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Dada Covers
MsC 909
Collection Dates: 20th Century
3 linear ft.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: As new books come in and are processed the covers are removed. The decision was made to keep the Dada covers in a separate collection.

Photographs: None

How To Imagine

Scope and Contents

For many years the Libraries removed and discarded dust jackets as books were processed into the collections, although since the 1990s jackets have remained with the books and allowed to circulate. Over time, the jackets tend to become worn and tattered, although many remain in  surprisingly pristine condition for decades.

Since the dust jackets on books related to Dada often illustrate or illuminate the subject or thesis of the book, a decision was made around 2000 to retain the jackets permanently in a collection separate from the books themselves. This collection is arranged in order by the call number assigned to the book, ignoring location (e.g., Main stacks, Art, Special Collections, etc.). The list below is in alphabetical order by title of the books. It notes only the title -- not publisher, place of publication, or date, all information that can be found in the InfoHawk record.

Using the collection is therefore a three-step process: (1) Determine which jacket(s) you want to examine and note the book title(s); (2) Search InfoHawk by title(s) and retreive the call number(s) from the record; (3) Determine which box(es) the jackets have been placed in. Items noted as "broadsides" are housed in two oversized folders in Map Case 2, Drawer 15.

Since the classification (call) numbers bring books with related subjects together physically on the shelves, there may also be interest in viewing all the dust jackets in a specified call number ranges, e.g., the D's or the NA5000s.

Box Contents List

Box 1

B29 F448 1987 - fN5220 G886 C3716 2001

Box 2

N5220 G886 G5 2001 - NX456.5 D3 H4 2009

Box 3

NX456.5 F8 F8 2009 - fZ253.5 H44 2003

Oversized Folder #1

N6487 C57 M8 2002 - N6888 S42 A4 2004

Oversized Folder #2

N6918.5 F8 B46 2008 - TR647 F37 2006


50. A Celebration of Sun & Moon Classics

Abécédaire Critique: Flaubert, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Dadas et surréalistes, Saint-John Perse, Butor, &c.

"Aber Betrieb muss sein": der expressionistische Schriftsteller Hans Leybold (1892-1914)

Abuse of Beauty: Aesthetics and the Concept of Art

Adventures of Telemachu

Against the Modern World: Traditionalism and the Secret Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century

Age of Illusion: Art and Politics in France, 1918-1940

Age of Modernism: Art in the 20th Century

Akt: in der Kunst des 20.Jahrhunderts

Albright-Knox Art Gallery--the Painting and Sculpture Collection: Acquisitions Since 1972

Alfred Flechtheim, George Grosz: zwei deutsche Schicksale

Alfred H. Barr, Jr., and the Intellectual Origins of the Museum of Modern Art

Algier, oder, Die 13 Oasenwunder; Westnordwestviertelwest, oder, Über die Technik des Seereisens: zwei Novellen

Algier, oder, Die 13 Oasenwunder; Westnordwestviertelwest, oder, Über die Technik des Seereisens: zwei Novellen

Almanach Dada!

Als das Jahrhundert jung war

American Art: A Cultural History

American Artists, Authors, and Collectors: the Walter Pach Letters, 1906-1958

American expressionism: Art and Social Change 1920-1950

American Paintings Before 1945 in the Wadsworth Atheneum

American Paintings Before 1945 in the Wadsworth Atheneum

Americans in Paris

André Breton: Le Surréalisme et la Peinture

Angriff auf die Avantgarde: Kunst und Kunstpolitik im Nationalsozialismus

Anna Blume und ich

Anthologie de la Rose

Apollinaire, Cubism and Orphanism

Aragon Parmi Nous

Arcadia and Metropolis: Masterworks of German Expressionism from the Nationalgalerie Berlin

Architekturen des Augenblicks: Raum-Bilder und Bild-Räume einer urbanen Moderne in Literatur, Kunst und Architektur des 20. Jahrhunderts


Arp 1886-1966

Arsenik; Eine Deutsche in Paris

Art in Cinema: Documents Toward a History of the Film Society

Art of the Avant-gardes

Art Past, Art Present

Art Versus Nonart: Art Out of Mind

Arthur Cravan n’est pas mort noyé

Arthur Segal, 1875-1944

Artist as Producer: Russian Constructivism in Revolution

Artists & Enemies: Three Novellas

Arts and Letters

Assembling Art: the Machine and the American Avant-garde

Attardi, le sculture (in broadsides folder)

--auch wir Maschinen, auch wir mechanisiert!: die zweite Phase des italienischen Futurismus 1915-1945

Augusto Giacometti

Automatic Woman: the Representation of Woman in Surrealism

Avant-Garde and American Postmodernity: Small Incisive Shocks

Avant-garde in Interwar England: Medieval Modernism and the London Underground

Avant-Garde Page Design: 1900-1950

Avant-Garde Performance & the Limits of Criticism: Approaching the Living Theatre, Happenings/Fluxus, and the Black Arts Movement

