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Alembic Press Archive
MsC 882
Collection Dates: @1978-2008

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: This archive was purchased by the University of Iowa in 2008.

Photographs: Series IV; throughout

Claire and David Bolton in print shop

Scope and Contents

A large part of the archive comprises documentation of the design, production and publication of printed books, from holograph manuscripts, through galley proofs of type cast at the press, to printing, binding and distribution, including correspondence with collaborators and clients and assignment of numbered books. Further aspects of the archive include the records of privately printed work undertaken by the press, including the Reuters Memorial Book; job printing work and ephemeral printing at the press; material relating to the financial operation of the press; and a significant amount of items representing the broader community of private press printing in Britain and abroad during the second half of the twentieth century. The archive in total amounts to approximately forty-two linear feet. It is organized along two very broad concepts: first, items having to do with the press, comprising Series I to VII; and second, items having to do with the broader world of the book arts, which make up Series VIII and IX. The series having to do with the press are organized into several areas, including works created by the press; printed ephemera (which contains both items created at the press and commissioned work); commissioned work; photographs, correspondence; exhibits, publicity, and clippings; and financial records.

The archive will be of interest to researchers working in the fields of the history of the private press in the U.K. in the late twentieth century; the processes of hand-printing and letterpress printing, typography and typecasting; papermaking; bookbinding; women in printing; miniature books; book illustration; industrial book production in England during the twentieth century; and the book market.

Though there are separate series for correspondence and photographs, when a letter or photograph relating to a book or organization was found with the files for that book or organization, it was not removed to the correspondence or photograph files. Please also note that a great deal of correspondence about acquiring type is in the financial series with the charges for the founts.

Historical Note

David Bolton, having learned printing in school, purchased an Adana printing press with some Gill founts in 1972 when he and his wife Claire lived in Edinburgh. They stored it in the basement of their flat. David worked in school administration and Claire stayed home with the children. When the children went off to school, Claire started printing tickets and became interested in small press printing. From that point on, until the late 1990s when they acquired a Monotype caster, Claire was the primary designer, printer, binder, and marketer for the works of the press. She printed her first book in 1978.

From Edinburgh, they moved to Winchester in 1977, where David worked at King Alfred College; to Kennington, where Claire operated the press out of a garage, in 1987; and finally to Marcham in 1993. Along the way they accumulated several presses, including Albion, Arab, Cropper, Farley, and Vandercook floor presses and a Sigwalt and three different models of Adana table top presses. In addition, in the late 1990s they acquired two Monotype composition casters and one super caster and David began casting founts. They also amassed an extensive collection of wood and metal founts, ranging in size from 5 point to 90 line.

Claire prefers ". . .to do this as much by hand as possible from beginning to end." (Toledo Blade, October 29, 1989) Therefore, she usually binds the books herself, though she commissions some binding work.

The press usually puts out four to five titles a year and has published over 130 titles over the course of its existence. Their topics often have to do with the book arts, such as Compton Marbled Papers, Flax Papers, Maziarcyzk Paste Papers, and several type specimen books; but she also writes and publishes items about local history and has a series of fine miniature books. Claire says about the press: "I don't think I could live on it. But it's more than a hobby." (Toledo Blade, October 29, 1989)

Related Materials

The Alembic Press homepage:

The University of Iowa Special Collections has many of the Alembic Press's books in its x collection and many of the Press's miniature books in its Charlotte Smith collection.

Box Contents List

Series I: Material relating to the production and publication of works at the press

These are the production files for the books. In the majority of cases, the following material includes research and production notes, correspondence from clients, invoices, and detailed records of the assignation of numbered copies.

Box 1

This series begins with a bibliography created by Claire, Alembic Press Books (at September 2003), augmented by information of the University of Iowa holdings. Computer printouts

Lazy Bakes (1980)
1 folder
Sketchbook containing original artwork by Tristan Bolton, dummy, page proofs with printers notes, illustration negatives.

