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Papers of Oscar Hahn
MsC 880
Collection Dates: 1957-2008
7.5 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: Gift of Oscar Hahn in 2008.

Photographs: Box 5


Oscar Hahn

Scope and Contents

These papers were gathered by Oscar Hahn during his tenure at the University of Iowa. He donated them to the University when he retired in 2008.

This collection consists of three series. The first of these is comprised of compositions by Hahn, listed by the name of the poem or essay, followed by the publication in which it appeared. The second series is comprised of materials about Hahn. This includes newspaper and magazine clippings, which mostly contain criticism, reviews, and interviews, but also includes personal interest stories, announcements of readings, posters, conference schedules and the like. It also includes printouts of web pages. These ephemeral items are so numerous, and in many cases, so short, that the decision was made not to include them in the finding aid; however, interviews and criticism appearing in trade journals were photocopied and these are included in the finding aid. Series I and II are arranged chronologically. The third series is Miscellaneous, where are kept such things as his passport application with photograph, biographical material, correspondence, and photographs.

The bulk of these papers are in Spanish.

Biographical Note

Oscar Hahn, born in Iquique, Chile in 1938, began writing poetry early in life. He won the Student Federation of Chile's Prize in Poetry in 1959. When he published his first book of poetry, Esta Rosa Negra, in 1961, it included poems he had written between the ages of 17 and 19. He graduated from the University of Chile in 1963. He accepted an invitation to attend the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa in 1971 and received his M.A. there in1972. He returned to Chile to join the faculty of the University of Chile, Arica, Santiago as professor of Hispanic literature. He was made an honorary fellow of the International Writing Program in 1972.

After Pinochet came to power on September 11, 1973, Hahn spent ten days in jail. There is a moving testimonial among these papers about those ten days and their aftermath, dealing in part with how it affected him as a writer. He emigrated to the United States in 1974, where he attended the University of Maryland at College Park. While he earned his Ph.D. there he also worked as an instructor. He received his degree in 1977, after which he took a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish at the University of Iowa. In 1979, he was promoted to Associate Professor of Spanish-American Literature.

Hahn is considered one of the leading poets of his generation, sometimes called the "Dispersed" or "Decimated" Generation (Generacion Trilce). Although he published Esta Rosa Negra in 1961 and Agua Final in 1967, it was his third book Arte de Morir that catapulted him to fame. According to a biographical sketch contained in the collection, "Critics praised the blend of fantastic, ironic, and realistic elements with which Hahn explores the theme of death and which led critics to associate him with postmodernism and surrealism." He continued to publish books of poetry, essays, and to be anthologized and to contribute essays to critical works. A fairly complete list of his publications is contained in the collection.

He eventually became a naturalized citizen of the US. He retired from the University in 2008 and returned to Chile.

He married Nancy Jorquera in 1971. They have one daughter.

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Box Contents List

Box 1

Series I: Items by Hahn


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---. "Agua Geometrica." In "Rincon de Poesia" PEC 22

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---. "Tractatus de sortilegis." Poem translated by Edith Grossman. Review 27 (1980), 60-61

---. "Ecologia del espiritu", "La ultima cena", "Correveidile del lustrabotas", "Tractatus de sortilegiis", "Un ahogado pensativo a veces desciende," "Escrito con tiza"." Araucaria 10 (1980), 149-152

---. "Apa Geometrica." Ramuri,  1905-1980. (no place of publication) (no date)

---. "Reencarnacion de los carniceros,"  "Le muerte esta sentada a los pies de mi cama," "El muerto en incendio," "Cafiche de le muerte," "Para darle cuerda a la muerte,"  "La Caida," and "Tractatus de sortilegiis." In "Una panoramica de la poesia chiliana actual." Poesia, Revista Ilustrada de Informacion Poetica, 9 (Otono 1980), 125-134. (Contains letter from David [Turkeltaub?])

---. "Testimonio de un poeta." Vanguardia Dominical, Julio 19 de 1981

---. "Ningun lugar esta aqui o esta ahi." APSI November/December 1980, p.23

---. "Ecologia del espiritu," El centro del dormitorio," "Ningun lugar esta aqui o esta ahi." Posdata, Noviembre de 1980, p.2-4

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---. "Fotografia." Translated by James Hoggard. Stone Country 2 (Fall/Winter 1981-1982), 36

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"---. John Lenon," "Televidente." La Gota Pura, No. 6 (Diciembre 1982)

---. Texto Sobre Texto. Page proofs

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---. "Secuelas del mal de amor." La Castana, poesia grafica humor 2 (Otono 1983)


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---. From "Vision de Hiroshima." Agenda, August 6 and 7

---. "Nuclear Images." Poems translated by Alastair Reid. Review 33 (September/December 1984), 46-48

---. "Magias de la lectura." Enlace, Diciembre 1984, p.21


---. Excerpt from an unidentified poem. August 26 and 27. Agenda

---. "Pourquoi Ecrivez-Vous? 400 Ecrivains Repondent." Liberation, (Mars 1985), 33


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Box 2

2001 (2 folders)

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2005 (5 folders)

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No date

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---. "Vision de Hiroshima." Caliope (no date), front cover, inside back cover. 18

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Box 3

Series II: Items about Hahn


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Box 4



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2004 (2 folders)

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Box 5

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Inscribed or containing letters of interest

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Series III: Miscellaneous

---. Correspondence, photographs, a curriculum vitae, etc.

---. Awards, certificates, etc. In oversized folder #1