Avant-Garde: Before and After

Avant-gardes Littéraires au XXe Siècle

Avec Aragon: 1970-1982

Ball and hammer: Hugo Ball’s Tenderenda the fantast

Baroness Elsa: Gender, Dada, and Everyday Modernity: A Cultural Biography

Bauhaus und Art déco: Architektur der Zwanzigerjahre in Leipzig

Bauhaus und Frankreich 1919-1940

Bauhaus, 1919-1933

Bauhaus: Crucible of Modernism

Bauhaus-Architektur: 1919-1933

Beckett Translating

Begierde in Blick: Surrealistische Photographie

Behind the Lines: Pieces on Writing and Pictures

Beknopt handboek tot de geschiedenis der Nederlandse letterkunde

Berlin of George Grosz: Drawings, Watercolours, and Prints, 1912-1930: Royal Academy of Arts, London

Berlinart, 1961-1987

Berliner Begegnungen: Ausländische Künstler in Berlin 1918 bis 1933: Aufsätze, Bilder, Dokumente

Berliner zweifelt immer: seine Stadt in Feuilletons von damals

Between Lives: an Artist and her World

Beyond A Portrait: Photographs

Bijoux D’Artistes: Artist’s Jewels Hommage à Francois Hugo

Birihhi hakase no saigo


Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity

Blasting the future!: Vorticism in Britain 1910-1920

Blind Spots: Critical Theory and the History of Art in Twentieth-Century Germany

Blumenfeld Photographs: A Passion for Beauty


Boogie Dada & The Cult of Cool

Bordel en peinture: L’art contre le gout

Borgia: Roman einer Familie

Breton: The Lost Steps

Brev 1916-1968

Briefe 1904-1927

Briefe 1904-1927

Briefe 1913-1963

Briefe und Antworten Bd. 1-2

Briefe v.3-4


Briefwechsel 1921-1927 mit Hugo Ball und Emmy Ball-Hennings Suhrkamp

Broadway’s Bravest Woman: Selected Writings of Sophie Treadwell


Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century English Literature

Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Political Thought

Camera Works: Photography and the Twentieth-Century Word

Capri Futurista

Carl Einstein in Documents and His Collaboration With Georges Bataille

Carl Einstein und sein Jahrhundert: Fragmente einer intellektuellen Biographie

Carte blanche à Kicken Berlin

Catalogue of Photography: The Cleveland Museum of Art

Caviar and Ashes: A Warsaw Generation’s Life and Death in Marxism, 1918-1968

Century of Drawing

Century of Sculpture: The Nasher Collection (in broadsides folder)

Charles Demuth

Charles Sheeler: Paintings and Drawings

Charles Sheeler: the Photographs

Charles Sheeler: Une modernité radical

Charles Sheeler: Across Media

Chasm: A Weekend: A Novel

China frisst Menschen

Christian Schad and the Neue Sachlichkeit

Chronik einer Revolution in Deutschland

Cinéma calendrier du cœur abstrait: Maisons

Cinema e fotografia futurista

Cinematic Modernism: Modernist Poetry and Film

City of Ambition: Artists & New York, 1900-1960

Clement Greenberg: Late Writings

Collage: The Making of Modern Art

Collected Poems

Collected Prose: Autobiographical Writings, True Stories, Critical Essays, Prefaces and Collaborations with Artists

Collected Works

Collected Writings of Salvador Dali

Columbia History of Twentieth-Century French Thought

Comic Grotesque: Wit and Mockery in German Art, 1870-1940

Companion to Spanish Surrealism

Companion to the Literature of German Expressionism

Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp: Vol. 1-2

Con Peggy Guggenheim: tra storia e memoria

Concept of Expressionism: Origin and Metamorphoses

Constructivism in Film: The Man with the Movie Camera: a Cinematic Analysis

Constructivisme Russe: Typographies & Photomontages

Conversations on the Dresden Gallery

Conversion to Modernism: the Early Work of Man Ray

Cool Conduct: The Culture of Distance in Weimar Germany

Couture Culture: a Study in Modern Art and Fashion

Critical Writings

Critique of Everyday Life: From Modernity to Modernism (Towards A Metaphilosophy of Daily Life)

Cubism and its Enemies: Modern Movements and Reaction in French Art, 1916-1928

Cubism in the Shadow of War: The Avant-Garde and Politics in Paris 1905-1914


Cultures of Modernism: Marianne Moore, Mina Loy, & Else Lasker-Schüler: Gender and Literary Community in New York and Berlin



Dada & Surrealist Art

Dada 15/25: Dokumentation und Chronologischer Überblick zu Tzara & Co

Dada and the Press

Dada in Zürich

Dada in Zürich

Dada New York: New World for Old

Dada no shi

Dada Performance

Dada Seminars

Dada Spirit

Dada Taizen

Dada Triumphs!: Dada Berlin, 1917-1923: Artistry of Polarities: Montages, Metamechanics, Manifestations