Delittle –An English Wood Letter Manufacturer (1981)
4 folders
Approximately 300 pages comprising numerous wood type specimens (some photocopied), research notes (both holograph manuscript and photocopied) and twenty original black-and-white photos of Delittle types in use, together with transparencies and a selection of half-tones illustrations; one fifteen page typescript and one word-processed typescript with autograph corrections; draft designs for title page; galley proofs; an incomplete set of page proofs marked up with typographic corrections; illustrations; sample binding; correspondence with James Mosley (St Bride Printing Library) and Robert Delittle with details of his firm’s history.

The Alembic Press Guide (1983)
5 folders
‘Jaunts and rambles of a Printing Nature’ – the original prospectus inviting contributions on the state of letterpress printing and the allied arts, with responses from among others Martino Mardersteig (Officina Bodoni); Graham Williams; Mary Parry (Tern Press), Kenneth Hardacre (Kit Cat Press), Sydney M Cockerell, John Crombie (Kickshaws); Jan Keijser, et al. Claire Bolton’s research notes on other potential locations: museums, print suppliers, bookbinding suppliers, libraries. Page proofs and upwards of 16 pen and ink line-drawings of people and presses by John Gibbs.

Up Mill (1984)
1 folder
Holograph research notes and photocopied research materials, original holograph manuscript and typescript with holograph corrections. See also Oversized folder 1

Holy Sonnets by John Donne (1986)
1 folder
Two lengthy typed letters signed and three autograph letters signed from the wood engraver Jill Barker, discussing blocks, “Enclosed is the Holly block that my friend provided me with (nice little shape isn’t it?) and this too, needed a final rub with my glass paper and it does not take long to bring up this ‘mirror’ gloss surface. It is a relief to be able to side-step Lawrence’s especially as they seem to be going through such a bad patch lately.”; draft holograph notes from Claire Bolton’s introduction to book discussing the unusual provenance of the wood, calculations, page layout, proof of text and engravings, photocopied review, original artwork and all wood blocks. Three additional letters from the artist about the engravings. Includes Claire Bolton’s notes on process of book production using this book as an example, including design and layout notes and a working prototype.(The wood blocks are in Oversized Box 1)

Hand made papers of the Himalayas (1986)
1 folder
One holograph manuscript, original typescript with holograph corrections, and book prototypes; two autograph letters signed from Nigel MacFarlane, Khadi handmade papers; negatives for images; display copy; printed pages (In Oversized folder 1).

Handmade Papers of India (1987)
1 folder
Holograph research notes, typescript with holograph corrections, page layout, prototype

Payhembury Marbled Papers Sampler (1987)
2 folders. See also Oversized folder 4
Four autograph letters from Katherine Davis of Payhembury Paper, together with three page autograph manuscript describing papermaking. Two consecutive word-processed typescripts and a further word-processed typescript with Davis’ autograph corrections. Twenty pages of holograph notes by Claire Bolton on paper production. Sample pages and initial prototype.

Box 2

Plant Papers Paper Plants (1989)
3 folders
Extensive material relating to the book’s production including paper samples; proof illustrations; photocopied research notes; original word processed typescript with holograph corrections; page proofs; dummy mock-ups with insert papers and sketches; prototype binding, binding off-cuts. Includes five autograph letters signed from John Gibbs, two on printed cards by the artist (3 December 1988 - 17 April 1989), discussing the project, together with printer’s notes and five original linoleum blocks by John Gibbs. (The linoleum blocks are in Oversized Box 1)

Dear David, Dear Graham (1989)
5 folders
Correspondence from Robin Waterfield, bookseller and collaborator on the production, maquettes of lettering, page layout sketches, research notes relating to Graham Greene, and two half tone reproductions from the book. Original ribbon typescript with holograph corrections, gull scale mock-up copy and page proofs with final typographical corrections.

Alembic Press Bibliography 1978-1988 (1989)
2 folders
Galley proofs and early notes including holograph manuscript and numerous ephemeral items of printing; page proofs

Beer Will Help Your Shake (1990)
2 folders
Original word-processed typescript of interview; galley proofs with printer’s annotations, paper samples, five letters from collaborators Peter and Donna Thomas (Santa Cruz); prototype; documents relating to the Wookey Hole Paper Mill.

