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Harlenic Hellas's Greek edition of Burning Man

Addenda: Summer 2007, October 2008, 2010

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Biographical Note

Phillip Margolin was born and educated in New York. He received a B.A. at the American University in Washington, D.C. in 1965 and a law degree from New York University School of Law in 1970. He spent 1965 to1967 in the Peace Corps in Liberia. He practiced criminal law in Portland, Oregon, until 1996, trying cases in circuit court, appeals court, and the United State Supreme Court. In 1996, he became a full-time writer, writing thriller novels and short stories. His books have appeared on the best seller list many times. Awards include an Edgar nomination for Heartstone. The Last Innocent Man was made into an HBO special.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists mainly of American and foreign language editions of Margolin's works. For some of the works, there are other materials, such as manuscripts and publicity materials. All materials relating to a title are drawn together in this collection. For example, manuscript materials, foreign language editions, manuscript for audio presentation, an audio tape, and promotional materials are here for Gone, But Not Forgotten, and these will all be found in the collection under the title. The novels are arranged by their publication date in order to allow for expected expansion with further gifts.

Audio Material: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Related Materials

Phillip Margolin's web site

Acquisition and Processing Information

These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Jerry Margolin in 2005.

Guide posted to Internet: September 2005

Box Contents List

Series I: Periodical Appearances

Oversized Box 1

"The Great Glasnost Basketball Murder Mystery." By five Oregon writers, including Margolin. Northwest, February 19 -- March 19, 1989

Margolin, Phillip. "Battered Wives: Breaking the Cycle." Oregon Magazine, November 1980, p.86. Signed

"The Jailhouse Lawyer." Oregon State Bar Bulletin, Vol.42:No.2 (November 1981). Inscribed to Jerry and Judy

"Phillip Margolin." CT Crime Time. Issue 7. Interview with Margolin, 12 -- 13, 88

Miscellaneous clippings about Margolin

Box 1

"The Girl in the Yellow Bikini." Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, 38:5 (May 1975). Margolin's first published story. Phillip spelled with one L. Two copies, one inscribed to Jerry.

"The Jailhouse Lawyer." The Saint Magazine, 1:3 (August 1984). Inscribed to Jerry

TV Guide. Announcement of the showing of The Last Innocent Man starring Ed Harris

Series II: Novels

Note: The first United States editions are on the shelves in the x collection.




F.A. Thorpe (Publishing) Ltd. Edition (UK). Large print. HB w/ DJ. 1995

Pocket Book Edition. PB.

Bantam Books. PB. Inscribed to Jerry. 1995

Warner Books Edition. PB.1996

Foreign language editions



French (Quebec)



The Last Innocent Man


HBO movie

Clippings and memorabilia

Photographs and slides, including movie stills

Press releases

Macmillan. 1982. HB. Inscribed "Cheerio. Phil"

Bantam. PB. 1995. Inscribed to Jerry. Also one book cover for this book.

Warner Books. PB. 1997

Little, Brown and Company. Uncorrected advance proofs.

Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing. Audiocassette

Publicity: Bantam Preview

Foreign language editions

Dutch. Two paperback editions

German. Inscribed




Box 2


Gone, But Not Forgotten

Audio tape. Thirty minute radio presentation


Dust jacket, paperback cover

Computer generated fair copy from the early nineteen nineties. Includes research, including correspondence from Stan Abrams. 524+ pages

Computer generated copy with holographic editing, 1992. Includes holographic lists of changes. 524+ pages

Box 3

Warner Books. 1993 PB. Publicity kit for the UK including black box with a black rose on the cover and a copy of the book inside. Also a letter to "Dear Customer." Inscribed to Jerry.

Doubleday. 1993. HB. Same as first edition but slightly smaller. Inscribed to Jerry

Doubleday. 1993. PB. Advance reading copy. Two copies, one with a misspelling of Phillip (one L). One inscribed to Jerry; one L copy is signed

Warner Books. 1993. PB. Two copies, but different sizes. One inscribed to Jerry, one with a letter to Jerry laid in

Bantam, 1994. PB. Inscribed to Jerry

Warner. 1994. PB

Bantam. PB. Cover bound around the text of another book (upside down and with the first 34 pages missing.) Perhaps as a dummy for the cover which has the title and author in relief rather than printed. Also on the inside there's a free floating paper stem to the rose. Apparently this cover was not used

Warner.1993. PB. Laid-in note to Jerry

Warner. 1994. PB. Inscribed to Jerry

Warner.1994. PB. Reprint with different cover

Warner. 1993. PB. Uncorrected proof copy

Warner. 1993. PB. Fourth edition? This paperback has a dust jacket with a different design over the old design

Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing. Audio cassette

Publicity, including two booklets the size of bookmarks with an excerpt from the book, three handbills, four stickers and one PB cover, the one mentioned above with the title and author printed in relief

Reviews: a packet of photocopies of review of the book

Dutch publicity kit for GBNF

Page proofs. First pass. February 25, 1994. Bantam Doubleday Dell

Proofs for audio presentation. Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing

Fair copy. June 7, 1993

Copy with holographic notations (by Margolin?)