Dada Zurich: A Clown’s Game form Nothing


Dada: The Coordinates of Cultural Politics

Dada: Zurich, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, New York, Paris

Dada’s Women

Dadaistische Verwandlungskunst: zum Verhältnis von Kritik und Selbstbehauptung in DADA Berlin und Köln

Dadaisuto Shinkichi no shi

Dadaisuto Tsuji Jun

Dal Futurismo ai luoghi del Futurismo

Dalí íntim: Dibuixos, Apunts i Paraules Entre Contemporanis

Dandy and the Herald: Manners, Mind and Morals from Brummell to Durrell

De Chirico: gli anni venti

De mooiste natuurgedichten

Debating American Modernism: Stieglitz, Duchamp, and the New York Avant-garde

Delaunay und Deutschland

Denken des Herrn: Bataille zwischen Hegel und dem Surrealismus: Essays

Depero Futurista & New York: Il Futurismo e l’Arte Pubblicitaria

Derkühle Blick: Realismus der Zwanzigerjahre in Europa und Amerika

Dernier Relâchement: Manifeste dada

Dernières nuits de Paris

Derrida Artaud

Deutsche Abschiede: Herausgegeben von Gerhard Hay Mite einem Essay von Fritz J. Raddatz

Deutsche Intellektuelle, 1910-1933: Aufrufe, Pamphlete, Betrachtungen

Deutsche Kulturgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts

Deutsche Kunstmärchen Des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts


Dictionnaire du Surréalisme

Dictionnaire Général du Surréalisme et de ses Environs

Discourse in Psychoanalysis and Literature


Documents relatifs à la fondation de l’Internationale situationniste

Done into English: Collected Translations

Doodaaa: The Balletic Art of Gavin Twinge

Drammaturgia e Arte Totale: l’Avanguardia Internazionale: Autori, Teorie, Opere

Duchamp (in a box)

Duchamp (in broadsides folder)

Duchamp (in broadsides folder)

Duchamp: Domestic Patterns, Covers, and Threads

Duchamp: A Biography

Duchamp: A Biography

Dzie?a zebrane

Elsa Triolet und Louis Aragon: "die Liebenden des Jahrhunderts"

Elsa Triolet: Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux

Éluard Dessins de Ernst

Eluard, Picasso et la peinture (1936-1952)

Embattled Avant-Gardes: Modernism’s Resistance to Commodity Culture in Europe

Embattled Avant-Gardes: Modernism’s Resistance to Commodity Culture in Europe

Encyclopedia of British Women’s Writing, 1900-1950

Encyclopedia of New England

End of Art

Entre Tradition et Modernisme: La Suisse romande de l’entre-deux-guerres face aux avant-gardes (in broadsides folder)

Ernst Jünger, Rudolf Schlichter: Briefe 1935-1955

Ernst Schwitters

Essential Man Ray

European Notebooks: New Societies and Old Politics, 1954-1985

Eva und die Zukunft: das Bild der Frau seit der Französischen Revolution

"Event" arts and art events

Everyday Life: Theories and Practices from Surrealism to the Present

Exil: Flucht und Emigration europäischer Künstler, 1933-1945

Exiles + emigrés: the Flight of European artists from Hitler

Experimentelles Musik- und Tanztheater

Explosante-Fixe: Photographie & Surrealism


Expressionism: Art and Idea

Expressionist film: New Perspectives

Expressionist Portraits

Expressionist Roots of Modernism

Expressionist Texts

Expressionisten: die Avantgarde in Deutschland 1905-1920: Ausstellung im Stammhaus der Nationalgalerie vom 3. September bis 16. November 1986

Expressionistische Prosa

Farewell to Reason

Fashion and Surrealism

Figuring It Out: Where are we? Where do we come from?: The Parallel Visions of Artists and Archaeologists

Films of Andy Warhol: Catalogue Raisonné

First Book of Grabinoulor: Epic

Flowers of Tarbes, or, Terror in Literature

Fluchtort Mexiko

Folgen der Reformation; Zur Kritik der deutschen Intelligenz

Francis Picabia

Francis Picabia (1879-1953): Exposició Antològica, Barcelona, 1985

Francis Picabia: das Spätwerk 1933-1953 (in broadsides folder)

Francis Picabia: the Late Works 1933-1953 (in broadsides folder)

Frankfurter Anthologie: Gedichte und Interpretationen v.1-3

Frauen sehen Frauen: eine Bildgeschichte der Frauen-Photographie von Julia Margaret Cameron bis Inez van Lamsweerde

Free Rein

French Intellectuals and Politics from the Dreyfus Affair to the Occupation 

French Theatre, 1918-1939

Friedrich Glauser: Erinnerungen von Emmy Ball-Hennings, J.R. von Salis, Berthe Bendel, Hulda Messmer, Ernst Messmer, Martha Meyer-Messmer, Wolfgang Hartmann, Emil Gerber, Max Müller, Martha Ringier, Josef Halperin und Friedrich Witz