Isis Papyrus (1990)
1 folder
Word-processed typescript with some corrections, galley proofs, samples of papyrus hand-made by Claire Bolton, layout, and correspondence with suppliers.

Some Cats Help (1991)
1 folder
Original artwork, pen and ink drawings by Tristan Bolton, eight pages.

Maziarczyk Paste Papers (1991)
4 folders
Research notes, approximately twenty pages of Maziarczyk paper samples, two autograph letters signed and two typed letters signed from Claire Maziarczyk (1989-1991). Word processed typescript of original text with holograph corrections; initial designs with sketches for page size and layout and several pages of holograph notes; prototype with paper samples and printer’s notes, galley proofs.

Box 3

A Winchester Bookshop and Bindery (1991)
2 folders
Research notes, including newspaper clippings (some photocopied), relating to shop employees, tools, bindings, etc. together with approximately 100 pages photocopied research notes and transcript of interview with Alexander Banning, 1990, 5 pages. Holograph research notes on various bindings with rubbings, drawings of tooling, and extensive notes on titles for Wells bindery book. In total approximately 200 pages. Early draft designs, galley proofs, page proofs, prototype, and final sheets with illustrations. Includes floppy disk

Compton Marbling Portfolio of Patterns (1992)
3 folders
Research material including original trade catalogues from Compton Marbling (1989-1992) together with seven sheets of marbling samples, other advertising matter and assorted articles. Holograph research notes and word-processed typescript with holograph notes and corrections. Together with correspondence between Claire Bolton and Solveig Stone and Caroline Mann of Compton Marbling and with trade bookbinders.

Awa Gami – Japanese Hand-made Papers from Fuji Mills, Tokushima (1992)
4 folders
Original calligraphy for the book’s title, two pages, 35cm x 25cm. Material relating to the book’s production including research notes; galley proofs; proof pages; image transparencies for line drawings; and book layout designs.
Together with correspondence with Yoichi Fujimori, managing director Fuji Mills (1991-1992) being 16 faxes and 1 typed Letter signed from Yoichi Fujimori and 3 autograph letters signed and 8 typed letters (four of which are signed) from Claire Bolton. Also correspondence – 12 page book Awa Washi, additional printed matter describing workshops, and essay, "Woven and Non-Woven Cloths from Kozo and Kajinoki" (Yoshinari Kobayashi, 1990), 23 pages, photocopied.

Wytham Stream (1993)
1 folder
Prototype, printing off-cuts, boards, further notes and sketches and page proofs.

Ally (1994)
1 folder
Artwork by Muriel Mallows: two ink drawings 30 cm x 40 cm (signed) and 20 x 40 cm. Word processed typescript of the text by Rebecca Bolton. Original artwork – pen drawings by Tristan Bolton – together with numerous unused sketches and negatives.

Flax Papers (1996)
1 folder
Prototype of the complex binding, further calculations and word-processed typescript with holograph corrections.

Trees of Denman College (1996)
2 folders
Two polymer plates used for the illustrations, galley proofs, final pages prior to binding and examples of previous Denman College publications.

The Pattern Poems of George Herbert (1997)
1 folder
Word-processed typescript of essay by Nick Page and galley proofs of text.

Oxford Doors (1997)
2 folders (The folder containing the original illustrations is in Oversized folder #1)
Original and photocopied illustrations by Muriel Mallows together with reproductions on transparent acetate, nine pages, together with some photographs, further photocopied images, research notes (including correspondence) and preliminary word-processed proofs.

Box 4

Miniature Paste Papers (1999)
1 folder
Mock-up of accordion fold format and notes on design, draft texts in various media including autograph manuscript, word-processed typescript, galley proof and facsimiles.

