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Company Information
Find Company locations & descriptions, financials, executives, competitors, equity pricing, and SEC filings.
Industry Information
Find Industry analysis reports that include forecasts, trends, key players, financials, ratios, and information on industry conditions.
Market Research Reports
Find market research reports that include information on product categories, brands, consumer preferences, market size, market share, trends, and forecasts.
International Business Information
Find country statistics, business opportunities & risk analysis, industry & market reports, company information, and cultural/business etiquette guidance.


  • Bulky laptop dragging you down? Introducing TechGuard Locker Bay

    Notice anything new in the Biz Hub this semester? Since our ritzy remodel last semester, the Biz Hub has been getting even more in sync with what students and faculty need. For those of you who might spend an entire afternoon in the […]

  • Course Help in the BizHub

    Need assistance with your courses?  Tippie learning coaches will be available Monday-Wednesday, 5-7 pm, in the BizHub.  You will find coaches in group rooms C324 and C326.  Just ask at the service desk, and Library staff […]

  • Welcome!

    The Pomerantz Business Library is here for you! Excellent Space For serious quiet, just head to the 4th floor and choose from a soft seat, carrel, or table—with plenty of room to spread out. If you would like to meet with classmates, […]

  • Summer Study 24/7

    Do you need a cool place (cool literally) to study this summer?  Visit the Pomerantz Business Library in the BizHub!  This newly remodeled and brightly lit space offers private study, group rooms, PC’s, a printer, a […]

  • The Busy Biz Hub

    The Biz Hub has seen many visitors during its first semester, and finals’ week is no exception.  With only a few days into the exam period, nearly 4000 people have passed through the Hub!  Below are a few panoramas of this […]

  • Finals’ Week: Extra Service Hours & Treats in the Business Library

    The service desk at the Business Library will extend hours until 9 pm on Saturday, May 5th.  Have your questions answered, reserve study rooms, check out textbooks, as well as phone & laptop chargers, and more!  The Library […]