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Company Information
Find Company locations & descriptions, financials, executives, competitors, equity pricing, and SEC filings.
Industry Information
Find Industry analysis reports that include forecasts, trends, key players, financials, ratios, and information on industry conditions.
Market Research Reports
Find market research reports that include information on product categories, brands, consumer preferences, market size, market share, trends, and forecasts.
International Business Information
Find country statistics, business opportunities & risk analysis, industry & market reports, company information, and cultural/business etiquette guidance.


  • Research Help?

    We are two weeks away from the last week of classes! Now is the time when you may be busily working on those research papers, slide decks, and assignments. Don’t forget Business Library is here for you!  Need help defining your topic? […]

  • Do you need Company Information? Check out the Business Library’s Company Information Research Guide

    Use the company guide to find sources that offer:  Company locations and descriptions Executives Financials Competitors Equity pricing Sec filings Need research help? Contact the Business Librarians, Willow or Kim, and set up an […]

  • Are you researching an industry? Check out the Business Library’s Industry Research Guide

    Use the Industry Research Guide to find sources that offer:    industry trends  key players  industry ratios and financials   forecasts, and more  Need research help? Contact the Business Librarians, Willow or Kim, and set up an […]

  • Researching a B2B product or service? Try Procurement IQ!

    Use it to find: market data and analysis on pricing environment, supply chain, and vendors. Where to find it: You can find it on the Business library web site’s alphabetical list of databases.  Need help using Procurement IQ? Contact […]

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    Open Education Week (March 1-5, 2021, #OEWeek) is a time when educators around the world come together to learn and share practices around Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Pedagogy. While there are a host of excellent […]

  • Looking for Statistics and Information? Try Statista!

    Where to find it: You can find it on the Business library web site’s alphabetical list of databases.  Use it to find:  Statistics – Includes data on: the economy, companies, countries, products, demographics, media & […]