Griffen Mill Sample Book (1999)
3 folders
Brief correspondence between Claire Bolton and staff at Griffin Mill, initial holograph notes, word-processed typescript with some holograph corrections, and gallery proofs, prototypes of pagination and binding, proof sheets, sample bindings

A Spring Garden (1999)
1 folder
Page proofs

A Tale of Two Benches (2000)
1 folder
Page proofs

A Border Specimen (2000)
1 folder
Covers, page proofs

Fancy Papers (2001)
1 folder
Page proofs

Pastepaper Kleisterpapier (2002)
3 folders
Production files, maquette of final design with corrected galleys pasted down within

Also a lesser degree of similar material relating to the publications.

Thackeray's Alphabet (1980)
Paper making in Nepal (1984)
Frying the Flag (1994)
A Visit to Teddy Bears (1994)
Fists (1990)
A Small Garden of Flora (1991)
Fauna (1992)
A Foible of Follies (1992)
A Granjon Arabesque (1998); and Toast (1999)
Toast (1999)
A collection of some of the Tales, including A Very Light Tale, A Tale of Two Princesses, A Green Tale, The Last Tale
Caxton's Indulgence (1995)
From Seed to Sheet (1997)
Wood Type Specimen Calendar
Te Deum

A Bibliography of the Works of Dorothy L. Sayers
Type Specimens
Transatlantic Typecasting
(David Bolton)

Box 5

Private Press Books 1990, 1991. Claire and David worked on the text for the 1991 edition of this book, but it was not printed at their press.

Negatives from blocks used in printing

Prospectuses for the majority of publications (1981–1995)
3 folders. See also Oversized folder 4

A Little Black Book (1995)
Type specimen Three (1982)
Delittle (1981) (3 different prospectuses)
A 40 Line Wood Letter Alphabet (1986). In oversized folder 6
Ally (1994)
Oxford Doors (1997)
Flax Papers (1996)
A Washi Tour of Japan (1996)
The Alembic Press Bibliography, 1978-1988
Winchester Folios (1982)
A Winchester Bookshop and Bindery (1991)
The Pattern Poems of George Herbert  (1997)
The Early Years of Griffen Mill (1999)
Prospectus 1983
Current and Forthcoming Books 1994-1995

The Alembic Press Guide
Dear David, Dear Graham
A Granjon Arabesque
Miniature Books, Prospectus 1999

Birds From the Wood, 1999
Three New Miniatures from the Alembic Press, August 2001
Birds From the Wood
also cumulative prospectuses of multiple titles
Holograph notes and a word-processed typescript describing projected publicity plans (no date).

Copies of finished versions of approximately fifteen samples of scarce early printed items as well as large collection of chapbooks, miniatures and broadsides produced by the press

The Words of the Secret Things of Hermes Trismegistus (1978)
Tollcross History Sheets. Edinburgh (1978)
A Tale of Two Princesses (1978)
Alembic Press Additional Types (1979)
Princess Shikushi’s Ode (1979)
Lazy Bakes (1980)
A Countryman's Verse (1981)
Alembic Press Metal Types (1982)
Isaak Walton Commemorative Day (1983)
A 40-line wood letter alphabet (1986)
Lazy Bakes (1987)
A Green Tale (1988);
33 Een Molen & Een Huis (printed for De Groete Nederlandse Letterproef, 1998)
Private Press Productivity 1980 and Private Press Productivity 1978-87 by David Bolton
How Christmas Came (1991)
Washi Tour, Japan by Maureen Richardson (1995) a broadside printed to commemorate the first ‘Monotype’ open workshop (1996)
The Ayris Family Receipt Book 1845 ‘Marcham Society Publication No. 1’ (1997)
Swallow Summer by Claire Bolton (1997) together with additional unbound sheets for A Tale of Two Princesses
Trees of Denman College
Toast (1997)
Indian Handmade Paper Making (1987)

Aizome Gami
The First Oxford-Leiden Printing Link in 1637
Sentences and Slogans
A 40 Line Wood Letter Alphabet.
In oversized folder 6
The Gentle Art of Persuasion
The Tale of Silver
The First Light
Paste Paper Kleisterpapier (2002)
Calendars for 1997 and 1998
A Countryman's Verse
Sentences and Slogans

Box 6

Series II

Printed Ephemera

13 folders of ephemera, 11 folders of Christmas cards
See also map case 13, drawers 18 and 19
Scrapbook with pastedowns of job printing upwards of 200 items (1978-1984); samples of job printing work as well as incidental work of their own, from items produced in Edinburgh during the early years of the press to later, more complex, work; approximately 700 pieces comprising cards, business cards, letterheads, wine labels, compliments slips, menus, marriage service sheets and wedding invitations, etc., many illustrated; a series of Christmas cards designed and printed at the press as well as cards from other presses; upwards of fifty poster advertisements, printed during the 1980s (some represented by photocopies).