From Millet to Léger: Essays in Social Art History

FurFrancis Picabia: das Album von Olga Picabia-Mohler

Futurism & Futurisms

Futurism: An Anthology

Futurismo (in broadsides folder)

Futurismo e Meridione

Futurismo: La Rivolta Dell’avanguardia die Revolte der Avantgarde

Futurismo: Prodromo Del Centenario

Futurist Typography and the Liberated Text

Geburt der Moderne: von der Schule von Barbizon bis zum Konstruktivismus: Meisterwerke aus dem Nationalmuseum Belgrad

Geisterbahn und Glanzrevue. Otto Dix. Aquarelle und Gouachen

Geo Bogza: Scrieri in Proza

Geometry of Modernism: the Vorticist Idiom in Lewis, Pound, H.D., and Yeats

George Grosz

George Grosz and the Communist Party: Art and Radicalism in Crisis, 1918 to 1936

George Grosz: A Bibliography and Other Check Lists

George Grosz: the Berlin Years

Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz

Georgia O’Keeffe and the Eros of Place

Georgia O’Keeffe, Art and Letters

German Drawings and Watercolors, Including Austrian and Swiss Works

German Expressionist Prints: the Marcia and Granvil Specks Collection

German Expressionist Theatre: the Actor and the Stage

German Literature of the Twentieth Century: from aestheticism to postmodernism

Gertrude Stein Reader: The Great American Pioneer of Avant-Garde Letters

Gesammelte Gedichte III

Gesamtausgabe: Texte und Briefe bd.1, 4, 9, 20

Geschichte der Arbeiter-Illustrierten Zeitung 1921-1938

Geschichte der Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert: von den Avantgarden bis zur Gegenwart

Geschichte der literarischen Moderne

Getroffen: Otto Dix und die Kunst des Porträts (in broadsides folder)

Ghost Ships: A Surrealist Love Triangle

Gilded Vessel: the Lustrous Art and Life of Beatrice Wood

Giorgio de Chirico, Francis Picabia, Andy Warhol: A Triple Alliance

Gods, Mongrels, & Demons: 101 Brief but Essential Lives

Grafica Futurista Minima (1909-1944)

Graphisme, Typographie, Histoire

Grenzgänge: Studien zur Literatur der Moderne

Grotesk!: 130 Jahre Kunst der Frechheit

Grünewald in der Moderne: die Rezeption Matthias Grünewalds im 20. Jahrhundert

Gunnar Ekelöf: En biografi av Carl Olov Sommar

Guy Debord: Revolution in the Service of Poetry

Handboek Tot De Moderne Nederlandse Letterkundre

Hannah Höch: eine Lebenscollage v.2-3

Hans Arp, Sophie Taeuber Arp

Hans Arp: Reliefs, Skulpturen, Bilder, Collagen, Zeichnungen

Hans Arp--Fritz Winter: Dialog ohne Begegnung

Henri Matisse, Drawings 1936

Henri Michaux: Poetry, Painting, and the Universal Sign

Herbert Molderings Die Moderne der Fotografie

Hermann Hesse: sein Leben und sein Werk

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: 150 works of art

History of American Poetry: Our Singing Strength

History of Beauty

History of Italian Art in the 20th Century

History of the Surrealist Movement

History of Twentieth-Century British Women’s Poetry

Holzschnitte Des Deutschen: Expressionismus

Hotel in the Jungle: A Novel

How to Imagine: A Narrative on Art and Agriculture

Hugo Ball: ein Weg aus dem Chaos

I 50 volti di Juliet

I’m Lying: Selected Translations of Philippe Soupault

Ich, Serge Sabarsky

Ideal and Reality: The Image of the Body in 20th-Century Art from Bonnard to Warhol

Idiosyncratic Identities: Artists at the End of the Avant-garde

"Ihr Unvergleichlichen": Briefe

Illuminating Mind in American Photography: Stieglitz, Strand, Weston, Adams

Illuminazioni: Avanguardie A Confronto: Italia, Germania, Russia

Im Spiel der Wellen: Musik nach Bildern

impacto de lo nuevo: El arte en el siglo XX

Import of Nothing: How Dada Came, Saw, and Vanished in the Low Countries (1915-1929)

Impossible Histories: Historical Avant-gardes, Neo-avant-gardes, and Post-avant-gardes in Yugoslavia, 1918-1991

Impressions of the 20th Century: Fine Art Prints from the V&A Collection

In Augenhöhe: Paul Klee: frühe Werke im Blick auf Max Ernst

In der Residenz: Literatur in Karlsruhe, 1715-1918: eine Ausstellung des Instituts für Kulturpädagogik der Hochschule Hildesheim

In Visible Light: Photography and the American Writer, 1840-1940

"Inmitten dieser Welt der Zerstörung"

Interview mit Amerika; 50 deutschsprachige Autoren in der neuen Welt

Intimate Revolt

Invention of Art: A Cultural History

Investigating Modern Art

Irrational modernism: a Neurasthenic History of New York Dada

Irresistible Dictation: Gertrude Stein and the Correlations of Writing and Science

