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The Atomium at the 1958 Brussels World's Fair

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Scope and Contents

This collection consists of printed matter relating to World's Fairs and Expositions, starting with the The Great Exhibition in London in 1851. Though the bulk of the collection is made up of postcards, there are newspapers published at World's Fairs, advertising, travel information, and other materials, including a personal scrapbook of travel to the 1967 Montreal Expo. Some of the materials are originals from the exhibitions and some are materials about the expositions.

Photographs: Throughout

Acquisition and Processing Information

These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by the Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation, to which it was given by Paul Robertson. Most of the materials in the 1933 Chicago Century of Progress Exposition were donated by Signe Chrisinger in 2004.

Guide posted to Internet: June 2006

Related Information

Prize Poems of the New Yorks World's Fair 1939. PS614 O35 1939

The Universal Exposition, beautifully illustrated. fT860 C1 U52 1904


Box Contents List

Series I: Postcards

Box 1

1851 -- 1905

Box 2

1906 -- 1915

Box 3

1915 -- 1933/1934

Box 4

1935/1936 -- 1939/1940

Box 5

1939/1940 -- 1988

Box 6

Fletcher, F.A. and A. D. Brooks. British Exhibitions and Their Postcards, Part 1, 1900 -- 1915

Glimpses of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the City of St. Louis

Herinnering aan Amsterdam in 1883

Jackson's Famous Photographs of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904

Photo-Gravures of the Cotton-States Exposition, Atlanta

Series II: Print Materials

Box 7

1851 -- London -- The Great Exhibition

de Mare, Eric. London 1851: The Year of the Great Exhibition. London: The Folio Society, 1972

"The Great Exhibition." The World of Antiquest and Fine Arts, June 1990, p. 29

1893 -- Chicago -- World's Columbian Exposition

American Collector, October 1938. In Oversized Box 1

Campbell's Printing Press & Mfg. Co. An item printed at the Fair on a press 151 years old

The Chicago Tribune Art Supplements In Two Parts. Part Two

The Dream City. In Oversized Box 1

Halligan's Illustrated World's Fair: A Pictorial and Literary History of the World's Columbian Exposition. Part 29. In Oversized Box 1

The Youth's Companion. In Oversized Box 1

Extra Number, May 4, 1893. World's Fair Number

Vol.66:No.26 (June 29, 1893). 4th of July Number

1894 -- San Francisco -- Midwinter International Exposition

Art Views. California Educational Supplement Series, No.2 (May 14, 1894). In Oversized Box 1

Engravings from the San Francisco Examiner Art Supplement

Vol. 1:No.1 (November 9, 1893)

Vol. 1:No.3 (November 23, 1893)

Official Catalogue, Fine Arts

1895 -- Atlanta -- Cotton States and International Exposition

Interior of the Art Building. Photocopy

1897 -- Tennessee Centennial Exposition

Scribners, September 1897. Photocopy of footnotes

Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Fine art catalog, souvenir edition

1901 -- Buffalo -- Pan-American Exposition

Catalogue for the Exhibition of Fine Arts

The Delineator, Vol. LVII:No.2 (August 1901)

The Latest and Best Views of the Pan-American Exposition

The Youth's Companion. In Oversized Box 1

Vol.75:No.20. Pan-American Number

The World's Work. Pan-American Exposition Number

1903 -- Portland -- The Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition

Official Catalogue for the Department of Fine Arts

1904 - St. Louis -- [The Universal Exposition]

The Forest City. In Oversized Box 1

Vol.1:No.1 (April 14, 1904)

Vol.1:No.4 (May 5, 1904)

Vol.1:No. 5 (May 12, 1904)

Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley). Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition. New York: G. W. Dillingham, 1904

Universal Exposition

Witherspoon, Margaret Johanson. Remembering the St. Louis World's Fair. St. Louis, Comfort Publishing, 1973

1909 -- Seattle -- Alaska, Yukon, Pacific Exposition

Catalogue, Department of Fine Arts

The Travel Magazine, March 1909

1915 -- San Diego -- Panama California Exposition

Catalog of Paintings, Gallery of Fine Arts

Illustrated Catalogue, Official Art Exhibition of the California Pacific International Exposition. The Palace of Fine Arts, Balboa Park, San Diego,California. May 29 -- November 11, 1935

Official Views

Prosperity, Opportunity: Imperial Valley Day at Panama California International Exposition

Smythe, Bensel. "The San Diego Fair." The American Review of Reviews, May 1915

1915 -- San Francisco -- Panama Pacific International Exposition

Gems of the Jewel City: 140 Illustrations of the Panama Pacific Exposition

James, Juliet. Palaces and Courts of the Exposition. San Francisco: California Book Company, 1915

Knight, Sara Pattershall. Remains to Be Seen. Prepared to accompany an exhibition from the Panama Pacific International Exposition shown at the Lowie Museum of Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley, October 1982 -- December 1983

Newhall, Ruth. San Francisco's Enchanted Palace. Berkeley, California: Howell-North Books, 1967

Official Souvenir Portfolio. Home and Library Illustrated Edition. Vol.1:No.3 (May 30, 1914). In Oversized Box 1