Box 7

Printed Ephemera, continued. Christmas cards

Series III: Commissioned work

Sentences and Slogans by J.L.H. Thomas (1988)
Corrected page proofs and correspondence with author regarding font, accents, paper and other typographic details (upwards of twenty letters)

Poems for Paul Klee by John Smith (1990)
Typescript, prototype, brief correspondence with author, page proofs with printer’s notes

How Christmas Came by Benjamin Holme (1991)
Prototype, brief correspondence, galley proofs, marked proofs

A Room With Books by Mike Read (1996)
2 folders
Initial dummy, galley proofs with holograph corrections and layout notes, page proofs, together with holograph notes by Claire Bolton for a demonstration on the procedure of commissioning a book and publication. Also included is correspondence between the author and printer

Box 8

A Private Collection (2002)
Samples of type, brief notes on page design and layout

New Poems by Patrick Bridgewater (2003)
Original word processed typescript, correspondence with author, proof of title page and page layout prototype, financial calculations.

Reuters Memorial Book
See also map case 13, drawers 18 and 19
The limited edition commemorative volume commissioned by Reuters for its international offices is an imposing folio volume, printed on the Albion hand press. The complete loose sheets for the volume (being the printer’s copy of the limited edition) together with printer’s design notes, the original word-processed typescripts of journalists’ biographies with additions and amendments, and an extensive correspondence being faxes and email transcripts from Hugh Tisdale, Reuters, and other designers and agencies.

Series IV: Photographs

Upwards of 300 colour photographs, (1983-2002). Photographs are also scattered throughout the collection, where they are kept with their pertinent file. 5 folders. See also Oversized folder 2.

Winchester Book Fair (1986)
photos of original Winchester studio
The Hague Book Fair (1986)
The Kennington Studio, (1987)
Mainz MiniPressen Messe (1991)
Miniature Book Society conclave, San Diego (1992)
Old Stile Press
Walter Partridge, Jonathan Stephenson
Kenneth Hardacre
David Esselmont
Whittington Press
Simon Brett
Rigby Graham
Neil Shaver
Plantin Museum
Oxford University Press
John Kristenson and Firefly Press
premises of Mike Phillips and ‘The Printer’
Mohawk Paper Mill
Type90, Oxford
Claire Maziarczyk, (1990)
production of Beer Will Make You Shake
Claire van Vliet
the installment of the presses and casters in the Hyde Farm Studio
Oxford Fine Press Bookfair (1986, 1990, 1994, 1995)
Oak Knoll Fest (1987, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002)
Leiden (2001); Mainz (2001)
Whittington Summer Fair (2001)
production of Reuters work
workshops led by Claire Bolton in progress at Hyde Farm and abroad
The Type Museum, London
Book Arts Press, University of Virginia
The Smithsonian
Barbarian Press
Bedales School Press [established by Claire Bolton]
Circle Press
Ian Mortimer
Oxford Guild of Printers
Christine Tacq
Justin Howes
Richard de Bas Paper Mill
Old School Press;
Theo Rehak, typecaster and type designer
likewise Harry MacIntosh
Harold Berliner; production of type for A Monotype Border
In addition, the archive comes with a number of negatives, photographs and other samples of artwork used for reproduction
A series of black and white photographs taken of Claire Bolton printing c. 1980
Several colour reproductions of the press-room

Series V: Correspondence

15 folders
Correspondence (1977-1996) comprising upwards of 100 letters, mainly Typed Letters Signed, from numerous bibliophile individuals and related organizations, including David Chambers – bibliographer; Peter and Donna Thomas – papermakers; Graham Moss – printer; Simon Brett – wood engraver (including proof engravings); Oxford ArtWeeks; Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig; Whittington Press; Gangolf Ulbricht – papermaker; Maggie Holland – papermaker; St Bride Library; Jan Keijser – printer; Roy Lewis - printer; John Ryder - typographer; and numerous clients, collaborators, book dealers and suppliers. A significant number of additional letters from individual clients and collectors are also included with the material relating to each publication.