Italian Futurist Theatre, 1909-1944

Jag bor i en annan värld, men du bor ju i samma: Gunnar Ekelöf betraktad av Olof Lagercrantz

Jan Tschichold: Designer: The Penguin Years

Jan Tschichold: Master Typographer: His Life, Work & Legacy

Jan Tschichold: Meister der Typographie: Sein Lebenswerk in Bildern

Japan, France, and East-West Aesthetics: French literature, 1867-2000

Jean Cocteau et son univers

Jean Crotti: L’œuvre Peint (1900-1958): Catalogue Raisonné

Jerome Rothenberg’s Experimental Poetry and Jewish Tradition

Joachim Ringelnatz: Leben und Werk des Dichters, Malers und Artisten

Joseph Stella: Flora: a Survey

Journeys of Simplicity: Traveling Light With Thomas Merton, Bash?, Edward Abbey, Annie Dillard & others

Kig? to hank?

Kijno: Tzara, Aragon, Ponge

Kiki’s Memoirs

Kleines Lumpenbrevier: Gossenhauer und Gassenkantaten

Knave of Diamonds in the Russian Avant-Garde

Knigi russkogo kubofuturizma

Koga Harue: geijutsu to by?ri

Kunst der Weimarer Republik: Meisterwerke der Nationalgalerie Berlin

Kunst der Zerstörung: Gewaltphantasien und Manifestationspraktiken europäischer Avantgarden

Kunst die in Berlin entstand: Meisterwerke der Berlinischen Galerie

Kunst in Berlin 1648-1987: Ausstellung im Alten Museum vom 10. Juni bis 25. Oktober 1987

Kunstmetropole Berlin 1918-1933: die Kunststadt in der Novemberrevolution, die "goldenen" Zwanziger, die Kunststadt in der Krise

Kunstnijverheid in Nederland 1880-1940

Kunstspektakel- Kunstdebakel: kunstkritisches Tagebuch 1968- 1982

Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters: Catalogue raisonné: 1923-1936 (in broadsides folder)

Kurt Schwitters: MERZ, ein Gesamtweltbild

Kurt Schwitters: MERZ--A Total Vision of the World

Kurt Wolff: A Portrait in Essays and Letters

L. Fritz Gruber zum 95.: eine kleine Geschichte zur Fotografie

L’Alsace: Souvenirs D’Ecrivans Célèbres

L’Amour fou: photography and surrealism

L’art des années 30: peinture, sculpture, architecture, design, décor, graphisme, photographie, cinéma (in broadsides folder)

L’Aventure Surréaliste Autour d’André Breton: [exposition] mai-juillet 1986

L’Esprit Nouveau: Le Corbusier und die Industrie, 1920-1925

L’Età Delle Avanguardie

L’Heure des fontaines

L’Idea dell’uomo: Frammenti di poetiche dall’Espressionismo tedesco al "Novecento"

La Collezione Peggy Guggenheim a Venezia

La Fin de l’Intériorité: Théorie de l’Expression et Invention Esthétique dans les Avant-gardes Françaises (1885-1935)

Laboratory of Dreams: the Russian Avant-garde and Cultural Experiment

Last Soviet Avant-garde: OBERIU--Fact, Fiction, Metafiction

Lee Miller: a Life

Legends of Modernity: Essays and Letters from Occupied Poland, 1942-43

Legitimizing the Artist: Manifesto Writing and European Modernism, 1885-1915

Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art

Lequeu: An Architectural Enigma

Letzte Lockerung: ein Handbrevier für Hochstapler und solche, die es werden wollen


Licht und Farbe in der russischen Avantgarde: die Sammlung Costakis aus dem Staatlichen Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst Thessaloniki (in broadsides folder)

Life, Death, Love, Hate, Pleasure, Pain: Selected Works from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Collection (in broadsides folder)

Light and Colour in the Russian Avant-Garde

Litanei zum Heiligen Hugo

literarische Werk bd.1-5

Literatur und Photographie: über Geschichte und Thematik einer Medienentdeckung

Literaturas europeas de vanguardia

Literaturszene Zürich: Menschen, Geschichten und Bilder: 1914 bis 1945

Lives of Elsa Triolet

Lives of the Muses: Nine Women & the Artists They Inspired

Looking Askance: Skepticism and American Art from Eakins to Duchamp

Lust auf das Bild: ein Leben mit der Kunst

lyrische Holzbein: deutsche Unsinnspoesie

lyrische Holzbein: deutsche Unsinnspoesie

Machine Age in America, 1918-1941

Mad love

Magie der Zahl in der Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts (in broadsides folder)

Making History: Surrealism and the Invention of a Political Culture

Making Mischief: Dada Invades New York

Man Ray

Man Ray (in broadsides folder)

Man Ray Io e Juliet

Man Ray, despreocupado pero no indiferente

Man Ray: Luces y sueños

Man Ray: Rayographies

Man Ray: Trees + Flowers- Insect Animals.

