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Marion Meade/Woody Allen Research Files
Meade Interviewees

MsC 861
Collection Dates: 1935 -- 2005

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Interviewees for Woody Allen biography

Interview subjects are listed below. Each name is followed by the number of cassette sides on which he or she is located; shared sides are indicated with an asterisk. In the instance of notable respondents not represented on a tape, the form of their reply to my query is noted (for example, see Saul Bellow and Jerry Lewis).

Abzug, Bella -1
Alexander, Jill -3
Angell, Roger -1
Bach, Steven -2
Bader, Robert S. (letter)
Bain, Conrad -1
Bellow, Saul - written by his assistant, Chris Wald (letter)
Bernstein, Gladys -1*
Bernstein, Jane -1*
Bernstein, Walter -2
Bourne, Mel -2*
Buchner, Fern -1
Buxton, Frank (2 letters)
Canby, Vincent -2
Cardinet, Stan -1 *
Chazin, Carole -7****
Condee, Dominick -1 *
Connell, Jane & Gordon -1
Crist, Judith -2 (Side B may be lost)
Davis, Hal -1
Didion, Joan - (letter)
Ebert, Roger -1
Glascock, Baylis (letter)
Graham, Billy (letter written by his assistant, Stan Jackson)
Irwin, Bill (letter)
Kauffmann, Stanley -2
Kear, Dennis (Woody's stand-in)
Kerr, Paul (letter)
Kroft, Steve -1
Kuney, John -1
Lapidus, Alan -2
Last, Ruth -1
(Lewis, Jerry) - note in my hand: Joe Stabile quoting Lewis "He was
thrilled to be asked, but had other commitments_. " "Extremely interested... " "Great honor. " etc. (letter)
Lo Monaco, Martha -1*
London Tunes - Geordie Greig, Literary Editor, declining to carry a request for WA info (letter)
Ludwig, Karen -1
Malina, Judith -1
Marcovicci, Andrea -2
McGrath, Douglas -2
Miyler, Emet -1*
Michaels, Marilyn -1
Mills, Elliott -2
Moore, Jimmy -2
Moshinky, Julius -1
Orth, Maureen (letter)
Peck, Joshua -1
Peisner, Marvin -1
Peyser, Andrea -1
Picciano, Anthony -1*
Pierce, Lorrie -2
Pleskow, Eric -2
Pollack, Sydney -1 *
Reisman, Leah -1*
Reynolds, Jean -1*
Roberts, Tony (letter)
Rodgers, Mary -1
Rollyson, Amelia -2**
Rosen, Marjorie (no written response; notes are attached to my letter to her)
Rosen, Neil -2*
Rosenblum, Davida -3
(Ross, Herb) - photocopies of letters from WA to Ross
Roston, Karen -2
Sachs, Naomi -1*
Safer, Jeanne -1
Salter, Leslie -1
Sands, Steve -1
Sarris, Andrew -3
Schwartzwald, Larry -3**
Scribner, Charles -1
Segal, Jonathan (letter)
Shaffer, Doris Freed -2
Silverman, Stephen -1*
Simon, John -1
Sorvino, Mira -1*
Stapleton, Maureen -1
Stecy, Charles (letter)
Stern, Richard (letter)
Stritch, Elaine -1
Tauber, Peter -2
Taylor, Juliet -3
Tolikan, James -1*
Tully, William -1 UA/Orion execs, various (letters)
Ullman, Joan -2
Victor, Jack -3
Von Sydow, Max (letter)
Weingrad, Jeff -1
Weise, Hans -2*
Willis, Delta -1
Zaks, Laurie -1

*Shared tapes are noted as follows:

Naomi Sachs/Anthony Picciano/Amelia Rollyson
Amelia Rollyson (ctd.)/Jean Reynolds
Maureen Stapleton/Bella Abzug/Harriet Garber/E. Midler
Al Franken/Kristi Groteke
Kitty Carlisle Hart/Leslie Salter/Judy Feiffer
Judy Feiffer (ctd.)/John Cuney
Jane Bernstein/Judy Feiffer/Carole Chazin
James Tolikan/Kristi Groteke/Darren Firestone
Leah Reisman/Carole Chazin
Carole Chazin/Ruth Last/Larry Schwartzwald
Charles Scribner/Larry Schwartzwald/Richard Johnson
Joshua Peck/Stan Cardinet
Julius Moshisty/Jill Alexander
Neil Rosen/George Schindler
Jane & Gordon Connel/Martha Lo Monaco
Gladys Bernstein/Eddie Jaffe/Coleman Jacoby
Coleman Jacoby (ctd.)/Mel Bourne
Stephen Silverman/Carole Chazin
Sydney Pollack/Judith Malina
Steve Sands/Dominick Condee/Mira Sorvino on Charlie Rose
Marion Dougherty/Mary Rodgers
Conrad Bain/Baylis Glascock
Jeane Safer/Andrea Peyser
Roger Ebert/Hans Weise

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