Further correspondence, the majority being items of printed matter, including greetings cards and holiday cards printed by a wide variety of printers and associates, Senecio Press, Inky Parrot Press, Kenneth Hardacre (Kit Cat Press), Ian Mortimer (IM Imprint), Nicolas and Frances McDowall (Old Stile Press), Simon Haviland, Jonathan Gili, Martyn and Angela Ould (Old School Press); members of the Oxford Guild of Printers; Jonathan Stephenson (Rocket Press); Tragara Press; The Plough Press; Roy Lewis (Keepsake Press).

Correspondence is also included with financial records where they pertain to acquisition and sales of press items.

Box 9

Series VI: Exhibitions, publicity, and clippings

Book Trade Conferences

Book Fairs

Includes correspondence with organizers, fair brochures and printed ephemera from the events.
See also Oversized folder 4 for posters

Material relating to the Press’ attendance at international book fairs including

Art in Action (1995)
Bound to be Good (1993)
Bound to Please (2000)
Frankfurt Book Fair (1993 and 1994)
Mainz Book Fair (1991, 1993)
Type 90
U K Small Press Book Fair
Various other fairs

Crafts Fairs


True To Type (organized by the Crafts Council in 1994, with photocopied press cuttings)
Various other exhibits, including Art in Action, 1995; Miniature Book Society, 2002; the Oxford Guild of Printers (1996); The Book Club of California (1998); The University of Nevada, Exhibition Catalogues, Lewisham Library; University of California Riverside, 1995

Articles on the Alembic Press

Typographica, June 1997:Issue 5 (article on the Alembic Press by Alan Tarling) with word-processed typescript and typed letter signed from the author.
Bookseller Monthly XXXI No 8 (2001) article on the Alembic Press by David Bailey
British Printing Society Newsletter May 2002 "Bolton in Bucks".
Clippings featuring the Alembic Press and general articles on letterpress printing from The Oxford Times (1994, 1996); New Castle Weekly (1995), Oak Leaves (1995), The Times (1990, 2001); The Book Dealer (1996), The Hampshire Chronicle (1983), Winchester Extra (1983); The Blade, Toledo (1986); Graphics World (1991), Private Press Books 1990 (PLA, Pinner, 1992), Arts & Crafts (2003); Printing World.


About the Alembic Press
Alembic Press Catalogs
Courses, speeches, etc.
Into Print. BBC Program
Map of the press studio at Hyde Farm House
Posters, business cards, post cards created at the press

Box 10

Series VII: Financial Records

24 folders
Financial records of sales and acquisitions at the press, commercial records, 1974-1996. These include complete copy invoices for major publications, notes on further income from printing and lists of expenditure including paper and typesetting costs and suppliers. Of especial interest are two notebooks detailing the acquisition of essential printing equipment in the years 1974-1976.

Series VIII: Contextual Material

This series (1979-1995) comprises prospectuses, ephemera, small pamphlets, specimen books, and other publications from a variety of contemporary presses. It represents the involvement of the Alembic Press in a wide range of British and international printing societies, and includes an eclectic range of productions. As well as work from presses allied with the Fine Press Book Association such as Whittington Press and the Old Stile Press, the collection offers examples of a more heterogeneous printing community. These include items relating to an interest in concrete poetry (which can be traced back to the press’ genesis in Edinburgh and the work of Hamilton-Finlay and others), the preservation of printing history and practice, and miniature book production. This material illuminates and expands upon the various directions the work of the Press has taken, which should not be viewed in the isolation of the ‘fine press’ tradition.