Man Ray: la Costruzione dei Sensi

Man Ray: la Photographie à l’Envers

Man Ray’s Montparnasse

Manifesti futuristi savonesi

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst: The Bride Shared

Marcel Duchamp, "Tu m’": Puzzle Upon Puzzle

Marcel Duchamp, "Tu m’": Rätsel über Rätsel

Marcel Duchamp: entretiens avec Pierre Cabanne

Marcel Duchamp: The Bachelor Stripped Bare

Marcel Duchamp: Étant donnés

Marinetti e la Russia: dalla storia delle relazioni letterarie e artistiche negli anni Dieci del XX secolo

Marsden Hartley

Marsden Hartley and Nova Scotia

Marsden Hartley: Race, Region, and Nation

Marvelous Encounters: Surrealist Responses to Film, Art, Poetry, and Architecture

Masters of Colour

Material der Kunst: eine andere Geschichte der Moderne

Mattioli Collection: Masterpieces of the Italian Avant-garde: Catalogue raisonné

Max Ernst

Max Ernst

Max Ernst (in broadsides folder)

Max Ernst, Life and Work: An Autobiographical Collage

Max Ernst, Oeuvre-Katalog

Max Ernst: A Retrospective

Max Ernst: Plastische Werke (in broadsides folder)

Max Ernst: Beyond Surrealism: a Retrospective of the Artist’s Books and Prints

Max Ernst: graphische Welten: die Sammlung Schneppenheim (in broadsides folder)

Max Ernst: im Garten der Nymphe Ancolie

Max Ernst: Skulptur

Max Ernst: Werke aus den Jahren 1920-1940: [Ausstellung] 10. Oktober bis 13. Dezember 1986, Graphisches Kabinett Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner, Bremen

Mein expressionistisches Jahrzehnt: Anfänge in Marbach am Neckar

Meisterratsprotokolle des Staatlichen Bauhauses Weimar 1919 bis 1925

Memoirs of Elias Canetti

Memory and Politics: Representations of War in the Work of Louis Aragon

Menil Collection: a Selection from the Paleolithic to the Modern Era

Menil Collection: A Selection from the Paleolithic to the Modern Era

Merz to Émigré and Beyond: Avant-Garde Magazine Design of the Twentieth Century

Metal butterflies and poisonous lights: the language of surrealism in Lorca, Alberti, Cernuda and Aleixandre

Minimonsters Traumlexikon: Texte in Prosa

Miscelánea v.13-14

Modern Architectural Theory: A Historical Survey, 1673-1968

Modern art in Britain, 1910-1914

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth 110

Modern German Art for Thirties Paris, Prague, and London: Resistance and Acquiescence in a Democratic Public Sphere

Modern German Literature: 1880-1950

Modern Means: Continuity and Change in Art, 1880 to the Present: Highlights from the Museum of Modern Art (in broadsides folder)

Moderne und ihre Sammler: Französische Kunst in Deutschem Privatbesitz vom Kaiserreich zur Weimarer Republik

Modernism and Morality: Ethical Devices in European and American Fiction

Modernism in Serbia: The Elusive Margins of Belgrade Architecture 1919-1941

Modernism, Cultural Production, and the British Avant-Garde

Modernism’s History

modo italiano: Design et avant-garde en Italie au XXe siècle

Modus Vivendi


Mona Lisa’s Moustache

Mondrian, Marinetti, Kandinsky, Arp, Delaunay, Kertész… furent ses amis.

Mord an Apollo

Most Beautiful Man in the World: Paul Swan, from Wilde to Warhol

Müller: Chronik einer deutschen Sippe: Roman claassen

Murayama Tomoyoshi to Kuruto Shuvitt?su

Museum der modernen Poesie: mehrsprachige Ausgabe

Museum Ludwig Cologne: Paintings, Sculptures, Environments from Expressionism to the Present Day

Music While Drowning: German Expressionist Poems

Mussolini’s Intellectuals: Fascist Social and Political Thought

My Dear Stieglitz: Letters of Marsden Hartley and Alfred Stieglitz, 1912-1915


Nei proiettori del futurismo: carteggio inedito 1917-1940 (in broadsides folder)

New Avant-garde in Italy: Theoretical Debate and Poetic Practices

New History of German Literature

New Worlds: German and Austrian Art, 1890-1940

New York Dada

Nibelungen: Bilder von Liebe, Verrat und Untergang

Nietzsche e le Avanguardie

Nightwalker (Le paysan de Paris). 