1924 -- Wembley -- Empire Exhibition

The Illustrated London News, Wembley Empire Exhibition Number. Vol.74:No. 1935 (May 24,1924). In Oversized Box 1

1933 -- 1934 -- Chicago - A Century of Progress

The Chinese Lama Temple: Patala of Jehol

Official World's Fair in Pictures

The Story of Old Fort Dearborn and its connection with A Century of Progress

The White Indian Boy: A Tale of William Wells - Pioneer, Warrior and Border Scout

The Signe Chrisinger Collection on the Century of Progress Exposition

100 Years of Progress in Modern Railroading

Admission ticket to Fort Dearborn

The Air Conditioned Train

The Burlington Zephyrs

The Burlington Route. Train schedule

A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago 1933

Even Lefty Grove's Fast Ball Bounced Back From a Piece of Safety Glass

Go Tell

How Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires Are Made

[Untitled] Illinois Central System

The Making of a Motor Car

Nash Standard Eight Series Big Six Series for 1933

Only a Few Dollars More Than the Lowest Priced Cars

Stainless Steel and Their Uses

Things You Don't Want to Forget About Chrysler

The Travel Bureau and the Relaxation Cars of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

1935 -- Brussels

L'Illustration. Exposition de Buxelles. In Oversized Box 1

1936 -- 1937 -- Cleveland -- Great Lakes Exposition

The Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition. The Official Art Exhibit of the Great Lakes Exposition.

1938 -- Scotland -- Empire Exhibition

The Illustrated London News, Vol.102:No. 1938 (May 7, 1938). In Oversized Box 1

1939 -- 1940 -- San Francisco-Golden Gate International Exposition

The American Photo-Engraver, Vol. XXX:No.8 (August 1938)

Art. Official Catalog

"The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco 1939." Highway Traveler, February -- March 1939

Box 8

Contemporary Art. Official Catalog, Department of Fine Arts, Division of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture

Decorative Arts. Official Catalog, Department of Fine Arts, Division of Decorative Arts

Golden Gate International Exposition Edition. The San Francisco Examiner, February 15, 1939

Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco Bay 1939. In Oversized Box 1

Grand Cherry Show Takarazuka Girls on the Invitation of the Golden Gate International Exposition

Magic in the Night. Official souvenir

Masterworks of FIve Centuries. Official Catalog, Department of Fine Arts, Division of European Art

Pacific Cultures. Official Catalog, Department of Fine Arts, Division of Pacific Cultures

Pageant of the Pacific. Official Souvenir. In Oversized Box 1


Pictorial California and the Pacific. In Oversized Box 1

Treasure Island Gold Book Pictorial

"A World of Color - The Exposition." Motor Land, February 1939

1939 -- 1940 -- New York

Masterpieces of Art

Official Catalogue, Illustrated

European Paintings and Sculpture from 1300 -- 1800. May to October 1939

European and American Paintings 1500 -- 1900. May to October 1940

Official Souvenir Guide and Picture Book

New York World's Fair Bulletin

New York World's Fair Views

1951 -- Science Exhibition -- South Kensington

Punch, June 6,1951

1958 -- London -- Festival of Britain

The Illustrated London News, Vol. 128:No. 3342 (May 12, 1951). In Oversized Box 1

1958 -- Brussels

American Art, Four Exhibitions

Holiday Abroad, 1958

1962 -- Seattle

Art Since 1950

Masterpieces of Art

Northwest Coast Indian Art

"World's Fair in Seattle: The Big Show Opens April 24." Sunset Magazine, April 1962

1964 -- New York

Art in New York State

1967 -- Montreal -- Expo '67

Man and His World International Fine Arts Exhibition

Robertson family scrapbook

1970 -- Osaka

Clipping. Fine Arts Review. "Expo '70 Fine Arts Pavilion Testimony to Creativeness"

1974 -- Spokane -- Expo '74

Expo '74. World's Fair, Spokane

Our Land, Our Sky, Our Water. An Exhibition of American and Canadian Art

Sculpture Guide

1982 -- Knoxville


1984 -- New Orleans -- World of Rivers

World's Fair, New Orleans

1992 -- Sevilla -- Expo '92

Imagine It! Spain's Universal Exhibition, Seville, 1992

Materials about World's Fairs in general

Chicago and It's Two World's Fairs: A Permanent Album

Exposition Medals. From Johnson Johnson Antique Auction, Sunday, March 25, 1982

Fair Sounds. A listing [by Paul Robertson?] of songs associated with various fairs. Holograph

Fair's Lures. Outstanding attractions of World's Fairs. Holograph

The Highway Traveler, Exposition Number. Vol.VIII:No.3 (June -- July 1936)

Masterpieces of Art From the New York and San Francisco World's Fairs 1939-40


Poster stamps/postage stamps

1935 San Diego Exposition

1940 New York World's Fair

1940 Lisbon London World Exposition


Quiz PPIE [Panama Pacific International Exposition?] [by Paul Robertson?]. Holograph

Weylland, John Matthias. A Thought For the World: The Narrative of Christian Effort in Great Exhibitions. London: S.W. Partidge & Co., n.d.

"World's Fair Souvenirs: Mementos of Razzle-Dazzle Exhibitions." Encyclopedia of Collectibles. New York: Time, Inc., 1979, pp. 120 -- 133. Photocopy

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