A selection of prospectuses (1980-1990) from Gwasg Gregynog, Tragara Press, Perdix Press, Whittington Press, Kit Cat Press, Sebastian Carter, The Keepsake Press (Roy Lewis), Caliban Press, Warwick Press, Wind of Change Press, The Old Stile Press, Libanus Press, The Press of Time; Peripatetic Press; Peter and Donna Thomas; I.M. Imprint and Tern Press among others


The Ashby Lane Press

British Printing Society (BPS)

Rules and membership handbook; Alembic Press membership card. All the limited BPS runs, approximately fifty chapbooks by produced for BPS 1978-1988 and nine pamphlets on the history of the BPS (1959–1985) published by The Penrose Press. Some Printing Anniversaries, a keepsake to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the BPS (1994). . Includes newsletters and other ephemera from the Solent Branch of the BPS, 1984-1990

Ferrymead Press

Box 11

Firefly Press. A portfolio of samples including the pamphlets Lady Valerian by Lytton Strachey (1983) and The London Booksellers – Etymology of the term Yankey by Royall Tyler (1984)

Gregynog Press

The Kazui Press, Japan

Kenneth Hardacre, Kit Cat Press. Ten books, including Musical Delights J.B. Priestly, Some ODD Characters by Daniel Berkeley Updike, Victor Hugo Man and His World in the alphabet and upwards of thirty items of printed ephemera (broadsides, prospectuses, cards, etc.)

New Broom Private Press

Palliser Press

Pandora Press. A selection of six of the very scarce Fishpaste cards (1967-1968), with linocuts and other illustrations by Rigby Graham, three in original envelopes.

Phoenix, Eric A.

The Quarto Press/John Easson
Grand Representations – an illustrated essay on the art of printing together with approximately twenty further items, 1970-1981.

Septentrio Press. Six items including Winter Season, J. Fisher, illus. Bewick; Astrophel’s Wooing, Philip Sidney (1979); Phantasmogoria, 1981; Prothalamion, Spenser (n.d.).

Wiggins Teape Calendar (1991). Claire Bolton offered consultation on the design of this imposing hand-printed folio wall calendar. In oversized folder 6.

Various other presses, including

The Alcuin Society
Asa and Mary Peavy
Ashby Press
The Attic Press
Babcock, Ralph
Basilisk Press
Bean Creek Press
The Bird and Bull Press
Black Pennell Press
Brignull, Alan
Botterel, Guy
Brier Press
Brookstone Press
Caliban Press
Cambridge University Press
Capra Press
Carter, Sebastian
Celani, Dan
Church Street Press
Cresswell, Bill
de Pol, Jan
Demi-Griffin Press
Dome Press
Ebor Press
Elmete Press
End Gravure Graphics
Erespin Press
Ericius Press
Fantome Press
Fiddlehead Press
die Fledermaus Press
Foolproof Press
Frayed Frisket Press
Golden Cockerell Press
Greer, Dave
Hedgehog Press
Hill & Dale Press
Holmes, John
Honey Press
Hopkins, Rick
Hunter, Constance, bookbinder

Box 12

Keepsake Press
Libanus Press. On Gardens. Francis Bacon. Decorations by Richard Shirley Smith (1989) and Peter Forster’s Ridiculum Vitae (1983).
Milestone Press
Model Press
Mon Pie Press
Morning Bird Press
Moving Parts Press
Nineteenth Century Operative Letterpress Museum
The Old Stile Press,
Oxford Guild Printers
P’Nye Press. Several items of ephemera, circa 1995, including An Alphabet for Adults and A Coffee Cantata.
Pardoe, F. E
Peat Family
The Penny-Whistle Press
Penrose Press
Paradine Press
Perdix Press
Peripatetic Press
Poltroon Press
Poteen Press
Prairie Press
Printers Chapel of Santa Cruz
Putah Creek Press
The Private Press of Robert Orbach
Roberts, Jane
Sandelswood Press
Sea Pen Press
Segal, Gussie and Harold
Sexton, Tom
Shamrock Press
Slow Loris Press
Smallmark Press
Stinehour Press Typofiles Keepsake
The Stone House Press
Strassell, T., Printer
Street Of Crocodiles Printery
Studio One Gallery
Symons, Ted
Telegraph Press
Tern Press
Thomas, Peter and Donna
Tight Squeek Press
Toonerville Typographers
Tragara Press. The Darkwater Hall Mystery by Kingsley Amis (1978) and The Life and Death of the Piper of Kilbarchan, Ed. G. Ross Roy (1970)
Type High Press
Udney Park press
Waring, Alan
Wayside Press
Welsh Hill Press
Whittington Press
Winds of Change
Woodside Press
Workshop Press