Nihon no dada

Nihon no Dada 1920-1970


O que é Fluxus? O que não é! O porquê

On abstract art

On Beauty: A History of a Western Idea

On James Tate

On Poetry and Politics

Opere III

Ophelia und die Wörter: gesammelte Theaterstücke 1954-1971

Origins of the Russian Avant-Garde

Otto Dix: hommage à Martha

Otto Dix: Metropolis, 2 juillet-18 octobre 1998

Oxford Companion to Italian Literature

Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance V. 1-2

Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics

Oxford History of World Cinema

Painting Gender, Constructing Theory: the Alfred Stieglitz Circle and American Formalist Aesthetics

Paris des écrivains

Paris: Capitale des Arts

Paris: Capitale des Arts: 1900-1968

Paris: Metropole der Kunst: 1900-1968

Paris: Artistic Life in the Twenties & Thirties

Pariser Bauer


Pattern Poetry: Guide to an Unknown Literature

Paul Citroen (1896-1983)

Paul Norgé: Pourquoi Pas un Centenaire?

Paul van Ostaijen: een documentatie I

Paul van Ostaijen: een documentatie II

Peggy Guggenheim: a Collector’s Album

Peggy Guggenheim: the Life of an Art Addict

peinture roumaine 1800-1940

Penguin Special: The Life and Times of Allen Lane

Photography of Charles Sheeler: American Modernist

Photography: A Cultural History

Photography: A Cultural History


Picabia, 1879-1953

Picabia: Paintings and Drawings, 1913-1922


Planète Affolée: Surréalisme, Dispersion et Influences, 1938-1947

Poesie & Maschine:  die Technik in der deutschsprachigen Literatur

Poeten och sophelikoptern: Gunnar Ekelöf, folkhemmet och vetenskapen

Poetics & Praxis, Understanding & Imagination: The Collected Essays of O.B. Hardison Jr.

Poetics of French Verse

Poetics of Space: A Critical Photographic Anthology

Poetischer Paris-Führer: Französisch und Deutsch

Poetry Proscribed: Twentieth-Century (Re)Visions of the Trials of Poetry in France

Portrait of the Artist as Australian

Potential images: Ambiguity and Indeterminacy in Modern Art

Privileging Difference

Proud Heritage--Two Centuries of American art: Selections from the Collections of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and the Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago

Queering the Canon: Defying Sights in German Literature and Culture

Raie Alitée d’Effets: Apropos of Marcel Duchamp

Raoul Hausmann and Berlin Dada

Redimeido: Dyushan oboegaki

Regarder l’Art du XXème Siècle: 100 Chefs-d’œuvre (in broadsides folder)

Reise ins Ungewisse

Rendezvous: masterpieces from the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Guggenheim Museums (in broadsides folder)

René Magritte

Republic of Dreams Greenwich Village: The American Bohemia, 1910-1960

Return of the Real

Revolution of the Mind: The Life of André Breton

Ride the Tiger: A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul

ritrovo degli artisti: breve storia in immagini della Collezione Peggy Guggenheim

Robert Desnos, Surrealism, and the Marvelous in Everyday Life

Roland Penrose: the Friendly Surrealist: a Memoir

Rosa, die schöne Schutzmannsfrau und andere Grotesken

Russie et les avant-gardes: 2 juillet-5 novembre 2003, Fondation Maeght

Russische Musen: Gala Dalí, Olga Picasso, Lou Andreas-Salomé, Elsa Triolet, Anna Achmatowa, Dina Vierny—

Russischer Futurismus

Sacred Monsters, Sacred Masters

Samizdat veka

Sämtliche Werke v.1-5

Schwitters_Arp (in broadsides folder)

Secret Book For Youki and Other Poems

Selected Poems and Related Prose

Selected Prose, 1934-1996

Serge Charchoune

Serge Charchoune: Préface de Isabelle Ewig

Shidon? Hiruman: Amerika r?d? und? no senkusha

Shijin to bokus?: Aruch?ru Kuravan den

Short History of French Literature

Smile of the Buddha: Eastern Philosophy and Western Art from Monet to Today

So exotic, so homemade: Surrealism, Englishness, and documentary photography

Sonne von Black-Point: ein Liebesroman aus den Tropen

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Sophie Taeuber-Arp: Reliefs, Collagen, Gouachen, Zeichnungen

Soupault: 1919-1931

Spiegel van de Nederlandse poëzie door allen eeuwen v.1-3

Spirit of Surrealism

Sprengel Museum Hannover: Malerei und Plastik Bd.1-2

Stamp of Fantasy: The Visual Inventiveness of Photographic Postcards (in broadsides folder)

Standing in the Tempest: painters of the Hungarian Avant-garde 1908-1930

Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession 1902

Stieglitz:  A Beginning Light

Storia Della Bellezza

Streit um Bilder: von Byzanz bis Duchamp

Struggle for the Film: Towards a Socially Responsible Cinema

Styles, Schools and Movements: an Encyclopaedic Guide to Modern Art

Sucher und Selige, Moralisten und Bü?er

Sur Marcel Duchamp et La Fin de l’Art

Surreal Eden: Edward James and Las Pozas

Surreal People

Surreale Welten: Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg

Surrealism & Modernism: From the Collection of Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

