theater programs

2 concert programs

8 film programs

Film Stills

30 film stills: Jean-Luc Godard’s “La Chinoise,” Norman Mailer’s “Maidstone,” Wim Wenders’ “Paris Texas”

Box 46

Topical Clippings and Images

This category consists primarily of press clippings and photographs, mostly from American and German sources. They are organized in 5 groups: art and cultural issues, political and social issues, fashion and lifestyles, health and food, and miscellanea.

Art and Cultural Issues

Circa 300 pieces, 1950s -- 1980s, in 5 folders

Political and social issues

Clippings. Circa 200 pieces, 1960s -- 1980s

Box 47 Topical Clippings and Images, cont.

Political and social issues, cont.

Press photographs and film stills: Circa 480 pieces, 1930s -- 1970s

“Armed Forces.” 38 pieces

“Crime-Prisons.” 40 pieces

“Hitler.” Circa 150 pieces

“Race Violence.” 15 pieces

“Spies.” 44 pieces

“War and Revolution”

“ Africa.” Circa 100 pieces

“Latin and South America.” 22 pieces

“World War II/Europe, Nazis.” Circa 70 pieces

“Screen Monsters”

Circa 90 pieces: film stills, show business personalities

Fashion and Lifestyles

Circa 135 pieces, 1920s -- 1980s, and circa 200 fashion press photographs, 1960s -- 1970s

Health and Food

Circa 100 pieces

Box 48 Topical Clippings and Images, cont.


Circa 370 pieces: miscellaneous clippings, travel brochures, maps, 1960s -- 1980s, in 6 folders

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