Publicity. See also Oversized Box 1

Foreign language editions

Austrian. Inscribed



Danish. Two different editions, one inscribed

Box 4

Dutch. Three different editions. Two are part of the Rainbow Crime editions; one in a larger format is inscribed

French. Two different editions: one pocket edition; one larger format, inscribed


Hebrew. Inscribed

Italian. Three different editions

Japanese. Two different editions, one paperback, one hardback

Korean. Inscribed. In two volumes

Norwegian. Two different editions; one paperback, one hardback

Polish. Two different editions; one paperback, one hardback. Paperback inscribed

Portuguese. Two editions, one from Brazil. Both are inscribed

Spanish. Three editions. Two paper backs and one hardback.One of the paperbacks is inscribed



Box 5


After Dark

Advance reading copy (English)

Publicity. See also Oversized Box 1

Audio cassette

Little Brown. 1995. PB with dust jacket. Inscribed to Jerry

Warner, 1996. PB

Bantam. 1996. PB. Inscribed to Jerry

Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishers. Audio cassette

Foreign language editions


Danish. Two editions

Dutch. Inscribed








Polish. Two editions

Portuguese (Brazil)

Spanish (Argentina)



Box 6


The Burning Man

Just Before Dawn. Original early draft. Photocopy fair copy. Became Burning Man. 489 pages

Little Brown.1996. PB

Warner Books. 1997. PB. Laid-in letter from Alice Tasman to Jerry Margolin.

Bantam.1997 PB. Inscribed to Jerry

Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishers. Audio cassette

Reader's Digest Condensed Books, 1997. HB w/ DJ.

Video cassette. PDR Productions, Ind.

Foreign language editions







Box 7

Italian (In a Reader's Digest anthology) Inscribed



Swedish (In a Readers Digest anthology)





The Undertaker's Widow

Uncorrected bound galley from Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1998

Doubleday. PB. Bound galley. 1998. Laid-in letter from Alice Tasman to Jerry Margolin.

Warner. 1998. PB. Inscribed to Jerry

Bantam. 1999. PB. Inscribed to Jerry

Publicity. Handbill

Greeting card from the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency with a list of the books published in 1997-1998. Also, in the photo on the front of the card, Margolin's GBNF features as one of the books shown, and two posters for GBNF adorn the wall

Foreign language editions





Wild Justice

Manuscript that became Wild Justice. Computer generated fair copy with editorial notes on sticky notes. 465. See also Cardoni's Hand under Sleeping Beauty

First draft (under the title Cardoni's Hand). 3 folders

Little Brown. 2000 HB w/ DJ

HarperCollins. 2000 PB. Inscribed to Jerry. First page is a letter from an editor at HC. There are two anomalies with this book. Paragraphs from pages 14 and 15 are repeated on p. 90; and chapter 58 appears twice.

Little Brown. 2000. PB

Harper Torch 2001. PB

Box 8

Foreign language editions



The Associate

HarperCollins. 2001. Advance Reader's Edition.

HarperCollins. 2001. HB w/ DJ. Smaller than the original version

Ties That Bind

HarperCollins. 2003. Advance Reader's Edition. PB

TimeWarner. 2004. PB

Harper Torch. 2004. PB


Sleeping Beauty

Cardoni's Hand. Original early draft. Computer generated fair copy. Became Sleeping Beauty and Wild Justice. 504 pages

Original early draft. Computer generated fair copy with holographic editorial notes from various people on added pages and sticky notes. Became Sleeping Beauty and Wild Justice. 471+ pages

HarperCollins. 2004. Advance Reader's Edition. PB

Harper Torch. 2005. PB. An additional cover for this PB is included

Box 9


Lost Lake

First draft

HarperCollins. 2005. Free preview excerpt. Also includes an excerpt from Gone But Not Forgotten

Harper Audio. 2005? Five CD set of performance of the book. One CD is missing.