Surrealism and Language: Seven Essays

Surrealism and the art of crime

Surrealism and the Book

Surrealism and the Politics of Eros: 1938-1968

Surrealism and the Sacred: Power, Eros, and the Occult in Modern Art

Surrealism and the Spanish Civil War

Surrealism and the Visual Arts: Theory and Reception

Surrealism USA (in broadsides folder)

Surrealism, Politics and Culture

Surrealism: desire unbound

Surrealism: Surrealist Visuality




Surréalisme en Belgique: 1924-2000


Surrealismo en Catalunya: 1924-1936

Surrealismus: Kanon einer Bewegung

Surrealist art and Thought in the 1930s: Art, Politics, and the Psyche

Surrealist Look: An Erotics of Encounter

Surrealist Love Poems

Surrealist Painters and Poets: An Anthology

Surrealist Prints

Surrealist Women: An International Anthology

Surrealistische Revolution (in broadsides folder)

Suzanne Auber

’T is Vol Van Schatten Hier--. v.1-2

Technik des Glücks; Mehr Tempo! mehr Glück mehr Macht!

Teleskopagen, Wahlweise: der literarische Surrealismus und das Bild

Tempo Moderno: da Van Gogh a Warhol: lavoro, macchine e automazione nelle arti del Novecento

Theatre of Sleep: an Anthology of Literary Dreams

Theo Van Doesburg: Painting into architecture, theory into practice

Théories des Cafés

These Moderns: Some Parisian Close-Ups

This I Believe: An A to Z of a Life

Tintenblauen Eidgenossen: über die literarische und politische Schweiz/Hanser

Torisutan Tsara: kotoba no yojigen e no ekky?sha

Tout Autour d’Aujourd’hui: Nouvelle Édition des Ouvres de Blaise Cendrars v.1-12

Tra avanguardia e accademia: la pubblicistica futurista nei primi anni Trenta

Traum von Fluxus: George Maciunas: eine Künstlerbiographie (in broadsides folder)

trauriger, rabiater Mann: über George Grosz

True to Type

Tussen kunstenaars: Een Romance

Tutte Le Poesie

Twentieth Century Art: Painting and Sculpture in the Ludwig Museum

Twentieth-Century American Painting: the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection

Type: The Secret History of Letters

Über Antonin Artaud

Una storia dell’arte in Italia nel XX secolo

Unbürgerliche Dichterporträts des Expressionismus

Unnatural Wonders

Van Abbemuseum: a Companion to Modern and Contemporary Art

Van Gogh to Mondrian: Modern Art from the Kröller-Müller Museum

Van Ostaijen tot heden: zijn invloed op de Vlaamse poëzie

Varieties of Modernism

Verifica del Futurismo

Verlorene Bibliothek: Autobiographie einer Kultur claassen

Verrufene Malerei; Berlin Dada: Erinnerungen eines Zeitgenossen und 14 Essais zur Kunst

Verschwinden von Franz Jung: Stationen einer Biographie

Verzamelde gedichten

Vi gick Ej Namnlöst Bort

Victor Brauner: Surrealist Hieroglyphs

Vier kunstdebatten omstreeks 1900

Visions and Blueprints: Avant-garde culture and radical politics in early twentieth-century Europe

Visions of Modern Art: Painting and Sculpture from the Museum of Modern Art (in broadsides folder)

Warum weshalb wozu Duchamp

Wechselwirkungen: ungarische Avantgarde in der Weimarer Republik

Weihnachtsfreude: Erzählungen

Weimar in Berlin: Porträt einer Epoche

Welt in der Nusschale

Werke und Briefe: kritische Ausgabe bd.3, 6-8, 10

Werter Genosse, die Maliks haben beschlossen--: Briefe 1919-1950

Who Knows

"Wir haben das Leben wieder vor uns": Briefwechsel 1938-1949

Witkacy, Malarz

Witkacy, Metaphysische Portraits: Photographien von Stanis?aw Ignacy Witkiewicz

Witkacy: Stanis?aw Ignacy Witkiewicz

Witkacy: Stanis?aw Ignacy Witkiewicz in the Museum of Central Pomerania in S?upsk

Witkacy: Stanis?aw Ignacy Witkiewicz: les oeuvres au Musée de Pomeranie Centrale à S?upsk

Witkacy: Stanis?aw Ignacy Witkiewicz: Werke im Mittelpommerschen Museum S?upsk Witkacy: kolekcja dzie? Stanis?awa Ignacego Witkiewicza w Muzeum Pomorza ?rodkowego w S?upsku

Women Artists in the 20th and 21st Century

Women Artists Künstlerinnen im 20. Und 21. Jahrhundert

Women Seeing Women: A Pictorial History of Women’s Photography from Julia Margaret Cameron to Annie Liebovitz

World History of Art

Writers on Artists

Yale Anthology of Twentieth-Century French Poetry

Zauber der Medusa: Europäische Manierismen

Zeitalter der Avantgarden: Kunst und Gesellschaft 1905-1955