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Series VIII - Archives of Henry F. Odell

MsC 817

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Box Contents List

Series VIII - Archives of Henry F. Odell

Box 55

Biographic Material

Official and Other Documents

“Documents” = brown folder with flap. Includes birth and marriage certificates; “Affidavit of support” for entry in the USA; résumés

1 envelope = passport, carbon copy of May 17, 1974 last will and testament; December 21, 1975 living will

Membership cards

Personal stationery, return address labels, personal calling card

4 birthday cards from Lil Picard, 1968, 1974, 1975, and 1 undated, made and decorated by her

Material relating to Henry Odell’s restitution case

Engagement Books

23 engagement books, 1954 -- 1976

Autobiographic Writings

1 gray envelope marked in LP’s hand, “Dell’s/Manuscript/Amboise 1963/fragment/unfinished”: 9-page ms., 1963

1 manila folder marked in Henry Odell’s hand, “Collegianenverein.” Includes:

“Erinnerungen aus meiner Schulzeit im Königlichen Französischen Gymnasium, 1896-1908”: 19-page ms.; 7-page typescript with holograph corrections; 2 incomplete carbon copies of typescript. With: DER COLLEGIANER/INFO, number 105, Berlin, 1 November 1975 in which the text is published

“Fürtenbergiana”: 2-page ms., n.d.

Untitled memoir: 4 notebooks, numbered I-III, the 4th unnumbered. 419 manuscript pages, April 1972-1976 and 4 unnumbered pages in LP’s hand dated may 13, 1976. The first notebook has a felt pen drawing and dedication by LP; her appraisal, pages 30-34, of the material in the first 30 pages; and 3 photographs loosely laid-in.

Other Writings

Miscellaneous holograph notes on 2 leaves

Passage from Arthur Koestler’s “The Lotus and the Robot” copies by hand on 2 pages

Unidentified writer, Untitled 69 + 3-page typescript dated 17 December 1930 on first page


“Family Photos and Friends”: brown folder labeled in Henry Odell’s hand. Circa 70 black and white photographs, including a few of LP; 2 fragments of black and white contact sheets (3 images each)

1 album, 1 brown Mark Cross box, and 1 Berkey Photo Service box: 146 photographs (37 color) of unidentified person

1 envelope: 6 black and white photographs of unidentified interior

Box 56


Brown folder with flap labeled “Correspondence” in Henry Odell’s hand: letters received, carbon copies of letters sent, 1950s to 1970s. Includes original holograph and Xerox copy of September 15, 1975 eleven-page letter to Hans [Firstenberg?]

Correspondence to Henry Odell

Black portfolio with clear plastic pockets: 68 pieces from Alice Croner, Ruth Fabian and Hans Fürsbenberg, among others. Mostly 1960s and 1970s

1 folder:

Peter Frank, (1), 1973

Dr. Vladimir Gurewich, (1), 1972

Dr. Reinhold Michelly, (1), 1976

Thomas B. Schumann, (1), 1976

Thomas G. Traube, (1), 1976

Correspondence to and from Ernst Matthiensen [Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt-am-Main], 1961 -- 1975: 1 pink folder


Felix JÜDELL. Dresdner Bank/Ihre Entwicklung von 1872 -- 1914, n.d. [1929]

26 publications of the Französisches Gymnasium, Berlin, 1965 -- 1976

Photographs of Art Works

38 black and white photographs and 4 color transparencies

Medical Records

1 manila folder marked “Operations log,” 1963 -- 1970

2 brown folder with flap: Medicare

Financial Records

Brown folder with flap labeled “Dresdner Bank”: correspondence, statements, 1945 -- 1976

Manila folder: Hardy & Co., Frankfurt-am-main: correspondence, statements, 1957 -- 1966

Brown folder with flap marked “Taxes and Insurance”: 1957 -- 1968

Manila folder marked “Bear, Stearns & Co./Sutro Bros. & Co.” = 1960 -- 1962

Joint savings accounts bankbooks: Greenwich Savings Bank (2), Manhattan Savings Bank (2)

Miscellaneous papers: credit cards statements, insurance policy 1971 -- 1974, cancelled checks, holograph notes

Envelope marked “Correspondence/Con Edison”

1 expanding folder: Chase Manhattan Bank account: cancelled checks, statements, 1957 -- 1961

Box 57 Financial Records, cont.

2 expanding folders: Chase Manhattan Bank account: cancelled checks, statements, 1965 -- 1970, 1971 -- 1975

1 expanding folder: financial records, 1975 -- 1976

Brown folder with flap marked “Henry F. Odell/Lil Picard A/C/1976”

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