Large publicity brochure


Proof Positive. First draft. Computer generated fair copy. 461 pages


1999 Best American Mystery Stories. Houghton Mifflin, 1999. HB w/ DJ. Includes The Jailhouse Lawyer. Inscribed to Jerry. Signed by Margolin and the two editors, Ed McBain and Otto Penzler

1999 Best American Mystery Stories. HoughtonMifflin,1999. PB. Includes “The Jail House Lawyer.” Inscribed to Jerry and signed by Otto Penzler

Legal Briefs. Doubleday. Includes “The Jail House Lawyer.” HB w/ DJ

Phillip Margolin Omnibus. TimeWarner, 2002 (Includes GBNF, After Dark).  PB

Murder for Revenge. 1998. Delacorte Press, 1998. PB Uncorrected proof. Inscribed to Jerry M by Otto Penzler

Murder for Revenge. Delacorte Press, 1998. HB w/ DJ. Inscribed to Jerry Margolin by Otto Penzler

Murder for Revenge. Orion, 1998. HB w/ DJ. Inscribed by the editor, Otto Penzler. Includes “Angie’s Delight.”

Murder for Revenge. Orion, 2000. PB. Inscribed to Jerry Margolin by the editor Otto Penzler

Box 10

Murder for Revenge. Dell Mystery, 1999. PB

Murder for Revenge. Albin Michel, 1999. French edition. Inscribed to Jerry M by Otto Penzler.

Oversized Box 1

After Dark publicity

Night light

Tee shirt

Gone, But Not Forgotten publicity

Beach towel

Black fabric rose

Chocolate rose (retained color photocopy; original discarded for preservation reasons)

Periodical Appearances, clippings, biographical information, etc.

Summer 2007 Addendum

Continuing in Box 10

Periodical appearances (see also Oversized Box 1)

"Writers on Reading." Looking Glass Bookstore  Review, Summer 1988. In Oversized Box 1



After Dark (1995)

First rough draft, 1994


Digital Composition, March 6, 1995


Full page, full color ad in D Magazine, Vol. IV:Issue 2 (June -- September 1995)


People Magazine, August 7, 1995

The Burning Man (1996)

First draft

Gone But Not Forgotten (1993)

Preliminary draft

Box 11

Proofreader's copy

Fair copy. February 1993

Fair copy, undated

Digital composition, March 1993

Second pass, digital composition, October 1993

Box 12

Doubleday publisher's catalog containing information on GBNF


ABA Journal. October 1993

The American Lawyer.  October 1993

New York Times, October 3,1993. In Oversized Box 1

Reviews and interviews with Margolin

Booklist. Vol.89:No.21 (July 1993)

Cosmopolitan, Vol.215:No.4 (October 1993)

"Excerpt/Interview." The First Word, Vol.1:Issue 3

"Improbable Cause." Willamette Week Reader, September 30 -- October 6, 1993

"Killer Instincts." The Sunday Oregonian October 3, 1993. In Oversized  Box 1

"On Firm Ground." Entertainment Weekly, No. 192 (October 15, 1993)

Publishers Weekly

The Last Innocent Man (1981)

Clippings about the cable movie

Copy of TV Click from the Sunday Oregonian, April 19 -- 25, 1987 with a photo of Ed Harris in the starring role in The Last Burning Man. Article on page 3. In Oversized Box 1


Smoke Screen

The Undertaker's Widow

First draft

October 2008 addendum

Continuing in Box 12

Executive Privilege

Manuscript, under the title Special Counsel (3 folders)

Manuscript (3 folders)

Master, first pass (2 folders)

Master, author's first pass (3 folders)

Master, second pass (3 folders)

Master, third pass (3 folders)

Proof Positive

Advance reader's edition

2010 Addendum

Box 13

Executive Privilege

Manuscript with editing notes. 2 folders

Manuscript with preliminary notes. 2 folders

Early draft with variant title. 2 folders

Early draft with variant title. 2 folders

Early draft with variant title and editing notes. 2 folders

Early draft with variant title and editing notes

November 2007 draft with variant title and editing notes 2 folders

Box 14


Early draft with variant title

Early draft with variant title

Early draft with variant title

Early draft with variant title and editing notes

Early draft with variant title and editing notes. 2 folders

Early draft with variant title. 2 folders

Draft. 2 folders

Draft. 2 folders

Notes and draft. 2 folders

Proof Positive

Partial manuscript with notes

Partial manuscript with notes. Folder 1

Box 15

Partial manuscript with notes. Folder 2

Early draft with editing notes. 2 folders

Copy edits

Author's responses to queries

Page proofs. 2 folders

Page proofs. First pass. 2 folders

Style sheet

Manuscript. 2 folders

Supreme Justice

Preliminary draft with variant title (Death Case)

Preliminary draft with variant title

Various drafts. Folders 1-4

Box 16

Folders 5-9

Box 17

Folder 10

Page proofs. 2 folders

Lost Lake

 Early draft with variant title. 2 folders


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