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Series III - Writings by Others

MsC 817

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Box Contents List

Series III - Writings by Others

Box 20

This section contains writings by writers other than LP, arranged chronologically by author or collective. Their inventory ends with writings by unidentified writers.

Marc Adrian, “Spatial Art and its evolution,” n.d.

Art Workers Coalition. One folder containing 12 mimeographed and Xeroxed documents, including

“Remarks read by Carl Andre at October 20, 1969 meeting”

Boris Lurie, “Collaboration or non-collaboration,” December 2, 1969. 2 versions

New York State Council on the Arts budget request for 1970 re: Aid to cultural organizations

John Ashbery

Art and Literature: An International Review. March 1964. Cover and title page. Inscribed to LP

Ronald Baatz

Eight loose items: holograph and typed poems

One manila envelope containing

“All the days are,” Tannersville, New York, 1983, number 85/140. Inscribed to LP by Baatz, and with a holograph note by her

“Afternoon plums rising,” Tannersville, New York, 1982, copy M of 26 lettered copies, signed by Baatz

“At the motel.” Stapled Xerox leaves. Inscribed to LP by Baatz

63 Xerox leaves of poetry

One manila folder containing 10 leaves of typed poems with drawings

Untitled, September 1983: 7 leaves, Xeroxed and stapled: 5 poems by Baatz and 2 drawings by Lil Picard

“Underwood poem by a dumb Baby”, 4 October 1983: 1-page typescript with holograph correction

Holly Beye, “The Last Resort,” 1975. [Film script]

Paul Celan. 4 leaves of poetry

Douglas W. Collins

“Two poems of mathematics,” 1964: carbon copy of 1-page typescript with holograph signature, date and inscription “for Lil!!/and Roy!” [i.e. Roy Adzak]

Peter Handke

Untitled, undated: 7 stapled mimeographed pages

Bici Hendricks [now known as Nye Ffarrabas], “Destruction/Prospect,” NYC, Black Thumb Press, Inc. 1968

Jon Hendricks

Xerox of 21 November 1969 three-page untitled holograph (“We turn our attention to crisis…”)

“Now or Never,” one-page typescript, n.d. Signed by Hendricks. With 45 rpm record sleeve, “Yoko Ono/The Plastic Ono band/Now or Never”

“Ken Dewey,” one-page typescript, n.d. [1972]

Dick Higgins

“In the Context of Shoes…,” 1960: 6 mimeographed pages

 “The Tart, or Miss America,” 1963: 8 mimeographed pages

"Happenings as an Intermedium Form." 1966. 13 page carbon typescript. with note: "January 10th, 1966 at Frank McMullen's class in Directing, Yale Drama School

Hundertwasser. Untitled poem, 1964: one-page typescript. Not signed.

Alfred Jensen

“Bill d’Kooning” [i.e. Willem de Kooning], n.d. two-page typescript

Untitled and undated fragment: 2 holograph pages and 2 pages of drawings

3 pages of holograph computations and notes laid-in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, volume 204/#1, NYC, January 1961

“Color as it relates to the exploration of space,” August 12, 1961: carbon copy of two-page typescript

“A New Vision!”, n.d. [1961?]: 4-page ms. with 2 blue ball point pen sketches on torn paper, in Martha Jackson Gallery envelope

Box 21

Hsien Liang Koo, “Charmion von Wiegand’s work, 1945-1955”, January 4, 1956: 5 mimeographed pages

Boris Lurie

“Ge-Schwoer an Heinrich Heine,” March 1985: Xerox of five-page typescript. With October 8, 1986 t.l.s. to LP

“My Case Is in the Hands of Aldo Coradello,” May 28, 1987: Xerox of 13-page typescript, with December 26, 1991 inscription to LP

Gerard Malanga

“Definition of Imagery in ‘The New Elegance’ as opposed to the ‘Deep Imagery’ in Poetry,” February 26, 1963: one-page typescript

“Chic is,” 27 November 1964: one-page typescript, signed by Malanga

“Some Sonnets,” n.d.: 8 stapled leaves. Signed by Malanga

“Sonnet LXI,” n.d.: carbon copy of one-page typescript

Samuel Menashe, “October”, November 9, 1974: one-page ms., signed, dated, and inscribed to LP by Menashe

H.F.N., “Ein Weiser in Paris”: undated clipping from unidentified newspaper re: Fritz Picard

Fritz Neugass, “Der Tepel von Dendur in Metropolitan Museum of Art. Millionen Dollar für ein belangloses Kunstwerk,” n.d.: Xerox of four-page typescript

Henry F. Odell

“The American Way of Life,” n.d.: 2-page ms

Untitled autobiographic narrative, 1974-1976: 6-page xerox of typescript with holograph corrections

Ralph Ortiz

“D.I.A.S. – USA – 1968/Preview Statement,” n.d. [1968]: one-page Xerox. 10 copies

“A New Philosophy of Art,” n.d.: six-page Xerox

Harold Rosenberg

Xerox of New Yorker article, “MOMA Dada,” [1968?] with 4-line message to LP signed “Ronald” [Baatz?] on cover sheet

Carolee Schneemann

Ten carbon copies and one Xerox of untitled and undated writings totaling 39 pages

Mandy Smith

“An Irish ditty to the desperate question of Human communication," n.d.

“Cocktail dresses are worn in the mouth…”, n.d.

One-page holograph note to LP, n.d.

Lynne Tillman

“Weird Fucks,” n.d.

Jean Toche. One folder containing 20 pieces, including:

One photo portrait by Tamas Breuer

“I accuse,” May 10, 1968, with a.l.s. to LP

“Jean Toche’s Statement to be read at the Open Haring of the Art Workers Coalition at the School of Visual Arts on April 10, 1969

Letter to LP

Carbon copies of letters to Karl Katz, Stephen Phillips, Boris Lurie

Xerox copy of March 27, 1974 F.B.I. [i.e. Federal Bureau of Investigation] request for a warrant to arrest Jean Toche

"Guerilla Art Action Group" and interview by Temporary Services and Stephen Perkins

Impressions From the Rogue Bush Imperial Presidency. Photocopies of the cover, and recto and verso of the title page of the catalog for an exhibit, written and curated by Kristin Stiles

Intolerance. Photocopies of the cover, and recto and verso of the title page

Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein! Die Kultur de Angst The Culture of Fear. Photocopies of the cover, and recto and verso of the title page


“Zeponigorov’s Fragments,” n.d. [circa 1967-1968]: 1 mimeographed page

Writings by unidentified writers

There are 11 folders containing writings by unidentified writers, including:

Two manuscript pages to LP re: “2165; an Environment” [Smolin Gallery, NYC, January 23-February 11, 1965. See Box 28.]

One-page photostat negative re: “D.I.A.S. [i.e. Destruction in Art Symposium] – USA 1968” [ Judson Gallery, NYC, March 22, 1968. See Box 29]

Nine-page Xerox re: Women visual artists, n.d.

George [illegible], “für Lil Picard,” Berlin, 29.9.78: one-page ms.

“The East Village Film,“ April 3, 1988. Synopsis: three-page Xerox with holograph notes, and 2 manuscript leaves

“The Man in the Camel’s Hair Eyes,” n.d. three-page typescript

“Mein Vater. Meine Beziehung zu Ihmin der Wirklichkeit”/”Meine Mutter. Meine Beziehung zu ihr in der Wirklichkeit,” n.d.: carbon copy of 10 & 27-page typescript

“Choral für Seemanns leute,” n.d.: 3-page Xerox

1 envelope containing 2 slips of undated writing

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