Miscellaneous unknown presses

APA Bundle items

Dutch Printing (1983-1992)

A good selection of high quality Dutch Printing including broadsides and keepsakes from Drukwerk in de Marge (1992); together with cards, prospectuses and numerous small publications for Banholt, Avalon Press, Slipper Press, Clipeus Pers; De Ammoniet; Augustijn Pers; Mercator Pers; Pyrmont Pers; de Oude Degel, Eric van der Wal; Ewald Spieker; Eric van der Wal and others. Together with an ink drawing by Claire Bolton of Avalon Press premises, a keepsake printed by her at the press, and notes on type-case layouts.

Box 13

Journals, newsletters, etc.

Art & Metiers du Livre

A Catalog of the Miniature Book Competition,1988-1993, 1995-1996, 1998, 2000-2002, 2005-2006

Drukwerk in de marge, Bulletin  6, 17-19,  21; Bibliografie 1977, 1979, 1983

Kompendium Seitgenossischer Handpressdrucke/Compendium of Contemporary Hand Press Printing/Forum Book Art. 1/91, 2/92, 2/93, 2/94

Letterpress Guild of New England, Vol. 4 (Spring 1988)

Oak Leaves. Vol 1:Issue Three (1994)

Washi World Correspondence, May and September 1989, as well as Volumes 10-25

Various journals, including The Ampers &. No. 17 (December 1992); and The Rambling Urchins. New Leaf No. 9 (January 1992), No. 13 (October 1992); Typomania 39 (May 1975)


Fine Press Book Association

Royal Philosophical Society (Philosophical Transactions)

Stationers and Newspaper Makers

Box 14

Wynkyn de Worde Society

Series IX: Miscellaneous

Material Relating to E.B. Gordon ‘Gordo’ and to Walhampton School

The enthusiasm ‘Gordo’, a legendary tutor at Walhampton School, Lymington, professed for letterpress printing can be considered the catalyst for the Press’s development. Education work has in its turn been a staple of the press, whether through workshops or the establishment of other presses, such as that at Bedales School, Hampshire. Prospectus and Order of Service for Walhampton School, printed and handset by David Bolton (1979) together with some examples of printing by the school press. Three brief autograph letters signed from ‘Gordo’ to the Bolton family, together with related articles and correspondence.


Paper samples

Wookey Hole Paper Mill

Oversized Box 1

Note: Oversized Box 1 is located inside Box 14.

Wood block cuts for Holy Sonnets

Lino cuts for Plant Paper, Paper Plants

Oversized folder 1

Proper Rules to be observed in Marketing, for all Kinds of Provisions

Upmill. Photocopies

Handmade Papers of the Himalayas. Page proofs

Oxford Doors. Page proofs

Oversize folder 2

Photographs of a print studio

Oversized folder 3


Oversized folder 4


Oversized folder 5

Posters, keepsakes, certificates, etc.

Oversized folder 6

40-Line Poynder Bold Condensed Alphabet, Wiggins-Teape Calendar

Oversized folder 7

Cover for the Indulgence, posters, and uncut page proofs

Oversized folder 8

Materials relating to the Reuter's book

Oversized folder 9

2010 Addendum: Posters and broadsides created by Alembic Press

Oversized folder 10

2010 Addendum: Job work created by Alembic Press

Oversized folder 11

2010 Addendum: Posters and broadsides created by other presses; posters and announcements of events having to do with fine printing